UN: South Sudan army (SPLA) raped girls and burned them alive

Latest– Report by UN mission in South Sudan says recent military campaign was notable for its “brutality and intensity: ALJEEZERA, JUN/30/2015, SSN;”

The UN has accused South Sudan’s army of raping and then burning girls alive inside their homes during its recent campaign, a report by its mission in the country said.

The statement, published on Tuesday, warned the recent upsurge in fighting had been marked by a “new brutality and intensity.”

“The scope and level of cruelty that has characterised the reports suggests a depth of antipathy that exceeds political differences,” the UN said.

Women and children flee violence in South Sudan
Members of the UN mission in Sudan (UNMISS) said they interviewed 115 victims and eyewitnesses in Unity state where South Sudanese forces were involved in fighting against opposition fighters in April.

The survivors allege that the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) killed civilians, destroyed villages and displaced 100,000 people, the statement added.

The UN said attempts to corroborate the reports were prevented by the SPLA, which denied its teams access to the areas concerned.

“UNMISS human rights officers visited two additional sites of alleged atrocities and conducted more interviews of eyewitnesses and victims. The information gathered from those visits and interviews provided further corroboration of the earlier accounts,” the statement read.

“We call on the SPLA to fulfil this commitment and allow our human rights officers unfettered access to the sites of these reported violations,” said Ellen Margrethe Loej, the head of UNMISS.

The military spokesman for the South Sudanese army, Philip Aguer Panyang, told Al Jazeera that the accusations made in the report needed further verification, and questioned accusations South Sudanese troops had obstructed UN investigators.

“Our role as an army is to facilitate humanitarian deliveries and access for civilian protection,” Panyang said.

“If the UN has been denied access, they have the right to present those claims to the SPLA command.”

South Sudan attained independence in 2011 but the country has disintegrated into chaos.

Thousands of people have been killed and almost two million displaced in a civil conflict that erupted in late 2013 as forces loyal to Salva Kiir tried to put down an uprising led by his former deputy, Riek Machar.

Peace talks between the factions collapsed in March this year, and clashes have since escalated.

Kiir said that he will not be forced into a premature peace deal and rejected the UN threat of sanctions against his country. END


  1. AGUMUT says:

    This news is now in the global Headlines and shame,Riek has spoiled South Sudan.

    • Joana Adams says:

      This accusation is against SPLA soldiers not SPLA -IO. The modern war fare is not about physical strength or military capabilities but also about diplomatic offensives . What is the IO media department and foreign relations department doing?

      • Force_1 says:

        With the headlines like these; do you guys truly believes the current government is going to be force out and install your Riek Machar as the head of the government in South Sudan and everything is going to be fine and the lasting peace will come for you to enjoy!? If you guys believe in that miracle; then you must be and have to be very highly irrational!

        • Force_1 says:

          Isn’t it the same UN who tries to smuggle weapons to rebel strong hold areas last year? Would anyone be surprise that this is the report they came up with?
          The UN seems to be totally oblivious of the sophistication of Dinka tribe in South Sudan; because the UN completely believes if they can get rid of Dinka in the government; South Sudan would become peaceful! Really!
          If that’s what they truly believe; then they must be in a long war and much more destruction than what they have experience with their puppets South Sudanese behind them.

          • Eastern says:


            There’s no any shred of sophistication in dinka culture! Dinkas are responsible for the far and side denomination of South Sudan government classified information.

            Do you want me to shred the Kiir dinka-led government further on this open forum?

            Dinka can’t blackmail the whole of South Sudan; they can blackmail/intimidate/coerce/bribe a few hoodlums, but they can’t convince the whole country; there will be some spots that will remain thorny in your flesh! Mindra/Maridi is just another ugly head of this thorn rearing its head. Eastern Equatoria is soon erupting! Dinka tribe has soured its relationship with their long time neighbours the Missirya and Rezigats; they have fallen apart with their age old cousins the Nuers and now they are antagonising everybody in South Sudan, where will your food supplies come from, now that no more dura comes from Al Bashir’s Sudan. What will happen if Equatoria snippes the lifeline from Uganda through their territory?

            Force_1, gone to your senses, if dinka have any sophistication at all, you can’t antagonise everybody send you expect to emerge tryamphant!

