UPDF Occupation of Bor will never stop peoples’ fight for reforms in South Sudan!

BY: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, JAN/19/2014, SSN;

It was on Saturday 18 January 2014, when South Sudan quickly took to the platform to announce to the whole world that it has regained the key town of Bor from the opposition fighters.

However there seems to be a big rivalry over the whole development as Uganda was also equally quick to claim the credit for the same military takeover of Bor town which it referred to as a UPDF’s victory over rebels in South Sudan.

“It’s UPDF that captured Bor,” Ugandan army spokesman Paddy Ankunda told Reuters after first announcing the UPDF’s role on Twitter. “There was a lot of resistance but our force was overwhelming.”

On the same note, as if suddenly aware of the fact that they are being rapidly eclipsed by the Ugandans in what should have been rightly a sovereign duty of SPLM/A.

The announcement by forces loyal to Salva Kiir on the recapture of Bor town comes only when the Ugandan defense minister had twitted the whole world with the news that until today is being officially claimed as a UPDF victory in South Sudan.

Who can blame the Ugandans for a victory probably they are right to claim when the SPLM/A forces loyal to Salva Kiir are now a mere shadow of what the true SPLA used to be before the split.

And since the second fall of Bor town in the hands of the Opposition fighters, the pathetic pro-Juba SPLM forces have since been relegated to positions behind the more superior UPDF lines.

This being the case, where Salva Kiir’s loyalists were actually kept trailing behind the UPDF and thus had no any leading roles in this particular foreign (Ugandan) invasion of Bor, one cannot see why Paddy Ankunda was the first to tweet claims on the victory on Bor and not Kiir’s troops.

Isn’t it funny though for Philip Aguer, the spokesman for the government SPLA forces, to tell reporters that his forces who were walking behind the UPDF lines, have somehow miraculously defeated more than 15,000 forces of Riek Machar, while he (Aguer) continues to speak from the comforts of his office in Juba, the capital?

Philip Aguer, a pathological liar per profession, is setting claims over what is clearly a UPDF foreign invasion of a sovereign.

So what do you think of such a person who goes repeating statements like:
“The SPLA has frustrated Riek Machar’s plan to advance and attack Juba, and install himself as the ruler of South Sudan.”

I know that this so-called SPLM/A spokesperson [……….. the army being still active in politics] has to say all the staff he is saying in order to make a living, but then when did UPDF became synonymous with SPLA?

Anyway there is also the other aspect to this crisis represented by the ongoing negotiations talks in Addis Ababa, where the two warring sides maybe inching closer to ink the drafted ceasefire agreement.

When that happens, we will all thereafter be expected to live with the realities on the ground.

A very important point here is that we should avoid confusing between Bor Town exchanging hands, which is one thing and who actually now controls and will remain to control the rural areas of the Greater Bor, and subsequently the rest of the Jonglei State that lies outside this tiny.

What Philip Aguer and his cousin Paddy Ankunda are celebrating today, they need to be reminded to better understand that the limited victory, to which they both claim credit, is in fact no more than their forces physically being present now inside the embattled ghost town of Bor.

Nothing more, nothing less! After all this is a town that has changed hands four times so far in the four weeks since the fighting spread to Jonglei State!

On the other hand, it is no more a secret that the Uganda parliament is seeking answers from Ankunda and his boss Museveni on how they intend to sponsor this new UPDF military adventure deep into the swamps of South Sudan, and for how long is it planned to last.

Anyway that is for the Ugandans and their generals to iron out between themselves!

Unlike what the Ugandan president and his minister of defense have plunged their country into, the south Sudan’s opposition fighters in Jonglei and many other parts of country are indeed local boys and men who view this war as a war imposed on them and in return they must fight to protect their dignity, freedom and indeed their very survival!

In spite of its brutality, the imposed war offers for many concerned citizens a final and important opportunity to not only say no to Salva Kiir’s dreams of crowning himself as “President For Life” but also to abort the conspiracy of any possibility to establish yet another tribal dynasty of rulers in this nascent country.

It is important that the world knows this, for in spite of the early resort by Salva Kiir to internationalize the current crises by involving the Uganda military invasion on his side, the gallant fighters in the ranks and files of the opposition forces continue to fight for national reforms in the country in the complete absence of any foreign support.

They should indeed be commended for rightly having treated the situation as purely a south–south political crisis and even more so within what is in fact the ruling SPLM/A.

How often do we come across such patriotic fighters that are bent to win big battles while they have only themselves as their sole capital in all the fights with their enemy?

Unsurprisingly, it is this kind of selflessness that the wider section of the downtrodden masses look forward to in these men in order to clinch the anticipated victory.

To them (fighters for reform) this is a fight to humble the arrogance of those who continue to boast of being ‘born to rule and not to be ruled!’

Humbling the arrogant by whatever means is a pre-requisite to the attainment of the much talked about national healing and reconciliation processes in South Sudan, be it sooner in the year or later after years or decades.

At the end of the day, a UPDF occupation of Bor or any other towns in south Sudan will never stop the peoples’ fight for genuine reforms in the country!

Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba. A south Sudanese citizen and a voice for the voiceless!


  1. Beek says:

    South Sudan is now lucky to liberate Bor,That was very very scary and danger.

  2. Beek says:

    Bor is a Ghost Town.

  3. Koul Deng says:

    A well-written article. It exposes the invasion of Ugandan Forces for S Sudan and weakness of the so-called SPLA army. Long live the struggle of the people of S Sudan, long live the bravery of our forces. If Salva Kiir and his Dinka supporters who claimed to have liberated S Sudan were unable to fight on their own, where is the reality of the claim that Dinka liberated South Sudan?

    • Koul Deng:

      Where were you and the Prophet of Doom, Riek Machar when the gallant forces of the SPLA/Dinka were battling with Jalaba for the liberation of South Sudan? Is the looting and destruction of cities and properties the changes you and Riek Machar are fighting to implement in South Sudan? Fool, you are not freedom fighters. You are food lovers,criminals and power angry looters. You did you and Riek Machar flee Juba on December 15th,2013. I hope you know that there were no UNMISS and Ugandan forces in Juba on December 15th, 2013. It was purely Gel Beny and White Army yet Riek had to flee for his life, leaving a brave Buffalo Bull standing tall in the nation’s Capital City, Juba.
      Please remember that What goes around comes around. You Nuer betrayed us to Jalaba in 1991. Now it is our turn to give you a pay back for your deeds,therefore we have the Ugandan troops fighting alongside our gallant forces in Bor. As far as the Muonyjang’s bravery is concerned, we have fully demonstrated that when we kicked your Butts and chased you out of Juba, Bentiu and Malakal.

      There were no Ugandan forces fighting alongside the SPLA/Muonyjang when we drove you out of Juba, Bentiu and Malakal. Was I not right when I told you and the likes earlier that Riek Machar is fit to stay in the Mechanical Shop, fixing vehicles(Cars) rather than being a political leader wanting to rule Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang in South Sudan?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  4. Nikalongo says:

    Dinka and Nuer are all blloodthirsty hooligans with no respect for the dignity of human life and values. Dinka killed Nuer and Nuer killed Dinka. Riak is much a war lord as is Kiir. I am glad that with the help of the UPDF, this war probably will be kept far away from Equatoria. The opposition forces as u seem to be crediting with fighting for a reform is as rotten as the SPLA that is trying to maintain the status quo. UPDF is actually a lesser evil in the prevailing circumstance than u seem to suggest. Can u imagine how Juba would have looked like if Riak were to enter there with his forces? Ambago, war is not fun.

    Ambago, Riak would have been in a better position today had he disassociated himself from the rebellion by Gadet and Koang. He should have from his hideout called any media house for a UN sanctioned investigation into the atrocities in Juba and other towns. U know why he decided differently: He was involved into something much more than he is willing to admit. His political friends languishing in custody are actually innocent victims by association and should be released. Riak left Juba with relative ease with his co-planer Taban Deng, a proof he was up to something.

    Ambago, as an opposition figure I can understand ur frustration. The fact is that Kiir the monster is our creation. We gave him powers in the constitution to remove our governors. The opposition instead of resorting to taking arms should beginto mobilise for the next elections. SPLM has failed as a party in governance. The opposition must use this weakness to their advantage. Why must people in opposition like u want to think that the electorate is stupid. We must begin to trust in the ability of our people to elect people of integrity. Instead of pushing for a military solution, Riak and company must bring their grivancies to the electorate.

    • Pan says:

      I’m not a bloodthirsty hooligan with no respect for the dignity of human life and values, Nikalongo! Exaggerate elsewhere or become the spotted dog you hate.

    • Nikalongo,

      Your accusation for Dr. Ramba is meaningless and does not hold water at all. Its seems that you are happy that you are an Equotorian and you thank the Ugandan army for stopping the advancement of South Sudan opposition Fighters to Juba. First, remember that if the SPLA win the war against South Sudan Opposition Fighters, President Kiir and Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang will wake up all the sleeping dogs who did not help the government nor support rebels. These sleeping dogs like you who turned their defenseless, helpless, and hopeless into peace loving during war time, while heavily generate words of war against the government during peace periods will be wakened up one by one and torture more than those who rebelled.

      Second, note that foreign fighters do not always go back to their countries event if the war is over. I assure you, if these South Sudan Opposition Fighters lost the war or sign peace with the government, then there would be another war between Uganda and South Sudan government. It does not matter when that war will begin and that war will be fought in Greater Equatoria. When this war is over and President Kiir is still in power, the Ugandan government you admire will seek to have several military bases inside South Sudan. Should Kiir administration refuse to give base to Ugandan government in side South Sudan, the war between Ugandan government and South Sudanese government will be an avoidable.

      To give you an example, when the United States, United Kingdom, French, and Turkey governments helped Libyan overthrew their government, now these westerns nations each has a military base in Libya. When French help rebels in Ivory Coast won the war, at the moment, French has a military base in Ivory Coast. When the United States helped French won the war against Germany in 1945, now the United Military still has a base in French.

