USA SPLM Nat. Secretariat congratulates SPLM for Bentiu capture & calls on Oil companies to leave Palouch/Upper Nile

US-SPLM National Secretariat;

SPLM–USA National Coordination office Congratulatory message to the SPLM Freedom fighters under the zonal Commander of Peter Gatdet Yak for capturing Bentiu and call on Oil companies in Paloch/Upper Nile to leave or risk your own life.

Press Statement:
November 1, 2014

The SPLM-USA National Secretariat coordination office congratulates the zonal commander Peter Gatdet Yak and his SPLA gallant troops for fighting bravely to defeat the enemy of peace in Bentiu.

Your SPLM-USA office strongly encourages General Peter Gatdet to totally implement liberation of all counties in Bentiu namely; Pariang, Mayom and Abiemnom.

The fabricator, illegal president General Salva who always sings a song every day that he will not be the first and will never take people of South Sudan to war, his statement turned out to be untrue.

What does 15th December 2013 Juba genocide means and bombing of ethnic Nuer civilians with cluster bombs in Jonglei by his Ugandan mercenaries? He also took South Sudanese to war with North Sudan in Heglig which killed 1, 000 SPLA soldiers in 2011.

Salva Kiir’s forces are always attacking and yet lying that they are attacked by the resistant SPLA freedom fighters.

In early May this year the notorious General Malong Awan ordered the aggression attack to capture Nasir, Malakal and Bentiu after a ceasefire was signed in January 2013 which authorizes Ugandan troops to withdraw.

General Salva Kiir and his army Chief of General Staff Malong Awan imposed this war on South Sudanese people by committing one of the the worse 21st century genocide. These culprits must be brought to justice whether by war or surrendering despite talking about sharing power with them.

Who would accept to share power with Adolph Hitler of Germany? The same scenario would be applied to Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan.

This week in Bentiu, the criminal forces of General Salva Kiir left Rubkoni and went up to 25 miles away to attack freedom fighters forces which caused heavy fighting as a result. These enemy forces were chased back to Rubkoni and ultimately flushed out completely from their barrack.

Furthermore, we are now calling on other SPLA resistant field commanders in Upper Nile State to remain alert to defend our position in the event of further attacks.

We must close down or capture Paloch oil field to preclude Salva Kiir from financing Ugandan troops, SPLM-North and Justice and Equality movement.

We cannot allow enemy of peace to use our oil to finance mercenaries to destroy South Sudan. The strategy of this evil government in Juba is to keep the war in Greater Upper Nile in order to prolong the suffering of people of Greater upper Nile.

The US-SPLM office hereby condemns IGAD and US Obama administration for failure to condemn Government of South Sudan for committing a horrible genocide of massacring over 20, 000 ethnic Nuer civilians in Juba.

The criminals who spearheaded the systematic ethnic cleansing are: General Salva Kiir Mayardit, General Paul Malong Awan, Gerenal Marial Chinong, General Salva Mathok Gendit, General Garang Mabil, General Bol Akot and General Aleu Ayieny. The IGAD, AU, UN, EU and the US government should hold these seven notorious Generals accountable for committing an ethnic cleansing in Juba and imposition of war on South Sudanese people.

Lastly, the US SPLM National Coordination office is calling on all the South Sudanese people to unite against the tyranny regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit for total liberation of freedom and democracy.

Since Salva Kiir will not be removed through peace negotiation in Ethiopia, he must be forced out militarily because South Sudanese people cannot endure totalitarian government of absolute power invested in Salva Kiir Mayardit.

It’s our duty to put into action to do a troops surge and train new recruits and bring our country back from corrupt tribal leader. Those who condemn freedom fighters such as IGAD and US must be denounced for supporting a genocidal president Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Therefore, we are seriously advising our gallant forces to disregard biased comments from groups or countries which are supporting the culprits of Juba genocidal government. They failed to condemn Salva Kiir and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who is also a co-president of South Sudan because of their interests in East Africa; with this abstract South Sudanese are paying the highest price.

SPLM Chapters Interim National Coordination Office-USA
1. Cde.. Banak Mading Kueth-Interim SPLM National Coordinator
2. Cde. Jane Abucha -Interim Deputy National Coordinator.
3. Cde. Gatluak Puoch Kornyot-Interim National Secretary General
4. Cde. Mariano Mayuen – Interim Nation Information Office
5. Cde. Lam Mayang Hoth – Interim Advisor for Strategic Planning
6. Cde. Othow Kur Awang – Interim Advisor for Peace and unity
7. Cde. Thabor Deng Ding- Interim Advisor for Public Relations.
8. Cde. Bol Dey Loal-Chairperson, Arizona State Chapter.
9. Cde. Gideon Abram-Chairperson, Colorado State Chapter.
10. Cd. Makuel Wie-Acting Chairperson, Nebraska State Chapter.
11. Cde. John Paulino – Chairperson, Texas State Chapter.
12. Cde. Peter Dokuoth Gak- Chairperson, California State Chapter.
13. Cde. Simon Puok Dak-Chairperson, Iowa State Chapter.
14. Cde. Simon Tonyik Nguoth Del-Chairperson, Tennessee State Chapter.
15. Cde. Kak Banguot -Chairperson, Alaska State Chapter.
16. Cde. Thok Timothy Tutlam-Chairperson, Minnesota State Chapter.
17. Cde. Gatluak Nyang Bidiit –Chairperson of Utah state chapter.
18. Cd. Julius Rombe Dima- Chairperson Missouri Chapter (Kansas City) state chapter
19. Cde. Achor Achor Dhel- Chairperson, South Dakota
20. Chuol Bur- Chairperson, North Dakota
21. James Deng Kuol-Chairperson, Portland Maine
22. Gai William Wie- Chairperson, Washington State
For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: Thabor Ding,


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear competitors, thank you for your statement. yes indeed,the fall of Unity or Western Upper Nile State to the hand of Gen. Gatdet and his men have provided the primary impetus for the SPLA lo. Our true preoccupation now is to assure the security of our people in Bentiu and other areas in Greater Upper Nile. Peace in our country will never be materialized if the genocider is still in power.

    The question is, how can we explain Obama’s administration embrace of the tyrant in Juba and criticises the freedom fighters?Why did the US allow the Ugandan dictator to use cluster bums against the civilians army [the Nuer white army]?.

  2. john jackson says:

    U will all come back to juba and kiss the feet of his majesty Gen. Mayardit trust me

  3. Kwacha says:

    Shame on you war mongers in US. Why don’t you come down and fight instead of instigating your primitive Peter Gadet. He will die like George Ator. Our SPLA gallant forces taught the criminals of Riak Machar a lesson they will never forget. General Salva Kiir Mayardit is the legimate President of South Sudan. He is our Joshua who led us to the promised land. The greedy Machar allied with Khartoum to kill the movement in 1991. Thanks to the wise leadership of of our martyr Comdrade John Garang.
    Long live SPLM/SPLA, long live Salva Kiir Mayardit.

  4. Tut says:

    Shame on you if are Kiir himself for your criminal and primitive act massacring children and women in Juba. Your are a shame to our nation by bieng mentored foreign leaders as Museveni of Uganda.

  5. Malek says:

    You guys are wasting your time your people, just give up and join the nation for a rebuild

  6. Jake says:

    Let south sudan die, seems to be Kiir’s only aim. Now equatorians are rebelling. What nation is there anymore to be built? What legitimacy does Kiir have anymore? When the whole nation except his cronies and fellow looters. Kiir has to resign or die for south sudan to remain united. Otherwise equatorians and the Nuers will fight for separate nations.

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