Ultimatum to Kiir: Issue decree to evict all Dinka cows & owners from Ma’di land

BY: David Aju Kanyara, South Sudan, APR/09/2015, SSN;

On Wednesday April 8th, south Sudan president Kiir issued a decree read on state owned SSTV calling for immediate return of cattle keepers both from Mundri and Dinka Bor land to their respective places. The Presidential decree came amidst rising tension in central Equatoria state between the nomadic communities mainly from Dinka Bor and central Equatoria communities who are farmers.

There have been constant clashes between the nomadic communities and communities of Western Equatoria State who are farmers. The tension further escalated recently due many farmlands being destroyed by the roaming cows. This, in one occasion caused a clash between the nomadic and the farm owners, resulting in loss of lives from both parties.

But the authorities, especially the national government in Juba showed no sign of willingness to solve the dispute between the two communities.

This is because the Dinka cattle keepers have previous blood in the eyes of sitting authority in national government, and since they have brotherly ties to achieve modern occupation of Equatorian land to reduce Equatorians to live under the mercy of Dinka and their led government in Juba.

Many people believed the government in Juba has modernized itself in executing Dinka imperialist colonization agenda to enslaved the Equatorians and this agenda has been blessed and endorsed by the few Equatorian politicians who lacked vision and wisdom to articulate on behalf of Equatorians and their lands, the corrupted in leading are the likes of James Wani Igga, Martin Elias Lomoro and Ann Itto just a few to mention.

The lack of political will shown by the government made the farmers and the majority of the Equatorians to believe that the cattle belong to president Kiir and his henchmen in the likes of the military officials, Salva Mathok, Koul Manyang, the south Sudan’s defense Minister and a few others.

A similar picture of what is happening in central Equatoria is the endless clashes between the Dinka nomadic have seen in Ma’di land over the years since independence. Recently there has been an increase of cows in Ma’di land more than anywhere else in south Sudan.

Days after the unrest engulfed Jonglei, the numbers of cows that landed in Nimule were 85,000 excluding the numbers of illegal cows smuggled to Nimule in Madiland before and after comprehensive Peace Agreement and after South Sudan’s independence of 2011.

The thirst to seek for grazing land in other people’s ancestral land has intensified of late. So while Kiir is cleansing the Nuer, he is amassing land for himself and his right hand men in return for keeping his grip to power.

A classic example of such endeavor is the arrest of two chiefs on 2 April 2015 for refusing to sign illegal documents granting grazing land for cattle in Ma’di. The two Ma’di chiefs, chief Modi of Moli Andru Boma and head chief of Kerepi Payam, John Amba, were arrested and detained in Nimule army Barracks.

The two chiefs were later freed by the governor of EES after their illegal arbitrary arrests by the soldiers have attracted huge outcries from the Ma’di community and Ma’di intellectuals both at home and from Diasporas.

The Wednesday 8th of April decree by President ordering the cattle keepers to return to their kraals in Jonglei is not a fair decree since it did not include Ma’di where huge numbers of cows and their owners are roaming with AK47s in broad daylight for protection of their animals.

They have not been ordered by any decree to leave Ma’di to return to Jonglei.

Simply put, this soft talk from a man calling himself a nationalist and president for all is just lulling the Dinka to redirect their cattle to Ma’di.

The Ma’di people are now fed up of the constant destruction of their crops. We are farmers who want to get on with our lives too.

As farmers we should have been the producers of certain foods to cut out this import of food from our neighboring Uganda, a bid to improve our economy and welfare.

It is a negative economy for cattle to eat crops farmed for human beings yet these cattle are protected with AK47 as perishable wealth, not for feeding the hungry multitude.

This inaction by the President will leave us the youth of Ma’di with zero option that will result in taking arms to defense our farmlands and our people from been evicted from our God given ancestral land.

We have been applying diplomacy for years but you, Mr. President and your cronies have misused this civilized and diplomatic stance.

Mr. President, this is the last warning if you cannot issue a decisive decree with a dateline for Dinka Bor to return to Jonglei with their cows soon, the result will be catastrophic.

If you do not take heed of this warning, we the youth will have no option but to defend our properties, be it to the last drop of our blood.

To jog your mind before you think this is an empty threat, try to recall the cost in human value and finances when we launched offensive on SPLA who came in our villages abusing and raping our women in 1980s. Find them and ask what happened to them?

It is not a matter of being a small tribe that cannot fight. On the contrary it is the bigger tribe like yours who go looking for a fight which when daring men choose to answer you back in the only language you know, then you run away from the battle-field to go portray yourselves as men in someone else’s land.

Mr. Kiir, it is not out of ignorance or because we are cowards that we have not raised a finger as we did not want to destroy what has been built by our hard working Ma’di nation.

Fleeing from a war zone should bring women and children, not mature men and cattle to litter the Ma’di land.

Now that the government has control in Jongolei, we urge you to immediately issue a decisive decree for these cattle keepers to leave the land of others, particularly the cows in Nimule, Kerepi and Moli, to evict without delay before anything happens or else you will be held responsibly for whatever happens after our patience runs out.

My writing today is also to serve as a notice to inform all the Ma’di able bodied men and women to arise from every part of south Sudan and the Diasporas to come home to rejoin their brothers to fight for homeland.

Note that your identity is your homeland, we can only be defined as Ma’di when we have the full ownership our land.

This land has been passed to us by our forefathers, and as they entrusted the responsibility for looking after this land to us we must prepare to hand it to our children and their sons and daughters as the ways our forefathers handed them to us today.

As the Red army and the White army lock horns, you, Ebi lukunde, the lion Army must arise. (Iligo Madri Nyi robi dri amatro…..). I salute you all the able Ma’di to rise and let’s join in singing the Ma’di warriors song of our forefathers.

By David Aju Kanyara,

Voice of the voiceless


  1. Eguatorians says:

    Absolutely. The first step is to close Juba -Nimul e road. Anya nya Liberation Movement controlled mount Gordon to be non passable for years. That would be strategic and will choke the government.

    • Mathon de Mathon says:

      Mr. Equatorians;
      If that scenario were possible; well then; you would have done it years ago! You can only do it online and not on the ground; nonetheless good luck doing it now!

  2. Eli says:

    Aju Kanyara
    The call is very loud and clear, time is up. Death has arrived on our doorsteps ALL Madi youth MUST join with brothers as one and united people. If there was ever time this is it brothers and sisters, let us arise and liberate our lands, let’s free ourhome lands from the occupiers.
    I have always called for Pa’iyaa to arise and face these insects, they are not as brave as they portray themselves, as soon as we hold guns in our hands the language we must all speak is face to face with not only those insects in our lands but Juba dictatorship regime will feel the heat as well. It is better to die hero than in shame and disrespect of our culture. As long as Dinkas remain in Madi land they are our enemies and targets. This is not a tribal war but a war to liberate our lands from disrespectful Dinka elements. Time for everything and now is time to kill or be killed.

