Wani Igga for Vice President: The best choice for South Sudanese


South Sudanese should be happy for President Salva Kiir Mayardit choosing for Mr. Wani Iga as his Vice president. This move is wonderful because of two reasons. It’s a great move toward democracy and development. Mr. Wani Igga’s choice for Vice president is the only move towards democracy and development because he understands how to use the parliamentary constitutional powers wisely.

As we have seen it in Telar Ring Deng’s saga, where the parliament under his leadership came out strongly rejecting the nomination of Telar Ring Deng as the minister for Justice.

It’s also the best choice for vice President especially when our president is now behaving like a Chicken that eats her own eggs. When you have the Chicken that eats her own egg, the only way to stop that chicken from eating her own eggs is de-beaking (de-beaking is the cutting of a chicken’s beak) to stop from it eating those eggs that could become the future chickens.

President Kiir has done this without knowing it and our people should be happy about it than attacking Igga as being a weak man and lacking seriousness.

“Igga is considered by some as a weak leader who lacks seriousness in governance and there are concerns his appointment may be rejected as was the case with the former nominated justice minister, Telar Ring Deng.”

This is the man who was a great leader of the parliament and he has done lots. He has shown us his leadership since when he joined the SPLA and he was elected as the speaker of the Parliament because he has the ability to lead.

Igga’s legacy in the parliament will aid him to do the best as the vice president of the Republic of South Sudan. He is also the man of the people who knows what our people need especially at this time whereby our country is severely sick of corruption and nepotism.

Igga understands that the Parliament has the powers to tell President Kiir that you are wrong and you need to understand our people voices if you want to the president.

He is armed with such an amazing experiences that are very crucial to democracy and development. He has demonstrated this in Telar Ring Deng saga and he will continue doing the same since the parliament is now behind him.

Igga is a best choice for vice president and a best move to development because he will use his experiences to rally the young generation to get back to trusting their leaders through the parliamentary powers and experiences that he has especially at this time whereby we are about to give-up for these leaders who have lost the vision of our struggles.

Igga will re-engage the generation that’s promised and was sent to school to bring the development to our country, they will wakeup and back to work gain.

As Dr. John Garang de Mabior mentioned in his speech in 2004, in phoenix Arizona that, “I have come to wake you up and remind you that your day has come, tomorrow is already here and so take over leadership of your Movement, take over leadership of the SPLM/A; you have very little time left to prepare yourselves to take over that leadership in whatever fields: in agriculture, carpentry, architecture, medicine, politics, economics, in raising a family… all these require leadership and all contribute to building the New Sudan for which we have fought and sacrificed for over the last twenty one years.”

Our leaders have forgotten about this that the young generations are the backbone of our country. Kiir’s men are always busy thinking to eliminate young educated individuals like Isaiah Abraham and others who have lost their lives recently.

Igga can help to stop this from happening again by using his parliamentary experiences and powers as vice president of the Republic of South Sudan.

Igga is the only hope and the only way to democracy and development. He will lead us to the development that we need with the help of the parliament and everyone who thinks that we need to do something about our country should only think about supporting him rather criticizing him.

Let’s not focus on negatives but let’s look forward on how can we can stop this chick that eats her own eggs. Igga will do this because he’s the only leader that understand how the parliament should work and that he is the best choice for Vice president of the Republic of South Sudan.

Mulana Deng
Country: USA


  1. Manyok R. says:

    Mulana Deng, you lost your mind or what?. Calm down. No change is going to happen. He is nothing but another clown appointed to join the fools in highest office. In fact, he should be one more reason you have to hate them all. He was the third man in a rotten system of governing. What makes you think he is going to do anything different is what you haven’t told us? He is still party of an organized crime in the name of government.

    • Raan Naath says:

      Mulana Deng? I don’t think you are what you think you are. Wani Igga is a very weak person who can’t dare to say no to president Salva Kiir. Actually he did nothing in parliament to question Kiir over the years. What did he say about the killing of Isaiah Abraham as a speaker. What did he do about the 75 corrupt officials, nothing at all. Kiir brought him as VP because he knows he will be a stooge yes-man who will not try to challenge his actions and avoid being like his former VP, Dr. Riek Machar, who challenged Kiir. Igga is meant to bless Kiir.

