War is Never the Correct Way to Solve Political Crisis in South Sudan

BY: Deng Mangok Ayuel, AWEIL, SOUTH SUDAN, APR/18/2014, SSN;

We can never ever solve political crisis by resorting to war in our country, South Sudan. Believe me. War is the utmost sign of human weakness. War kills, tensely causes hatred, division and lack of trust.

It’s unfortunate that our prominent leaders, especially Dr Machar, have lacked hearts and will for the people of South Sudan. War has no winners, all sides are losers.

I hate war. There is no need for our leaders to mobilize their ethnicities, and begin killing South Sudanese since December, 2013.

What shall we gain from war? We are one people, one nation. There is no need for war.

What can you and I do to stop our people from killing themselves? We need to share ideas, call spade a spade. South Sudanese should think twice.

We need to be constitution abiding, God fearing people, who can’t target their brothers and sisters easily.

Is Dr Machar, the only aspiring leader that people can die for if he didn’t become the party chairperson or president?

Any educated, public figure from any village in South Sudan can make it as president. There is no need for the Nuers to die for Dr Machar’s war. There is no need for Dinka as a tribe to be targeted for few Dinkas’ cases in the country.

Let’s be abstemious. It’s our turn as citizens, whose children are suffering from diseases, starving from hunger in the IDPs camps, to say ‘enough is enough’ to Dr Machar for killing South Sudanese.

We have been living from hand to mouth – life was almost so hard; many people lack clean water and health facilities.

What is the future for the people of greater Upper Nile who are currently displaced in masses?

The IGAD countries and mediators in Ethiopia should speedily find a lasting solution for this war. These mediators are not up to their mandates.

The cessation of hostilities was signed and the rebels of Dr Machar are still attacking government forces every week. Where are the former CPA mediators between the SPLM and NCP in Khartoum?

Which forces are now in Bentiu? White army …? Is it not a violation of cessation of hostilities? There is no need for the Nuers as a tribe to wage a war against the whole nation. No tribe is bigger than a nation.

People aren’t supposed to kill their innocent children for nothing. There is nowhere in the world a tribe fought about 60 tribes and won the war.

It’s our choice to take our baby nation into abyss. It’s our choice to say ‘no’ to war. Let’s decide now.

South Sudan is not for President Kiir or Dr Machar but I do support President Kiir because I don’t want power to be transferred by force.

And do you really think that Dr Machar is the right man for presidency? Dr Machar is never trusted anymore because of waging war against an elected government of our country.

People all over the world have the same wishes or desires for presidency but war is not the solution when things gone astray.

If we could have worked together as one nation in order to fulfill our economical dreams instead of competing with each other in a greedy desire for wealth, power, then there would have been no war in South Sudan.

All in all, war is never the answer to political problems. We must do all we can to find alternative means to solve these tribulations, and resolve our differences peacefully for a better South Sudan.

Are you for war or peace?

Deng Mangok Ayuel is a South Sudanese freelance writer and lives in Aweil. He can be reached at mangokson@gmail.com


  1. John Yugu says:

    Mr Deng,

    Why don’t you use your common sense before writing this trash! Who started this war? Wasn’t it your tribalist president Kirr ? This idiot Kirr thing he can simply crashed any voice of opposition to his vision less rule by force .Now he is paying the price.
    By the way, you Kirr loyalist are trying to thing it’s only the Nuers who are against Dinka domination, the answer is a big no. South Sudanese are yearning for change even if it is coming from a devil it is still worth it….

    Long live to those who are resisting this brutal tribal regime in Juba, for sure it just a matter of time when they will be driven out Juba.

    John Yugu

    • concerned Kenyan says:

      A tribalist president is not unique to South Sudan…….. a similar event occured in kenya where Mwai Kibaki Sacked all people not of his tribe from Government …… We Waited for an election to remove him…………. wasnt it worth waiting two years instead of all these lost lives and a now broken nation?