  3. Mathon de Mathon says:

    If the Pastoral communities are not in control of their cattle; then they better leave the area to give peace to farmers in Ma’di community! Jieng Bor communities are farmers themselves as well where they came from; and if their crops are being destroyed by cattle they would feel the same way as Ma’di Community. I agree with president’s decree that if the pastoral communities are not in control of their livestock then they have to leave!

  4. Eli says:

    Hello Brother David Aju Kanyara;
    I would like to congratulate you for your heroic and always keeping us informed of the atrocities taking place in our homelands. You are a true freedom fighter and the voice of truth in the midst of darkest hours of our history, you deserve every praise and honor, be reminded that your heroic efforts and that of our brave fighters will one day be honored as the greatest leaders in times when everybody is keeping quiet and hiding, including those so-called Madi intellectuals in diaspora and within South Sudan, especailly those serving under the very government killing and destroying our people and homelands.

  5. Eli says:

    a I agree with you in everything you said that as Madis we are on our own, trouble has come and we MUST stand our grounds and fight. Although we are the minority among the numerous, there is nothing to fear, after all whether I die today or die later death is imminent, it will come to everybody including the EVIL leaders of those ratchet dinkas who are advising their youth and SPLA soldiers to terrorize our people so that we surrender. Instead of following the rebels they are targeting the unarmed civilians in our home villages and towns.
    However what I still don’t understand is why those armed dinka cattle herders, and other dinkas of Bahr Ghazal and those of Upper Nile who are supported by the SPLA-Juba militias, why are they targeting innocent unarmed Madi civilians? Why don’t they go after the so-called rebels? That is because they are bunch of cowards? What kind of men or corrupt SPLA-Juba militias killing innocent women, children, old people and the disabled, just as they did the same to innocent Nuers in Juba? If they are really men why don’t they come come after us in the bushes and wilds? We are actually not rebels but freedom fighters.
    As Pres. Kirr’s government issued a decree to send back all cattle keepers away from farmlands of Western and Central Equatoria we are happy to hear that but, how comes they didn’t say anything about the cattle herders in Madiland nor Eastern Equatoria in general? Maybe because we have being too much diplomatic and too much talking.

  6. Eli says:

    Bro. Aju
    I do respect our religious elders like Bishop Paride Taban and the others who tried to keep us calm and they instilled in us the spirit of respect and humility, but I think we have turn our cheeks too many times, and our beloved civilians are suffering beyond control while they themselves are no more living in Madi area, they only come there once in a while but they reside in houses with electricity and running water, they have food on table three times a day, they don’t feel the pains of our suffering people. We all know the truth that these atrocities will NEVER stop by talking and issuing ultimatum. But the ONLY solution is to pick up arms and start shooting the cows. Even if we have to make alliances with Khartoum, let it be including our brothers across the borders. After all, with Museveni being behind SPLA-Juba we need stronger alliances if matters comes to worst, let us invite the enemies of our enemies in this time.
    Our enmity will not end easily with dinkas because they are still bitter, they carry grudges from the past, because their EVIL leaders like Abel Alier, late John Garang, Bona Malwal, Pres. Salva Kirr and the so called Council of EVIL dinka elders are instigating them to harash the Madi civilians because of past grievances. That it was Ret. Gen. Joseph Lagu who kicked them out of Equatoria during Kokora, I can testify about that, because I had a confrontation with a dinka fellow who said exactly that. This individual also said they dinkas will target the minority tribes to intimidate or eliminate them one at a time just like what Europeans did to their minority ethnic groups and as the Chinese are doing to their minorities today.

  7. Eli says:

    However; in the eyes of God we are all equal and only humans. This is a pure revenge attack on Madi people and we must take this issue very serious if we want to survive in the lands of barbarism.
    Let us not put our hopes in the governor of E.Equatoria and not even in the deputy Gov. Hon. Jerem Surur who is a Madi himself and not in those of Dr. Anna Itto, who are being threatened to remain silent or risk loosing their positions.

    (Jo kolonya oza ngwiri ana bu ni lolu, amaba baru ri ti kaki dra oduchidru, anyiba ekemuru alu okovuki ama’ba ikonyi re. Owoloro gbagbadro ri oduchidro baru na ii, akari kii ama’ba kocha eko ru ra ku. Ma’a Adrunzi, Avunzi tro; Opi koke amani asi okpwo ruu Opi Yesu drisi)

    The truth is besides the Ma’di heroic Chiefs who are paying the price with their bloods, that’s because some of our own people are deceived with petty positions, especially those still in SPLA-Juba are sellouts for cheap petro dollars and none of us the freedom fighters should put any hope in them. The only hope here is the Madi youth and the new generation who will defent our innocent people. South Sudan is in the hands of lawless criminals, for anyone of us to survive we must be even wiser than them. It is time to carry the Holy Bible on one hand and carry AK47 in the other hand “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye”. Mosaic Law.
    However; I do not think we have to hate every Dinka men and women as long as they are standing up for the right causes and not siding with the EVIL Juba regime, and not the children or elderly people, let us fight the right fight, and God WILL grant us VICTORY over our haters. Only targeting those carrying arms and those who are still occupying our lands must be seen as enemies of the state and haters of minority tribes. Justice and Freedom for ALL 64+ tribes, Liberty and in pursuits of Happiness to ALL South Sudanese of ALL walks of like.
    Eli Wani

    • alex says:

      I thought that you are now in S. Sudan. Last time you said you are in a bussiness trip to Nairobi and then to Ethiopia. HHHHH. What a hopeless person you are. It is better to preach peace than war brothers. Our people need schools not guns. How much you preach you never get any support and I want to assure you that Jerom have done alot and he deserve a respect. Those of ITo are our true doughters and they derserve praise. Their names will enter history because they are true liberators. You shout because you lack something to to do. You do not know what to do in your life. Come to the front line an get some experience so that you will be able to preach good massage of peace. Madi people do not want war anymore. what we wnt is education and development not silly politics of war. The people who were killed were killed by few Madi people like you but their blood is hunting those killers. The chief was killed by some Madi people and even the two business men were killed by Madi people that because they were selling land to Dinka. The question remains can the killers avoid God’s judgment. They know what they have done and God will punish them for that. We madi denounce war and we are one people one nation. Those who are bitting dramas of war should not shout in hidding they should come and go to start the war. Whose children do you expect to go and get killed. You hide your self outside and you want other people’s children to die what a very wise fellow you are?
      Shame to you son of devil with your war

      • Eli says:

        I really don’t care what you think or say, it is too late now. The oil has been spilled, the red line is crossed and the verdict is Kirr must go soon or later. And cowards like you must be ready to run with him. Time’s up.

  8. Dear editor, the president decree to evict all Dinka cattle from Equatoria is a welcome gesture. This decree evoke mixed reaction because it fall short on point and substances. The decree shroud have addressed the eviction, not only of the Dinka cattles, but all the nomadic Dinka from entire Equatoria region and other states that Dinka’s grip for land has turned into bloody confrontation. As an Equatoria, I have no desire to shift my location to a Dinka Manyatta whatsoever, but I support the idea that we south Sudanese should live in harmony with one another and in peace. The land belongs to people not to the Dinka and their cows. The Dinka Kingdom as Bona Malual reiterate recenly in the USA, is a dangerous philosophy that cast doom to the nation. As the decree to evict Dinka cattles from Equatoria is already issued, we want similarly decree to follow soon. A decree to evict all the nomadic Dinak from ancestral land of indigenous people everywhere in south Sudan. Each and everyone must move to their region, the town must be brought to them wherever they are.

