Vetting and Verification (V&V) Should Always be Upheld with Pious Passion

BY: Kuir ë Garang, Author, Canada, May/21/2015, SSN;

When President Kiir fired his entire cabinet and appointed a new one in July of 2013, many of us thought it was the advent of a new era of accountability. Sadly, as the subsequent series of events would prove, it was actually the advent of a gloomy era of serious flood of errors.

Even for some of us who knew that Mr. Kiir was already an incapable leader as early as 2005, we didn’t know his incompetence would be this destructive and eternally damning.

As he metaphorically and fatefully said when he assumed power after the demise of late Garang, the country is running with no ‘reverse gear.’ So it is easy to see why there is no stop to killings, meaningless decrees, economic deterioration, and political intimidation.

But when the cabinet was initially named, a semblance of a democratic process was exercised with a nominal ‘vetting’ of the ministers. There was even a rejection of one of the president’s nominees.

South Sudanese therefore thought the dawn of democracy was in the air. However, the acrimonious vetting process of Telar Ring Deng for Justice Minister soon revealed something sinister.

Mr. Telar was the only one actually vetted as the rest of the cabinet wasn’t seriously vetted. Telar’s rejection was later understood to be ‘revenge’ as he was seen to be the power behind the president’s decisions.

Our democratic utopia was therefore dashed. The process was even aggravated when the president warned the parliament after they expressed desire to subject the president’s nominees for the speaker of legislative assembly and Vice Presidency, to scrutiny.

The president warned parliament that there’d be consequences if they reject his nominees. It was the classic African preference of personality cult as opposed to democratic or parliamentary principles.

While the president found it easy, or even necessary to do away with the vetting process to bolster his hold on the presidency and power, he can now see that the chicken are coming home to roost.

The constant defection of the likes of Peter Gatdet and Johnson Oliny is a result of not following due process in the institution of any given policy proposals.

The incorporation of militia into the national army needs to be done in a manner that reduces any chance of such rebellion-prone folks to rebel. A government, or even the army, can’t just make decisions because they feel they are necessary at the time. Long-term effects have to be put into consideration before any decision is made.

We all know South Sudan has become a totalitarian regime that has copied Khartoum’s theocratic totalitarianism letter by letter and word by word. The political atmosphere is stifling in Juba and any political opposition is treated with pious brutality.

There are people who are in government’s controlled areas but they disapproved of the government. They just don’t see rebellion as a solution to the problems in South Sudan.

However, the government doesn’t take it seriously that the more they stifle the political breathing space in South Sudan, the more they drive the disgruntled minds toward rebellion.

The SPLA and National Security Agents arrest people anyhow and detain them without any due process of the law.

Ateny Wek, the presidential spokesperson, argues that the president doesn’t order such arrests. If the president doesn’t order such arrests then who has the authority to do so?

Without doubt, we know such arrests are unconstitutional, so why doesn’t the president stop such arrests given the facts that he’s the guardian of the constitution, ideally speaking?

The government brags about having been elected; that it is a democratically elected leadership. However, the president doesn’t explain to the people — who gave him the mandate to rule — the logic behind some of the decisions he makes.

He breaks constitutional provisions and finds it unnecessary to explain to the people the reason why.

In what nation on earth, even dictatorial ones, does a president select the leadership and board members of the supposedly independent bodies such as media authority?

Media authority is supposed to be an independent body that employs people of merit by subjecting them to credential assessment in their hiring process.

Doesn’t the president have something to do, something presidential? It has come to the point in which the president is going to pass decrees employing janitors for his office and the parliament.

This president has either been reduced to this level by those who’d want to see him destroyed; or he’s reduced himself to his level through incompetence. Either way, the president needs to wake up and salvage what’s left of his legacy.

The failed Nigerian former president, Goodluck E. Jonathan, salvaged his legacy in the last minute. He’s going to be remembered for having conceded election loss and for having peacefully handed over power to President Muhammadu Buhari, rather than through his failures.

It’s time for President Kiir and Riek Machar to realize that time is up for them and that the leadership needs to go to a different, younger class of South Sudanese leadership.

It’s high for the leadership in South Sudan to subject policies to verification and stern vetting mechanics. We know with certainty that cabinet ministers contradict each other day in day out because of lack of systematized verification process.