    • Molana, you have absolutely missed the point, Wani Igga’s was recognized after his name appeared among the suggested nominees for the vice presidency as a weakest person ever, instead our president puts us in predicament situation. wani will have no contribution and he will never oppose the president on whatever decision kiir takes because he fears direct confrontation, that why when Garang proved his weakness, then he created splm akumabitana. wani was completely silenced in the parliament despite that he was speaker before his appointment.
      our president adds an insult to injury. we will never see any progress. than appointing as VP

  2. Puot K.Chuol says:

    Mulana Deng,

    President Kiir first needs to show us he can lead democratically. How was elected by people; and therein, he should respect others who were elected like him. Since he was elected, he hasn’t shown yet how to govern well and lead the country in republican way.

    Appointing right people is not the problem to our nation. The problem is the leaders who don’t listen advice of his cabinet member as it was the case in those previous ones.

    Not long ago when he discussed the six points that his former VP was talking about as failure to the nation. Recently, he threatened the members of SPLM parliamentarians of vetting against the VP he nominated. So president is the problem and not anybody else. He is a failure and we need to recognize that fact.

  3. Eastern says:

    Very embarrassing for somebody living in the US to call himself Mulana – Mulana my foot!
    For your information, James Wani is a mediocre. He’s not known to be one who can take the bull by the horns. Wani is Kiir’s chief sycophant from Equatoria chosen to appease other sycophants from Equatoria. I am going to watch his performance; Kiir has already made it clear to the nation that this post is purely ceremonial.

    Did we hear that Wani was approved after Kiir threatened to dissolve the elected parliament? The MPs are concerned with their pay package when the president threatened to send them ‘roaming in the streets’. MPs, be very afraid.

  4. majongdit says:

    Moulana Deng,
    The choice for James Wani Igga is the best for this country and can’t give more reaons than those you have already given. However, it is long ovedue. If I were President Salva Kiir, I would have chosen James Wani as a running in 2010. Wani proves better than Dr Riek in so many ways. Otherwise, I agree in totality with this piece. Thank you

  5. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Moulana Deng
    This is my second time I just logded comment on your articles, my advice to you is, we started this nascent nation with joy through unity. Now the thrill of impressionism is doomed. our President Cde Salva Kiir, has opened all fascination ways again and every one has been remembering Kokora and SPLM/A’s foundation in 1983 in Bilpalm, Eastern Nuer. The question, How had we broken away and split from North Sudan? We unanimously pay attention and uphold wisdom of an invisible may happen . God bless you.

  6. Dmajak says:

    I think that president kiir has made one of his best decisions by choosing James wani, who had committed himself to serve south Sudan people during bad times. He is more qualified than anybody in that position because he had worked hard for unity of south and fought for our independence without looking back. He is a man of people and he will help president to deliver services to our people.

  7. Dan says:

    Here we go again! Some people are now saying that James Wani , is very weak person. So what is the strong person like? Is it a person who send you his tigers in the middle of the night to shot you in the face if you criticise him/her?
    I think we should all be happy to have James Wani as the vice president if at all he is weak as it is being claimed by others. He may be the kind of the leader our young Nation wants as he may not overestimate his worth .

  8. William Deng says:

    Maluna Deng,

    Thanks for your piece. It is always good to read how people like yourself think. The appointment of Wani Igga is a bless to Pres. Kirr but a curse to people of South Sudan. I personally do not think people, include yourself, understand why we took guns to fight Khartoum for last fifty years. Injustices, human right violations, marginalization, freedom, lack of services, insecurities, and more. Wani Igga had been a speaker of the South Sudanese Parliament for last 8 years. He had opportunity to create meaningful laws to governance South Sudan. He also had opportunity to correct wrongs of other branches in the government, but what did Igga do?

    Good leaders such as George Washington of United States, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, or Obama of United States never surrounded themselves with yes men or women. Effective leaders always accept chance of being questioned by strong advisers in order to think still and provide meaningful leadership to their constituents. The best adviser is your second man or woman in command if indeed a leader knows what he or she is doing! It is always a mistake to appoint someone who will never give you other side of a corn when it is his or her turn to think. This is a country that we have my friend. Let us think as nationalists not tribalists.

