UPDF will not leave South Sudan, says Uganda foreign affairs minister

KAMPALA, Saturday Monitor, JUN/29/2015, SSN;

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces will not pull out of South Sudan despite the peace deal signed by President Salva Kiir on Wednesday that directs all foreign troops to leave the country.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr Henry Oryem Okello, yesterday said UPDF presence in South Sudan is not bound by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad)-mediated peace agreement and cannot withdraw.

“We are not pulling out. Uganda is not part of the agreement. We have a bilateral arrangement with South Sudan government like US has troops stationed in Japan,” Mr Oryem said.
Ugandan troops deployed in South Sudan in December 2013 following the outbreak of fighting between President Kiir’s government and the rebels of his former vice president Riek Machar.

The UPDF deployed in South Sudan at the invitation of President Kiir.

On Wednesday, President Kiir grudgingly signed the peace deal nine days after he had refused to sign the agreement that, among other things, requires all foreign troops to get out of South Sudan within 45 days.

“Warring parties agree[d] to a complete withdrawal of all state security actors allied to either party in conflict within forty five (45) days upon signing of this Agreement from the territory of the Republic of South Sudan with the exception of Western Equatorial State, based on agreements entered into by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan prior to the onset of the December 15, 2013 crisis,” the peace agreement says on foreign troops.

Western Equatorial hosts the headquarters of the African Regional Task Force, led by Ugandan military contingent, which is hunting the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels and its elusive leader Joseph Kony.

On Thursday, the UPDF spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, could not say whether they would be leaving or staying in South Sudan as per the provisions of the peace pact.
“I can only say that we have not received instructions to leave at the moment,” Lt Col Ankunda said.

Mr Oryem described the peace deal that is expected to end the 20 month-long hostilities as “a step in the right direction” much as President Kiir has expressed reservations about it.
The deal recognises Dr Machar as the commander-in-chief of the South Sudan Armed Opposition Forces, a provision President Kiir had fiercely protested, saying it was a creation of two armies.


• All military forces to move out of Juba and be stationed 25km away and be replaced by unspecified “guard forces” and Joint Integrated Police. Only presidential guards to remain in Juba.
• Elections to be held 60 days before end of transitional government’s mandate
• Rebel leader Riek Machar becomes “first vice-president”
• Transitional government of national unity to take office in 90 days and govern for 30 months.
• Fighting to stop within 72 hours. Foreign forces to leave within 45 days. END


  1. Eastern says:

    The just signed agreement will have to be implemented by the parties involved without exceptions and reservations. What minister Okello Oryem, the son of Uganda’s former military junta, is his opinion. He likes being loud mouthed!

    It’s clearly indicated in text of the agreement that all non South Sudanese armed actors have to leave the country within 45 days, this doesn’t exclude Museveni’s UPDF.

    An international force, comprising forces from countries without immediate boundaries with South Sudan, will have to be marshalled to guard the implementation process. The presence of UPDF in SOuth SUdan during implementation process is likely going to breach something. Presence of armed forces from any of the waring parties in any of the urban areas across South Sudan is very dangerous. We are all witnesses to the incidents in Malakal involving forces of Gabriel Tanginye during CPA implementation. All forces have to comply with the 25km limit. This cantonment shouldn’t be along major roads or redeployed forces are going to be a big problem to travellers on such road by erecting illegal roadblocks to be used for extortion.

    Withdrawal of UPDF, dealing with intresigent government officials, dealing with desenting groups such as Changson Chang need to be taken head on for the smooth implementation of the agreement.

    Fellow South Sudanese, let’s joint hands to realise the second Republic where we shall live like brothers and sisters where nobody will be accosted and asked they were during the liberation struggle? The second Republic where all the 60-plus tribes live in harmony while retaining their unique identities and heritages as their forefathers did.

    Uganda shouldn’t be allowed to become an obstacle to peace and prosperity in South Sudan.

  2. IJSONOFMAN says:

    So wat does that mean? It means that whoever is going to fk around like the US and UN will mean that Kiir has to cancel the all deal and declare the state of emergence such that the country is cleanse of Riek’s supporters be4 we start encountering our real enemies 4rm the west, this fake has to be spoil by all means even if it mean to end Riek during the transition period

    • Lavina Lual says:

      OFMAN-You should know that there will be no more UPDF except the SPLA, Rebels and the UN/Troika/USA army. Guess who will be loosers in this context?

  3. Tyson says:

    This is a mockery!
    Museveni will be indicted for contributing to the mess in South Sudan. He thinks after killing late Garang, he has the freedom to steal resources of South Sudan through the puppet serial killer, Kiir.
    Let Museveni remain stubbron so that he will be frog-marched out of South Sudan the same way Kiir was frog-marched into signing the peace agreement.
    It is an opportunity also for the opposition to marshal him out of power through the ballot and send this war monger to Rwakitura, the alter of the devil that slained late Garang and many other innocent Ugandans.

  4. Eli says:

    Sorry Mr Oryem and Akunda of UPDF
    But you are not USA or UN or TROIKA, or not even anyone to make such baseless bogus and stupid claims, so please pack up your bags and leave. Your failure to leave our country the Republic and soon to be the Federal Republic of South Sudan constitutes an act of war. Yours was and still is an illigal occupation of a sovereign nation and so we have the full rights and obligatitions to defend our nation from ALL foreign aggressors, and we will this time fully declare war on Uganda.
    The truth of your presence in South Sudan has nothing to do with LRA rebels but everything with looting, corruptions and stealing of our resources and abuses of human rights you have already committed many war crimes in South Sudan.

