United Nations Trusteeship is the best option to resolve the crisis in South Sudan

BY: Dr. Lako JADA KWAJOK, UK, JUL/16/2016, SSN;

To many South Sudanese, the 9th of July each year is a day for joy and magnificent celebrations all over the country. There is nothing unusual about such expectations in a day that marks our independence following a protracted war that resulted in massive losses of human lives, material, and a consequent underdevelopment of the country.

People were filled with dismay following the cancellation of the 2016 anniversary because of lack of funds. But never in a million years did anyone envisage that the gates of hell would open in South Sudan on the very day it gained its independence.

The deadly clash outside the Presidential Palace (J1) in Juba on Friday 08/07/2016 was the final nail in the coffin of trust between the two parties; SPLM/A-IO and SPLM/A-IG. The triggering event was the killing of Lt. Colonel George Gismala and Sgt. Domach Koat Pinyien on 02/07/2016 by elements of the National Security Service (NSS) and Military Intelligence (MI).

From there, the tension between the two sides escalated significantly and culminated in a further shooting incident on 07/07/2016. It was obvious to sharp observers that SPLM/A-IG has opted for war and the shooting of the two SPLM/A-IO military men were the first shots in it.

In the aftermath of the carnage at J1, President Kiir stated that he does not know who was behind it. Reports indicate that a large force came from nowhere and attacked the SPLM/A-IO guards deployed outside the presidential palace.

It appeared to be a coordinated attack with the presidential guards already positioned outside J1 joining the “unknown force” in the fight against SPLM/A-IO guards. Only a person with remarkable naivety would believe that President Kiir has nothing to do with what happened.

Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, how could the attack on SPLM/A-IO headquarters and Machar’s residence the next day, be explained? Is there anyone on planet Earth who believes that thousands of army troops supported by artillery units, tanks, and helicopter gunships could launch such a major offensive without the blessing and knowledge of the Commander in Chief?

The regime, in its moment of madness never spared a thought for the consequences of its actions. Suppose Kiir and his supporters succeeded in wiping out the entire SPLM/A-IO leadership – what then? Would South Sudan attain a lasting peace?

The regime seems to hold the erroneous belief that its problems are caused by certain personalities, therefore, neutralising or liquidating these individuals would pave the way for the consolidation of its rule over South Sudan.

But it’s up against the reality that the overwhelming majority of the people are behind the opposition, hence, there will never be any shortage in filling up any vacant leadership position.

The fact that these ugly events took place around independence day, sent a message to the whole world that South Sudan lacks responsible leadership. Those who have been sceptical regarding South Sudan becoming an independent state now feel vindicated.

However, the fact of the matter isn’t that the South Sudanese communities are incompatible with each other or unable to coexist peacefully. They have been living together as tribal communities neighbouring each other for centuries.

There hadn’t been any hostilities in our ancient past on the scale we are witnessing now. The majority of the populace are law-abiding and peace-loving people.

The unfortunate reality is that the country is being misruled by a bunch of sadistic leaders who do not give a damn about the future of the country.

Self-enrichment through rampant corruption, targeting of political rivals and adherence to a divisive policy on ethnic lines are the reasons that landed the country in the current predicament. The regime has utterly failed in all aspects of good governance.

Calling it a government is a sort of a misnomer as there is no government in the world where civil servants, teachers, university lecturers and soldiers do not receive salaries for 3 to 4 months. It even resorted to the medieval practice whereby soldiers are allowed to rape and loot as part of dividing the spoils or payment for their services.

There is a difference though as the victims in the medieval era were subjects of conquered countries and not citizens of the same country.

Not long ago, India today TV station and several news outlets reported that the government of South Sudan sanctioned its soldiers to rape and loot as payment for their salaries. These abominable acts were confirmed by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and several relief organisations – what a disgrace!

The second misnomer is the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) which is said to be the national army of South Sudan. The name itself creates a paradox as on one hand South Sudan chose secession from Sudan and on the other it continues to use the name that relates to Sudan.

