UN Security Council should also give Kiir an ultimatum to implement peace accord or else….!!

QUOTE: “The challenge now is to make sure that a piece of paper becomes operationalized,” UN head of delegation, Samantha Power, told reporters after meeting Kiir. “Now we have to turn it into steps to improve life for people in great need.”


Now that the cowardly and murderous dictator, so-called president Kiir Mayardit of Juba, has finally acquiesced to the UN Security Council delegation to South Sudan, it’s time all South Sudanese opposed to the ruling and much-influenced-by-the Jieng-council-of-elders junta should come together to give the final kick of death to the killer Kiir’s regime.

Although these latest developments in Juba might superficially seem exciting and encouraging that a resolution to the impasse is finally in the horizon, however, the past history of the duplicitous and unreliable monstrosity called the SPLM/A, calls for some extreme caution.

Just in the short period of our so-called ‘independence,’ the Kiir junta has persistently and unashamedly proven itself as an utterly unreliable government to its oppressed citizens as well as to the international community of nations that has so much invested in the success of the South Sudan nation as the world’s newest country.

The 15-member UN Security council last month authorized the deployment of a 4,000-strong regional protection force as part of the U.N. peacekeeping mission already on the ground, known as UNMISS. It threatened to consider an arms embargo if Kiir’s government did not cooperate.

“To improve the security situation the (Kiir) Transitional Government of National Unity gave its consent to the deployment, as part of UNMISS, of the regional protection force,” the South Sudanese government and the Security Council said in a joint communique.

The countries contributing troops to the force, UNMISS and the government would “continue to work through the modalities of deployment,” the statement said. East African regional bloc IGAD pushed for a regional protection force and has pledged to provide the troops. The Kiir junta said they’ve no objection to who contributes soldiers.

In the resolution, the UN Security council pledged to discuss imposing a possible arms embargo on South Sudan if U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reports back in mid-September that the government was not cooperating on the force and was obstructing the work of peacekeepers on the ground.

In their acceptance, “The Kiir’s Transitional Government of National Unity commits to permit free movement to UNMISS in conformity with its mandate, including to protect civilians,” according to the statement on Sunday. The government and the peacekeeping force will come up with “concrete steps to remove impediments to UNMISS’ ability to implement its mandate.

“The challenge now is to make sure that a piece of paper becomes operationalized,” US Samantha Power told reporters after meeting Kiir. “Now we have to turn it into steps to improve life for people in great need.” The government and the Security Council agreed “that the humanitarian and security needs of the people were paramount.”

Furthermore, the UN Security Council has instructed the African Union to establish the recommended Hybrid Court to try all those who have committed or commissioned war crimes in the South-South war of December 2013, against the people of South Sudan especially that the AU Commission of Inquiry under former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo had completed and presented its report.

Under no circumstances should this Hybrid Court be premised and stationed in Juba or anywhere in South Sudan, due to the high security difficulties and impediments that will be encountered or exacerbated by the ruffians in the Kiir’s security as or since most of them will be probably standing in for possible prosecution.

Let’s have the court and trials conducted somewhere in Zanzibar or the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, or the serene environment of Botswana or Swaziland, period.

Moreover, since a second war has taken place in July 2015, instigated and prosecuted by none other than president Kiir himself against his vice, Machar, where more egregious crimes against humanity on the people of South Sudan were re-commissioned and re-committed, specifically by none other than by the same Kiir’s junta, and these have also to be included in the process of the proceedings of the Hybrid Court on South Sudan (HCSS).

Of course, it’s imperative, as a pre-condition, that SPLM-IO leader and former vice president, Riek Machar, must be reintegrated in the new government otherwise the UN security council actions will be completely meaningless as war is likely to continue.

Incorporating the SPLM-IO and other opposition forces into a new post-war government is very important if the world community is seriously interested in seeing peace come to the people of South Sudan.

Basically, and for the information of the unknowledgeable international community, the basic problem leading to the repetition of these cyclical ethnic wars in South Sudan is this inept and evil ethnicized association called the SPLM and its military wing, the SPLA.

Quoting from former UN Security Council Representative in South Sudan, Hilda Johnson’s latest book, “South Sudan: Th Untold Story,” “it’s impossible to build a nation out of a broken society that has not dealt with its past. When people primarily identify themselves with their ethnic group and not the nation, ethnicity rather than the larger common good will drive their actions.”