      I am very confident that if president Kiir decide to give some bases to Ugandan government in side South Sudan to avoid conflict, then those military bases for Ugandan troops will be located in Equatoria whether you believe it or not.

      The war between Ugandan and South Sudanese’s government will not happen only if the rebels win this war. If the rebels win the war, then the Ugandan government will not seek to have base inside South Sudan because the government they had supported had been overthrown.

      Nikalongo, be happy but your days for sadness will come.

  5. john gatdet says:

    well done article writting there no victor updf they never defeat the hearts south sudan for reform

  6. LL Reuben says:

    Your support of this country instability is rather intense, that it blinded you completely. Why should the so-called UPDF of Uganda be so much the issue here? Tell me your memories are deteriorating as you’re getting older, but the same “weak” SPLA fought and forced the Khartoum to except the right to Self-determination for South Sudanese leading to the independence of this country of which you’ve all kind of freedom now. Didn’t the SPLA do without Uganda footed soldiers on the tarps of South Sudan during the liberation struggles against reigning brutal regimes in Khartoum?

    If you’re supporting Riek my friend you’re also supporting the death of many teenagers from Nuer whom Riek has turn into fighters for his greedy cause. The composition of the so-called “White Army is predominately teenage Lou Nuer boys whom Riek had subdue by contaminating their consciences with the false prophesies of Ngundeng Bong.

    “To them (fighters for reform) this is a fight to humble the arrogance of those who continue to boast of being ‘born to rule and not to be ruled!’” This statement here is regrettable and foolish to be uttered by you “Dr” Ambago, at what cause are you willing to scarify the lives of innocent Nuer children or do you expect these innocent children who’re 100% illiterate to know the “democracy” that they’re being told to fight for?

    Since you’ve absolutely no clue and you wish to acquire leadership at any gross cause, I suggest you mobilize your Equatorian strong men to help the Nuer children whom your “future leader” Riek to even things out against Riek forces and Kiir’s Uganda “mercenaries”. Please do that now the time of rhetoric has been step over. You the self-proclaimed “democratic transformation fighters better win this war otherwise you’ve screwed up the aspirations of many none self imposing South Sudanese by not waiting for the very near 2015.

    Good luck and keep singing to ‘democratic’ tune it will grant you support from the western world. The west always ignores demographers of the countries where they’re deciding to install puppets wherever rich with resources on Earth.

    • Loken Ring says:

      The Equatorians are already in but they are there to protect the people of Equatoria. Only Equatoria will save S.Sudan.
      We need some sanity in the midst of insanity. When two brothers are fighting, you need somebody to break the fight. Equatorians will break the fight with wise counsel from cool headed Equatorian elders and with your support. Let patriotic people like Ramba tell the truth. The truth is painful but in the end it will set you and all S.Sudan free.

  7. Joana Adams says:

    Fantastic Ambago!
    I hope this simple but clear message will give our opposition forces the moral support they desperately need at this hard times. Indeed we humbly salute their selfless sacrifice for freedom, equality and prosperity for all in the motherland. The Nuer brothers whose lives were brutally taken away from them and their loved ones will remain in our hearts for eternity. We are a nation in mourning while heartless opportunists like the ‘peril’ of Africa Museveni gloats over our vulnerability and invades our country so he can bost as he did in Angola to be the Big boy of Africa.
    But time will come when our gallant opposition forces will teach Museveni lessons he will never forget in his remaining years on planet earth. Museveni killed John Garang and he killed George Athor. Now he is complicit in a genocidal war in South Sudan for the love of blood money. It is time for people of goodwill across the world to rise up against Africa imperialist Yoweri Museveni. Peaceful protests must be organised infront of Ugandan Embassies worldwide to highlight Uganda,s imperialistic agenda in South Sudan. East Africans should all start to isolate Museveni and most importantly the noble Ugandan people who have been for decades, oppressed by Museveni, (whose desire is like Robert Mugabe to be a life President) to rise up and tell Museveni enough is enough! Now Museveni has mislead Kiir that to be an aspiring ‘life -president’ , Kiir too must use power to remain in power (even if it means buying mercenaries) to bolster his position.
    After the invasion of South Sudan by dictator Museveni, Uganda too, must never remain the same again. We need comprehensive revoluition in East African region to outs this sad old man once and for all.
    Bravo Uhuru Kenyatta for remaining level headed in this South Sudan crisis. The future of Africa lies with younger and more enlightened generation of leaders like you. Please don’t join the geriatrics like Museveni who should be heading towards “old peoples home” and not meddling with prospects of a prosperous future for the long suffering people of South Sudan.
    I totally agree with this writer that nothing under the sun will stop our quest for a democratic and free South Sudan.

    • Joana Adams,

      To be honest with you, my tear dropped as I read your comments. You and Dr. Ramba are smart and patriots citizens. The people of this young nation of ours will bless your words and every thing you said. Salva Kiir is not only selling our souls to foreign nations, but he is also selling our beloved land that took more than million life to other countries so the foreign nations could keep him in power. Now president Kiir is seeking military intervention from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan, while the Sudan government has already took some tertiaries in Unity State. If Sudan government is going to involve in this South Sudanese conflict, the Unity State will lost more than half of it tertiaries to Sudan government no doubt. Not only Unity State, most parts Pochala County in Jongeli State are already taken by the Ethiopian Government too as its own tertiaries with exception of Pochala town only. The surrounding villages of Pochala town are taken by Ethiopian government and it will be so difficult to claim back those tertiaries lost in the future.

      • Bentiu Ramaran:

        At least Joana Adams and Dr.Justin Ambago Ramba did not participate in the looting and burning down of your hometown Bentiu, Bor and Malakal. They are much better than food lover and looter, Riek Machar. Why did Riek Machar loot and burn down your hometown? Is that the political changes he is fighting to implement in South Sudan? What does the looting and burning down of the private houses,Business and government buildings has to do with the change of Kiir’s presidency/government in Juba?

        Cousin Bentiu! Please change your name to Gogrial Ramaran because Bentiu doesn’t exist anymore. From now on, I will call you Gogrial Ramaran because your hero Riek Machar had looted and wiped out Bentiu in South Sudan. Ha Ha Ha, Did I not tell you that Riek Machar is a Lunatic and food lover? President Kiir Mayardit will never, never loot and burn down his hometown no how matter how angry he will be with Riek Machar. Where is the Brain and leadership behind that stupid PHD of Lunatic Riek Machar?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Kidepo says:


          War has got its own culture such as looting, food lover, rape on women, etc by unprofessional soldiers who lack ethics just the same as the dinka SPLA soldiers used to behave during the 21 years civil war.

          We used to go arround at least in Equatoria to telle the civilians to forgive and pardon SPLA because they have no salaries, yet we had many undiscipline dinka army who took women they are not married to by force as house wives up to this momment. We used to track back some of them up to now many were abundant badly especially in Bor town and Rumbek.

    • john says:

      If you Equatorian think this fight is all about Nuer and enjoy life? You are wrong if Kiir stay in power he will take your land, properties and kill you all when he done Nuer. He is planning to f…. up with you all a long by giving you guys vice president and tell you to wait for him to come back and kill you Equatorian. How long you guys will stay neutral? By the way only fool like Wani can accept such a stupid vice president position. Come joint the Freedom Fighters if you want to be free or face mass killings by Kiir’s forces.

  8. Jonathan says:


    The umbilical cord of this Bor war has not yet been revealed, witnesses said after more than 1 week of battle for retake Bor from the hands of pro democracy forces loyal to Riek, just 90 km from Juba, UPDF have suffered huge causalities according to Kenyan news paper the number of causalities inflicted on UPDF when they were ambushed has reached as far as 345 lost of lives, and as many as more than 100 were severely been injured, others have lost limbs etc. this is a new physiological war fare on Uganda and government back SPLA in Juba. so the claimed for recaptured of Bor is not yet over, when you talk about Bor you are not talking even about the fraction of jonglei state, this war is far from over.
    Anyway I don’t know what benefit will Uganda reap from this internal conflict within SPLA party insigated by Kiir due to power hungry, as for Philip Aguier he is a liar just like Kiir and interior Minister. it is just absurd to blame all the distraction of Bor town on rebel rather than in-discriminatory bombardment by Ugandan war planes. this is an act of criminal both Kiir and Museveni must be indicted for the answer the in-discriminatory killing of civilians base of their ethnicities.
    And Philip Aguier and paddy Ankunda are not cousin they can’t be Dinka and Munyankole are have different DNA though both are nomads.

  9. Loku Bara Vuni says:

    Well spoken.

  10. Jemmy says:

    Those who are living in abroad often encourage fighting without joining fighting themselves. You are too stupid and maracless we need change but not through fighting and the lost of lives. We have power as a nation of Southern Sudan to organize a peaceful demonstration and bring down the government. Please enjoy your life in abroad and leave us alone to think the right solution for our problem.

    • alex says:

      Thanks brother
      It is really pointless to fight while claming to establish democracy. KIIR talked several time let those who want changes wait for 2015 elections. If they win they can come to power but I find it difficult to understand why we should again go to fight. Has 2015 passed or this is another way of destorting the truth in the name of democracy. Another question I still find it hard to understand is Why was the two army divisions in Bentue and Bor being dominated by one tribe and commanded by a person from the same tribe? Was there something in making or this was a coincidence? Is it a norm for a national army to select one tribe in one army complete division or somebody was trying to doctor something?
      So brother about those who are encourging war in this net are people who lack vision and they want to push us to Central African Republic situation. War is not a solution and it will not be a solution in solving problem in any civilised society. They did not know the human cost for any war and they do not have compasion for human suffering.
      People are created differently so leave them to write their untrue stories they will try but the unity of South Sudanese people will continue to be strong. Blessed are the peace makers.


