Univ. of Juba Nuer Students Open Letter: Nuer students at risk

To: Hon. Robert Deng, Deanship of Students

University of Juba
Date:03/02/2014. SSN;

With deep sorrow let us, first and foremost pay condolence messages to the respective families of our all Nuer students of Juba University who have lost their dear lives as a result of Juba incidence of Dec, 2013 to Jan. 2014 against the Nuer. The Massacre which was started in Juba dated 15th -20th Dec, 2013.

Those colleagues and brothers, the Nuer Students of Juba University encountered their unnatural deaths and intentionally killed by special forces, after they had been identified through their ethnic evidences as well as (University IDs) were found.

Therefore, what we can assure/tell these hearts-broken families is to just endure the painfulness of having lost those young men (without offspring) in comfort and God’s name.

It has never been cowardice for unarmed University students to be killed in a way they were murdered by armed security personnel.

However, we cannot discourage any Nuer to stop telling the truth of being a Nuer whatsoever the case may be.

Additionally, the Almighty God isn’t blamed for having created a Nuer as one of ethnic groups in South Sudan.

Dear Sir, We, the Nuer students in the University are well aware that University of Juba (UoJ), according to its calendar, had already started Lectures by its all Colleges— so we were in the middle of our studies when Juba Incidence happened on 15 Dec, last year.

Which means, all Colleges or some (Colleges) students would have been finished and in their final Examinations this time.

But because of those interruptions the University was automatically/indefinitely closed.

Nevertheless, we can acknowledge that the studies or Lectures, course works are being resumed and examinations are approaching.

Simultaneously, we the Nuer students in University of Juba (UoJ) were to be ready for lectures in January/February, 2014.

But, unfortunately, as we tried/prepared ourselves to do that, we could only feel the situation wasn’t/isn’t conducive for us to attend lectures, because the same problem which has taken the lives of our colleagues and brothers is still increasingly facing us.

Hon. Dean,

To make matter worse, on Saturday (last week) 1st February, 2014, we have unexpectedly lost two of our students who were just on their way to the University premises, as they were going to check and attend their lectures.

They were stopped by security personnel at the roadside, who asked them to see their IDs. When they presented their IDs to the personnel, written clearly “the property of Juba University and must be shown on demand”; they were immediately captured, pushed/snatched into a car- double Cabin and taken to unknown destination where they might have been finally killed.

They haven’t returned up to now. For this very fatal reason, we would like to bring this problem into your attention that our lives are still in danger, Mr. Deanship of students.

Therefore, we won’t be able to attend lectures or go for examinations during this crisis which has engulfed our country.

We have, therefore unanimously, decided to hide for or in part protect our lives.

A dead person cannot do anything but a live person, as long as he/she is alive can do everything in the future, including University studies.

Alternatively, we need the University Administration to put into consideration our up to date status.

We cannot forget to admire the University of Juba‘s Administration, all Lecturers and Professors for the remarkable management and cooperative behavior—services we were receiving while in the University.

And a special thank and appreciation goes to Deputy Dean of Students, Dr. Adam Sholong for the great concern he shown to us in this trying time/situation we are forced to, by visited us and worries so much about our lives following the incidences.

So Dr. Sholong, you are indeed one of the leaders South Sudan needs the most and we will never forget the good thing that you have done to us.

Moreover, all our colleagues and students from different origins in University of Juba are hereby informed that what had happened is indeed contrary to our inter-cultural, intellectual and academic life in the University and in South Sudan as a whole.

Only the Republic of South Sudan Government has all prerogatives powers to decide what it had decided. This shouldn’t either hurt our intellectual life or relations.

It had something to do with politicians as we could think all of us, a Political Party’s issue, but to our great surprise everything becomes and ends up against a certain ethnic group, the Nuer, which we belong.

Of course, there is no way for us to avoid all that ethnic identities.

Hence, we are just trying to evade a direct death. That is why we’re now bringing up this problem of ours before the Deanship of Students and University of Juba’s Administration for further consideration.

We will be looking forward for your positive response.

Sincerely Yours

N.B this letter is not stamped because all our Association properties including, the seal of Association had been destroyed and burned in the Incidence.

Cc. UoJ’s Vice Chancellor

Cc. Principal



  1. Koul Deng says:

    Sad indeed, a country that has been established on tribal basis by Salva Kiir, very stupid, illiterate leader , what a shame!. But things will change whether in three or two years, either through reconciliation to bring about South Sudan as a united country. Furthermore, the government forces under Kiir have lost the war sincerely speaking, because the Dinka are not the one fighting this war now. Mercenaries are the one fighting being paid by Kiir from South Sudanese looted oil money. But the question is that, are Dinka community in general ready to fight that war in the next three to four years as the have chosen war as the only way to settle the conflict? the answer is no. Dinka are not ready for that war in the long run. They can use their power while in the government right now but not in the long run. Because things will change, Ugandan army will be withdrawn and will be replaced by African Union or IGAD forces to give peace chance. Although, the Dinka will refuse at this stage claiming that SPLA has collapsed but at some points there will be no excuse. The best thing for all South Sudanese is peace. We have only one option if we want to build South Sudan and that is peace. If Kiir’s government got deceived by the protection they get from Ugandan, Northern Sudan rebels then this is a false hope. All these coalitions are driven by political interests which aren’t permanent, they can change any time. Ugandan army will be convinced by the US to withdraw and get replaced by AU or IGAD forces because the more they stay in Juba, the more Salva becomes arrogant, to the extent that he doesn’t listen to the international community. Once Ugandan army withdraw, peace will be accelerated in a comprehensive manner. This will involve the new constitution and building institutions. After that war if peace is given chance South Sudan will be a prosperous nation unless Salva is not willing.

