UN panel names Kiir, Malong, Machar and Akol Kur for directing violence

JAN/26/2016, SSN;

A panel of investigators for South Sudan has asked the UN Security Council to blacklist “high-level decision makers responsible for the actions and policies that threaten the peace, security and stability of the country.”

In a confidential report (link provided at bottom) seen by Radio Tamazuj, the UN-appointed experts named President Salva Kiir, army chief-of-staff Paul Malong, National Security Service chief Akol Kur and rebel leader Riek Machar as meeting the criteria for UN sanctions.

The Panel of Experts was established by a Security Council resolution in 2015. This panel is mandated to recommend which individuals should be subject to an international travel ban and asset freeze, though a higher-level Security Council sanctions committee is actually responsible for adopting their recommendations or not.

The experts cited “clear and convincing evidence… that the majority of acts of violence committed in the course of the war by government-affiliated forces, including targeting of civilians and violations of international human rights law, has been directed by senior individuals at the highest levels of government or undertaken with their knowledge, including Kiir, Malong and the director general of the NSS Internal Security Bureau, Akol Kur.”

Findings by the UN experts echo those of the African Union Inquiry report by former Nigerian president Olusegun Obesanjo, which said that war crimes and crimes against humanity “were committed pursuant to or in furtherance of a State policy.”

The Panel report cites meetings and communications between Malong and army and militia commanders in Unity State before and during the dry season offensive of 2015, during which many atrocities were committed, as well as distributions of supplies and ammunition to troops and ethnic militias in this state and elsewhere.

“A group of senior security officials [Malong, Lt. Gen. James Ajongo, Lt. Gen. Malual Ayom, Lt. Gen. Malek Ruben, and NSS chief Akol Kur] planned the offensive starting in January 2015 and subsequently oversaw its execution that spring and throughout the summer, with ultimate command responsibility remaining with Malong.”

The UN experts say that they interviewed senior personnel in the SPLA to corroborate their claims about this offensive and who was responsible for it.

Another accusation is that security chief Akol Kur oversaw the supply of weapons to ethnic militias in Unity State, with state-run oil company Nilepet used as a vehicle for arms purchases. Kur is also a board member of Nilepet.

Militia operations in Unity State were overseen by SPLA Maj. Gen. Thayip Gatluak Tai Tai and Maj. Gen. Matthew Puljang, among others, with assistance from local county commissioners including John Bol Mayak of Mayom, Gordon Koang Biel of Koch, Kor Gatmai Garang of Mayendit, and Wai Yach Gatkuoth of Leer.

According to the report, Kur also was involved in arming an ethnic militia that was mobilized prior to the start of the war: “In 2013, Kur bypassed Oyay Deng Ajak, then the minister for National Security, and went straight to the presidency to facilitate the acquisition of the Israeli ACE rifles cited in the Panel’s interim report (S/2015/656). (These ACE rifles were handed out to members of the Mathiang Anyoor from the Presidential Palace as they targeted Nuer in Juba in December 2013).”

Though the Panel said the government committed the majority of violence since May 2015 in South Sudan, the Panel found that violence perpetrated by opposition forces was also directed “at the highest levels” or undertaken with their knowledge, including by Riek Machar, head of the SPLM-IO. Machar “continues to seek funding and weapons to prosecute the war and to further his personal political ambitions at the expense of peace,” reads the report.



  1. Gatdarwich says:

    This panel’s findings is highly bias because Dr. Riek’s name shouldn’t have been included in the list of the chief architects of this genocidal war campaign that was devilishly engineered and cowardly executed by the incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, killer NyanKiir, Jenges warlord generals in SPLA-IG, lunatics- fanatics/Jenges council of evils, and aided by the foolish-mindless militias of Bul, plus Ruweng militias under the direct command of Mabek Lang Bilkuey.
    So, including Dr. Riek in the files of war criminals is legally questionable–an act of desperations and frustrations on investigators’ financiers—- and only meant to pressure Dr. Riek to unconditionally succumb to the TROIKA nations’ treacherous demands for the urgent formation of the government of national unity—without firstly implemented the provisions which were supposedly to be completed prior to forming the coalition government. This is total evil forces’ conspiracy bullshit, which, we, the patriots, will not and shall permit, the symbol of the nation, Dr. Riek, to be treacherously lured into lion’s den period.
    The application of travel banned and assets freeze will not deter the patriot, Dr. Riek from pursuing total system governance system overhaul in South Sudan period

