UN Sec. Council should impose targeted sanctions on S. Sudanese leaders…Now!

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, AUG/16/2014, SSN;

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) knows by now that South Sudanese warring parties are not going to sign any peace agreement soon unless severe sanctions are imposed on prominent figures on both sides.

On January 23, the two parties signed Cessation of Hostilities agreement. This was violated within hours of its signing and soon after the parties started to trade accusations as to who violated it. Bizarrely, it’s always the other side that violates the agreement.

Then on May 9, the two leaders signed a Ceasefire Agreement and expressed commitment to end this war, calling it ‘senseless’. This agreement too was violated. And then in June the two leaders committed themselves to form a transitional government within 60 days. The deadline, which was August 10, passed without any hope of peace agreement in sight.

This is a clear indication that the warring parties neither care about the people of South Sudan nor do they have any respect for all the Nations and organizations mediating in Addis Ababa. Dr. Riek Machar and President Kiir are clearly taking IGAD and the whole world for fools!

As long as these leaders continue to break their promises as the people of South Sudan suffer without any consequences, they’ll never sign any peace agreement.

Besides, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, sent to South Sudan United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay and Special Advisor on Genocide Prevention, Mr. Adama Dieng, in May of this year.

After coming back from South Sudan, Mr. Dieng presented before the United Nations Security Council the gruesomeness of the situation, the suffering of the people and how the world can’t afford to wait. Ms. Pillay expressed how little compassion and care both leaders showed towards the suffering of South Sudanese citizens.

And on August 12, 2014, the UNSC sent Mr. Mark Grant, the current president of the 15-member UNSC. Mr. Grant’s entourage included US ambassador to the UN, Ms. Samantha Power and Rwandan Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Eugene-Richard Gasana.

After talking to the two leaders, the delegation said that they were ‘disappointed’ by the two leaders as they showed little interest in signing the peace agreement and ending the suffering of South Sudanese people. It was very clear to the UN delegation that these two leaders are not interested in peace and their own people! It’s all about power and top jobs!
(Watch my video commentary on www.youtube.com/kuirthiytv)

So the two leaders are not to be trusted as they’ve broken their promises time and again; they’ve shown to the world and the UNSC that they don’t care about the people; and they have no interest in ending the war.

It just makes me wonder what other proofs UNSC needs to impose real, affecting sanctions on the two parties.

Should half the population of South Sudan die for UNSC to impose sanctions on the leaders? Is there something of a trust left between South Sudanese leaders and UNSC?

Unless UNSC imposes severe, effective sanctions now, the people of South Sudan will continue to suffer and die. The May sanctions USA imposed on Peter Gatdet Yak and Marial Chanuoong were a mere joke. They were a clear mockery of South Sudanese people.

In addition, EU Sanctions, in July, on Peter Gatdet and Santino Deng were the same: pure mockery. I believe they are pure mockery of the suffering South Sudanese civilians because they can never, ever change the dynamic of the war.

I hope the UNSC imposes effective sanctions unlike USA and EU. This is the time for UNSC to show practical care for the people of South Sudan. SANCTIONS NOW! SANCTIONS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese author and poet. His latest book is “South Sudan Ideologically.” For contact, visit www.kuirthiy.info


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Excellent performance monsieur Kuir é Garang!This article will take u to paradise by big door…

  2. Loguca says:

    This a well articulated articulated article. The suffering of South Sudanese will never end, unless UNSC, IGAD, USA and EU union change the way they are handling the war in the three years old nation. We South Sudanese want UNSC to impose tougher sanctions on warlords, otherwise there will be no peace and life of innocent people lost everyday.
    We need sanction that works.

    • john jerry says:

      There should be an action taken by the UNSC and IGAD to punish the warlords period. No more RRR’S. Reduce,Recycle and reuse. I have never seen political parties fighting against itself making it what that “politics is a Dirty game”. It is even dirtier in RSS than anywhere else around the world. Play your dirty game safe to save the life of innocent civilians. A Government that does care about its own people is not a government of the people this message is both for SPLM/in Opposition and the SPLM mainstream. Enough is Enough period.

  3. Loguca says:

    This a well articulated article. The suffering of South Sudanese will never end, unless UNSC, IGAD, USA and EU union change the way they are handling the war in the three years old nation. We South Sudanese want UNSC to impose tougher sanctions on warlords, otherwise there will be no peace and life of innocent people lost everyday.
    We need sanction that works.

  4. Riek Yak Guandong says:

    The IGAD plus their UNSC should imposed their sanction only on Kiir n IGAD by itself for their failure to adresses the root cause of the conflict since n their continue violation of the CoH.
    These are
    – Stopping MVT committee of opposition in Juba airport from boarding to attend IGAD summit in Addis and arresting of 6 IGAD porters in Malakal airport by government

    – Arms consignment bought by Kiir from China

    -3 May – SPLA troops capture Ulang 4 May – SPLA troops capture Nasser 4 May – SPLA and allied JEM troops advance into Bentiu

    – Government has attacked civilians in Nhialdiu Unity state in distribution center where Humanitarians assistant try to help them.