The SPLA is anything but a national army. It’s composed overwhelmingly of one ethnicity, the Jieng, making it a tribal army. It lacks discipline, training, structured chain of command and standard rules of engagement. It often resorts to looting, destruction of properties and extrajudicial killings.

Following the recent ceasefire in Juba, the whole world witnessed how the SPLA ransacked Juba markets, private homes and properties belonging to citizens. Even the UN World Food Programme (WFP) central warehouse in Juba was not spared by the unruly SPLA soldiers.

The WFP has been delivering vital services to the needy population of South Sudan and presumably saved many lives.

What took place is not the behaviour people would expect from a national army. Those soldiers brought nothing but shame and disdain on South Sudan.

We must remember that President Kiir and the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) lost legitimacy on 09/07/2014. Signing the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) restored their legitimacy for the purpose of implementing the peace accord.

Apparently, the recent hostilities have dealt ARCISS a fatal blow. Anyone who thinks that there is hope in enacting ARCISS is only burying his or her head in the sand. It’s time to consider other avenues that could rescue the South Sudanese people from an imminent catastrophe.

There is a growing consensus among a significant number of South Sudanese that supports UN takeover of the country until it’s able to function as a viable state. A 5-year period under UN Trusteeship would give the country the chance to start afresh on sound foundations.

During the said period it would be possible to establish an inclusive system of governance and develop equitable government policies. The international community should avoid being complacent as it’s not in anyone’s best interest to allow the replication of the Rwanda’s horrors.

Those who are concerned about the breach of the sovereignty of an independent state must understand that a failed state has no sovereignty. Even from the citizens’ perspective, it has no value when the state fails to deliver essential services, uphold the rule of law and promote peace and harmony between its communities.

Moreover, with the growing influx of refugees across the borders to the neighbouring countries, South Sudan has become a destabilising entity in the area and a real threat to regional security.

There is an urgent need for a pre-emptive intervention by the UN to save lives, prevent massive population displacement and avert widespread famine.

Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Eli says:

    Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok
    Excellent. Please allow me to quote from your great article. “There is a growing consensus among a significant number of South Sudanese that supports UN takeover of the country until it’s able to function as a viable state. A 5-year period under UN Trusteeship would give the country the chance to start afresh on sound foundations.”
    Yes, I am among those who agree on the UN take over. I have being calling for this long time thank you for the support. I urge for peace loving South Sudanese to join in and make this call loud and clear for the world to hear.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear Eli,

      Probably you are among the first people who foresaw our current dire situation. As you put it, let the peace loving people of South Sudan join hands in an effort to change the course of events towards peace, democracy and the rule of law.

  2. Abel Magok says:

    Dr. Lako Jada,

    According to Dr. Lako, The SPLA – Its composed overwhelmingly of one ethnicity, the Jeing, making it a tribal army. After Dr. Riek Machar went to the Bush with his Nuer solders, it could be true the majority in the army might be Jeing, was that intentional? of course no. During the struggle, some people who are not Jeing do not want to die in war with the North, some tribes even choose to be Malitia along side Government of Sudan, fighting their fellow Southerners . This realty made Jring tribe majority in the army, in addition to their size as the bigger tribe not just in South Sudan even with old Sudan, is any official in current Government refused anyone from other tribe not to join the army? no, did not happen, what is the point of blaming Jeing for being majority in the army?
    Sometimes one wonder and question the rationality of these highly educated people like Dr. Lako, I could remember the article this writer wrote shortly after signing this peace we are in now. He said the losers for the peace signed are President Kiir and chief of staff General Malong Awan , and Dr. Riek will be the winner. I commented then how the people who signed peace are going to be losers , peace should be implemented by all instead of talking about winners and losers. Now Dr. Lako seems loss hope for Dr.Riek Machar emerges as winner in this peace agreement , so his best option is the United Nations Trusteeship. We should be sincere and sit as Southerners to solve our problems instead of thinking the peace would produce winners and losers.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Abel Magok,

      You seemed to have forgotten or just got mixed up in regard to parts of that article. Yes, I did say that Malong and the JCE were losers but placed Machar and Kiir in the column of winners. As you know the peace agreement was supposed to be followed by a general election in 2018. Do you think the current environment is conducive to achieving that goal? With a neutral administration in place, Machar could prepare himself and his party for elections at the end of the 5 year period. By the same token candidates from the other political parties will have the chance to stand for the Presidency. In fact, Kiir could stand in the same elections if he does not get indicted by the Hybrid Court of South Sudan.