  2. Abuchook says:


    Both of Riek Ebola Machar and Kiir have put all their personal interests above all the people of South Sudan and the suffering of its people.

    As long as they are still sleeping In the very nice Hotels like Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa and Nairobi and Presidential palace.. their world of comfort and good life is not destroyed.

    For Riek Ebola and Kiir as long as their Foreign Bank like the Swiss Bank personal account is fat and full of more than $50 million USA DOLLARS. ..then the life is good and wonderful…and the Country of South Sudan is good and wonderful based on these 2 leaders views

    To be honest I am not sure how these 2 leaders sleeping comfortably at night while more than 50% percent of South Sudan has no food and basic place to sleep and the our country future has no hope In the citizens mind.

    In my own opinion Riek Machar Ebola viruses and Kiir all do not love their country proudly; even though they pretended to be.

    They used very poor young people like Lou Nuer and others to gain their personal political interests without helping the Grassroots

    Thank you very much for reading my comment and I speak my mind and may the Supreme Law of South Sudan be amended.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      What do your traitorous Jenge’s rotten mind know about Ebola?

      Logically educates the commentators on this forum about what you scientifically know in regard to Ebola, and its scientific connection to the symbol of South Sudan nation-indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.
      Otherwise, don’t stupidly use medical terms clumsily period

  3. Wrong article in a real sense.

  4. Bol says:

    Dear reader,
    So, UN Penal does think that both principles are criminals, not just Kiir? Most of government supporters like me were prepared for such possibility since December 2013. What will Dr Machar supporters do now ? Will they elect Dr Gore and follow him or are they going to follow (Yien Mathew) and kick Dr Gore out of the camp? (Must likely) What will Equatorians do when Dr Gore is shown the red card? Will the Nuer Equatorians alliances survive such test or just break apart?…..Are we going to see huge migration from (the waste land) of opposition towards (JCE) where brother El Hag takes over political post from Dr Lomoro, and Bentiu Ramran becomes an SPLA general chasing away Arrow Boys in EE and calling them thugs, and Margaret Akulia appointed as our ambassador to Kampala , (Will M7 accept her credentials?) ….Peace can come in different ways … Enjoy your retirement in the Hague my President… You will not be lonely…. Dr Machar will entertains you with some funny stories about the bush life….the pleasures of interview in the bed ….. The pains of Ngundeng prophecy fading away …worthlessness of ill-acquired wealth… Believe me every day will be a unique bundle of fun.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      I knew all of you are just as numbskull as Kiir Mayar. Wake up and try to think for a change. My one year old son can obviously do better than you in understanding why UN is blaming both sides. That was why I advised you to seek Museveni helps to impart some wisdom in you. Soccer game is at play and whoever can dribble his way around to score a goal is the winner, whether you score in a dishonest way doesn’t matter. UN and all the invisible hands are not there to solve our problem, they are there to fuel it so they can continue upping their unemployement rate. It is a business and I knew your thick upstair can’t figured that out. Again, take my advice, seek Museveni help….. it is the right thing to do and if your uncle can do it, why not you?

