Using new poorly-trained Equatoria recruits as human shield for Dinka SPLA soldiers

BY: Thomas Anzo Mulumbe, Diaspora, MAY/02/2014, SSN;

We the members of concerned Ma’di community in Diaspora are outraged and appalled to learn the inhuman massacre of our 22 young sons confirmed dead and an unknown number of unaccounted for members of our youth who were part of recent “Greater Equatorian governors” government mobilization, a supposed program to protect the Equatorian territories.

The 22 dead youth were part of recruits who were supposed to be undergoing combat training with their colleagues from other tribes within Equatoria, unknown to their parents and our community; they were deployed in frontline to fight this senseless tribal war ignited by the president and his allies.

We are appalled by this government deception! We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased.

We swear by our land and declare to hold governor of EES Louis Lobong Lojore accountable for the death of our sons. We have had it with this good for nothing governor.

We demand the puppet governor to explain personally to the families of these dead young men and Ma’di community and the people of EES at large how the so called recruits meant to protect Equatorian territories ended up in the frontline in Bentiu?

Lobong, when will you have the backbone and stand up for your people and state?

We would like to urge our Equatorian brothers and sisters not to take the words of the three governors of Greater Equatoria seriously no more, they failed to live up to their promises, they are undercover agents, puppets, recruiting for President Kiir to wage his tribal war against the Nuer people.

We carry no grudges against the Nuer nor have reasons to die for Kiir given how his government has oppressed our communities….. the Ma’di in particular.

We have no single blood drop to waste for this tribal government.

We called up on all Equatorians to protest against the three puppets governors for sending our sons to be used, as human shield in Bentiu, Bor, Renk and other places to protect the Dinkas soldiers who stay behind the front lines and in or at the covers of tanks.

We are abhorred to learn the Dinka soldiers loyal to Kiir refused to deploy to fight the war that belongs to them, leaving their Juba government with no option but to deploy our new poorly and barely trained recruits to be slaughtered by the fierce Nuer fighters who are fighting for their lives in a war provoked by the Dinka themselves.

We have learned from reliable sources that the UPDF have been taught many lessons and they too like their Dinka counterparts have become frontline weary and want to remain in urban centers.

So, my fellow Equatorians, if you do not open your eyes, our young sons will be slaughtered and finished fighting for the Dinka Juba government, a war we did not start and a war that does not belong to us and that should have never been if it was not due to Kiir’s Tyranny.

The Dinka dominated government does not want to halt this war deliberately incited and executed by Kiir to benefit none other than the Dinka people and their interests in the new Republic of South Sudan.

We urge the people of Greater Equatoria to immediately reject this evil plan of their sons and daughters being used as human shield in the name of fighting to defend the constitutional rights the same that never protected us as a people of greater Equatoria.

After all, what constitutional rights are left to be defended by the people if the president is massacring the very people who are protected supposedly by the very said constitution?

We also called upon the three Equatorian governors to clearly redefine their relationships with the people of Greater Equatoria; we condemned in the strongest terms possible their games to sacrifice the lives of our resourceful youth to fight and die just to keep Kiir alive in power… for whose benefits?

We the concerned Ma’di community in Diaspora reject any single recruitment of our youth to be used as human shields in frontlines to keep Dinkas soldiers alive to the benefit of who?

We learnt that the newly appointed chief of general staff of South Sudan army before his appointment in his title as the governor of Bahr El Ghazal threatened should Kiir not sack the former chief of staff, James Hoth Mai.

He, Paul Molang Awan, threatened he will recall his Bahr El Ghazal soldiers from fighting in Bentiu, Bor, Malakal and other places.

The question is, if the governor of Bahr El Ghanzal could recall the soldiers from his home state, what about the three governors of Greater Equatoria?

Why can’t they do the same? What are they afraid off? Whose interests are they protecting at the expense of the lives of our sons?

From now on, should the three Governors of greater Equatoria need harmony and restore confidences and trust of their people, they should begin to act and represent the voices of their constituencies and renounce the abominable actions of tribal elements within SPLA that want to use the sons and daughters of Equatoria for fighting their war and as human shields.

We in Equatoria have no quarrels with our Nuer brothers; therefore using our people to kill or to be killed by our Nuer brothers who for years have expressed their peaceful ways of life is unacceptable.

The three governors of Equatoria did not only fail the families of the deceased but they also failed the people of Greater Equatoria.

They failed to implement their commitment to the people therefore they should be considered traitors, liars, betrayers, egotistic leaders who are protecting their bread with the blood of their people.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased and the entire Ma’di community and the people of Greater Equatoria at large.

Our thoughts also go out to the families of the 192 recruits from Nuer, massacred in Mapal Bahr El Ghanzal by elements of Dinka security officers under Salva Kiir.

We also send our condolences to the families of innocent unarmed civilians massacred by Dinka youth Mob justice in UNMISS camp in Bor.

We condemn the government in the strongest terms for using our boys as human shield to spare the Dinka soldiers.

We likewise condemn the security apparatus for killing defenseless innocent unarmed civilians based on their ethnicity.

We know Kiir has the power to bring this war to an end not by the bullets but by peace making something he has done before, we are dejected by his refusal to do so and we call for no more shedding of the blood and death of our sons for him.

List of the massacred new recruits:
S/No Names Home areas in Ma’diland
01 Joseph Mucuke Nimule
02 Idro Pasqual Nimule
03 Buni Stephen Loa
04 Eriku David Loa
05 Joseph Leku Kerepi
06 Geoffrey ojja Opari
07 Bosco Talagu Opari
08 John Kapa Loa
09 Jimmy Taban Nimule
10 Musa Moli
11 Geoffrey Maya Nimule
12 Amaca Geoffrey Kerepi
13 Murujan kebulu Nimule
14 Taban Patrick Nimule
15 Patrick Dramundru Nimule
16 Jurugo Odosi Kerepi
17 Taban Irra Location unknown
18 Ocite second name unknown Pageri
19 Vuciri second name unknown Pageri
20 Mangwi Silvio Taban Mugali
21 Marino second name unknown Loa
22 Joseph Korani Nimule

Thomas Anzo Mulumbe
Executive Secretary for concern Ma’di community in Diaspora


  1. Majongdit says:

    A disgruntled diaspora man telling us nonsense.
    Since when have Equatorians been used as covers by anybody.
    It has never been there in history; and it can never be there.
    The list put up there is fake list of coined names only.
    The Equatorian youths are still on training. The same with other youths of other regions who have decided voluntarily to defend the country.
    If you see the numbers nowadays who are joining, you can be amazed.
    And again, we have ‘gelweng’ right intact and unused because the President does not want tribalism. We have mad boys here who only want the word ‘go’ but Salva is refusing anything similar to what the white army is doing.
    What is wrong also if Equatorians fight and die?
    They have in Govt Wani Igga, Beshir Bendi, Elia Lomoro, Ann Itto, Oboto Mamur, Tisa Sabuni, etc.
    ADVICE: Equatorians must stand to get recognition; if not then Nuers will always have their way and go pass them!
    I love equatorial and the entire South Sudan.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      This is the problem with the DInkas, This is why you Dinkas invoke hatreds against yourself. You call the death of 22 People Rubbish? For you Dinkas, if it is not said by you then it is Rubbish. Think about this, if we did not have Dinkas in South Sudan, there will be peace! and by the way, no thank you, we are independent not because of you but in spite of you!
      The Equatorians you named are mostly traitors except for Mamur and few others, those who care about their stomach not their communities, at least majority of them. You Should be ashamed to mention Ann Itto against which we have read here that the Madis had complained against her bitterly in the recent past. She is not benefit for her people except puppet for Kiir maybe his mistress.

      • Deng says:

        Elijah Samuel
        Since when did you guys accept the fighting to be used as human shield as described?

        • AJ says:

          Deng go ASK YOUR MOTHER where are and why are they leaving their land and settle in UN and equatorian. You dinkas are really coward and only tribe to be IDPs in entire nation and run to neighboring countries. \you cannot fight though you claimed to be majority but tiny tribe like Murle could fight and not seek intervention in Uganda and SPLA army in Jogolei.

          Now you are runing away fight Nuer and white army and your uncle Kirr ran asked for foreign troops to rescue you. Poor you. I remember when a fight broke in Kakuma 1999, many dinkas were killed like a rats. YOu guys should never thinks of fighting. YOu don’t know how to fight. Look at this episode.
          In few weeks day government is over and you will go to your kraal and continues with your normal life.

          • Deng says:

            According to your logic; Dinka are the cowards and at the same time they oppressed minorities of their dictatorship in the country!? Now which one is which?

      • Majongdit says:

        Elijah Samuel,

        I did not refer to the alleged 22 killed as rubbish. What I generally termed as rubbish is the whole article by this man from the diaspora.

        The problem with you Rquatorians is that you hate your people, your own Leaders. Equatroians will never accept any single leader they listen to. The Equatorians appeared to not like all their former Governors. Now they seem not to be happy with the current Governors. Every Equatorian member in the cabinet is opposed by his own people: Ann Itto, Clement Wani, James Wani, Nunu Kumba, Bangazi Bakosoro, Mamur, Tisa Sabuni….who will the Equatorians have in the Government not to call a puppet?

        My advice is that Equatorians must prove their worth by defeating Riek so that this issue of Riek power bargain to replace an Equatorian from his position is changed.

        I don’t want Riek to be a VP again. But if Equatorians continue to behave the way they are already doing, then Riek will have his way.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Desperation is taking the whole of you. Nuer do not care whether the Equatorians join them or not, we are doing it ourselves. We haven’t invited anybody to help us but you have invited many countries to help you defeat the Nuer and Dr. Machar. You will fail shamelessly.

          If it will be of help to you, Dr. Riek Machar does not want to be VP again. You can give the VP spot to one of your loyalists. We just do not fall the direction of win, we only follow what is honest and of good quality. We followed the self-determination ideology for it quality and it is what led to the birth of this nation. Your Secular United Sudan Vision that you are now distancing yourself from has gone with win. Aiming for the Moon that you have been hanging on is a trick for you to distance yourself from stupidity. We know that.

    • Taban Mawa says:


      I don’t have words to discribe you except to say you’re an absolute idiot who have no knowledge on millitary training. To be fully a trained army, do one has to be trained for only a week? Is that what you call a qualified army personnel? Mate, your ignorance is up in the air for all to see so is Kiir and his puppet Governors.