    • nikalongo sanduksanduk says:

      Abel MaIgok,
      The problem is not the number of Jieng in the Militia Army, It is the bad behaviour that characterises the jieng. I am not sure you accept that SPLA/M loots and hunts down the very people it swore to protect. Even if I had a desire to serve in the arny, I would be a fool to do it in this point in time because the army as currently constituted, has an image problem.
      Your are being insincere about the militia situation during the war of liberation. Majority of the Militia the government of Sudan had were from among the Dinka and Nuer comminities. Riek, Gadet, Arop Thon, Kerbino, Abdallah Chol, Tanginye, Taban Deng, Aturjong,……etc were one time or another government Militia. Then, like now, the the Dinka and Nuer dominated SPLA-Garang and Dinka and Nuer dominated government Militia led by factions of Nuer and Dinka commanders swept through Dinka and Nuer heartlands raping and pilagging. Villages and settlements in Nuer and Dinkalands were turned into open graveyards not by Beshir and his gangs of Jihadists, but by the same gangs of murderers in the prisidency and their bloodthirsty Generals at Bilpham and Pagak.

  3. onyi says:

    You said it Dr!

  4. Peacemaker says:

    Dr, Luka, I have just log on to this site surprisingly to find that I wrote and posted an opinion piece under the same title as your this excellent piece. What a coincidence!

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear Peacemaker,

      Probably there are others who have finished their pieces or are still writing about the same subject. It’s a good thing. It means many of us share similar views.

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Yes, putting South Sudan under the united nations trusteeship is the viable solution given the undeniable fact that killer nyankiir’s and malong’s militias are butchering the non-Jenges tribes using state military power.

  6. Dr.Lako Jada Kwajok

    I like what you said in your written article.But,I do not like your suggestion of the United Nations to take over the country never! You want a cat to take a meat in the home inside in the house.Meanwhile leaving the master outside in the home the house in cold to suffer much. The country is South Sudan government. We can sort out our grievances amicably by ourselves alone for the benefit of peace to our people! People who like United Nations to take the country for the South Sudan government,they are destroying the South beyond repair! There is no different in UN and the western countries in the west! They the western countries,they care less! They are after INTERESTS! Go ahead with UN.Good luck!


  7. Kurawet says:

    This is all nonsense. It will never come to pass that South Sudan falls under the UN trustee while it has a functional government. Why can’t the UN takeover Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, and other troubled spots around the world?
    You’re making claims that are baseless by suggesting the SPLA is made up of one tribe. I have never heard from any South Sudanese saying they were denied entry into the armed forces because of their tribal backgrounds. Joining the army is a professional choice. You see, all Riek Machar’s soldiers are ethnic Nuer because they are willing to die for his cause. In the same way, those who were willing to die for the liberation of South Sudan joined the SPLA. Are you ready to join the army? They need soldiers now.

  8. Force_1 says:

    UN “Trusteeship” idea is the inferior mentality that if one’s mediocrity can’t allows you to get the power from your superiors; then someone else better have it or have that power taken away from them!
    This is like saying “I am not smart enough to earn the degrees my colleagues have; therefore I better let those academic titles or credentials taken away from them”! Isn’t this logic sound utterly ridiculous? But to the author of this article; this logic is perfectly find with him and to the rest of his uninformed countrymen! And that says more about their academic credentials!

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      It is needful to solve our problems as South Sudanese. When hell broke loss in 2013, your tribal government run to foreign government to help exterminates your people. If this is the way you want, then it is fitting to have UN take it over since you can’t see far from your nose. You cannot have it both ways. Pick your poision.

