‘This is an imposed peace meant for regime change, Kiir declares at signing of peace deal


For sure, watching president Kiir profusely sweating under serious stress and great reluctance before agreeing to initial the IGAD-Plus negotiated peace deal, South Sudanese should be extremely aware that peace is not anywhere nearer.

In no uncertain terms and words, while addressing Museveni of Uganda, Kenyatta of Kenya, Desalyan of Ethiopia and the Sudanese Vice president, a most unhappy and definitely belligerent Kiir declared that he had several reservations about the agreement and even intimated openly that there will be ‘no lasting peace’ in the country.

According to Kiir, there are only two options presented to him before signing the peace deal and these were either an imposed peace or continued war.

He further added that any problems that might arise will directly lead to failure of the peace process.

“Bentiu, the capital of Unity State has been attacked by Riek Machar and fighting is continuing as we sit here,” a visibly agitated Kiir announced.

An angry Kiir further told the IGAD-Plus leaders that leaders of his ruling SPLM are deeply concerned about some issues if peace is carelessly handled and managed as is seen today by the IGAD leaders and this will affect the whole region.

“We have deep and serious reservations on the peace process and the talks.”

According to Kiir, “from the intimidating messages we received, this peace agreement is meant for regime change,” intimating that the peace process is directly to change his government.

Kiir bluntly, while still profusely sweating and nervously removing and putting on his glasses, Kiir called for revision of some detrimental provisions designed and loaded in this agreement against the voices of the people, the political leadership and his so-called elected government.

Finally, Kiir uneasily declared, “with serious reservations, I will sign the document.”

However, Kiir repeated that they see many things we have to reject and the document

Interestingly, in a repetition of a quotation from former Sudanese president Numeri who when he was nullifying the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1983, a visibly angry Kiir quipped why the peace deal can’t be renegotiated.

“This peace deal is not the Bible or the Koran.” Kiir further added that even the Bible, there is always a new version coming up all the time.

Something wrong must be within this agreement document, Kiir declared, but they don’t want to be known.

It’s time to correct these things, he said.

As an example, Kiir accused the iGAD-Plus leaders for allowing Pagan Amum to change the Agreement by the altering of the ‘Former Detainees’ FD, which was changed into ‘SPLM leaders.’

Further, Kiir accused the IGAD-PLus that while he was never called in the agreement as commander-in-chief of the National Army, Machar was instead referred to as leader of SPLM Armed Opposition.

In conclusion, the angry president Kiir bluntly stated that while he’s not allowed to read the reservations of his government on the peace deal, however, he will give each one of the negotiators a copy to read.

“I call upon you regional leaders to stand with us during the implementation of this peace deal otherwise we will fail,” he ended his talk.

Will this peace last, what do you think?
SUMMARY- Key points of peace deal:

**Fighting to stop immediately. Soldiers to be confined to barracks in 30 days, foreign forces to leave within 45 days, and child soldiers and prisoners of war freed.

**All military forces to leave the capital, Juba, to be replaced by unspecified “guard forces” and Joint Integrated Police.

**Rebels get post of “first vice-president.”

**Transitional government of national unity to take office in 90 days and govern for 30 months.

**Elections to be held 60 days before end of transitional government’s mandate
Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing to investigate human rights violations.

From the BBC: AUG/26/2015, SSN.

As time passed and the temperature rose in the big, celebratory tent, the buzz of optimism started to wane.

Last-minute talks had been going on for hours – surely President Salva Kiir wouldn’t leave regional heads of state at the altar for the second time in 10 days?

The talking had been tough – the language of the leaders was strong.

When Kenya’s President Kenyatta said there was “no such thing as a perfect agreement”, it was clear it had been a tough day around a table.

People shouldn’t see “obstacles, but opportunity and hope,” he added.

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni called South Sudan’s struggle for independence lea just war, but that this was “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

And then in a long, slow speech, pausing regularly to remove his glasses and wipe his face, it wasn’t quite clear if President Kiir was going to sign the deal or notis.

In the end he did, but any moment of statesmanship was lost in a piece of theatre.

He finally said he would sign only if the heads of state initialled a long list of reservations – which he then proceeded to do while photocopies of the list were handed out to the audience.

The regional leaders declined, but the signing went ahead. With renegade generals not signing up to the deal and much picking still to be done over the detail, there’s little here that would make the 1.6 million displaced people in South Sudan rush home.

Will South Sudan peace deal be worth the wait?

Before signing the deal, President Kiir spent hours in a closed-door meeting with the regional leaders.

Afterwards, he addressed the delegates, speaking at length of his unease about the deal and saying he wanted these reservations to be on record.

During his speech, South Sudan’s president mentioned areas such as the ambiguous structure and command of the South Sudan forces once the transitional government takes office in 90 days.
He also had issues about the power-sharing arrangements.

Fresh fighting that has erupted in the oil-rich town of Bentiu was a clear indication that rebels did not respect the deal they had so recently signed, he added.


From DailyNation of Nairobi, JUBA, WEDNESDAY/25/2015, SSN

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has finally agreed to sign a peace deal and power-sharing accord to end a 20-month civil war, his spokesman said Tuesday.

Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told AFP that the presidents of Kenya, Uganda and Sudan plus Ethiopia’s prime minister “will converge on Juba tomorrow morning for a one-day summit, and the President of the Republic of South Sudan will sign the peace agreement.”

The spokesman said, however, that the government was still unhappy with the accord, drawn up by the regional bloc IGAD.

“The government has some reservations… even if the President will sign,” Mr Ateny said.

South Sudan’s rebel leader Riek Machar, a former vice president, signed the deal last Monday, in line with a deadline to do so.


Both sides in the conflict have been facing the threat on international sanctions if they refuse to sign.

But Kiir only initialled part of the text, and his government slammed the accord as a “sellout” — saying it needed more time for consultations.

Key issues of disagreement include details of a power-sharing proposal between the government and rebels, which could see Machar return as vice-president.

Ateny also said the government was unhappy over calls to demilitarise the capital Juba, hand over greater powers to the rebels in the oil-rich Upper Nile region, and see foreigners in charge of a Monitoring and Evaluation Commission — the body that will police the implementation of the peace deal.