    • Loken Ring says:

      Hi Jemmy. Are you blaming those leaving abroad or yourself? I ask this because I know you are not in the frontline yourself. Otherwise you wouldn’t be having time for writing. Join and then blame later. Secondly, today’s wars are not limited to the barrel of guns. There are more ways to fight wars…not only gun fight. Information technology is as powerful as guns if not superior. Without information technology you would be caught off guard and be lynched so all of us in the war, at home or abroad.

      • Jimmy says:

        Loken Ring
        I don’t know for sure where did you got this mix names from. Are you partly Dinka and partly Equatoria?. don’t disguise yourself I am happy to talk to you now and at any time you will met me in Suothern Sudan, so please stand high and talk like a man since you mention war is fought not only through the battle of a gun.
        To be honest with you I am among forces who recapture/fought all the way to BOR . Than the operation commander send me back to juba for logistic and supplies.
        I am not against someone who expressing his/her opinion but I am opposing those who beat the drums of war without going to war themselves

  11. jay johnson says:

    there is no secret that the UDPF is fighting along side south sudan army. Not long ago was the traitor forces and various other betrayers fighting the SPLA along side NIF regime. NIF interest in helping the betrayers was partly to exploit the western upper nile oil and to win the war against the SPLA.

    so the author should stop crying. there is nothing new. The Uganda government have economic, security and regional stability interest. After all it was the Uganda government who stood firm with the people moment (SPLA) when some southerners were with the enemy in Khartoum and other major towns in the south. The Uganda government made an enormous investment in term of materials and human resource during the liberation struggle. Most of eastern Equatoria towns were liberated with the help of Uganda during the late 1990s.

    And why would the government of Uganda stand by while the country they help created is torn apart by the wolves and war lords of upper nile region. The rebels are fighting a dead end war. there is no logistic, diplomatic and military support. The old friend, the jallaba is no longer sympathetic to a collaborator of yester years. Political and military alliance changes rapidly without prior warning.

    Whether Bor town was recaptured by UDPF or SPLA, It make no different. It is in the hand of south sudan government and the rebels have run north for their dear lives. After all, the UDPF did not come to south sudan to referee the war between the government and traitors. they came exactly to teach the betrayers and traitors of yester years and todays a lesson they will never forget. A lesson that a violent overthrow of a democratically elected government is not acceptable and should not be allowed in east Africa and great lake region.

    this is lesson the UDPF want to teach the anarchist, looters, betrayers, traitors and civilians killers

    • Kampala says:

      Well said Jay. While the UPDF was fighting alongside Garang on one hand and Machar fighting alongside Bashir on the other hand, why weren’t the same folks now castigating M7 then criticize him for interfering into the internal affairs of the Sudanese?. Such narrow minded folks are unaware that Uganda and South Sudan are intertwined.

      • Kidepo says:


        The problems with you in South Sudan is money. For you Ugandans you can sale even your lives like what is happening now just for money. You guys have no human integrity at all. You guys are really fake people.

        How can Ugandans sold their throats for only USD200 per day. Now over 1,000 are killed. How will you enjoy the money when you are dead already?

        • Pan says:

          It shows you the desperation of citizens on all sides of the borders. The African big men are depriving them of opportunity and the only way they can earn a little groundnut to feed their families is to spill their blood for idiots.

  12. George Gai says:

    One wonders how much South Sudanese know about international code of arms? The UPDF is operating under the request of South Sudan government so please stop it…..and get a degree in something to serve people better

    • john says:

      George Gai, does not make you a smart person. Even, though kiir asks Museveni to help him kill his people. Uganda can say no if not because Museveni trains Kiir to be Dictator. They both plan this storm of mass killings from day one. Uganda helps trained young 4000 Gokriel ( Dinka) to protect the mindless president kiir and they want to replace the regular guards from other tribes mostly Nuer. museveni mastermind this current conflict in our country now. He known that Dinka and Nuer had fought in the past, and for him to create a perfect storm just like the one he organize in Rwanda between Tutsis and Hutus massacred of 1994. You people need to kick this old fool out of South Sudan by protesting aganist Uganda’s invasion to South and Kiir to step down because he kills people in Juba and welcome an outsider to women and children when uganda’s airforce bombed Benitu, Bor, and Malakal. Make no mistake no outside would ever bring us peace unless We are committed to such a peace I guarantee you that. Look, European have tried that on many countries and it did not works. so please do not think that Uganda present would bring South Sudan a lasting peace. The only thing that can help us is to have a free voice to challenge ourself to go extra mile when deliver a service to our people and when it comes to the leadership. kiir thinks that the power is given to him by God and therefore, he need to listen to anybody he thinks he comes from heaven as a gift to South Sudanese people and he can do whatever,he wants when he want it. And that when is wrong. To cut the chase a long bitterness of killing on our pwleople We have unite together and kick out of the country.

  13. R_Aliec says:

    Internet warrior like you brainless Doctor and hatred instigator will never win. But we the ordinary people of South Sudan will. If we did managed to win the war against the erstwhile, the arab. Then it’s obvious that it won’t be long before you, the traitor, or traitors’ sympathisers and traitors are completely shut down or brought to their knee. Calling the mighty SPLA and sons of the land victory against devils and traitors in Bor as UPDF’s victory is just clearly cheap and useless of you.

  14. Yeah, you could be right, but you are not anyone voice other than rebels voice. You should also know that it is not easy to be a rebel for long without supply of both man-power and materials needed to keep up your rebellion active. Good luck in your dream!

  15. Michael Abu says:

    Dr. Ramba changing the government by force is not a good way that need to be supported by a civilized man. If you love the people of South Sudan and the country, you will not encouraging the war between the South Sudanese. Encouraving use of violence make you no different from those who are killing themselves for this shame war which is taking the precious life our people. However, you can not be blamed that much for supporting this useless war because you never seen agony of war. If you did, you should be preaching peace to our people and send the families that lost their love one condolences rather than encouraging more violence that will led to more lost of life .In the meantime, I need our people to know that we are one people; Dinka, Nuer and the rests of other tribes in South Sudan. We fought together during the civil war and we celebrated the independent of our country in July 2011 together. Let us not be divided by poor leadership and people with their egos. My sincere, conolences to every family who lost love one on the December 15, 2013 and the days after.

    • Michael Abu,

      Changing the government by force is not a good way, but shooting of civilian and running over armed civilians by war tanks is a good way right?

    • Michael Abu:

      When you write you lift my spirit and hope that South Sudan has not run out of decent people and potential leaders. South Sudan needs people like you and not those selfish and power greed politicians who don’t give a damn about the suffering of their people. Dr. Ramba is another Riek Machar in hiding, however he doesn’t have the stupid followers to execute his plan. I greatly appreciate your comment and I believe South Sudan is in need of people like you. I hope you will not become stupid and violent like Riek Machar when you acquire your PHD. Stay blessed!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  16. Dr Justin you’re 100% right Sir! We the sons and daughters of this nation should stand up and fight for both kiir and his Uganda forces for indirectly occupying our mother land….Because at the end of the day, we are still be called South Sudanese regardless of our differences today!!!! Remember, South Sudan is for all of us, and that’s being said, we the sons and daughters of this country should allow individuals to sale our country resources to the foreigner for their own gain….

    Down!! Down!! with unwanted president (Kiir)
    Yes for democratic SPLM/A reforms
    South Sudan Oyee!!
    SPLM/A Freedom Fighters Oyee!!
    Dr Machar Oyee!!!

    • Tutbang says:

      This is not like the others wars we fought among tribes this is serious one because it is the government which is fighting rebels.Many people believed that this is not reform because Riak mobilize only one tribe, despite the fact that there are many tribes in Suothern Sudan. It seem to me that Riak Machar mislead young Nuer youth to for fight for his interest rather than reform or democracy he sing.
      I wonder why RAMBA want these illiterate young Nuer to fight to extinction? come to frontline and see for yourself what happenied. The parent of these young boys will open a case against whoever mislead them especially non-Nuer like you.

  17. I meant we should not allow individuals to sell our country resources to foreigners for their own gain….

  18. Bwana says:

    My friend Dr Justin, it’s good to run your mouth in UK and incited violence while you don’t know how that country was liberated from Jalaba. It was done by Kiir not Riek. If you know little history about our movement then you will know who betrayed our country during the liberation. Our people are not fool enough to allowed someone who betrayed them to run the affairs of the Country. Those who are fool enough like you can do that to support such idiot man like Riek Machar who is only thirst of blood of insane civilians. Our brave men and women in uniforms are the best of all. They have fought courageously to liberated Bor from Nuer militias and not what you claimed as Ugandans.

  19. Majongdit says:

    Justin Ambago,
    It is our army SPLA – a mixture of all tribes that captured Bor. A small force of Ugandans fought alongside them to help guide the use of air support to the ground fighting force.
    We as SPLA had offered support to UPDF during their struggle against LRA. Uganda is trying to reciprocate what S Sudan had given her.
    You used to be someone I really take seriously. You have only made yourself so stupid when you call for war (loss of lives) to bring reforms. The best way to remove a bad government and enforce reforms is through the ballots, not bullets.
    People in Upper Nile region have been plunged into suffering for no cause at all. Lives continue to be lost everyday and major towns like Bentiu and Bor have been touched down. Is that the manner with which you need to change the country and bring reforms?
    The way you have chosen to fight for reforms in a physical gun battle is not only ugly, but it sincerely made Kiir’s SPLM even more beautiful. And moreover, it is a war you chose and a war you will definitely lose as well.

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Cowards,why asked for foreign aid in this internal affairs,,kiir decided to confront democracy militarily, it is this time that you jienge prove your worth that you had liberated this country and will fight without aid.Kiir must lead his warrap militias personally to face Dr.Riek-Nuer white army and deal yourselves there man to man & testicle to testicle in your backyards.