      • Bol says:

        Cousin Gat..bol,
        Your 12 months baby would have been able to see why Dr Machar is responsible for Crime against Humanity in RSS, if you were feeding him with Agany’s soup. Please research this legal terminology (chains of command). You account and of Bortwon massacre is incorrect, as the killing took place after Dr Machar came to the twon, had a meeting with co-conspirators and left the dirty job for the thugs under his personal command. Let’s celebrate peace and (JCE) reincarnation under the stewardship of Nhial Deng.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Including Dr. Riek’s name in the list of the true criminals, killer NyanKiir, Marial Chinuong, kol kur, and malong, is only intended to pressure him-Dr. Machar to forms the transitional government prematurely, which we, the patriots, have overwhelmly and unequivocally rejected
      For the record, Gen. Lado or Dr. Riek, will and shall be the first legitimate president in South Sudan–before the expiration of the transitional government period—3 years has lapsed period.
      Jenges’ kleptocracy regime in juba is imminently dying. Your treacherous likes unmistakenly know this fact

      • Bol says:

        None of these gentlemen is going step their feet on J1 as one of them is rightfully heading to the Hague to answer his wrongdoings against civilians and the other will soon be disowned by his ungrateful party. Igga and Hoth have more chance of doing it than these two gentlemen. The government has been revitalised recently by north boarder reopening, so northern Upper Nile and Bhar el Ghazal won’t be great economic dire situation and you better walk to Juba before the opportunities dried up.

  5. Dear Editor,
    It is always a bad tendency for the UN to keep on blaming everybody. They blame South Sudan Government and they also find ways to blame the rebels. They find faults with Salva Kiir and they “also” want to find fault with Riach Machiar, just to make world know that UN is impartial. This is a bad way to solve any problem in the country especially in Africa, it is a double dealing. Since the dawn of the crisis in the fledging nation, it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that, the Government of South Sudan is the ones at the fault. First there was no was coup on December 2013, it was just a ploy by the government to eliminate its opponents. The atrocities committed in Juba especially against Nuer tribes was carried out mainly by Salva Kiir men, the notorious Dinka. Since then they continue to expand the war through the help of their greedy foreign friends.
    Secondly, the government of South Sudan is reluctant about peace. The Government has become a big obstacle in the peace process. The president was forced to signed the accord, and he tells people that he signed the accord with reservation. And the accord has been violated repeatedly by the government of South Sudan and worst of all is the creation of the 28 states. Since then, war has has erupted all over the region including the peaceful Equatoria. The government stead of finding solution to solve the crisis, it has taken the opportunity to suppress the rebellion toot and nail. It used all the arsenals especially those newly purchased helicopter gunships from Ukraine (and Uganda) to kill innocent civilians especially in Western Equatoria. The protagonist of these war are clearly mentioned by African report as : “President Salva Kiir, Lt. Gen. Paul Malong, Lt. Gen. James Ajongo, Lt. Gen. Malual Ayom, Lt. Gen. Malek Ruben, and NSS chief Akol Kur.” It is the government of South Sudan that is at fault, the president and his goons should be blame for all atrocities committed in South Sudan. If the international community and the UN wants to punish the culprits and bring peace in South Sudan, these guys; the president and his men are the ones that needs to be sanctioned. The idea that UN use to find faults with “this and that” cannot amuse us in South Sudan at all.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      From your name I presume you are one of my uncles from other side of Great EE. Keep it up, you have said it all.

      Leave UN alone, why would on earth someone leave the wrong doers by trying to paint people with the same paints even though the quilty person(s) were identifioed with evident before the law.

      Let the UN come in such that you Equatorians should just kindly ask to break away and that’s all because the dinka are going to fight for food/Govt and please leave them alone to do so, make your states a peaceful place for refugees like Kenya and Uganda.

      I understand Uganda soon is entering crisis, they come here like in 1980’s


  6. Eli says:

    Congratulations to the UN Panels
    Finally somebody is brave enough to call oranges as oranges. These are the culprits who destroyed our country and are still working the street freely, but time is up and something must be done.