    But judging from what Mr Igga had been known, what assistance will he render to the cowboy president? Again, South Sudanese must have to pray for next 2 years before we can have our rescuer! Thanks!

  9. john jerry says:

    I had the opportunity to see Vice president Wani Igga personally in Kitchener, Ontario-Canada, as the first high ranking officer from the government of RSS. Wani Igga is not as weak as many of you think. Wani Igga was able to lecture to many of us who did not know the history of Sudan, history of the struggle of south sudan that we call home and a nation and was able to tell some of the events that took place in years, months and even in minutes. I learned a lot from his speech to the children born outside of south sudan and even to the many adults who left the country not knowing the cause of the more than 50 years plus of the war.

    I used to hear Wani Igga speak on the Spla Radio and I remember one word that he used to say that you have to work hard because “Nothing will fall to you on a Silver Plate.” I want that same words he used to say put in action. I even asked him about the Upper Talanga Tea project and other projects established in the early 1980’s such as Mongala weaving factory, Melut sugar Factory. Kenaf in Tonj and White Nile Brewery in Wau, he told the more than 700 people who attended the meeting that the Splm government know this and that those are their priorities I want to prove his ability to tell the the truth as the next person in power.

    Wani Igga prove to the south Sudanese that you are not as weak as they think. Pulling the Bull by the horn is not the bravery issue here. We want a leader who is a good listener and plays the politics by the rule. Give Wani Igga time to show his teeth which are already sharpened for any action.

  10. andrew poth says:

    the step mr kiirr has taken now, i consider it as as dangerous because he did it just to have opportunity post conflict anytime. his new vice will not tell him no for anything, i agree with some people. it’s not democracy at all other then dictatorship


    Raan Naath, The appointment of Wani Igga is of course a cure to the opportunities, but, not to all the South Sudanese we the poeple of this Country we are very pleased for Igga to be the first vice president of this Country. whoever hates him that your own problem. please, may be go back to the liberation period, did you yourself tried one day writing an article meaning correcting Khartoum Government ?
    Why don’t fill proud cos of this freedom that we are in today in our country? who does you personally think that he can Govern this country without committing any mistakes ? shall we give the chance to be a president in 2014? Wani Igga is not weak for us.

  12. Chol Wek Chol says:


    you have done your part by praising our President for appointing Mr Wani Igga as his deputy, however this doesn’t reflect the opinion of South Sudanese Citizen nor convince them. I personally considered this article as bias which could have not have been written by high intellectual like you sir.
    Wani will not do anything nor change this Country to what we expect, therefore the opinion of South Sudan Citizen is completely contrary to President decision.

  13. Eusebio Ewot says:

    The right man in the right place. James Wani is a man of principles. He is unshakable, His contribution to the liberation of this country can not be compared to cowards like Dr. Riak Machar and Dr. Lam Akol. Congratulation Comrade.

  14. Mualana Deng,
    Your wish is granted by Kiir, thank God. It seems Equatorians will vote for Riek if there is the available choice, kiir and wani igga. Kiir instead of thanking Riek for identifying South Sudan’s problems decided to punish him and reward his YESMAN/STOOGE/PUPPET we shall bring both of them down.
    He thinks by appointing Wani Igga he has appeased Equatorians. No. he has only appeased himself. What leadership skills are you talking about here: is it cowardliness, akumatanina, comedies…yet 75 men strangled our economy as wani was witnessing, Property declaration, dura saga, killing of innocent civilians, unemployment, tribalism, insecurity…Shame on you!

  15. Bhanyker says:

    What a fool called Mulana Deng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually the name Mulana fitted him precisely. Mulana is an arabic word which has a lot of meanings.
    MULANA: Means somebody who is passive, naive, ignorant, foolish, short-sighted, inactive, inefficient, and confused.
    I tried to read the whole article, but i could’nt finish it simply because it’s not worthy reading.Mr Deng:
    Either you have another hidden agenda or you are totally confused. How came a law graduate could’nt identify the reason why the President appointed Mr Wani Iga? Even a child born 8 years ago knows the reason. Deng: Mr Wani does’nt believe in himself, he is supporting Kiir and working hard to convince people to be absolutely submissive like he does. If you’re doubtful, please read his speech in sudantribune august 25, describing visionless president. As a man of wisdom and talent, he said he congratulate the people for electing able president full of wisdom and energy.