    • Paul Deng says:

      The entire south Sudanese people are grieving with Neur people about their loved ones who were murdered in cold blood by the President’s militias.The killings of innocent Neur , women and young men will not go unpunished. Mr. Kiir has lost credibility as a leader for the south Sudanese tribes. Neur students are arrested in Juba because the President does not govern for all any more. What happened in Juba on 15 December 2013 was a crime against humanity.Dear brothers,it’s a disgraced thing to be ruled by someone who does not value education.We must resist the corrupt leadership in order to have peace in south Sudan.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Kuol Dend
      I will send my condolence to Nuer familes who lost thier love one similarily to Dinka who have the same experience in this tragedy.
      The disguised Kuol Deng, chicken tend to run around even after its head is chopped off. Yuo and your rebel leader Riak Machar will not be pardon by the soul of people that lost in vain. You know very well that this is a political conflict not a tribal one, and still conspiring that this is war between Nuer and Dinka. Seriousely people of your type are the reason for continues killing in Juba and elsewhere in Suoth Sudan. Please I urge you to come together and encourage national dialogue and suggest the ways we can improve our communities. Nuers are not better than Dinkas nor Dinkas better than Nuers they know each other very well. Lets take example from smaller tribes of Suoth Sudan
      You said “are Dinka community in general ready to fight that war in the next three to four years” Where and when did Nuer community luanched an assault to Dinka and they conquered it? I know you are talking of Dinka Bor which you displace them towice and they are a portion of Dinka. Dinka as a whole can march empty handed to your land and occupied it if Dinka were still in a state of nature. I am talking to you as a person not as a Nuer communities because civilzed Nuers are not in favor of your tribal line

  2. monychol says:

    It was obvious since 2008 that Dinka Rek thugs were going to destroy the country .You can see from the way their big thug president had structured the system by appointing all him Rek thugs to key posts in therepublic such as supreme court and the central bank.
    . 919

    • Monchol:

      Well, the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal including Rek Dinka had contributed heavily in the liberation of this Country. Therefore they deserve to have something in return. Do you think they were fighting for you to master and control the government of South Sudan? If they have a big share in the fight, then they should also have a big saying in the government of South Sudan Period. Please take your complaint somewhere else as it is unwarranted here. Bear in mind that you reap what you sow. Coward, Why are you complaining for something you haven’t sweated for?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  3. Mohd Adam says:

    It is Riek and Nyandeng who have put our country into this mess. I sympathise with you, but the war that the prophet of doom, Riek created out of blue has such side effects. Some of you are not neutral in these crisis. Some took to play informers’ role, henceforth we may not know who is who until such a time. It will not be long to thrush out the wheat from the shaft. If Nuer can kill the blue helmets, then who are you the inside cells to complain. No way. The use of Mobile phones or network services were disconnected in the military operations areas because of you the insider informers. So please bear with us. The University of Juba must be kept clean from rebellious activities.

    • Sheikh Adam says:

      Mr. Mohammed, ur really Mohammed. Do you aknowledge the Juba massacre? Did you know that Juba massaccre has nothing to do with Riack and Nyandeng. Why were the innocent killed before even Riack and Nyandeng were able to say anything. By killing students of a particular ethnic group, as you have admitted is a cleaning up of rebellious activities. I really doubt if you had stopped for a moment before writing your comment.Calling Jaba massacre as a side effect is amisnorm. Why don’t you call it a direct effect of the government militias’ making. You people are tryin your very best to cover the Juba genocide, but something done in the bright day light cannot be hidden. Whom do you think you are fooling.
      The innocent people killed in Juba are much more greater in Number that those killed in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu combined. Don’t embarras the people of South Sudan infront of the inernational community. Your uncle the minister of information is already an embarrasment. He is supposed to be a lawyer. If these are our lawyers, what else do we expect from the law.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Mohd Adam,
      Stop with your phony sympathies and crocodile tears. Your allegations against Dr. Riek Machar and Madam Rebecca Garang are baseless. The whole world knew from day 1 that the now discredited “coup” line was just tramped up charges against Kiir’s opponents. It is only regime sycophants and dinkockroach like you who still try to push that pack of lies. Nuer killing blue-helmets? I supposed that it was also Nuers who shoot down the UN helicopter. Stop with such naked lies. You’ve been caught red-handed. Soon your primitive president, Salva Kiir, and his ilks will be dragged to ICC to answer for the pogrom against the Nuers and other tribes.

      • Mohd Adam says:

        Diktor Agarab, the University of Juba is closed right now. I don’t know where your lies will take you. Keep trying anyway, but what I know, you will not succeed. We are a sovereign state, your mentality of 1991 is no more useful. The NIF/NCP, is no longer free to enter our territory, unless invited by a legitimate, democratic and elected government, the Uganda way. Keep barking until you bark no more. South Sudan is not one of the 50 states of the USA. Hilde Johnson tried it, but she miserably failed. Tell Riek and Nyandeng to surrender because their coup failed and the rebellion is failing right now. Many of the white army are back to their cattle camps. Hundreds of the SPLA who were deceived, are now tracking back, surrendering daily. Bul Nuer are in their thousands, living side by side with their Dinka cousins in Warrap, Lakes and other Dinka territories. The world is a witness. The ICC will look for those who killed the peace keepers. Peace will only be achieved, when you come back to your senses, but for now let us all see, where and how you are going to make it to power. Rubbish!

  4. What a country?!!!!!! What a president?!!!!!! And what a fake IGAD?!!!!!
    UPDF, and Moseveni have you done to your countrymen like what this stupid dinka hatman is doing to south sudanese people and Nuer in particular? Are you supporting the right course in South Sudan (kiir)? No. You are not but you are supporting corruption, terrorism and tribalism.

    However, south sudanese help will come from God but not from you, IGAD.

    Mambuto Mamur, are you really doing the right thing in South Sudan? Are you supportive of south sudanese people you sacrificed your entire life for or protecting the dinka tribal governement?
    Have you taken strong measures to investigate the fate of those two students killed by your security personel?!!!!!

    South sudanese know that you are a very strong courageous latoko man who never fears anybody. But where are you now???? This is the time to standup for the people of South Sudan. Remember, you are obligated by law to protect south sudanese people.

    Kiir doesn’t deserve to be called the president of The Republic of South Sudan when students are being killed at the University’s premisses because of their ethnic backgroup. He is working to make other ethnicities second class citizens in their own beloved country.

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad hatman. You gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a way. Leave us south sudanese alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • South Sudan-iam:

      At least president Kiir Mayardit did not loot and burned down Bentiu, Bor and Malakal. I wonder, Why president Kiir is killing the Nuer students at the University of Juba while sparing the lives of the Nuer’s Ministers and generals in the Army/government of South Sudan? Sorry, Folks, I’m not that dumb to buy into this smear compaign and fabricated story of the student killing at the University of Juba unless otherwise they were engaged in the past military Coup attempt in Juba. In fact, General chief of staff, James Hoth Mai, the Minister of health, Dr.Riek Gai Kok, The Speaker of the house Hon.Manahas Magok Rundal and many, many other Nuer origins are presently working in the government of president Kiir Mayardit. Why are they not targeted and killed if Kiir and Dinka are after the Nuer civilians in Juba?
      Something is very fishy here about this allegations and I don’t really give a damn about it anymore since we are still in the senseless war with each other.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s Martyrs)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Stop with your lies, dinkockroach. How about the pictures of those SPLA soldiers with school bags looted from UNCIEF stores?

