UN Security Council OKs sanctions for South Sudan

New York – (NEWS 24), MAR/04/2015, SSN; The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on Tuesday creating a system to impose sanctions on those blocking peace in South Sudan, hoping it will press rival leaders into ending a conflict that has killed tens of thousands in the world’s newest country.

The Secretary-General takes note of the unanimous passage of Resolution 2206 (2015) by the Security Council this morning, establishing a sanctions regime on South Sudan. He reminds both parties that the best way to avoid the enactment of actual sanctions by the Security Council, is to strictly adhere to the Cessation of Hostilities agreement of 23 January 2014, fully comply with International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, extend their full cooperation to United Nations and humanitarian personnel in the discharge of their mandates and duties, and conclude a Comprehensive Peace Agreement that places South Sudan back on the path to stability and prosperity.

The resolution drafted by the United States says an arms embargo is possible if the warring sides can’t stick to a peace deal. Talks between the government and rebels continue this week in Ethiopia, with a Thursday deadline to reach a decisive peace agreement.

“Those who frustrate peace must begin to pay the price,” US Ambassador Samantha Power said.

The resolution doesn’t explicitly name South Sudan President Salva Kiir or rebel leader Riek Machar as possible targets for sanctions that would include an asset freeze and travel ban, but it says people affected could include “leaders of any entity”.

Peace talks

Multiple cease-fires in South Sudan have failed during more than a year of fighting that has had ethnic overtones. Two million people have been displaced.

South Sudan’s rebels on Tuesday warned that the latest peace talks could fail if the government does not make concessions, especially on the issue of how to share power in a possible unity government. Kiir arrived in Ethiopia early Tuesday to attend direct talks with Machar.

The resolution comes after months of threats by the US and others to impose sanctions over the conflict, though some countries had wanted more support for the idea from regional actors such as the African Union. As time passed, international calls for action grew.

The UN director for Human Rights Watch, Philippe Bolopion, welcomed Tuesday’s approval after months of hesitation but said, “The elephant in the room is the long overdue arms embargo, sadly absent from this resolution”.

Monitoring groups have described South Sudan as being awash in weapons after its long fight to split from Sudan ended in its independence in 2011.

Power sharing agreement

South Sudan’s UN ambassador, Francis Deng, quickly warned the council that sanctions would be counterproductive, especially as the country’s people suffer. “What the president and the government of South Sudan need is encouragement and support, not condemnation,” he said.

Deng said he hoped the council will not actually impose sanctions.

Russia’s support was grudging at best. Deputy Permanent Representative Petr Iliichev said the decision to impose sanctions was hasty and that any negative effects of Tuesday’s action should be blamed on those who pushed the resolution in spite of Russia’s warnings.

“Pushing the protagonists into a corner will not change anything” and will further complicate the peace process, he said.

China’s ambassador spoke out on Friday against the resolution, saying he saw no logic in it, but Liu Jieyi on Tuesday simply expressed his hope that the warring sides would quickly reach a compromise. China’s interest is focused on South Sudan’s oil production.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a statement on Tuesday night urged Kiir and Machar to show leadership and “make the necessary compromises” for a power-sharing agreement that would help end the conflict.

– AP


  1. alex says:

    Although it is unfortunate that the resolution has been passed, in some instance it is okay. S.Sudanese have been arguing a lot. We have been pointing fingers at each other. Its this group who has carried out genocide we are innocent and the other will also point to the other camp with the same accusations. We thought the world is foolish. If one had the chance of hearing the interview of the first USA ambassador to S. Sudan about our two leaders we can now judge the outcome of what is going to happen. Because we S. Sudanes always want outsiders to judge our case, he point out point blank What Kiir deed and What Riek deed and its good for the two camps to digest. Each camp was preaching they are holy now is time for us to look at our arguments. I think some of us will now even not want the AU report to be released. Some of us were jumping up and down we need the report to be released we thought the AU did not calculate the impact on the peace. When it is released it will be a surprise to all of us and even some may even begin saying the report was not biased. Things we were doing and we thought it is right and we assume it was not a crime under international law will soon be taught to us that it was not right by the international community. Me I am a SPLM supporter, I am also preparing for the worst news to come because we may end up being accused of the worst crimes or we might be not. So the splm in opp supporters are also waiting for the worst to come or the relief of not being accused of committing worst crimes. So it is a lottery now and all of us must accept the outcome because we all talk a lot and lie all the time. The truth will come out. Breaking ceasefire agreement and denying we have not done it is that group, finger pointing. The world know which group is the one breaking the ceasefire agreement.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      The notion of sanctions is nothing but the hidden agenda against South Sudan. The hidden agenda is to bring this nation down so that those who had already divided it among themselves, the so-called Troika countries, can get in through easily, but this nation cannot be gotten like that. Those who think so will be surprised in the history; we have learned of the Congo exploitation.