      • Daughter of Equatoria:

        There is a saying that “What goes around comes around”. The prophet of Doom betrayed us and allied his forces with Jalaba to fight against us in 1991. Now it is our turn to show the fool(Riek) that we are capable to betray him too. You and your stupid Husband(Riek) should admit the fact that the UNMISS and Ugandan troops were not in Juba when we defeated his(Riek) forces and chased him out of Juba on December 15th,2013. Also the Ugandan troops were not in Bentiu and Malakal when we defeated them and chase them. By the way, we don’t loot and burn the cities or towns when we recapture them as it is the the issue with your food lovers and looters. Will your husband(Riek Machar) ever rule South Sudan by force? PLease know that the forces which we intercepted at Pariaak on their way to Juba, were not coming to fight rather they were coming to loot and burn down Juba as they did in Bentiu, Bor and Malakal. We will not allow those food lovers and looters of Riek Machar to enter Juba. Cowards, Who ran away from Juba on December 15th, 2013? General Kiir Mayardit will continue to rule South Sudan whether you like it or not. Who are you calling Cowards, you desparate losers?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Daughter of Equatoria says:

          Liar that you will always be and a fool and that frustration in you that made you failed to convince the world that it was a “coup de’tat”will make you run mad,am not seeking sorry.No International body bought or will buy a false claim from liars and cowards who seek aid,Equotorians are not violent people and we are not desperate as you liars! Foreign aid must be withdrawn!

        • Joana Adams says:

          It is true some communities in South Sudan don’t have the word shame in their vocabulary. If they did, people like Garang wouldn’t be heard barking and hurting ears of decent people. It is despicable to resort to verbal gender violence and abuse when your limited brain cannot match the wits of DoE. She is bright and fearless and any decent man would match her on equal terms. You have no knowledge of her marital status therefore has no right to assign her a husband without her consent. In any case isnt it better to be a wife to a bloke than for a man to be a ‘wife’ to another man?
          In 1991 Riek Machar did not betray John Garang but had the right like any free citizen to challenge Garang’s dictatorship and slaughter of Southern nationalists. Kiir Mayar has not learned from the bitter history which forced him as an SPLA commander to flee from his boss and take refuge for 10 years in Yei. Salva was the accidental president who is devoid of the necessary leadership qualities to lead a complex multi ethnic society like South Sudan. However much he tries to impose himself on the people of the South, he knows very well that he is the unwanted president. Salva Kiir knows that he is being pressurised to remain in leadership by his Warrap mafia who are only afraid of reprisals in case another leader comes to power. For your information Garang, your rattled president is now confused and increasingly erratic. He has betrayed the people of the South by undermining our sovereignty and calling in Ugandan mercenaries to stop his government from collapsing.
          One minute he is accusing the UN, or the IGAD or the international community, the next minute, he is begging them to condemn his enemy and a non existent coup which he manufactured and therefore only exists in his mind and the minds of his blind supporters like you.
          How can any one in their right senses applaud a man who has authorised ethnic cleansing of fellow Southerners? In 1964, the Boers had massacred 67 unarmed civilians in Soweto. This caused international outrage and condemnation of the racist regime and its subsequent isolation and collapse. Why has the international community not condemned the massacre of hundreds of Nuers in Juba between 16-19 Dec and there after. Why this double standard? 50 years on in the 21st century, is the international community loosing its nerve?
          The current topical issue is not about what happened in1991 which was resolved in 2002 by John Garang himself, but why Kiir chose to unleash his Tiger militia on unarmed Nuers? He needs to come up with very good answers. I hope that he gets indicted sooner than later.

  20. Maluth says:

    Dr. Justin. I think UPDF is not fighting their own war against SPLA-Riek in South Sudan. They were fighting on the side of SPLA-Kiir meaning they were commanded by Kiir to fight and retake Bor for SPLA-Kiir. I don’t see the reason why Aguer could not boast for the victory based on this view.

    Dr. The only way forward is the cessation of hostilities by both sides. Kiir or Riek will not win this war. And as you seem to be concerned about the invasion of Bor by Uganda, you also must be concerned for the lives being lost. Those soldiers on Kiir’s side and on Riek’s side are South Sudanese military powers. Destroying them by all means is to destroy South Sudan. This war is just useless and it must stop regardless of who was right or wrong. Let the law do its work after war, not now.

    If Kiir wants to crown himslef a king of South Sudan, then the right way to fight him is by ballot box not by bullet. Kiir will not defeat the public if he is not needed by the people. They will surely vote for Riek or any other person within or outside the SPLM.

    For now, no blame on whatever side because blaming is just useless as this war itself.

    May God bless South Sudan.

  21. Maluth says:

    Dr. Justin. I think UPDF is not fighting their own war against SPLA-Riek in South Sudan. They were fighting on the side of SPLA-Kiir meaning they were commanded by Kiir to fight and retake Bor for SPLA-Kiir. I don’t see the reason why Aguer could not boast for the victory based on this view.

    Dr. The only way forward is the cessation of hostilities by both sides. Kiir or Riek will not win this war. And as you seem to be concerned about the invasion of Bor by Uganda, you also must be concerned for the lives being lost. Those soldiers on Kiir’s side and on Riek’s side are South Sudanese military powers. Destroying them by all means is to destroy South Sudan. This war is just useless and it must stop regardless of who was right or wrong. Let the law do its work after war, not now.

    If Kiir wants to crown himself a king of South Sudan, then the right way to fight him is by ballot box not by bullet. Kiir will not defeat the public if he is not needed by the people. They will surely vote for Riek or any other person within or outside the SPLM.

    For now, no blame on whatever side because blaming is just useless as this war itself.

    May God bless South Sudan.

  22. Alfred says:

    Dr. Ramba,
    This is what all South Sudanese have in their Hearts! In fact not all Nuers like Riek Machar but, Kiir’s attempt to eliminate all Nuers whether Riek’s Fans or Not has earned him hatred of Nuers 100% plus hatred of Equatorians 100%. Also there are nationalistic Dinkas who are not happy with Kiir because his policies make other people hate Dinkas for nothing.

    So the Battle to remove Kiir is every ones Battle whether Dink/Nuer/Equatoria or other tribes.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Alfred

      That is abslout lie. It is only people like you who are encouraging fighting. Speak on your own behalf. We are peace lovers and are not interested in war.
      Those who encourage wars have their hidden agend. Any civilised man will first question him or herself if there is any progress and development in fighting. We are killing ourselves because of just following other people. Those who killed other people the laws of South Sudan are there to deal with them. It is people who do not value human life who are intersted in wars and killing. We lost 2 million people during the war for independence so there is no reason to kill ourselves again. We are civilised people. what is a point of fighting a again and later on come to talk peace talks when lives have been lost. It better to talk and slove our differences before inocent lives are lost. So brother do not generalise your own feelings not all equatorians or South Sudanse think the way you think. There are people who are politically matured , independent thinkers and are peace lovers. some of you just want war for their own personal gains this is a fact for those who do not know what to do in life.


  23. Leader says:

    Dr. Ramba
    You better declare yourself as a member of Riek’s rebel forces instead of hiding in somebody’s shadow. When did Paddy Ankunda become Minister of Defense of Uganda if you are not a pathetic ignorant liar? South Sudan as sovereign state has all the rights under International law to call in any country with which it signs a military MOU/treaty for help to stabilise any security threat. I should also tell you that the rebel forces you allege are fighting for democracy are just a bunch of Illiterate minors lured into the war with the deceit of witchcraft and promises to loot anything they find in Juba and Bor including buildings. Don’t rely on them to secure for you political victory because they do not know what they are fighting for. As for control of rural Bor, your rebel forces are now desperately running for their life and have already reached Lou Nuer areas. We are not stopping there. We shall make sure we pursue them beyond the borders of S. Sudan
    Please hear the cry of Shilluk of Malakal in the hand your democratic forces. You seem sympathetic with them b’se they are not fighting in Equatoria.

  24. Leader says:

    Who tells you it is Uganda forces who played a major role in liberating Bor. We acknowledge their support but we can do the job with or without their support as it happened in Bentiu and Malakal

  25. Kikisik says:

    Thank Dr. Ramba. How about report that the pro-democratic fighter have recapture Bor? If this report is true as I believe it is- what a blow to UDFs!
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • Alex says:

      That is a delusion in your mind. Forget that and better do something useful than opening your ears for romurs which has no basis. Men are not surposed to be a romour mongers. You better dream of peace than war. It can not help you or you will just collaps of hart attack for nothing brother.


      • Daughter of Equatoria says:

        You sing your head out and loud for peace and dreaming of peace yet this nascent country is accommodating illiterate,arrogant and ignorant soldiers or army actively involved in politics!! Are you being realistic? The peace you’re preaching is gloomy,there are no recipes or ingredients in it it is as blank as space.Make some sense!

