LATEST: UN sounds alarm over rising ethnic tensions between Dinka and Equatoria communities

BY: Joseph Oduha in JUBA, The EAST AFRICAN, OCT/26/2016, SSN;


**Several leaflets with hateful messages were last week found outside the gates of humanitarian organisations in Awiel West, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State.
**The leaflets, purportedly authored by individuals from the Dinka community, warned the Equatorians to leave Bahr el-Ghazal or be eliminated.
**President Salva Kiir recently said the leaders from Equatoria should take the responsibility and stop the ambushes along the highways in Central and Eastern Equatoria.

A United Nations agency has warned about the rising tensions between South Sudan’s Dinka and Equatoria communities.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, said in a statement the tensions could explode into mass atrocities if leaders from both sides failed to immediately defuse them.

Mr Hussein identified the factors responsible as including ethnic rhetoric, hate speech and outright incitement to violence by sections of the two groups.

He said several leaflets with graphic hateful messages were last week found outside the gates of humanitarian organisations in Awiel West, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State.

Northern Bahr el-Ghazal is the home of South Sudan Army Chief of General Staff Paul Malong.

Mr Hussein said the leaflets, purportedly authored by individuals from the Dinka community, warned the Equatorians to leave Bahr el-Ghazal or be eliminated.

“Retaliation attack must begin right now! One Nation, One People slogan is dead. The consequences will be graphically and horrifically huge,” read one leaflet dated October 14.

Community leaders

The UN official called on the political leaders to urgently condemn the incitement to violence and take action to remedy the situation.

Mr Hussein noted that an Equatorian staff member of a humanitarian organisation was attacked in Aweil Town on October 16, prompting the evacuation of at least 92 Equatoria aid workers from the area and 12 from Bor towns respectively.

“I urge President Salva Kiir and all political and community leaders with influence to urgently and unambiguously condemn the incitement to violence and to take urgent measures to defuse the tensions,” he said.

He said the threats were in reaction to the killing of an unconfirmed number of Dinka civilians travelling to Juba by bus along the Juba-Yei and Nimule highways on October 8 and October 10 respectively.

President Salva Kiir recently said the leaders from Equatoria should take the responsibility and stop the ambushes along the highways in Central and Eastern Equatoria.

President Kiir claimed that the regional leaders have the capacity to address insecurity concerns.


  1. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    UN should know better. The seeds of animosity and hatred had been planted long. The call is to late to remedy the situation. Transport the Equatorians out of Bhar el Ghazel as soon as possible; that is the only remedy in your disposal. Kiir’s a tribal sultan and has nothing to stage to avoid the unavoidable. In fact, the order to eliminate equatorians comes from him and Malong. These woolves cannot guards or provide solution as it is their intention in the place. We have told UN and their squatters before and they failed to listen.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Mere fear factor orchestrated by the UN.
    Since when have jieng ever survived without being interdependant to other RSS communities to come out with such stupid idea as expulsion of equatorians?
    Fellow equatorians,never move an inch.Jieng lands are also your home lands.Jieng community leaders will do their best to advise their members of u being part and most loved members within jieng masses.
    Every body knows u have played neither moral nor physical roles in the unfortunate events that are happening in Equatoria.U are innocent.So enjoy your life in jieng lands.Go to dance and run after girls as u like.
    But just be careful not to get clubed in the head by furious future in laws.That’s the only fear u can have which isn’t unusual in jieng’s customs.

  3. Deng Monymor says:

    It is strange how UN seems to be condemning unsubstantiated allegations against Equatorians living in Aweil while being silent on recent atrocities committed against Jieng in Equatoria. Why is it they (UN) do not condemn hateful words such as “MTN, Chuol-Faham or forbidden goods” used by Equatorians? From their double-standard position in South Sudan conflict, UN is part of South Sudan’s problem as they are in other African Countries’ problems. They are caught red-handed without knowing they are being caught. They created messes they do not know how to cure them, as Libya, Iraq, Syria and others’ situations attest to their self-fooling interests.