  9. Eastern says:


    Anzo opko si. As I was driving from Nimule to Juba last week, the cattle in that part of South Sudan pose a great threat to the only lifeline left to the country. In addition to the unending demining along the route, cattle keepers interfere with the normal flow of traffic!

    Eastern Equatorians, Aju has sent out a clarion call, it’s time to act!

  10. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Rubbish and empty threats from a coward traitor and common refugee who sits abroad and start barking at the government.
    Where were you all this time when Dinka ‘ve been littering about with their cattle in your homeland?
    What prompts you to write your crapped article after you ‘ve seen that President Kiir had already issued a decree for seperating cattle keepers from farmers?
    Were your so call Madi Youth born on 8th the same date in which President issued the decree or were you there before? And if your so call Madi youth were there before presidential Decree as i am pretty, then what the hell was preventing you/them from executing your ill plan(s) until this time?
    I don’t understand why you and the likes brags and stands to be men enough when it is not the suitable time for it and when it is not in the interest of Dinka to fight small & poor tribe like you yet some chicken-hearted with animal characters you can not understand the efforts and logic behind our silence from responding to your tribal hate speech with action.
    By the way when will you and your likes stops cheating yourselves, your community and the rest of the world about your dreams of hurting Dinka tribe in physical fighting?
    Why do you want to incites your poor Madi with the Gaint and Mighty Tribe Dinka though you clearly knows that you will runs like chicken to UNMISS and claims that there is a cleanse killing carried out by Dinka yet you are the root cause as you are now badly campaigns for another mess to be implemented by the innocent Madi youth while you will be hanging yourself with wine drinks if you can sees that things ‘ve not gone as planned.
    Go on with your stupid campaign and empty threats because you just a desperate loser and hater.

    • Hardtarget says:


      It took the minority Tutsi 5 decades to turn the tables when Geo – political situation became favourable, Call it empty threats, brag as much as you please but one thing for sure is that Equatoria is bitter and will strike one day and that will be the end of Dinka Rule in South Sudan. You have no route nor means to sustain a fight with Equatoria. Only a fool like you believe a war against Equatoria is winnable

    • johnjerry says:

      J.Chin Jacob,it is you who is inciting your people to behave like Animals they are herding. Do not think of your big numbes as a solution to every issue in South Sudan. We welcome the presidential degree to separate cattle herders from farmers. These are two distinct community.We have become food importers from neighboring Countries when we have the best land for cultivation envied by our neighbors. The Dinka Bor in particular went to Madiland in the early 1990’s and the Madi people have every right to ask them to leave too following the degree in central and western Equatoria.

      Go to Madiland and witness for yourself and you will see why these people are complaining with cattle roaming around and destroying vegetations and during rainy seasons destroying crops something they are not used to. Do you know Sahara desert was formed by the number of a large scale Cattle,Sheep and Goats as the Meat industry on a commercial basis started in the area now consumed by the desert from the Sahel to the Middle East. The Sahara desert is creeping down at an alarming rate between 8-10 miles southwards we do not need another Sahara desert to start in the Greenbelt of Magwi County of which Madiland is part.

      The President has made the right decision and the next degree should read all the Dinka people should go back to their ancestral land to avoid problems tomorrow which are already being created by people like Bona Malwal saying without shame that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka in his ill comments he made in the USA. Do not think of your big numbers that is nothing. Remember in Bible story how David defeated the mighty Goliath !!

      • Majier Deng says:

        If everyone need to go to their ancestral land; then you would be the first ones to be force by Dinka to go to your ancestral land Uganda, Congo and Kenya. Dinka are the original owners of South Sudan. As you know; Dinka don’t have any roots in other African countries except South Sudan and do your research to prove me wrong. If you want to be allow to live in South Sudan peacefully by Dinka; then stay away from bullshit ancestral land nonsense because you would be the first one to be force to leave South Sudan.

        • johnjerry says:

          Majier Deng, are you out of your mind. Who told you the Dinka own South Sudan?. There are 64 Tribes that make up South Sudan as a country and as a people.Think before you say something out of the ordinary. You are the type of people that make this country go backward because you think in reverse. Look forward for a united south Sudan strong and free .Stop your bullshit of Dinkas are the original owners of South Sudan.

    • Eli says:

      J China jacobish
      Hahahaha, really? What mighty are you talking about, you hypocrites. Shame on mighty dinkas hiding behind small UPDF men. Guess what? The poor Madi and small tribe never abondon their lands to go and live as IDPs for more than two decades and for sure we are not hiding behind M7s UPDF looters. How long are you going to keep running, from khor tum to IDP camps and now in Uganda as refugees. Man, you have no guts but empty head. You can’t even stand up to minority Murles and white arm kids, now you are talking tough? What a loser you are jchina. Like it or not the campaigns are growing and you will go back to your mosquito infested swamps. You will NEVER be welcomed in our lands because of your stinking behaviors.

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        I like the spirit of united Equatorians in fighting their unwanted threat intellectually and technically which is the same case with Nuer tribe unlike Dinka tribe with their intellectuals or technocrats who ‘re so reluctant and ignorant about their DIGNITY & UNDISPUTED ACHIEVEMENT for the realisation of this very Nation where everybody coward, traitor, slave-minded-creatures and food-lovers shamelessly boosts about that we did this……,we ‘ve done that……and will do that……. Our previlege and bless for being the majority in this country has set us apart and even made us to be so ignorant about our common enemies who always sings about Dinka tribe day n night while we do underestimate their tribal campaigns like how it happens in 1990s and 2013 and the same scenario is likely to repeat itself again but thank God we ‘ve just wake up recently and form the JIENG (DINKA) COUNCIL OF ELDERS to oversight and make critical analysis about this mysterious targets and hatreds against their sons & daughters without guinine reasons.
        It is time to call things by their true colours and names because we ‘ve been patient and ignorant about your biased moves for so long but now we shall see who will be who in this country, we ‘ve accepted the path of tribalism and intimidation as the only way to discilpline the slave-minded and born-to-hate-folks like you and your likes in South Sudan.
        Let me tell you this, it uses to be a secret but now it should be made public, while you are still campaigning for your poor and innocent youth of Madi to come and kill or chase Dinka out of their anchesters’ land, I ‘ve a very good message for you; I want tell you that we ‘ve nowhere to go because of your empty threats and fruitless campaign and that we are here to stay and waits for your showing up as men2men or Dinka Youth Vs Madi Youth. You need to note this carefully, you made us wait for so long while you are doing little to convince your Madi Youth although we ‘re expecting the Equatorian Youth at large but yours has been on the Media for so long and please don’t lie to some of your compatriots coz some people might be as propagandists as you are but some might be heroes/heroines among them.
        Let the game begin.
        See you!