          • Force_1 says:

            What thorn are you talking about in Mondri? Does it ever make you brave if you poke someone on the back and if he turn around; you just pretend that you didn’t do it! That’s what cowards does but for how long are you going to pretend that you’re not rebels against the government? What happened when you keep poking the lion’s eyes? Don’t place with fire or else you’ll soon be crying to the UN that your people were massacred! If you didn’t learn anything from the Nuer ordeals perhaps you may ask Nuer for advice!

  2. Dear All,

    Both warring rivals in the ruling party SPM in the postwar President Salva Kirr and Riak Machar.They should not ever be again bad things to their own folks in the country! Burning people alive on fires on both sides,raping women on both sides,should be stopped! Both sides,should discipline the should appropriate!Those who are doing such atrocities,they should be discipline and punish severely without no exception at all!They should only fight for the intentions politically!

    Human right report:The so called the United Nations Mission in South Sudan,should not allow to report government affairs in the country! Their work is to distant from conflict affairs.They should not report false information to the media both internally and externally! I dislike them.They put more salt on soups when being taste good to worst on mouth!

    Burning people alive your own people,it will not bring people to live in both peace and harmony in life!

    Missouri,Kansas USA

  3. Akwat says:

    They will pay for their evil deeds; God is showing. Raping and burning innocent girls alive, what a country of ignorant leaders. Please, God intervenes before these leaders finish our vulnerable people.

  4. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear U.N. Reported,

    What is the evidence of this allegations against South Sudan army? U.N. is almost to end the business against South Sudan. The time is coming, the time that God will destroy U.N. business against innocents’ citizen of South Sudan. The new country has been suffering under U.N. business, but God is not sleeping. U.N has reporting so many negative allegations trying to destroy the image and the future of South Sudan because of interest.

    You cannot reported this serious human abuse without evidence photos and the area this accident occurred. I am not so happy and I think one day God will ask those who lead the U.N. to destroy South Sudan. South Sudan is not the only country which has civil war in this world. How many people have been killed in United State? But U.N. never intervene to talk about American Crisis. The law of U.N. is against those who are powerless otherwise U.N. should not always reported the negative allegations against South Sudan.

    God always blessed innocents and I believe South Sudanese will survive no matter how suffering they are under U.N. abusive. In the name of God U.N. will never win in South Sudan if U.N. were formed to destroy the new country it will never happen. I am not happy and God will listen to my prayers against U.N. in South Sudan period. What are the photos, the names and the place where this an accident occurred?

    • Toria says:

      Francis Mangok Angier,
      I am afraid to say you are worshiping the god of death, if you have ever known the one and only true God of the Bible, then you will have some compassion on the suffering innocent people. Please, try to behave like a human being and not like a monster. The god of animism has blinded your eyes.
      By your name here and your writtings you sound like a typical Dinka diehard, and if you are a proud Dinka why are you making all other Dinkas look so bad like this for the whole world to see? You are not a reformer but a spoiler and you are living in deep darkness, but I pray for you, so that may the true God of heaven open your eyes so you can see the light.

      • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

        Dear Toria,

        Tell me the evidence, it says in John 8:32 ” tell the truth and the truth shall make you free” please, can you bring the evidence to support your argument. I do not care if the SPLM soldiers did this I would condemn them and stand with you, but I would never believe UN report since they are not neutral. Many of you who do not understand the UN business are still blind, but I pray God will give you knowledge and open your eyes to see and your mind to understand what UN is doing in South Sudan. UN need to be neutral, but not to involve in the war in South Sudan.

        UN should have to give the logic report with evidence in order to make people believe and significantly condemn the government with genuine argument. How do you believe the report that has no evidence and unless you are just innocent person who seek for UN employment or leadership. We need to stop follow the wind and be independence minded. My last thought, both government and rebels are not innocents otherwise they should have to stop fighting.

        • Jake says:

          Francis Mangok
          My brother if you truly believe that SPLA had done nothing in this report. Answer 1 simple question
          Innocent people have nothing to hide and are always open. Plus history tells us SPLA are capable of all these atrocities and more. Juba 2013 is proof. Malakal, Mangala, Kodok currently are all proof. Even Renk the Commanders admitted to atrocities committed by elements in the army and Militias loyal to Kiir.