    I was in the first group to arrive at the scene where these atrocities were committed and what I saw tells a lot of what confused individuals such as Kuir e Garang and others could not frame in their thinking as they run between 1991 and 2013 analyzes. No matter how one claims understanding of South Sudan’s problem, the things we are seeing are not the product of 2013 alone, they go way back to the following eras:

    1980s-Kokora with its hateful preaching
    1983- Nyigat I with its ethnic orientation
    1991- Nyigat II
    2013- Nyigat III
    2016- Nyigat IV with its Kokora revival.
    With all these in sight, we are in shit but it won’t be solved by target killings or allegation-making. Let’s be careful with what we are doing as the situation continues.

    Deng Monymor

  4. Steve John says:

    Jaangs have declared war on Equatorians that is their business and to expect Equatorians will passively watch their people slaughtered, women raped, houses destroyed simply questions their manhood as protectors. It has reached a tipping point where Equatorians can’t turn back to business as usual it must act and act swiftly. Equatoria must not be the sacrificial lamb for South Sudan and if need be, seek it’s own path for a free, liberal and development-geared country that is at peace with itself and its neighbors. Jaangs will have to make their own choice too, to live as good neighbors and develop their own country, the 28 states are a prelude to that. In that case there would be no need for targeted ethnic killings or intent to do likewise. We all admit, the South Sudan is a failed experiment, a dysfunctional system so deformed to be reformed and the only viable option is break it up. Equatoria has made its choice and it’s up to the rest to make theirs too. South Sudan can’t be the same anymore after all these. That is the truth.

  5. lodani rama says:

    Mr Joseph if you want to stop hate speech, tell UN to talk to the Western governments to send a clear and strong message to any S. Sudanese preaching hate speech to be jailed or deported back to S Sudan. I t will not take a week when this hate speech to stop.
    Secondly, those websites being used by S. Sudanese, the owners must be tracked down and be questioned.. The UN knows how the media played an ugly role in Rwanda genocide. So UN should work with governments around the world to stop hate speeches. It should be levelled as crime against humanity. It is not only S. Sudan that is facing such problems and the world should act mow if they do not want to see another genocide. The politicians can play their part to cool things down but without stopping the source hate speeches it will not be effective.this is a crime and UN should be able to differentiate between politics and crime.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Be clearly informed that the Western governments you are alluding to are fully aware of these websites which are functioning in the permissible premise of the law. There is a clear line between freedom of speech and hate speech. Speaking you mind out doesn’t mean hate speech necessarily. But what your president kiir is doing by targeting communities is tantamount to genocide for which he will answer for in the future.
      You will be better advised to worry about pres. kiir and his lawless army killing you than be worried about our websites being censored for alleged hate speech.

      • Eastern says:


        lodani rama and his tribal ilk did not rise a finger when one their own, an old dinka woman by the name of Amira Awad, made a disparaging statement about Equatorian. The old woman was baying for the blood of Equatorians.

        People who are now trying to appear the “good dinkas” by avoiding the name calling should know that a lot of time was spent calling for equity, respect and the rule of law in South Sudan but all such calls fell on deaf ears up there at helm of the country. The genie is now out of the bottle!

      • Abel Magok says:


        Lodani was in point, there are websites causing havoc in South Sudan, of which the people responsible for are engineering hateful messages in articles and irresponsible commentaries posted on their websites, they are citing violence and promoting tribalism in South Sudan. The info@southsudanantion should know that any message that affected the situation to deaths can not be regarded freedom of speech in Western world. You can say whatever you want to say in Western world but should not harm someone or cause deaths. The roads attacks recently started in Equatoria has been indirectly advocated by people in articles written and published by Mr. info@southsudannation.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Abel Magok,
          Please be fair, tell me how many people in the rural areas of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal or Upper Nile have access to the internet for your claim to be substantive?
          Even in Juba city itself, it’s only those in better placed jobs who can access the internet.
          How then can our websites be the inciters and provocateurs of the on-going killings in the south? Do you know that the website is literally prohibited by the authorities in Juba who closely monitor those people visiting it? It’s literally a death sentence for anyone in Juba to publicly open the site.
          Personally, I strongly point the finger at pres. kiir and his jieng elders for causing and exacerbating the situation in the country, period!!!