  9. Garang Deng says:

    Guys let us focus on how to stabilize our country and one of the best option is what Dr. Kwajok has suggested. anyone who has a different opinion could share it for the general public to review. So let’s have constructive critics when such ideas come forwards.

  10. Geneva says:

    Well thought article.

  11. kondokoro says:

    To suggest that we are place under UN trustee as supported by some of our friends is equal to treason or selling the earned nation will be regreted by those who promoted dinka as kings of south sudan, instead of focusing on building your communities you are becoming more tribalist in nature.
    we will raise a diaspora Battalion to go and flush out the invaders while blacklisting all the traitors who might be arrested right in the airport by NSS

  12. Okuc says:

    Abel Magok,

    The notion that Jieng are majority in SPLM because they are ones who fought the war that broke out in 1893 until the comphrensive peace agreement 2005 is a big lie to justify the domination of the military and the rest of institutions to consolidate their domination over the rest of South sudanese.
    The Jieng joined the movement not because they are much patrotic than the rest of South Sudanese but because they didn’t have where go to when president Numeri dissolved the Regional government in June 1983 and subsequent dismantle of Addis Ababa Agreement.The rest is history.
    The author was living in Bor in June 1983 during mutiny by battlation 105,101 and subsequent formation of SPLM/ SPLA which was driving force behind exodus of Jieng to join the movement. The dismantle of Addis Abab agreement was the catalyst which led Jieng to join the movement because the Regional government of which Abel Alier was president was dissolved and South was divided into three regions which was opposed by majority of South Sudanese. All these events took place at a time South sudanese were polarised between suppoters and opponent of division of South into three regions and the birth of Kokoro in Equatoria was also a catalyst behind the influx of Jieng to join the movement and not lies being fed by Jieng diehard they are liberators of South Sudanese and therefore they have the right to loot, rape and kill whoever oppose or dare to challenge their barbaric and savage way of running the country.

    • Force_1 says:


      You highly irrationally stated that ” The Jieng joined the movement not because they are much patriotic than the rest of South Sudanese but because they didn’t have where go to when president Numeri dissolved the Regional government in June 1983 and subsequent dismantle of Addis Ababa Agreement. The rest is history.”
      Well; according to your logic; you the Shulluk or Chollo and the rest of 63 tribes in South Sudan didn’t joined the movement but collaborate with enemy of South Sudan not because you were traitors but because they didn’t have anywhere to go! With that logic, you completely altered the meanings of either traitor or patriot.

      Seriously; that’s the logic from someone who tells us that he earned “a PHD”! Who else earned PHDs? Riek Machar and Lam Akol; and what did they accomplished? Yeah; tell me about them or their accomplishment.

  13. Eli says:

    Force_1, Chief Abiko, Kurawet, Abel Magok and rest of warmongers

    Obviously you are not in the country and you really don’t care about the people but power without knowledge is a failed and blind power.
    South Sudan has failed and we so urgently need somebody no matter who to rescue the suffering innocent population.

    Thumbs up to UN Trusteeship. I applaud Pres. Kenyatta’s stance and let the SSPLA aka South Sudanese People Loving Assemblies come out to support this latest move, the most needed life rescuing mission by the World Body.

    Check this out below: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article59660

  14. Abel Magok says:

    Dr. Lako Jada,

    In all your articles I have read, it never come to my attention any single good word coming out from you about president Kiir, other than hatred and wishes to leave government in favor of Dr. Riek Machar. I could remember your article and the winner in peace was Dr. Riek. I don’t mind who can stand for election whether president Kiir or someone else.
    The current environment might not be conducive for elections and the solution is not United Nations Trusteeship as you suggested, rather Southerners have to be sincere and sit to solve their problems without inviting others who might have their own different agenda.

    • Eastern says:

      Abel Magok,

      For crying out loud, how do you shamelessly classify UN as others? Is South Sudan, not Southern Sudan, not a member of the UN? If South Sudan must be taken over by the UN under an international Trusteeship arrangement, then it’s just the organisation to which South Sudan belongs is taking over the responsibilities of one of its members. What don’t you dinkas want to think critically?