      Equatorians refused to be draged into this sensless war brought upon the Nation by Your Selfish and uneducated Kiir. Those innocent civilians your Kiir masacared in Juba in December 2013 did not start any single war. Your Kiir arrested politicians opposed to his dictatorial rule and could not provide a single cridble evidence to convict them but to say “I pardon them”. ow can you pardon someone without sentencing them? You and Kiir, and the Justice Minister seems to have graduated fromthe ‘University of Nothing’ with degree of nothing.

      Your Infomation Minister is not different either because he is arrogant and sounds intoxicated every time he open his mouth to speak on the conflict or any issue.

      The Equatorian people never called the death Dinaks in this conflict “Rubbish” but you did so to the untrained young Madi boys killed at the frontline protecting your people.

      For your information, this war is not over. What you and your people have shown is driving us the Equatorian to have no choice but to take side and join our Nuer brothers. No Equatorian or Nuer started the war, you know that well. We will join forces and defend the country you and your Kiir stood to fail.

      Shame on you and I’m sure your parents feel shame of having you on earth because no parents want their child to be as useless and empty hearted as you’re Majongdit.

      You will soon rest in Peace like our brothers.

      • Majongdit says:

        Taban Mawa,

        You have a nice name. My Kakwa friend in Rumbek is called Mawa.

        Take it here boy. I didn’t refer to the 22 people alleged to have died as rubbish. What I called a rubbish is the article and the opinion of the foreign writer.

        In fact, you are too young to understand what I mean.

        Even if you and Nuer are left alone in this country, you will surely end up saying “no no, better Dinka”
        But there is no way shall anybody be left alone in this country. We shall continue to share it…peace will return and we shall still work and stay together.

        What I don’t want and remains the biggest pain in my heart and is the weak attitude of some Equatorians. Stand behind your leaders in the Govt and defend the country…you will have defended the Equatorian position in the. Government.

        Look. Why does it pain Riek so much when his position is given to an Equatorian? Or is what Riek said becoming true? Riek said that an Equatorian does not deserve to be no. 1 or 2 in a country where there is Dinka and Nuer.

    • Joel says:

      Majon…..Please try hard not to look a fool…otherwise ur meking me believe what friend told me about Dinka and I quote…No matter wea u tek a Dinka, his animal mentality will always follow him” end of quote

      • Deng says:

        First of all; before you called others fools; you should at least write like one; but no evidence that shows you are; according to your writing? Even if you were smart; what did you do to Arabs that show were smarter than anyone in South Sudan?

    • AJ says:

      as long as you your tongue can role and stupid things like that calling dead rubbish will lead to death of dinkas in every corner of the country. You now know that everyone in SS knows you are a problem and you will live to regret it event your grand kids.

      YOu dinkas don’t have future of looking beyond tomorrow and as a result your utterance will be fate of unborn dinkas mark my work. If you never get to learn or get advice from your parent to behave or may be your parent has a half brain or less of humankind then you dinkas are to be blamed for your own making, Keep talking! For me I don’t forgive any dinkas no-matter what. I meet you in juba at wrong hour your gone and let us meet in hell or heaven.

      • Deng says:

        When are you going to bring your empty threat to Dinka? At least match your sharp tongue with action and if not then use your loud mouth for peace!

    • Nyeri says:


      What an animal are you? I have never found an animal who has no understanding in any way and cannot reason at all like you. Your stupid dinka chief called Kiir has started a tribal war and all dinkas are either dead, IDPs in Equatoria or in Uganda and Kenya. Tell me why they are running if they are men enough?

      The lease to say is to rubbish the death of the 22 Madi boys who were used as shields in Mapel to defend the dinka when they were on the run from the white army.

      By this reckless words, I tell you to call on all your Dinka IDPs in Equatoria to leave within 24hrs before we kill them and trash them just the same way you did to the Madi boys. This time around in Junub, it will be tit-for-tat period. Stay in your dinka land and open your mouth killer with your uncle the genocide initiator. ICC or death penalty awaiting you guys

  2. Abiel says:

    Sir Thomas the three states are apart of South Sudan and the governors have aright to chooses to be with a government of South Sudan who pay them their salaries or to joined rebels otherwise there is no way my dear.the protection of south Sudanese resources are responsibility of south Sudanese govt and the three governors are apart of the govt.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      This is the same Dinka that cries when a cow dies than when a baby dies! No wonder you say resources protection is able human life! The primary responsibility of a government is to protect her people not massacre them as Kiir did in Juba! Because he committed war crime, he lost legitimacy and must be removed unless he steps down.

      • Abiel says:


        if you know that the primary responsibility of a government is to protect his people than why you blamed three governors with a training you think that the protection of the people or their resources could come without loosing lives.Elijah do you think you are helping rebels when you saying the president lost his legitimacy and must be removed let me tell you this the removing of the president will not come with the shaking ass like what you does. why not you join the rebels and try it coward .Elijah you only troubling maker, you are just increasing the war between the Nuer and Dinka .

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Stop misleading people. There is no war between Dinka and Nuer. There is only war between Nuer and Mercenaries.

          • Abiel says:

            I believe too there’s no war between Nuer and Dinka but people like Elijah who pretended to supporting rebels believe that this is a war between Nuer and Dinka he only willing to dragging Nuer and Dinka in deeply war.

          • jay johnson says:

            Dear Gatcharwearbol,

            I can announce to you with confidence that the towns of Bentiu, Nasir and Ulang have fallen to the gallant SPLA forces today. The rebels will have to go to a drawing board and start all over again. The March to Juba and to Bor and warrap state will remain a mere dream waiting to be fulfil. The rebels will have to do what the government have been doing for 4 months i.e. defend its position.

            I told you 2 weeks ago that the Jieng have finally accepted the War the cattle keeping and scared headed Nuer have imposed on us for long. It would be an exaggeration to say that the rebels will be completely defeated, but the current government offensive launch by Gen. Malong Awan will keep the rebels on their back foot , hence it will prevent them from launching another deadly attack on civilians as they did in Bentiu in April.

            The Jikany, Lou and Gawaar Nuer from which the notorious and terrorist the white army is based will have to taste the effects of war now that it have been taken to their back yard. The next target will be Akobo and Pangak.

            While I do not see the needs for this senseless war, there is a need at this juncture to teach the primitive and cattle keeping Nuer that violence is never a good solution to political problems. It is only after the cattle keeping Nuer are convince that they will not unseated a democratically elected government through violence that we, as a nation will realize a genuine peace.

            I wish this war would continue for another 6 months so that the anarchist and warlords of upper nile region can be convince that no side will win this war in the battle field. What else could this government have done to prevent these endless rebellion.

            Millions of dollars have been through at these professional rebels so that south sudan can live in peace to no avail. They have been offered amnesty after to amnesty to no avail. They have been promoted unfairly with the hope that they will give up their rebellion careers.

            After this war, south sudan will be a peaceful nation because those who prepare rebellion and violence as a mean to address political grievances will be convince of the difficulty of overthrowing a functional government with 10 years institutions. I am optimistic of the future. But the rebels and their anarchist, the white army need to be taught a lesson they will never forget

  3. Human being is a human. I will send my sympathy to relatives of victims. Rest in peace brothers.
    I am extremely convinced the so-called Equatorians are just opportunists and nothing elsewhere. You need to expect anything good to come out from Equatorians loudd mouths. I have mostly monitored how educated and non educated, young and old man talk.
    How this government is a Jieng government when vice president is an Equatorians? This is a stupidity of Equatorians in highest order. Why do you have justification. Crying for 22 or assume 500 Equatorians sons, leave a lot hundreds that got killed. How many Jieng young sons have died in protecting the position of vice president given to Wani Igga which is the main cause now of this war? How many have been killed from Dinka?
    Crying, crying, crying of Equatorians and at the same time they like to dominate the government they have not paid the blood for. Iam tired of you Equatorians.
    Giving an example. If Riak takes power by force will you be given the position of vice president? Please answer me. Iam tired of stupidity. Just talk, talk, talk like women. Drink ira (wine) please. It is known for you Madi, disco and nothing elsewhere.


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      South Sudan,
      I just learned a new word..”Ira” as interpreted by you Wine, well you claimed Equatorians are the wine drinkers and cry and cry. You learn the word Ira I guess you are one of those Jiengs who are now hiding in Nimule isn’t it? Your Kiir is a known alcoholic, his wife also is alcoholic and of recent his son in Nairobi was beyond drunk to the point his own family had to call the kenyan police on him! So Mr nonsense, The Dinka have now discovered the joy of “Ira”, It is better than Milk isn’t it, ask your semi illiterate president who is most times drunk!

    • “Will Equatorians get vice president when Riek takes the government by force” said South Sudan (Mangong). I guess Equatorians don’t need someone to give them anything which is of their right to have. They don’t live for others to give them what they inalienably deserve. As far as I am concerned, this concept of a master giving to a subordinate is unacceptable. Who are you jengge or a Nuer to give an Equatorian a political post? South Sudanese fought the regime in Khartoum for more than 50years because of an arab claiming to be ibn El beled while a southern sudanese is a subordinate. Borrowed policies will never help peaceful coexistence among south sudanese. Shun such posionous policies Mr Mangong.

      I agree with you (Mangong) to some extend when you said that Equatorians like to cry cry cry …. etc It is true Equatorians demand alot without doing anything. They need Federal system of governance but they are doing nothing to achieve that goal. They cry cry for federalism without doing anything but drinking liquor. Rather than joining hands with the Nuer to force the government accept peaceful negotiations and incorporate federalism in the next constitution, they resort to complaining. Cowardice people, do you think that freedom is free? Though the Nuer are not war mongers, they stand up to defend their pride and honor. None on this planet will humiliate them as long as they are alife.

      If Equatorians don’t want to fight and overthrow this genocidal governement then by implication they support this brutal government. Look, Equatorians representation in this government is overwhelming though they are not representing Equatorian public. This is a clear proof of your support to this brutality happening in the country. So to prove the opposite, you MUST join the opposition otherwise common sense will argue that Equatorians are in support of this genocidal regime.

      Sorry to say this though it is the fact. “Equatorians are as useless as their failed and incompetent president Salvatore Kiir. Cowardice Equatorians!!!!”

      • SouthSudan-iam,

        I am sorry for what South Sudan said about Equatorians. As you know some participants on this web site do not know how to provide constructive criticism. Just calm down and have peace in mind please.