  6. Steve John says:

    What is now required is an urgent and unequivocal transport of all jaangs out of Equatoria to make place for our kin and kith who lives are in danger and are returning home. Kiir has ordered close to 12 buses under heavy military escort to transport his jaangs from Yei to Juba. Juba will not give them the ultimate security since this is still part of Equatoria and revenge attacks from bitter Equatorians can’t be ruled out. The best Kiir can do is get all jaangs including himself out of Equatoria. In this way serious revenge attacks against jaangs can be averted. Currently, all roads leading to and out of Juba have become deathtraps for jaangs and with jaangs in Bahr el ghasal, Lakes, Jonglei mobilizing for an all out war against Equatorians, it is unlikely Equatorians will passively and cowardly watch the jaangs slaughter our people. Equatorians will have to act fast and hard. Then the reputed mathiang anyor have no regards for Equatorian lives and why would Equatorians even have regards for theirs?

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Steve John,
      You wish that could be the case, but that is not happeneing and is not going to take place. Instead, more blood is an answer to those who fights in hidding. Therefore; you will never see that chance of Dinka tribe leaving Equatoria for you to celebrate. Never ever sooner or later!!!

      • Steve John says:

        Bill Kuch,
        You left Nuerland, Murlelands cos these folks are as ruthless as you jaangs. Equatoria has tolerated this nonsense so much and must gear it’s violence to the same level as the Murles or Nuers. I understand you jaangs have no choice of leaving Equatoria cos they’re is literally nothing back in jaangland you can call home. You’re hopelessly fixed on the that stupid notion of we liberated South Sudan. Just as an assurance, you jaangs will and can’t develop without Equatoria, but Equatoria can live and develop without you. We ‘re in the process of flushing you out of Equatoria and once that is done, we shall develop Equatoria to a free, liberal and progressive country and you jaangs can take care of your own shit. Bye bye

        • Majak Thondit says:

          Steve John,

          Why are talking about Equatorians? What about your own people Nuer? If you Nuer can’t beat Dinka; what make you think Equatorian are going to be successful? You remember 1991 and the way you’re still paying for it today! Dinka in civilian uniforms haven’t declare war yet on Equatorian because we Dinka have before engagement rules called (KONKOC) sooner or later we will see who will leave who to which land!

          Count; how many words did I just use to drive that point home?!

          • Steve John says:

            I have said you jaangs can develop on your own and leave Equatorians to do likewise. That you’re incapable and incompetent in running your own business is shown how you have mismanaged and miserably failed the South. Disorganized, insatiable greed and uncontrollable desire to kill is the reason many youths and liberal minded jaangs have fled their states and live comfortably in Equatoria with no intention to get back. Kiir, Makuei and most prominent jaangs even with the millions looted are unable to put up a tukul. They have become urban vagabonds and drifters hoping to spend the rest of their lives on grabbed lands in Equatoria. Ask yourself why don’t Equatorians crave to live in jaangland? Nationalism is love for your home but do jaangs have a place called home at all other than bird-like settlements called luaks where it is indistinguishable between humans and cows?

  7. Tyson says:

    It is too late for the UN to raise the alarm. Kiir and Malong have slaughtered thousands of innocent people.
    However, every individual has a right to live and to self-defense.
    The Jieng are killing Equatorians in Equatoria land and no Equatorian has ever killed a Jieng in their land. The jieng killed along the Yei-Juba road is just a minute fraction of the dirty actions committed by the Jieng against Equatoriaans in Equatoria land.
    It is the Jieng who should behave themselves.

  8. Eli Wani says:

    The UN is mostly funded by USA who in turn is playing double standard, all they do is talking. There are American mercenaries on the ground in S. Sudan assisting in battlefields on the side of Juba regime, they were the ones who used drones to track Dr. Riek Machar into the jungles of Congo. That’s why they keep talking while genocides are carried on by the SPLA regime in Juba, they don’t care much about Africans or Black people, history dictates it was Bill Clinton who ignored genocide in Rwanda and Barrack Obama is doing today again in SS. The day is coming when we will launch law suits against the UN and Troika for ignoring Human Rights and gross atrocities and the many lost human lives in this lawless nation while they are standing by watching total anarchy. Shame on UN and Troika.
    Eli Wani is a concern S. Sudanese citizen

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr info,
    mind your business if you’re doing the right thing you shouldn’t reacting in a defensive way. By the way it is people of little knowledge whom you can deceive that your activity id approved by the Western countries. See what is happening with a big giants like facebook and Google. Your reasoning is of typical of un changed S. Sudanese.
    You seem to be confused about what the freedom of media and speech is meant for. You think preaching hate is a freedom of speech and I understand your shallow reason. It is because you have not reached intellectual politics. You are still in the backwards tribal politics of the past.
    Your movement is now becoming a terrorists organisation. Targeting innocent civillians on the reads. Now we are getting reports of school children being adapted in Mundiri, ex judicial killings in Kajokeji. In Yei harking of civillians by rebels and asking for a ransom to be paid for Captured Ugandan civillians. Soon your organisation is nearing Joseph Konyi rebels in behavior. So being an splm in opposition mouth out let, tell them immediately to release those innocent school children.