  5. Yuk says:

    Most of you who have posted here are knowingly or unknowingly applying inductive reasoning which is the top-down logic for whatever reason known to you. In simple terms, you are framing the argument in light of blaming the victims in support of the killers. That is, judging from the effect in defiant to cause. This is where our nation obtained its ugliest shape to date. Even though most of us use fake names, yet the court of conscience should at lease convict each and everyone of us in his/her hiding zone. Please try to be nation builders rather than the destroyers. Such unbalance comments we utter are future enemy for the badly needed national reconciliation should this stupid conflict fade.

  6. Yuk says:

    Brother Francis,

    Indeed, at the end God is the infinite Judge. And with situation in S. Sudan, who is doing disservice to our vulnerable population in war-effected areas? Is it those raising concerning on human rights violation or those exactly committing those violations to the civil population? This attitude of the kind is what get us to where we are now. committing crimes without remorse to our people is beyond being negative. Complaining against U.N. Report is not sitting well at the pure view of all people of goodwill. Mind you, sovereignty is not a license to kill ourselves at whim. Honestly, all of you complaining above have knowingly or unknowingly have lost human decency at the greatest extent and by extension, you are portraying our country as a nation of brainless.

  7. Joana Adams says:

    Before you start condemning the UN, You need to opt out of the system. You cannot blame and criticize a system you are supposed to be a part of. When will these savages learn the art and ethos of the modern civilized world led by the UN?

  8. Developer says:

    This criminal and shameful act was committed by president Kiir guard called mathiang Ayoor. It armies are illiterate, they do not know how to speak English and Arabic language. The armies were not train in professional discipline acts. They are too rout that dragged their acts to rape some women and thrown them in the fire like that. On top of that, It’s was December 2013, mathiang Ayoor have raped Nuer women under guns point, after raping them the armies dung wooden stick in the Virginity of the victims Nuer women. It was total insanity and shameful for president Kiir government to trained his cruel sons only from his home states to commite crime against humanity.

  9. Eli Wani says:

    Dear UN, Human Rights Body and International Community;
    For so many years SPLA got away from the list of human rights abusive criminal terrorism, SPLA and LRA are comparables in every aspect for torture, rape, looting, landgrabbings, stealing, genocides are just a list of the few criminal activities of SPLA. For so many of us who have experienced the SPLA brutalities since 1983, that is from its inceptions, it was nothing but killings of innocent civilians, this is not a surprise or new news, but this is just another one of their routine ceremonial killings that you just uncovered.
    Yes during war for independence it was hidden under the pretense of crossfire or accidental military friendly fire. But to this date there is no more excuses for such inhumane behaviors, period.

    We the whistle blowers have always been call the enemies of the state for saying that there are gross human rights violations happening in South Sudan every day right in the world’s eyes.
    The question is; For how long shall the SPLA regime be allowed to get away by the International Community and eluding and fooling the Hague by doing these kinds of gross human rights abuses, again and again?
    No any human being should be enduring these hardships that our dear country civilian population is suffering.

    United Nations and Human Rights groups must not only condemn but bring to justice all the culprits, including the dictatorial regime of President Salva Kirr in Juba, whose mandated term comes to an end on July 9th, 2015.

    Justice was done in the Balkans when the Serbs murdered innocent Muslim women, same was done to Hitler’s Nazis when six million Jews were sent into gas chambers, justice was done in Rwanda and Burundi genocides, same has happened in the west African nations like Liberia, Sierra Leone etc, all of them got justice.


    Eli Wani is a concerned citizen, a fellow South Sudanese working day and night to see a free and prosperous South Sudan to be enjoyed by ALL people of all walks regardless of who they are. Working for justice, equality, and in pursuits of liberty and happiness to ALL.

  10. Eli Wani says:


    • Eastern says:

      Eli Wani,

      Excellent maths, I will sit down to write an algorithm for that. Thanks!

    • alex says:

      Ali you are running mad. Your lair can not and will not bring you to power. You are failure in life and rest well with eating chickens in Canada. You are a failed politician who has no vision and only to be following media war propagandas without knowing whether they are true or false. Your rebels in suit case have not yet materialised and you will soon be mad because of delusions. The any other person can believe in big lair, visionless criminal like you.

  11. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Yuk,

    Can you please show me the evidence and the date, photos, names and the place where this an accident occurred in order to believe this report. The killing of Bor, Malakal, Juba, and Unity State have evidence and no one to deny this massacre. I am not supporting any kind of human abusive in South Sudan, but U.N is the cause of the suffering of South Sudanese and if you are still supporting the U.N peacekeepers in South Sudanese unfortunately, you will be killing one another until the end of this world. You do not know this business and you do not know what you are talking about. The present of U.N. in South Sudan will never bring the rest or stability to South Sudanese.