Sources in IGAD also confirmed plans for the deal to be signed in Juba on Wednesday, with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, Ethiopian


Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and chief mediator Seyoum Mesfin due to attend.

An IGAD official said rebel leader Machar would not be there because security provisions were not yet in place.

South Sudan’s civil war erupted in December 2013 when Kiir accused Dr Machar of planning a coup, setting off a cycle of retaliatory killings that has split the poverty-stricken, landlocked country along ethnic lines.

Marked by widespread atrocities on both sides, the war has been characterised by ethnic massacres and rape.

At least seven ceasefires have already been agreed and then shattered within days — if not hours — in the world’s newest country, which broke away from Sudan in 2011.

The peace proposal has been put forward by the regional eight-nation bloc IGAD, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, as well as the United Nations, African Union, China and the “troika” of Britain, Norway and the US.


The 72-page accord commits both sides to implementing a “permanent ceasefire” within 72 hours after signing.

Military forces also have 30 days to gather for “separation, assembly and cantonment” — or confinement to barracks, with their weapons secured in storage — with a security review ahead of an eventual reunification of forces.

All foreign forces in the war, including Ugandan troops backing Kiir, must leave within 45 days, while foreign militia forces, including rebels from neighbouring Sudan’s Darfur and Nuba mountain regions, must also be disarmed and sent home.

No troops are allowed closer than 25 kilometres (15 miles) to the capital Juba, with only presidential guards, police and guard forces protecting infrastructure can remain in the city.


The deal gives rebels the post of “First Vice President”, alongside the current vice-president.

That means Machar would likely return to the post he was sacked from in July 2013, six months before the war began.

Signatories also take responsibility for the war, “apologising unconditionally” for the tens of thousands killed.

A Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing will be set up to investigate “all aspects of human rights violations”, with a “Hybrid Court” — set up in collaboration with the African Union — to try crimes including possible genocide and crimes against humanity.


  1. Hardtarget says:

    Kiir Knew if he faill to sign, he will follow the likes of Ghadaffi, Farah Idid, Charles Taylor, Laurent Gbabgo.

    What makes the agreement interesting is having UPDF, JEM out and Demilitarization of Juba, there is hope

  2. Edema says:

    Mr. President Salva must sign the peace either in South Sudan or in space, we will not care where it will be signed from but remember to do the will of the people.
    we’re tired of war which is quite senseless.

  3. Kenyi Kenyi says:

    Kiir used to be a good leader for all South Sudanese until when he started to listen closely to Council of Dinkas instead of Council of Ministers.

    But will he now start to listen to Council of Ministers closely?

  4. bismark says:

    At last South Sudan is about to gain true independence. The people will at last have a say about how their lives and the country should be managed and never should those of Aldo Ajo Deng, Ambrose Rainy Think and Bona Malwal be allowed to be close to the seat of governance.

  5. Simba says:

    Pushing the armed Malong thugs 25km away from Juba, will restore sanity to the capital.

  6. Jafferson waran says:

    Good news! We strongly urge the President SKM to also announce his resignation tomorrow to allow for the country reconcilliation and growth. This would be the ONLY option. Signing peace and clinging around is like covering a rotten wound.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Jafferson Waran,
      This is the best and first time a South Sudanese has suggested that Kiir should resigned immediately after signing the peace deal.
      Yes, yes, we need a new face but, oh, God, not Wani Igga by any and all means!

      • alex says:

        your senseless war has come to end up with the issue of positions

        I wonder if we could have killed the thousands of our potential youths because to install Riack to be s vice president. Was it not good if the issue of what happened in Juba in December was dealt peaceful. The pain some of our people through is not worth what some of you are jublleting with. It is really sad for those there young ones where mislead to fight senseless war

        • Toria says:

          Hahaha……………hahahah…………..hahaha………hahahahahaha. Hahahah………hahahaha.

          • AGUMUT says:

            Good luck Top Positions Seekers, Signing peace agreement was not a fear about sanctions,but for those people at UNMISS Camps across the country. 20 months was like 20 years for those people at UNMISS Camps. I think people of Nuer have learnt the lesson that one day in future they will never ever walk out in force to fight a war for one man position.Shame on the called SPLM-IO,it is a kind of humiliations,SHAME SHAME on them.

        • AGUMUT,

          I told you Dinka more than 100 times that Nuer will never allow colonization and re-colonization of South Sudanese. The full time drunkard Dinka’s president hired mercenaries such Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Egypt, and Chadian military as well as Darfur rebels, SPLA-N, and SPLA-Blue Nile Rebels to fight Nuer, but Naath resist the criminals forces for full time drunkard president for over 20 months. With the help from more than six countries, yet you had not defeated Nuer. Now the rebellion is growing and expanding from Nuer territories to W. Bar Elgazal, W. Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Northern Bar-Elgazal, and Lakes States. If full time Drunkard Dinka’s chief did not sign compromise agreement, then his government would South Sudan rebels will defeat completely from Juba before the end of this year.

      • Joana Adams says:


        It’s amazing to see Kiir talking of regime change. What regime change? Doesn’t he know that his tenure expired on 9th July 2015? That is assuming that a president can butcher his own citizens and still be a legitimate president. Even if we ignore the two stated facts, it can be legitimately assumed that Kiir had secretly abdicated his reign to the Jieng Council perhaps as early as 2009. It’s only recently that a near palace coup engineered by The JCE led by the general from hell seems to have taken place.
        This was evident when on 17thAug Kiir was paralysed by fear to the extent that he could not execute his role as a so-called head of state, and failed to sigh the compromise agreement to the bewilderment of regional and world leaders. When you are a president and head of state, who else do you consult when all is said and done? God bless South Sudan.!
        It isn’t over yet? He is almost running out of tricks, I beleive the regional heads of states were not amused when Kiir lured them to Jubà not to sign the document in good faith but to continue lecturing them from the scripts of Makuei, Ambrose Ring and Malong.
        If indeed there is a regime left to be changed, only Kiir and cronies will shed tears for it. Lets wait and see what happens on 1 Sept. As a deterent, the world must not allow Kiir to get away from his many errors of judgement. The world has waited long enough, Kiir doesn’t respect internal norms or laws. He has no human values and certainly no remorse for wasting the times of fellow heads of states who have their own national matters to deal with.
        Kiir is not the image he projects, he is a tormented, deluded, confused man who must be exited now than later. The more he hangs around, the harder it will be to pick up the pieces.