        • alex says:

          Dear sister
          Everything was clear from the start and up to now. Peace is the only way out there is no point for us to kill ourselves. It was people like you who are encourging war without objective and even you yourself seem to contridict the position of Joan Koang the former army division in Bentue. Check this net properly you will get his speach. He said the war is not a tribal war yet people like you are encourging tribal war. In addition, you were before not interested in peace when I was writing that we should reconcile as children of one Nation. Young children have died in thousands for no reason and these are the future people who could develop that country and now they have just gone like that for no reason.
          We as Southern Sudanese are not enemies of each other therefore any disagreement or misunderstanding we should be able to deal with it in a mature and civilised manner. War can not slove any problems but peace can make as to develope. We can not live without the other tribes instead our unity is our strenght. If we had handle the tragic killing of the inocent civilian in Juba in a mature and deplomatic way we would not have lost these thousands of young people who are our future. Revenge can not help us not that I condone the inocent killings but I believe we could have avoided the lose of the thousands of lives of our presures youths. One big problem most of you people do not understand is that we have been in war for long time and this has affected all of us. We are all mentally not well that is why any slight thing amoung ourselves the reaction is always very aggrasive. we want to jump to fight first and even would like to kill our own brothers and sisters. If you are living here is South Sudan I think you will be able to notice this. If we are not careful we will push this country to Central African Republic situation and you have seen in the TV the level of the hatred that people now have aganist each other in that country. We have a lost generation during this 50 years of independence so if we do not handle matter in a smart way sister this country is going to explode and yet we know we have enemy which we have not yet finished our war with.
          About our Army people whether you agree with me or not we need to respect these people. They bought South Sudan with their own blood although some of us contributed in some other way. The price they paid in not worth to compare and for you to called them as illiterate,arrogant and ignorant soldiers is a disrespect for our liberators. SPLA is a liberation army without them we could be still in slavery in the former Sudan. So the misteaks committed by some few non law abiding members should not give us a reason to hate them or abuse them. War is not good you migh have seen the best professional army in the world such as that of America and United Kingdom how they have behaved in the wars in IRAQ and Afagnistan. They behaved barbariclly and that is all due to mental problem coused by the war. So sister 50 years fighting is not easy. The SPLA have seen a lot of bad things during the war that is why some of them see killing as an eassy thing.
          So let me and you try to avoid the situation of Central African Republic sister athourwise our situation will be more worse. Let us persue peace development education and prespority.



          • Daughter of Equatoria says:

            You are being defensive yet you lack substance,there are certain things on ground that needed to be rectified for peace to be realized otherwise your call for peace is as barren as brick,Such soldiers who meddle in politics absolutely do not deserve respect what so ever! You’re so irritating.

          • Pan says:

            Actually, DoE, you are irritating. Tribal rants are getting old. Better direct your energy into something more constructive.

  26. Jandar says:

    You come out in your shell leech.
    Dr. doom you’re the voice of devil not voiceless.

    Be aware…..

  27. Anonymous freedom fighter says:

    Dr. Justin couldn’t have been more right in his analysis. The rush to claim victory by both the Ugandan mercenaries ot president Salva Kiir’s militia is immaterial. There was no victory because there was no fighting after all. The opposition has withdrawn from the town as early as January 16th. It would have been better that the UPDF and Kiir’s loyalist had not entered Bor. They have now supplied the opposition with all kinds of weapons, artillery pieces, ammunition and food, which can keep them fighting for the next one month. The Ugandans are still using the old field tactics and that is why they have suffered more casualties.
    President Museveni has put his friend cum protege Salva Kiir in big shit or perhaps both are in it. Salva Kiir knew he had no army and that explains why he quickly requested foreign intervention. His Generals were sending him fake parade figures which do not tally with what is going on. The Generals who have developed pot bellies can not fight nor plan the war. Their Ugandan mercenaries are not accustomed to the terrain and the people they are fighting. It is very likely even with the air superiority they have the UPDF can not win the war.
    So what is going to happen? Museveni will have to swallow his vain pride. Salva will be defeated as many people are joining the opposition. It is imperative that all South Sudanese should desert Salva and join the opposition to parttake in engineering a political system vide South Sudan will be governed. We should not repeat what happened in 2005 when the CPA negotiators adopted the political system erected by the NCP. This time we should all participate in chat they for state building and for nation building in South Sudan.

  28. Truth matters says:

    Dear Dr Ramba,
    As a patriotic citizen of South sudan I clearly understand your concern about the involvement of foreign troops such as UPDF in what is purely a local conflict. Braodly said this is a south sudanese conflict. But more accurately put it is a local conflict within the ruling party -the SPLM. President Museveni and any other African leader should have opted for mediation, which reduces conflict instead of fueling it. That said, I don’t understand how you can consider the forces fighting on Machar’s sides as (fighters for reform). What we have seen in Malakal is not near in any way to reform. No reformer can start by looting and burning down the property of armless citizens. No reformer can kill innocent civillians when they fail to give money to the fighters – knowing that it was the same fighters who looted their property and government banks. It looks like the fighters have quickly spent all the money they looted during the first days in town and are now looking for more from the impoverished citizens. Even if they need money for whatever purposes reformers do not use the methods being employed by Machar’s fighters now.

    I expected a political analyst like you to distinguish between anarchists and reform fighters who are ususally organized, civilized, pro-citizens and civilians. It is clear you had an oversight in this regard. but me say it loud I am neither for Kiir or Machar. Both are party and indeed partners in the destruction that has been befalling south sudan since the advent of CPA. Eight long years to be exact. Staying out of the cabinet for three or four months doesn’t miraculously turn Machar into a reformist. As I said Kiir and Machar are equally responsible for the corruption that south suadn has been witnessing, the killing of innocent cilians by the SPLA soldiers during the eihgt years of their joint rule and the current devastating war whose major casualities are civilians. you may ask why the two partners are fighting at long last and that is a legitimate question. The simple answe I can give you is that the two foes have been growing in greed all this time and finally reached the peak where they cannot agree on how to divide the cake. each one wants it for himself now, hence the querrel and ensuing fighting.

    While we continue to look for good leadership to guide south sudan to the desired future we cannot afford to be decieved that it (good leadership) can come from the tried and definitely failed Kiir and Machar. Never! The two are fighting over the stolen power and resources fo south sudan. It is said ‘when the thieves fight the stolen goods become known’. All wars with out exception are destructive to peoples’s lives. however, one good thing about this Kiir-Machar’s war is that the people of south sudan are learning more about the rotten qualities of both leaders. My last word is that reformist are there in south sudan. let us look for them away from Kiir and Machar and rtheir direct associates. that is the only way forward I strongly believe.

  29. Andrew Jenge says:

    Dr Ambago, that is very true. Nothing will quench thirst for freedom. Indeed, the credit goes to the UPDF because either they were the first to enter Bor town or pro Salva forces work under and report direct to Kampala not Juba.

    The good news is that many UPDF are now PoW. They should be applauded for having a gut to come all the way from their country to come and fight to install a dictator in South Sudan. Hence, they should be rewarded with a Nuer bravery marks on the forehead or dotted facial arts! These arts of work and the money they get from Kiir government will be a Sauviner to take back home, and also to differentiate them as veterans of South Sudan war.

  30. James B says:

    it seeks there is dispute between the spla forces and the uganda forces in the recapture of Bor town, who is to be given the victory? is it the SPLA or UPDF forces. Uganda president said that he fought alongside with the gov’t of Salva Kiir it mean that the victory is to account to the forces loyal to kiir. since they paid the oil money to both meseveni & his soldiers received million of dollars/day in order to defeat Dr Riek Machar and gain momentum to compensate the lost/dead soldiers alongside with the gov’t forces.
    i think the UPDF will be the loser since Nuer Nation well-known for their bravery in the country.

  31. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:

    With all doctors South Sudan has, it is difficult for few to genuinely assess the correct impact of current war! Now, I develop the sense of reading only from ordinary students and few graduates and most of all few analysts! what is wrong if Uganda signed cooperation defense agreement with the Republic of South Sudan? Was it wrong when Mali militarily got helped by French forces when rebel forces captured northern Mali? Was it wrong when Djibouti called for help when Eritrea tried to Invade it? Lack of understanding is common in us people of South Sudan. There is no need for someone like Dr. Ramba to decry military help from Uganda unless he himself belongs to rebel camp of Riek Machar.

    • Peter King says:

      I think people in Juba very well know the genesisi of this conflict. What’s not known is how would reasonable adults not want to speak the truth. We all know how a poltically started difference culminated up to the killing of innocent citizens for belonging to a particular ethnic background. The government had the means to arrest the situation at it’s infancy. The question we are asking ourselves till now is that “why did the govenment allow it to progress without being arrested”? Was it intentionally but without reading the consequences, or was it due to administrative failure on the part of those responsible. The rapid cascade of the unfortunate events gave credit to Riak Machar’s group. They( Riak and friends) wouldn’t have got any support should Juba acted responsibly. We all probably know that those who mutinied did so as a result of losing their innocent love ones. Let’s not attribute this to be Riaks making. It’s understanable that when one hears that their love ones have been murdered in cold blood, we are bound to react. This reaction if not calmed down by authorities will lead to action. It’s this action that we are witnessing and discussing now.

      Let’s avoid taking sides and calling one another names. The country is ours, the people are ours, and the problem is ours, and we have to find a solution as people of South Sudan. SPLM has done more damage to this nation than good during its eight year rule. The problem is not ethnic but failure of the ruling party to govern. It has done very little on development, provision of services and building of the nation’s institutions.

      Another and may be a leading reason for this conflict is the SIN of this nation. People have forgotten God the creator and the provider of PEACE. How do we expect peace to prevail in a country where there is INJUSTICE. We all know that God hates INJUSTICE. When leaders commit crimes, old people shamelessly seen misbehaving with their grand daughters in hotels, orphans and widows creeping to collect something to eat from garbage.

      Lets all humble ourselves and repent. The Lord may forgive us and give us new hearts. AMEN

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Peter King, may the Almighty God grand you the forum to pass this kind of message of peace. I have not seen so many brief yet soothing emails from people in this forum.

        Yes, the leading problem in South Sudan today is the SIN and immorality in the country. We need to turn to God for answers with sincerity.

        Thank you brother,

        God bless you!

  32. GatCharwearbol says:

    Col. G. Yuoi Latjor:

    It is for you to know that the war the Nuers are fighting is not for Dr. Machar’s leadership as you seem to allude here. This war is about the innocent Nuers children and women who were murdered in Juba for no good cause. So, it is up to you to join Kiir’s camp to quench your thirst for money-fishing. If you are a true Nuer son which I doubt, you should by default join hands with your Nuer comrade for the heinous act done by Kiir in Juba. But because you are a pretender or Dinka of Bhar El Ghazel in disguise, you have been trying to convince the rest of the world that the killing of Nuer in Juba is no big deal. Well, my friend, it is not big deal to you but it is big deal to us, we the true Nuer sons and daughters.