    U.N. need to be neutral otherwise I will never listen to U.N. report in South Sudan. U.N. involve in the war of South Sudan reporting only one side an accident than both side and this is what give me the fundamental disagreement with U.N. in South Sudan. U.N. is always reporting the negative allegations against South Sudan government because they have power of intention. If this report is true why the UN do not take the pictures as evidence to support their report?

    “Romeo Dallarie said the failure to act on sex abuse by UN peacekeepers undermines mission. He also said the United Nations is damaging the credibility and effectiveness of its peacekeeping missions by failing to tackle a serious crisis of sexual abuse by its troops in Africa and elsewhere, according to one of Canada’s most famous ex-peacekeepers.” U.N. Peacekeepers fail in many places in Rwanda and Central Africa Republic they failed to report any serious human abuse because what they always doing is different. Now in South Sudan they are just dealing with government because they do not support him to bring the peace, but putting the fuel into the fire to burn more. I am not supporting any present of UN in South Sudan because I know what UN is about.

  12. Lotim Koroma says:

    Dear editor,
    This report compiled by world body(U.N) must be true because they have in forefront when the fighting was going on in Unity state.
    S.P.L.A army is a convetional army that can protect civilians as their spokeperson claimed,S.P.L.A is a group tribal millitias who act as per their tribemate command.We canno keep on covering crimes these hooligans are making everyday and night.
    The army that believe on the strength of a gun as their only tool for solving issues.
    U.N should not retreat from amking such useful reports so that these hooligans can refrain from violating human rights in South Sudan.

  13. mindra says:

    Dear Yuk and Jonas Adam,

    Good comments and very relevant to the articles,but the rest of the people who commented here misfired the contents of the reports,
    my humble appeals is that,let us accept and admit mistake.those who are opposed to this reports do not value life indeed.
    Assuming you were in shoe of Ellen,what would you do.let justice be done to those eyewitness and the victims
    let us value life SS and Southsudanese generations entirely depends on girls.
    The reports is a call and testimony to those who are practicing such.Go on UN,keep the citizens informed of kiir’s genocidal killing

    Mindra from loa local,pageri payam,madi corridor,EE,SS

  14. alex says:

    Dear mr Yuk

    There are people like Joana who does not mind about our country. Last time she said S. Sudan should be rebooted and she even advocated for UN to take over. Such type of backward politicans only know there stomach and power grabbing but they are not concern about human suffering and our Nation. They are working hard day and night to creat liars to decieve the world. They are trying to cover the looting, burning of villages, schools Universities, Hospitals and raping of our of people by her group. She taught the people in the world is stupid they do not know what they are doing and their lies. This lady has reduced S. Sudanese to shame because of her lairs and support for criminals. However, let them try in their journey of lies and media propoganda they will never achieve anything. They will burck day and night and they will create lairs after lairs and but they continue in the bush any no one will follow them only the greedy and power hungery who does not care about their people.

  15. mindra says:

    Hey SS,

    Killing,killing killing and killing…………….,why am i born in such a country.i regret to be called southsudanese. oh God intervene………..when civilians,are being raped,tortured and burnt alive special girls,sorry.

    Mindra from loa local,pageri payam,madi corridor EE,SS

  16. mindra says:

    Dear SS,

    The so called Republic of South Sudan,is the result of UN which mount pressure on Khartoum leading to self autonomy resulting to a country called Republic of south Sudan.why were you not opposed the time of CPA.i thank you very much mr Yuk and Adam Joans.unbalance comments means taking sides.

    mindra from loa local,pageri payam madi corridor,EE,SS

  17. mindra says:

    Dear SS,
    Balanced comments means maturity in arguments and reasoning.

    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor,EE,SS

  18. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear South Sudanese,

    The Western World leaders are preparing for climate change and the future for their generations, but some African leaders are fighting for leadership, raped women and burned people alive according to UN reporters, but they do not know how suffering people are going to suffer from climate change. How fool we are in Africa? The Western world leaders have been thinking what to do to save their future generations, but African leaders have been thinking how to kill their generations. The first continent children are suffering is African continent because the African leaders are sleeping and do not know what to do for global warming and the future of their generations.