        • Pan says:

          Apparently those UNICEF goods were in Riak’s unhidden bush camp too, Diktor Agarab. You should move to the bushes of Congo and live among the scattered Interahamwe. They recruit your type. No place for your language in South Sudan, man.

          • Diktor Agarab says:

            You must be confusing me with your friend LGG, J Chin Jacob and other Dinka extremists. Heard that the genocidal presidential guard of Mr. Primitive President was trained by Interhamwe. I heard that you’re part of that outfit. Soon ICC is coming to knock at your door to haul you and the primitive president to the Hague.

          • Pan says:

            Les Diktator Misérables, I’m sure you hear a lot of voices. Your rants here are deranged. If you knew anything about your beloved ICC, you’d know that they go after little lunatics like you who graft onto the socalled causes of bigger lunatics. The UN established an International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) that was distinct from the bigger palace for lunatics in the Hague (ICC). They will probably do a special tribunal for South Sudan too and your language here will qualify you to be reviewed.

            Until then, shove off to Sudan Tribune where minds like yours reside.

  5. Arabbmoi says:

    Salva Kiir is too deform to be reform unless we kick his ass out off Juba soon then he will understand as it had happened to Ida Amin of Uganda in 79ties .


  6. Mariano Mawein says:

    We are in country ruled by ignorance and primitive leader Killer Kiir and his administrations. When killing your own citizens and displaced them in their own country it is a bazar. Killing students at university in Juba is more than tribalism, because simply you are destroying future of South Sudan. Kiir does not know what is benefits of this country. Peace will comes soon and we will united again as one citizens. MY advise to all Nuer student please do not attend university until we defeated this devil is gone. .

    • Mariano Mawein:

      Well, the Devil is already at war with you. Why are you not defeating him and chasing him away from the governemt as it have been your wishes and goals for the last 9 years? Please be advised that this Devil of ours will go down with many stupid,looters and tribalist such as you and Riek Machar etc. Watch out for the Devil, fool!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  7. Coldit says:

    Thanks very much writer. This is a well articulated piece. Yes, alive human being can do all they wish to do but not a dead one. The Nuer students and other South Sudanese who feel threaten by this ethnic war, created by president Kirr to remain in power forever, should stay at hidden places so that they shouldn’t be a easy target to Dinka tribal militias and their stooge UPDF protecting president Kirr and his Dinka govt.

  8. Very sad and heart breaking facts. We Equtorians are in solidarity with you. This government will one time end and those killers will answer their crimes against this unarmed civilians. May the lord protect you and comfort the braved families.

  9. Kidepo says:


  10. Lam Gatkuoth says:

    All Nuer Students exercise books, handouts and books have been burned by Dootku Beny forces. How can we go to University with these questions from Dinka students. Not only that we’re being aggressed by Dinka Students asking questions on phones ,questions like: when did you come back from where Riek Machar is. Dinka have defeated you, Nuer, where will you go. Where is the power that Riek wants to become a President for? Why are you running away and you said that Nuer are men? We are going to kill and annihilate you from South Sudan.

    • Kidepo says:


      We need the names of the two Nuer students kidnapped by these carnivores dinaks so we can track the security pannel and record their names under the Juba genocide if they are killed already.

  11. Elhag Paul says:

    South Sudan is eating itself up. Those who are targeting the Nuer now will eventually end up targeting themselves as well as this barbaric behaviour become a culture. The powers that be must understand that they will not be rulers for ever. I am deeply saddened by the behaviour of those in power. Were they to be Christians or moral beings they would have known that killing fellow human beings for earthly materials is vanity. May the Almighty God save the remaining surviving Nuers in Juba. Very painful and worse still we all live in uncertainty not knowing who is next under this monstrous regime

    • Majongdit says:

      Elhag Paul,
      Don’t take this nonsense at all. These students are just lying. Nuers always like o make things up. They are very good at talking and propaganda. Deep in Yirol, it was a Nuer young unarmed man who escorted me from a place of a relative to my hotel room.

    • Dear Mr.Elhag Paul:

      I’m thrilled that you have admitted for the first time the impact of the tribalism and hatred you are preaching here on the social media. Yes, it is true that we are eating up ourselves and the Republic of South Sudan will never be peaceful even if president Kiir leaves the office. We will continue to pinch and bite each other painfully until we stop preaching hatred and tribalism in our Country. Where are we going to find a president who does not have a tribe or Region in South Sudan? Jalaba or Kawaja?

      Do you think Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang is going to be quiet and numb when you and/or any of your tribal men become president of South Sudan in the Future? It is true that South Sudan is extremely rich with natural resources, however it lacks good leaders and nationalist. Despite your academic achievements, you could be worst than Kiir and Dinka should you become president of South Sudan. Good Luck and be willing to enjoy the hardship, tribalism and hatred in our Country.We have, somehow,contributed in the destruction of our own Country in one way or another. The nagative inputs that we are depolying like troops in the social media is eating away some part of our Country and it is indeed encouraging more death in South Sudan. What do you think the impact of preaching the tribal hatred will do to those of us who are reading your comapign aginst Dinka tribe here on the social Media under the trees and in the Bushes and Swamps of Jonglei State? In fact, the preaching of the tribal hatred on the social Media generates More hatred and killings in our Country. Right? if so, then you are indirectly contributing in the destruction of South Sudan in Diaspora.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it ”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkouth Garang

        Please seriously note what I am going to say here.
        You can now crow like a cock crowing early in the morning but remember that the power controlling the country is not Jieng power but a foreign one. Believe you me, in the next couple of months the same power may arrest your blood thirsty Kiir and disarm you in order to let in the new interim government of South Sudan under a new leader. The western world and influential powers have made it clear that there will be no return to the status quo. Dinkocracy is dead if you do not know yet. So if I were you I would think twice before jubilation. Good luck Mr ignorant loser.