  7. dani hilary says:

    its good to have peace at last the people of south Sudan needs it the most.let us learn to forgive each other and reconciliation must take place

  8. Dear editor,
    In the future, I think any president of south Sudan should not allow being push against the wall by the threats of international sanctions. He/she must think first about the well-being of the citizens, not his/her ego or tribe alone. If our president was to do that,we could be celebrating by now. But since he failed to amass support against the Compromised Peace Agreement, now he has to shamefully sign the accord alone at home. It is embarrassing and self humiliation. We have to know that in any negotiation, there is no 100 percent agreement. If you get 45 percents you are lucky and that is considered to be a good deal. It is also shameful to hear that the government of South Sudan is “unhappy over calls to demilitarize the capital Juba, hand over greater powers to the rebels in the oil-rich Upper Nile region.” Please see, we have Ugandan troops already in the country since December 2013, they have been jealously guiding our airports and the city. Many of them committed heinous crimes in Jongolei and Upper Nile states with their tanks, artillery, and helicopter gunships. The country has already been demilitarized but one sided, supporting only Salva Kiir government and the Dinka Kingdom. Why now being afraid of international peace keeping force that are coming to guide the citizens and our precious city, Juba? For sure, anything different from Dinka soldiers in town is better, because the Dinka soldiers have been committing atrocities, terrorizing citizens around Juba, and other states. Besides, there will be real peace and any crime committed, there will be retribution because the culprit will be penalized. The foreigners will only be monitoring, evaluation commission, they are the body that will police the implementation of the peace deal. Their presence will be tolerated only for 30 months then after, we shall embark on our so called “enduring peace” that is always said to be “around the corner.” IGAD reached to this conclusion because they have seen how reluctantly and slow our leaders are in bring peace to the bleeding nation. Hence, we as a country need to know and we must learn in a very hard way.

    • johnjerry says:

      As president of the state and C IN C of the Army Kiir is suppose to make tough decision and not be pushed around by chief of staff who is under the Minister of Defense to play the game as he wishes. Get rid of Malong then you will have a breathing space. Paul Malong is not a man of the people as he loves to drink blood of innocent people.One person can not put the life of the whole country in Hell.We have to learn from this experience otherwise he will follow those of Gadaffii and others should they refuse change of the people by the people.

  9. martin. L says:

    The 15-day consultation request was a mere delaying tactics from president Kiir! As they say ” you can run but you can’t hide.” It is that time you sign this peace agreement Mr president!

  10. Guet Athina Guet says:

    This peace is all a joke, the butcher of south Sudan machar who killed thousand of people just to be vice president. So he’s coming back to take orders from his master president Kiir as usual, what did he accomplish, people lost their life’s for what?. I have been saying all alone that Machar mental deficiencies are serious, and everyone should be concern. Machar 2 coup’s attempt (one against Dr. Garang and another against elected president Kiir) that failed and he went on a rampage of killing innocence women, children and the old, this will never be forgotten. Machar will always be a serial killer. Machar must be charge with war crimes against humanity and must face death by any means necessary.

    • martin L. says:

      “Machar must be charge with war crimes against humanity and must face death by any means necessary.” You meant president Kiir? Right?

    • Eastern says:


      You clearly have problem reading and comprehending simple English. Where in the document has it been indicated that Riek as the first Vice President is going to be taking orders from Kiir?

      Read the document once again. Now the 12 page list of Kiir’s reservations are null and void; Makuei as a lawyer should have guided his team not to waste time drafting and addendum to and agreement signed by another part already. This is typical of SPLA way of doing things.

      Guetdit, smell the coffee!

  11. Tyson says:

    This is why you are Jenge….. because a Jenge cannot be reformed.
    You are still dreaming of Machar taking orders from Kiir! What crocked killer Kiir! This is a mockery of high order. Today I am celebrating to see your luak chief being frog-mrched to peace signing. I thought you could continue to display your ignorance and arrogance so that all of you will scooped as Jenge camp to the Hague. The worst days are coming when your idiots will face the law.

    Kiir has been baby-sitted by Museveni, the callous Jenge Council of criminal elders and rogue-illiterate generals, What brain has Kiir got? Within the next 30 days, Kiir will be a corpse due to depression, disconnect from the council of Jenge criminals, tension of being inducted for war crime and finally, the marchrooming liver cancer will score a hat-trick on his ailing life. Good luck!!!!!!!

  12. omoni says:

    Guet Athina Guet,
    The questions you asked are supposed to be directed to Dinka council of elders and their counter part Nuer council of elders.

  13. David Lokosang says:

    President Kiir has lost his credibility.In order to leave some thing that people at least to remember him he must show a courage, after signing the peace document let him relinquish his position and leave it to a capable person.
    After CPA people of South Sudan were hoping for better services, better education, net work of roads that connect all the 10 states, better health system, good social and economic development that can create more jobs and opportunities to all regardless of their tribes and religion but that hope has vanished when he become the president of the republic. For 10 years South Sudan has been dependent on humanitarian assistance. Books for schools were contributed by friendly country like Great Britain. Health facilities and equipment were provided by world health organizations, the only road that is asphalt is Juba Nimule road and it has been done on the expenses of US aid and so many humanitarian services you name it. the overwhelming majority of South Sudanese have been asking were the hell our oil revenue is going? The answer is simple, it is going to the president, his ministers, the war lord generals and their folks pockets. They have saved billions of dollars in their accounts in foreign banks that is president Obama was threatening to sized that money as part of the sanction if he refuses to sign the peace deal.

    Those who were beating the drums of going to bush if president Kiir sign the peace document let us see which bush they will go to and were would thy get their support. Let me warn you the coming government and the international community will hunt you like rats so do not attempt. you listen to the voice of peace and accept it. Let us reconcile and accept one another and joint our hands to built a united prosperous South Sudan.