  7. alex says:

    Hi country men
    This what splm in opp want. They argue blindly without knowing
    international politics. They insist on revenge and they want power by all means. This cheap thinking is not working. We will lose and give this wonderful country to wolfs who have not poured their blood for it. It is time mow to put our country first. We are the same people and the same blood. Lies will not help us. It is time for the Internet warriors to rethink their strategy and start working for peace. It is time those who believe that , the opposition have not committed crime should now rethink their argument. It is time for our Internet lawyers to evaluate their fake knowledge about the law which is driven by tribal or opportunistic politics.
    Open your eyes or ngundeng prophecy will soon fail. All what you are doing is helping Khartoum. You are no more than Judas Iscariot of the Bible

    • Lavina Lual says:


      No wolfs can come to this country much notorious than the jieng and JCE wolfs that have corupted the country to the core, reducing the new nation into nothing at all.

      There is nothing left in the RSS, look at the 2015-2016 budget; 60% foriegn aid, you have failed us, let the foreigners come and take over and do something because the jieng are incompetent enough and are forcing themselves in Govt for nothing other than destructions, choas and corruption.


  8. Gatdarwich says:


    Khartoum had wholeheartedly gave us South Sudan in 2011, which has now been illegally and treacherously leased to Museveni by the highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges Council of Evils.
    You Jenges have committed treason against the patriots-63 tribes in South Sudan period

  9. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Bias is written all over this UN panel dispensation. The coup allegation has been dismissed; where is the connection between this mess and Dr. Riek Machar? If you choose to invest in business of judging, at least judge with standard. Calling spade a spade is what is needed to finally find solution to this egrecious civil war. Witness cannot place wrong on all sides, someone has to be responsible for igniting the furnace. Needless to say, Dr. Machar was only running for his dear life when the assassination attempt against him failed resulting into slaughtering of his 34 bodyguards.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa,
      According to the UN panel report, Machar’s inclusion with the other terrorists was due to the subsequent atrocities allegedly commissioned and committed by forces allied to or formed by and commanded by those under Machar-led SPLM-IO.
      That is the jest of the matter and please, let’s be sincere to admit our own culpabilities so that the nation and its people move forward to some peace.

  10. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    While I agree with your logic, it would have been ludicrous for Nuer to standby hands-folded and allow themselves be slaughtered like what occurred in Juba. White Army were acting in self-defense and nothing else. Would Dr. Machar be exonerated hadn’t the white army intervened in rescue mission? If yes, I would find that hard to believe given the double dealing of UN and IGAD.

  11. Editor,

    Blind, naïve, and clueless people like you will never bring civilization into South Sudan. What if Dr. Machar was killed in Juba and Nuer fought back without a leader, who should you blame today about the war? South Sudan has a long way to go to get civilized because higher educated people like you do not know what they are doing to fix the problem.

  12. Hoiloom says:


    Let us not abuse the moderator for airing his opinion, please. We need to respect our differences. Dr. Riek can even go to ICC for that matter and I am convinced he would walk out as a free man. Self defense is a basic human right. Some Equatorians and even Shilluk thought you can talk peace with our Dinka cousins without the use of AK 47 and they are now learning it the hard way. Jaang do not understand peaceful co-existant. They’re done politically.


    • Bol says:

      What Dr Riek did isn’t self defence, but an act of revenge. How can he defend himself by killing unarmed Dinka civilians? Peace is underway now, but the next battle will be fought in the courts of laws, so start thinking about your next leader…Is he going to meet Ngundeng criteria for leadership?

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        According to the rumor going around, majority of the Dinka don’t like Salva Kiir but have to keep him because there is no replacement for him. If this is true, I would advice you to not worry about who is going to replace Dr. Machar but to worry about finding a replacement for Kiir. Start there first and when content, then you can start asking us. As far as the retaliation is concerned, the cycle has long way to end. This is why Kiir doesn’t want to see peace come to South Sudan. White Army didn’t kill innocent Dinka civilians and you can ask honest Bor Dinka who were left untouched to cross the river to Rumbek out of fear of nothing. And if that was the case, the whole package is own by Salva Kiir.