  10. Thon says:
    if talking of killing certain ethnicity members on the roads and incitement for hatred, is not a hate speech, then what is the hate speech? You need to define the hate speech and incitement for violence and war? All wars start with war of words.Freedom of speech is far from what is happening in this website and other social media. One day, will be made accountable before law? No crime offender comes forward to accept commission of crime voluntarily? but coerced to admit guilt or commission of crime by law? Sizable portion of this website writers are guilty of crimes against humanity and whoever dies innocently in South Sudan today.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      After almost fifteen years of running this website, I have learned a lot about my fellow South Sudanese and specially you, the jieng, the naath and many others. Accusing this website for hate speech and incitement of violence and war is a great irony indeed.
      Who are the people or tribes that are controlling the powers in the war-ravaged country known as South Sudan? The answer would be the jieng as number agents or provocateurs of war and violence in the nation. Even in the Diaspora, be it in Egypt or overseas, the jieng have demonstrated openly the imperialistic traits of domination and belligerence against other South Sudanese.
      Of course, since the SPLM/A war started in 1983, Dr. John Garang and his lieutenants have blatantly demonstrated those traits of misplaced superiority and aggression against all the other tribes in the South.
      Coming back to your biased accusation, the southsudannation website was perhaps the first non-jieng-controlled medium to avail the rare and timely opportunity for all other South Sudanese to widely vocalize their opinions and views which, unsurprisingly, were immediately misconstrued, misunderstood and mislabeled by the jieng as being anti-jieng.
      Paradoxically, the jieng and naath contributors were more predominant than Equatorians or others to this website and believe me or not, most of them then were seriously against the evolving corrupt and dictatorial regime of President Salva Kiir and his circle of thieves in Juba.
      If you are a new visitor to the website, I will graciously forgive you for your ignorance but the fact is, all tribes in South Sudan have contributed articles and opinions to the website condemning Kiir’s misrule in Juba, and by extension the corrupting and sinful influence and intrusion of the so-called jieng council of evil elders in national affairs.
      As an example, the late Isaiah Abraham, a jieng himself, was a regular contributor to this website because of our popularity as being an outspoken website, if compared to ‘Gurtong’ or others.
      What laws are you misquoting and using to accuse the website of crimes against humanity? Who killed the hero, Isaiah Abraham, for his popular views? Who have stolen nearly 20 billion dollars in the country? Which only president in Juba has brought the greatest calamity in the country?
      Please, advisedly direct your utopian laws and prosecutorial dream to those currently killing and robbing the physical South Sudan nation in Juba.
      Yours in innocence,

      • Kokora II says:

        Dear Editor;
        Don’t waste your time on these hypocrites and cynical ignorance. They are good in shedding crocodile tears, meaning when things are going good on their side they cheer you but when the tide turns against them they open wide their toothless mouths unashamedly crying, typical ignoramus always do that. I can assure these lunatics had it not being for your wisdom to not publish real hate speeches, they could have seen even worse. They are preaching hate speeches on national television everyday starting from their tribal leaders Kirr, Makuei, Malong, JCE, etc. including many of them on this website would never get a chance to get their stupidity published anywhere else. They used to call Equatorians cowards and being colonized, “we liberated you”, they said they will rule SS for the next 200 years, that SS belongs to Dinka, that Dinkas are born to rule etc, those are the real hate speeches . But that ought to tell you they are now feeling the heat and look how they ran back to Uganda to beg for Ugandan police to protect them? Really, Police? Hahaha let them come we will send them back in no time. You Mr. Editor has given chance for the voiceless equality as the aggressors, keep up the job and you one of the journalist who deserves nominations like Alfred Taban who has demonstrated true meaning of journalism in the face of tyrannical regimes such as in South Sudan.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mr Kokora 11
          Do not belittle yourself. You can kill innocent civilians and you think you are fighting a just war. What has the 10 charcoal cutters who were killed in Mangala have to do with Kiir government. Are these people army? Secondly, what has the killing og 4 murle cattle business men have to do with the Kirr government? What has the killings of travelers gro Juba to Kampala or from Kampala have to do with Kirr government, what has the killings of civilians from Yei to Juba have to do with the government, whst has the killings of civilians to Kajokeji have to do with the government and what has the abduction of school children have to do with the war. All these ate acts of terrorism. If you are a fighter, there is no need of killing innocent civilians and any human being who is sane should praise such acts. Spla in opposition knows where the army are and if they eant to fight to should fight them. The killings of civilians id a soft target with intend to inflict suffering on the people. This id an act of terrorism and id against humanity that is why those involved must be prosecuted.