      • Loguca says:

        It much better to bring South Sudan down so we see where Dinka’s will end up. Enough is enough. I’m gald there will be no more Jenge leadership is south Sudan after this.

  2. Alier Malual says:

    I have yet to see the government that has been removed by sanction in the history of the world! No one among you including the UN would prove to me that there is a government which has been ousted through sanction.

    On the other hand; I can show you two tangible examples that sanctions never work. First; Cuba have been sanction for more than 50 years; but does that remove Fidel Castro and his communist government? Absolutely not! Why? Because the Castro family are still in power in Cuba to this day!

    Second example is Mugabe and Bashir and list goes on and on. The notion that somehow sanction is going to do anything that’s intended for in South Sudan is utterly ludicrous! It’s not going to do anything; unless you haven’t paid any attention to history at all!

    • Alier Malual,

      If you honestly do the Math, you will be more than convinced that the foregone Unity State oil revenues will indeed oust your regime.

      Read the following excerpt from “The Facts Magazine” quote:
      “….. south sudan government received $3.376 billion in oil revenue in 2014, however of that, South Sudan paid $884 million to Khartoum, $781 million for repayment of loans and retained $1.711 billion as a net figure for the Government….”

      Let us say Uganda M7 shall claim $900 million for their mercenary troop expenses during the war (1.711-0.900=$811million), $811million will not be enough to support all your national budgets! With the additional impact of the looming Sanctions, your regime will surely crush within the next 6-months. I think you have reard about the Wau State & National Police on strike in Wau 2-days ago killing 4 innocent civilians and burning 20 houses and serious looting as a result.


      Few civilians will die in Unity State environmental impact, but that will be nothing compared to Slava Kir Kingdom crashing full-blown!

      You will soon be begging the SPLM-IO’s to come back to Addis Ababa for further peace negociations and forgiveness.

      In comparision, the Cubans are very tough people compared to SPLM-Juba lazy pot-bellies. The Cubans can do farming but you potbellies are too lazy even to look after your stolen cows.

      Without the Oil Mony for M7 Mercenaries and Mathiang Anyoor, Juba-splm potbellies are fair game and vulnerable to The Galant Jech Maboar + GoJam + 70% of defected SPLM-IO. These guys are tougher than Iron and Steel. See how they made King Salva collapse for numerous times in Khartoum & Addis Ababa even though they were restrained by CoH Cease Fire Agreements?

      We fully support total reforms, and believe that God sent SPLM-IO to be the spearhead of the various opposition groups.

      The ” Force of Mental Attraction” is on our side and we shall win by all means against ” the-liberators-turned-oppressors-regime”.

      Sweeping Reforms Oyeeeeeeeee

      SPLM-IO Oyeeeeeeee

      War or Peace – choose One!

      Choose Peace – Kerry has given you a hint! Embrace it and don’t go for a refugee life in Kenya.

    • Tyson says:

      I am sorry that you are in the idol group of idiots. You cannot compare Cuba to your rotten and serial killer government! You were barking thinking the world and those who eloquently pointed your mistakes were cowards.
      Now you started to strumble to reach Addis Ababa like rosted children – to be seen that you are talking peace not cattle camp behavior. It is just matter of hours for you to internationally join Bashir in the trademark of criminals.
      The AU report MUST be released and will be released so that you face justice!!

    • Ohi'de says:

      The people of South Sudan are tired of suffering though the current problem is easily solved by the president himself but it is unfortunate that he puts self and tribal interest first.This sanction is very significant if implemented. It will make GOSS very weak and oblige to peaceful resolution or diminish. Comparing Cuba, Zimbabwe and Sudan’s situation under sanction with South Sudan is not logical. Take Cuba: Though under sanction it has no rebellion same with Zimbabwe. For Sudan it gets support from the Arab Countries, Iran and China. The economy is diversified and so it can survive. what about South Sudan? It is a new country which produces nothing but relay on its oil money for every thing. 70% of its army has rebelled and many more rebellions occur every day; how will such country Government survive under sanction?

    • Eastern says:


      Naive as you sound, don’t go far afield. Saddam Hussein’s government was sanctioned and at the end he was caught in a foxhole tried and hanged.

      To the north of Africa, Muamar Qaddafi was bombed out of power by NATO where he was lynched and buried in unmarked graves. These were two bold leaders with very powerful followers.