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Concerned Kenyan:

        Please eat your ugali peacefully over there in your homeland. The situation in South Sudan is complicated and I do not think you would understand it. Waiting for the election time is not the issue here as you seem to suggest. The one to be challenged on the polls is the problem. He does not want the election time to come so he had to cause trouble so he can be in power forever or until he dies. If you did not know, it is another way for dictator who knows they will loose in election to cause havoc in order for elections to not happen. This is it buddy. Wake and smell the coffee. South Sudan is not Kenya.

    • Hi Mr. John Yugo, you have a wishful thinking, where on earth can one tribe rule a nation of its own with the exclusion of the other 63 tribes, even the Dinka which is the first largest tribe in South Sudan cannot do that, we must agree that power transfer must be through democratic peaceful means but not through violence means, Dr. Riek should have resisted democratically but not through dragging and mobilizing Nuer sons to fight a senseless war, do you think if Riek and his forces manage to capture Juba can rule and run a government without any resistance from the ousted ones? War is not the solution to the political crises because War only leads to killing and destruction and nothing is good about War, so I truly concur with brother Deng Mangok Ayuel, let us think positively about how best and quick ways to restore peace in south Sudan but not resorting to empty rhetoric of the kinds you are saying, the words of crushing and military defeats are never helping in this situation.

  2. Alier Gai says:

    When you talk of peace instead of a war, others think that you are coward and hopeless. And when someone knocks his chest to fight another person, that is what energies many to support him. But the reality is that we are lost in the jungle of our villages and our way of getting out is just war. It is the calculation. And it will be like that to cry war, war but no peace, peace. Good article!

  3. Dinka One says:

    You will not chase anyone out of your village than Juba!

  4. Beek says:

    Nuer have suffer,nobody want their way of lives.

  5. monychol says:

    Didn’t I say previously that it was the bring of Bor county’s politics to Juba that is destroying the nation in the hands of Bhar el Ghazel? If I was wrong then think again and have a hard look of what happened in Bor town and it is the same shameful acts that the Bor county authorities did in 2007 when they ran away from the Murlé youth at the battlefield to take revenge on the patients at Bor hospital,beds. Taking revenge on Nuer women and children at the UN camp? What a shame? Whose Dinka can do that except the one from Bor County? They have gone so low.Those of Alier Gai and Malith Alier are praising it as a heroic act.What a shame! They are coming clear of who they are.where in other Dinka areas Nuer women and children are not sheltering and celebrating and have they been massacred?

  6. monychol says:

    Deng this is what we the other Dinkas have been telling you that the countries political institutions needs reform and you the thugish Dinkas resorted to your usual thugery hoping that people will fear your physical force.Now lets face it Nuer has mobilized you in Bhar el Ghazel must mobilze too and lets do the force business and see how will the country be like in your Bhar Ghazel leadership.This is what we gets when we allowed heartless to take the reign of power .Now South Sudanese have taste what it is like to have a leader from Bhar Ghazel community. In the future will they give you guys a chance.I promised you will leads yourselves in your region and your communities not the nation in the remaining history.

  7. monychol says:

    And by the way do you in Bhar el Ghazel community have voices of conscience I doubts!We know that you do now have kon kooc.We in other Dinkas communities even blames our own when they messed up public or collective property. We know you do not in Bhar el Ghazel you take the side of your own even if they are wrong in collective spaces and businesses that is why we says you are Dinka trash and wastes.

  8. Dear Mr.Deng Mangok Ayuel:

    For me,alone,I take both war and peace! But fight first!!!But later the peace! You single out Riak Machar for the trouble in the country.But you partially sided with President Kirr the person who caused the trouble in the country! Riak Machar,was not intended to use force for a power be told once more!

    The matter was brewing from the ruling party SPLM themselves including The President Salva Kirr himself! It was not began by South Sudanese people in the country themselves!You need to talk to them directly including the rebel leader in opposition Dr.Riak Machar Teng to get out the facts of the that were emanated from the violence! The South Sudanese people,cannot do anything about on this bleeding internecine in the country.Let SPLM Ruling Party themselves to sit down and settle the roots of the conflict out honestly and fairly in good faith amicably in order to halt the blood from people from the country in general! If not,there cannot be no peace in the South Sudan at this point in front of God! Thank you! Back to you to the audience on the board in the forum!