    • John Samuel says:

      Dear South Sudan,
      Wani Igaa is not from Equatoria; he is from Dinka. The fact that he is short and has Equatorial complexion and the fact that he claims to be a son of Bari from Lobonok, do not qualify him to be Equatoria. His deeds suggest that he has a Dinka blood and therefore, he is is a Dinka.
      We have vomited him ( Wani ) out since the liberation days! If you are defending his position, please defend it well knowing that you are defending the position of your son, period.
      This war is purely Kirr and Machar war. The two gentlemen are supposed to be put in a boxing ring to sort out their problems, without involving the rest of poor south Sudanese.
      In the first place, why should one die for bad leadership of Kiir, who has been a disgrace and a thief, stealing all the resources meant for provision of services to the poor.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      Mr Editor, You do not have to wait until Machar comes back. Rumors circulating has it that Salva Kiir sent a delegation to Taban Deng gai, Head of Riek ‘s delegation to peace talks. The message from Kiir was that if Taban abandoned Riek, then he, Taban, would be made Vice President instantly. This message also reached Comedian Wani Igga, who was reported to have summoned courage and took some few of his cronies to meet Kiir. He then reportedly remonstrated with Kiir saying how can his post be up for sale when he is still sitting on the Chair. What followed this confrontation between the Comedian and the Genocider is not known.


    • Nikalongo says:


      I do not believe that Wani Igga or every serving citizen in government is a puppet. The animosity between the Nuer and Dinka has nothing to do with Igga. Nuer and Dinka fight each other periodically regardless who their leaders are. Garang, Kiir, Riak and many other leaders before and after them are just perfect puzzles in the jigsaw. What is modern about the situation is the organisation of tribes into nations. Nuer and Dinka alike are on the offensive to win the hearts and minds of ‘we others’ to fight their conflict. Judging from postings on SSN and other media outlets, Equatoria is up for graps. That mission I am convince will fail. Savages who have no respect for the sanctity of human life and values should be allowed and encouraged (if they can’t stop) to fight their war alone and in their backyards. The silent victims of this war are the Chollo whose villages and towns have been converted into a battleground. Is that not true? Equatoria remains a no go zone area for savage militias from Gogrial and Akobo and their admirers wherever they be.

      Editor, There is an ongoing campaign to demonise Wani Igga. He is variously being referred to as a comedian, liar, childish, etc. He may be a comedian or whatever, but he has no blood of innocent Nuer or Dinka on his hands. There is no reason why his position must be given to Riak. Like in old Sudan, a new office can be created for Riak. You konw what, had Kiir and Riak had the heart and vision of Wani, our country would be a basket of peace and tranquility. There are Nuer ministers and generals in government. Why must the presence of Wani in government be a reason for resentment? Truth be told, 99 % of looters and 100% of the savegery killings is committed by SPLM/A members of the Dinka and the Nuer communities. You need prove?

      Solutions to the current conflict is in the hands of the Dinka and Nuer politicians, elders and the youths. They will stop that war if and when they want to. Leave Wani Igga alone. If the constituents in Lobonok in the coming elections feel he has been a let down, they will vote him out. No one should think about running around with arms and sticks like idiots in the towns and settlements in Equatoria hunting out leaders from offices. Bakasoro was elected against the wishes of the SPLM elites and those people should be left to determine whether he continous in office or out. The same must be true for Lobong and Konga.

      Thank u Anzo for alerting us. My condolence to all the victims of this senseless war.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      South Sudan:

      How could Jieng’s young sons die when they are in Kenya and Uganda? Only Nuer young sons are dying because they are facing Uganda. This war is between Uganda, JEM, SPLM-N, against Nuer.

      Stop misleading your readers. Tell them the truth. Deception is not the right way to win the hearts and minds of your readers. Truth is.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Jay Johnson:

      We knew since Uganda meddles in our internal affairs that the war is going to fought in our backyard. There is no shame here. We didn’t invite foreigners to help us kick Kiir and his supporters’ butt. We are doing it ourselves. Even if we are defeated, we will know clearly that we are a brave tribe that once took on many countries and resist them with all our might. No shame on us. If anything, it is you who could feel ashamed of yourselves. If you can invite all these countries just because of one tribe, what will you do if a country declares war on you? Are you going to keep inviting foreigners to fight your war?

      12 Egyptians and 2 Ugandans were caught in Ulang and are now in our custody. Is this what you call the bravery of Mighty Monyjieng?

      Please dance for the achievements of Uganda, Egypt, JEM, SPLM-N, and others. It is just Nuer tribe only facing these countries. If it were you alone, I do not think you would make it to Bentiu, Ayod, Ulang, and Nasir.

      We have resisted many invaders and it is not going to be the first or last time for us.

      We are gearing up for another offensive. This time, I hope JEM and SPLM-N and the rest are not going to cry that Nuer murdered them. Inform them ahead of time that the Nei Tin Naath hasn’t given up yet. Your mercenaries entered places they do not know their away around well and they are in great danger.

      In Bentiu, they were let in purposely just like it was before. No resistance put down by our sons and daughters. We do not have ammo. They brought ammo to us. No more crying like babies this time.

      Jay Johnson, you enjoy taking credit for other people. The victory of Egyptians, Uganda, Rwanda, SPLM-N, and JEM become your victory. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?

      Keep cooking for them my friend. We will resist both these countries regardless of what. With God, we shall come out victorious in the face of this conglomerate forces.
      These material gain thugs from all over Africa are the reason you have been successful in this operation. Indeed, it is going to be tough for us to reach to Warrap and Juba since all Africans are ganging up on us.

  4. Elijah Samuel says:

    This is a shame. A terrible shame that while Kiir has his son studying drinking and partying in Nairobi, He is sending others peoples poorly trained children to die for him! I agree with you, Kiir needs to bring this war to an end not by bullets as his new Chief of staff is saying, thing that will not happen because to do so he will have to kill all the Nuer and that is not going to happen, we the rest of South Sudan will not allow any tribe to be annihilated! So he need to make peace and bring this war to an end. If he choose to continue to kill then more death will happen and it may be his included! South Sudan must stop further killings! Let us fight in the parliaments, let us fight in the media, let us kill ideas not fellow South Sudanese> I condemn Kiir for starting the massacre in Juba and I condemn him for not bringing this war to an end because he can. Thanks you Thomas for making this point loud and clear!

  5. Lokilachong says:

    Dear Thomas Azo,

    It is sudden to hear the heneous phenomen in the country. It is a common knowledge that young bloods have been lost and Equatorians are slowly being drag in this protracted war. Young equatorians recruits are being smuggles at night to the front without the knowledge of the governors, Equatoria generals, or their parents. The Dinka generals are doing what it takes to protect their president and their kingdom on expense of innocent Equatorians bloods. Should equtorians still stand aloof, remain neutral, and impartial in this war? I think we have enought reasons to take arms now and defend Equatoria land. We have thousand of Dinka refugees in Kenya and Uganda running away from their own war. Some concerned Kenya legislators have threathened to deport Dinka families back to south Sudan because of what they conceived as their “bad behavior” in the country. Look, everywhere the Dinka go they causes problems to local people. If we continue to say that Equatoria is out of this war, then I am sorry, we are deceiving ourselves and our young brothers will continue to die an abated in this senseless war. Wake up Equatoria, wake up now.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Nothing to add to yours! well said! While we are tricked by kiirs propaganda that we not in the war, yet our young men area doing in hundreds every day! Let the Dinka fight the war they started! If we have to fight we fight in support of the Nuer not Dinka!

    • Taban Mawa says:


      You’re not far from the truth brother.

      I went to school with Kiir other son far from South Sudan and this guy all he does was to drive in a high quality vehicle with South Sudan flag on both side doors but in the class he cannot do any single thing. He was paying Kenyan foreign students to do his assignments. After 5 years studying a single degree, he failed mutiple times and the university expelled him and he transfered to another univeristy where he haven’t graduated till now. The sme group with him in the class including myself are now working or doing their second Masters degree while he haven’t finished his undergarduate.

      Hi father Kiir is using untrained young people to fight his sensless war. The Equatorian people condemn the killing of innocent Nuer civilians in Juba and in other cities. We all know very well Kirr started the war and now cannot finish but risk young peoples’ lives.

      We are seeing every day in foreign countries they’re proving to be problem to their host with little respect and disregard for law and order. Their mentality has earned them lost of bad reputation across the globe. In Europe, North America, Oceania, East Africa, Middle East and South and West Africa, all the Dinkas are know for their behaviour of arrogance and disregard towards law and order. Hundreds of them are in jails in these regions and yet they claim to be victims of racism. Shame!!

      At least they should behavour at home but so is the case in South Sudan.

      Equatorians have no choice but to join forces with our Nuer brothers and bring peace to South Sudan. We have the capacity to do so in short span of time. Imagine if all Equatorian Generals change their allegiance, the puppet Governors will have no choice to but either accept the reality or run for their safety. Freedom is coming to South Sudan regardless of how long it may take. The moment is now, there is no turning back.

  6. Nuer-another Israel in East Africa says:

    Dear Thomas,

    I share your concern. When Dinka were chased out of Bentiu, I told my brother that this war has taken another dimension. The Jieeng and their allies will be here in Bentiu. My brother didn’t believe me. He began to lectured me about the war between Dinka and Nuer. Dinka never go attack you in your place, they are too coward to do that, he said. We know them very well. We are the ones who go to their land and attack if there is disagreement between us.

    After Bentiu was overran by the government, I call him again. He told me the people who captured between are not Dinka, they are Tora-Bora, from North Sudan and our own Nuer soldiers under the command of Mathew Paul Jang. Do not doubt me when I tell you Dinka cannot face Nuer alone.I remind him that what worried in the first place is not the Jieeng; it is their allies. True, the mercenaries who captured Bentiu were Tora-Bora, JEM, Mathew Paul Jang’s group.

    There is no single lie you said in this article. Dinka will used you as human shield definitely. They fought with their Uganda ally in Jonglei few times. They want to used Ugandans as human shield, but Ugandans learned their lesson from the White Army. Ugandans told them to led the way, which led to the disagreement, but the smart Jieeng want to be behind so the fire can get those in front, who are ugandans. This is what they are doing to your people. Believe you me, Dinka will be successful in this operation. They will used your folks to the maximum.

    Anyway, Nuer knows they are fighting the entire East Africa, 63 tribes, Dinka included. We will face them to the last standing man. Nuerland and our people’s aren’t for sale. The next president from Dinka community will learn from this and I am sure, they will never touch us again. This is the last war.

  7. Dmajak says:

    The soldiers that lost their lived are heros to the nation of South Sudan . We could not use theithr names for political gains . The die while defend their country and they deserve more more thanks. As the nation, we need to defend the cause their deaths, which is to protect our civilians and its constitution. They died with their comrades from the other part of south Sudan. To our heroes and families, we will remember your souls and be look after your love one left behind and your nation until we meet again.
    To a maidi boy, there are many Dinka soldiers that died with them and we give them the honor they deserve. They were not force to join the army, but they were answering the call to protect their nation the enemy of peace. Don’t blame any government or governors from Greater Equatoria. They died for good cause with pride.