    You mentioned some time back that Nuer bravery is fading away and I did assure you that you were wrong. Now you have witnessed that by your own naked eyes that Nuers are not coward. You and your King Salva Kiir ran shamelessly to hire UPDF to fight only one tribe. How pathetic! Where is your brave Jienge you were bragging about a while back? You must be a cousin to Gathoth Mai or you are benefiting greatly in Kiir’s administration. Are you desperate enough to sell your own kin’s blood for money? Your writing has proven that!

    Please stop bothering the real people who are fighting for freedom here and wash Salva Kiir’s launder peacefully.

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Gatcharwearbol,

      Where have you been gatnere? I have been looking for you here on the site. Have joined the white army that invaded, looted and destroyed Bor town? Are you a eastern or Western Nuer?

      Back to the topic, I thought the war was about democracy, a foreign word with no corresponding meaning in Nuer and western Nilotic languages. Now, you are stunningly saying the war is about revenging the Nuer civilians killed in Juba. I think you can not have it both ways. You have took a revenge against Dinka in Bor, Malakal, Akobo and Bentiu. I am wondering if that revenge killing of innocent Dinka civilians, who have nothing to do with Salva Kiir mess in Juba, is not enough. Ironically you are calling the ICC to investigate Salva Kiir and yet you claim to be fighting a revenge war because of Juba killing of Nuer civilians.

      If you want justice for innocent Nuer killed in Juba, you should not go on a revenge spree but wait for a small window of opportunity like Jonglei Dinka. The Dinka of jonglei whose their kins were killed 20 years ago by prophet of Doom did not revenge their death. They have waited for long time. Now the man who killed their people will not escape justice after leading another senseless war which cost the live of 10,000 both soldiers and civilians.

      Now that Bentiu, Bor and Malakal have been recaptured from your war lords, what is the plan B given the fact that old friend of your war lords, the jallaba have turned a blind eyes on You? It is time to lay down your arm and come to the negotiating table. Dr. traitor rebellion have been crashed and there is no friend in sight to extend logistic, diplomatic and military hand to you.

      please accept the defeat like a man and pursue peaceful political means as the way forward

  33. General South says:

    Dear Dr Ramba,

    I 100% stand with you that UPDF Occupation of Bor will never stop peoples’ fight for reforms in South Sudan!, by the way in any beginning of liberation struggle, they started like the one in South Sudan, where were you when Kiir SPLM have killed three Equatorian police offers in Yambio, crabbing of 900 plots in 3K South in Juba, Killing of journalist Isaiah Abraham, Killing of Engineer John Louis….e.t.c Where were you guys….You used to said SPLA is the strongest army, shame on SPLA..This time when we go to Kampala city, we will move with our heads down.

  34. AW Joseph says:

    Glad to hear from J Ramba. If we have great thinkers like you who have the interest of the nation at heart, South Sudan would be a better country for all of us.
    Brother Ramba Dinka are like pests that need to be treated with the best pesticide available.
    The only regret was that Riak Machar didn’t have the opportunity to finish the well done job in 1991.

    • Pan says:

      Vulgar and disgusting. Similar hate-speech to that of Rwanda’s Interahamwe.

      To refresh you and others’ memories, this is what you are wishing for the nation and you have the nerve to call yourself a nationalist. Your words will follow you, AWJ, DoE et al.

      “The Interahamwe (Kinyarwanda, meaning “those who stand/work/fight/attack together”[1]) is a Hutu paramilitary organization. The militia enjoyed the backing of the Hutu-led government leading up to, during, and after the Rwandan Genocide. Since the genocide, they have been forced out of Rwanda, and have sought asylum in Congo. They are currently a terrorist group hiding in the Congo and the Ugandan forest. While still in action, they despised the Tutsis so much that they often referred to them as cockroaches, or inyenzi in Kinyarwanda.”


      • AW joseph says:

        Are those Nuer murdered in cold blood by the Gwellweng in Juba on the 15/01/13—-Current animals? Give me a break PAN, if you nothing to say or compare?

  35. upiu says:

    Very soon, these pro-anarchy forces will fragment into different groups commanded by different interest groups. And every community in South Sudan will have their own militia of warlords which is what some fanatic and barbaric fools on the net would like to see in South. When they were defeated in Bor, the white army resorted to killing the dying sick in hospital beds, the elderly, women and children they could find at different hideouts.
    Shame on them who are supporting these kind of inhuman acts and who celebrate this kind of savagery. Ramba, Joanna and C. Jas should quit internet campaigns and join their brethren in arms for the loot they seem to enjoy.

  36. Tutbang says:

    Nuer youth are being encourage to fight war with the government but they don’t sit and think for a moement of advantage and disadvantage. We think we are the second largest tribe directly after Dinka but let our tribal leaders make sensus and report our population. How many war we fought in Upper Nile they are numerous, and what did we gain nothing. When this war end there will be high rate of death and injuries among Nuer population. Will Nuer servived Mureli attack or any tribe who they raid thier cattles? I doubt if people are talking of a minority tribe in Suothern Sudan Nuer will be the first to claim minority. I say this because it is not a war between Dinka and Nuer as such it is the government forces and Dinka are only part in the government forces. Why do we lose hundered of thousand Nuer civillian?

  37. Esp says:

    Thanks, Upiu, good post. If you step back and look at the unraveling of South Sudan, you can see patterns of insanity that were woven into the fabric of the country upon the signing of the CPA up to the current date. The process of destabilizing a country, and an African country in particular, and exploiting the weakness, narcissism and immaturity of its leadership is a tried and true formula. My fear is that the vampires are not finished in Bor and other areas in South Sudan. The next part of the formula is to introduce some “mysterious disease” into the civilian population to further traumatize and decimate the survivors, to catch the nation off guard and instill widespread fear and panic. With the tension between the UN and the Government, the UN will not only need but will create a new distraction in the guise of a ”natural medical disaster.” I’m not in the business of predicting tragedy but the formula has been applied too many times to ignore.

    • Esp says:

      After the creation of this ”natural” medical disaster, they will rush in with their NGOs like knights in shining armor and everyone will forget their complicity in the unraveling of South Sudan and their spies and boots on the ground will increase. They do this in Northern Uganda, Haiti, DRC, etc. Real vampires.

  38. Bwana says:

    Who is selling our country, is it someone who was liberating the country or someone who was fighting a long side the Khartoum regime? History will tell what tribes in South Sudan who betrayed the people of South Sudan during our struggle.

  39. Igga says:

    It is good that SPLA force killed the warlord called Peter Gatdat in Bor,alone with 13,000 men of white Army,or force of looting and destruction,

  40. malith Alier says:

    To our informed Dr. war has fewer conventions and that is why the white armies was dubbed as ”soldiers who have turned their back on Salva Kiir” this was Riek statement on BBC. Some people have pointed it out well that you should come to South Sudan join the fight because you won’t to be a credible player if you continue to incite violence while procrastinating in the UK. Even if your true sons of the land as you put it win the battle you will not be offered a fair share. If you have a PhD then this is what some people called Permanent head Damage. You have failed miserably to sway people to your line of thinking and therefore to your party of which you’re a secretary General. My advice is simply come back home and join the fight you might be rewarded through it.

  41. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:


    I joined the SPLA (Tiger battalion) at tender age, that was two years after my scarification in Nasir, got trained and dispatched to numerous battles in Southern Sudan. The vision was to secure free and inclusive Sudan where Arabs and Southerners are treated equal and live side by side as citizens of one nation free from ethnic psychological inferiority.

    But that vision of united Sudan changed after the death of Dr. John the staunch advocate for one Sudan when our people voted for separation instead for unity. Our states, mostly dominated by Nuer, voted overwhelmingly for separation surpassing other Dinka and Equatoria dominated states. I will not forget this moment that will remain in history.

    Dinka politicians now in jail support Dr. Riek to form his own party and then run for the presidency in 2015 general election. This was my advice to Dr. Riek incase he does not want to work under Salva in the same party he once deserted and returned to.

    You said I and General James Hoth Mai did not join our Nuer brothers to fight the SPLA or the government and that we are traitors for money, you name it…. Well, that is not true. Riek does not listen to others and his inability to clearly spell the vision for fighting the government speaks much about his Ph. D education.

    I once stood with him Dr. Riek in the net here where editor asked if I could support other Southerner other than Riek Machar to run in 2015. This was clear and if you doubt this I would refer you to reread my communications.

    Killings that happened across south Sudan were done after the rebellion in which Dr. Riek’s soldiers captured presidential army Hqrs and were even heading to SPLA general Hqrs Bilpam. The massacre of Dinkas in Malakal and Bentiu including Bor and the one of Nuer in Juba could be said as these are result of carving the internal rebellion.

    Un is now compiling and presenting the report to the security council , thing you know soon. Government well armed with tanks and sophisticated other machine guns cannot be fought with AK 47s by a single tribe Nuer. I blame Riek greatly for the deaths directed to our people in upper Nile States.

    Nuer soldiers in Bhar Ghazal’s army barracks are doing ok and this was my first and General Hoth Mai’s concern. it is not easy to kill any nuer in Bhar el Ghazal when there is no rebellion reported and this shows the war is not between Dinka and Nuer.

    Other tribes are all fighting the rebellion in the country. You need to correct this language of yours if you need to save the lives of Nuer people. I said last time that Nuers are losing their bravery because they have no right leaders standing for them for just and clear cause. They are used just as Riek did when Lou children between 13 and 15 yrs took guns against the SPLA in Bor. They captured Bor, I admitted but they suffered human loss at the second recapturing of Bor.

    I cannot be lured into joining unknown vision of Riek. You live abroad just come and take up gun against the government if you will survive the battle of rebellion. SPLA is forced to use tanks against the rebels since they have heavy machine guns too.