        • jay johnson says:

          The western powers you have dance to their tune and appeal for their intervention on the false promise of humanitarian ground. That is exactly what you have been campaigning for on the internet. Well we will look back at Kiir administration as the best years of peace in south sudan.

          South sudan will not be allow to be the toilet and dumping ground for western powers. If they had not defeated the Iraqi and Afghanistan, then surely we will defeat them when they install that puppet president, be it Riek or otherwise.

          Foreign interference will not be allow in south sudan. It is now cheap to be a rebel. What you need is AK-47 to cause insecurity and instability. Bring it on Paul!!!. perhaps when that puppet government is imposed on our people, we may be able to know who you are as someone who have sown the seeds of tribal hatred for so long.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Jay Johnson:

            Is it Museveni talking in you? I guess so! If you could not defeat Nuer, how would you defeat the Supper Power. I love it when stupidity and lack of logical reasoning take over the reality. Please talk about the Nuer whom your Museveni rescued you from. Yes, we will have our AK 47s and you will see. Let us wait for the outcome of february 7th.

            If foreign government interfere in this, Uganda would not stand a chance. And if you are that strong enough, why did all Dinkas move to Uganda and Kenya when they are being helped by UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, Rwanda, and many more with only one tribe. In fact, it is not one tribe, it is actually half of Nuer tribe fighting you; the other half is on your side. Nuer society becomes another Israel in East Africa. God blesses Nuer people for this braveness.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang;

        I am very disappointed that I did not see you in Magala with your Ugandan soliders. I was ready with my spear to see to it that you do not make it to Juba with your AK 47. Apparently, that AK47 of yours became a BB gun and good for only scarying a little child. The Nuer will be here forever and I hope that Museveni does not divorce you and Kiir in the near or far future. Know that you haven’t silence us yet. Had it not been for your husband, Museveni, God would only know where you would be at the moment. I sincerely urge you to keep Museveni as your husband for the rest of your lives and do not let him die as another leader who will not inherit you might take over the power.

        Have fun with your Ak 47 BB gun in North America or wherever you are! Or keep cleaning and licking Museveni’s feet.

        That fat lady hasn’t sing yet.

        • jay johnson says:

          And what happen to march to Juba, Gatcharwearbol?. Are you still dreaming about it? well, capturing Juba will be difficult to realize and achieve. It will be like Khartoum peace Agreement of 1997. You remember that right?

          And why do you, the rebels always make tactical withdrawal all the time from Bentiu, Bor and Malakal? Are you ashamed to accept military defeat?. And what about the Nuer vs. Dinka war?

          And finally, does Dr. Riek still believes that he was ” the left handed black turuk” Ngundeng prophesized more than 100 years ago? Well, Ngundeng creditability as a genuine a prophet is at stake here. further more, the validity of his prophecies will seriously be compromise if Dr. Riek does not end up becoming south sudan president by violently overthrowing a democratically elected government.

          So the cattle keeping and primitive Nuer as well as the Nuer warlords have to fight to the end to ensured that the creditability of Ngundeng Bong is not damage. Good Luck gat nuer

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Jay Johnson,

            Had it not been for your air force help from your husband, Museveni, the march to Juba was unstoppable. The ground forces made up of UPDF, Dinka, JEM, SPLM-N, and Rwanda armies proved to be unhelpful to you, my Dinka people. The Nuer is fighting the whole east Africa. Can you imagine only one tribe fighting against nations? If you had to put yourself in this position, you would realize that Nuer people are no jokes. We admit that as brave a tribe we are, we cannot be able to take on the entire East Africa community. But for sure, we can defeat Dinka with our eyes closed. That is the hard cold fact I can tell you right now.

            You can believe what you want to believe, but you are a toothless dog who cannot bite when it comes to be between you and Nuer society. Bentiu was not captured by anybody other than ourselves. Know that it is only the Bentiu Nuer who have divided itself up into two. Those who are supporting Dinka are the ones who captured bentiu with the help of SPLM-N and JEM. No Dinka involved in capturing Bentiu. You were lucky that Nuer in Bentiu had their own tension already. Had it not been for this, Bhar El Ghazel would have been a no place to live for anybody right now.

            Please keep kneeling down for your husband, Museveni. This is Museveni Victory; not Dinka. In fact, Museveni is the President of South Sudan and Uganda at the same time. Guess what, your Kiir is only a Vice President to Museveni.

        • bolabokdit says:

          Why do you want to implicate Nuer Community into your mitious behaviour with Riak. There are civilized Nuer who are real intellectual and not selflsh. We have Nuer leaders and they will lead us without rebellion or love of power but service for the nation they love and they sacriffice for.
          To tell you the truth I was in the battle field and those we found wounded or dead are illiterate cattle raiders. These young innocent boys were treated like Majahedin; regular soldiers stay at the back while White Army in the frontline. that is the way they went to distinction and Riak lose the battle.
          Sincerely we have not silence Nuer community but we have silence greedy Riak, CatCharwearbol and thier like rebllion. How long Riak will be in hidding let him face Suothern Sudanese court or haunted down by SPLA forces

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            Do not mistake the war that Nuer took upon themselves for Dr. Machar. If the only person you want was Dr. Machar and not Nuer as you alluded, why did your government killed innocent Nuer children in Juba? Can you answer this simple question to me? If Kiir was only after Dr. Machar, believe you me, there would not have been any war in South Sudan. The war came up as a result of Kiir killing innocent Nuer people in Juba. Simple as that. Please do not confuse this with Dr. Machar political ambitions.

            When Peter Gatdet Yak rebelled in Jonglei, Dr. Machar wasn’t in Jonglei. It was the bad news Peter Gatdet was receiving from Juba that Nuer civilians were being targeted. That is what led to rebellion. Dr. Machar just installed himselves as the leader. He did not initially started the war. Get this in to your misinformed brain.

          • jay johnson says:

            Dear Gatcharwearbol,

            The war between Dinka and Nuer that you have been preaching on the internet will not happen and it will remain a fantasy. Under no circumstances will such war be realize. The government of south sudan is not a dinka government but a south Sudanese government which happen to be led by Salva Kiir who happen to be from Dinka community. That is the miscalculation you guys made in the first place. That war will not materialize because there is no way you can separate a dinka, Latuka, Shilluk and Nuer soldiers.