Ministers have to consult one another before they go public in order not to reflect the government as confused and incompetent. The minister of information says one thing but he’s soon contradicted by either the minister of foreign affairs or presidential spokesperson.

Transparency, information verification, respect for human rights and respect for democratic ideals have never harmed any civilians or leadership.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of “South Sudan Ideologically.” For contact, visit


  1. Omang Rollo says:

    Makuei is a smart man, The problem with him is that he is torn between his personal convictions and pressure from implementing decisions of Bhar El Ghazal council of Elders. The likes of Ateny and Kirr mess up and ran away from their makings for someone to take the heat and clear up their messes.

  2. Omang Rollo says:

    The lost of Malual Girnyang in recent series of battles in Malakal must be addressed, and the culprits of wrong decisions that lead to a lost of a battalion must pay for their deeds. failure to do that, will erase trust in the military; it will lead to the deposition of this government.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Omang Rollo,

      The Malual Girnyang you mentioned were fooled to die for by Salva Kiir. Since the listen to him, they deserve to die and we are not sympathetic about their death. In fact, curse to their lineage.

  3. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Kuir Garang,

    You almost nailed down every issue that facing the government and I appreciated that because every citizen has right to express his/her feeling about insignificant power struggling in our country. One thing I would like you to understand, every government fail when there is no cooperation in the party and that is what happened in SPLM not because President Kiir is incapable leader. In the SPLM there are particular group working hard to fail him just because they are not allow to rule. They are also think they are better to rule otherwise this government has to go, but they do not know also they are part of this destruction. In South Sudan no one is born to rule, whoever is in the power has to be support to complete his term otherwise South Sudan will never go anywhere.

    What make the government strong is the cooperation of the leaders and citizens because there is no any perfect human being or leader, but cooperation of ideas and hard work will develop and keep the government strong. In addition, I think the vetting and verification would never work without cooperation. For example, in 1991 if there were no cooperation between SPLA/M leaders John Garang would not be called the Father of the Nation Today. In 1991 I was in Bor ten years in the movement and I fought many wars travel everywhere in South Sudan. We have to tell the truth otherwise South Sudan will never be a nation. This ideas of vetting and verification will never work if there is no cooperation even though if John Garang was alive and people work against him South Sudan will never triumph and will be continuing perish.

    President Kiir is capable, but what make him incapable is the lack of cooperation. There are some of people are working hard to turn him down just because they want to come to the power. Some people are working to accumulate the wealth instead of working to support him for development and security. Yes, every human being make the mistake and I cannot say President Kiir did not make mistake in his government because he is a human. In South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and even in United State there have been protest, administration against the government, but they sit and to adjust their government.

    Every Southern Sudanese is born to rule,but we have to learn how to solve our problems without violence. My finally word, if I am a President Kiir I will call all Southern Sudanese to bring whoever they trust to lead the country to the election because I want to save my own legacy. Nelson Mandela will be remembered forever because of his legacy. I would like President Kiir to think about his children future more than other people. His works is almost done, but I do not want him to go away without good legacy. Read this my last sentences and think about the Gifts of God.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Hi, Francis Mangok,
      While greatly appreciating and applauding your heroic role during the liberation war, I want to disagree with your point that those people should help Kiir during his tenure.
      As president with the final decision, Kiir has the power to remedy the situation but the problem is his inherent leadership incapability because he wasn’t prepared for the job. Believe me, if Garang was alive in 2005 at the formation of the government in Rumbek, Kiir would never get the vice-president job and most probably he, Kiir, might have been the first to rebel against Garang.
      Now having dismally failed in the job, Kiir and his Jieng council of elders would have been advised to peacefully hand power to somebody else and just retire on a comfortable pension and the five thousand heads of cattle he has.
      It isn’t too late still, let kiir just quit sooner than later.

