US $ 8million Corruption Case: Alor & Kosti definitely GUILTY

BY: JOHN MAYEN JURKUCH, South Sudan, JUL/06/2013, SSN;

1. Mapping the Case

• In the aftermath of the embarrassing and dreadful event of the burning of the office block of the President in his residence, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of South Sudan in its regular meeting No. 05/2012 dated 10th February, 2012 in resolution No. 6 resolved to:

‘Express concern, in the light of the recent fire that gutted the office block at the official residence of the President of the Republic, about fire safety for public buildings and accordingly directs the Minister of Housing and Physical Planning and minister of Electricity and Dams to make a general inspection of electric wiring in all government buildings: residences and offices.

• Mr. Deng Alor, the minister of Cabinet affairs, allegedly cunningly woke-up on the morning of the 28th November, 2012, and decided to write to the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Marial Awou directing him to pay for ‘Fire-resistant Safes for Storing confidential and classified government documents’.

• As an allegedly experienced thief, Deng Alor saw a window of opportunity knowing that whenever you mention ‘President’ and ‘Security,’ people in Finance and Economic Planning ministry panic; illegally expanded the mandate and interpretation of the resolution to say ‘this resolution also requires that all confidential, secret and classified documents be protected from damage arising from fire’. Further, that ‘as part of implementing the resolution, I would like that your office facilitates the payment of these fire-resistant safes that will be used for storing confidential and classified government documents’.

• Furthermore, he allegedly single sourced and attached proforma Invoice from Daffy Supplies International Ltd; apparently his group theft customer, for the amount of $7,950,000 and furthermore that ‘the fund should be facilitated from the overall budget of the Republic of South Sudan’.

• The Deputy Minister of finance, Dr. Marial, on receipt of Deng’s letter allegedly wrote to the Under-secretary on the 28/11/2012 thus: ‘To take necessary action in the installation of these safes in government offices. Payment will be done when the financial situation of the country improves’. Somehow, contrary to the instructions of the Under-Secretary, one of the officials, Peter Garang, allegedly generated a Payment Claim Form on the 04/12/2012 with instructions from Under-secretary Salvatore Garang who signed the Form on the 05/05/2012; kick starting and ushering the case into the system for payment.

• Sometime in January (document not clear from repeated photocopying), Minister Kosti Manibe allegedly wrote that ‘when preparing for the next allocation of cash, this case should be given high priority……). On the 25th of Jan. 2012 the Managing Director of the Company wrote to the 1st Under-Secretary of Finance, requesting for the transfer of the $ 7,950,000 for the supply and delivery of Sensitive government equipment to the Republic of South Sudan. On the 28/01/2012 Salvatore Garang allegedly wrote to the D/G of Accounts that ‘to b/f to cash management committee for action’.

• Then on the 5/02/2013 Minister Kosti Manibe wrote again to the Under-secretary saying ‘bring for cash allocation tomorrow 6/02/2013’. The Acting Under-secretary Mr. Wani Buyu quarried the Acting D/G for Administration & Finance asking him to check the nature of the case and to let him know. The D/G writes back saying ‘this is a claim from Cabinet Affairs for Security of Important installations (bad English, but that is what it says).

• Apparently the cash management committee did not meet that day. But Minister Kostie summoned the Acting Under-Secretary Wani Buyu and allegedly directed him to make payment. Wani in turn ordered and directed Simon Kimang to proceed and indeed the money left Juba for eating in Nairobi, again!

2. Double guilty and must be Criminalized big time once and for all!

2.1 Why Deng Alor is Guilty

• The resolution did not concern the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs or the Minister to follow-up. The fact that Deng re-interpreted the resolution proves his intention to mislead the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and to swindle government money in his usual ways to further en-rich himself and family at the expense of our country and people even during a biting austerity regime.

• The resolution made no mention of Anti-Fire Cabins, but covered ‘offices’ as a mechanism of protecting the important confidential and classified government documents Deng was referring to in his corrupt interpretation of the resolution; further proves of his bad intention.

• Deng Alor knowing there is no budget to implement the resolution as yet, pending submission of the inspection report from the two Ministers referred to in the resolution, allegedly directed the Ministry of Finance to avail the funds from ‘the overall budget of the Republic of South Sudan’. Just see the audacity of this genetic thief!

• Deng, did you share the money you have been allegedly stealing since the time of Dr. John with the people of Abyei? Last time you, your brother Dr. Luka Biong and your cousin stole $15,000,000 in the name of Abyei but ended up paying EYAT COMPANY and then shared the money out to yourselves. Did you not know Abyei then?