            You talk of stupidity and lack of logical reasoning. But if these words have meaning at all, it perfectly applies to cattle keeping and primitive Nuer who have no problem committing mass suicide against the government of 64 tribes just to fulfill a mystical 100 years prophecy of Ngundeng Bong. The notion that the Nuer are brave and warrior tribe capable of defeating a government which represented 64 tribes is foolishness, stupidity, illogical and crazy.

            And Guess what? the Cattle keeping and primitive Nuer are taking 100% of casualties on the rebel side. While the causalities on the government side is share between 64 tribes in which Nuer are included. Does that sound logical, wise and less stupid. The fact that the cattle keeping and primitive Nuer are fighting 64 tribes is something to be ashamed of. It is a pure manifestation of stupidity and foolishness. And indeed, majority of Nuer who support the greatest traitor south Sudan ever known, Riek Machar, are primitive with crude, raw and rudimentary mind who still believe in legend, myth and fairy tale stories.

        • jay johnson says:


          Of course, the Dinka civilians should move to Uganda and Kenya for their own safety. And why should they put themselves at the mercy of anarchist and magic believers. Did you know that the white army have murdered thousands of Bor Dinka civilians in Bor town and around Bor county?

          Certainly the Uganda have to intervene because of geopolitical interest. South Sudan independent was achieve in part because of Uganda military to assistant to the SPLA/M. They do not want to see the state they help achieve her independent be torn apart by anarchist and traitors of yester civil wars years. that what prompt Uganda to intervene and I am appreciative of their wise move.

          Insecurity is south sudan can spill into northern and western Uganda. Even south sudan have geopolitical interest in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Congo. It is call geopolitics if you do not know that. I will let others judge your assertion that the Nuer are the Israel of East Africa.

          Bentiu was liberated by the combined forces of Matthew Puljang and Bapiny ManyTuil of SSLA, who are mostly of Bul Nuer, remnants of division 4 led by LT. Gen. Jok Riak, Western Bahr el Ghazel 3rd division forces led by Lt. Gen. Manyok Barach, Division 2 forces led by Santino Deng Wol stationed in northern Bahr el Ghazel plus those government loyal forces from Parieng county.

          It is time for you the rebels, to give up arm and surrender to the government. you terribly did some miscalculation and I guess you did not stage a coup and start a rebellion just to wage an insurgency war against the government.

          It is time to accept defeat like a man.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Jay Johnson,

            I have to give you a special thank for at least admitting the truth that you move to Uganda in your thousands for fear of Nuer. The rest of the nonsense you put down here does not interest me.

            Few days ago, I ran into a young man from Bhar El Ghazel who happened to be in battle at Bor. He came back from America few years ago and was given a major general position in South Sudan army, call it SPLA. Here is what had to say about what took place in Bor battle.

            Per this young man, the first group that was sent to recapture Bor was purely Bor sons’ battalion combine with UPDF. They were terribly ambushed and killed like nothing else. On their return, they talked to themselves and questioned why they are to die for Bhar El Ghazel people when the president is their son. Let us go back to Juba and let Bhar El Ghazel’s sons come to recapture Bor since it is their making anyway, they say to themselves.

            The next group was UPDF and pure Bhar El Ghazians with this man in it. They were ambushed and attacked from front and back. Since South Sudanese know themselves well, all Bhar El Ghazians ran near to the River and left UPDF to face Nuer. UPDF forces were killed like nothing else. The Bhar El Ghazians gathered by the Nile River and said to themselves, we are the brave Dinkas who always counter Nuer. Let us organize ourselves and chase this Nuer away. The organized themselves as they said. By then, the Nuer consumes most of UPDFs and some ran to the bushes. Then it was between Bhar El Ghazel and Nuer. Nuer confronted them and murdered many of them. He removed his military attire and jumped into the River and cross to other side. Nuer is no Joke, he said. He is moving back to USA and promised not to come back to South Sudan again after what he had seen.

            We have nothing against Dinka, we just want our space. This war was imposed on us. We had to defend ourselves. It is rather a self defense war than a plan war by Nuer.

          • Dengdit says:

            Jay johnson

            whatever name you are trying to hide under will not mask your primitiveness. Your writing is full of contradictions; you talk about Nuer starting a fight against 64 tribes, were they the ones who started the massacre in Juba? Did they ask for this cold blooded, cowardly act from the Warrap tribal militia aka presidential guard? No one wants a country where people are targeted and killed for their tribe/ethnicity; no one, whatever thier tribe, should respect a government that perpetrates or condones such acts. Say some sense or go back to your cattle camp where you can freely blindlly support your tribal warlords

  12. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    So sad,my heartfelt condolence to the family of every Nuer who lost their beloved ones in the hands of these monsters,unfit to be humans!

  13. Choromke Jas says:

    The international community should now ask hard question about the genocide being perpetrated in Juba. Those supporting Museveni’s adventure should also ask whether Museveni really is doing a job on their behalf, allegedly to stop slaughter or he is is actually aiding targeted ethnic cleansing in South Sudan? The US should think hard. This is because such things happened in the former Yugoslavia, where boys and men from the Muslim community were massacred in thousands even when EU peace keepers were standing by. It was when the Americans took action that the pogrom in that region stopped. Kiir must just be removed likewise. There should not be anymore pretenses about respect for an elected government. Kiir is now killing young, innocent people in broad daylight, in the presence of the UN peace keepers! Nuers are human too. Are Dinka more human than them? If the world cannot protect the innocent Nuer, then they should give them the means to protect themselves. Please, US, EU and others, help South Sudan to get rid of this monster.

    And, why is the university of Juba still lecturing to students? Doesn’t the administration there know that South Sudan is in a war situation? Who is the Vice-Chancellor there? What have its Council or Board of Governors and Senate done in the face of this monumental problem in higher education. The blood of these students will be on their conciseness for not closing up the institution to safeguard the lives of its staff and students.

    We expect UNMISS to investigate this abduction and report to the world how the students under their own protection (if they indeed came from the UNMISS camp) came to this tragic end. We will overcome.

  14. aweh muyii says:

    Most of Dink-as people can never says the truth about the last year incident.They only believe that Kiir move was a good thing.Can South Sudan be a country without Nuer/Dink-as or other communities? the answer is no.So we you must speak the truth.Kiir must go.I have observe that all comments coming through you only see a Dink-as supporting the Kiir or Nuer for Dr.Riek.