    – Failure to withdraw UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N and SSLA

    – Continue killing of civilians in Juba by Government

    – Mobilizing minority ethnic groups to join fight against the rebels

    – burning of civilians’ homes especially, Nasser, Bentiu, Malakal, etc
    All these are violation of CoH agreement signed on 23rd Jan. why IGAD fails to take action? If UPDF not to withdraw from South sudan as stipulated in the agreement then no peace

    • Riek Yak Guandong,

      I agree with you that IGAD should give Kiir and his followers sanction because they were the one who started the war. However, these double blind writers like Kuir’e write articles like if they do not know the strategies that triggered the war in Juba. They always blame Dr. Machar blindly. The IGAD and John Kerry want Dr. Machar to compromise like he did in 2001, but that will never not happen again. How come these entities expect Dr. Machar to compromise while he (Machar) and his people were and still the victim of Massacre of Juba.

      What kind of agreement the IGAD expects to come without addressing the root causes of the conflict. In addition, the IGAD, UN, AU, and US did not condemned the mass killing of Nuer in Juba that has been going on for months. Not only that the UN, John Kerry, IGAD and AU did not condemn the massacred of Nuer in UN compound in Bor. Where 145 children, women, and men were killed on spot inside the compound and 280 were wounded.

      However, the UN reported only 36 deaths and did not reported the wounded people. Nevertheless, when Bentiu was captured from pro-government by the rebels in April, the UN reporter lied excessively that 200 hundreds darfurian traders were killed in Mosque in Bentiu, while there was no even a single civilian in Bentiu. There was no single shop, there was no open air market, no restaurants, no hotels, and motels in Bentiu. What those Darfurian traders were selling in Bentiu? The pro-government burned everything in Bentiu to ash when they captured it from the rebels in January.

      The pro-government broke cease fire that was signed in January 23 and May 9 several times but the IGAD, UN, and US have never condemned pro-Kiir for breaking the cease fire. For example, after the last ceasefire was signed on 9 May, the pro-kiir captured Rubkotna County on 11 May and retaken Bentiu from the rebels on 13 May, Ayot 15 May, but the IGAD, AU, US, and UN did not condemn the pro-kiir for multiple violation of cease fire. However, when the rebels attacked Nassir recently the IGAD, UN, AU, John Kerry, and Obama condemned the rebels very strongly for ceasefire violation.

      The more IGAD and international community not being fair in their judgments, avoid to address the root causes of conflict, the more the war will continue. For those who accused Dr. Machar for the conflict, you are wrong and even if you arrested Dr. Machar, kill him or take him to ICC, the war will never stop unless Kiir step down, or Kiir realize that the country is for everyone and everyone has a right to contest for any position they are interested in.

      • Dear Bentiu Ramran:

        The decision of the IGAD and the international Community will never please you unless otherwise you appoint GatCharwearbol, Angelina Teny or Gatdet Dak to make a decision which might be very favourable to you and your cohorts. You got to be kidding my beloved Cousin, Who told you that president Kiir will step down for Riek Machar? In fact, General Kiir Mayardit who fought for the liberation of South Sudan for 39 years will never ever hand over the Country to Riek Machar, the traitor who betrayed the SPLA movement and massacred the innocent civilians in Bor in 1991.

        Yes, president Kiir can hand over the leadership of this Country to any Nuer or to any South Sudanese but never to Riek Machar and his food lovers. The late hero, Dr. John Garang told his followers during the liberation movement that ( ” A War Is Better Than a Bad Peace” ) Please mark my word, Kiir will never ever step down for the traitor, Riek Machar. We rejected the presidency of Riek Machar in 1991 and we will continue to reject it until he grow old and die in exile. I will overthrow president Kiir if he hands over the presidency to Riek Machar.

        The LGG has spoken!

    • Dear Riek Yak Guandong:

      The international community are wasting their resources and precious time, attempting to broker the peace between Dinka and Nuer. They should send Kiir and Riek to the Dinka-Nuer chiefs to resolve this conflict or let them fight for another 8 years until someone surrendered as it happened in 1991. The Dinka and Nuer dose not believe in the peaceful resolution. However, they believe in defeat and surrender. So it is too early to talk about the peace now. The root cause of the conflict is obvious. Riek Machar wants to grab the presidency by force but president Kiir says you will get it over my dead body. Do you think the IGAD and the international community doesn’t know this?

      • Lavina Lual says:

        Good reccomendation; I am sure the Nuer can managed to fight for the next 8 years minus the UPDF; how about Kiir minus UPDF can his jaang malitias make it to the next 8 years minus the UPDF; let us be honest to oursleves once in a blue moon?

