War or Peace: A Choice for South Sudanese!

BY: Deng Mangok Ayuel, AWEIL, South Sudan, FEB/21/2014, SSN;

Will peace be realized in the country when a rebel leader is charged with treason? Peace is for all, and leadership for unambiguous few politicians, I urge our leaders to have hearts for their nation.

We should prioritize peace and reconciliation. Millions of lives were lost in the decades of protracted civil war in Sudan. There is no need for war anymore in the new nation.

Let’s opt for peace in order to repair broken coexistence among ethnicities for better South Sudan.

As rebels attacked the town of Malakal on Tuesday, this shows that Dr Machar is not interested in peace – and the IGAD, Western leaders and well-wishers should hold him accountable for all atrocities committed by the rebels.

Who is interested in war? And who is not free or marginalized again? People have been working to find the root cause of the incident that erupted at military barracks in Juba where presidential guards side-lined ethnically and confronted themselves militarily, which turned a rebellion.

Dr Machar has rebelled but that isn’t a solution to presidential aspiration. We are yearning for peace not war.

I wondered why South Sudanese are supporting Dr Machar when he infringed the constitution by masterminding a failed coup attempt where lives were lost.

We should be law abiding people – constitutionally own our nation.

I potholed the warring parties, especially the rebels loyal to Dr Machar to stop violating the cessation of hostilities signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

If Dr Machar believes fighting to overthrow a legitimate government is the only solution to power or lasting peace in the country than tabling political differences that caused a rebellion, then he will not handle to remove an elected leader and nobody will support him in the few coming months.

He is supposed to be tolerant or give a room for negotiation. I urge any soldier or individual who rebelled against the government of South Sudan to put down his/her weapons and go back to where he worked for nation building. I am also calling upon the white army to stop killing civilians.

The SPLM came to stay or will live forever. If there was no SPLM/A, there would have been no peace or country called South Sudan.

Likewise, if there is no peaceful SPLM as a ruling party, there will be no peaceful South Sudan, believe me or not!

The SPLM has to begin again – think big – and strive for change, democracy and prosperity as its vision affirms.

The leadership should strategize in order to find a lasting solution to political chaos for peaceful coexistence in the nation.

It should also prioritize solving internal crises within the SPLM to avoid problems, since SPLM is where political tribulations started in the country.

Furthermore, ethnic conflict or recruiting people from your ethnic group can’t solve the current political turmoil.

As one people, one nation, we should rally behind President Kiir, while expecting him to unite all South Sudanese in order to win in the upcoming election.

The government should ever be ready for talks and adhere to IGAD proposed initiatives for peace. The UPDF should also stay until peace is restored in the country.

Thereafter, the SPLA has witnessed a massive defection of its troops to the rebels that created a gap in the national army to be filled by UPDF.

It’s a right for any country to invite another country into its political or military affairs. We have had helped UPDF to eradicate LRA in the borders of DR Congo and Central Africa Republic. The presence of UPDF in South Sudan is not a surprise.

Finally, the Juba politicians should be agents of change at this crucial time. How long are we going to cling or sing: coup, coup, coup and coup every week on SSTV without finding a solution?

Can we stop beating that Dr Machar planned a failed coup attempt to overthrow President Kiir?

The MPs should reasonably educate the nation on unity purposes. The nation has to move forward. We can live and grow without Dr Machar but we need peace.

Let’s think of orphans whose fathers sacrificed for the sake of our freedom. These orphans need school fees, shelters and feeding, not war after their fathers liberated us from enemies in Khartoum.

I know our people do not stand criticism but truth can’t be hidden if we are striving for change as a nation.

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil, South Sudan and blogs at theshoeshinereyes.wordpress.com. He can be reached via mangokson@gmail.com


  1. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    If the presence of UPDF in the Upper Nile Region of South Sudan is not a surprise to you then nothing can surprise you. Do not mix up things for yourself and assume that you are going to convince anybody.

    Remember that the people who read your writing on this website are green vegetables as your naive arguments would want to suggest.

    Whom do you thing do not know about the UPDF mission in the D R Congo, the Western Equatoria of RSS and the CAR. Neither Bor, nor Malakal or Bentiu were part of that mission aimed at eliminating the LRA.

    If you think Museveni has the right to use the LRA ticket in order to violate the sovereignty of South Sudan, then my friend do not be surprised if he turns up one day when he claims to own that Aweil of yours.

    Now we can all see that the Ugandans who not very long were being called all kinds of names are now the darlings of the Dinkocracy system.

    Of course non of this surprises the Ugandans themselves either. It is still business as usual from dealing in cabbage and tomatoes to dealing in cluster bombs. Well done my friend and well done your Kiir Mayardit whom you want to install as a president for life through an army of mercenaries.

    The Oil is going to stop, if it has not done so already. Then we will see how you intend to maintain the new found love with the “WEWE” soldiers of fortune!

    Funny enough it is only now when the going has become tough that you and your rotten to core government are recalling the fact that there are widows and orphans who should have been cared for! Eight long years, and you were all busy filling your bottomless pits.