        • Eli says:

          If you are real men do two things; 1st- tell the UPDF forces to go back to their country, so that we have the battle fields without any external interfereance. 2nd- Stop killing unarmed civilians, let us promise to one another that my forces will do no harm to dinka women, children the old and weak or disabled persons and in return you do the same to Ma’di women, children the old and weak or disabled persons. Go and convince your dinka council of elders that let us make this a war to see who is the real man. But ofcourse I know you are too coward and have no guts. All your barking and threats are issued while hiding behind some foreign forces just like a birch who ran to police station and screaming knowing you got your husband M7ni to protect you from the real men. Time will come when those forces will go back and you JChin I want to meet you face to face and kich your skiny blcka** back to your mosquito infested swamps. You are nothing but an insect being lured to kindling flame.

      • Majier Deng says:

        Are you saying Murle and white-army are powerful than Arabs who no-longer live and in-charge of South Sudan?! If So; then why are you still crying that Dinka massacred Nuer rebels in Juba a little more than a year ago? Shouldn’t your husbands Murle and white-army be in charge of South Sudan today if they were the people Dinka fear! By the way; shouldn’t you be the ones fighting to force Jieng out of South Sudan instead of wishing for others to do it for you? Remember; we own your lands let alone being welcome!

        • Eli says:

          May be you need to really learn the true history. There was no Arabs in South Sudan, the real Arabs never even come to South, but there were blacks who worked for Arabs, like the Furs, the Nubians, and the Northern Muslims who are not really Arabs, that’s why we nickname them; Jalaba, kuturiha, gbang gbang, londo etc, these were names given to them during Anya Nya 1 movement. But let’s not forget that there were so many Dinkas as part of the Khartoum supporters, just like the first movement Dinkas were and still remain traitors, look now how SPLA-Juba brought in the Sudanese rebels, UPDF, Rwandans, Ethiopian rebels, Egyptian army etc, all these to just try and defeat few South Sudanese opposition groups? Why do you have run around seeking for support from outside? That’s because you lost support from everyone in the country.
          The Nuer and Murle are only two tribes that threaten your corrupt regime but now you will see when the rest join in. You jenges brought these calamities on yourselves so shut up and be prepared to dance the music in fire.
          My advise for you and your likes is to disassociate yourselves and leave Kirr’s regime before time runs out, follow the example of the defected youth leader from your region of Bahr Ghazal now with SPLAIO. Hurry up, and get out quick.

          • Majier Deng says:

            I believe you’re the one who don’t have any clue about who Arabs were in South Sudan. How do you called the Mahadi and Nimari decedents in Sudan. How do you call the so called Jahalin tribe in Sudan if they are not Arabs? If you don’t have any idea then don’t say anything but stay clueless and you would be better-off.

  11. Oyet says:


    You have surfaced again with yet another brilliants and truthful pieces, you have been on forefront all the time, advocating for voiceless not only for Ma’di people but yours is true nationalism calls to rescue the peaceful lands of Equatoria from greedy and heartless dinkacratic brainless skinny uncivilized people. my brother I shed tears when I read part of your conclusion, now indeed it is the time for lion and tiger army of Ma’di and neighboring tribes to unit, and I argued General Kenyi to and his forces to take this opportunity to enforce the Ma’di warriors of lion army. Brother I salute by joining the Ma’di national song…..we will prevail

  12. Tyson says:

    I totally agree with you. It is time Ma’di young men and women take up the courgae to send these idiots to their homes/ or ugly luaks. It is the work of human hands that brings development, prosperity, civility, etc BUT not raping, land grabbing, killing, theft, etc. The Jieng MUST get out and go back to develop their ancestral homes!
    Serial killer-Kiir syndrome and cohorts have employed idle UPDF to protect them in Jonglei and other parts of their ancestral homes…. so they should move out of ma’di land.

    When the Mundari attached these Jeing criminals last week, Kiir issued a decree for Jieng cows to return back to where they belonged.
    Kiir knows that the mundari will pluck his eyes from J1 without hesitation. Secondly, he cannot manage to handle mundari worrriors in Juba, Col. Losuba in Western Equatoria, white army and possibly other uprisings in Equatoria even if he brings the whole UPDF from Uganda. Equatorians are indeed smart fighters who employ intellectual ability, sound planning, judgement and application as well as courage and commitment; which all other IGAD countries know. So Kiir should not provoke them!!!!!
    It is time the young Ma’di men and women teach these criminals lessons so that they will not repeated again.
    As for the Equatoria stooges in Kiir government, “leave them for they do not know what they are going’ as Jesus prayed for his tormentors.
    They are lost, accomplishes with Kiir in stealing and useless. Their crimes will haunt them and their children and grand children.

  13. David Aju Kanyara,

    This is a precious and fabulous news for Equatorians, but I am afraid when False Millionaire read this article, he will yell at you Mr. David Aju because beneficiary of corrupted government always see only where they can received sum of money illegally, but do not care about innocent people lives.

  14. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, madi and rest of Equatoria who comments on this article.
    why do you write your secret out to killed all Dinka in your tongue and not by Gun people of madi.
    lt is like when we protected your home land from Arab when you run to Uganda all and leave ashwa, kerpi, and pageri to Dinka.
    if I told you to mentioned any single madi who died during the operation of Ashwa at the time Oyai Deng Ajak, it will be zero. if iam wrong contacts him immediately for further clarification.
    additionally you will not do nothing to us in term of war. you nyam-nyam at all, keep talking but doesn’t help you cowardice community.
    we are not knew in Equatoria land and leave alone Kiir mayardit if you have the capacity of killing us all go ahead do it and we shall see who will wine the war of tongue. at the time of Lagu you leave him and run on the mountain for hiding when Jalaba was serious to people but Dinka took the Game and win the ball so how are you going to managed it if war of liberation was a problem to you that was led by your son?
    let me concluded my comments that we give you five days to start your war and I know it will fail because you have not lead any war since the creation of the earth by God.

    • Eli says:

      Alier kon
      You definitely can not read or either you are sick with dementia, nobody wrote anything here to kill all dinka, and for sure dinkas are not warriors, or your people wouldn’t have deserted your own area. My father died in the war of liberations defending the land he loved, my two cousin brothers and uncle all died in uniforms. And for sure was Arabs in Nimule when SPLA soldiers who were mainly composed of Equatorians and Nubians who first arrived in Magwi county. Alier you are a liar, just like your tribal leaders, who do you think you can fool. No matter what happens you will leave all the areas where you are internally displaced and go back to your mosquito infested swamps. As you said you are not new in Equatoria but will NEVER be welcome and the campaign is on to send you back like it or not.
      It is idiots like you, your head is full of dumb garbage who spoil your tribe’s name. Remember, the British, the Turks and Arabs were all kicked out at last, because they were never welcomed, so are you. This is not atribal war but campaign to rid out crooks, thieves and criminals.

  15. Choromke Jas says:

    Gen Lagu and others should now abandon their silence and confront the government. It is clear that the Madi has been singled out for special and brutal treatment. My people of Madi should stop being selfish and inward looking. It is time you made some very hard decision or you will forever remain a wandering people in South Sudan.