    Presiden Kiir, is lazy, visionless, inefficient, and fool. that is the fact. Now describing the president as somebody full of wisdom, talent and energy, is a direct insult and offensive indeed to the president, because president himself knows he did’nt deserve those words. consequently, Mr Wani has insulted the president.

  16. Dear Compatriots:

    The British Bulldog (Kiir) has just spoken loud and clear. He has spoken through the appointment of General Wani Igga. He has chosen the right man (wani) for the job. He deserves this position more than anyone you could think of in your sound mind. Wani Igga should have been appointed to this position long time ago but president Kiir betrayed himself and his leadership by appointing Riek Machar. For those of you who are whining and bitching about the appointment of General James Wani Igga, you have a choice to make. You either shut up and stay where you are in Diaspora or move to Gambella, Khartoum and Uganda if you are in South Sudan wait there patiently until Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amum and Justin Ambago Ramba becomes the president of South Sudan. Who has done what for this Country better than Wani Igga? General Wani Igga is 10 times better than traitors, Riek Machar and Lam Akol. Please shut up and let us see the right man in political actions.

    “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  17. Leader says:

    Dear All,
    Wani Igga is the right man in the right position. He should not be taken as a weak leader simply because he does not come out to criticize the system he is serving the media. For sure, Wani is one step to the top position.

  18. Kiir baby’s sitter Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, is always appreciating every foolish decision Kiir has made. You and Kiir have devils’ spirit, you’re so blind to see the suffering of South Sudanese, and so deaf to hear the voice of South Sudanese citizens. Shame on you greedy people.

  19. I am was just reading all your comments about Kiir and Riak. What I have understood is insulted Kiir only but no kind words for all of you. So, I just what to tell the fact. Ex-VP Riak of South Sudan has been giving chance be to VP after took up army against his people of South Sudan in 1991-1992. The chance he got he should have used wisely and worked with governments rather than against it. As VP of country he has to talk good things about the country or his president when you are outside the country. But Dr. Riak goes and talks against the president in front of United Nation Assembly as if he was campaigning. The mindless man wish to run for president, first he would tell his people the plans he or she will do, not outside country. Don’t take me wrong me, personally, I love Riak but he needs to be a man of his people not against them.

  20. Chol Dau says:

    Right man for the right job? That may be largely correct. James wani Igga is a veteran freedom fighter. He joined the SPLM/A in 1984 and stood with it to the end. This steadfast character qualifies him as a leader, and if the vice presidency should fall to the next man in line in the SPLM hierarchy, since SPLM is the ruling party, then none is better placed than him from among the ones we know.

    The question of whether South Sudan will be better off under Kiir-Wani leadership compared to when Riek Machar was the vice president is another thing altogether. My prediction is that South Sudan will remain in a vegetative state for time to come. The political norm will be: Do Not Challenge Me and I Will Not Challenge You; a dangerous state of affairs because corrupt individuals will do whatever they wish as long as they remain loyal to the leadership and point accusing fingers at shadows.

    Let us not be carried away by recent events as if they were precursors to genuine political reforms. The power wrangling within the SPLM was not triggered by honest desire for a better change. Rather it was caused by scarcity of petro-dollar. Before the shutdown of oil production in January 2012, financial security to most senior SPLM officials was so much guaranteed that our leaders equate their corrupt comfort with national prosperity. Each senior official has his own green pasture and graze in the direction he/she wishes. Everybody was a comrade. That situation drastically changed after the shutdown when national reserves begin to dry up and free money was no longer easily obtainable. Officials who sustain loyalty through patronage could not afford to pay their maintenance which caused a crisis of confidence among the proteges.

    The suspension of Deng Alor and his alleged accomplice Kosti Manibe has more to do with insubordination than with the fight against corruption. In fact, if Deng, Manibe and Pagan secretly apologized to the leadership today they would be secretly forgiven and reinstated to prominence at later dates. And I do suspect all of them including Dr. Riek Machar are yearning for that day when SPLM leaders will be reconciled, a day when “enemies of peace” will be accused of having been responsible for division within the party.

    But, let us give Mr. Kiir and Mr. Wani the benefit of doubt. Let them turn another card and see what comes of it.

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