    There is no going back to languish under a hopeless and vision-less butcher. Museveni can do you guys some favors by offering you a kind of a soft landing when the music finally ceases to play.

  2. Kenneth says:

    Deng, you better write in “thok monyjang”, because no one except a typical monyjang can buy these your illusive rhetorics.

  3. Deng Mangok Ayuel says:

    Dr Ramba,
    Did your appeal to the Hague materialized?

  4. PhD holder says:

    Dr Ramba, Ekhag Paul are frustrated; since the didn’t get employment in juba, they become critic for nothing! SLAVE IN THE UK!!!

  5. Eli says:

    To the writer of the article
    You are 100% wrong to think or made to believe that SPLA/M is going to rule South Sudan forever; that is exactly the misconceptions of people like you and your types. Please do me a favour and read some history. No regime lasts forever; only the “Kingdom of God” will last forever according to the Holy Bible. So if you think your SPLA/M is as tough as in your dreams, why then run to a small nation like Uganda to beg for mercy? If only teenagers like the mighty WHITE ARMY can make you shake and shit in your pants like that how would it be if all the other tribes join together against the dinkas? Being a so-called majority tribe is not a ticket to qualify you to lead, just for example the Buganda tribe is the majority in Uganda but they have not being in power since ages; the Hutus are majority in Rwanda but not in power, the Oromos are majority in Ethiopia but not in power, I could go on and on. You dinkas were given one open door and now you wrecked it. In politics the events are unpredictable, even a small tribe like the Ma’dis at one time lead the Republic of Sudan under the late His Excellency Chirichio Irro a former Sudanese President before a coup d’état by General Abbud; you probably don’t even know this history. How about Joseph Lagu (who trained and apprenticed both John Garang and Salva Kirr as junior officers unfortunately they didn’t learn like every other dinkas even education cannot tame them but they became savages and anarchists instead), James Tombura, Rev. Saturnino Ohure,… etc who were the Founding Fathers upon which our nation took its first steps towards independence. It is only a matter of time that SPLA/M shall become a history, your days are numbered. And then the true Sons of South Sudan shall unite and bring about true lasting peace by intellectual common-sense not chaos and disorderly conducts. SPLA/M is not fit to rule and WILL be dismantle; this is their last kick like a dying horse or a wounded Buffalo that launches attacks against the unarmed innocent citizens of our beloved people. How could Salva Kirr and his Bahr el Ghazalian clans do that? I mean what Kiir did to Nuers women and children in Juba and what the Nuer Youth did in Bor were both as shameful, but Mr. Kirr is a sitting President he should have kept a cool temper as an elected leader of the nation.

    Lucifer’s agent Musevenism:
    Museveni doesn’t really love Kirr or dinka people; he Museveni and Kirr share few things in common; empty EGOS, GREEDS, BLOOD THIRSTS, SELFISHNESS, BORN-TO-RULE MENTALITY, IGNORANCE, CORRUPTIONS AND ALL THE EVIL ACTS. ( to justify my arguments go and watch the predictions made by Dr. Hassan Al Turabi on youtube.com, I usually don’t agree with Turabi’s Islamic philosophical POVs or point-of-views but in this regards I do agree with him of what he said about the “egos of dinkas” way before the so-called independence of South Sudan).

    Dinka as a tribe have defiled the whole nation and they poured innocent blood of our people, in ancient tradition when innocent blood like the Nuers and other tribes got spilled like that there has to be cleansing by another blood such of an animal such as a he-goat, a bull or a lamb, otherwise their souls are believed to be restless and begin to haunt for humans; perhaps that’s exactly what took place after Juba genocide.
    To ALL my dear Equatorians; this is our opportunity to take back our freedoms and rights from Kirr’s dinka dominated regime, we are the determining factor in this present up-rise against the dinka SPLA/M dictatorship. In fact we need to work together and not be intimidated by them anymore and as the doors for enlisting into the army has opened wide it is our moment to join the military and then turn around to make mutiny and overthrow this regime repeat of 1955 (Torit-mutiny) for a better future. Nothing against dinka people as a tribe but your mentality and behavioural attitudes have left scars in our hearts, for this reason you have no place in Equatoria, again to remind you that by forcing Equatorian women in marriage and producing the so-called dinkatorian bustards doesn’t mean you are being accepted, we do have married few dinka women too, mostly those who grew up in a non-dinka cultural environments and they are the ones who came to us to ask us to marry them, we cannot live together until you adjust your reasoning capacity. Anyone can look around and compare the difference without much difficulty. You are savages and anarchists while we are peaceful and intellectually diplomatic, that is why you prefer to get stuck in Equatoria.
    Now let’s go back to a few years back history;
    During the war with the North John Garang begged Equatorians to help accommodate displaced dinka IDPs, they cried we sympathized with them but they took advantage of our sympathy. If they are preaching of liberation to us we already fought a civil war of Anyanya one movement from 1955 to 1972, had it not being your hypocrisy we ALL South Sudanese could have achieved our goals many years ago. The new liberation is for you to go and liberate your swamps from another savages and anarchist the mighty Nuer youths, let us see how this battle between the RED army vs. the WHITE army going to end.