  15. Sheikh Adam says:

    The university is a higher place for learning. It,s where our future leaders are being formulated. Unfortunately, some people remain woody. They come out of the university as they had entered except for reading and writing. I suggest the universities in South Sudan should educate students and not just to make them literate.
    How can a student burn a book? Books are suppose to be sacred to the students even if they belong to an ene

  16. Rasi Odong says:

    There is no question about how Nuer have been mercilessly killed in Juba in December but the writer of this article is betraying those good citizens killed by Kiir thugs. It’s possible that these two students have been kidnapped by security agents but the way the writer narrated the sad news leave with some questions: How did the writer get the details of the conversation between the students and the agents? According the writer, the students disappeared and no one talked to the them after the ordeal

    All Nuer students have genuine reasons to be fearful for their safety and I will the school administration finds a way to accommodate their request

  17. Ww says:

    You all seem to agree here, suit yourselves to only one sided story. What about all the Dinkas killed by nuer in bentiu , malakal, Akobo, and the all the nuerlands? As long as we see everything through the prism of tribalism we will never go anywhere as a country. I’m not encouraging you to love Dinka but please try to take emotions out of this mess, instead take time to ask yourselves what role did president kiir played or is playing and what role did RIEK machar played or is playing?

    My twin brother, my uncle and four of my dear friends were killed by nuer during this violence, I squarely blame both kiir and machar for their death not nuer as a tribe. Kiir should have handle political disagreements differently and Riek machar should never have resorted to violence as a mean of achieving political end.

    If you consider yourselves here as intellectuals or intellectuals to be , in case of these students, THINK before you write. We need to live together as one tribe: South Sudan. Remember we are all confused by the politicians.

  18. jijury says:

    To Nuer students in Juba, please stop wasting your time there university of juba already lost it credential the Dinka Bahr Al Gazal has turned this great institution into one of their cattle camps where they can do whatever they want. Killing innocent Nuer students in Juba will not help the Dinka Bahr Al Gazal in any way. its just a matter of time here in the bush. just give us a three weeks we recapture every town Ugandan forces has taken from us. Also we will be in Juba to rescue all South Sudanese who have been keep in fear for a period two months now by Kiir’s regime.

  19. Pan says:

    The university has long been used as a dumping ground for the petty tribal politics of the lunatics in the ministries. It is living proof that none of those creeps have ever been interested in democracy or service delivery to the people.

  20. Jonathan says:

    My heartfelt condolence for the innocent whose deaths came unexpectedly, how much we talk here silent targeted killings are still happening. At the end of the day Kiir and his Gogrial boys have dirty agenda to wipe out the Nuer from their existence, when he is done with that he will turn his guns on what is called the Garang’s boys, because these are critics and threat to kiir own Gogrial agenda.
    As the Equatorians have not shown toughness on Kiir they will be spared even though been looted from their land as long as James Wani Igga is kept on power and been used as a dog will not disobey Kiir at the expense of his people.
    my thoughts and prayers are with Nuer community, but we as peace loving people should not stand in watch, we have to say no to this targeted killings. As the churches are trying to bring reconciliation Kiir’s evil plan must be rejected by all means possible.

    • bolabokdit says:

      From your word you are not innocent in this crisis not even a peace lover person. You are a coward type who fuel conflict and fight indirectly through other people. True peace lovers don’t used that obscene language or express hatred rather they condemn both sides for the hostilities and suggest tangible solutions.

  21. Diktor Agarab says:

    To my Nuer brothers & sisters,
    Please, make sure to bring this issue to the attention of the world. Circulate a copy of this letter to foreign embassies in Juba and human rights NGOs. We’ll pray that Kiir and his dinkockroach thugs don’t get to you.

  22. Jeff Baker says:

    It is extremely difficult to read stories of the atrocities perpetrated against one South Sudanese against another. At the end of the day, when the bodies are counted, the numerical tally answers the same question: How many South Sudanese people were killed? Not Dinkas, not Nuers…South Sudanese. At some point, the leaders, intellectuals, students and soldiers must rise above the shackles of tribalism and ethnicity. Failure to genuinely embrace nationalism will leave the country always susceptible to any interloper willing to exploit tribal bias. From my perspective on the other side of the globe, I sense there are several foreign powers waiting to rape South Sudan of its human and mineral resources. Surely, this scenario cannot be lost among you…do any of you honestly believe that the upcoming 2015 election will be violence-free? (If an altercation at an army barracks could erupt into a nation-wide armed confrontation, just imagine the potential chaos following a failed election bid.) The seeds of distrust were planted among the people of South Sudan some centuries ago and they continue to bear fruit. There is no trust of you, among you. Too many contributors to the editorials are quick to proffer “support” for their champion; oblivious to the harm caused to the country and the public disclosure of a greater national weakness – tribalism. As long as the South Sudanese people continue to focus on the minute distinctions between each other, every foreign power knows the pathway to divide you. Divide and conquer is an age-old tactic that has worked exceptionally well in Africa. That present-day men and women of South Sudan choose to perpetuate this fallacious dislike of each other is incredulous…particularly given what you have accomplished together…

    If young men and women continue to speak only of war, revenge and retribution, then war, revenge and retribution is what you will have. History is replete with examples of foreign interlopers stepping in to control the human and natural resources of a nation – while the indigenous custodians of the resources were busy fighting among themselves…

    My Brothers and Sisters, chart a new path for South Sudan. Encourage nationalism over tribalism. Yes, it is important to understand the genesis of a people; its beliefs, customs, values and traditions. However, one can simultaneously honor and understand the past while striding into the future. There is much work to do… jb

    • Pan says:

      Jeff Baker, there is much work to do but we have become lazy and hate hard work. We feel the world owes us, we feel our neighbor owes us, we feel that being modern means having a lord above us and many broken people below us. This site has become like Juba: The Tower of Babel. Everyone babbling on in tongues about their man, their tribe, their rights and willing to hand their own soil over to the mighty UN which is, at the end of the day, cracking up about how easy it is to manipulate and throw South Sudanese into supreme chaos. I never ever thought that this is what our uncles and fathers had in store for us. But I should have known better. They are not gods, simply men and in our case some of the worst and poorest characters have risen to the top because fraud and brutality doesn’t sleep. Prove me wrong but South Sudan seems finished. Diktor Agarab’s sentiments toward other human beings (equating them to cockroaches) is indicative of those who were given the opportunity to study. This is what they choose to do with their opportunity.