    • alex says:

      Hi lokasang
      didn’t you saw the huge numbers. Your real test will be during the elections
      The war just came to end with fighting positions nothing important

      • Eastern says:


        But have you now come to accept that King Kiir’s wings have been clipped: in central government Kiir has been cut down to 53%, in Greater Upper region, Kiir has been reduced to paltry 46% and in the remaining so-called peaceful seven states, Kiir lost 15%. The Mathiang Anyuor will sent out of Juba ti a distance of about 25km.

        Nothing will change much for Kiir; he may be a peaceful man but the likes of Paul Malong and Michael Makuei have spoiled his future prospects!

  14. John Kijana says:

    Guet Athina Guet,

    If you dont want Machar as VP in South Sudan, then go to Kakuma, go to the bush or at most get a rope and hang yourself. He and the SPLM/IO have made it and all those “cyber soldiers” who day and night put facts through the net to denounce Kiir´s “kiir-minal and treacherous” regime led by a handful of old jienges. These old jienges have wanted chaos and anarchy. But Dr, Machar and his team are bringing sanity, intelligence, reason, vision and hope to our people including you. At least then, you will experience better life and get good food in your luaks and no longer airdrops from UN planes.

    • alex says:

      John war is mow over and we should embrace peace if we want unity in our country
      we should learn civilised politics Where we should base our argument on political differences but not about cheap politics of hate . Scapegoating and stereotypes of other people breads tribal politics which isn’t s healthy politics
      . Hate is usually preached by mongers who does Not like peace.
      We want to see what you people will bring to the country within the three year period and what the voters will say
      . Iam glad that the elections will be the final arbitrary of who the people one to lead them.

    • Anyar says:

      John Kijana;
      You really doesn’t have any clue about SPLA aren’t you? Here is what you need to do; count down to 90 days and look back after 90 days. This will be your response after 90 days; “did we really sign any peace”? And from there; you’ll truly know the true color of SPLA! Good luck

  15. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear South Sudanese,

    Jesus says people do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword (Matthew 10:34). Please let us hope for peace, but not for other destruction. I pray this peace should be peace for unity and love, but not peace that would come and set South Sudanese against fathers, daughters, mothers and in-laws to hate one another (Matthew 10:35). Those who set up South Sudanese to come and kill themselves inside will never be free in the name of God in South Sudan and I pray if you have that plan in your mind unfortunately,our God will never bless you to live in South Sudan.

    I pray day and night for peace to come to children and women who are suffering under trees and camps. God is watching and listening and I think if mediators have serious plan B after signing peace against South Sudan inside Juba God will never let it happens again because South Sudanese people have been suffering for long time under Northern oppressors. I pray enough is enough no more killing and no more slavery. In the name of our fathers and mothers I do not want to hear our children and women cry again after this peace.

    Please South Sudanese leaders think what to do to your country, but not what the country do for you. God is ready to deliver you from suffering and ready to lift up your judgment. Please bring the permanent peace to your brothers and sisters, but do not bringing the disaster peace. I do not need the peace that set us back to war again. I have doubt and I pray to God to not to allow other plan B to happen again. God bless South Sudan.

  16. Alex Bongo says:

    Gadaffi insisted to fight the NATO, but eventually he was found in a rat hole, our big boy just tried his chance on history as well, he had no option but to swallow his own pride, even the likes of Elia Lomuro did not succeed with the Nation wide planned campaign to show the world that South Sudanese do not need forced peace deal. It never worked, people were not there apart from Juba idlers and the bought SPLM supporters. Mr. President if you were listening to South Sudanese Citizens, you would not have emmbarrassed yourslef the way you did.

  17. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear South Sudanese at home and around the world,

    This is other dream, the dream came to me around 5:15 am then at 6:24 am then I wake up and pray, but God told me not to afraid tell your people about this dream. This is a dream, I was working around the village then I found people are burning humans flesh and eat it, but when I saw this I began to ran away back home. While I came home I found my son has been sleeping then I wake him up and tell him to go up and sleep. So I went and help him to climbed up a ladder.

    The meaning of the dream according to the Holy Spirit interpretations during my prayers and question it means killing and corruption. Ladies and gentlemen’s God never give me rest, every Saturday during my Church Service I tell my congregation to keep pray for peace, love and unity. Please South Sudanese leaders stop killing and corruption God is trying very hard to lift you up and forgive you, but you never stop committing sins. I am talking to SPLM PARTY LEADERS HERE God is not happy be careful, but He is trying to forgive you.

    After the dream and prayers God sends me to read the passages from Daniel books. During the third year of CYRUS king of Persia a massage came to Daniel’s regarding the appointment of king, but the appointment time was long (Daniel 10:1-21). Dear my people South Sudanese I am far away from home, but God hands are so long I love you listen to God messages, God bless you all and peace will be with you. God loves South Sudan.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Angeir seriously !, did you dream about the butcher Reik 0Machar crashing an burns. For your information, god will never forgive Machar who murdering 30000 Dinkas women, children and the old. I am sure the serial killer Reik Machar will go to hell, have you dreamed about his demise from this world. Lets pray the butcher Reik Machar time will come to an end sooner than later.
      May god bless president Kiir and may god bless south Sudan.

  18. Eli says:

    Dear Citizens of Beloved S. Sudan,
    Every evil regime comes down to shame. Kirr must resign as soon as he signs the IGAD PLUS and with his cronies the JCE, they must get ready for ICC.
    Let freedom reign, peace, justice, and pursuits of true liberty and happiness must come to ALL S Sudanese.
    Bravo Freedom Fighters. We MUST continue to remain UNITED in opposition to dictatorships and tyrannical regimes.
    Eli Wani

    • Eli,

      These are the kind of courageous words that I would like to hear from you all the times. yes, let us unite so we can get ride of a dictator to resume our God given freedom in our country. We had already ran away from the Dictator in the Northern part of the country one, but we cannot afford to ran away from this full time drunkard president again. He must be the one to ran away from us.

  19. Eli says:


  20. Dear south sudanese,i always pray to God so that God can bring peace in our country because when there is peace in our country people behave well with one another,don’t let those of westerners confuse us. We are in one nation under one government as one people whether you are from Dinka or any other tribe in s.sudan we are all s.sudanese citizen.