    We the people of South Sudan don’t need you in our country, and your claims to be seeking for Konyi of LRA is bogus, because it’s not in our national interest to habor LRA. Joseph Konyi could be anywhere either in Congo, CAR, Sudan, Chad or even still inside Uganda. South Sudanese wants UPDF out regarless of LRA existence, because Salva Kirr has not consulted with the people of South Sudan before inviting you UPDF to our hard won freedom nation, so any previous agreements with Juba is to be nullified as of peace implimentation period and so your presence is considered illigal occupation.
    Bye bye to UPDF.
    Eli wani is a concern South Sudanese citizen, and founder of SSNLF.

    • johnjerry says:

      UPDF will not leave South Sudan, that is a joke.Remember the Vietnam War the American people said they were not going to leave Vietnam guess what they were squeezing on the plane door running for their lives just like what took place in Somalia . You do not have the legal right to remain in South Sudan. 45 days given for all foreign Forces to leave South Sudan will be the last day for UPDF in South Sudan failure to do so will mean importing the war to Uganda. You have taken the advantages given you to fight LRA inside South Sudan as an opportunity to loot this country this will come to the an end soon. You can not have a bilateral arrangement with a government that is ruling illegally as its term has expired. UPDF leave now or face fire right inside Uganda.

      • Emeu Pius says:

        you have been good friends, who used to enter each others bedroom, why are you making noise now, you have forgotten the honeymoon you enjoyed in Uganda until you managed to liberate your country. whose bedroom where you using? you have made your bed, lie on it. When you occupied our fathers bedroom, we kept quite as you were fed on chicken and name it.

        • Toria says:

          Emeu Pius
          What bedroom are you referring to? You mean the bedrooms full of HIV? Nonsense, get out your corrupt UPDF. We don’t mind ordinary Ugandan civilians who come here to earn living and win bread to feed their children but not armed UPDF looters.

  5. Guet Athina Guet says:

    South Sudan people need to rise up in one voice, we the people don’t want Dr. death back in any position in the government. There’s a REWARD of $16.000 American dollars to anyone who will bring butcher Machar to justice dead or alive. I had been saying all alone, this deal is already dead on arrival and it’s the greatest joke of the year. The east Africans buffoon idiot want 2 armies in one country that’s unheard off. Rewarding the butcher of south Sudan to kill more people ….. after he killed thousand of innocence women, children and the old. President Kiir must NOT allow the serial killer Machar to return to south Sudan by any means necessary.

  6. AGUMUT says:

    Don’t leave Uganda! I never being to Uganda,but nobody in Uganda ask South Sudanese to show their ID’s.

  7. When the “Compromised Peace Agreement” stated that “all foreign forces are to leave south Sudan within 45 days, whom do you think the document is talking about? There are no any other foreign troops in south Sudan except M7 soldiers, the Uganda People Defense Force (UPDF). The Uganda minister Henry Okello Oryem might be reading a different scrip of the agreement. Probably the one that M7 made and IGAD threw out. Even if the agreement didn’t say that, I think it is time for UPDF to leave south Sudan. They failed to get Joseph Kony, and they also failed to dislodge the white army. Is there any need to keep them in south Sudan? Just to guide the airport, highway, and bridges? We don’t have those infrastructures many in our country. M7 can find job for his soldiers somewhere else. Good bye UPDF, goodbye Kadogos.

  8. Eventhough u like it or not Uganda can capture Nuer land via fighter, never just go back to where u came from and let M7 get another way for his bussiness.

  9. Choromke Jas says:

    Okello is an equivalent of Elia Lomuro: they are slaves of hegemonic tribes of the Banyankole and Dinka. And now Okello has been contradicted by the Chief of the Uganda;s UPDF. Lomuro railed against the peace agreement but now he is groveling and enthusiastic about the very peace he had opposed. I do not know how Lumuro’s brain now looks like after submission to slavery to the JCE. Shame on you fake Equatorian!

  10. Wani Paul says:

    if Museven is not pulling out from our South Sudan we shall kill him in south sudan

  11. Deng Deng says:

    Please remember history: Tanzanian soldiers invaded Uganda in 1979 to topple dictator Idi Amin. The impact was HIV/AIDs rampant which killed millions Ugandans to date. Now Ugandan soldiers are in South Sudan.. be ready for scourge of HIV/AIDS infections!
    Do not mind this little boy Okello oryem. Where was he when M7 was massacring his community in Northern Uganda in the pretext of fighting LRA. This community have lost a lot! Whether UPDF like it or not, we the SS masses do not like them in our soil. The UPDF mercenary business of money making game is over after signing the compromise peace agreement. Our gallant SPLA soldiers are competent and capable to stabilize security in our country. UPDF pack your bags and leave!

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    Okello is barking loud because the White Army have no enough ammos. Had it not been for this, it would have been a different narrative. Notwithstanding, they are leaving our soil very soon. We are not Northern Ugandans.

  13. Abiko! says:

    Dear Guys:

    I do not like Uganda troops in the South totally! I blame on Dinka leaders the late Dr.John Garang De Mabior,and his succssor President Salva Kirr! Museveni using them for his benefits! But his soldiers must leave sometime from the South Sudan.Whether he likes it or not! He must!

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