  8. Peter Tong Ajak says:

    Madi in Diaspora are part of Madi colonised by Dinka since 1989. You talk from the exile, why don’t you go home? You are complaining, who say you have the right to report all these? Dinka died in thousand to get you (Nimule) colonised. Why losing 22 pain most. Dinka fought for 21 years to set South Sudan free from the Arabs, its time to save your Masters. If the 22 died as shield to protect Dinka… nothing is wrong to die in saving your masters. Have you been in Nimule since you are Madi Diaspora? If at all do you have any home left? Perhaps you are the only Madi who do not know you have your masters, so you too are call to go and serve them. As you write these nonsenses, where is your Head Chief of Nimule? Unless you want to follow him, you must stop what is prohibited by your Master.

    • Eli says:

      Peter Tong Ajak
      You will pay I promised you.

    • Thomas Anzo says:

      Peter Tong Ajak,

      This is uneducated writing, there was no single Dinka been killed in Nimule on 3 March 1989 at 11:45 AM, when Nimule fell to SPLA, and beside there was no single Arabs in Nimule, there were only 37 Sudanese army south Sudanese sons from different tribe stationed at Nimule under the direct command of Said Elias a Kakua by tribe, a major by rank. SPLA under Garang right from its birth has lack transparency, equality and it is known by its records of abuse of human rights, rape, extortion, repression, unprecedented killing of people whose views differ from the leadership. Due to evil done against his own people high Dinka clergy Rev Joseph Ayak a closed friend of mine who hold British dual citizenship married to Swedish wife currently living in Juba once predicted that Garang will not be the leader to lead the southerners to the promise land due to the crimes he committed. Indeed less than three months after his prophesy Garang met his sudden death. The Dinka have blood on their hands , the most evil who has taken more lives of fellow Southerners is Koul Manyang Juuk the current sitting defense minister, though evil and carrying blood of the innocent people on his hands, he is still free man and most fearful man, who has evil plan to extinct the Nuer people from their existence.
      I hope the lecture I gave to you would help you to understand the history of Nimule, if Garang like Kiir would give space to accommodate the views of other people special the view of none Dinka, the 2.5 Million people who died in 22 years of civil war would have been prevented, due to dictatorship and the ideology of born to rule, we are where we are today, it is obviously unbalance to said the Equatorians are cowards, and have less participation in the war of liberation, Equatorians were deprived and their leaders were killed e.g. Joseph Oduhu and his son and many more vital leaders who would have played pivotal roles in shaping the future of South Sudan were murdered by Garang.
      So you should stop chasing wind by creating things which are not there, Dinka didn’t liberate Nimule, they were displaced including you from Jonglei, if you were not coward why did you ran to Nimule in 1990s and have refused to return to rehabilitate your home state? who are the people currently taking refuges in Kenya, and Uganda in their thousands? and why are you running away if you are not coward? the Ma’di people who you always referred to as cowards are still in South Sudan and have sacrifice to died while you and you stupid uncivilized jenge are enjoying luxuries lives in kenya and Kampala and else where.
      I tell you, as they said the “earth will not stay as it was creating” literally meaning everything can change and currently it may look like is going to be time for the Dinka to pay back the looted they have taken from others, you and your people are going to be strip over from power and like Nelson Mandela once said, never again never. I would like to say never again south Sudan will be safe for Dinka to intimidate others thinking they have to right to do that. Thanks to Riek to show us that anyone can fight the Dinka .

    • Ma'digo says:

      Dinka will pay big time……Adjumani happened to be Land of Ma’di too.. My question is where
      You and your cowards tribesmen hiding in ma’diland gonna escape?

    • AW Joseph says:

      Peter Tong Ajak
      Well your masters, the WHITE ARMY are coming for you too. At least you are alive for now because you are hiding in Madi land. When the new colonisers, that is to say the WHITE ARMY arrives Nimule that will be the end of you because there will be no place to hide.
      Your big mouth will shut up when the mighty NUER liberates everyone. Dr Riek Machar will rule in Juba in the Nations capital with the help of Equatoria for ever. There will be no place for DINKA greed.

    • Eli says:

      Peter Tong Ajak;
      No you did not colonise Ma’di or will ever do it. We know you are trying to pay back what took place during kokora and the influence of Ma’di is still marked in your soul and you will never be free because we thought you lessons during Anya nya one and so you dinkas are trying to pay back. How could a primitive communities following cows colonise the intelligentsia and superior civilized classes of Ma’di. What you have got on your side now is machine guns and population but are on your side without that you are nothing. Time will tell who will be the real winner at the end and make sure you tell your children who opened your eyes from the start. We trained your John Garang and Salva Kirr, but now he is cutting off the hands that fed him. Kirr tries to surround himself with one of the intelligentsia like Dr. Anna Itto, but she is a sell out.

  9. Eli says:

    Thomas Anzo,
    My deepest condolence to all the families of all the youth who lost their lives, in fact one of them Marino is my cousin. Unfortunately this is what happens when there is war, it is good that the world is hearing about this, as the dinkas always claimed that they are dying alone, due to their big un useful population they think 22 young men’s death is small, but for us as Ma’di this is too many lost lives, we should not forget with these 22 lives many other Equatorian youths also died since this war started and even before it started in the hands of the dinkas.
    Even those UPDF soldiers fighting for Kirr’s regime, the majority are the Northern Ugandan tribes.
    However my question to our leaders like Dr. Ann Itto and Jerem Surur and others is how long shall they side with this ignorant dinka dictator and under their nose watch all what is happening? I read a statement released by Dr. Ann Itto although very brief it is concerning the war and it’s consequences, the perpetrators must be brought to justice before any attempts of reconciliations or healings can start. I wonder where was she all these time? Although it is never too late for us to surrender to the dinkas Hon. Ann Itto, there are many other options that exist. Some people may say this war is between the dinkas and the Nuers, yes these two are the most blood thirsty, same root, similar culture, and their population allows them to dominate our systems in all sectors including even the next regime unfortunately. But even as small numbers as we are if we unite we can still play a major role by forming our own armed resistance movement to operate both inside and outside the country and create opposition group to challenge the dinkas to their core, believe you me this war is far from over. But first we need Dr. Riek’s support to supply us with the necessary military equipment being it training or arms which he has agreed to.
    Let us not help this dinkas, they are the immediate threat to our stabilities and this applies to all the other tribes of South Sudan as well. “Our enemy’s enemy is our friend” the Nuers are victims of this government’s terror just as we are, in this case the Nuers are our friends, because we are both victims.

    • AW Joseph says:

      I agree with you Eli. All the hustle of the last few writings has been buried. I can assure you, we will be friends for ever.
      After all civilized people like me and you will not be enemies for ever. We only agreed to disagree on which direction to take to defend Equatoria from this faceless DINKA savages. Thanks Bro..4now.

      • Eli says:

        AW Joseph
        Thank you and sorry things got out of hand earlier, but this is time of war and yes we may disagree sometimes in how to find solutions to realize peace in our beloved nation, but as you said we disagree to agree and hey cheers brother long live Equatoria and South Sudan. Peace and love to all.

  10. monychol says:

    You people are myopic.You are crying wolves now because your tribal members have been killed.Wait this war must touch every community and brought to the doorsteps of everyone. This war must be intensified and brought both to Equatoria and Bhar el Ghazel before we talk of solutions.It is not yet here in Equatoria or Warrap.

    • Monychol:

      I’m glad that the fools such as you are reasoning now. Why do you call the Equatorians crying wolves? I thought you were the crying wolf. Fool, take it from me, no matter how intensified is the war, the greater Bhar El Ghazal would never be overrun like Upper Nile Region by Riek Machar’s food lovers and looters. in fact, the greater Bhar El Ghazal is armed to teeth and it is ready and willing to defend itself from the food lovers/ looters or whoever wishes to set their dirty and bloody feet to Bhar El Ghazal region.

      General Peter Gatdet Yak and General James Koang Chuol had been threatening to attack Warrap State since the fall of Bentiu on April 15th, 2014 and were not able to carry that attack.. Venturing into the State of Warrap, Lakes State or any part of Bh.El.Ghazal region would be the end of Riek Machar and his Rebellion in South Sudan. We have recaptured Mayom and we are presently fighting with Riek Machar’s food lovers and looters inside Bentiu. It is just a matter of time before we recapture it once and for all.

      • Gatcharwearbol says:

        Dear LGG AKA Cook:

        How is cooking coming with you? Please keep quiet and let Nuer and mercenaries’ twists their arms. All the cooking utensils you robbed from Warrap’s markets seem to be doing wonders. Egyptians have been bragging about your cooking. They think you are the best cook in the world. That is why they joined the DISCO to protect you from Dr. Riek Machar.

        UPDF do appreciate your cooking just to let you.

        We have told umpteenth times that you are not fit to run a viable nation. Look at the shame you brought to Dinka community again. Chief of Ngok Dinka did the same thing in the past; he sold Abyei for piece of bread to Arab. Now you do not feel ashamed to call in the world to help you fight Nuer. What are we going to do with you? This nation is tainted with tendency to cook for foreign troops. Nuers are completely different people and we are all proud of ourselves; there is no way we could be so shallow like you. We are better than that.

        We authentically understand why you are bragging about Nei Tin Naath reaching to Warrap or Lake, it is Museveni and Egypt. We hear you loud and clear. But between us and you, who are the real coward who could face their enemies head-on without help from others countries? You…

        The question which will appear in South Sudan’s history exam is this. How many countries fought Nuer tribe in 2013 to end? No correct answers right now since some of them are still getting ready to join the war. But there are five known ones. Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and the 63 tribes of South Sudan… God job Nuer nation. What a brave tribe‼

        There is nothing for you to be proud of, cook. The only thing preventing Nuer to go to Bhar El Ghazel is mercenaries. Without them, Bhar El Ghazel would have been in flame long ago.

        Peter Gatdet Yaka and Chap Majuan had been in Bhar El Ghazel before. What coud prevent them from going their again this time if it is not because of mercenaries? Nothing at all. If I were you, I would give gazillions thanks to Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, Nuer sellout, Burundi, and the other 62 tribes for stoping Nuer from reaching Juba and Bhar El Ghazel. These are your gods, they own you. Without them, you are nothing.