  21. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Readers:

    President Kirr,is now pulling a rope from the neck!Signing the peace will clear him! But the fire is still lingering in air! As you are awere.There are many rebels fighting President Kirr Administration. He signed the peace with Riak Machar! Riak Machar,should not complain for IGAD for any eventuallity for President Kirr regime in Juba. Kirr is smart man! I detect his intellegence well! Thank you. Let us wait and see!

    Jackson County,Missouri,USA

  22. Alier Gai says:

    It is time to call it a peace time though ugly. The better peace will come when lives are saved. But Kiir and Macher have to find ways to drop out from the public life and assume their private suite activities. No more power struggle from the two rivalries.

  23. Guet Athina Guet says:

    To those who has responded to my comment regarding the butcher of south Sudan Marchar, let me assure you your criticism of me is well taken. However, Machar is delusional if he thinks he can control savageries in the Nuers land. President Kiir is the leader of south Sudan, and he will do his best to protect it’s citizen by any means necessary. As for buffoon idiot who thinks, their serial killer Machar will bring them to promise land, you people are in for a surprise, Machar has serious mental deficiency and I know for fact, Machar will never be president of south Sudan … and I am using these words loosely. Any Nuer can be elected to the higher office, Machar never !.
    God bless President Kiir, and god bless south Sudan.

    • bismark says:

      Mr Guet ,

      Your personal hatred of Riek Machar is out of place. You can not point a finger at him as a lone murderer of South Sudanese. Look at the reasons he fought your erroneous system. You will realise that he had a genuine reason to reject the mistreatment of his people. When their girls were raped, their cattle plundered, and the people mistreated with no collective decision on the running of the movement of the people, then you should believe he had a right to oppose Garang although things went out of control. When Didinga were massacred in Eastern Equatoria, did you point a finger at those murderers? What about the killing of Mundari in Central Equatoria, the Fertit in Western Bahr el Ghazal ? Why is it that the killing in Bor only matters to you? Are the rest not South Sudanese? Any way what happened in the past has occurred and we need to draw lessons from them to move forward in order to build a prosperous nation for our people. Never should we allow ourselves live in the past. We need clean water, hospitals,and schools and not finger pointing. Bury the past and forge a new future where freedom, justice and independence should be the cornerstones of our country. Blame games as a cover up to prolong nepotism, tribalism and corruption I hope will not be tolerated again.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Bismark,

        Personally I don’t want anyone kill/murdered, however, there is something called collateral damages which happen in this cases it was a fight as you had mentioned above. I agree it should not had happen, there’s a reason why bad things happen to innocence people. However, some of these groups were being paid by the butcher of Khartoum Bashir and the butcher of south Sudan Machar was being paid as well by Khartoum to kill many Dinkas as possible. May I remind you we lost 2 millions southerns during the civil war with Khartoum … 80 percent of the 2 millions who died were from the Dinkas tribe. So, there’s no blame games here these are facts !.

        • bismark says:


          It sad to hear that the death of many Didinga, Balanda, Ndogo, Mundari, Kakwa and many more South Sudanese as collateral damages and the Dinka as a paid for activity by Machar forces!! This suggests you really lack love for this country and its people except your tribesmen. This country can not be built on that basis simply because it is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation. The country needs cohesion by doing things that can cement our unity. Please build up patriotism in you.

      • augustine says:


        You raised valid points. Hope Mr. Guet and his likes must understand that the killing of Didinga, Mundari and others in South Sudan is terribly wrong. There is no one tribe in South Sudan whose life is above the 64 tribes plus. Any life of a South Sudanese is equal to the rest. There must be justice and equality for all South Sudan people.

    • John Kijana says:

      Guet Athina Guet,

      Dr. Machar is not hot for position, he just wanted to tell Kiir were to spit; control him and at most break his back. This peace deal will control Kiir and his “kiir-minal jienge benydits and bandits” the jienge council of elders who have misled him over the last 30 months. Dr. Machar has a PhD and I guess, he must be intelligent as compared to K…..Who is then the idiot here?
      Your slurs and abusive language against the Nuer is stupid, cos some of the Bul Nuer under Gen. Puljang Monytuil are doing the dirty job in Mayom County,killing other innocent Nuer for a handful of SSPs. They are “cleaning your ass” so to speak.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Kijana,

        First of all dude, I never abused the Nuers community because 2 of my cousins are married to Nuer girls and their children … nephews are in Dinka land away from the butcher. Bullshit, having a PhD does not make him smart as matter of fact, he’s dull as dirt in opinion you’re smarter then the butcher of south Sudan Machar. I will never dignified him has a PhD holder, he could have bought that dumb ass certificate from a low level university. Reik Machar will always be a serial killer in my opinion, and everyone knows I am telling the truth. He killed many of the Nuers people second to killing Dinkas.

    • Guet Athina Guet,

      There is no doubt that Dr. Machar is a visionary man in South Sudan. The same Dr. Machar who reversed secular United Sudan into Self-determination, is going to reverse again the dictatorship vision of Kiir Mayardit into genuine democracy. As you see the rebellion lead by visionary leaders is expanding like flood to all 10 states of South Sudan. If Kiir did not sign this compromise peace agreement, then his corrupted government would be defeated miserably before the end of this year by the South Sudanese rebels despite the fact that he hired more than 7 countries to fight for him.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Ramaran,

        Open your eyes and see the light … the butcher Machar is no visionary, but delusional imbecile of the world. In my humble opinion he’s some what senile, 2 failed coups, first coup he ran to the butcher of Khartoum Bashir, second coup he ran to Ethiopia .. so sir where is “VISIONARY ” here, he’s a waste of space and you’re wasting your time with inferior being, I don’t think Machar is qualify to teach elementary school children.

    • augustine says:


      Where did you get the message that Dr. Riek Machar said “He can control savageries in the Nuers land.” Also how did you diagnose Dr. Riek Machar having serious mental deficiency? Are you a psychologist by profession or this is just your own making?