  5. this so call warring parties sould be round up and taken to ICC for investigations for their bad actions against the innoccent south sudanese they have killed and contiune to kill every day

  6. monychol says:

    Kuir, sanctions won’t work.Kiir and cohorts should be lured outside of South Sudan to join Riek and his group then arrested and this plane load of criminals taken to ICC.The region and international commnunity should contemplate decapitating both leaderships.

  7. UNSC, is very coward, they failed in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebonen, Israel-Gaza war, CAR, DRC Boko Haram terrorist in Nigeria and Sudan against Darfuri in the western of the country, yet they are supporting rebel leader in south Sudan.
    What sanctions do they meant, and against who?

  8. AGUMUT says:

    Globally,Old SPLM Members should understand that no country in the world will be able to EMPLOY all of them unless South Sudan because they are in position of Retirement.I think Riek Machar is now aware of what he has done.

  9. Kuir, the article is all about reiterating events as they had happened forgetting to mention the fact that SPLM in government (SPLM-ig) failed to respect cessation of hostilities agreement signed in 23 Jan 2014, and continuous stubbornness to form a transitional government of national unity. SPLM in opposition suggested that the transitional government should be led by a neutral person. The response of Salva was utterly vague and stupid. He said he will not reward the opposition for their rebellion by including them in a transitional government. Kiir has killed innocent people on a deceitful pretext (coup d’etate); should South Sudanese reward Kiir for the massacre of innocent people in the capital Juba by allowing him to be the president of the republic till 2015? South Sudanese should not allow this to happen. If we do, then we are setting a negative precedent. Salva is illegitimate president since 15/12/2013 and has to face justice.

    Waiting for the international community and IGAD to solve our South Sudanese problem is a joke. South Sudanese got to stand up for their right to live freely in their own home. To achieve this fundamental right, which is the solution to this crisis, lies solely on South Sudanese. Equatorians have a national obligation to turn against this failed junta. Equatorians joining the revolution will nationalise the war against this failed dictatorial, tyrannical militant regime. The ball is in Equatorians’ court.

    Kuir, nothing good has ever come from the UNSC. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Israel. Thus South Sudan should expect nothing from the Kawajat Uganda.

  10. South Sudan-iam,

    I like your comments, but please refrain from mentioning the name “Equatorians” unless you are answering comments emanated directly from them.

  11. Bentiu Ramaran
    Thank you for the advice. I will not mention the term “Equatorians” again unless it is on an article that concerns them. But these people are unpatriotic and cowardice. Salva Kiir described them as cowardice. What a joke?! How could they see a dictator such as kiir killing innocent people in their own land and daylight, and they are just quiet. How on Earth would they think that this is a war of Nuer against dinka when kiir, a dinka sultan, is using the government and national resources of the country to kill indiscriminately almost every Nuer. This has never happened and not been done by the North Sudanese since 1983. These negative bystanders are good for nothing!!! Believe me or not Bentiu Ramaran, history has already rubbished these food lovers and complacent people called Equatorians. Shame on them?!!

  12. SouthSudan-iam ,

    I agree with you man “Equatorians” have been bystanders in South Sudan’s conflicts since 1975. The reason I said do not mention the name “Equatorians” unless you are answering a direct challenge from them is because I know that Equatorians are seasonal South Sudanese citizens. They can support you on Monday and withdraw their support from you on Wednesday. They can strongly support you in April and they can withdraw their support for you in June. At the moment, their strong support for the government and their absent in the government does not make any different.

    They (Equatorians) have never been patriot and they will never ever be patriot but they are true bystanders. They have good education and they know how to write very well with good English Grammar, but they do not know how to bring people on their side to support them and they do not know how to solve other people’s problem either. They do not know how to differentiate truth from false. You see their prominent politician and respectful Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule who may one day could be an alternative to both Dr. Machar and Kiir is always talking like little baby in diaper. His words alone not action will never bring unity in South Sudan and he will never ever unit Equatorians either no matter how hard he tried it.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      So far the Equatorians have done their best with the right enemies; the arabs from 1955-1972 the time many were still slaves and naked villagers. I guess it is time for distructive animals to clean themselves by their own hands and live the country out of distructive animals!

  13. Latjor Boy says:

    There will be no sanctions if IGAD are fearing to solve such problem because it will reflect to their country problem.

  14. Nyuopdit nyol agieu says:

    Un must give sanction 2 riek machar because he is alway used 2 voliote the peace,force of riek re still attacking our force in their position,riek must be taken 2 i c c because of wars crimes that he had commited in bor, malakal ,bentiu and other part of s.sudan

  15. galdino. sebit says:

    A nation divided will fall. South Sudan has enough resources if diligently utilized can create job and services for the entire population of the country. Yet we are fighting over positions. It is a tragedy of an immense proportion, when our civil population is the grass that suffer, when two ELEPHANTS fight.

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