    South Sudan, the country that got independence yesterday turn the gun to one another without even thinking how they are going to live in this world. It is very unfortunate how South Sudanese are going to suffer from global warming in next coming years, but our leaders are not aware for this. What can we do to change the way some of African leaders think about the lives of people they are responsible? Some African leaders are fighting to establish their own kingdom them recruit innocents’ young generations to fight and kill themselves for their behalf. This is a serious crime and I ask God to rescue these innocents’ young African generations to think how long they will be continuing to kill themselves without thinking for their own future.

    Young boys this is a time to establish your own kingdom instead of working hard to support other people kingdom-ship. The war you are fighting in South Sudan will never benefiting you because it is against your future and you need to think about this. You need to think about your fundamental aims and do not be manipulated and believe in these principles and ideologically war of tribalism. Those Nuer and Dinka under age generations who have been used to kill one another should have to think how their lives’ would be in next five to ten years later. I wonder how long you will be fighting without going to school. This time is a time you need to know how to read and write otherwise you will be suffering and be slaved of those who go to school. You are very intelligent to go to school and learn how to live better life than killing one another every year.

  19. Abiko! says:

    Dear:Joana Adams

    Which one of the ethos of the modern civilized led by the UN???? May you give example??? The so called UN,it has got their owners in the west in the countries which based on mutual cooperation for the common good! For example,Great Britain, France, in northern Europe in the west.China,Russia and USA.They fight over between interests capitalism for individual rights and communism on ownership in west and east.They are the very countries,exploiting the bloods of people in the world such as IMF,World bank,Tribunal called ICC,UNICEF and many as well! They put themselves today the world masters on people around the countries in the world! The UN is more worst in colonialism eras back in the days in the past in the modern world! I know,you work in UN. What you getting from,they are worthiless matters altogether especially people like you in the under developing countries in the third world! Thank you!

    Missouri Kansas,USA

  20. Akwat says:

    Correction: I meant God is watching.

  21. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Joana Adam.
    what are the evidents of your reports with UN about this raping inBentiu and burning people alive in the houses?
    if you give me the one you have seen with those who interviews people in the site then it will be ok, for us to blames the Goverment.
    Another thing why the opposition forces firing the POC in malakal killing one person and leaving others wounded on the ethenicity bases did you has why?

    • Eastern says:


      Some time last year your youth in Bor attacked, killed and maimed a number of IDP at the POC there. That incident was captured on camera by UN personnel and other NGO staff present.

      The killings that took place between April and May this year have been recounted by victims who have sought shelter in the POC at Bentiu. Their accounts have been recorded and all these will in building up a case file for possible future indictment and trial of people that will be deemed culpable.

  22. Bol says:

    This news is troubling…..both sides are not far from such practice… The government has the leading role in Human Rights respect….. No government can win a war if its troops are not discipline. UN may have its hidden agendas, but it has a point here. Moreover, picking up a fight with UN at this moment is purely unwise. For the government supporters, there is a lot of Homework to be done before becoming vocal about criticism. Years ago, a chief and few other individuals were kill in Yorl area and their bodies burn….Had our authorities learnt form that and took remedies and preventative measures such as thorough investigations, punishment of the culprits, initiation of mandatory training of Human Rights laws in conflict affected areas, we would have avoided the subsequent events of 15/12/13. Living in denial of government mistakes is equal to making up things against the it.. They both toxic… Happy 09/07.

  23. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Eastern.
    Let me tel lyou one thing, our people did not pick the gun to go and killed people in POC camp for nothing is because the revenged what nuer difd to them in December 2103 and they are still stayed in Bor with out joining thier brothers in the bush to fight for thier freedom which they claimed over the media and to make it worse during the strugles they run to khartoum for hiding that was the best for them to liberate thier home from Arab.
    i dont talks to cowards . let nuer answer me that is for your information mr Eastern or Eastern darfur.

    • Eastern says:


      So the whole thing is Nuer kill dinka and dinka kill nuer affairs? Equatorians who have stupidly immersed themselves into this madness must quickly extricate themselves least they be lumped together with those doing their age old things: revenge killing.

  24. Dear:Mr.Bol

    Burning matter,is not a surprise for me at all! I still remembering two boys in Lakes State in Rumbek.Their mouths were putted on fire by authorities under the two governors administration between leet and Daniel Awet Akot.They were freed in the court when found not culpable by the judge.They were done by the fellow Dinkaman in government.