  23. Joseph says:

    Some Nuer students who celebrated graduation cermony on Sunday 15/12/2013 were killed on 16 -19 December. It’s better to leave and study in future insteate to risk yourself to die. I kindly advise University to provide security for those Nuer student or wait for this conflict calm.

  24. Beek says:

    They gave their lives to greedy of power. Nuer have to blamed Riek Machar,a greedy number TWO can’t just walk out and beats the drum of war and stupids people supported him. Nuer have to sort it out.

    • Kidepo says:

      Why would a hooligan like you keep on instigating the death of civilians and their continues massacre in Juba infornt of their president. Is it because you are not humans and have no human feelings?

  25. shamga says:

    Diktor Agarab, which world are you talking about? You must be delusional or mediocre in the way you process information in your little world called nuer mind. You have got to be clear that the so called world that you perceive to be able to come to ugly nuer rescue is not going to come. The noise you are making here shows that you are coming to an end with your risky Masochist, and you think your pain is being felt by the world. Well, you should know that they are not feeling anything, they assume everything is ok. But in reality a lot were slaughter and more will follow and we want you to do so with dinka in your control, you finished the already anyway. We still have nuers and we can continue to our job. I saw it when it started and I want to see more, that is what you always want.
    An mp from nuer was shot in the head in hai neem on the 19th of that month when the war broke out in Juba. These are just few more examples to exacerbate your anger; we want you to get angry and decided on what you can do quickly, we are waiting. It may not be true but if it is there is nothing wrong with it. slaughtering them is just normal as when nuer killed a lot of non military dinkas in bor, akobo, bentiu, and malakal. I would even love to see those guys do more kidnapping and slaughtering if it is true really they are doing it.

  26. Jeff Baker says:

    Such hatred…of self.

    How does one construct a road? Educate the illiterate? Deliver clean water? Irrigate a farm? Institute a national system of health care? Establish a national registry of births and deaths? Institutionalize a functional, responsive government infrastructure? Install a sewer system? A principled system of banking and investment? A codified system of law? A national constitution? A dependable electrical grid? This is type of work that must be undertaken and completed to achieve independence. Without completion of this work South Sudan is nothing more than a failed nation state.

    The violent path suggested by some contributors leads to a single destructive outcome…at some point South Sudan will be unable to defend its borders, its people and its natural resources. (Even as I write, the ranks of fighters on all sides are being filled by younger and younger boys.) Continuing violence will chart a new legacy for South Sudan – the limits of its endurance under the lash of a foreign power. The hatred strewn throughout the comments is indicative of an infectious virus. Without inoculation the hatred will consume the populace of South Sudan from the inside. We will kill one another until none are left. The present violence in South Sudan personifies the logic of the man with a dagger in each hand, stabbing himself repeatedly in the torso, determined to make either hand drop the knife. There is no winner when violence is perpetuated upon oneself.

    Enough blood has been spilled. The open anger and bitterness toward your brother is a distraction from the real work that must be done…to build South Sudan. I will state the obvious…you cannot build South Sudan alone; if we do not work together…re-read paragraph three, above. This is a fundamental fact…no bravado, no conjecture, no embellishment, no hyperbole…the work of nation-building must be done in concert with each other; every South Sudanese resident is needed…

    I mourn every death and pray for every soul since this debacle began…please let the killing end. I continue to champion the future of this young democracy. I encourage each subscriber to SouthSudanNation to become part of the solution; a catalyst of the change needed to prepare South Sudan for the 21st Century and beyond. There is much work to do… jb

  27. Choromke Jas says:

    Dear Jeff Baker,

    I do not know whether you are a South Sudanese or one of our friends from abroad. I really commend your sentiments regarding the futile use of violence as a means to solve problems. But, if you know something about the South, you would have understood where this violence is coming from. In South Sudan, there are peaceful people, mostly found in Equatoria region of this country. But the Equatorians have been marginalized by the more violent of their compatriots who derisively refer to them (the Equatorians) as cowards. The problem is, some of our ethnic groups think they are superior to those who seek peaceful means to settle conflict. The key word here is “superiority”. When in Europe Hitler claimed that the Germans were a superior race, terrible wars broke out there as he endeavored to prove his point. The British tried hard to have peace with Hitler to no avail. In the end, Winston Churchill had to resort to violent war to fight the monster.

    The Japanese also thought they were superhuman and attacked the US at Pearl Harbor. The Americans, in response, had no choice but to use, for the first time ever in the world, atomic bombs to teach the Japanese a lesson and end the war. The bombs killed both civilians and soldiers alike. This was a terrible tragedy. Even within America itself, a violent civil war had to be fought when the some American thought they were superior and wanted to continue enslaving their own compatriots, the blacks.

    There comes a time in a country’s or world’s history when peaceful methods cannot work as a solution to human conflict. This time is now here in South Sudan. We have primitive and blind leaders who are visiting violence and poverty on the vast majority of their own compatriots in the name of being superior and “born to rule”. The whole of the eight transitional period has been a period of painful patience by the majority of the people of South Sudan in the face of violent methods and system of the Kiir government. He instigated the ongoing armed conflict which has led to the death of thousands of our people. So that their death will not be in vain, the Kiir government must be stopped by all means and a better government ushered in. With this brief background, I hope you now understand.

  28. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you Pan and Choromke for the explanations. I am deeply saddened and stunned by the revelation…superiority? Born to rule? No group of people have a monopoly on bravery, courage, wisdom, intelligence, grace or beauty. This truth is self-evident throughout human existence. That millions of South Sudanese may die in pursuit of a fallacy is tragic.

    …let us contemplate how to heal our brothers.