  42. Francis Mangok says:

    Dear Esp,

    UN have to change South Sudan UN Mission Leader Miss Johnson whether she is going to harm people of South Sudan or not she has to go. Southern Sudanese have right to do something to keep the country safe from outside world. It was mistaken from the beginning when the government used to allowed international organization to share the country politic. I will support the change of the UN leadership in South Sudan. The head of UN mission in South Sudan must go without question so many things happened in the present of that UN representative. It is not problem if the country need the change of the UN leader unless there is a certainly things the UN want to achieve in the country. Many Southern Sudanese are not happy to keep her as UN leader in South Sudan.

    I believe there must be fathomable people of South Sudan want to understand from the UN and is not crime to tell somebody to leave the country without violence against person who is leading the organization. UN is not our ruling organization, but it is the world international organization supporting the government which is not what they are doing in Juba. I love to see the change of UN in South Sudan thanks.

  43. Deng says:

    Very cheap and baseless headline to draw more attention and surely you guys got it.

  44. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Fabulous! Justin Ambago Ramba,
    The UPDF is the obstacle and kiir is buying time.If this obnoxious government is indeed interested in singing a deal to this calamity then kiir must let go of one demand,either withdraw the foreign troops or let go the politicians.You can’t hold two sensitive package that every sound person sees it wrong and you expect the other to accept.The pro-democracy delegation have already put it clear if this talks in Addis collapsed this obnoxious government is responsible but they will not get out from Addis until they resolve issues.Some of them(kiir’s delegates) are already absenting themselves from the table very irresponsible,this makuei,who wants to force his way in to UN base with soldiers yet they are parties in conflict is this not offensive and sickening? What a despicable person? This unpalatable government is in an awkward position in the International and Regional visual perception.

  45. General South says:

    Dear Col. G. Yuoi Latjor,

    I am a South Sudanese citizen and particularly from Equatoria Region, Col G. Yroi Latjor you say “the truth and truth will set you free ” i did not believed up to dated that there is Coup Attempted in Juba 15/12/2013, but let us put it as there is Coup Attempted in Juba, as a government aborted coup failed attempt Why did Government soldiers mainly dinka ethnic tribe sort with list of names moving from house-to-house killing innocence Nuer civilians in Juba areas who are not Army Why Why Why Why..and millions of Why , Kiir must answer this question whether on Earth or in Heaven Col. G. Yuoi Latjor President Kiir was advice from President M7 of Uganda that the only way to remove Dr. Riek from SPLM because he is the only treat to Salver Kiir is to associate him with Coup Attempt and you arrest him and take him to court but that does not happen, so, you said there are dinka politicians in jail who support Dr. Riek, my question is why president not kill other tribes who have their sons in prison like Shilluk, Dinka, Latuko, Moru e.t.c and just killing Nuer Only, Shame on you Col. G. Yuoi Latjor, you are not Pure Nuer , let me ask the spirit of Nuer ancestors to dwell and kill you .

  46. Equality says:

    Col. G.Yuoi Latjor,
    Some of the questions that General South raised are questions that you should sincerely answer. please don’t insult the innocent nuers that perished in Juba by using shameful and unspeakable claim. You and all the nuer that support kir need to answer the question of existence. What is your purpose of living, if your own family and relatives are being kill and you don’t do anything? I am not saying, you should take arms, but your support to the killer of your family speak great volume of what kind of person you are. What is the purpose of being loyal to a government that despise your heritage? I kinda thought you were logic on some of your post, but you came out as nothing, but a parasite.

  47. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:

    General South,

    I am a pure Nuer just as you are. Stop hiding your colour as an Equatorian man when you are a pure Nuer. Equatorian man may not ask Nuer’s ancestors to deal with me but Nuer only.

    I said Plainly time and again that the war is not between Dinka tribe and Nuer tribe; the fight is between Riek rebel and government forces containing all tribes in South Sudan including Nuer people like me.

    I have Nuer colleagues and brothers with their wives and children from SPLA Divisions in Bhar el Ghazal but none of them was killed there. This again is a proof that this war is not about Dinka and Nuer. It is about an attempt by Dr. Riek to secure leadership by unfair means.

    It is our people Nuer who killed children and wives of Dinka SPLA soldiers in Bentiu, Malakal, Bor and Akobo respectively. The killings of Nuer in Juba, which I cannot indpendentlt verify could be true. I have few of my cousins killed but in frontline supporting Riek. They were killed at Geida night and few later during the time SPLA took control of Geida later. Frankly speaking, Riek or Salva cannot rule divided South Sudan because of their large tribal ethnicities.

    I have done more than you to secure brother Nuers in Equatoria and Bhar El Ghazal and other parts of South Sudan always with the message that the war is not between Nuer and Dinka and that SPLA vision to protect the nation remains centerpiece of the South Sudan’s constitution.

    You said this was not a coup. I don’t agree with you! How do you call people who captured presidential army headquarters and march onto the SPLA General HQrs with similar ambition to control it? who started shooting and killing their soldier colleagues in the Geida at Jebel? Let us be fair here. You should have researched this yourself.

    According to you, you said SPLA was trying to kill Riek and as a result he fled and the fight between the SPLA soldiers started. This is not true again. Riek and other Dinkas now in detention planned to oust the president because they were relieve from being top government officials. What is this? Did these Dinka people in prison have supporting army to oust Salva?

    Riek went on alone and attack the military barracks only with pure Nuer supporters who have similar minds to that of Riek himself. Will Nuer take the presidency by force?

    The position Riek held as vice President was for current vice president General Wani Igga in the first place. He gave his leadership to him last time on the advice to entice Riek into fully joining the SPLA since he is a power hungry politician. He left SPLA in 1991 and rejoined it later when SPLA remained strong and coud not fall.

    Riek has everything from money to other worldly luxury he had acquired during his vice presidency, things he should have made proper use of to garner public support from other communities for his future political ambition. Now that he has ruined his chances and everything and our Nuer people are being killed in retaliations, I think this is his last time in political career.

  48. alex says:

    Hi Brother General
    It is useless for us to wast time to be looking for roumers whether there is a coup or not but the facts remains there was a hidden agend. Can you tell me why the two army divisions in Bentue and Bor was composed of one tribe and also commanded by the same tribe. Is it a norm in depolying a national army from one tribe? Secondly was there a shooting or not ? Who did that and why? Why did our brother and fellow tribe men run from Juba while the other people remain behind if they did not know there was something wrong? Why did Riak’s fighters go and attack towns befor even the matter is properly invegisted ? To me the only misteak I condem was the unfortunate killing of the inocent civilians from one side. I do not codone that and I strongly condem it. Most writers in this net believe the fact that the international community did not condem the coup attempt is a reason to believe there was no coup attempt. Now the question to be asked is if the world did not believe there was a coup why did Uganda come to help the goverment in Juba. Why is the world silent about the presence of UPDF? It is because they knew there is problem in our country so for them to say there is a coup attempt will make it difficult to reconcile our two brothers. The world want us not to go back to civil war they want us to develop our country and educate ourselves so that when the democracy we are crying of come, it will then not be based on tribal line. We will vote people not because he or she is my brother or sister or he or she comes from the area I was born. See the current estemate of the people killed in this recent war by the media is about 10.000 people. If it is true people are dying because of illitracy. They just run to fight because somebody comes from his or her area and he or she is a learnt person. They think learnt people are telling them the truth and without analysing the matter properly you jump to fight. The world knew if they let us to slide to war it will be even more worse than the war for independence that is why they want to hold us together as one people. So let us leave what happen and let us begin new life brothers. If we keep on revisiting what happen, we will not be able to reconcile and forgive each other. If the whole world did not know there was a coup attempt but some of us knew. If you are here in South Sudan ask the brothers in diaspora from the tribe now fighting they contributed alot to encourage this war. They were openly telling other South Sudanse we will soon see what is going to happen. Indeed it has happen. They tried to hide it but some of them can not keep the secert. So brother if you are still living in your delusions that there is no coup attempt you decieve yourself but enlighten person like me knew long ago what people from the mentioned tribe were planning. It is only people like Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba who is fighting for his hidden objectives who is intertaining you people with his cheap politics. Let me tell you this, these guys will only push you who are not independent thinkers to the fight and die for no course. They are living in good places and their children are studying and sleeping well so they do not care how much people should die for the so called democracy. What I want to tell you is try to analyse issues do not support things because somebody tells you. Be independent thinker and be ready to condem and point misteak from your own brother or community member. What I can say is war is bad and let us leave fighting instead lets join our hands to develope our country. What happen we should leave it and reconcile ourselves.. The truth is there is no objectives in this fighting and no one should be blamed of the failings in the working of the Goverment because this same guy now leading the fighting was the V. president and if he knew things were not working well why did he not correct it. I can not believe somebody in the same boat who saw the boat is leaking do nothing to prevent it and after when the boat is drowning and jump out and say it is the misteak of the boat’s pilot. RIEK should tell the South Sudanese people what he has done during the eight years that he was the V. President. So brother if you are here in South Sudan you might have notice that all of us are mentally sick. Any simple problem people want to fight and kill so the unfortunate misteak which happen in Juba was committed by few rock elements in the army. War is bad even see the best professional armie of the world like the American Army and the British army what did they do in Iraq and Afagnistan. You can not imagine army from a develop country would do that. So do you think the SPLA can be immune from such actions? The 50 years of independence have done much destruction in our minds brother that is why we are praying for peace because if it exploides we will be eating ourselves like what is happening in Central African Republic. This war should be contained at all cost and we should take it as a political issue not a tribal war. We are heading to bloodbath if we do not leave the issue that other people were singled out. It is a truth but this is not the right time to continue to ask such questions why some other people were singled out or even discuss it. It will be good to discuss it during reconcilation meetings. Now the unity of our country is permount and one think I noticed from your writing is that you are not an equatorian just you are the people encourging the fighting to continue by preaching your hidden hatred. So if you are a nationalistic brother come out openly than hidding your true identity in others people. I know you now equatorians are good people that is why you pretended to be an equatorian but if you change your attitude and thinking and the way you reason thinks out brother you can be even more better than the equatorians. REread your last sentence this purely proves that you are not an equatorian.