      • deng hanbol says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, in our history, when two armies (Dinka Nuer) to blows,it is usually the Jenge who get the worst of it. You commented that if our two heroes Generals namely, Gen. Gatdet and Gen. Koang cannot venture to attack Warrap. Let me tell you this, the battle of your state Warrap is a matter of time and the result will give Machar a decisive victory over his Kiir rival. Your president will be captured alive where he will be forced to accept a humiliating peace. For your information, how many Dinka soldiers killed in the recent battle of Bentiu? 7,000. It’s most unfortunately that some of those who diet were our brothers from the greater Equatoria.

        • Dear Deng Hanbol:

          Cousin! You should be ashamed of yourself by telling the lies. The 7,000.victims you are boasting about are the Nuers and Darfuris refugees who were mercilessly murdered in cold blood in the mosque, hospital, Churches by your food lovers and looters, the SPLA in Destructions in Bentiu. By the way Why Riek Machar has to stick firmly with ever name the Dinka creates. Why did he name his rebellion SPLA in opposition AKA Destruction? Is he out of mind? Believe it or not, this so called SPLA in Destruction/opposition would end up like the former SPLA Nasir. Fool, How far can you go alone or function well on this planet without Pelbel Jieng?

      • Kajokeji says:

        Keep talking and day-dreaming! Soon, the followers of Killer Salva Kirr will learn their lesson and times are coming when the guys from Kirr`s cattle camp will cry until there in no more tears! You guys never learn from history, and may I remind you of what happened to your filthy cold blooded killers in Rumbek during Anyanya1 for murdering Equatorian Commanders. Indeed, Lakes State paid a deer price for what they did!. Yes, all Dinka Chiefs have to applogize for your uncivilized behaviour before the Equatorians stopped the hunt for the enemies of peace and freedom. So brother Garang please keep your filthy mouth shut before Anyanya come to put you back in the cattle camp, where you rightly belong!

    • Eli says:

      Yes you are right this war must continue to all over the country so we can elect Riek Machar as the next President of the republic. Long live SPLA/IO.

  11. George says:

    The guy call Thomas
    I really don’t understanding what you writing about since this war is not between Nuer and Dinka and I think death of soldiers in whole the Equatoria community is new. You have to understand what rebel is and government. This war is between the rebel and government not what ever you think. Since 1983 equatoria never lost numbers of soldiers like that this why you talk like foreign man.

  12. Blame Lobong for their demise!!!!! but as of Celement Wani, our fearless governor he has withdrawn the Equoterians from being deployed to Bentiu. Congs Celement!!!!!! Everyone knows this is a tribal war that does not need the participation of Equotarians sons and daughters. Let the Dinga face the Mighty Nuers and we watch them. As for Equotarians, embark on Agric, Education and business. Only uninform people can join this stupid recruitment.

  13. Marie says:

    Dinka think the government of South Sudan is theirs and they give positions to the rest of the people as they wish. This is what is called Rubbish!!!!. If this war continue for another 6 months, it will not be a surprise to see South Sudan fragmenting into three distinct nations. Nuer can have greater Upper Nile including Mading Bor, Dinka would have their three states and Equatoria including Western Bahr El Ghazal will for another country. Rizik Zacharia will join his allies, the Dinka. This is eminent. Uganda, Kenya or whoever it is will not be able to stop this slipping of South Sudan into the scenario of three states. Riak Machar is wasting his time claiming to fight for reform, let him just declare that his rebellion is for a separate and you would see how the dynamics of this war will change.

    • Marie:

      Who will give you your independence in the silver spoon, Nuer or Dinka? Where were you when the Dinka dominated the SPLA/M movement during the liberation? Have you ever seen a lion giving up his kill for the Hyenas or vultures in the wild?
      Keep waitng and dreaming idly and you will end up being a slave of Nuer or Dinka in the near future.

      • Lavina Lual says:

        Interesting when good number of the jieng themselves have already left the RSS and are now in camps of Uganada, Kenya and Equatoria with shameful number while Equatirans prefer to keep peace in thei localities and stay home.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Thanks LGG, you have now fully enlightened me, We are dealing with animals! that is our problems in South Sudan and worse the Animals are controlling humans! “Ya Rab”!

  14. Eastern says:

    Dear Thomas,
    Your observation of the current situation is not correct. The individuals you are referring to as boys who lost their lives fighting in front lines are people who died doing what they chose. You don’t need to continue pampering a person of over 18 years of age. These so-called boys were not abducted in order for them to join SPLA.

    First of all, these men were not conscripted into SPLA; they enlisted themselves into the armed forces by their own will. Needless to say they sought employment in the force.

    It was a different story when SPLA came into Equatoria in the 80s and 90s when they conscripted people into their ranks and files. The situation now is different. Some will argue that these fellows joined the armed forces to defend their land what nonsense. Once you are in the armed forces of a country, your duty bound to undertake assignment in any part of the country. There is no saying that we will have Toposa boys to defend Kapoeta, Ma’di boys to defend Madi villages, etc. That will be madness of the highest order.

    Any sane person needs to stay away from this war don’t enlist into the SPLA at least I am aware that they have not started conscripting people into the force.

    If the 22 or so Ma’di boys died as a result of conscripting them into the force, then Thomas I will concur with you that they were enslaved into the force with the understanding that they will be their home guards. But the boys enlisted into the army to defend Republic of South Sudan out of their own will. Stop being a cry baby! People like you should stop dragging the image of Ma’di people in the mud. Please be objective in your reasoning!

  15. Lavina Lual says:

    My condelences to the family of the deceased. My question why wouild you accept to join the army in the first place because joining an army mobilised by the likes to your 3 Governors who chnage their colors to suit their polictical interest is noit genuine always.

    You the madi at leats have written your lots once but mind you EES as a hwole have lost more than 600 people and msotly used. I will post their names although many are still missing. The Acholi, Toposa and specially the otuko people lost in hundreds I heard this from our immediate neighbours as some of them decide to make a group funeral than separate funerals.

    If you dont want war buck off from the military-this is my simple advise

  16. Agwech says:

    Governor Louis of EE S will follow Kiir in near future of rebel taking over juba.pen and paper can not justitify Kiir government only iron and blood can remove Kiir and his elements

  17. monychol says:

    Because when Kiir initiated this nonsense you people were pathetic cowards aloofs.Some Dinkas knew from day one that Kiir was destroying the country and remained silence so that you become beneficiaries of a spoiled system.Now you got to defend the ugly system you are milking.Equatorians have turned themselves into Kiir’s ever ready spare parts.

  18. Kuot says:

    Plse, refrain from insulting Equatorians. this article was written by a nuer guy who is a rebel. I can tell from the language, words, and the fake names he used in the article. Most of these names are names of the places in Eastern Equatoria put together with international Christians names. For example Nimule, Magwi, pageri, Loa, Opari, Mugali etc appeared in this articles as people’s names. they are not. This article was written by a nuer rebel who is trying to incite Equatorians to rebel against the Government and Dinka. No need to respond harshly to equatorians. they didnt write this baseless article. No person from Equatoria is so hollow like this writer. I know Equatorians are too clever and will never be carried away by hate-mongers of Dr. Riek Machar.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      You need a lesson, as I understood it those last names are places where those you people are from with their madi territory not as part of their names. If this is written by Nuer it seems he knows about Madi people very well but hay we are not stupid as you think! You are insulting peoples intelligence!

    • Eli says:

      We appreciate your first comment, I quote: “Plse, refrain from insulting Equatorians” that is a good gesture, we are in a war and wars are won in any means, in fact most wars are won by words. Yes this article is written by a rebel, and he is a Ma’di wh

    • Eli says:

      We appreciate your first comment of good gesture as you said: “Plse, refrain from insulting Equatorians” thank you for that. The truth is you dinkas already did the damage beyond repair, your good gesture doesn’t mean anything. However we are in a war and during wars even brothers of same blood get split and families get broken. During war you use every weapon at your dispense to lounge attacks against your enemy, and that is what you are doing here towards the Nuers.
      Kuot, had it dawn on you that your enemies are more than just Nuers? Yes the Nuers took arms because they refused to be bullied, unlike we Equatorians are cautious and we are slow to anger but when we get pushed to the limit our reaction becomes uncontrollable. This writer is a Ma’di not a Nuer, like every other exiled dissidents he is expressing his rights to speak out against your totalitarian regime, thanks to the world of high speed internet technology, everything happening even in the shadow of darkness can be exposed instantly, and that is a big threat to your wicked hidden agenda.
      What the writer is referring to here is that, the deceased is from Kerepi or Nimule or Mugali, just as you dinkas share names you could be Kuot from Bor north and another Kuot from Bor south or from Aweil or Tonj or whatever name you are affiliated with. We have common names and it is customary to identify a person by their village location or destinations, I think everybody in South Sudan understands that.
      Kuot. This war is far from over, as long as the world is in existence be prepared to defend your positions. We shall we shall not rest neither will you, we shall never surrender our beloved land to anyone ever, keep that in your little brain.
      Eli Wani

  19. Apac Marial says:

    Can anybody inform us as to who count those dead Madi boys in the frontline and then gave the information for the author of that article?Those who choose to lie will never come close to the position of decision making, even if they obtained PhDs of all the subjects evented on earth so far. Let us be objective in our writing. I was in Upper Nile for one month and I can swear that the number of soldiers that I met are less than 10. That was in frontline in Upper Nile. I am talking about the number of soldiers from Greater Equatoria.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      All the jieng in front lines shoots while running out from the rag-tag leaving the Equatira and rag-tag white army in sucidal battle confrantation of no return

  20. Jason Pitia says:

    Thomas and equatorian community at large,
    My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives in war that we are not part of, the three governors are undercover agencies of Kiir, we should not longer listen to their utter nonsense, as the conflict has reached its peak, the jenge have refused to deploy in front line after they have tasted the embezzled oil money, the other time i have heard and read that some elements within Dinka officers have smuggled the Equatorian recruits in the night to be transported in the darkness to fight in Bentue, had it not been their phone called to Obute Mamur that rescued them. And things seemed to be ugly in front lines as the Nuer have closely brought to War to Bahr El Ghazal, let’s prepare for more Equatorian dead, I argued the equatoria to desert the army come home and hide their guns to wait until the war home homeland, but for now let Kiir and his idiot jenge tribe clear their mess, the so called Equatorians are voluntarily joining the army is not true.
    The Dinka are now saying we have Martin Lomoro, Sabani, Igga, Ann in the government, these individuals are just chasing after their ghosts, they are just there to appease the Equatorians and they are curse and rubbish like governor Lobong who has been their as a messenger of Kiir, let’s forget these traitors they have no sense of been Equatorian. The only thing is let’s do grass roots awareness campaign for our boys not to join the army because if they do they will be massacre by their dinka colleagues as they did to their Nuer colleagues in Mapel.
    The Three governors said they did not want to see Equatorians been involve in the conflict do they have the power to prevent Kiir’s blood hands from landing on our boys who are under train, poorly equip? it is my understanding that the wounded Equatorian solders in Juba military hospital have not been looked after by the government and the so called Equatorian ministers serving under Kiir, they wounded soldiers have no clean drinking water, no basic necessities are available for them if the government can’t look after its wounded soldiers because they are from Equatoria why do was recruits to fight for this failed government.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      I can confirm that Obuto Mamur prevented the smuggling of green Equatorian recruits to the front line. He physically stopped the plane and fought with a Jieng colleague over this. It is now a matter of time before the Dinka are abandoned by the Equatorian generals. I hear Clement Konag has become tough and challenging the President on the deployment of these untrained recruits at the front line. Any one matchstick, and there will be a flame in Equatoria. Be tuned.