  13. alex says:

    Hoiloom fo not deceive yourself. The problem is you people
    do not take time to listen to other people. You believe that revenge is acceptable. Secondly, you people
    believe in solving problems through fighting. Thirdly,you people do not have S.Sudan in your hearts. So no body will stand with you. Going back to K and ask for guns to ruin our country amount to implementing Khartoum’s agenda and given Riack’s 1991 stabbing of the movement at back, people have dough in your movement. So my advice is, do not mistaken international law with your traditional courts in the village. With the revenge killings in Bor, Bentue, Nadir and Malakal and burning of hospitals, Universities and villages is a war crimes. so lend your ears and do not defend on your own thinking. For Riack to escape going to ICC,he must stop fighting and start to work for s lasting peace but if he refuses I’m afraid ngundeng prophecy is heading for doom.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      alex, alex, alex, alex….

      So you have wanted the Nuer not to defend themselves when you were killing and slaughtering them in Juba on day-broad-light from door to door. It is now clear that arian jenge are not people, all they know is themselves and everything wrong done by them is good in their eyes.

      Let us see if you will make it.

      What I know the curse of the law against the jieng is already established by God!


  14. Dutajieng says:

    Who cares about the these fck up idiots of being included in the UN reports i just blame south sudanese for being so dumb we can change the regime if at all we are not tribalists and this ideaology will forever be pain in the ass. A p’ple uprising is required in such a senario like wat happened in China ages ago but b’se am a Dinka or a Nuer etc i cannot do such a thing anyway lack of former education is to blame since almost the entire population is brainless except some 0.00000% of the population almost anothing

  15. alex says:

    Dutajieng do not blame lack of education to be the problem.
    The problem is the educate people who wants to use cheap politics of tribalism.
    Secondly, our media is preaching hate among our people. If you read what is written in this net that some people are brainless. Even those doing s good job are said to have been bough by president Kirr. Naming of our own brothers as being no more Nuers because they are working with the government. These are silly and stupid cheap politics of our educated fellow brothers. Brother this are not healthy politics.

  16. Hoiloom says:


    The Equatorians did not rebel when Nuer fought back in self defense in 2014. Now tell me what’s happening to them? You start to murder their innocent civilians and eliminating their politicians and they’re now fighting back. The Shilluk supported you in the beginning of this conflict and how did you pay them back? You murdered Johnsson Oliny’s deputy prompting him switch side in 2015. Given this examples, tell me who’s an enemy to the people of South Sudan. You are hypocrite at best.


    • alex says:

      The equations who joined the your movement are people with special interest.
      Most of these people joined Riack in 1991. Secondly, most places where this rebellion are, have links to Omer El Bashirs party. They were standing with the Arabs during the liberation. They just joined the moment when they knew Khartoum is heading for defeat. So as you see up to now no prominent Equtorians support your movement because they are God fearing people. They did not believe in revenge killings. Secondly they believe in the unity of our nation. Their main focus is progress and development that is why they are not interested in our useless fights. The Shilliuk have their own problems starting from Lam Akol who does not believe in S. Sudan independence. Olinyi was a Khartoum’s brought up general with is own motive . So I’m really sorry you’re still alone in your revenge rebellion of destruction and wanting to give the country to UN. So, brother you should argued with UN that Riack is innocent and he is fighting to defend himself. We tried to help you people but would not did not listen because you people believe in military victory. I advise your group to make a strategic decisions between peace and war


      • GatCharwearbol says:


        I don’t think falsity will move us forward. Only truth and love for each other will. “Khartoum is heading for defeat” really! The fight against Khartoum began right after Sudan independent in 1956 before God even thought of creating someone call Alex and had it not been for George W. Bush, the fight would continue, hitherto. Thanks to George W. Bush for threatening Bashir to give us our own nation, but not because we would have defeated Bashir. Jallaba had been in every town in South Sudan and we never set foot in Khartoum or others important cities in North, where would the defeat be here? Keep on entertaining yourself with lies, if that is what make you happy.

        • Bol says:

          (Love for each other) OMG….Where did you borrow this words form? Who you hanging out with these days? Whoever you befriended these days must be a very good person, please don’t return that gang of friends again….They nearly destroyed your soul.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Better put on hippo skins.Yien Mathew is back!!!