      • Choromke Jas says:

        Mr Editor

        What amazes me is that the Jieng Council is headed by a past Chief Justice who should know better. Ambrose Ring “Thick” lived in Britain where the power of Prime Minister is subject to balance both in parliament and the Judiciary. Yet, this son of the South managed to drag his leader down, and with it, the name of the Jieng community. I tell you the feeling on the ground in the country is extremely hostile to anything Jieng. God for bids, if this war is settled on the battle field against Kiir, the Jieng should be prepared to spend decades in exile to allow the cooling of tempers of the other 63 ethnicities. Ambrose, what got into your head to openly encourage tribalism in the government of South Sudan? Is it because you learnt nothing when you were in the UK? I understand you were a taxi driver. This reminds me of the recent utterance of an Egyptian Minister. He reportedly said that Judges must come from well balanced and respectable families but not from Rubbish Collectors’ ones! He lost his job for this. But words bear some truth in our case: our judges should not come from the mura/luak or from among taxi drivers! The evidence is there for all to see in the current judiciary of our country. Sitting judges are members of the Jieng Council!! What a mess we are in!

        • Joana Adams says:

          Hi Cdes,
          There is a famous proverb which says,” you can take a person out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of him”. Hmmm… very true!!!! May history judge Ambrose Ring Thiik very harsly.

  4. Leophard L. T says:

    I am still waiting.

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Kuir, please halt pretending to be a nationalist or against killer Kiir kuethpiny while your own writings discreetly reveal The deniable fact That you are among the celebratories of the Dinka council of elders and Bors engineered continuing ethnic cleansing being waged on Nuers.I am often amuse Whenever I come across your articles because you tried very hard to conceal your nature but you always misery fail to do so! At one time,You
    unashamelesly praised UPDF for saving Kiir’s genocidal regime and naively reasoned that Uganda military prevented bloodbath or genocide in Juba while in reality, Museveni’s interference in South Sudan internal affairs caused and still causing carnage in Greater Nile States. You never fail to blame Dr. Riek and somehow wittingly or cleverly try to convince your readers that the Current chaos and human suffering in South Sudan is caused by Riek while everyone (except jieng) knows its engineers and implementors: Insatiable And natural born greed….jieng!

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Thank you so much for better understanding that you have acquired on Mr. Kuir Garang. You are one of the smarters Nuers ever who follows news closely on what people do put online or say daily. Well, I said, long time ago, that there are pretenders who are supporting Nuer rebellion under the table. Also, I added that we don’t support Riek, and we will be better to Nuer than them at the end for we never lie to or mislead Dr. Riek to where he is. So, you are absolutely right, he is between Kiir and Riek for he always pretending as not for Kiir and supporting Riek for nothing, but zero contribution. It is even better to be on one side instead of floating.Thanks!!!

  6. Mangok says:


    This the most challenging thought. However, we are at generational lost. it’s time of Ghazafi of libya, M7 of Uganda and Mugabe who have had spent nearly half of lifetime as presidents, leaving the opposition to remain barking, exile, others killed. It’s hard time.

  7. L.G.Deng says:

    Some people think that Riak Machar was the problem. But he been betrayed both by Kiir as the second man in the country and by the G.10 who were his political allies and in all this, the target was Nuer to weaken them.

  8. Isaac Deng says:

    Brother Kuir, I watched with disbelieve Brigadier Malaak exposing president Kiir’s incompetency to the whole world on SSTV when he said that Johnson Olony used to hold a Sergeant rank when he was leading Shilluk militia group but they promoted him to a Major General rank in the SPLA when he accepted president Kiir’s general amnesty. This shows that the SPLA is run by mediocre like Brigadier Malaak and therefore SPLA is also rotten to the core. Any professional army who understands basic military science and tradition wouldn’t have done this stupid mistakes. How can Mr. president promotes someone from Raqib to Liwa? This useless military kind of promotion never happen anywhere in the world before. Under incompetent president Kiir, Gordon Buay who has no military training background was promoted to general and decreed as ambassador together with many other arm chairs generals in the SPLA who never shot a gun or commanded a battalion. Johnson Olony should have gone from raqib to raqib awal.

  9. jok lual says:

    how old the Sholluk revelation i think is 12 days Haaaaa sorry mr Lam Akol you push Sholluk to the fire and your in good time in south sudan Hotel jUBA mr lam we do not forget what you do in 1991 with your friend Riek machr .our old proverb say ATER ACEE ROP

  10. Victor Tabuley says:

    wah wah wah

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