      Let us be serious. Dr. Riek Machar fought for self-determination and for democracy in South Sudan. People like you who do not understand Dr. Riek Machar’s vision are so limited to comprehend the great values that this credible man is fighting for. Let be honest and give credits where it belongs. Dr. Riek Machar deserves credits. He was determined to stand up for self-determination. He followed what the people in Equatoria were fighting for. They fought for self-determination. So Dr. Riek and the rest of Equatorians who started to fight for self-determination must be given credits.

      Even the latter Dr. John Garang who fought for the whole Sudan is given credits for his hard work too. Even though he disagreed with Dr. Riek Machar about self-determination, he late agreed to let South Sudanese decide if they wanted separation or not.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Augustine,

        I appreciated your comment(s), you made lots of sense, however, you went off the rail … the butcher doesn’t deserve credit. When he attempt coup against Dr. Garang, and went he failed he went on a rampage of killing innocence women, children and the old. I called that “ethnic cleansing/genocide”. And don’t forget the second coup attempt 2013 against elected president that was dumb. He’s responsible for all the killing in Juba. He’s not fit to be in a leadership position. Reik Machar must be held accountable for war crimes against humanity even though he’s mentally unstable.

  24. Tyson,
    Don’t celebrate yet you better wait for its full implementation and then celebrate, otherwise don’t be the first person to die should your evil wishes fails to bear the fruits.
    You better take that evil dream to your backyard, you people ‘re very good at that and no Dinka has ever die like how you wish them to be but your people ‘re the ones who simply and desperately dies alone without a proper care from their immediate family as a result of heart attack, cancer, HBP, Diabets, shockings and name them, just take the case of Dr. WANI TOMBE in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he shamefully & lonely died in his apartment without someone attending to him until he spent two days with no one knowing his whereabout.
    FYI, President Kiir is the most humbe and caring president that South Sudan will ever have in their history after he will left that headach and cursed seat in the future. Had it not being our respect for our son and his dignity as the first president of South Sudan, General King Paul would ‘ve take over and wait for any puppets, refugee, opportunist or whoever that wants to take Dinka hard won independence by force to come and take it in the presence of over 6 millions Dinka or else we can just offer two more million lives to defend it just like the way we give them for its viability from Isamic regime in the then Sudan.

  25. Easy Money says:

    Let’s wait for the implementation of the peace deal. Do not rush to conclusion. The SNAKE can still bite, though the tail is severed. Watch the implementation process, as that may prove how truthful the intent will become. This President has been wounded and he could Hurt anyone, before he succumbs to his last breath.

  26. Easy Money says:

    A broad daylight intimidation,to say ” Six million “DINKA hard won independence being taken away by force. First of all, the Murle gave you hard time. Again during the 20 months of your created war, you lost miserably. What census data are you quoting, to award your Jieng a population of six million? Ha …ha….hallo.Ok, you may be referring to Cattle that you so much adore. Really, do you own 6 million cattle in South Sudan?. My friend, you will never ever enjoy that country you falsely claim you liberated, if without other Heroes who laid their lives for all generations to come, in the Republic of South Sudan.

  27. AGUMUT says:

    Even NGO’s are saying that why peace agreement took 20 months,while the Rebels have been eliminated even Generals are not in the country or in fighting. South Sudan Powerful and good.

  28. Tombe Gboro says:

    Dearest brother J. Chin Jacob,

    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
    Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.


  29. taban lowani says:

    Mr. President. You’re. Idiot. Becuase tour are listed. To your. Jieng council. Of idiots. Now it is the time. To. Pay the price. Of evil doing. Don’t. Forget. You still going. To face. Judgement. In the Hague.

  30. Kenyi Kenyi says:

    J. Chin Jacob,

    FYI South Sudan is yet to elect the first president of South Sudan. Kiir would be the first president of the Country but he has wasted his chance. Instead of caring for all; he cared for Dinkas. Instead of consulting all he consulted Malong, Makuei, Marial, Maguer etc…. So will he be the first president?

  31. Hoiloom says:

    Guet Athina,

    “President Kiir is the leader of south Sudan, and he will do his best to protect it’s citizen by any means necessary”. What are you smoking brother with this quote? Kiir cannot protect his Dinka people of Warap and Lake States from inter communal killings and he’s busy killing Nuer under UN protection sites, who are the citizens to be protected? Get yourself a different job than defending a criminal president.


    • Chul Mi Bor says:


      Truer words were never spoken!

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Hoiloom,

      Peyote dude, that what the butcher is smoking, otherwise he can’t be killing innocence people just to be VP. President Kiir will protect all southerns regardless of what tribe they belong to. If I were you I would be concerns about the serial killer Machar who might be coming after your clans, mark my words dude !.

  32. GatCharwearbol says:


    Brother, this man cannot afford an honest job. I don’t think he ever had one. So, egging Kiir on is the only job he can at least do to get his sticky fingers into public coffer through Kiir. “Protecting citizens” someone must have been sleeping all this time Kiir has been butchering citizens of South Sudan. A wolf cannot protect chickens.

  33. Jerad says:

    There is good thing and bad thing about this agreement. bad thing;
    As said, fool rush to sell his birth right for just a morsel of day, Southern Sudan will remain poor for the rest of years. what I want to say is that, UN forces and IGAD forces will take the quarter of resources, and then the rest will go to government and rebel. poor people will remain hungry. There will be no development. corruption will go without notice because everybody, international and IGAD will be eating. Federal government, nobody will be talking about it because it will interrupt everyone in his food. The question is, how long the UN force and IGAD force will remain in Southern Sudan? Believe me or not it will take a longer time. Riek and Pagan rushed to sign the peace but if the peace will be obey, then in two and half years election will be held, but if no one win then their game is over, but the continuation of taking resources by the international forces will continues for ever.
    The good thing;
    There will be no too much rebellion because rebellion will not be supported by any neighbour countries. The neighbour countries are the one who going to benefit in this peace agreement, so anyone who will try to rebel will meet with the terrible consequence.
    my advice to the citizen, Jonglei, eastern equatorial, and Bhar el ghazel, don’t allow further discovery of natural resources because you will not benefit from them only international communities will benefit. soon you will be like native American who remained in America as a symbol but valueless. If you are a Southern Sudanese in abroad just go to school to study and when you finished your education write a book about the foolish country ever been on earth.