    • Eastern says:


      Which law are you referring to here? No wonder it is only in Juba that you hardly walk down the street for more than 100 metres then you see a “law firm” of sorts typically advertised as “Thon & Company Advocates”, “Deng Legal Consultants” etc. South Sudan may be having thousands of people masquerading as lawyers/advocates but the rule of law is nonexistent.

      Just make your case. Simple!

  11. False Millionaire says:

    It’s most natural to understand your mind set being not any exceptional to the majority of nuer’s thinking regardless of what appears to be a well learned person’s sense in your writing.
    For those who know nuer ways,it’s the general rule than eception if hostilities break out between a nuer man against a jaang and that if the nuer got beaten,nuer generalize to mean nuer people against jieng and then proceed to murder every jaang in their midst.That’s how u have conducted yourselves from the events rooted to the SPM/A’s foundation,during the Nasir Declaration,down to the events of the 2013 fall out in juba and up to this very day.
    U and the rest of nuer tribesmen owe to ask yourselves why haven’t u ever succeeded to be the masters of RSS after murdering so many innocent jieng living among U?
    If that conduct hasn’t brought u any success,jieng will be most foolish to have not learned something from your set backs.That’s why what is happening in equatoria has nothing to do with the innocent equatorians living as well integrated good citizens among jieng in jieng home lands in the greater Bahar el Gazal in particular and every where among jieng in jieng home lands throughout RSS in general.
    Better keep your malicious internet propoganda to yourself.Equatorians are welcome among jieng in much the same way as nuer are.
    U have already blackmailed equatorians and that’s why they are accommodating u as armed thugs in their region.But surprise,what have u done,abducted over 500 school childern in Eeaster-Munderi?
    Every body with experiences of knowing u knows exactly what u are going to make of them.
    But certainly the same jieng phobic equatorian lunatics for liberation of a fantom equatoria whom u have fooled to invite u to equatoria will not delay to react against u.
    U aren’t obliged to belive but u will fail so terribly to make of those childern an equatorian version of a white army malitia to be war firewoods in your desperate struggle to take power in Juba.U should think how to deal with that eventuality instead of running your mouth about the equatorians living peacefully among jieng.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. False Millionaire,

      Let’s argue with substance. Of recent past, a week ago to be exact, 42 humanitarian workers of Equatorian origin (Door as you call them) were pitilessly murdered in Bhar El Ghazel. According to this report, the warning was issued to them by none other than your Jieng people. Later, the act was executed as it is stated here in the article. Is there any surprise to it? Indeed, you’re insulting our intelligent. Nonetheless, Door are waking up and piecing together what is taking place around them. You’ve yourself to blame. Silencing people by force never work. It never work in the past and it certainly not work right now. Good luck on your master plan.

  12. Kokora II says:

    Look at this stupid big mouth calling himself false millionaire. Do you really think we Equatorians need to hear your stupidity, that you know us better than we do? Please keep your useless advise to yourself and perhaps you and your tribal kraals people needed such a stupid advise. What a waste of time?

  13. tit4tat says:

    Equatorians need their lands free of Jenge and will do whatever it takes to remove you. Those Equatorians who went to develop your mosquito infested swamps will all come home and Jenges must go.