  21. alex says:

    Dear The so called Madi community in Diaspora.

    You need to know very well that you are part and people of south Sudan. For you to say the war was imposed by president Kiir is one sided given the evens in Juba. We mourn the lost of our dead children but they did not die in vain. They are there depending the national unity of South Sudan. It should be made clear to your organisation that when the Dinka or Nuer are not there our country will not be in peace. So the only way out of this problem is first defending the national integrity of South Sudan and upholding the people of South Sudan as one people. We need to know this young fellows sign up to defend our country’s unity and protection of our people whether madi, Nuer, Dinka and etc. If you outside there have your own government or other people to protect that is not the thinking here in South Sudan. We are one people any people who want to divide people of South Sudan are not peace loving people. When we are divided we can not stand and when united we stand strong. Covering unfounded hatred will not help the madi people and people of South Sudan in general but efforts to encourage unity, peace and reconciliation will benefit our people enormously. You need to know that you are not a parallel government issuing different orders for Madi people and you need to learn the spirit of not undermining our leaders. You should instead brings new ideas of development and cohesion between our people. If you disrespect your leaders how will they tomorrow respect you whether you come back to work under the government or dreaming to work under the opposition. The same people will also called you agents of opposition and the cycle will continue without an end. So let us preach peace, love among our people. People in diaspora are becoming unhelpful in solving the problem in our country. What will you people bring home to please your brothers, sisters and parents so that they can be proud of having their sons outside. Will you be remembered of hate speeches or you want to be remembered for having worked for peace and unity of our people. Proudness is a major disease among our people but you need to know that East, West come is best and whether your father is disabled he/she will be your father. The only thing is to support them and where you disagree with them, then you need to open a dialog with them but not insulting or undermining them. We live in democratic world and choices are different. If you in diaspora are for the rebels you should make your position clear and do not impose your will on others people. Those who have made their choice to support the government should be free to do it as you have chosen your path nobody have interfered with you. You are not the guardians of the laws and madi people. Otherwise you will be labelled as authoritarian group of people who want to impose their will on Madi people since you were not elected by the Madi people. So do not be surprise to see that if you continue in this confrontational street, some Madi people will start to oppose and resist your ideas. Everybody knows the rebels are trying to resist IGAD proposal and yet you blindly are blaming the president for not having brought peace. Is this not a bias position of your organisation. I hope the writer is expressing his own views not of whole Madi people in diaspora. So let madi community in diaspora not damage the reputation of other communities in diaspora by being one-sided. It is not helpful to our people and you yourselves because no one can now consider you to be neutral. You have instead become part of the problem of the war. Thanks now America has put weight on idea of sending Eastern African solders to brings peace.


    • Eli says:

      Americans are not going to help your dinka government instead they want to bring Riek Machar and make him the leader so don’t be too anxious about that. And you are very wrong in your opinions about Ma’di, yes there are those who want to develop the country and don’t care who is in power, but that doesn’t mean we all like you dinkas. Only time will tell as to who will win the final battle. Just remember you dinkas could win this war by guns but it takes more than guns to win a lasting peace. No matter what you think or say or do, we will always be thorns in your throats. Gadaffi and Saddam and Mubarak controlled their people by oppression for many years but now where are they? You dinkas are going that same direction and your demise is coming only time will tell.
      Eli Wani

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        Ha Ha Ha Ha, Oh my Good Lord! the guy who has been disguising himself as a Dinka Bor, Twic East all this time along has finally and publicly revealed himself as a typical Nuer. Cousin! Why do you always ambush the Dinka everywhere even on the social media? Please note that you will never get away from the mighty Jieng no matter how hard you disguise yourself as Dinka or Equatorian on the social media. We will smoke you out of the cage and expose you every time we choose to do so. I was naive to believe that you were a Dinka Twic East all this time along.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Bol Akuol:

          I understand that you are paranoid and resort to asigning people to tribe they do not belong. Monychol is Dinka and just because he does not fall into your shallow thinking does not make a Nuer man. There are intelligent Dinkas who do not support the stupidity of Salva Kiir. Don’t you see that Salva Kiir has embarrassed your community? Who can trust your community with a leadership that belongs to a diverse nation like South Sudan again? Monychol and the rest of the well nurtured Dinkas are the ones that will removed this embarrassment you and Salva brought to Dinka Community.

          Just keep watching dishes for UPDF while Nuer twist their arms with them. Let the real men do what belongs to men. Thank-you.

  22. Lavina Lual says:

    Interesting say that without the Nuer and dinka there will be no peace in Southsudan. What a hypocracy fallacy!-this is an opposite statement to a jieng like me because my experience in this country proved that jieng are the bigest problem in this country and Nuer are inpatient in conflic resolution period!

    What will the Dor Equatoria say-the most peaceful civil people of which the Republic of SouthSudan will by now be a malitia play ground if not these peacefuleland civilized uncles-Equatorians.

  23. Toney Toney Matot says:

    The Riek Machar rebel movement organised a four-day conference in Nassir from 15th to 18th April 2014 to decide leadership and direction of the movement that started on December 15 2013 in Juba. The following is the address by Riek, the Movement’s Chairman.

    I warmly welcome all of you to Nassir 2014 Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The year 2013 has ushered in a new revolution led by the true sons of the land in the person of the sons of Upper Nile region. Among these sons of Upper Nile is Dr. Riek Machar myself, the leader of the revolution. Others are Taban Gai, Peter Yak, James Chuol or CDR, Gatwich Dual, Gabriel Tanginye and many other great men of this region among you here. The 15th December 2013 is a great day when we nearly exterminated the enemy in Juba to free our people from the bondage of servitude.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The great Naath nation has missed the first opportunity in 1991 in the very Nassir you’re assembled in. This was Nassir one like Anya nya one. The Nassir two of 2014 is like Anya two which is the SPLA. Therefore, our Movement is named SPLA/M in Opposition to signal the impending victory that awaits us in a few months from now. The great prophet Ngundeng foresaw this during the Anglo-Egyptian condominium rule in the 19th Century. Gua? Gua long However, we have also considered other names like SSRA/M but this may go down in to history dustbin like SSIM/A. so it was scrapped.

    Great people of Upper Nile,

    You have seen with us here many experienced military Generals as mentioned early. They are men of action as seen immediately after December 15 2013. Peter Yak overran Bor, James Chuol took Bentiu and became Governor there and Malakal exchanged hands 4 times in 4 months. The liberation speed is never seen before anywhere in the ancient world as well as now. You bear witness that the Naath nation fought the British successfully in the 19th Century under the leadership of Prophet Ngundeng Bong and did the same years later under Guek Ngundeng, the prophet’s son.

    Dear Naath nation,

    Though prophet Ngundeng is not now with us, we have other prophets who are equally determinative. Dak Kueth is on top of the list. He has been decisive in several battles against the SPLA and Murle. What more do you from any prophet?

    That is the short history about our Movement, the SPLA/M in Opposition. We tentatively chose this name because we tried other names in the past but did not succeed. SPLA Nassir Faction, SSIM, Riek Machar Action Movement (RMM) were good names used among others. We even signed Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) in 1997, which was later dishonoured. However, it was the precursor of CPA. Therefore, without KPA there would have no CPA. This also shows that I am not short of great ideas that help this country!

    Comrades in arms,

    Let me not bore you with every detail of history; let’s go straight to today’s business, the mission of this gathering. The agenda of this conference is to elect the chairman and commander in chief of the SPLA/M in Opposition and formation of national committees. These organs will help our great movement move forward in this critical phase of liberation. I put myself forward for the seat of the Chairman and Commander in Chief of the army. As you know, I am the most senior with the rank of a General. I have also been Vice President for eight years from 2005 to 2013. There is no one to challenge me in this post. Above all it was predicted by the Prophet and therefore, there is no need for voting, we only proceed to formation of National Committees (NCs).

    They are as follow;

    1. Justice and human rights committee
    2. Peace and national reconciliation committee
    3. Political mobilization committee
    4. Foreign affairs committee
    5. Finance and resources mobilization committee
    6. Information and public relations committee
    7. Humanitarian and social services committee
    8. Women and youth empowerment committee

    Each committee shall be headed by a chairperson followed by deputy and then secretary. All will be appointed by the Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Therefore, there is no need for election of committee officials. This is the best democracy. Elect the chairman and the chairman elects the rest.

    Our movement calls for the following;

    Removal of Salva Kiir given his bad deeds and we urge international community to do the same.
    Withdrawal of foreign forces in form of UPDF and others form the country.
    Intensification of the war in to Bhar el Ghazal and Equatoria
    Formation of federal state in the country by restructuring of all sectors
    However, we are committed to peace processes under IGAD in Addis Ababa.
    I thank you all for your sacrifices to liberate South Sudan from Salva Kiir

    Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon
    SPLM SPLA party in Opposition
    Nassir, South Sudan

  24. Mathias Wani says:

    Mr. Peter Tong Ajak, I wish you can come publicly, but not here in the web site only to confirm that in deed Nimule or Madi land or Equatoria is a Dinka colony. Don’t think Equatorians are ignorant. It’s a matter of time, you will pay it dearly. The 22 Madi killed in Bentiu were sold by Governor of Eastern Equaroria State. New recruits from all the tribes were not taken anywhere, a Dinka general attempted to take them, but Isaac Obuto Mamur rebuked him there then. How these Madi casualties ended in Bebtiu can best be answered by the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State and commissioner of Magwi County. The two were bribe to sell the Madi boys as there is no one to speak for them and they did it. For MADI Community, its time to make up your mind. Dinka living in your land as IDPs, now they are calling you colonised tribe…just think about it.