  34. Nyagoli says:

    The Minister of Information and Official spoke Person for Government will automatically lost his position and let see where will he go! He has a case to answer

    • Eastern says:


      Michael Lueth has been instrumental in waging the war for the better parts of the entire 20 months. Makuei on a number of occasions incited South Sudanese against the UN as if South Sudan is not a member of the August body!

      Makuei, the lawyer that claims he is, breached UN rules in Bor when he forcefully led his armed escorts into UN facility contrary to laid down procedures.

      Makuei on numerous occasions lambasted UN including threatening the body with expulsion from South Sudan as if the country has already moved out the UN! Is South Sudnaese flag not flying at the UN HQ in New York? Makuei could be credited for being one man within Kiir’s inner circles who is responsible for the expulsions of the former head of UNMISS and more recently the UNOCHA boss. Makuei is indirectly responsible for the stalemate at various sessions of peace talks in Addis Ababa which resulted in prolonging of the war with disastrous consequences resulting in deaths, displacements and near economic collapse of the country!

  35. Muntu says:

    Fellow Country men & Women,
    Let’s take a rest and reflect on the signed document. Blame game will never benefit us nor move us forward. Is the signed doc going to be implemented accordingly? (this is the worry). Whether Salva resigns or Riek takes the 1st. VP is immature. What we want is silence of guns, sanity in Juba, sanity in the SPLA (both sides), rid our public service of corruption, be responsible citizens, respect law and order, be productive, etc and there peace will prevail.

    Otherwise I wish you (me inclusive) a new beginning.

  36. Bol says:

    Dear Readers,
    Lets hope for the best…..Fearing the worst……International Community doesn’t bring peace nor protect it…Its locals how do…..Look at Iraq, Somalia Afghanistan on one hand and look at former Yugoslavia…..It is not over because the evil is always in the details!

  37. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Bol,

    You’re absolutely right, lets hope for the best for the sake of our people who have gone through some serious hardship. because of one particular buffoon idiots wannabe leader(s) by force.
    May god bless president Kiir, and may god bless south Sudan.

  38. Hoiloom says:


    I see your bitterness against Machar however, the said gentleman is more superior in his intelligent capacity than any JCE member. Who do you want to lead, Kun Puoch the rate or Dr. Monytuel who is helping you butchering his kins in Unity State? Dr. Machar will hang around for a while until he puts South Sudan on the right path so you better bear with him because I don’t see him going anywhere soon.


    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Hoiloom,

      Prove it sir, are you kidding me .. hehehe … the butcher is dull as dirt and he’s poor looser and a lose cannon who likes to killing people!. I will be nice, let’s call him “Dr. Death” !.
      Thanks for addressing me.

  39. Lobolie Ajira says:

    Long Live Riach Machar! Long Live President Obama! Long Live IGAD! Long Live TROIKA! Long Live Deseleign/Ethiopia/Long Live Ohuru! Long Live AU and IGAD-PLUS! Long Live Ben Ki- Moon! Long Live to Peace loving people of South Sudan!

    At last, the BLACK mamba has been pulled out of its black hole!! Let us watch and see if there will any hole on the face of the earth where it will enter again! Everything has its beginning and final end! This the worst animal human history has ever experience! I do not agree with people who try to put all the Dinka people into one narrow Box! President Kiir had been exceptionally unique and uncharacteristic creature I have ever known! Where on earth, a President of a country to be pushed around by a bunch of primitive and illiterate villagers! A president without image!
    Right from the beginning, the tragic death of our Hero, John Garang De Mabior, was like a curse on the people of South Sudan! Who is Salva Kiir? He does not even come any closer to the personality of John Gafrang! John Garang was an international figure, full of wisdom and knowledge, compared to this buffoon/illiterate primate! How can you put a bush man to be the president of the civilized South Sudanese people? Personally I have no problem with my country men and women, South Sudanese. Dinkas are South Sudanese. Our real problem and cancer had been Salva Kiir! Even when he was signing an internationally supported Peace Agreement, Salva Kiir, shamelessly and publicly was still lamenting and cursing the International Community, IGAD and Riack Machar! What type of a President is this, who has no manners, personality and dignity? For 10 good years, since 2005, immediately after demise of John Garang, Salva Kiir had been a shame and great pain to the people of South Sudan!

    Whatever be the case, he will have to drink from the cup of his evil doing! Concocting and fabricating a coup, which he himself formulated, so as obliterate the innocent Nuer population from South Sudan. The ICC is waiting for him! There is no place for him in a civilized world. If he wants to regain his sanity, immediately after 30 months, quietly, Salva Kiir must present himself to the Hague, or else he will have no space for him in South Sudan, including Warrap! I know Warrap very well. There are very good people there. But Salva Kiir brought our beautiful country to lowliness and shameful stink! God will punish harshly, those who thrive on the blood of the innocent!

    Therefore, no Dinka man or woman, should be subjected to harassment and public abuses because of President! President Kiir is not the whole Dinka Tribe. He is a Dinka, from Gogrial. The Dinka people are bigger than Salva Kiir! Unless the Dinkas themselves want to lower themselves, to be identified as evil maniacs, then that will be a different case. But as far as Kiir is concerned, he must face his own shadow and clean up the mess he created in South Sudan!
    This is a voice of a loving son of South Sudan and South Sudanese people.
    PEACE AND FREEDOM to South Sudan at last!

  40. False Millionaire says:

    There is a need to be calm as RSS citizens.
    Observing the agreement carfully,Dr Riak and the SPLA-IO were for wealth sharing among others.
    But the twisted his arm and muzzled him into signing without any word of objection.
    Kiir stormed away from Addis only to take the bitter pil of the saying,”u can run but u can’t hide”.
    His reservations are genuine.The agreement will over throw his government either during the iterim period if he isn’t cooperating or at the end of the interim period no matter how best he may cooperate during the interim period.
    As for equatorians who were for federalism to be implementd during the iterim period,they got brushed off with the promise of such eventuality to be worked out in the final constitution text after the interim period.