  49. alex says:

    Hi Daughter of Equatoria
    You may say I am irretating but the facts remains that we are people from the same nation and our unity is our strenght.
    So if the rest of my words are not helpful to you just pick one word which may help you. So to be brief there is no point for us to fight because we may fight at end we will come back to settle our differences through peace talks. See this current war we have lost 10.000 young men for nothing could it not been better if we had solved our differences first. Now if we manage to settle our difference is it possible to bring back our fallen brothers. The time of revenge is during Moses time of an eye for and eye. If we are able to forgive the Arabs who killed 2million people in South Sudan why not we are not able to forgive ourselves.
    Why we divide ourselves or hate ourselves while at end we know what ever the situation may be we will end up living together. GOD has created the tribes in our country for a purpose so no one will altar GOD’s creation whether we like it or not. Secondly we Southern Sudanese people are claiming to be christians and if we can not forgive each other what GOD are we believing in? God is love and who ever want to see God should love his brother , sister and neighbour like him or herself. so despite what happen sister I am not depensive let us try to forgive each other. I know how painful it is for those who have lost their dear ones but by God’s power we can all together overcome this tragidy. Let peace shine in our country I know it is hard but sister if we trust God we will all be able to overcome the troubles going through at moment. I know even now if you hear your fellow South Sudanese is dying near you, you will run to help despite where he comes from. So I advice you to be an agent of peace and change not of hatred because it take you no where.
    To conclude PLEASE, PLEASE let us respect our army these guys deserve praise and honour. Let the misteak of the few not cover our eyes from the price they payed for our liberty. Without them all of us up to now will be in slavery. They are heros and heroiens. Imagine somebody leaving his children and wife or home and go and pour his or her blood for you and my seek. They were not selffish and they scrificed their lives for our seek sister. They were fighting one hand fighting wild animals like Lions and snakes and the other hand shooting at our enemies. It is through them that that star of hope in our flag was able to be raised among the falgs of the world. Think of the day when our independence was decleared sister. It makes us walk with our heads up in the streets all over the world but before the independence all our heads were down because of shame. We were slaves and have no voice in Sudan but at least now we are able to speak loud that we need democracy. Did we do that during the time of Omar Bashir if you were in Juba or Khartoum? I know they are not all perfect so also think about yourself whether you are 100% perfect.
    GOD bless you and I whish you peace and porsperity. I hope to see you one time.


  50. General South says:

    Dear Alex,

    When late Dr. John Garang told the people of South Sudan in 1994 that “an oppressor has no color”, a lot of South Sudanese thought that he was referring to black Sudanese who oppressed their own people. But with the advent of independence, so many people have begun to analyse what he was referring to and realized that anybody, whether a brother or a sister, could become an oppressor if s/he denies the citizens equality, democracy, rule of law and justice.so many Southern Sudanese thought that an oppressor who denied people their rights was a Muslim man in Khartoum with a turban on his head. Little did the ordinary people know that a Dinka man with scarification on his forehead would become the new oppressor who may practise the worst kind of ethnic domination in the newly independent state. My friend Alex, automatically after fighting ceased in southern presidential guard compound in the 16/12/2013 , a group of mainly Dinka soldiers from the Presidential Guards who are dubbed ‘the president’s tribal militia,’[for having been formed by the president himself ; without the knowledge and approval of the top army echelons] took advantage of the fighting in Juba, in what appeared to have been a well-orchestrated plan to settle old political and ethnic scores in the murky political environment in South Sudan, and began a door-to-door mopping operations in which they have engaged on a clear targeted-killings of Nuer residents of the town and specially in Gudele areas of Block (4-5-6-7-8-9) and Gudela Two. Instead of running after Dr. Macher who they claimed to have attempted the coup, this one result to the defection of Peter Gadet and the revenge attack and killing of Dinkas in Bentui, Akobo and Bor e.t.c President Salva has become the new oppressor and dictator for South Sudan and It would be practically impossible for Dinka elite or president Kirr to brutally dominate other ethnic groups in a country whose independence was achieved via a revolution. Dinka elite or President Kiir cannot institutionalize ethnic domination in post-independent South Sudan without facing a military uprising similar to Dr Riek Macher Rebellion. I am personally happy that our fellow Equatoria has open their ears, eyes and minds with this crises, now Maj. Gen. Clement Wani governor of Central Equatoria has open recruits to join his former commandos militia from the retired Sudan Army Soldiers and Wani Igga has also recruiting his own militia now attending every week parade in his house next to Salva Kiir House in Juba and Western Equatoria are developing the Arrow Boys militia and Eastern Equatoria are recruiting militia for the state, this is what we Equatorian wanted, Dinka elite will not talk to you or compromise with you unless you threaten his life with dead, Grabbing of 900 Equatorian Plots at 3K-South in Juba, killing of Equatoria Police Officers in Yambio, Disappearing of Eng. John Louis and to make it worst President Salva Reinstate the Murderer in his position, now who are Refugees in comps at Arua, Aligo in Uganda(Dinka).
    The politics of domination the Dinka elite pursue in South Sudan for the control of economic and political power is the main source of incessant conflicts among ethnic groups in the country.

    • alex says:

      Dear General South

      The situation in South Sudan is fluid and it is being manipulated by the so called political elit. The course of the fighting is the riveraly for the top position and it is clear brother. Whether you agree with me or not all what led us to the current situation was brought by the fact that people were not patient. Elections were said to be in 2015 and I find it hard to understand that some of these politicians were not patient. Secondly if you watch the speech of those opposition leaders in Nyokuron before the SPLM political breaue you can see that some of these fellows were very angery because they were removed from their positions. You might have heard all over the major chanels our goverment was ranked one of the currupt country in the world. why would our oppositions leaders not give chance to the other people to see if the problem was with them or not? They could act as the guardians of the liberation and direct those who were elected to repleace them on how the country should be run.
      You have seen when the said 7million US dollars were spend on buying the so called fire sefty cases when the prisedent appointed invegistation team to find out about the matter and suspended the duties of the finance minister and that of cabinate affairs misisters, some of the people begin to attack him that he was behaving detotorial. Why not wait for the outcome of the invegestions before rushing to blame? Again it is we South Sudanese people complaining that our goverment is currupt now in which way do we people want our leaders to be accountable?
      See the composition of the current goverment is not a tribal it was fair and representative but did this please our politicians? Could you tell me in the previous dismised goverment how many ministers were from Nuer and how many were from Dinka and other tribes. Is it logical that the Nuer could talk of tribelism or it should have been the equatorians? Why were the equatorians quit and other people not? Do the complainers lack the spirit of national unity?

      Brother even if you were Salver KIIR you can not please everyone what ever the case may be because the way our politicians behaves, they think they should be in those positions for life. Secondly see some of our brothers called from abroad to come and work in the country where done by people who were given responsibility in the ministry and instead of calling in people who have quilifications, they called in people they know , their friends and relatives. It was not the prisedent who did that mess it is our own politicians. This situation lead to underperfomance in the goverment and all this was done by our own politicians who are claming to be fighting for the people not the president because he was not responsible for employing those people. In other positions instead of employing their own South Sudanese people some of them went and brought their fellow friends they were together in Kenya and Ugand to fill those positions and this was not done by the president brother.
      If some people feel they are being oppresed because the president did not want reform in the SPLM why not form another party than going to war and cause unnacessary bloodshed. If they have proper objectives and convice the South Sudanese people what they are going to do, could they not win the 2015 elections than fighting for the same positions in the SPLM. You can win an elections if you have a good political menafesto it is not the party’s popularity.
      What you did not know is that it is not easy to build democracy. It took America nearly 80 years and Britaian 70 years to build a functional working democracy. We south Sudanese always want ready made things and all of us were opening our eyes to the president to deliver everything. It is not possible for one man to deliver what we need in that country.
      It is you and me to make sure that whenever you are given a position or a responsibility, it is you to clean that ministry from tribalism, curruption, buecracy and social injustices not the president. There are roles associated with each function or work not that you have to be directed by the president to do your roles.
      The reasons why everybody is fighting to be in the SPLM is that they knew once they are out of the SPLM they will not win but otherwise if they were visionary people there is no need for them to bring a war which will kill thousands yet we all know we have an enemy the ARAB which is waiting.
      Whether you agree with me or not brother, If that is the way we behave I think we need a guided form of democracy since we do not have the established institutions to help us in developing a functional working democracy. The problems is not Dinka or Nuer or equatorians or president but we are still backward and not politically intellectual. we are not independent thinkers we go by what ever we hear and being told but we can not analysis things by ourselves. It is me and you to correct the system and bring change in a mature and civilised way not barbarric wars of destructions.

      So if you opressed start to form a new political party which promises equality social justices for everyone and your election programmes for 2015 and you see whether people will not follow you. You can bring chane in a peaceful way. It is not difficult brother Mandela did it in South Africa through peaceful means and Gandi did it in India not through violence also Anchan se SUU it fighting to bring democracy in that ruthless country Nyammer not through violence.
      To conclude violence is not a medicine to our problems. It is you and me to start being a visionary people and think how can me and you librate yourself from being oppresed by a brother in a peaceful way but not waiting for those few ministries that I want to be a minister. How many people are waiting for the same position. start from your own community to show them how you can bring changes and development to our country. They will support you and they will promote your good work to the other people not from your home area but not fights.


  51. oduli benard says:

    Its the people of riek marchar the neur who will suffer more, when ever you start a rebellion in your neighborhood its your brothers and sisters who die.???

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