  18. Gatdarwich says:

    False millionaire,

    Brother Yien Mathew, came back as a learnt man.

    Compares his recent comments to the previous ones.

  19. Hoiloom says:


    White army fought back against those who murdered their kins. Dr. Riek will rule RSS no matter how much you hate him.


    • alex says:

      This argument is inconsistent with lack of knowledge and understanding politics

      If someone wants to force himself to rule S
      Sudan then he or she will face the music. People should not sing democracy without practicing it. So it id time the opposition understand the international politics rather depending on the advice of fake Internet lawyers who are bankrupt. The opposition leader has the right to rule our country but through peaceful means. If our people give him the mandate, no body can deny him. He must deassociate himself from Khartoum

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Amen Sir!

    • Bol says:

      What you saying would have been true if the White Army fought the Juba army and its associated militia, but they did the same mistake of killing civilians…. We can argue that Juba victims were armed men as you are trying now to defend the undefendable….Dr Riek can’t rule against the will of people and if he relies on force , then same force will be use against him…Modern History says you (little naughty brother ), dispite your undeniable courage in the fields will lose be that with Ugandan, Ethiopian or any other help….you will lose. Thanks to Kiir weakness and mismanagement, we have peace. So, let’s start afresh, and learn something from this tragic war.

  20. GatCharwearbol says:


    For some weird reason, human tends to get attracted toward no direction people. The right people usually get hated for no reason except for their proper way of doing things. Dr. Machar has shaped South Sudan for the better, but he becomes the most hated human in our country especially by our Dinka brothers, not because he had done wrong, but simply for being from Nuer community and his outstanding performance in steering South Sudan to independent. Anyway, he is not the first and he will not be the last either. It is just human nature… If you do good, be ready to get hated for your good deeds. If leadership is God given right, Dr. Machar will rule South Sudan before his death. If God didn’t intend him to rule South Sudan, he will not.

  21. Hoiloom says:


    It’s true Dinka hate Dr. Machar for his intelligence. Some people are threatened by this highly gifted man and it’s not surprise he is being hated most for wanting a better South Sudan. The Dinka want a yes man/woman who cannot correct their misdeeds, but thanks God we have Machar who will put South Sudan on the straight path.

    One more thing, I spoke with a brother of mind, a born again Christian who returned from US to South Sudan to preach the word of Lord. He told me the Lord has answered the prayers of South Sudanese for peace since July 15th 2015 and that Kiir would drag his feet to sign the agreement but eventually it will be signed. This was in March 2015. The same brother told me recently that this is the final peace and Riek will go to Juba and if this JCE try to hurt him again they’ll be fighting all tribes not just Nuer. Finally he revealed according to the vision; Riek Machar will rule RSS but he will loose one eye because of his stubbornness. There are so many points that he presented to Riek since since 2011 that God wanted Riek to do but I won’t reveal all here.


    • Bol says:

      So, the God of (Borne Again Christian) sect have joined hands with Ngundengsim Religious group to save RSS by the way of installing Dr Reik in J1? Did the two domains signe their CPA in Panjak without the presence of International Media as we all know that they are at war of expansion? Do you really believe what this borne again prophet says? Please put this new prophet into mental institution before he sparke another mass killing….Remember, Born massacre was incited by a prophet….

  22. Hoiloom says:


    Don’t shoot the messenger, take it easy. The guy is conveying a message from God. When I said born again, this is a man who believe in God but we can prove him wrong. We still have 2018 elections. By the way he’s preaching peace and love among our people and that is what God wants isn’t it? Well, Jaang my cousins don’t want to hear anything about Riek Machar but too bad you won’t be able to stop him.


  23. False Millionaire says:

    If superstition was anything of value in sincere practical human affairs,why was it that the followers of mahadism were crushed by Nimiri in Jezzera Abba?
    If that example alone doesn’t provide a discouraging lesson to such great intellectuals as u,one only feels impatient to see the final out come of the predicted final war in Juba!!!

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