      Compared to the two despots I have mentioned above, Kiir is nonentity. It takes a blockade on food items into South Sudan and you will see Kiir being toasted out of power.

      Let the generals at Bilpam not even think of any military coup with the hope of keeping power in the hands of SPLA-Juba and Bahr el Ghazal.


      • Deng Monymor says:

        Saddam Hussein was betrayed by his own people who latter regretted their naive political opportunity. Unlike Mr. Hussein, President Kiir will never be betrayed, anybody who tries that will end up out of the out country.

        • Loguca says:

          The same way Kirr will be betrayed by dinkas who like peace. South sudan is not for Dinkas alone demn ass

  3. GatCharwearbol says:

    Alier Malual,

    I absolutely agree with you. Sanction is as good as nothing done. South Sudanese have been living in the bushes of South Sudan for so long without any money or oil and we are still existing. I’m at loss of UN intention. Nothing tangible will come out of this threat. Isn’t it the same UN that keep saying both sides commit crime? Isn’t it the same UN that only worry about 200 JEM soldiers killed in action in Bentiu and went mute about the 20,000 innocent people murdered in Juba in span of three days? I seriously doubt their sanction. What they are cooking, only God knows.

    The known criminal is Salva Kiir and they shied away from telling the truth as it is.

    • Eastern says:


      The situation during the war was quite different. The so-called liberated areas under SPLA had access to everything from medicines to food. Yes, SPLA had their share of food from the aid organisation through SSRRA. We all show what was life like in those areas.

      You could fly from Loki to Kauda. It was just like you were in a different country (Southern Sudan then )vat war with its neighbour (Bashir’s Sudan).

      This looming sanctions, if imposed (I doubt if M7 and Kenyatta will observe them) will mean the Juba elites will be denied access to their hard-cash stashed away in banks outside South Sudan. Of course as long as UPDF are in South Sudan, South Sudan can still continue to bring in arms. They can continue to get loans from entities with interests in oil, which loans will be settled in future.

      As long as the belligerents to the current conflict know that aid organisations will continue to help the muatineen or the civilian populace, they will continue to hope for a distant and elusive military victory. Dr. Garang was wise not to have opted for military victory. To him all options were on the table, open for discussions.

      All modern wars lead to Pyrrhic victories, no less. Human life is valuable.

  4. Martin. L says:

    Some of us are worry about the effect of sanction on those government thugs and their cronies than innocent South Sudanese who died and are still dying on daily bases! Isn’t that ironic?

  5. Dear Editor. Peace in south Sudan have proved once again to be illusive. As the Government of south Sudan keeps on saying No to every demands that the opposition put on the table it will be another waste of money in Addis Ababa. Although the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that allow the implementation of sanction; it is OK’ to punished “those who frustrate peace” and incur suffering on innocent people. However, the UN security council is not explicit with the sanction, the protagonist of the war are to be sanctioned now than later. Salva Kiir and his leftenants needs to be punish, likewise Riak Machar and his goons. There is no needs for the UN to fear mentioning names and sanctioning Salva Kiir and Riack Machar now.

    South Sudan foreign minister Dr. Barnaba Marial has been defending and opposition sanction in south Sudan. Similarly, south Sudan Ambassador to the United Nation, Francis Deng, warned the council that sanctions would be counterproductive, especially as the country’s people suffer. He said, “what the president and the government of South Sudan need is encouragement and support, not condemnation.” Nonsense, what encouragement do they needs? IGAD gave all what they could,European Union, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa gave all what they have in order to have peace. The Government of south Sudan have all the encouragements and supports they need to produce peace, but nothing seems to be coming out from the help. What support and encouragement do they need again?

    Sometimes it is good to wipe a nagging child to teach him/her that crying for food is not the best way to get satisfaction. IGAD has been too lenient on south Sudan, they could have wiped Salva Kiir long ago and we could have peace now. Ethiopian could have denied sanctuary to Riach Machar and we could be in peace now. When the UN security council said sanction, the government of south Sudan panicked and cry fault: that they need help but not punishment from international communities. What help that they didn’t get and that they need it now after 14 months of suffering and no peace. The UN security council should be forceful with the sanction to teach these hungry African shepherds that; enough is enough, solve your own problem otherwise you will be severely penalized.

    • alex says:

      You can not blame S.Sudan’s president for the failure of the peace talks. Which nation has two armies on earth? Why do you refuse the people to be consulted on the issue of federalism? How tell the rebels to get loan? Our money is not for repaying loans it is for providing services to our people. Those who borrowed it should take the responsibility of their loan. Now even splm in opp does not want the 10 splm to be included in the talks what a greedy man?