    The agreement doesn’t give an impression to be an african work.
    It’s the work of elites from countries which have long established civilizations with the great knowledge of how to lay foundation for a floating territory into becoming a viable state like ours.
    The new reality has dawned upon RSS and I can never believe the drive to conclude this plan will stand the chance of failing before touching it’s end point.
    So it’s best to cooperate when possible and stop looking at each other with bitter arrogant violant intentions.
    We can keep killing each other but none of us will ever stop the agreement from getting implemented to it’s last point!!!

  41. Eastern says:

    False Millionaire,

    A peace agreement has been signed; the devil is in the details of its implementations.

    I don’t think there was arm twisting as the two main beligerants were at stalemate thanks to some diehards like Makuei et al. A formula has to be adopted from ‘somewhere’ to speedily bring the war to an end. In any negotiations no party expects 100% win you must aware of that fact. You were expecting to see in the text such things as X% of oil revenue goes state Y, etc worked out as the accord is implemented.

    The demand for federalism was not entirely a call from Equatoria(ns) only; the Greater Upper Nile resonated with that idea as well. SPLM-io has federalism at the core of its demands. Now if you read the agreement with sober mind, you find that Dr Macher (as the likely 1st VP) has been given the docket of reforms in the country. These reforms include but not limited constitution making process, the system of governance (which may involve calling for a referendum, etc).Now if you Bahr el Ghazal folks think the demand for federalism was an Equatorian affair, you will be shocked when a referendum for the same is carried out in the nearest future. Equatorians have not been brushed aside!

    If you had keen during the lengthy negotiations, a number of South Sudanese groups both at home and the in diaspora have made a number of proposals to the IGAD mediating team. Some aspects of those proposals are clearly imbedded in the current text of the agreement.

    False Millionare, over to you!!

  42. Dear Mr.Augustine:

    Can you be honest? Tell me the reason why Riak Machar fought for the Self Determination and demcoracy? Self Determination from who????!!! Democracy for what reason?????!!!!!

    In my own imagination,there is no any South Sudanese politician,he or she has clear menisfeto to backup his or her invention to the South Sudanese politics in Sudan.

    Those of Fr.Father Saturlino Ohure,William Deng,and others as well.They themselves they had been used by colonialism of British politics in Europe.Fr.Saturlino Ohure,was used by Italian Catholic Missionaries politicians in the name of christianity.He by himself,he was not well educated at all! His schooled,was based on religionus dogma! Even his fighting for the South Sudan,it was not well explained! Most of the fighting was in the first war,it was done on anger against north why they decimated the soldiers from Torit in 1955 rebellion.

    The only person change South Sudan politics in Sudan is the late Dr.John Garang De Mabior! His politics on war was on NATIONALISM!!!!!! He came home with golden plate full of fruits! Riak Machar, and Dr Lam Akol,signed the peace accords with Sudan government in central in north, in Khartoum with the current president Omer El Beshir of National Islamic Front(NIF)they came home with empty hands!!!!They are not supposed to have deserve for credits! Credit should be given to the late Dr.John Garang De Mabior.Even though his war was illusive,but he was succeeded to please South Sudanese on his hard working mission in the civil war in 21-years!!!! I am done! Sincere Heaing Anger!

    Jackson County,MO.USA

  43. bismark says:

    Mr Chief,

    You are really a political dwarf. You know little about the genesis of the war that finally liberated us from the yoke of cultural colonial forces from north of South Sudan. If you said those of Father of South Sudan independence movement Father Saturlino Ohure did not what he was doing and he was fully educated then I believe you are ill informed. I expected you to know more about him because of your home’s proximity to the home of late. He sowed the seed of independence movement in an environment that was ready to bring change to people. Not him alone did that. Late Aggrey Jaden, William Deng, Ezbon Mondiri, Elia Lupe, Gordon Muortat,General Taffeng, Ali Gbutala and Michael Loruwe can not be forgotten for their role in this noble activity. They are heros who deserve to be recognised by genuine patriots of this land. Yes Garang played a major role in securing to us this country. But we should not forget that with this honey he brought there was chillies in it. The present catastrophe our people are going through is because his leadership did not not prepare us for cohesion. Little civic education was carried out to sow the seeds of multi ethnic cohesion.making our people to fight one another. The death of Mundari, Nuer, Balanda, Ndogo, Didinga in his reign of power in our bushes developed to what it is now. The formation of the institution of South Sudan government is in tatters because he brought the elements of domination from the bushes to the towns of South Sudan. However all in all his struggle to free South Sudan land from being taken by Jallaba earned him respect. Educated or uneducated the wisdom to free our people from colonialism was a thing we should all appreciate because it cost dear lives for us to be where we are today.

  44. bismark says:

    Mr Chief,

    You are really a political dwarf. You know little about the genesis of the war that finally liberated us from the yoke of cultural colonial forces from north of South Sudan. If you said the Father of South Sudan independence movement Father Saturlino Ohure did not know what he was doing and he was not fully educated man then I believe you are ill informed. I expected you to know more about him because of your home’s proximity to the home of late. He sowed the seed of independence movement in an environment that was charged for change. Not him alone did that. Late Aggrey Jaden, William Deng, Ezbon Mondiri, Elia Lupe, Gordon Muortat,General Taffeng, Ali Gbutala and Michael Loruwe can not be forgotten for their role in this noble activity. They are heros who deserve to be recognised by genuine patriots of this land. Yes Garang played a major role in securing to us this country. But we should not forget that in the honey he brought there was chillies too. The present catastrophe our people are going through is because his leadership did not not prepare us for cohesion. Little civic education was carried out to sow the seeds of multi ethnic cohesion.causing our people to fight one another. The death of Mundari, Nuer, Balanda, Ndogo, Didinga in his reign of power in our bushes developed to what is taking place now. The formation of the institution of South Sudan government is in tatters because he brought the elements of domination from the bushes to the towns of South Sudan. However all in all his struggle to free South Sudan land from being taken by Jallaba earned him respect. Educated or uneducated the wisdom to free our people from colonialism was a thing we should all appreciate because it cost us dear lives to be where we are today.

  45. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Chief A. Akuranyang,

    Thanks god there are people like you our there to school the nincompoops. I don’t think he’s smart enough to understand/comprehends your comment(s).

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