  14. Steve John says:

    False Millionaire,
    Honestly, you don’t mean to suggest that Equatorians are so naïve and foolish to the point Nuers would blackmail them and they would irresistibly and irrationally follow Nuers. If Equatorians share a common agenda to contain jaangs insatiable greed for control of South in their belated wish for a 200 year rule, then any blackmail is justifiable. Equatoria can as of now not be the asshole of South Sudan where hungry and bastardised jaangs come to shit and do their excesses. Equatoria’s patience has run out and will speak the language that the jaangs understand best, violence. We are in the process of a third revolution, that of getting rid of jaangs in Equatoria so we can live separately and coexist as neighbors. Equatoria can’t afford to live with goons and good-for-nothing people who are a human burden and hopelessly incapable of advancing development in the country let alone in their states. Equatoria can’t be held hostage by a people whose evil intentions are that of subjugating others while enriching themselves without any guilty conscience. Sorry when the Equatorian Corps in 1955 mutinied, God knows what the jaangs were doing. Equatoria didn’t and hasn’t bragged itself like the jaangs now do. One thing you must accept jaangs can’t live without Equatoria BUT Equatoria can live without the jaangs. Now you will have to listen and dance to our tune.

  15. BILL KUCH says:

    You will lose at the end of the day because there is no war between Equatorian and Dinka. And as we all know, it is not all Equatorians who are doing killing on the routes and not all Dinka people who are being killed or living in Equatoria. So, the way I look at it , is that, there is no match between Dinkas and Equatorians. So, the message here is for criminal Equatorians who are doing ambushes along the routes in the names of Equatorians. We willl leave alone every other Equatorians and deal with you accordingly. Then you will see how well you could keep up with revenges. Dinkas could defense themselves.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Kokora II,
    As long as u don’t move to the sky,u will still get the point the hardest way!!!

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Yes yes,will not be bothered to,”listen”,but never happy to dance to the,”tune”,about your nose getting broken.
    Just one more information for u:the 500 school childern whom u have abducted will be too few for a war fire woods if u are copying nuer’s white army style.Good luck!!!

  18. Peter Mading says:

    Lets’ tell the truth guys, none of you got the point. I strongly believed that Equatorians are most comfortable in Northern Bahr El Ghazal than any other state in South Sudan. I want to you those posted / wrote nonsense messages to stop them because lying or tell false information won’t help you to achieve anything better. you better stop them now than later. All Equatorians specially in Aweil are 100% safe and if am telling lies please call any Equatorians in Aweil and ask him. Stop killing the innocent Dinkas otherwise it will force us to revenge and we are well known to that. I warned.

  19. Steve John says:

    False Millionaire,
    I have no worry at all as long as I dont go to jaangland. You have to worry so much cuz you cant live in jaangland except in Equatoria. This makes it even easier to track and get you. Now that almost all Major towns are free of jaangs, the only alternative is only Juba. With all roads out and into Juba tightened, things can be pretty nasty for you. Radiotamazuj, reports how desperately jaang council of elders met with jubek elders in Juba to seek harmonious coexistence after things seemed dirty and ugly. It shows one thing; jaang understand an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, only then can there be a Settlement. Good luck

  20. Abel Magok says:


    I am much fair in my writings if you do not observe such. You asked how many people in the rural areas in Equatoria, Bhar el Ghazal or Upper Nile, have access to the Internet, I don’t know the exact number but I could say people have access to the Internet in the cities, towns and perhaps in some rural areas in South Sudan, as having Zain phone simply take a person to website like yours or use laptop with Zain. Moreover, when a message get to few people who might have access to the news, the message can spread by the words of mouth. It is not true website prohibited by authorities in Juba, we recently read some articles on your website written by people living in Juba and Wau. You need to understand what freedom of speech really means in Western world. Like I have said in other commentaries, you are free to say whatever you want to say in Western countries but when a message put out there cause havoc, harm someone or affected any situation to deaths, such message not regarded freedom of speech anymore in Western world but become a crime.

  21. mading says:

    Kokora II, and Steve John. You guys need to know that your hatred you have been preaching will not hurts Muonyjaang only, ask your Equatorians who have been chased a way in Barh el Ghazal now, they are not thinking about your nonsenses they are thinking about where their families next meal will come from. They are not eating your Equatoria soil you have been bitching about all the time, and that is the South Sudan you people want.

    • Steve John says:

      We just want you to go to where you belong: Luaks and leave Equatoria in peace. What is difficult here to understand? Jaangs belong to luaks and their villages in Bor, Aweil, Rumbek etc and NOT in Equatoria.just back off and shut.up.