      • Eastern says:

        No governance is cast in stone! During the interim period in the former united Sudan there the following armies:
        1. The SPLA (operating in Southern Sudan)
        2.The SAF (operating in Northern Sudan)
        3. The JIU (with SPLA and SAF components operating on either side of the North-South)

        The above should have answered your question:’Which nation on earth has tow armies on earth?’

        Which people have not been consulted on federalism. What do you mean by people. The federalism discussion has been going on in Equatoria states for sometime now. Check various resolutions of Equatoria conferences for your information.

        I like your assertions and I quote “Our money is not for repaying loans; it is for providing services to our people’. If you had the money you would not taking loans from Arabs that you very much denigrate. South Sudan is again visiting Khartoum to court them lower the oil transit fees. Remember those fees were imposed by Khartoum at the time Salva Kiir out of his drunken stupor reversed his decision when his country nearly collapsed thanks to shortage of petrodollars then!

        Unilateral actions by the Juba regime is the main cause of all the ills bedeviling South Sudan. The sooner you get this fact correct, the better.

        You are a typical Kiir’s apparatchiks; always loud even before getting their facts right. This has to change.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          This animal will not get it. The sooner he gets it, the better. But I’m afraid he will never get it. Pyrrhic victory is what Kiir will end up with and South Sudanese in general. That’s what you get when you have a dump ass president.

    • johnjerry says:

      The world stood with RSS right away from the CPA to the full Independence of the country on 9//2011 and all the help the Country needed it was afforded and they misused the assistance. What help does RSS need now? IGAD,the Troika and the USA in particular did what it did to make sure the South Sudanese are released from the bondage of slavery from Khartoum and it was former US president George W.Bush who pushed very hard to get us where we are today. Shame on us Mr.Bush has not been even invited for the Independent day celebration.It is said that you should not cut the hand that feeds you. South Sudan did just that. Since we are not able to rule ourselves I will agree with AU to intervene until such a time that they see it fit that we are ready to do so.I do agree with many world opinion that South Sudan was not ready for UHURU, but because of the suffering of the people the world community did what they did to see Us free,unfortunately we have turned our freedom into a suffering by our own people. what a shame?.

      • alex says:

        Yes I know some S. Sudanese people want to be like disabled people. If our traditional chiefs can rule effectively what is wrong with us ruling ourselves. We should be clear these group have their hidden agenda starting from 1991 and they should not decieve us. I think they have promised something to the Arabs if not why go to fighting while we can iron out our differences peacefull as brothers at home. I am assuming they might have sold our country because how comes that the war have just started and they say they have a LOAN. If Bashir now want his money back, those who took the money must pay him back but not S. Sudan. We know these group’s aim was to spoil the referandum but they fail that is why they are now resorting to fight. Its nothing to do with ruling ourselves if we compare countries like Eriteria, Libya, Nigeria, somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Mexco, Nyamer Colombia and many other countries we are far ahead in democratic term. We do not have political deternees, there is no excutions and journalist are free to lair without being taken to prision. Those who are use to be recievors should bury their heads in the sand because of shame. We are going ahead and those wanting to come you are welcome and the onlookers should be left until the country is build for them.

  6. mindra says:

    hey Alier/malual,
    sure you are really narrow minded,you can compare Cuba,Zimbabwe,and Sudan,these are country that got their independence sometime back,
    Don’t confuse public with the wrong information,look SS,economic and compare then you will judge yourself,
    Back to the points,let UPDF pull out,definitely mr Kiir will agree the peace talk.Let IGAD on question UPDF presence in SS and the purpose,mr kirr say no any points without explanation that is very strange for a leader who does not how to debate and he must be giving reasons to convince the nations and the citizens,he is a illiterate because he has never gone to school to receive proper education,
    Mindra from pageri payam,loa local Madi corridor,EE

  7. Korm III says:

    Dear all
    sanction will not affects south sudan government in all levels, although the United nations security counselor passed a resolution to sanction those who are blockage to peace deal. economically, politically, and socially won’t impact the economy of south sudan. only this sanction will be imposed on individuals rather than government of south sudan.