  9. Alier Gai says:

    Monychol (deng lueth),
    Who organized that december 15 coup, was it bor county? You are maybe right that majak agot and nyandeng chol atem are from bor county, if wrongly misplaced in twic east. The greed for power is the one that gears up war, and Twic east is competing for the glory of twic; and not aware that the leadership in juba belongs to the country not clans. What happened is your real mess, deng lueth. No need to mention your blind spot that twic east is not better than bor. Who called out during the event of the coup that nuers are being targeted in juba, was it not nyandeng? You right, it was bor county who made that whistle blow for these continous mass killings. I see why the politicians from twic east becomes part of that coup, they are yarning to replace twic west before anyone else assumes power. It is majak, nyandeng who cause us this war. You go back and read my comment in order to have a better glimpse of my thought. I endorsed deng mongok’s article because he is advocating for peace and no one out there taking his articles in a heart beat to restore peace than the spiraling useless war. But your shortsightness has made it a big deal from nowhere. Bor county is neither a caring camp for mentally disable to be admitted in at the expense of its destruction, nor will it be guilty of any foul made by others against it who are internally bleeding from their past misdeeds. You bear with me here.
    I am not running the business of destroying south sudan with you, my friend, in any given day in or day out. Where is the place I was that stupid to recommand or demand the killing of another human? Monychol, if you are not levelheaded like the rest to reason things rightly, please seek help somewhere else than on this intrrnet where you will be chewed out by irate public due to the unbearable offenses you are producing. Tongue twisted presons like you are the community’s waging problems. It would be right here and wrong there, because misinterpretations and incompatency are playing role in the illogical mute of human sufferings. Your insanity is not helping the firefighters to put off that burning fire on time. You are an oxymoron who can’t sustain the truth by the virtue of its content. I did not see malith alier with comment here, and this is tarnishing of the real names than the fake name given. You watch out liar.

  10. Deng says:

    If you are from Bor, then you are nothing to your community. You are the most cowards that allowed Nuers to take your wives, children and cartels. Why do you made yourselves as madmen to Nuers. I fought Arabs than Nuers. Go and fight. They have occupied your lands.to probe that you are the most cowards in the world, where are your commanders? What is Santino Deng Wol doing in greater Uppper Nile than your native commanders. We from Aweil will soon give chance to Nuers to hunt for you even in the the unmiss camps. Why don’t you go to battle fight instead of killing innocent Nuers in unmiss compound. I have leard that you Dinka bor are the only confusing the new nation. Your days are number!!!

    • monychol says:

      Deng, I’m a Dinka and if you condemned the massacred of Nuer women and children in Bor town as not being a heroic act then I agrees with you.I cannot praise Dinka Bor county for that as Alier and his brother Malith are doing.I cannot prove to you that the Dinka Bor are more braver then your Bhar el Ghazel Dinkas but history is open to everyone to read. The fact that their Garang liberated you and that is why Maraleen are no longer taking people like you to sodomize them with your women and driving away your cattle is self evident.The fact that you are looting the country Bor liberated for you with their military hardware and clear vision can tell you that they are superior to you the trash Dinkas. Are the Bor not braver then you then why their Kuol Manyang and others such as Jok Riak are fighting to defend you Salva Kiir?
      Let me remind you that there is no land that the Dinkas and Nuers are fighting over then you and misdeeds along with your thugish leader called Kiir. It is because of your mismanagement that is why the country is bleeding and you will pay dearly for it.My friend I’m in Juba here and I cannot go to fight for your war.You set up the country for destruction and we the other Dinkas will make sure that its get you and it is brought to your door step of Rek Dinka. If you think Nuer is. a problem of Dinkas in Upper Nile then wait for the rainny seasons.Nuer must bring war to your homeland after shutting down the Upper Nile oil that you are stealing the money to enrich yourselves. Now that the oil is being shutdown Maraam will come to take you into slavery and make you their wives both your men and women including you and Salva Kiir. There is no Bor Garang de Mabior anymore to protect Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang is being frustrated by your mediocrity thinking.Lets wait for the rainny seasons and you will be satisfied with this stupid Bhar el Ghazel imposed war on our people.

