UN: Potential for Genocide as over 1.3million South Sudanese have fled from home

By KEVIN J KELLEY, New York, TheEastAfrican, NOV/12/2016, SSN;

More than 10 per cent of South Sudan’s 11.3 million people have fled the country in a mass exodus that was now accelerating, the United Nations reports.

In addition to the nearly 1.3 million South Sudanese living in refugee camps, about 1.6 million more have been displaced inside the country, the UN says. Some 200,000 were sheltering in or near UN peacekeepers’ bases.

About 40 per cent of South Sudan’s remaining inhabitants were facing impending famine, the UN’s food agencies warn.

Separately, the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng yesterday warned of the risk of genocide in Yei and elsewhere in South Sudan following a visit to the town.

At the same time, “there is a strong risk of violence escalating along ethnic lines with potential for genocide,” Mr Adama Dieng, the UN special advisor on preventing genocide, declared on Friday at the conclusion of a five-day visit to South Sudan.

He said at a media briefing, “The gravity of the situation in Yei merits immediate intervention – a full scale fact-finding investigation and enhanced humanitarian support. The population has been forced into town without access to food and they and the refugee population which Yei hosts are suffering.”

“Yei is but one urgent example among many. The signs are all there for the spread of this ethnic hatred and targeting of civilians that could evolve into genocide, if something is not done now to stop it. I urge the people of South Sudan to take action.”

“The gravity of the situation in Yei merits immediate intervention – a full scale fact-finding investigation and enhanced humanitarian support. The population has been forced into town without access to food and they and the refugee population which Yei hosts are suffering.”

Disease outbreaks

At least five simultaneous disease outbreaks were threatening lives as well, international health specialists say.

Malaria, measles, cholera, guinea worm and kala azar (a parasitic killer) were all spreading amidst a breakdown in sanitation and health care resulting from the three-year-long civil war.

Political conflict

“Throughout the week, conversations with all actors have confirmed that what began as a political conflict has transformed into what could become an outright ethnic war,” he added.

Close to 6,000 people fleeing these conditions entered Uganda on a single day earlier this month, bringing the total number of South Sudanese refugees in that neighbouring country to over half a million.

“The current extremely high sustained trend of arrivals is expected to continue, and puts pressure on all aspects of the response, which is currently very under-resourced,” the UN refugee agency said in an update last week.

Each day

Another 323,000 South Sudanese refugees have gone to Ethiopia, with about 600 arriving on average each day.

Life was so difficult in South Sudan that more than a quarter-million of its citizens had sought refuge in Sudan, the country from which it separated five years ago. Many of the refugees have crossed into Sudan’s Darfur region, where war has been raging for 13 years.

Civil war

Similarly, about 60,000 South Sudanese have fled to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the site of fighting that has taken tens of thousands of lives in recent years.

Kenya has received 90,000 South Sudanese refugees, and 5,000 have moved into Central African Republic, where another civil war continues sporadically.

A plea for $251 million in donor funding for South Sudanese refugee assistance has drawn a tepid response. Less than $50 million has been received “despite the rapidly growing need,” the UN refugee agency says.


  1. lodani rama says:

    Mr Kelley if UN want to help in stopping genocide from occuring, they must begin to collect the details of websites being used by S. Sudanese for preachings hate and submit them to individual countries in the Western World to persecute them for providing the infrastructure for preaching hate. Those writings hate speeches so be warmed or their status get withdraw and deported back to S. Sudan.

    • wanilosake says:

      Bring it on the list of those websites can be obtain easily by hiring the computer specialist
      These ignorant guys had cause innocents got killed because of their igo.
      They endanger civilians when many from Canada US and Australia were promised military positions and ranks rhey went to juba through Pagaak but when Riak coe fail many ran to surrounding villagies to hide example southern Bari areas while trying to built bases they fail they end up causing death and property damage to villagers now they are crying and showing prpoganda photos of Boko haram burnt villages in Nigeria as south Sudanese burnt villagies by the government it is these propaganda which is creating pain to Diaspora south Sudanese against the government but it is false done by few promotted generals in diaspora who cannot stomach Riak exit from juba and cant afford to bury their false dreams but in doing so they are destroying their country the only way is to open a human rights case against them in Canada US and Australia since most of them are well known in the Communities.

  2. Kwacha says:

    God save South Sudan! This Country which used to be known as the country of honey and milk is now known as the country of killings, rape, torture and hunger. Our leaders should turn from Lucifer to God and save the beloved nation.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      UN personnels are after their jobs and therefore; they can fake anything in order for them to maintain their employment status in South Sudan. There is no genocide in South Sudan. People lie about genocide because they failed to deliver and impower Riek whom they trust to sign them resources deals. They are playing dirty games and everybody already know their tricks. If anyone is bitching safe in South Sudan, then let them go to heaven where they will be saved and stop hidding around bushes. And remember, Clinton dreams is dead and Trump is taking over soon.

      • Bismark says:

        Mr Bill Kuch,

        You need to be sensible. Do not deny things that are taking place. There is no pride to declare that mass murder is taking place in Equatoria and nobody claim death of his people as a lie. As Equatorians we do not need to argue with you on this subject matter. It is happening right now. The culprits who killing our people are Jiengs who come far away from Equatoria. You need to stop misinformation and propaganda.

  3. Bismark says:

    John Deng alias lodani rama.

    Know that in western world the sanctity of life is of a paramount concern. That is why you hardly hear of killing of people like it is in your present Kiir South Sudan. One of key elements that support their governments is the freedom of speech, press and association in an atmosphere that is conducive for free discussion of the affairs of their nations. It means transparency and accountability are the pillars of their societies. It would therefore be hard to imagine that your idea jotted above could be taken on board in order to promote your inhuman rape, mass murder of South Sudan people. In western world you have no room to disseminate your notion of concealing terror that is taking place in Yei, Bentiu, and Upper Nile right now. Shut up you devil.

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