    The desires of the Equatorian people:
    In Equatoria we want to develop and upscale our systems and bring forth industrialization, building of hydroelectricity dams or fossilized fuel electric generation power houses and modernized agricultural improvements and to build more roads for people not cows, (grazinglands for animals should be fenced and be fed by animal fodders produced by farmers, in fact your cows are of less value compared to international markets, they need to be cross-bred and genetically improved to compete for its meat and milk products, there are people around the globe who are willing to show us how to do ranching if we ask them nicely). We want to build schools for students but not as camp-grounds for IDPs.
    In conclusion:
    So to ALL you dinkas, we Equatorians would rather side with Riek Machar; because in principles Riek has always worked for independence of S. Sudan while on the other side Garang wanted united Sudan.

    Just FYI, Museveni killed your hero Dr. John Garang, Museveni was aware of Dr. Garang’s visions such as; to annexed Ugandan soil upto Soroti which is part of Sudan according to the former imperialist British map, Museveni also killed Gen. Ator, he knows Kirr is gullible and he can use him to accomplish his dreams of conquering whole of East African block under his (dreamland) kingdom.
    My plea to the peace loving peoples of Equatoria and those in Wau (excluding those savages and anarchists) we must join hands to take over and bring about just and lasting peace in South Sudan. May God bless the peace loving peoples of South Sudan and our beloved motherland.

    • Biong B Mading says:

      Why in UK, you should be in Malakal with Dr. Riek. its not superazing us, we knew from the beginning that you are supporting Riek, but let me tell you Mr. UK without Dinkas, there is no peace, if its was not Dinkas there is no South Sudan you are talking about.
      What Anyanya are you talking about, what did that anyanya achieve or brought to South Sudan?
      You can go to hell, with Riek but don’t send people kids to danger while you are seated in cold place enjoying live with your family and you want people children to go the bush, i would be happy if i hear you talking like that in frond line or in Malakal fighting would have been good, if you wan Equatorian to lead then come to the ground and fight, you don’t need some people to fight for you then you come to the power.
      Who do you have to lead this nation, you need to forget about that topic of leaderships, because is only men who are allowed to lead not……..? Let men do their work while………….? should watch what men are doing
      +211954160014 call me if you want

  6. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    Bro Ayuel
    The precious time you wasted to pen down the usual Jeeng belief in success in this war is unfortunate.The SPLA- opposition attack in Malakal is nothing to be conderm because it was just counter-attack on their position.Allow me to take this opportunity to educate you about the violation of cease fire by Bany Kiir and his mercenaries from uganda and Sudan as you seem not infromed about.
    In jonglei state:Bany Kiir Militia ,UPDF and JEM took Twice east and Gadiang which were previously occupied by SPLA oppostion.
    In Upper nile state:Beny Kiir militia,UPDF and SPLA-N advanced to doleib hill,baliet and Geelachiel which were occupied by SPLA oppostion but were repulsed with full force and resulted to fall of Malakal.
    In unity state:Beny kiir militia,JEM,UPDF and SPLA-N took Koch,tharjiath and leer which were SPLA oppostion before cease fire.
    Brother Deng M Ayuel,listen to your inner self to reflect the reality to who should be conderm between Kiir militias and Mercernaries or SPLA oppostion.For clarity,President Kiir has no army as he has admit forming tribal militias which fighting SPLA along side mercenaries.
    I adivise you to join SPLM opposition whose military wing is fighting for second liberation for people of South Sudan.It is just a myth that it is Nuer War vs Dinka.It is just war for prosperous South Sudan for all from bondage of opportunist who indirectly sold the country to outsider.Who sold panthou to khartoum?Who sold abyei to khartoum?Who invited mercenaries to maim,rape,loot and kill people of South Sudan?
    Thank you.

  7. Bwana says:

    Brother Deng what you have articulated will not be accepted by these delusional guys who were first against the SPLM/A during the liberation time but by the time we have achieved our goals of providing the so called CPA everyone believe is SPLM/A. Our brothers Nuer who have always betrayed us when they see if there is any progress we have to achieved, it happened in 1991 when we are almost to captured Juba but the nuers felt jealous for our victory then they joined the enemy and fight alongside the enemy. Their hatred against Dinka always push them to drive us back to square one but this time we will not sit back again, we don’t have another Arab anymore, the mighty Monyjieng will not tolerated this kind of attitudes from Nuer.We will defeated them like the way we did it 1991. Long live SPLM, Long live SPLA, Salva Kiir OYEE

  8. Deng, you did articulate well. Our brothers in mass won’t accept anything positive because they lack it. More in my next comments.

  9. Deng Mangok Ayuel says:

    South Sudan didn’t come into existence by chance. Those who were against SPLM/A during liberation time are those who are at least trying now to bring the party down and that will not be accepted by those who believe that liberation was done through blood not MEDIA!!

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