    • alex says:

      You hopeless man. Why not take your family to Norway. Are you still wasting your time here in the net. You wasted our taxe payers money to educate you and you still want to be in slavery. What a useless PhD holder


  16. Kyakyago says:

    simply stupid J.Chin Jacob,

    Your argument has no place in modern and informed democratic society where the law of the land apply to all citizens, normal and sensible person with ability to analysis the geopolitical situation in which our country is engulf since 15 Dec. 2013, will have the courage and zeal to condemn the marginalization of minority south Sudanese by Dinka. What made you to think that Aju is writing from foreign land? If he was born on the 8 April most like he won’t be here in this cyber space. come to Nimule to see for yourself whether Mr Aju is writing from diaspora, I think you are dreaming to think that this threats are empty threats, my friend the time has come for you and your cronies to know that we will live to achieve what Aju had written in the article above. The problem is majority of your people the jienge are living in disillusion, you have no formal knowledge about how the peaceful Equatorians used to manage their affairs without you in the picture, I remember for the first time majority of you landed in Ma’di people in 1989-1994 including Koul Manyany and Garang, and after tasting the real solid food for the first time after some of us have been living on eating solid food for the last 500 plus or so years on solid nutritional food than drinking blood and urine of cows, this fact seemed to have envied and attracted you to own the Equatorian land, instead of been appreciative to the one who taught you the value of the true world you decide to abuse the system by forceful.

  17. AGUMUT says:

    They are fool,government needs to teach them to become NOMADIC communities too because the price of living stock for local people is going to be very high. What about meats for those who like meats?

  18. AGUMUT says:

    Another James Tombura and Kokora is here,any government on earth is like a evil.

  19. Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

    The time has come indeed! We are left with only two options, 1) To give up our lands for the Jiengs 2) To give up our lives for our lands consequently for the future generations! I accept and take the call!

    To the Jiengs: Be reminded, Kony of Uganda with a handful man has frustrated Museveni. for years We the Madi are not Kony, we are not in hundreds, as I write we are in thousands and the call has been answered! Please know, we as equtoorian will fight you in a style you have yet to experience! GAME ON!

  20. Eli says:

    According to new research red meat is a cause of leukemia, especially cows that are not looked after by veterinarians like those that are being rustled each an every month, they are infected by bacterias and unhealthy for human consumption. Now, having cattle is a good source of income if it were used with economic knowledge, but without that, it’s just a waste and useless for national economy because most nomadic tribes of South Sudan only keep cattle for traditional sense of pride rather than economic benefits. The newer methods of raising cattle is called ranch farming, even the modern ranchers are farmers as well, they balance their profits by growing crops and keeping cattles, but they do it in smart ways not out of ignorance like you people. The other issue you don’t understand is, the Equatorial rain forests are full of tse tse flies, go and google what tse tse flies do to animals. There are good reasons why most people in Equatoria turned into crop farming from being nomads in the past. You probably don’t even know about this history, do you?
    Most of you grew up as lost boys, I highly doubted in your ability to reason like a nationalist. You need lot’s of wisdom before opening your mouths in public forums like here.

  21. Marii says:

    Some people in South Sudan wants to re-write the history of South Sudan, but this will not happen in our watch. Dinka moved from Bor to Nimule during the massacre of Bor in 1991 and now they are claiming that they came to chase Jalaba. Jalaba is not in the Border with Uganda but in Abyei, Aweil, Bor and the rest of the places that were not liberated because you all came to hide in Equatoria. The recent influx is the on going war. Since you claim to be man enough, you can protect your animals in your own areas instead of escaping from one tribe, Nuer.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      You are totally correct, Marii. They have been claiming bravery that they don’t possess. It is very weird and shameless claim. Nuerland is reduced to ashes right now not because Dinka did it, it is all the mercenaries all of which came from East and North Africa. We know that really well. This one tribe, Nuer, has become a headache to all East and North Africa. Everybody is afraid of their damn shadow because of Nuer. This is why they are working night and day to wipe them out which will never happen.

  22. Daniel says:

    Dear Equatorians,

    I just want to give you the plan for action of coming war, done kill any human being like your brothers Dinka. But you just kill their cows, they will leave your land in peace, because they value animals more than human beings. If you take this advise seriously, even generals in SPLA will instruct their servants, who are keeping their cattle to evacuate Equatorial land.

  23. mindra says:

    Well done brother aju,
    the articles is in place and we shall have full force very soon,let them joke with their population,most of the jienge did fled the country in large numbers to neighboring land in adjumani.
    we ask the madi of Uganda to also start disorganizing them,let them wait rain season
    they would experience what they do not want see soon.
    mr Alier Kon,you have been reading kerepi,pageri and moli on sign post and now you are claiming to be fighter during aswa war,i personally know you,you were born in kakuma refugee camp in Kenya ,so what do you know,
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,Madi corridor EE

  24. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Cousin,you are still daring.But I must disappoint you to say that I have read Mr Aju’s article with great interest and appreciation.In my understanding,My Aju’s problem is with the government which has failed to apply law and justice against the cattle keepers whose cattle are destroying agricultural environment and the crops all togather.One must not shorten to say that agriculture is one among components of national economic backbone.A prosperous RSS in any future will be one under a government that will protect agricultural environment and promote agriculture by providing farming materials and financial aid to the farmers to encourage them to produce more out puts of great quality.Mr Aju should never be misunderstood.Cattle are as important to our economy and life subsistence as the farming products.As the cattle should not be sacrificed in preference of farming products,the same argument is valid to saying that farming products should not be sacrificed in preference of the cattle.A middle ground that can safe the two must be had and that is moving out the cattle from agriculture lands.At this point,there is no cause of disagreement.That’s as far as I am concerned with my personal opinion and judgment.Just tell Eli to send his cows to his in laws’ homeland in Bor.

    But you thorned me becouse you hoped to reap political fruits for your tribal war with Kiir.No.You must accept to live your life and die and go to hell alone.Here we are in a national forum facing national problems that require consensus.Joseph lago was the commander of Any Anya movement and was for all south sudanese as a society and south sudan as an entire entity.I shouldn’t talk about John Garang commanding SPLM/A becouse I know,much owing to the account of his being a dinka citizen,that will automatically wound your feelings,drive you mad and you will unnecessarily force yourself to drink whisky at this hour of a good sunny Sunday.But good leadership from any one is never unacceptable any where on earth.If it’s Aju,Eli,Nikalongo,Alhaj,Bol,Lavina,Riak or You who become president of RSS tomorrow and that you represent the wishes of the masses you will be surprised to see those you blindly consider to be witch crafts against you coming to pray wishing you good health and long life.You will never be seen on the account of which tribe you belong!!!