Idiot, you suffer your shame and stop talking about Salva fighting you politically. Everybody knows how you lie, manipulate leaders and get others into trouble. You did that with Dr. John and President Salva. Now that Salva has understood your theft, you change the story into politics? Too bad you fool!

2.2 Why Kosti is Guilty

• Yes, Kosti did not initially authorize payment and indeed Dr. Marial should have checked the resolution and the procurement procedure before recommending the installation of the anti-fire cabins; but at least he recommended that payment be made ‘when the financial situation of the Country improves’ because Deng misled him to the effect that the fire units have been delivered already!

• But Kosti being the Senior Minister should have detected this error and stopped payment. Instead he expedited and sanctioned payment even contrary to the recommendation of his Deputy.

• It is well known that Deng Alor goes around saying he brought Kosti to the Ministry of Finance and so we have the right to conclude that they have been eating together and this is just one of the many cases. Going around saying I did not sign the document is nonsense, you thief.

And stop fooling yourself that you are a victim of politics, what politics do you know, and asking Equatorians to stand with you. When you were stealing did you ask for the views of Equatorians? The millions you allegedly collected from the Dura Traders is not enough for you…… you carry your own cross and get to prison, stupid!

2.3 The Problem now is how to confirm Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe Guilty

• Mulana Gatwich Lul, the Anti-Corruption Commission chairman, is the real problem now and must be judged properly this time round. Recently he cleared the Senior Staff who have been stealing in the office of the President against all odds.

• Deng Alor is supposed to be powerful and has been manipulating the President on behalf of the group. If Deng and his corruption money-rich friends, especially the other alleged senior thieves from Shuluk Land Pagan Amum who has the guts to challenge the President for taking action against his fellow thieves, allegedly pay Lul money, do not be surprised to see Lul Gatwich declaring the two thieves not guilty.

• Pagan reportedly tells the President that Deng is a founding member of the SPLM and Kosti is a member of the SPLM leadership; the matter should have been resolved in the SPLM. What? Then there is no need to talk about fighting corruption because all the thieves in South Sudan are members of the SPLM.

• Pagan, who do you want to be arrested, the poor innocent people while the big thieves like are protected for being leaders in the SPLM? People like you Pagan should shut-up and stop lying to yourselves that you want to be the President of South Sudan; to sell the entire Country. Your alleged money in the bank is well known everywhere, Pagan! Do not try President Salva or you will be kicked in the butt…..OoooPS! The man you call toothless has borrowed teeth and he is now ready to bite you, believe me!

• You, Gatwich Lul, I have given the people of South Sudan the true narrative to prove that Deng Alor, your friend, and Kosti Manibe the foolish man who got himself into trouble for nothing, are guilty. They had intention to allegedly steal from the government for their self enrichment Scheme.

 No resolution to buy Fire resistant units
 No authorization from Cabinet
 Single sourcing; failing to follow procurement procedures
 Lying that equipments have been supplied and delivered, when up to now nothing
 Ministries have no money to operate and they go stealing millions of dollars; paid at once.
 Kosti knew that the resolution was not relevant to Cabinet Affairs, that there is no money, that procures were not followed and instead of cancelling the case and taking disciplinary measures against his people, he sanctioned payment.

Chairman LUL, these are the facts and you cannot get away with it. If you mess around we will open a court case against you for corruption, because instead of protecting South Sudan from corruption, you are encouraging corruption. We are watching you, Mr. Lul Gatwich!

John Mayen Jurkuch
(More to come soon)


  1. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Mr Jurkuch

    You said: “The Problem now is how to confirm Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe Guilty”, because you thought and I quote:

    “Maulana Gatwich Lul, the Anti-Corruption Commission chairman, is the real problem now and must be judged properly this time round. Recently he cleared the Senior Staff who have been stealing in the office of the President against all odds”.

    So what happens now? Is he to prosecute Kosti in order to make up for his short comings where he was unable to build a case against the president’s own relatives who stole public money on well documented two separate occasions. Obviously we don’t know since when they were in that theft business. This last case only came to light after the media had already blown off the lid.

    Anyway, thank you for your effort and lay assured that Kosti is capable of defending himself and he can also bring the whole empire down with him should anyone out there wrongly assume that they can drown him without sinking the whole boat!

    Anyone who read or watched movies acted by and based on Jessica Fletcher, the Career Mystery Novelist, and Actress’s Novels, will have you kept under radar. Your determination to prematurely focus on prosecuting Kosti, suggests you are actively manipulating the case.

    You must have a motive to do that. After all you have no single reference to any of your bunch of wild speculations. Mind this, I am NOT saying that Kosti is an Angel, but I can see that you are over speculating and that can only be motivated by some malicious underworld business!