      • Majak Thondit says:

        Steve John

        Can you set the dateline for Dinka to leave Equatoria? What’s the date? That’s where we will know how tough you’re when Dinka leave Equatoria by your dateline! You’re not going to going to set the date because everybody knows that’s not going to happened that Dinka will go anywhere in your lifetime! We understand that you can just talked tough in your hiding and that’s all you can do.

        • Steve John says:

          Majak Thondit,
          First you cant go anywhere, cos you have nowhere to go and nothing, again nothing you call home, except some bird-like structures they call luaks where humans and cows lay side by side. As most drifters and vagabonds who wander from place to place your home is where there is bountiful food. Equatoria is best for you cos you get enough food and can hide yourself from revenge killings. We developed our areas cos we are skillful and hardworking and dont want to lay into nests prepared by others. That is the difference with you jaangs. Home is where food is, that is a vagrants attitude and view.

          • Majak Thondit says:

            Steve John;
            Who is saying Mading need to go where he belong? Didn’t you say Mading must leave and go to his “Luak”? You can’t say someone must leave and at the same time telling them can’t go anywhere in the same sentence because that makes you intellectually inferior!

  22. BILL KUCH says:

    MTN = Mony Tok Nyich or Ngic. The Dinka second to non as being defined by some Equatorians gangs.

    • Steve John says:

      Bill Kuch
      MTN could also mean Mad Thoughless Nuts. First Equatorians are very different from jaangs and can’t be compared. It’s like comparing a bird and a bat. Both fly, but both are not birds. Jaangs first in what? Perhaps in lunacy?

  23. mading says:

    You are right Bill Kuch. Let them run their big mouths until they stop at nothing.

  24. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    Why couldn’t u tell where and when in Bahar el Ghazal have the equatorians in question been kilt?
    If not,it’s a lie from your part which is normal.

  25. GatCharwearbol says:

    Northern Bhar El Ghazel is where it happened. Mr. Malong’s hometown.

  26. abai okwahu says:

    Folks, from all the nasty and hateful postings here, it seems there won’t be any talks of reconciliation amongst Southern Sudanese anytime soon. Where do we go from here?

  27. Joel says:

    Children of south Sudan upto when will you continue promoting blood seding are you not successfied of the thousand of south s. Who has just died even if yours is not their better have pity on others who are currently left ophans and widows.
    Its a curse on you. If Others are not keeping your records but God is keeping them waiting for the day of your judgment.

  28. tit4tat says:

    Salva Kirr’s forces in Eastern Equatoria Pajok town in Acholiland have decided to opened fire on civilians indiscriminately. It is our believe this is the beginning of the implementation of Kiir and Michael Makuei’s threats against Equatorian Civilians. Last month Makuei said if they decide to send the army in the areas where the armed youth are operating, they the army will not differentiate between the civilian populations and armed men. This was echoed by President Kiir when he added that in order to crash and defeat the rebellions in Equatoria he will assume all the direct order to command all the operations in Equatoria and he will relocate his residence to Yei.
    Now that it’s very clear the government can not differentiate between armed rebels from civilian populations, we also in armed rebellions will not any longer differentiate between SPLA IG and the Dinka civilians. It’s tit for tat from now onwards.

  29. tit4tat says:

    Salva Kirr’s forces in Eastern Equatoria Pajok town in Acholiland have decided to opened fire on civilians indiscriminately killing more than 30 women and children. MTNs must pay for the blood of others too.

    • Majak Thondit says:

      please the war is not yet declared you if it started; you will know that it happened! Just keep playing with fire!

    • lodani rama says:

      Tit4tat those people are killed by spla in opp. Because they lied they captured Parajo if an army is running for their lives where did they get that time to go and kill civilians. Internationally now nobody listen to splma in opp. Liars. The lies of using chemical weapon, liars of, capturing towns,the lies of if capturing Egyptians. Your fight is against innocent civilians and you have demonstrated your barbarism by killing civilians on Yei road. In Wau you killed civilians. You killed civilians in Kajokeji. In Muban you killed innocent farmers. In Leer killing and looting is your order of today. In Maridi and Yambio you are killing innocent civilians on the roads. You don’t know what you are fighting for any reasonable person can no listen to your lies. Your lies fits job seekers and tribal people. Shame on you , you lairs.

  30. GatNor says:

    I told the Equatorians in 2013 that they were next in lines after the Nuer. Ofcourse no1 believes me.

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