BREAKING NEWS: UN sanctions defense minister, butcher Kuol Manyang and Martin Lomuro

From different sources. MAY/27/2018, SSN;

The UN Security Council (UNSC) has slapped sanctions against South Sudan defense minister Kuol Manyang Juk over ceasefire violations and Martin Lomuro, the cabinet affairs minister for threats to the press and UN and foreign organizations.

UNSC said the crisis in South Sudan was being fueled by the conduct of leaders like ‘Butcher’ Gen Juk, who believed in violence, thus prolonging the suffering of the people.

During the SPLM/A war of liberation in the 1980’s, the notorious Kuol Manyang infamously earned the despicable title of ‘Butcher of Equatoria’ for the egregious killings and gross human rights he personally oversaw and allegedly ordered and committed as SPLA chief commander in Eastern Equatoria region.

In the Palotaka area of Eastern Equatoria alone, Kuol Manyang kept hundreds of young boys and girls in slave-like conditions whereby these kids were starved, sexually and physically abused by him and his tribal soldiers.

“Under (Gen) Juk’s command, SPLA forces violated the agreement on cessation of hostilities, protection of civilians and humanitarian access signed between government and rebels in 2017,” UNSC said in a statement following a Saturday meeting in New York.

It also said Gen Juk provided military support to the SPLM/A-N, the main Sudanese movement fighting the Khartoum regime, to attack Pagak, the rebel headquarters inside South Sudan.

The conflict
“Under (Gen) Juk’s command and his support to the Sudanese rebel group, the SPLM-N extended the conflict through offensive in South Sudan’s Pagak,” it says.

Cabinet Affairs minister Elia Lomoro was also sanctioned for threatening members of the press against critical coverage of the conflict in the country.
“Minister Lomoro threatened the press, obstructs humanitarian missions, and threatened to eliminate the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM).

“(Dr) Lomoro also obstructed the activities of the UNMISS,” the statement reads.

Two pilots
Sanctioned from the Dr Riek Machar’s camp was Gen Koang Rambang Cho, who is accused of leading an attack in Bieh State recently.

“He ordered his forces to restrict the moment of people working in humanitarian organisations. He was responsible for the detention of the two pilots delivering aid, obstructing their humanitarian activities,” the UNSC statement says.

The global security agency also renewed and extended to May 31, 2019 sanctions imposed on several other key South Sudan leaders namely; Information minister Michael Makuei, former army deputy chief of staff Malek Rueben and rebel leader Paul Malong. END


  1. Tyson says:

    Sanctions are not enough, too little, too late and have no severe consequences to these killers, looters, rapists, thieves, land grabbers and rotten to the core war mongers.
    The ideal situation is to frog march these criminals to the Hague.
    Let was wait for the marshal plan being led by the compatriots in diaspora against these warlords.
    Justice MUST be done no matter how long it takes.
    The UNSC should also sanction the partners in crime; Uganda and Kenya. Museveni and Uhuru are the other idiots milking our country and prolonging the suffering of our own people, while their citizens are like cockroaches ravaging the resources of South Sudan.

  2. J. Malooma says:

    The issue of Koang Rambang is unjustified. It’s unfair for UNSC to punish criminals together with their victims. UNSC knows that it was the Juba regime who invaded and captured Koang Rambang’s territories, displaced local population and caused insecurity which resulted into restrictions of movement. Because the regime’s agents were trying to penetrate as NGOs’ personnel.
    Pilot issue was a moral issue because they have had destroyed lives and properties when their old aircraft crashed into buildings in Akoba SS. So, where is the justification for him to deserve sanctions?
    For the criminal regime, this is not yet the last straws that break the camel’s neck. I hope the most criminal minded and silent killer Kuol Manyang would not die with a heart attack and high blood pressure before regime dismantled.
    If the UNSC is going to implement this sanctions, they will earned my respect forever.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Sanction cannot end war, if sanctions were to end war, why Israel is not sanctioned to end half a century conflict? Is it because Israel is a twin brother to USA? or is it that what Israel is doing in Palestine does not amount to war crime?

      Just laugh Mr. Malooma, your father is pushing hard and you will soon take over power to extinct Jieng existence in South Sudan which is your main objectives not a regime change. Also, let me remind you that in war there is no clean party to the conflict, so don’t think your tribal governor is clean.

      Let’s wait and we shall see!!

      • Eastern says:

        Now this is your problem: comparing Israel and Syria with South Sudan, a barely know country in the world. The fact that South Sudan got independence in 2011 does not put it at par with others. The village boys posturing to the run the show in Juba should tread carefully on their much-hyped sovereignty.

        A poor country churning out refugees in their millions, gets relegated from their sovereignty rungs!