  25. Kyakyago says:


    Aliar is sick and blindfolded with one common dinka agenda that is Dinka owned south Sudan, and his unfounded views since they south Sudan, they free from any legal law that bind our nation together, and they see their uneducated President who didn’t even finished old senior three of old Sudan as a legitimate passport for their cows to be move from Jonlei to Nimule without anyone questioning this illegitimate roaming of sick cows, the likes of Aliar are primitive jienge like the president and the generals who could not amount to anything without the stolen dollars from Oil money. and I wander whether Aliar have any attainment of any sort of formal decent education than bribed document with oil money from universities and colleges of East Africa.
    This is sickie and absurd and bastard ways of holding national matter….. dead to Kiiir and his cronies

  26. Toutoute Dagany says:

    Where is Agumut?

    Agumut come here and get educated on the new south sudan direction.

    Don’t drink beer while watching this vedio, otherwise you will miss the gist, ok Agumut?!

    The vedio is liberating – Enjoy!


  27. Dear Cousin: Mr. False Millionare,

    Thank you for reading the article and agreed with Mr.David Aju Kanyara’s thoughts, and I am glad that the article grab the attention of your short sided senses that often salute Kiir’s genocidal regime for massacring civilians in Juba and else where in South Sudan. I think Mr. Aju’s article has done a good job by not only reversed your negatives senses to positives senses, but also the article change your uncritical thinking ability into intelligence. I believe you answered Mr. Aju’s article intelligently because I criticized your responses to the article before you response to the article. This is the only reason why your comments were different from your usual unpatriotic comments.

    Cousin: although you claim you are peace lover, your comments always indicate that you are tribalist, evil sub-human, and materialistic lover. You value human life more than money. You are good writer, but uncritical thinker. How come you claim you are a peace lover when you excitedly cheers the murder of one tribe in the whole country by very president they voted him to power? You frequent accusations to those who criticize Kiir’s goofiness reveal your poor memory and lack of critical thinking.

    You always accuse Elhag Paul and other Equatorian’s writers for criticizing Kiir’s regime for massacring innocent civilians in Juba and for humiliating Equatorian tribes. For example, you provided negative comments to the great article title “South Sudan a country for Dinka only, Bona Malwal tells Dinka in USA” by Justin Kwaje. Your response to Justin Kwaje was goofy, unpatriotic, and short sided. You said, “Bona Malual,the father of dinka superiority, please don’t be ridiculous”. Your sentence portrays that you have been nothing, you are nothing, and you will never be anything in South Sudan in term of nation building and co-existence of our citizens in South Sudan. However, you are good for head count so you can increase the population of South Sudan, but rather than that you are nothing.

    I do not have any comment concerning Anyanya One movement led by Joseph Lago, but understand that Nuer were not minority in the Anyanya One movement. Nuer stood firm with Joseph Lago until the end of his movement. Nuer did not stop supporting Lago until he fled the country. I am not disagreeing that Anyanya One Movement of Lago was for all South Sudanese, but was it succeed? After complete collapsing of Anyanya one movement in 1973, Nuer declared war on Sudan government in 1974 and that marked the beginning of struggle that led to South Sudan independence in 2011. The Anyanya Two movement was for all South Sudanese. Anyanya Two erected Bil Pam in 1975 for all Southerners who sought military training.

    Nuer led the Anyanya Two movement for nine good years, but there was no problem in the movement until the movement’s leadership was hijacked by John Garang in July 1983 with the help of Ethiopian government. After John Garang snatching the movement’s leadership, Dinka who previously refused to join the movement for 9 years, joined the movement more than ever before. Too many problems emerged among the Southerners within the movement after Garang took the leadership of the movement. Garang massacred Nuer soldiers in Anyanya Two in Bilpam and Iteng in 1984. Gajaak-Nuer were massacred in 1984, Lou-Nuer were massacred in 1986. Dinka-Nuer struggle continue within the movement.

    Finally, Mr. False Millionaire, even if you call this civil war a tribal war, it will bring you genuine democracy and sustainable human right respect. This war will definitely liberate you from dictatorship, nepotism, tribalism, and land grasping. The war will also bring everlasting peace that stimulate co-existence of all South Sudanese tribes. In your comments you always wish other people to go to hell, but bear in mind that God is not only sending the killers to hell, but he also sending people who cheers the death of other to hell as well.

  28. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Hi, Cowboy Kiir:

    Can you please issue a presidential decree to evict all Bhar el Ghazalian thieves from Greater Equatoria land and central government institutions so that S Sudan can be peaceful and transparent! Please do that ASAP! You will be crowned as S Sudan’s King Kiir.

    Just kidding SOB.

    This cattle presidential decree confirms that Kiir is in a wrong place at the wrong time. He is a cattle guy. Wrong place: J1 (presidential palace). Right place: Cattle owner, Akon, Warap, Bhar el Ghazal. It is not too late cowboy Kiir. Pack your stuff and leave J1. Bye!

  29. majongdit says:

    David Aju
    You fought against SPLA in 1980s under the influence of Jalaba. SPLA then went on to liberate you. Now you are free and very free to talk and free to abuse Kiir and all your liberators.
    Cattle must be moved out of farming areas across Equatoria including Eastern Equatoria but people are free to stay wherever they have chosen to stay and go on with their businesses

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Am I hearing different tune from you? This is not what you were up to last time on your comments. You sounded like lunatic who lives in USA calling himself Isaac. What made you change your tune today? Perhaps something not in your favor is brewing in Juba.

      • Majongdit says:

        Nuer not another Israel in E. Africa,

        I have not changed my mind about anything. I have all along been against keeping of cattle in farming areas. This is to support the call by President Kiir for people to embark on farming. Not Dinkas alone keep cattle in Juba but even Mundari who are Equatorians themselves.
        Don’t tell anything brewing in Juba. What do you expect to happen in Juba. The problem in Juba was Dr. Riek Machar but we since gave him an Ethiopian passport…Juba now is free for all of us. If you are here then we can even go for an evening walk on the shore of the River Nile. That now must serve to inform you that I have never been in America and I am not in America. I am here in Juba and I do travel only to my village to see my garden and cows.
        You must thank South Sudan Nation website for having made it possible for me to reply to your nonsense when you and me are not suppose to share a podium, you NONENTITY!

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          Your right! You and I are not suppose to share a podium. You are way too good since Museveni is telling you what to do not what to do not do. I got you.

          Mr. perfect man, you claimed that nothing is happening in Juba. Are you so sure about that? Are you EVEN in Juba? Let me update you on Juba news, two Presidential guards who were responsible for Nuer massacred were killed in Juba yesterday. Is this because of Dr. Machar, that you claim to have issued an Ethiopian Passport? Listen to yourself first, Mr. Liar. Enjoy building yourself up with lies for now..