Inarguably, as Hilda Johnson asserts, the recent spates of ethnicized fighting which were evidently started and sustained by these tribal leaders in Juba and quickly spread to all parts of the country, have “severely torn apart the social fabric of the society and aggravated multiple grievances and tensions between communities and escalated local conflicts.”

Today, even the Equatorians and the Fertit in Bahr el Ghazal, a people separately known for their long patience, acceptance of aliens within their communities and tolerance, have all now risen up in rebellion against the jieng-council-of-elders-influenced tribal junta in Juba, which has been subsumed by an unsustainable idiocy of a supposedly imperialistic policy of colonization of the entire country as their own, that’s now being widely resisted by all of the Nuers, Collos, Azande, Bari-speakers, Moru, Madi and others.

These deliberately re-marginalized peoples have no political influence in the affairs of the country and they have lots of accumulated grievances, hence the palpable dissatisfaction within, and they have understandably resorted to violence against the jieng-council-of-elders-dominated government in Juba and its army.

Again, as Hilda Johnson knowledgeably asserts in her latest book, “the recent fighting has torn the social fabric of the society and aggravated multiple grievances and tensions between communities. This cumulative impact of the past and the present that’s now complicating the efforts to achieve peace.”

Unfortunately for the South Sudan nation, the dominant jieng-led government is morbidly and mortally frozen in the past and as such, “a peace agreement that tinkers with the basic structures of government and the distribution of offices as a solution won’t address the trauma that threatens to divide South Sudanese from one another.”

Also, “no amnesty, accommodation through political positions, military ranks or other forms of benefits, isn’t a true reconciliation.”

Hilda Johnson summarizes that, “for peace to be sustained, major changes are needed in the ways the leadership deals with the drivers of conflict, and in the processes of reconciliation between communities and adversaries. These provisions in the CPA were unfortunately avoided and as such, long-standing grievances between the SPLA and the communities, and between opposing communities were totally ignored.”

She concludes that “reconciliation must occur in tandem with healing and accountability processes, because the ghosts of the past are the real conflict drivers fueling fresh conflicts, otherwise violence will reappear.”

Isn’t this truly prophetic, with the resurgence of violence and tribal conflicts now being witnessed across the nation?

Finally, the UN Security Council must issue an ultimatum to the jieng-council-misled president, Kiir, that the latest peace must be honored and fully implemented with the expedited return of Riek Machar to his post and the reversal or cancellation of all those decrees issued by the jieng council of elders (JCE) with the president since the last pre-July, 2015 war outbreak.

Since the president himself is and stands accused in the commission of egregious war crimes and crimes against the people, along with the State and including the SPLA (so-called national army), none of them should partake in any reconciliation process, this has to be absolutely independent and homegrown, from the people themselves.

LATEST DEVELOPMENT: President Kiir on Monday, September 5th, seems to have reversed his position and retracted his own concession on the deployment of the 4,000 UN troops. Samantha Power commented that ‘this is a worrying development.”

Should the UN Security now go to Plan B, to deal with Kiir finally, including issuing a warrant of arrest and imposing sanctions of the leaders?


  1. Toria says:

    Your analysis is great, but UN Security council is two steps behind. You know very well as I do, these sub humans jenges don’t understand the language of peace nor they have respect for diplomacy. Let the UN come and protect the Western interests but that is NOT going to stop the carnage, this war must be fought to the end. Winners take all and losers will run, the losers are Kirr/Malong/JCE and their illiterate militias. The only reason Kirr is submitting to UN’s demands is because they are trembling with fear knowing they are about to lose everything, they are wishing the presence of peace keepers will prevent the revolutionary forces from attacking Juba. No, we have reach the point of no return, the only peace will come after removing Kirr/Malong/JCE and their corrupt militias out of Juba. No more discussions with SPLA/IG.