  25. GatCharwearbol says:

    Toney Toney Matot AKA Michael Makuei Lueth:

    Job well done. This is an AWARD WINNING PIECE ever written in the history of lies. Great job Micheal Makuei Lueth, Jr. Salva Kiir has more decrees left and he will soon think up an important portfolio for you. Go celebrate for this great job. You have every reason to celebrate and be proud of yourself. Who could lie better than you?

  26. Makol Joseph says:

    Hi man try to stop being tribalisty madi are part of this country to defense if they are require to do so.

  27. Oreto Nyare says:

    Madi community had been a failed community in the country I don’t know why they are still protruding their nose in this war affairs. You madi should keep quite. You refused other Country community members to reside within your territory, bad people adapted by Muru tribes.

    • Eli says:

      Oreto Nyare
      Well that is your conclusion and thank you for thinking the Ma’di is a failed community. Only time will tell who is a failed community. We only refused those who come to contaminate our culture and barbaric animal behaviors. Ma’di had always stood up for the rights of the under privileged from the period dated 1800s, we fought the Turks, the British, the Egyptians, the Jalabas and now we will teach the dinkas manners and how to behave in public. Our silence has been taken as cowardice but not true, do you expect us to imitate what the dinkas are doing then what will set us apart from them? No, our time will come when the stage is ready and then we will bring back sanity to these primitives.

  28. alex says:

    I could not believe this letter represent all Madis

    If it is true that the Madi in diaspora are behind such a letter then what a humiliating blow to this community. It is like adding salt into the wound. These are families who are in grief and for the death of their children to be used for political gain by some elements in madi community indicated how in mature these guys are. The writer was trying to fool the readers that this fallen heroes were smuggled to the battle flied was just to cover their rejoice of what happen. It is only foolish people who will be fooled. your indication is clear you did not consider these fallen comrades as people offering their life for the right cause. What a terrible blow to the families who lost their dear sons. I could not believe people who use death for their political gains. It is a shame but my massage to the families and all peace loving madis these fallen heroes are true heroes. They will always be remembered in our hearts. What the writer termed as smuggling is a naked lie to cover their rejoice but let God forgive them. They are gone and we should not be playing with their names in this net. They have offered their precious blood to protect our right, dignity, freedom, constitution, unity, unity of South Sudanese people, and democracy and freedom which their parents fought for and they are still fighting to depend these rights we have just got during our independence. They are true liberators and their sacrifices will continue to be a debt in our lives. Let their souls rest in everlasting peace. To the writer let him rejoice we will all go the same route but the question to him is what did you do to your people. There is no words to describe the writers intentions, what he want to gain from all these and why he would like to inflict such devastating pain to those grieving families. Did he even know what words these fallen heroes said to their families when they were signing up for the jobs. To you the mad writer I want to tell you these fallen heroes knows their faith and they know what lays ahead but because of the seek of unity of our people, our freedom, security they were ready to sacrifice their lives for our beloved country and its people. So do not expose your happiness in such silly way we all know what it means to be an army whether if they were to serve in equatorial upper Nile the risk associated with this work. They are our true sons who are ready to offer their life for our wellbeing, to be recognised as people in the world because we were before slave to the Arabs, that we love democracy and will protect our constitution. No more to coups and changing governments by force because that is what our fore parents were fighting for and they want real democracy to take place in South Sudan after we have liberated ourselves.


    • Eli says:

      You are wrong, the death of these young men is a curse on you the dinkas and you will pay for their blood in due time. We are not to Nuers nor they are threat to us, they did not move from their land to claim status of IDPs on our land but you dinkas did. Thomas is a concern member of our community and we are on his side, instead you Alex stay away from our internal community affairs. The real reason here is that you dinkas are afraid of the Ma’di when it comes to intellectual capacities, and you are worried that we will do the same as what happened during Kokora era. Well, as of now you got the guns but remember guns don’t shoot ideas only people, we will rise up in due period and will not succumb to void threats from you Alex. Come and face your fears, your cousins the White Army.
      Eli Wani

  29. owot says:

    Thomas Anzo Mulumbe do not talk on behalf of others but for yourself. It appears you are positioning yourself to get something in case Machar walks to power. Opportunist like you should not have place in SS.

    Shame on you, at the time when Machar continues to cause suffering for sake of power

    • Eli says:

      Yes Thomas is representing us not only in diaspora bus Ma’di in general. We chose to be on opposition side and will not rest until we liberate our land from land grabbers and rest assured we will succeed to purge you out.

  30. Fox says:

    The innocent Madi youth have died a sadden miserable death protecting the interest of the inconsiderable Kiir (Dinka kingdom) dream. It is unfortunate to say that no matter what; bring Ugandans, kenyans, Rwandans or even mobilize every equitorians “Be Warned the Rot in the current leadership is beyond repair”. and a change in leadership and autocratic style is inevitable. A transitional technocrats government is the ONLY way forward and cattle keepers should try improving our meat & Milk industry.

  31. Tyson says:

    The rotten government of Kiir will be history in the next few days!!!!!
    They behind all the innocent killings in South Sudan should prepare for the no-retrun journey to the Hague

  32. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    I am sorry anyway for the death of 22 but one thing should be understood here. Those who are fighting on behalf of Riek are worse than Dinka you may take it to be a problem of Dinka only but one day you will realize why Dinka are trying to block them from taking power. All those fighting are group of uneducated individuals fighting not for change but to obtain power and the moment the objective becomes defined as taking power only you know what it means. So do not take it subjectively that Dinka are using them for their own selfish gain but rather know that if they are allowed to take power they will automatically do horrible things that can cause regret for life. Take care just put your hatred for Dinka aside and know that the white is a threat to all South Sudanese not Dinka only. White army are group of uneducated individuals who careless for anything but power so that they do anything they want.

    • chatim wang says:

      Dear Equatorian in general who loses their be loving sons may their souls rest in peace Amen.
      To all those dinkas pretend with fake names such that one should think the writer is from Greater Equatoria Region I am telling you that very soon we will come to juba to castrate you one by one beginning from kiir using Ak 47 rifle even though you illiterate president kiir invite US Marine force to protect you from our revenge of killing not these East Africa regional bloc soldiers who trying to invade our country ca stop us from reaching to Juba, because you are active in killing innocent unarmed civilians like what you did in 16, upto 20 of December 2013, you thought may be is something easy to be forgotten simply you are preaching for peace in juba and you are not telling the truth for the massacre of 20,000 Naath Nuer civilian like dogs on the streets of Juba those who have nothing to do with coup if it is not fail Assisination of Nuer Leader Riek who ever challenge your poor leadership and speak out loudly though he in the office serving as VP and tried eliminating Nuer which is something that can not happen even Creator who created human beings cannot manage to kill all Nuers I am assuring you jenge that we Nuer are coming to flush you out of Juba and celebrate 3rd independent anniversary peacefully at freedom square with our brothers from equatoria.
      I am telling this to our Equatorian brothers pliz refrain from this tribal war created by dinkas bloodthirsty government of Bar El Ghazal Region, because on 16th to 20th December 2013 massacred you did not join them in killing Nuer Naath. I am warning who ever is found abstracting our way will be treated the same as happened in Bentiu with Toro bora mercenaries allies with the government of dinka.
      I am genocides survivor who escape from Juba to join white army resistance forces.

  33. GatCharwearbol says:

    Daniel Juol:

    White Army comprises of Nuer sons and they are not threat to this nation, instead they are the backbone of this nation. It was the White Army that watered down the Secular United Sudan vision of yours. It is now taking White Army again to reverse the tendency of dictatorship of yours. What could we, the rest of South Sudanese do without the White Army?

    White Army will not rest to see South Sudan being invaded by your Museveni. Please help LGG cook for UPDF and we promise you that we will still reverse the dicatorship tendency of Salva Kiir. Stop accusing the White Army from here. We will not allow Uganda to invave South Sudan.

  34. Thomas Loku JP says:

    We Equatorians are not only the remain armies in the Republic of South Sudan, the three governors are not only the remain governors inspite of ten states and their governors, Dinka politicians are arrongant to maintain their whole life in ruling and destroying Equatorians, they said no armies to be taken to bentiu, how many Dinka armies in Lurit?, how many Dinka armies in Juba?, how many dinka armies in Giada?, how many Dinak armies in Bilpam?, just only taking Equatorians young youth who are still under process of training? Dinka politicians are not good leaders this one remind me when were still one Sudan, in 1972 what Nimeri did to Joseph Logu they signed joint army forces regardless of was taking place outside some states they will be transported e.g like Darfur, Renk, South Blue nile, Kordofun, Nuba maintain to fight our brothers and sisters, nowadays Dinka politicians are doing likewise instead importing their sons and duaghters armies to Juba while sending our beloved young youths to fighting for their superior and benefits in South Sudan, our governors have no voices they were forced and they have tried to stop these special Clement Wani said this to president but he was forced to quit out if he don’t agree with him. Let’s not blame our governors for nothing they have tried on their level best to stop instead they were forced to silent and contuining to work and supporting their wrong government, our only traitor is James Wani Igga. our sons and duatgters are death and he keeps silent and said i can stand behind the democratical elected government. Let’s wake up Equatorians our history is great, our dinity is honoured by the world, let’s go back to cultures and traditionals we are the great people of this nation, we are the beginers of resisting of enemy of South Sudan, let’s not also forget our cultures and traditionals of resisting our enemy, 64 tribes but only one tribe can makes us as slaves. Let’s condenm our pain now.

  35. chatim wang says:

    Dear Equatorian in general who loses their be loving sons may their souls rest in peace Amen.
    To all those dinkas pretend with fake names such that one should think the writer is from Greater Equatoria Region I am telling you that very soon we will come to juba to castrate you one by one beginning from kiir using Ak 47 rifle even though you illiterate president kiir invite US Marine force to protect you from our revenge of killing not these East Africa regional bloc soldiers who trying to invade our country ca stop us from reaching to Juba, because you are active in killing innocent unarmed civilians like what you did in 16, upto 20 of December 2013, you thought may be is something easy to be forgotten simply you are preaching for peace in juba and you are not telling the truth for the massacre of 20,000 Naath Nuer civilian like dogs on the streets of Juba those who have nothing to do with coup if it is not fail Assisination of Nuer Leader Riek who ever challenge your poor leadership and speak out loudly though he in the office serving as VP and tried eliminating Nuer which is something that can not happen even Creator who created human beings cannot manage to kill all Nuers I am assuring you jenge that we Nuer are coming to flush you out of Juba and celebrate 3rd independent anniversary peacefully at freedom square with our brothers from equatoria.
    I am telling this to our Equatorian brothers pliz refrain from this tribal war created by dinkas bloodthirsty government of Bar El Ghazal Region, because on 16th to 20th December 2013 massacred you did not join them in killing Nuer Naath. I am warning who ever is found abstracting our way will be treated the same as happened in Bentiu with Toro bora mercenaries allies with the government of dinka.
    I am genocides survivor who escape from Juba to join white army resistance forces.