  11. monychol says:

    Alier,I’m not Deng Lueth.My name is what is carried on top of my my heading comment. It will be useless for me to call you Guarak or Joh or any other names that I do not agrees or dislikes. I see your hatred to your neighbors from Twic East that is why you keeps assigning me to them.Even their people whom you mentioned have better names compare to your people and good history behind them then yours maybe that is why your people are trying to smear them with poison because we in South Sudan knows that their Garang was better then your Arab conspirator Abel Alier that is why you eat him in the pound.Your Mach Paul who head the MI even agreed with us here in South Sudan and the rest of the world that what happened in Juba was not a coup but mutiny and these who spoke after the mutiny were describing the nature of what happened.Now you and your Kuol Manyang,Makuei Lueth and Malual Ayom are killing Nuer women and children in your Bor Town.Makuei started long time ago by maliciously smeared the UN and your Kuol and Malual armed your Bor County youth to do the job.Good job that is how best you can perform. The rests of the world will now ask you and your leaders who spreaded malicious smear against the UN and violated the sanctity of the UN facility with your Bor youth.Who fired the first shot in Juba is the same guy who violated the UN sanctity and massacred these women and children in the middle of your town.The world,South Sudan,Dinkas,and the Nuer shall hold you accountable for that even if you migrated to Equatoria Nimule or Kit or Mundri you will be followed and held accountable. We as Dinkas we do not go that low you have gone as you did to Murle patients at the hospital beds in your Bor Town. We have towns over here like Aweil,Wau Rumbek and Renk inhabited by Dinkas and their are Nuer women and children at UN camps like your Bor town and nothing like what you have committed has been allowed. Our leaders cannot allows that and even our youth cannot think of it. You did the best that your morals told you as individuals and as a community. Bravo that is your heroic act.

  12. Alier Gai says:

    You went too far in that response to monychol. Bor is not holding other dinka accountable for poor policies causing war in juba. When bor community got disarmed many times than anyone, it was shameful but ours. When riak walked away in juba, it was a shameful thing but ours. When the soldiers ran in the battlefield, it was shameful but ours. However, the reality is that there is a difference between armed and unarmed person in fighting no matter how many times its happened, wins belong to the armed one. Bor is susceptible to being unrmed severally. You are driven out of your position by emotion and that is not the color we need to see when you are selling peace to the people of south sudan. Dinka has no rank of who is physically brave or mentally tough in his distinction. What happened in bor is a bump, but a continuation of event happened in juba. If that thing didn’t occur, malkal, bor and binteau would have been free from idps now.

  13. Alier Gai says:

    Monychol (deng lueth),
    Nothing that I will be jealous unless I become brainless. Your name is your name, whether it is fish or snake. Twic is just name and nothing more. Bor is just name as well. So, what is unique about your name? What matters here is the human spirit which picks you up from the distance and brings you home where the head rests in appreciations and in the comfort of previlages other creatures are lacking. Alier and garang were western scholars, one with business and the other with law degree; one ended the war and the other started it. Those of koul manyang, makuei lueth and many others made garang famous and a job well done to liberation. Garang was not the real key holder, but a key keeper hired by owners of the key. Civilians are themselves in actions. You know what happened when peacekeepers were killed in pibor. The same thing occured in akobo, malkal, bor, biteau, following december nightmare in juba. Your big mouth is nonsense. You are an instigator of the problems than making peace among the people. I think that you better stay away from politics, because you are not flexible and receptive truth. But lie after the other is unfit to win the hearts.