  2. deng hanbol says:

    Deng Hanbol,
    Editor, I think the goal of Naath, Collo, Balanda, Fertit as well as Equatorians warriors is triumph over Dinka murderous.The victory that will carry us forward to great achievement. I think you know what is in the hearts of our countrymen these days a victory over Dinka Mafias. Brother, if we want to bring back our freedom, if we need to prevail, 63 tribes must unite . I believe that it is a rational choice to fight attrition war against our common foe. It is imperceptible for our people to coexist with Dinka. Finally, I have to remind you that Salva and Paul Malong had assassinated Dr.Tumbi in Addis Via Israeli Mus-sad while they ( Kiir and Mamlong) killed lawyer Peter Suli through M7. During his (Dr. Wani) diplomatic mission In north America, Naath community and Equatorians here in Ontario invited him to talk about the current state affairs in our country,only Naath and Bari plus some people from other Equatorians tribes attended the occasion. It’s hardly surprising that during last week fund rising in which organized by the IO chapter here in Ontario,the Equatorians come in large number and I would admit that they were the majority. Hence, late Dr. Wani Tombi’s dream come true. I quoted what Prof. Said: ” brothers Nuer, you know, most people from Greater Equatoria are with you in struggle, but they obsessed with the Dinka oppression and therefore they are now afraid joining the IO, but I can a sure that in the end they will come in large numbers.”

  3. Gatdarwich says:


    I have zero faith, and you should too, in whatever the traitorous-killer Nyankiir promised the visiting Security Council representatives in Juba on Sept 3, 2016–(killer Nyankiir’s deceptive acceptance of the deployment of 4,000 strong third party armed forces in Juba!) It’s all amount to complete nothingness–the USUAL well known trickery and deceptive tactics of the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils. Killer Nyankiir’s move was absolutely nothing but a strategic-carefully planned position to indefinitely impede the implementation of the UN’s proposed armed embargo on Killer Nyankiir’s genocidal regime, and targeted sanctions on anti-peace elements. I guarantee you will and shall hear killer Nyankiir’s change of position within this week period
    Unless, the UN Security Council cocked and pointed loaded pistols on Killer Nyankiir’s dumb-treasonous head, and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils’ manipulative heads, they will, and shall NEVER implement a proposal that’s calculated to be beneficial to all the South Sudanese full stop

    Peace and Ngundeng blesses,

    Patriot Gatdarwich

  4. cellinonapire says:

    Thank you Hilda J.for your strong and inspiring language. Let the killer of his own people hear it,

  5. Bol Khan says:

    Dear Editorial,

    UNSC has to act on the later, plan B, if it’s first interest is to save downtrodden South Sudanese people from the slaughtering hands of Salva Kiir backed by a tribal Council, the JCE. Everything went to square one on Monday, right after the departure of UNSC’s members from Juba, Makuei came out and said “the so-called Protection Forces will not have their legs into South Sudan unless our conditions are met”. And all of you may know the conditions will definitely be drawn and paseed by JCE for executive implementation.

  6. Force_1 says:

    The International communities are not that narrowed-minded as you people are to think that the government that’s overwhelmingly controlled by Jiengs is just going to be pushed out easily by force and installed you the loud mouths in the room and every thing is just going to be fine. It wouldn’t that easy as you people wished.

    Hilde Johnson is the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in South Sudan and head of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in the country. She made an ultimate research about the share-size of Dinka from A to B by visiting all 28 states in South Sudan to find out how big the Dinka tribe is in the country and her finding were conclusive that Jieng is the force that can’t just be pushed out that easily and expect peace to prevail in the entire country.

    The International Communities know this too well compared to anyone else that; it’s not that easy to bombed the existing government out in South Sudan and installed anyone they like or the ones singing songs in their ears that Kiir must go; why? Because the International Communities make their decisions base on facts, cause and effect or consequences and not on emotions as you people seem to have on your hearts and brains! Here is that fact; if you guys think that the Jieng controlled government is going to be pushed out by forced; well you’re just going to wait for a while for that to happen. Or you just going to do it yourselves if you don’t like the government and good luck to you all.

  7. Hoiloom says:


    I don’t really understand why some of you my compatriots still have faith in international community? GatCharWearbol once stated on this website; “as long as Kiir is still in charge of this country do not expect peace”. The solution to our problems lies in the battle fields and the sooner we all realize that the more lives shall be saved. I totally agree with everything Toria mentioned above.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Our trust in the international community is basically to engender greater support against the terrorist government of Kiir. War and international community support are complementary facets in the struggle.