    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Abel Magok,

      There is no room for argument about what I said in that article. You can check the archives of this website where you will find it titled ” Security Concerns in the Transition after peace agreement ” published on 29/08/2015. In number 4 under winners is President Kiir, I quote ” 4. President Salva Kiir as his signature earned him legitimacy. ”

      My criticism is never personal. I would refer you to the archives of Sudanile.com and Sudaneseonline.com up to 2005 and early 2006. You will find my articles written in the Arabic language in defence of the SPLM/SPLA and its leaders against the onslaught of the Jallaba media. I even dedicated one article to defend President Kiir when his political credentials were questioned by the likes of Al Tayyib Mustafa ( President Bashir’s maternal uncle ) and Ishag Mohammed Fadul, the radical Islamist columnist. My argument was that he wouldn’t have succeeded in striking the Ownlet Peace Deal between the Nuer and the Jieng if he lacked the minimum credentials to become a President. I also pointed out that if Bashir could be a President then why not a military man from South Sudan? That was then before Kiir’s real colours got exposed.

      Why would anyone in his or her right mind support a President who achieved nothing in over a decade in regard to improving the lives of the citizens. A President who has proven beyond doubt that he is the weakest ever probably in the history of the world. The case of the 75 officials who embezzled billions of US Dollars is an example of his weakness. Where in the world the top authority in the country sends out letters to thieves to return stolen taxpayers money?
      Being ruthless does not make someone a strong President. Also terrorising and killing unarmed innocent civilians does not earn someone bravery, in fact, it’s akin to cowardice.

      The difference between me and you is that I don’t support a leader blindly when it has become clear that he is not up to the job and his policies are harmful to the people of South Sudan. You are among those intellectuals who have sent their consciences and morality on a long leave or perhaps buried them in a grave for good. Your position could be explained by being the beneficiary of the regime or simply sheer tribalism whereby you vigorously defend your tribesmen regardless of being right or wrong.

  15. Abel Magok says:

    nikalongo Sanduksanduk,

    Number of Jieng in the army was a problem with Dr. Lako Jada, if not a problem with you. If you are a Southerner with nationalist spirit, and you think that there are behaviours concerned in the army, come out with ideas and solutions addressing the issue than pouring game of hatred indiscriminately to the whole Jieng.
    I am sincere about the Militias situation during the war of liberation.
    There are so many names in your Militias list, those who were on government of Sudan side, and you have mentioned Riek Machar, Gadet, Arop Thon, Kerbino, Abdallah Chol, Tangnyang, Taban Deng and Aturjong. I would add some Militias names you left out deliberately may be because they are not Dinka or Nuer as your focus was on two tribes.
    Lam Akol, Clement Konga and Tom El-Nor, those were Militias leaders with army along side Government of Sudan.
    Let me correct you in first place, there was no name Arop Thon, I know there was Arok Thon.
    Second I don’t know which Aturjong you are talking about? I know a name of commander Dau Aturjong and never leave the SPLA until CPA agreement.
    I am not sure whether you were politically conscious then or now to distinguish your list of which majority names are Nuer and other names I added? who was having Militias along side government of Sudan, fighting their fellow Southerners? and who have no Militias but joined the government? and this is in part why Dr. Riek should not be a president unless he passes scrutiny from majority of Southerners.

    • Nikalongo says:

      I was only correcting your perception of events. Yes, there were Government Militia from other tribes, but they were just a handful compared to the Dinka and Nuer Militia. Exploitation of the oil wealth in Upper Nile, for example, would have been impossible with the cooperation of the Dinka and Nuer militia. As you read this, know that some of those Nuer and Dinka militia men and officers are still in the service of the Sudan Government.
      Magok, the problem of indiscipline in the SPLA-IG and SPLA-IO is not lack of good ideas, it is a mentality issue from top to bottom. It is a problem with roots in centuries of mistrust, death and hooliganism. Which Dinka and Nuer SPLA officer does not know that turning their heartlands into an open graveyard is evil? I suggest that you talk to your people about the sanctity of human life and values instead of attacking proposals meant to save our Country from disintegration.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Sincerely, from deep in my heart, your last sentence to Abel Magok is perhaps the best I have come across in the 13 years of running this website. Quote: “I suggest that you talk to your people about the sanctity of human life and values instead of attacking proposals meant to save our Country from disintegration.”
        If every single SPLM member could just take 10 minutes a day to talk on the sanctity of human life and values, our country would now have been turned into an African paradise, with less of the senseless killings we see daily.
        Thanks again,