  14. Elijah Samuel says:

    Mr Dinka in denial, “Call a spade by spade”? War is necessary because of people like you who twist the truth and refuse to listened to other people! Was it Riek who started the killing in Juba? For your informations, The Nuer could have fought back vigorously if Riek was killed in the Nuer massacre in Juba or not. The Nuer rebelled not because Riek was not allowed party chairmanship, Riek was fired from VP position, he doid not step down but no Nuer Cared and started fighting for Riek losing his job. Indeed Riek Called for calm. The Nuer this time fought and are fighting because they are targeted by your Dinka president, They where massacred in Juba, In Bor as recent as few days ago. So get it and get it well, the Nuer are fighting and will fight with or without Riek as long as you Dinka continue to kill their civilians! so it is your Dinka government who started the war and you have been lied to! Part of achieving peace is accepting the truth and that bitter truth for you is your Kiir has lied to you and he is a killer and he is the one that brought death and war to South Sudan not your hated Riek. By the way Riek is a hated man by you the Dinkas mostly.

    About power being changed by force. You are partially right, power is changed through political process and that was what Riek and Rebecca Nyandeng and their groups where doing, they had the democratic rights to campaign against Kirr. They had the right to say all ill things against Kiir just as you have the right to do so. But Kiir does not tolerate being bad mouth, he killed Isaiah Abraham a Dinka, HE almost killed Riek, He is now getting close to killing Pagan Amoun a Shiluk with three other of our prominent politicians, which include Dinka Nuer etc. Kiir is the problem…Until you Dinka realize this, Kiir wil take many of you with him to the grave! War is necessary because you refuse to acknowledged the truth of Dictatorship braking the neck of our nation and has killed all means of democracy to peacefully change power. They even threaten the media! The title of your message applies only where there is democracy not in South Sudan.

  15. Dinka Coup Plotter says:

    We need to balance everything. Kiir has a problem. Your Ngundeng 2 {Riek} started the thing. Let’s think solution!!!!

    • concerned Kenyan says:

      solution is a contitutional one . War destroys countries and disregards the law……. ELECT Him out instead

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Sir they started politics not war. The war was started by Kiir, Riek simply punched back and I would the same if i was Riek.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      In Juba town, Wau, Equatoria, Upper Nile including to some sound minded Bahr elgazal people all know that kiir farbricated the coup period

  16. Dinka One says:

    Deng Lueth is the real name for monychol.Ok!!

  17. concerned Kenyan says:


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      You are blind tribalist pretending to be a Kenyan, well maybe a Kenyan Dinka since you are Nomads. However if the party could not even hold an elections for their chair what make you think Kiir was going to allow an election if any a fair one to the matter? Go to sleep!

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Do not pretend my brother we all know how kenyans think like Equatorians and some Ugadandans their neighbours. Remove the sheep skin hyena!

  18. Deng says:

    No need for Kenyan in this hot zone. A man doesn’t hide his lip, Mr Kenyan. Tell us that you are Yuai, Lado, Wol or whatsoever you call yourself!!

    • Martino says:

      Hi brothers do not support Riak machar becouse you are nuer .how many have died just to bring him to power instead he would have waited to be decided by the ballot even if it means for riak to start his party. but he was scared to death that he does not want to wait, for since he has no any good reputation. even the nuers who have joined him are just loyal for the sake of a tribe and did not make their minds to decide for their lives independently. never to die for no reason which one can not see. If you are dreaming that the oil is in the nuer land just declare your selves independent or join khartoum. There are many nuers who are in the government with salva kiir, would you like to take everything for yourselves or what. NB. you can not fight all the tribes of south sudan. when we mean to fight all even there will be no need for foreigners to come here. but now you think that you are strong. you must learn to be with others but not to impose your selves on others.

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    You don’t have to deny yourself that you are not from Twic East, it is okay to be from Twic East County. You should be a man and tell the truth. You can lie to yourself, but we already know who you are. You just said, Twic East people got better names as well as their story, and so, you seem to be proud of them according to statement. Therefore; why are you denying yourself those better names or story? I don’t judge nobody, but it seems like you got no common sense because names cannot make one better than the rest. Also, what’s someone like Abel Alier who is staying out of politics or spot light got do with what’s going on in the country today? Well, to me, you may blame whoever gives you headache, but not someone who refuses to participate in politics. Abel Kwai was asked to be one of the presidential advisors, but he turns it down and that was smart because he did not want to be blamed for messes such as the one we got.

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