  2. Issac Deng says:

    John Mayen Jurkuch,

    Kosti is the most naive politician ever known, he is there filling his pockets and Equatoria and Moru people have nothing to do with his stupidity and selfishness. Let the thief Kosti carry his own cross because he is an idiot with no work ethics but only there to protect his position by appeasing Mafia Deng Alor and his gang members in the government.

    My big problem is with this well-known exploiter and manipulator, Deng Alor, who thinks he owns the SPLM and the government. Deng Alor has been fooling Dr. John Garang and now manipulating and lying to President about anything that can make him rich at the expense of people of Abyei. His half-brother Dr. Luka Biong is another crook who continues to mislead President Kiir on foreign policy on the issue of Abyei. Dr. Luka Biong has also pocketed millions from the government coffers. He is known for touring foreign capitals everyday as a playboy.

    Pagan Amum is another cunning thief with no dignity left to be proud about. The SPLM is going down the drain under Pagan Amum’s watch. Where is $60 million dollars given by Omar Bashir to rehabilitate the party HQ in South Sudan? Arthur Akeuin once accused Pagan publicly for depositing the whole SPLM budget allocated for the SPLM offices into his private foreign account in Nairobi and the stolen millions has not been recovered today. It’s a shame to see this powerful organization slowly dying under Pagan Amum watch.

    Mulana Gatwich Lul is one of the culprits and conspirators who is there to receive some kickbacks, President should relieve him if he failed to make strong recommendation for punishment of Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe including, by the way, those other 75 thieves. President should ask him to refresh the unresolved theft case against Pagan Amum because he has no moral ground to lead the SPLM.

  3. umoja says:


    Don’t start to panic. Kosti is highly respected and with high integrity respected world wide, not like your greedy and incompetent president. Kosti will prove to the whole world. Look how foolish you look when you attached Dura saga to kosti, moreover, you know that that money was embezzled by Arthur, the former minster who hails from president’s tribe. It is clear that deputy minister of finance signed and authorized the payment when actually Kosti rejected. Don’t twist things, these document have already reached public, everybody knows.

    What Kosti said was true… his being there as a minster has blocked Kir and Awun of embezzling public funds. Pagan has already confirmed in the miraya FM that Kosti has not authorized the payment but rejected instead D/ minster signed when Kosti was an official visit abroad.

    Stop fooling yourself. Your president is acting like a chief of Dinka.


  4. Dear Mr. John Mayen Jurkuch:

    Thank you so much for shedding some light on Hon. Deng Alor and Hon.Kosti Manibe Ngai’s recent thievery. I really found Your article to be very informative and interesting indeed. You seemed to be very knowledgable and defensive of what was happening in the Ministry of Finance. This information has raised my personal aspirations that there are very knowledgeable people out there who could really investigate the truth and report it as it is. Although your last name describes you as negatively as unknown Jur, I would elevate it or promote it from Jurkuch to Jurngic or known Jur due to this brilliant and informative article. As from now on, you truly become Jurngic to me and I will honour your name.

    Brother, I would like to ask you some questions since you sounded like a typical Rek Dinka, Kiir’s Kith and kin. The questions that I would like to ask are listed below. Please attempt to answer them as much as you can. Your answers to these questions would be highly appreciated. So the questions are as follows:

    1. You indicated in your article that President Kiir has borrowed some teeth to bite thieves or corrupted politicians. Did President Kiir borrow those teeth just to bite Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe Ngai and then return them back to whoever lent him? or Will he keep them and constantly use them against whoever is going to steal?
    2. Are President Kiir’s Cousins (Rek Dinka) and Loyalists, the 75 thieves immune from the bite of his new teeth?
    3. If not, then when did he bite his Cousins, Yel Koor, Mayen Wol and Nhomoot who were allegedly accused of stealing money from the presidential Palace?
    4. Were they found guilty for the thievery? or Did Cde Pagan Amum bribe the Anti Corruption Boss, Justice John Gatwech Lul to exonerate them?
    5. Why did president Kiir decide to borrow and use the teeth now and not before?
    6. You also mentioned that Deng Alor and his Cousin Dr. Luka Biong Deng Kuol stole 15,000,000 in the past. If this allegation is true, Why president Kiir did not report that thievery and make it public? Why now?
    7. I have just learned that Hon. Kosti Manibe Ngai had some internal fight in the Ministry with Kiir’s Cousins when attempting to reshuffle them around within the Ministry and this has angered their Big Cousin Kiir which resulted in Mr. Kosti Manibe Ngai’s allegation and suspension. Also I learned that Mr. Deng Alor has withdrawn his political support from President Kiir and was attempting to either endorse Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amum for the leadership of the SPLM and this political change of heart/mind has angered your Big Cousin, Kiir and therefore he decided to take a revenge on Deng Alor. Are these statements true?
    8. You allegedly accused the Anti Corruption Boss, Justice John Gatwech Lul of accepting the bribery and letting the thieves out of hook. Is your Big Cousin Kiir Aware of Justice John Gatwech Lul’s bribery scam? if so, then Why is he keeping him in the job? and Assigning him to investigate thief after thief with no conviction?
    9. In your article, you sounded very angry and disappointed with Hon.Deng Alor and Hon.Kosti Manibe Ngai. Are you angry with them because they had stolen our public money or Is it because they are not supporting President Kiir’s re-election in 2015? If you are angry due to the thievery, then Why were you not angry when your Rek Dinka Cousins stole our public money in the presidential Palace? Theft is theft and it does not matter whether it is committed by your Kith and Kin.