        • Force_1 says:

          Editor & Nikolongo;

          It’s amusing that all of a sudden you guys started to care about the “Sanctity of human life and its value” what happened? When it was Dinka being slaughtered on all roads in every corner in Equatoria; you didn’t say anything about the sanctity of human live! When Dinka were being identified with code name “MTN” to indicate the present of innocent unarmed civilians travelling across Equatoria and if the identification is negative; then the bus has to be allowed to leave without any killing but the identification is positive that the Dinkas are present in the bus; then any Dinka has to be handcuffed and ordered to the bushes and shot in the head execution style.

          Their only guilt was they are Dinka. And when I click to this site; every article I read is how evil Jiengs are! When you brew hatred; it can explode; and when it explode; everyone can experience it devastation regardless of who planted it. Now; where were you guys with your sympathy to the innocent Dinka being murdered on the roads like that?

          Why all of a sudden you guys started to care about the sanctity human life? Is it because the death comes to your doorstep and therefore you started to know how valuable human life is?
          At this moment no time out; let’s ride this bus of hatred to any destination it can take us and from there; will see what happened. And for those who wished for foreign intervention; well; tell me how safe Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan are today to its citizens. And if you guys want South Sudan to be like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan then bring it on!
          All I know is; no one would be safe whether the foreign invaders or those who support foreign invasion of South Sudan. If we can’t hold our ground within against foreign invasion; then insurgence would be the second option and no one would be safe anywhere. No one would tell me that Iraq is safe today after 13 years from American invasion! I wish you all good luck with your quest for foreign intervention!

          • Eastern says:


            You must be naive to compare Libya, Iraq, Syria Afghanistan scenarios to the government of tribal bigots we have in South Sudan.

            To start with Libya; the militias in Libya had access to oil resources which they used to illicitly export to the eastern world before that illicit trade route was closed. Libya also had a large stockpile of Russian made arms left behind by Ghadafi. A number of oil laden tankers were sized at sea. In Iraq and Syria, oil money also fanned the insurgency there; this was mostly before global oil prices dropped. In Afghanistan, there has been a long practice of growing and exporting opium and other illicit drugs grown using forced labour.

            The Dinka let government is yet to show to the world how they intend to confront the third civilian force and wage war of attrition against other South Sudanese. Was it not a disaster in Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile not until the Operation Lifeline Sudan threw in the lifeline that human lives were saved in these locations.

            What happened in Juba and Bor must be condemned. Kiir must be held liable for coercing innocent people to rise against an organisation South Sudan is a member of. This is incitement at best.

            Force_1, don’t incite poor dinkas to rise and face what will eventually backfire to their detriment. Nor has already seen a lot of man made calamities in addition to the annual ravages of floods and famine. Let the people be.

        • Abel Magok says:


          The sentence you have Quoted from nikalongo, and you said is the best you have come across in 13 years of running this website, simply tell me something might be wrong in your understanding or thinking.
          If you read it well, nikalongo was talking about Nuer and Dinka.
          The sentences Quoted, I suggest that you talk to your people about the sanctity of human life and values instead of attacking proposals mean to save our Country from disintegration.
          You gave the sentence size doesn’t worth it, may be or I guess it countered what seems to be high emotions.
          I don’t know who are my people I should talk with? people born Jieng or people in Government?
          There are thousands if not millions of Jieng who do not involve in war being fought in Juba or elsewhere in South Sudan, in addition, not Jieng alone in government and this indiscrimination attitudes from people claiming to be an intellectuals is ridicules.
          United Nations Trusteeship is not a good proposal for someone who is a southerner nationalist.
          If there is talks suggested by nikalongo, it should be directed to these bunch of Militia Dr. Riek, Gadet, Tangnyang, Taban Deng and others Militias who have been killing and confusing Southerners during war time Supporting government of Sudan and after independence in chaos they caused to the Country.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Abel Magok,
            I think the message of Nikalongo is clear. It’s meant to all the tribal leaders in Juba, whether jieng or Nuer, Yauyau’s Murle or Johnson Oling’s Collo, or those on Nimule/Yei roads, and all others, must cease encouraging their various people killing others.
            You might be fully aware that in the recent fighting in Juba, long after Machar’s soldiers were driven out from Jebel area, some particular community that is specially armed and privileged in Juba, went on a killing spree, looting of all the markets and firing guns all nights.
            Guess who those shooters, killers and looters were? You guess correctly!!! Nikalongo simply wants respect for the sanctity of life.

  16. Toria says:

    Kurawet, Abel Magok, Force_1 and rest of jenge diehards
    There is no national army in South Sudan only tribal jenge militias, thugs, rapists, looters, lawless crooks, hopeless land grabbers and bunch of losers.
    “Not long ago, India today TV station and several news outlets reported that the government of South Sudan sanctioned its soldiers to rape and loot as payment for their salaries. These abominable acts were confirmed by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and several relief organisations – what a disgrace!”
    Here is the link to that shame that will haunt our nation forever. https://www.facebook.com/IndiaToday/videos/10154465191202119/
    What a Shameless cursed race ended up with us?

    • Deng Monymor says:


      The Army we have was capable in liberating the country and is also capable of defending this nation against any threat, be it foreigners or locals as we had recently. Of course, as a preacher of MTN hunting politics yourself, it makes sense seeing you having this view about the Army. However, don’t let the history of self-fooling repeats itself again; it is obvious that your thinking is not a friend to logic or reasonable circumstances in South Sudan.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Deng Monymor,

        Quit concealing what is known. It only exposes the radius of your stupidity. There is no capable army in South Sudan… if there is one, why had UPDF intervened to rescue the supposedly capable army from untrained White Army? Think about it.

        • Deng Monymor says:


          The only one who exhibits stupidity is not me but you who have not learned a thing or two so far. The song of UPDF you have been singing is a mystery you will never understand for the rest of your life. Yes, I fought white army myself, and it is true that they were untrained, which helps explain why they were wiped out. Interestingly, from some we captured, I am now convinced that your mentality and theirs is the same. What a sad inheritance for you cousin?!

          I fought both these untrained of yours in 2013 and in 2016 and I believe from my experience that we are capable in defending this nation from any threat that might come from anywhere. If you have fooled yourself through bravery songs and UPDF presence, my experience tells me you are the most stupid who will never learn anything as things go on in South Sudan. Be warned however that Deng Monymor is not a loud mouth who sits behind computer screen and writes shits; he is a well engaged individual! Keep singing these more songs and you will be taught more.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear Toria,

      Thank you very much.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    If Dr Riak is wise,if he has intention to continue waging the war against Kiir and giving the backround that his tribal militia was wiped out in Juba,he has a golden opportunity to build a rebel army of the 64 tribes and he will have succeeded to produce a national out look that will force many to think that he has a sincere national reason to fight for than the wild jungle hunger for power that almost cost his life not so long time ago.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      False Millionaire,

      Dr. Riek has only 1,300 bodyguards transported with light guns to Juba. Everybody knows this. This 1,300 guards prompted Kiir to ask UPDF intervention as they fought fiercely for good 3 days. Do you know how many Mathiang Anyoor they have sent to hell? 2000 I heard from a reliable source.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Perhaps Dr Machar is at start of that scenario. Dr Garang took over 20 years of sweating blood and plasma to rally Suadnese masses to achieve his dream of one united New Sudan which he failed to realise. Western backers leveraged him to have an agreement negotiated with the NIF regime in Khartoum and the rest is history.