  3. J. Malooma says:

    You see Mr. Mor-mook!
    Everyone can see that there’s a fatal flaw in your reasoning. The fear of unknown, lack of trust and patriotism and cowardice behavior such as Jieng would be at risk of annihilation if they lose power as an strategy to mobilize your tribe and other allies to keep you in power, is not cutting any more.
    You must accept your failure and let a man or a woman from another tribe take power, and therefore see what went wrong in Jieng philosophy.

  4. mading says:

    Don not blame others for your problems, Kenya and Uganda leaders have nothing to do with war in our country, you mad at them because they did not support you. Because those leaders know that your war is the war of those who want power, and nothing more.
    Addition to that, shame on person who wrote this piece of trash, there were no girls in Palotaka at that time, my friends and relatives were in Palotaka Red army. It is all these liars that your friends who started supporting you when you set our country on fire, your rebels now are looking away, acting like they don’t you, because they came to realize that you are nothing but bunch of liars.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      It all depends on whose narrative you’re listening to, because the heinous acts reportedly committed by Kuol Manyang in Palotaka were well authenticated by those sexually abused boys and girls survivors of the Palotaka Camp.
      Importantly, the facts were plentifully documented in the best-selling book, “Emma’s war” by writer Deborrah Scroggins. And because of her exposition of those war crimes commissioned by Kuol Manyang not only in Palotaka but in Equatoria generally, a notoriety that infamously earned him the nickname of ‘the butcher of Equatorians,’ John Garang and Kuol Manyang all allegedly partook in the broad daylight assassination of the pregnant Emma in Nairobi, Kenya.
      It was a well planned car accident murder, which incidentally was the prevailing vogue and modus operati at that time in Kenya that was used to assassinate political opponents of presidents Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi.
      Those of Garang and Kuol Manyang had to emulate the same methodology. The poor Emma’s car was entering the main road from her house when a lorry drove suddenly downhill and fatally rammed into her car.

      • Mor-amook says:

        My friend Editor,
        Emma was wife of Dr. Riak, I read her book and I still have it to this time of writing. By then Riak was a rebel, he married Emma to gain support from the West to take over chairmanship of the SPLA/M, that was why he announced coup in August 1991.
        So, you can trust all what is in Emma book because you are Riak cousin.

  5. mading says:

    Editor. That is a problem, you people talk about the things you hear from others when you were living far away from the war at that time. I read a book you are using as good evident, that book is full of lies even Deborah knows that, but she did it because she knows that nobody will do fact checking about her book. Kuol Manyang was one of the SPLA Cdrs his soldiers respect SPLA code of conduct, I know it because I was there, I am not talking about second information like you Editor. Addition to Emma is case, she was not the first white who died in car accident in Kenya at that time

    • info@southsudannation says:

      This is no second-hand info as you claim. But I’d rather leave the issue to be settled by others. Nevertheless, facts are facts, John Garang and his tribesmen had a million reasons to eliminate the poor pregnant Emma as a way of hitting Riek Machar very hard.
      Who killed those of Benjamin Bol, Guy Tot, Akot Atem (Garang’s own uncle), Kerubino, William Nyuon and a million other South Sudanese? Now since your so=called independence, nearly 500,000 lives lost, who killed these poor souls?
      Your choice.

  6. Deng Hanbol says:

    I have read Deborah Scroggins Book and it is still with me. Who is Deborah Scroggins by the way? She is a journalist and a former correspondent at the Atlanta Journal- Constitution. She was also a friend of Dr Francis Deng who provided her with unfounded information about Dr. Machar and Naath people . Us we all aware that, in Dinka Conspiracy: none Jaang are subject to unfounded accusations. Coming to the question who killed Emma? And why she was killed? John Garang, the former leader of the SPLA Torit-faction behind the death of Madam Emma. In Fact, Garang himself ordered Edward Lino the former intelligent of the SPLA torit faction to kill her. She was killed because Dinka elites thought that late Emma was a threat to them and therefore they had decided to assassinate her. The good news is, Garang die tragically similar to Emma’s death. Edward Lino is suffers from diabetes and can die at time. Interestingly, I met Emma’s killer in Pagak in 2015.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Deng Hanbol,
      I greatly feel much vindicated by your collaborative input on Emma’s death at the hands of Garang’s agents.
      Now that it stands absolutely clear that a crime of murder was commissioned and committed by these people, WHY DON’T YOU COME FORWARD TO PUBLICLY REVEAL ON THIS WEBSITE TO ALL THE WORLD AS TO WHO IS THAT ALLEGED EMMA’S KILLER YOU MET IN PAGAK IN 2015?
      Surely, the FBI and others might be interested on talking to the guy.
      We need to also find out who killed Isaiah Abraham, Peter Sule and many other civilians>
      Thank you.

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