        • Majongdit,

          Liar, liar, and big liar like Salva Kiir genocide. There is not safe juba in South Sudan. People are being killed every single day in the broad daylight in Juba. Too many people being gunned down in Juba every day after Riek left more than when Riek was in the government. For example, last month alone two British national and citizens were gunned down in Juba, three bank managers were murdered in the bank in Juba, and two Darfurians were murdered today 15/04/2015 in their shops in Juba. I do not disagree if you have another safe Juba somewhere in Bar El Gazal, but not Juba in the Central Equatoria state

          • Majongdit says:

            Bentiu thing and this other nuer fellow,
            One of those killed is my relative by name Deng Kucdit Deng. He and the other had just gone to separate a fight between one guy and his father. Deng and his colleague were attempting to arrest him. And for your information where are the killers of Deng now…..cleared on spot!
            You talk of Museveni? Was there any Museveni on 15th to 20th December? Juba – neutral ground to both Dinka and Nuer – was left to us by you. In 1991, there was no Museveni and you were defeated and you were only allowed back after begging for forgiveness.
            Now you are being supported by USA, Ethiopia and Sudan but that still makes no difference. The British who colonized Sudan presented its data on the Sudans to America telling America that is a lethal mistake to wage war against Dinka because the Nuer can try to fight and win battles but can never win war against the Dinka. Full Stop!

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


            You really think everybody is fool, uhu? Please keep your lies to yourself. UPDF were in Juba before the incident took place and everybody knows that except you or you simply choose to deny the obvious. Also, the war wasn’t between Nuer and Dinka, it is was a dispute among the Presidential Guards. The 200 members of Presidential Guards who hail from Nuer tribe defeated your Presidential Guards instantly. It was General, Gathoh Mai, a Nuer by tribe who came with commandos and your 15000 privately trained army that defeated these 200 brave men. So, shame on you if you think I can buy your bullshit ya coward. Keep building yourself up with lies.

  30. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Eli & mindra.

    all of you are coward and you cannot attack me , leave alone the other Dinka I told you already that pick your Gun and confronted me on the way from Nimule to Juba if you are not my wife.
    you are our quarter to talk to us son of Bitch I hope you will run to Uganda like last year in December for hiding nothing better than that Madi.
    if your uncle died in the war of liberation may be he was supporting Bashir and I have not seen any madi during the struggle along the SPLA line. if am mistaken who was that and in which battalion?

  31. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Mary or Mari.

    We went to Equatoria because you were run to Uganda Adjumani for hiding so Mohammed ogle was in Ashwa River trying to cross to Nimule where, where you?
    for your information there was no Jalaba in Bor, Abeyii and Awiel during the war time that is why we came to your place to support you so that you will know any human being can died in any caused.
    if we are able to have Koryom, moor-moor, jamus, tiger timi-shaa and 104 , 105. what do you think that Arab can do to us?

  32. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Better swallow another bottle of whisky and Ayak and Ooup go run run.Jump into a lake for a cleansing shawer.May be the spirit of ngundeng will help you there to come back with a regenerated state of the dead brain!!!

  33. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Eli, mindra & kyakaygo.
    You told me that am suffering from dementia. well both of are also suffering from Alzheimer and Hiv positive from Adjumani Uganda because of your prostitution of your ancestral which it took it deepest root since the beginning of first Generation in madi land.
    let says madi people are every where useless even in Uganda were there is no Dinka, the people of Uganda known you as betrayers.
    you collaborate with lord Resistance Army( LRA) in Uganda and you deserve it now you started again in south Sudan and you will get very clear in your own eye that we are going to teach you a lesson that you will never for get in your life as madi people at large.

    • Eli says:

      Alier kon
      You sounded very desperate. The old saying goes; “a wounded bufallo looks for who to die with”, that is you. You see, because of your lack of wisdom you have created enemies for yourselves all around in s sudan, and everywhere in the world. You have lost every friends including many of your own village poeple and more are coming soon to join the oppositions go and watch that youtube video posted by Toute above here if you haven’t done so yet. In fact you are becoming a minority faster than you realize, go ahead dig your own hole and soon you will bite the dust. Good luck.

  34. Kyakyago says:


    If SPLA cannot liberate Wau, Malakal how can you claimed SPLA liberate ma’di, in fact in 1980s, there were no Jalaba to be fought in Ma’di land, the only army stationed in Nimule numbered 37 men armed with G3 and they were all sons of Equatorian if there were good policy they could have been incorporated in SPLA, there were no tank, no heavy machine guns, besides having two 42 machines both operate by Latutho one goes by name Okisa and the other Oyet Acholi mixed with Lathuho. But we in Madi land have to stand up to fight and inflicted deformation on natorous SPLA thieves the like of Matiyeng Deng, asked him to narrate to you the battle for Pgeri in April 1988 where he was over command in thief to still commodities and other food stuff, check his fingers if he didn’t died of HIV, because the last time I heard about him was that he contracted AIDSs.
    The claimed that SPLA or dinka liberate Nimule and Equatoria is unfounded, are you claiming an attempt to liberate Juba in 1992 was led by Dinka or by Equatorians under the supervision of general Thomas Cirilo Swaka? but his good plan to liberate Juba was envied by Dinka the like of Koul Manyany and they sabotaged the plan special they the Dinka general wanted to be glorify and been given praise and honor to be liberators of Juba, that was why the fight to liberate Juba was aborted prematurely just because Dinka want their names to be written in the history of war of liberation not heroes like Thomas, and Obutu Mamur he in 2012 liberated Heglig/Panthou, but yet no promotion and glory was given to him for his bravary to battle with the mighty army of Khartoum barely with few tanks. you Dinka should stop pretending as if liberation was only done in your name, and other who participated in the liberation were just women in kitchen.

  35. Kyakyago says:

    If SPLA cannot liberate Wau, Malakal how can you claimed SPLA liberate ma’di, in fact in 1980s, there were no Jalaba to be fought in Ma’di land, the only army stationed in Nimule numbered 37 men armed with G3 and they were all sons of Equatorian if there were good policy they could have been incorporated in SPLA, there were no tank, no heavy machine guns, besides having two 42 machines both operate by Latutho one goes by name Okisa and the other Oyet Acholi mixed with Lathuho. But we in Madi land have to stand up to fight and inflicted deformation on notorious SPLA thieves the like of Matiyeng Deng, asked him to narrate to you the story for battle of Pgeri in April 1988,where he was over all commander in thief to still commodities and other food stuff from shops in pageri, check his fingers if he didn’t died of HIV, because the last time I heard about him was that he contracted AIDs. he men were repulsed and they run for their dear lives living their dead behind, if that was done success by AK47s, one 82 mm Marta, one RGP 7, and one rocket launcher, with the modern tools that we may acquire as Ma’di what much damage are we going to inflict on rotten and tribal SPLA?
    The claimed that SPLA or dinka liberated Nimule and Equatoria is unfounded, are you claiming an attempt to liberate Juba in 1992 was led by Dinka or by Equatorians under the supervision of general Thomas Cirilo Swaka? but his good plan to liberate Juba was envied by Dinka the like of Koul Manyany and they sabotaged the plan special they the Dinka generals wanted to be glorify and been given praise and honor to be liberators of Juba, that was why the fight to liberate Juba was aborted prematurely just because Dinka wanted their names to be written in the history books of south Sudan as the only liberators not the names of Equatorian heroes like Thomas, and Obutu Mamur, who in feb. 2012 liberated Heglig/Panthou, but yet no promotion and he was been glorified for his bravery to battle with the mighty army of Khartoum barely with fewer tanks. you Dinka should stop pretending as if liberation was only done in your name and the blood of Jienge, and other who participated in the liberation were just women in kitchen. This is unfounded fabrication cooked in open roof space to make dinka look the only ligitimate liberators others have just fled their villages to refuge camps, are you saying Dinka did not run for their lives? what brought them to Nimule if it is not that they were running for safety? how did the lost boy of Dinka found themselves lost in Ethiopia and then in kenyan desert refuge camps of kakuma ? No body is too small to know the history of south Sudan and Sudan. Dinka are in fact traitors they betrayed the Anyanya movement simply here again the were envied because they always want to be on spotlight of leadership, go back to Khartoum to eat you Dura sorghum, because you have no legitimate right to to in south Sudan.