      Kiir has been misadvised by the Dinka zealots surrounding him that the countries resources (especially oil) can be mortgaged to fund the war against Dr Machar – new tanks, arms, helicopter gunships, etc were acquired at the cost of South Sudan’s economic stability. The Kiir-Machar’s war is barely 5 years, but see the situation of Juba, Malakal, Wau, Aweil, etc. The situation the aforementioned towns are in is no where near what Sudanese towns were even ten years after Dr Garang went to the bush! I am just using this to show to you, that with a looming arms embargo, Kiir shouldn’t waste his time and human resources to wage a futile yet costly war.

      Don’t say Eastern didn’t warn you!!!!

  18. alex says:

    Now it is very clear there is a growing disconnect between the splm in opp media propaganda and its leadership in Juba. The leadership recognised the issue of packing hate and lies will harm their movement hence as a results there is consultations going on within splm in opp field commanders. Maybe something good will come out soon. The Internet warriors are out of touch with the suffering of our people. They are enjoying life in the west and do not feel the pain people go through. So if all goes well prepare for a breaking news soon

  19. Toria says:

    Deng Monymor
    You are a liar and shame on you for being the most useless and wasted homosapiens on the face of the globe. Who are you protecting the country from and whom have the spla liberated? Not even your jenges understand the meaning of liberation. As long as there is no peace in the country you jenges are to be blamed for and your people will pay the price very dearly. We all love this country; it is you the jenge barbaric who actually hate this country. Anything to protect it is welcome even if we have to invite Sudanese Army to help. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1161730553887237&set=a.688918261168471.1073741828.100001509104950&type=3&theater
    If this is what you call protection then you are mentally sick and retarded.

  20. Kokora II says:

    Dear Equa Toria
    I couldn’t agree more with you quoting from your comment above here: “Who are you protecting the country from and whom have the spla liberated? Not even your jenges understand the meaning of liberation”
    This is just the beginning of Hell breaking loose on SPLA IG, and maybe Equatoria WILL BREAK AWAY at the end of all these messes. We are tired of this nonsense and it’s time to call it enough, LET US PART. EQUATORIA MUST GO, BAHR GHAZAL MUST GO AND UPPER NILE MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hear the voices of the People

  21. I have been all following your articles and cmments,for all causes,let say sincerly this country is belong to all of us,but time is going and the evils is not yet sleeping.

  22. Eastern says:

    Gradually but surely, South Sudan is inching towards an International Trusteeship…….

  23. alex says:

    Those who want to sell themselves should not sell our innocent people. You have released whether through elections you will not win so you want to sell our country. You are out of touch with our people. Our people are willing to die before UN takes the country. You are not speaking on behave of our people. I have never seen people who are enemies against their own independence. Shame to Dr.

  24. Joseph Marou says:

    Hi guys,
    It is good to talk about the Country affairs re-than causing other Entity like this one (JCE) Therefore it showed that you are against other individual, My friends I tell you this where ever you are or any corner you are ? I can repeatedly to you that without this (JCE) contribution in War or in politically I believe you would have still arena nowhere. Please my advice to you guys or you good writers as Doctors,why are you always prayer for bad things to be happened for that Nations, what do you think has Doctor. Do you proposal, a bad things , whilst you are educated person this arena. I suspected that what people like us or nation when educated people are always proposal different army to come governed their Country Don’t you think United Nation is not party of our Country separate entity and I suspicion warred about you doctors please be good doctor re-than be bad to our Country. We fought for it, while you were doing your education. please try to think do not bring difference you can be fit in No.Thank you very much I respect your views,but not to bring United Nation to our Country South Sudan the Republic.

  25. alex says:

    Those who sell our country to UN will never get peace like Judas Iscariot. Some even might commit suicide
    because of guilt. They will be treated like betrayals.

  26. Mahamed Abdala says:

    There is an urgent need for Nuer and Dinka to sit and resolve their own problems or else let them invite other tribes to mediate between them in order to reach the solution of tribal conflict and look for other alternatives instead of killing themselves every single day because of power!!

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