  8. alex says:

    I think some of you just jump to write without knowing the facts. Brothers and sisters If you listen to the USA ambassoder’s interview on 4th March 2015, He blame President Kiir for not handling the inside fighting within the SPLM party properly and following the fighting in Juba Riek Macker ran an iniciated ethnic cleansing in Bor , Betue Malakal and in many other places and he is responsible for that. Go and visit BBC world news at 3.00am Wensday 04- 03- 2015 at night. This was what we were saying that the killing of people in Bor, Bentue, Malakal and many other place amount to war crimes but the floosh supporters of SPLM in Opp continue to insist they have right to revange. The question is, Is it allowed in any democaratic society to take revange on innocent people? This is what the opposition should begin to digest because when we tell you it is a crime, you did not listean. If you want to verify the statement from mr Layman the first USA ambassoder to S. Sudan. It is not my own statement and those who did listen should correct me here. So all camps are waiting to see what to come and do not start rejoicing here without knowing the facts. The question is who might be in big problem here? So do not jump to support things without listening to the interview. Your rejoice may end up in a suprise.


    • Eastern says:

      The US Ambassador was correct. It was Kiir’s intransigence within his party that is responsible for all the suffering in the country that has caused the global community billions in aides money. Kiir was supported in his unilateral actions by his cronies we know. Follow their speech during the counter press conference spearheaded by James Wani the comedian.

      The good think is all these things happening now are being recorded for future reference thanks to the availability of technology!

  9. Batali says:

    They “SPLA” factions are all rejecting the idea of sanctions because they all stole public money and are now using the public money for destroying and killing the public. The killings was begun by eliminating the Nuer first, as a warning and intimidation to other s. Sudanese tribes of the coming tortures. Francis Deng is in support of his tribe’s interest, but those interests will be short lived because nothing will remain in darkness for ever. Dinka agenda for colonizing all tribes will one day fall by its neck and crush on them.

    • Eastern says:

      Sanctions are not ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ terms. Sanctions have been imposed. It’s not up to Barnaba Marial to reject it or accept it. He will face it soon in his engagement with the global community.

      South Sudan is rapidly becoming a pariah state thanks to dinkocracy, oh my beloved motherland!

  10. Eguatorians says:

    The NEW NATION is being dragged through the MUD of BARBARISM,and we south Sudanese are the laughing stock. What more do you expect, when IGNORANCE rules the cattle in the” murah “. They simply assume, they are civilized and isolate themselves from the norms of international order. It is the 63 tribes that still allow them to fool around. Let’s turn this land into HELL,goddammit.

  11. survivor says:

    hold your horses guys. the proposed sunciosn aren’t aimed sqyarely at the government. if you carefylly read the articule. you would realize that the sunctions are rather target sunctions against the particular leaders. namely Kiir and Riek. freezing of thier assets and travel bands. etc.
    the logic behind this targeted sunctions is that. the two protogonist. (Kiir and Riek) have nothing to loose but everything to gain if the war rages on. win the war and one becomes the sole leader and the loser lives comfortablly in some foreign land.
    so togic is, if there are some personal consequances attaches to this war, these guys are going to be more reasonalby in their peace negoition, or better yet power and wealth sharing deal.
    regardless of the outcome. ordinary southern sudanese citizens are toing to be he losers. we have lost many lives, anger and hatred for one another has build up. and we are going to be stuck with these tired old fat cats murderers for leaders.

  12. Don M. says:

    TO those who are die-hard Kiir-Macher supporters, it is a time to embraced the heat and see the pains of war and suffering war can break. However, I do not blame any of you people because you are just a followers or blind supporters believing in theory that your tribal warlords are going to delivers all the needs you lack to your communities or regions, which is a total myth. I am just expressing my feeling as citizen, because i am really sick and tired of Both of these men as they have nothing to showed for. What good Kiir-Macher have done in South SUdan? nothing, I am ashamed that our people are dying day and night while our leaders are holding us hostages apparently because of powers and greeds. My brothers and sisters, we need to united against the odds or else south sudan is finished, this hatred and tribals propaganda need to stop because our people are dying for nothing, we need to safe our country from being turns into further mayhem. South Sudanese need to learns from what happened in Somali, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. What happens in those countries is what awaiting us here, this is my appeal to you my brothers and sisters and this is a something you all should think about really hard, whether being supporters of those leaders would ever bring peace to our families. TO my ordinary SOuth Sudanese who are not part Of Macher-Kiir war camp, lets speak out loud about unity of our country and ignored the warmongers because peace is way better than war since war would never prevails over the peace, war is a plans of evil while peace the plans of mighty good the creator, those who are supporting further fighting should know that they are part of evil and will never be forgiven by an average Died or alive South Sudanese. I personally do not see this as war Between freedom fighters and dictator rather than it is a fighting between two Evil leaders who dragged their tribes into their evil thought.

  13. GatCharwearbol says:

    Don M.

    This is not the first time we have seen war. Some of us were born into war and have more experience than you. It is only 2 years and you are already crying. We have 30 more years to go so embrace yourself kid.

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