  8. False Millionaire says:

    ngundeng’s diehearts like internet commander in chief Dr Gatdarwich should be so irritated how a small dispecable MTN hunting coward could raise his voice to rubbish out a heap of lies.
    Where were those revolutionaries from the 62 tribes that u are down to earth going so merry about in the hell day when jieng and nuer cut each other’s tails in a merciless blood bath in J1?
    U and your lkes have every reason to show appreciation to the coming of the UN’s 4000 troops and that’s more than good news to save your ass.
    U will seal your life time exile to Congo my friend if u don’t stop barking on the UNSC.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Traitorous Jenge_False M,

      You must be highly intoxicated with MOU. How could you braggingly suggest that the cowards Jenges-Dinka are capable of exiling all the patriot Equatorians to Congo? Did you forget that all routes from and to Juba are evidently under the patriot forces’ control?
      You, the traitorous Dinka are completely nothing without the mercenaries–UPDF, SPLA-N, JEM, and Darfur Rebels on your payrolls. If it’s wasn’t because of these mercenaries’ help–hurriedly rescuing you in January 2014, the mightiest and the bravest White Army would have had easily cleared your traitorous’ behinds from Juba and beyond period.
      Oh, I almost forgot, Almighty Ngundeng cursed you to be natural born lairs, braggarts, and thieves!

    • Hard target says:

      False Minor

      I use to think you are not from the zoo,
      We know what happened in J1, it was neither Kiir’s nor Riak’s plan but some of you zoo mates miscalculation that
      back fired. Now all hell has broken loose, the music is on, there will be no unity what so ever, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, tired of living stinking beast

  9. Eastern says:


    The UNSC wasted to time and resources to travel all the way from New York to Juba to come “discuss” with the tribal cabal who don’t have any moral responsibility to lead. If Kiir fooled the world by renaging on an agreement he “signed” albeit with reservations how can his consent be taken at face value? Kiir’s guerrilla antics haven’t left him. The proposed 4,000 rapid respond protection force is more unpopular to Kiir and cohorts than the ARCISS; how could one expect Kii and the JCE, that has already made its position know give a consent to the deployment. I am beginning to believe that Samantha Powers, John Kerry and most leaders in the West have some problems understanding the South Sudanese issues!

  10. Kimang says:

    Force -1

    What you just posted is called “defensive mechanism” to convince your ego that indeed you are that powerful. Truth be said, if any Dinka is worth his name, he should be worried of what the Jeing are going through in the hands of their owned leaders. Already countless youth have lost their lives, too many widows and orphans in the street while many more are dying of hunger in Dinka land, some fled to Khartoum to beg our yesterday’s oppressors – what a paradox!!

    Mind you, it took the international community esp. America to support the minority Tusti to oust the genocidal Hutu regime in Rwanda so were the Eritreans against the Ethiopians.

    All it takes is military support to the opposition, and sanction and you are gone. They said pride come before the fall
    With Museveni now reluctant to support you coz of the carnage and savagery displayed to Uganda Citizens, peace of your best interest. Mark my words

    • Force_1 says:

      Bear in mind that; the Dinka/Jiengs are no Hutu! This is like saying “It would take International Community especially the Europeans to oust suffer power United States which is policing the whole world and give that power to South Sudan! That insanity never exist in the real world we I know.

      You would be utterly insane to have that commonsense! When it comes to Eritrea Ethiopia comparison; South Sudan just did the exact same thing against Sudan by becoming independent nation and therefore it has nothing to do with individual tribe!

      You see; there isn’t any argument you can win against me base on commonsense and logic unless if it’s just a straw man argument which has nothing to do with facts or commonsense whatsoever! You better avoid responding to me just like the rest on this site who fear being destroyed by me when it comes to reasonable or sensible debate.

      • Kimang says:

        Of course a fool is a fool, they rest cease to respond coz of the common adage whic goes ” do not argue with a fool, people may not notice the difference” and that “Empty barrels make a lot of noise”

        Your irrational insertions only help to boost the regime and supporter of the “brothers from the zoo” as you commonly known now days in EA

        What a shame!!

  11. Nuer shiluk and mundari let us unite our hand to fight against dinka let us change the regime of dinka my people to have better nation South Sudan and also let us fully committed to support dr Machar our vissionary leader

  12. micheal west says:

    Dear Equatorians & Riek supporters from nuer, shiluk.
    It has been going on for 2 years to called for united against Dinka but you failed to secured it because of ur wished that are full of hatred and tribalism. there is no single day you will defeated Dinka in the battle filed and take the Government by force.

  13. False Millionnaire says:

    Soft Target,
    A bafara plantation english,sorry I am not getting u.