    Before, there were in the world,USSR,AND USA,IRAN AND IRAQ and others as well.No people were setted on fire on the captives. I talk now to my fellow leaders in my country Riak in rebels and Kirr in government.They should discipline the soldiers very well! Those who breaks the disciplines,should be responsible with severe punishment! What they do is not good totally!

  25. Eli says:

    Francis Mangok Agier
    No you are wrong, it’s not about job, neither about UN, but about the lives of the innocent people, if you are a true man of God then you should know better, but I doubted which god you claim to be talking about, truly you are a false prophet. And just for your information if you are taking this war against UN that is the biggest mistake in your SPLAs life, UN existed way longer before SPLA, and it involves the global body not just one country so it’s like SPLA versus the World, good luck in your war against UN, in other words this is a good development for the oppositions, we will have to fire less bullet while the rest is done diplomatically. Now, I can see the end of SPLA coming.

    • alex says:

      Brother Eli

      How are your rebels in suitcase progressing. Is there hope or hope is dashing away. Let the Westerns humiliate you properly by making you to clean their toilets so that you know it is not easy to start a rebellion.

  26. Eli says:

    I have way too much education, I am not going to reduce myself to your low level. You are lucky to get a reply from me because on SSN media everyone has freedom of expression. But if you happen to meet in person I will shut you up instantly. Being a supporter of Salva Kirr you ranked the lowest of the low.
    My rebellion is very active and alive and we are doing lots of damages to SPLA Juba in all grounds. If your memory is upto date, Anya Nya movement was fought for seventeen years, John Garang’s SPLA was in the bush for over thierty years so what makes you think my rebellion is dead? That is becase you are a short sighted moronic lunatic. I will never surrender until the objective is accomplished. Rest assured we in opposition WILL win, no revolution is won overnight. What I am doing is called, “operation elimination of idiots”. I am right here in the country.

  27. alex says:

    You are Joking what education what you are job seeker. You are a faild individual in life. John Garang was not fighting in America or Canada like you man. It is hopeless man like you who keep on dreaming during day time. You think S. Sudanese will follow a visionless people like you. If you talk of education, there are people who claim to be educated but they are usless. Why not phone Riack and Olnyi to get advice how the SPLA are teaching them a good lesson. After 30 yrs we will just contribute money to bring you home because you will not manage the nursing homes in the West. To assure you I am not a begger like you and I am educated. I am not like you who sit behind computer day and night just writing very long stories. Wasting time in writing politics that can not help people instead of looking for work. I taught you are going to tell me You are professional working in a well recognised profession.
    Brother it is better to follow our local chiefs than following a serial theive who has not vision. You are writing day and night so that Riack could give you a position but my dear that is not possible. Education without experience is useless to talk of. Carry on with your begging of money in Canada we are going ahead in development. The time when you come to sense that you wasted your precious time will be the time you will realise that you have wasted your life on this earth.

    • Toria says:

      If you claim Eli is in Canada then he must be doing more damages to SPLA Juba, because those abroad actually contributed more than AK 47 holders, remember between 1991 and 93 when SPLA almost totally collapsed? it was those overseas who stood firm and made their voices be heard to revitalize Garang’s SPLA. How about Oil giant Talisman it was based in Canada, and we used to hear on the news that South Sudanese were protesting on the streets of Canadian cities until Talisman pulled out out of SS, because Talisman was drilling our oil and giving the money to Khartoum to kill our people. So I think you Alex need to think twice, don’t ignore the weight of media, just look how much Kirr has lost supports from overseas and the result is on July 9 2015 supposedly independence day, how many heads of states was in Juba? Only M7, the rest including our African neighbors only sent representatives and compare that to July 9 2011 when everybody was in Juba. Not even Beshir was there this time and yet Khartoum gets the lion share of our oil revenues. Why do you think so, could it be that people like Eli are waging both media and arms struggles wars succeeding in costing SPLAJuba everything and possibly Kirr’s regime? You also talk of sitting behind computer? You are the one who spends all of your time here on SSN trying to argue and answer everybody even though you lack the knowledge plus your English grammer really stinks. Maybe you need to go and take some ESL courses or look for a job before either those stolen money or welfare runs out wherever you are hiding.
      Eli, my advise to you is don’t waste your time arguing with simple minded, just do what you are doing and together let’s get the job done, wounded buffalos like alex are just waiting to die with others.

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