    My ancestors were stolen from Sudan centuries ago. I was born, reared and educated in the United States. I will complete the “circle” when I return home…to Juba. jb

    • Pan says:

      Jeff Baker, unless you can trace your family village back to Juba, my advice for you is to not stay in Juba when you visit. You will be disappointed. The capital has been transformed into a dumping ground for the world’s ills and is not representative of the country. Avoid the big men in their big hummers and the naked women at the bars looking for big men in big hummers. Avoid the big expats in their big cars and the hangers on trying to appease them. Go into the villages for the real story. Come soon, before our fathers and uncles in Juba hand the nation over to the UN. Best of luck. Tell us what you find. 🙂

  29. Joana Adams says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    First things come first. If we are human at all , we must all condemn the murder of students in an institution of higher learning. Only savages can celebrate such heinous crime! For the record, I find that South Sudanese universities are the only institutions I dare say in the world, that bear this honourable name yet permit tribal clubs or associations instead of cultural, academic or professional clubs. This is directly contradictory to the essence of universal institutions which should by definition, promote universalism and liberalism. South Sudan needs to examine itself and get out of this gutter. How can a student detach from parochialism and tribalism when universities encourage them to have tribal associations or clubs instead of taking the leap to discover the world beyond their tribal limitations? The tragedy is that these. programmes are not just being permitted by these so called universities, but some of these tribal associations re being directly funded by the government. Additionally, some students in these institutions, especially former combatants are allowed to keep guns or pistols in halls of residences. You begin to wonder whether these officials beginning from the minister of education to the respective vice chancellors, understand the objectives and goals of higher education? Anyway like it or loathe it some of these so called universities are no more than upgraded primary institutions. How a national government can open universities in localities where there are no primary schools is what beggars believe? Do you open briefcase universities to give your tribesmen jobs as vice chancellors or should you invest the money to educate children of the poor to prevent them from becoming career cattle rustlers or potential recruits for the white army or the red army for that matter. Talk of lack of vision under the discredited tyrannical Kiir regime and there re no shortage of examples.
    Having said so folks, South Sudan will never be the same again. The opposition movement has been given an unexpected impetus thanks to the reckless blunder of Mayardit on 15th Dec, and victory is certain through ballot or bullet. This war is not about Riek or Kiir, but it is about what the majority of the people of South Sudan deserve but never got as their rightful peace dividend since 2005.
    There are people who have been employed on this site to be distractors to the people’s cause. They have been assigned to go after individuals who are perceived by the embattled government in Juba to be dangerous to their regime’s survival. Kiir’s dinkocratic regime lost the plot in 2011. They are no longer in the driving seat although the regime’s sycophants on this site want the world to believe otherwise. Just for the sake of argument. If it took 21 years for the people of South Sudan to achieve the right to self determination after the first war which lasted 17 years,what is 6 weeks of war compared to let’s say 50 or even 40 years of fighting the Jallaba?
    No amount of insults or intimidation should distract us from achieving what is our birthright which is the right to live as first class citizens in our own coutry. Now that the peace talks will soon resume in earnest, the burden to make unity of South Sudan attractive lies with Salva Kiir and whatever forces he commands. Omar el Beshir rose up to that challenge in 2005 but lost like a gentleman. Does Kiir has what it takes to make the unity of South Sudan attractive without dinkocracy? Kiir must be dreading why he has found himself on the spot light. He must be cursing the day he was born. I don’t envy him one bit.
    Joana Adams

  30. Dickline says:

    We all need peace! This will never repeat itself

  31. Because I did not see what happened in Bor, I can’t believe that the killing that took place in there and Malakal is enough yet to match the bodies of the innocent Nuers that were murdered in Juba while the government was watching.

  32. Lare Justice says:

    R.I.P I offer my condolences to all the innocent Nuers people who were killed/murdered in cold blood by coward Salva Kiir in Juba. Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual of Gogrial, Warrap State and his gangs/thugs must get the taste of thier own medicine. This Illegal President who brought in Uganda dictator/war-monger Yoweri Museveni with no shame must go by all means. The death of our innocent people who Salva Kiir killed will not go unfinished. What goes around comes around. FYI, I thought this Illegal President and his tribes were brave people? Why brought in Uganda rebels to save you from your coward act of war?? Our South Sudanese freedom fighters will fight to the last man untill the Democracy is achieved in our new nation. Death to Salva Kiir and his husband Yoweri Museveni.

  33. Jeff Baker says:

    There is much to do…

    It is apparent from the comments that there are hundreds, if not thousands willing to undertake the work that must be done to steer the ship in the right direction. The people have a right to food, shelter, health care, education and safety. The challenge it how to provide these services in the face of a seemingly intractable cabal, those who believe their self-enrichment has priority over the well-being of the general population.

    From my experiences in government, I’ve learned that those who wield power rarely subscribe to notions of nationalism, tribalism or ethnicity. It all comes down to money…of which some can never accumulate enough. The old adage, “Power concedes nothing without a demand…” is clearly applicable here. The horrific South African system of apartheid did not crumble until the international money interests were forced to divest. In the United States, economic boycotts forced the end of racial segregation. During both processes the people suffered greatly. I am acutely aware of the hardship wrought on the people of South Sudan during the great war. Articles, photos and film of the atrocities are widespread in the U.S. media and libraries. It was genuinely hoped that the new government of South Sudan would chart a path to provide service to a people so deserving of peace and tranquility. In my heart of hearts, I know the people of South Sudan have suffered enough. We are all responsible for the governmental shortcomings…including me. Without hesitation or reservation, I admit my complicity, though I have never set foot within the country. I knew…my studies, my work, the media, all informed me of the corruption, the incompetence and the betrayal of the people’s vision. Millions trusted us to chart a pathway to the future. We deviated from the path. Even today, men die from treatable diseases; children starve, women are raped and families are scattered to the four winds of the globe – despite our possession of the resources and the ability to provide fundamental services to all. In the sense, we are all responsible. I accuse no one group, tribe or ethnicity; there is more than enough blame to go around.

    In a democracy, there is room for all…let the thousands who hold the vision of a free and responsive South Sudan meet, organize and discuss the path we must take. I promise to be among the first persons in the room….

    I am not traveling to South Sudan to visit; I am coming to live, I am coming home… jb

  34. South of South says:

    we are all sad for the grieve caused unto our nation by political leaders and our hearts goes to our beloved Neur people all over South Sudan and around the world.
    Also to people of Upper Nile states. We condemn killing happening in Malakal to Cholo and other tribles by any murderer
    We say WAR is not a solution to South Sudan issues.any anyone who kill does not deserve to lead us. please tell anyone you know has a gun not to kill civilian. if he has any issue go and encounter Mr Kir or Reick personally as the are the evil does of south sudan. may God protest his people and restore peace in South Sudan

  35. Kirowa says:

    Although we Insult or sideline with one party can not help us ,but let us look for the solution on how we can bring back South Sudan like the one in 2012 and 2011.

  36. I would like to inform you that please stop telling the noses the massacred of 1991 and 2013 you and Riek will be responsible for the murdered of our innocents civilians in Bor.

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