  36. Marik Lueth says:

    Thoma Anzo,
    Just continue to take care for ”household’s pets in abroad” and then get a fat wage for your living.
    Nuers are dead living organisms, so how do you try to associate with them? You call nuers good people in favor of Dinka.
    Why does a tick (riek machar) still want to suck the blood when he has long become extremely turgid? He was a vice president for quite long and now mobilizes dead youth from nuer to fight for him just to become president in South Sudan.
    It will be a dead end result though!

  37. chatim wang says:

    Marik lueth,
    From Cancer to dead living organisms, just wash cooking insentiles for your wewe soldiers, can you face a real combatant at front line in stead of terming Us a living dead while taking soup and drinking cold water in juba ,I am assuring you jenge if Machar need power by force we would have take advantage of our biggest number(75%) in the army to over throw your semi literate president kiir, but we Nuer Naath are Democrats society in our traditional leadership.
    Secondly Nuer youth are not mobilized when its comes to tribal war, God created us Nuer Natural for self depend.
    If we NUER Naath sees that your mancenaries whom you pay using our petrol money to keep your bloodthirsty president kiir on seat are strong, we shall have another alternative of making Greater Upper Nile Region separate state, but that alternative will be after two years of fighting your mancenaries face to face combat.
    Chatim wang MoWA.

  38. wololo Mayoyo says:

    These people called the Dinkas as you commonly called them are not Dinkas but they are called Jenge meaning nakedness. How can a naked person lead people who are smartly dress up intellectually leave alone the physical dressing. So is there really quality in Jenge leadership? To me there is no leadership right from Garag who was enlightened by the Equatorians.

    Now look at this stupid Kiir who was given 4.4billion south Sudan’s reserve money to Museveni to keep for him when the country is crippling with meager resources for her survival. So do you called this kind of idiot Jenge as a national leader.

    The Equatorian have put all the infrastructures including the various ministries and airport etc after the first war. Now what have the Jenge done during this time which they claim to be the liberators? My question to these Jenges is,” What is Liberation?”

    Anyway, the Nuer are good people because they value humanity unlike you the Jenges who are just like the hyenas. You know Hyenas are not good in getting their own food but grasp. This Liberation which you claim was fought by the Nuer and the equatorians. Who do you think you are? You guys have loose wire that is why the British colony fail to you people in a better understanding. You are hundred years behind which is too expensive to recover.

    But to my readers, do not worry because this just the rise and fall of Jenges. History has told us this. Nomads can not lead but they are supposed to look after their Animals period.

    Just my advice to you the Arian Jeges is that, rethink for the sake of your community other wise.

  39. Erick Talagu says:

    This Jenge must be a real mystery.

    How can one group be the biggest cowards at the same time oppressors, liberators, winning regional alliances? How did one become the indisputable face of South Sudan struggle? Besides Joseph Lagu, how did this society produced Deng Nhial, Abel, John Garang, and Salva Kiir?

    How did Jenge cowards composed the liberation songs in solely in Jenge, masking the liberation songs from the brave Equatorians and Naath? The investigation to this is long overdue?

    Isn’t about time the Jenge minorities who have contributed so little (but appears to have contributed so big) pushed aside from the political periphery of South Sudan?

    Isn’t time to use unscrupulous means to get ride of them? Why are arrow boys not joining white army in getting ride of Jenge cowards?

    Until the above questions are objectively answered? Then getting rid of Jenge will be an elusive task!

  40. Samule Deng Malith says:

    Today we Dinka would like to assure the Equtorians that, during the struggle your women ran to seek refugee to Dinka men. Since then turned themselves as Machines for production of Dinka. At least each tribe had given birth to over 30 thousand Dinkas. Statically we have over 70 thousand from Acholi and Madi tribes alone. If the 2009 statistics of Dinka burn by other women than Dinka can be revive today, our machineries in Equatoria had the above number will doubled. As of today, we are getting at least 50 hundred or more babies a day. With these mixtures, our mission in Equatoria is complete. You want it or not, the language that Equatoria is a Dinka colony is not enough. Equatoria is a Dinka land. We believe in what our elders taught us. There will not be federal government in South Sudan. A tribe which is submissive will survive; those who think they will join the Nuer to get freedom from Dinka will be crashed. We know your population one by one, any tribe which is opposing our policies can leave, and after all you are not South Sudanese. If the President wrote to Uganda government to integrate some people in Uganda, It is because they belonged nowhere.
    Samuel Deng Malith.


  41. James Matiop Kual says:

    Brother Malith you are right. The Equatorians think we shaded our blood for nothing. In 1980s the Mundari and Bari had beaten us with clubs. Today’s we brought Irons, opposed to their wooden weapons. If they think they can join the rebel movement led by uncivilised Nuer, let them go ahead. By the way, Nuer are the worst species of people in South Sudan. Today at least there is fairness; Equatorians have some executive position in our government. In their Nasir convention, which Equatorian is there in the executive position? Zero! And how many Equatorians are there in our government. Very many! The Equatorians must know that there is always masters and subordinates. Dinkas are not only in Equatoria, we are all over the world. We penetrated all East African countries and our people in those countries are there permanently. Rebel Riek is fighting for nothing, Nuer will not never ever rule South Sudan, nor will Equatorians be Head of State. A position supposed to be for Nuer was abused by Riek. Now taken away and given to Equatorian generously. If they abused it, it will go to Western Bahar el Ghasal. But for Presidency, Dinka will rule with Iron fist. The current generation will not see a president from another tribe than Dinka. May be the future generation may change things, but not for now, period! Equatorians who cannot defend themselves must stop complaining. We already know you more than you know yourselves. Most of you are talking Equatorians are educated, what is the fruits of your education? We are brave and imperial. Our imperialism can be verified in Nimule, Lobone, Narus, Yei, Koja Kejo, Yambio in Equatoria, and the whole of Western Bahar el Ghasal Sate. Imperial Dinka Company will do anything possible to keep our settlement in those places active.
    James Matiop Amar

  42. Ma'digo says:

    @Matiop Kual Why are you and tribe hiding like a cowards in Equatoria and Kampala-Uganda? The Contours in your forehead messed up with your memory…Your Doomsday is coming.

  43. Philip Dinka says:

    You are outrage of 22 death what about millions of dinka death and they are still protecting you from Jalaba and nuer. If you can’t fight to proctection your land. You desrve to go abroad and do not come back.

  44. Naliriakou says:

    When will Dinka go to their homeland? You are occupying everywhere as if we didn’t got independent. IDPs everywhere and refugees all all over the world. If you are the one who liberated south Sudan, why are you still IDPs and refugees? It is good that your unity with Nuer has strained and it means next time you provoke Equatorians, we will see who you send to fight. For us we will use the Nuer to avenge and repay the unspoken grudge and that could mark the end of Dinka.

    • Philip Dinka says:

      You can see Dinkas every where because there are so many of us. It dosn’t mean we are not at home there are more Dinkas at home than in the IDPS and refugees. Those who are in the IDPS camps are tasked to Dinkanise the communities they settle in and the refugee will Dinkanise the countries they resettle in. That is the grand plan not the security if you do not know. We Dinkas are influential in USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and most other western countries. We also have infuence in the East and ofcourse within Africa. See UPDF, JEM, SPLA NORTH, EGYTIAN ARMY, SAF, are fighting for Dinka and soon Kenya Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brundi, Tanzania and Somania will be fighting for us. They have not join in the fight because they are our reserve forces. Should there need be, they will be called in. You must stop challenging us or you will face the full force.

  45. Tom Martial says:

    Equatoria region has not men. If not why multitudes of Equatorian women takes refugee to Dinka Men the superior tribe in South Sudan. We are greater than any group of people. In 1991 Riek though he could fight Dinka, he ended up on his knee before Dr. John Garang. Very soon he will be on his knee before His Excellency President Slava Kirr. Dr Lam Akol though he could fight Dinka, he ended up been cashed in pieces. Nuer started what will be a failure in their side for the second time. Lam Akol failed. Who else wanted to fail? Equatorians who are totally Dinkanised? Dinka colony in Equatoria will continue. Think of your masters as the determinate of your existence. Or else you will be crashed. If you don’t know what happened to Nuer on the night of December 15, 2013, ask them. They have a lot to tell. If it comes to Equatorians, you are nothing less than sub human. The real people have the right to transform you from that level to the real humanness.
    Tom Marial

  46. Benjamin Okot says:

    Equatoria will be free of Dinka again. If what is aspiring here is what Kirr and his tribe mates have in minds, lets wait to see. We know very well Abel Aliar is responsible for in citing the Dinka. During the war he was hiding behind his fingers, going from Khartoum to advice Garang. Most Equatoria in the north were killed by the government through him, and John Grarang was systematically killing the Equatoria in the rebel control areas in EQUATORIA REGION and anywhere else in the country. All these revelation we are reading are not new to us. Remember Equatoria region is larger than the country of Rwanda and Burundi combined. All these comments and more from other sources are evident that Dinka are prepared to face Equatorians militarily. If the damages you Dinka did to Nuer, Madi, Didinga, Kuku, Zande, Muru, Murule, Bari, Mundari, the people of Western Bhara al Ghasal and more other group of people is to scared them, your time of doing these is ticking faster than ever before. You will run and never again. Its a matter of wait and see.
    Benjamin Okot

  47. Benjamin Okot says:

    If Equatorians want to fight Dinka, they must not forget that the people they call IDPs are colonisers. Our brothers and sisters living in our ccolony in Equatoria carried more weapons that the government army forces themselves. There is nothing for you to call for independent. Nuer are fighting for nonsense. They will not win anything. Riek is close to his knee. We will not allow any interference, where were you when your land was becoming Dinka colony? If any of you is caught in support of the rebel, you will all be decimated.

  48. Eli says:

    Benjamin Okot,
    You are a big loser.

  49. Loguca says:

    This is one of the things I mention in my articles few months ago. This is only the beginning, and there will be more deaths to come to Equatoria as a result. These innocent soul will die for unjust course. Lobong and the like (James Wani Igga) know the consequences but because they want to retain their positions in the government, otherwise Kirr will dismiss them from their positions. These are children are our future generations and should be going to school, but not in front line in the war between Nuer and Dinka.
    These children were decived that they will become national soldiers and to protect only our territories, now what happened to them, and where were they killed?. Many more are in Owinykibul military wing awaiting to go to war already dead alive.

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