  14. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All,

    In order to succeed, one ought to be the architect or engineer of his or her success. To think otherwise is to twist the truth known to those well-informed. By the same token, South Sudanese ought to be the engineers of returning peace to thier land. Capitalizing on International community to bring peace indicates ignorance of history. If you recall our 55 years struggle against Khartoum; what did the so-called international community do? Nothing to be exact. It is now THREE years with IC deeply involved in this chaotic state of affairs in South Sudan and you still think peace will come through IC…. I am flabbergasted.

  15. mading says:

    Toria, Gatdarwich, and Deng H. Internet Victory will be always on internet. ask your devil Riek Machar how the war fell on the ground when he reached DRC ?He will tell you .

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    It’s most unfortunate in human affaires to drow such credible conclusions after getting into the bottom of hell.
    But u will not be the last RSS’ traitor to learn your lessons the hardest way.
    Pagan Amum is sitting on the edge of a lagoon calling for a UN’s trusteeship.He ought to be a well informed insider so far as the UN has authorized a 4000 force with a mandate to act once deployed in Juba.
    UK has announced additional forces of it’s own to Juba with the yakees very likely to follow suit with forces armed from head to toe with the latest possible technology in armory.
    The context gives the impression that,softly or violently,Kiir’s regime will go.
    It’s that scenario that appears to bear the stake that obliges the likes of Pagan Amum to bank on the hope to pick up the pieces when the trusteeship periode shall have ended without any clue that there will be no pieces of any value to pick up at all.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr.False Millionaire,

      What is traitor to you? It seems you’re separated from reality. The crap of one people one nation of yours is only sellable if you practice what you preach. Yet you refuse to swallow the bitter truth staring you in the face. You have yourself to blame. They say “insults are the last resort of the weak-minded when they feel powerless”. There is result why you are frustrated. You ran out of logical reasoning and I can clearly see it. Cool down, dude! Yankees and everybody else are on your side. The Nuers have been fighting unknown numbers of countries. For the last three years, you’re unable to defeat them. Now the yankees are moving in speedily to help finally defeat the Nuer. What is the fuss when you should be happy.

      Obama Administration has recently given Kiir a green light to do everything possible to remove or kill Dr. Machar. It is the failure of Kiir and Paul Malong to accomplish the mission. Don’t sweat my friend.

  17. Eastern says:

    Dear All,

    Read in this report what I alluded to during the conflict in Juba


    Kiir and Malong will have to account for their actions in South Sudan!!!

  18. Toria says:

    False M
    Your bright dreams are becoming your darkest nightmare. The UN is on your necks and so we are and MTN hunting goes on. You have nowhere to hide. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article60180
    Look at these innocent faces at the following site. Don’t you agree with me these kids are supposed to be in school? Are you going to claim that these MTN under age militias are innocent jenge? Yes, I agree with you because they are useless in the battle field, we have captured many of them and now we sent some into classes in front of blackboards to learn ABC alphabets which they never heard about school before.
    Shame on you people for using your innocent children while your Moronic warlords are fattening their bellies in Juba.
    Jengeism is nothing but shame on SS.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Please u better get it right.The UN isn’t after me.
    As a CIA’s tool,it’s there to change the regime and parachutte into power some one like u,Dr Riek,general Gore,Dr D’Agoot,Pagan Amum,mama Nyandeng,Dr Lam Akol,general Bokosoro or any nasty power hungery fellow out there who will sign economic and military cooperation agreements with the americans from the first hour before he takes president’s office.
    But that if he ever takes notice of the defects of those agreements after he should have signed them,he will be subject to destruction without any mercy without altering the content of the agreements which would last until no more drop of RSS’ natural resources is left unexploited and looted.
    So now see to yourself where is your bafara’s brain to be up beat about the UN.
    MTN hunting isn’t a problem at all.U will hunt in much the same way as u will also be hunted.But at the end,it’s u who will be the first to stop becouse u will find it too nasty for u.

  20. Toria says:

    False M
    Even when France and Britain are bitter rivals but they agreed to eliminate Hitler’s Nazi party, and so shall the enemies of SPLA Juba will corporate to end Kirr and Cohorts barbarism in SS.
    But at least you admitted the following is true:
    “Look at these innocent faces at the following site. Don’t you agree with me these kids are supposed to be in school? Are you going to claim that these MTN under age militias are innocent jenge? Yes, I agree with you because they are useless in the battle fields, we have captured many of them and now we sent some into classes in front of blackboards to learn ABC alphabets which they never heard about school before.
    Shame on you people for using your innocent children while your Moronic warlords are fattening their bellies in Juba.

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