    Personally, I mentioned in one of my previous comments that Justice Gatwech Lul is not really doing his job properly. I allegedly accused him of taking the bribery from the accused and that he himself should be investigated and fired. I accused him of either being naive and a coward or accepting bribery. Justice Gatwech Lul should be fired because he is not protecting our national resources and wealth from being looted in broad daylight.
    Brother, I like your article, however I would like you to shed some light on those questions since you seem to be very knowledgeable of what is happening in our nation’s Bed Room in Juba. Thanks and may the Nhialic (God) of Dengdit and Ngundeng bless you!

  5. AW Joseph says:

    Dear Fellow South Sudanese. We are now paying the price for supporting the hyenas (SPLM/A OYEE) in the jungles of Sudan believing that they are our liberators (Saviours) since 1983-2005. King SALVA KIIR the godfather of corruption only used Alor & Kosti to appease the angry citizens who are thirsting for his head and blood. A harmless python (Public Persecutors) would’t take a venomous cobra (GoSS officials) to court with the help of a little frightened mice (South Sudan Police) with a Squirrel (Gatwich Lul) for a judge. Let us just count our loses and head to the jungles, come 2015. King Salva, Too little Too late to save your throne and Your Kingdom SPLM/A OYEE.

  6. Big O says:

    Jurkuch, keep it up. We need more truthtellers like you. I’m tired of how everyone pussyfoots around the big thieves and sacred cows when any child on the street could tell you what’s up. Everyone in the cabinet by now is a thief — that’s why they’ve stayed in those useless, unproductive ministries that never produce any work. The ministries are full of gangs and sometimes thieves from different tribes work together to steal some cake. Don’t be fooled. When it comes to stealing, there is only one tribe called GREED.

    All we have to do really if we really want to catch these thieves is attach recording devices to their mistresses and prostitutes since these gals know what’s really going on and enjoy the scraps of their sugar daddies. Put a recording device on Pagan’s mistresses, Alor’s mistresses, Riak’s young ladies, etc….and let’s stop the pussyfooting around.

    This article made me laugh out loud. Keep it up, Jurkuch.

  7. If Kiir wants to prosecute Kosti, then First do so with former finance ministers culprits on first come first serve basis.

  8. Issac Deng says:

    Dr JAC Ramba and Kenyi Lo Equatoria

    Please stop playing double standard and defending your tribesman, the big thief minister Kosti Manibe and let him alone carry his own cross because when he was executing another thief’s orders and sharing the loot with Deng Alor, Kosit neither consulted nor shared the stolen 8 millions American dollars with Equatoria people. Minister Kosti has been quoted by the media here in Juba saying his suspension was politically motivated. Indeed, he should have known well from day one that his decreed appointment by President was also political and he should not complain like a crying baby over spilled milk.

    The only remaining honourable exist window for Kosti is come out of his stupidity and naivety and tell the people of South Sudan and the world the whole truth and what is really going on in that finance ministry which is becoming nowadays like a winning lottery place for every president Kiir’s decreed political appointees. If he is innocent as he claimed over Miraya FM, he should then come out clean and expose the true color of other scared cows thieves within their exclusive circle of robbery club known as Government of Self-Serving (GOSS).


  9. Big O says:

    To Issac and Editor, SSN:

    Here, here! I agree with everything you wrote. Can’t wait for the dirtly laundry to be hung on the line where it belongs rather than hidden under the pillows of the Government of Self Service.

  10. Bari Boy says:

    John Mayen

    You are absolutely right. This thief called Kosti and Deng Alor must face justice.Kosti is recieving 10% to pay your claim.Lual Aguer is also bribing him to get his claims. This idiots must be investigated in BOMA instead of Juba.

  11. Kiir says:

    Dear friends
    I would sincerely ask all of you to hold your breath with your harsh attitude stop accusing these ministers, please.

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