  36. GatCharwearbol says:

    Aju Kanyara,

    A man who banks on another man is foolish and bound to remain foolish. With sincerity, tell your people to not defend on PRESIDENTIAL DECREE. It carries no meaning at all. God helps only those who want to help themselves. If you don’t want to help yourself, then it is okay for the oppressor to oppress you. Nobody is trying to encourage you to take arms, if there are peaceful means to help yourself, do it. Out of these peaceful means, let begging Kiir be not one of them. If all options failed to amicably solve the problem, war is the last resort. If you are not going to take action, do not be a bluff to your oppressor. Weigh your options first before you declare which way to go.

  37. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Marii, history can not be re-write but truth can be said, Mr. Alier Kon is not far from the truth. I finished primary School in Mangalatore, Eastern Equatoria. I went to Liwolo High School ( where I met with Manese, the current deputy Governor), Gore High School in Kajo-keji before I went to Aleera High School in Uganda. So the SPLM/A battalions who captured Kajo-keji and Yei (1997) and of course Kaya and Morobo were shelled and fall one day after Yei were 99% Dinka, that’s truth! To feed you more, Dr. John Garang’s base was between Bomeri Refugee camp (2.5km) and Moyo District, Uganda. What was the name of that base? Mention few SPLM/A battalions fought between Kajo-keji and Yei and finally what battalion was composed furely of Equatorian boys and/or mixture of Equatorians and others? Just to test your knowledge but without doubt you will fail and will not be so ashameful.
    However, the article written by Mr. David Aju Kanyara is correct. The problem herein rest with those who posted their comments not with opinion writer. And the question is always around education level and/or John Whisky. Otherwise those comments can’t be posted. I believe most if not all are westerners. I know people here!

    • Eastern says:

      Some corrections, Dengchol,

      Mangalatore is in Central, at that time in Bahr el Jebel state. Yes, Manase Lomole is a born of Liwolo to the west of Kajo Keji. The school you went to in Uganda is Alere secondary school not Aleera, it is steel providing education to the new influx of dinka refugees settled in Alere refugee camp. By the way, you forgot to mention that you were also a refugee settled at Mireyei refugee camp along the road to Mungula.

      The base were Garang was hiding was at the outskirts of Bamure IDP camp. Not Bomeri, which is less than 2.5km as you claim. The camp of the C-in-C was meant to camouflage with the IDP camp to avert being singled out for Arial bombardment by NIF Antonov high altitude bombers making rounds almost every night along the Sudan-Uganda border then.

      Some us in leadership of the new recruits from Morta to the north of Liwolo are in the know of who fought bravely. Nuer foot soldiers carry the days of fighting on the eastern axis leading up to Limbe junction; they also provided a very good backup from Morobo moving up to Six miles south of Yei.

      Dengchol, that was around the time you were crisscrossing between the two camps of Bamure and Mireyei.

  38. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Kyakyago or kayanja of Uganda.
    In 1980 who was capture Nimule? you need to go back and read the history properly and I hope I will not blamed you because you were in Uganda for refuge so you knew nothing about the war in South Sudan some year back.
    the commander of bright star 1 was General Oyai Deng and deputized by Deng kelei for military intelligence.
    at that time where are your Equatorian officers? the history will tell by it self that movement was led by Dinka and successfully achieved it vision.
    in 1992 Thomas still active in NIF regime they just came out in 1993 after Juba attack because of their life threaten by Arab due to your foolishness of making thing which are not faire and you have no power to protect your selves.

    • HARD TARGET says:

      Alier -Kon,

      I chose to answer counter your vanity not because of the subjective nature of it but the intend to mislead the uninformed masses into believing that Jieng are indeed liberators

      Firstly the Ma’di people and Equatorians should not that, occupation of Nimule, Kaya and Nadapal is a Millitary strategy to seal off border in order to control internatioanal route in case of any clash denying the people path for shipping in arms and escape, a strategic copied from Dr.Garang

      Secondly, Upper Nile where the rebellion started could not sustain it given the terrain, poverty, and wretchedness of the Jieng, they have to move to Equatoria for cover, food supply and route to the world

      The trouble with Jieng, especially those who have have tasted the beauty of Equatoria is that they find it hard to leave to thier poor land.

      Now the only solution is to read the game and play accordingly to teach savages like Alier-kon last lession


  39. mapima says:

    Just simply say in1992, you were milking in cattle kraal and have no knowledge about the fight to liberate juba, if you do you then know it was mastermined by Thomas cirilo, kyakyago was right, don’t confuse Thomas cirilo from his elder brother Peter cirilo,till to date we have brave generals though killer garang used privation method and murdered the brilliant mindful equatorians like joseph oduho and his son kizito oduho. Silly and idiotic dinka!

  40. Tyson says:

    Alier-kon, Dengchol Machar Atem and the likes,
    All that you are barking of will not help you. There is nothing to celebrate as “we liberated this place or that”. Equatorians are well informed of your dysfunctional and criminal SPLA/M which had no agenda other than pillaging, raping and killing innocent people- as sheer revenge to Kokora.
    The different between you and Equatorians is very clear- you have no capacity and capability to lead or think but you have crowned yourselves as perpetual killers, looters, rapists. You have failed to manage simple and rogue SPLA/M! Clean your backyard first!
    “Cows follow a single bull” is really correct. After the death of ruthless Garang, all the SPLA/M scrumbled like rotten tomatoes. I hope that Garang is atonning for his ugly sins before the Almight God. The people killed inncoently for the same attitude as Kiir has done and many other Jiengs including the dirty council of idiots. Repent now rather wasting your time on uiseless arguments!

  41. Eastern says:

    Nimule was evacuated in March 1989, in the afternoon. The fleeing soldiers were advised not to blow up the Aswa bridge by their commanders in Juba ( the elder brother of Thomas Cirilo). This was meant to avert unnecessary human casualties.

    General Oyai Deng of Bright Star Campagain (BSC) a Cholo man was supported by competent Equatorians such Isaac Mamur to do the needful. You Dinkas always enjoy distorting history, including recent ones!

    You foolishly want to deny the roles Thomas Cirilo played in the internal front before he defected how naive.

    Today every dinka who was in Kakuma, Mireyei in Uganda or languishing in the streets of Nairobi during the war wants to claim having taken part in this war or that, what a stupidity!

  42. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Mindra.
    for your information I was not born in kakuma like you who were born in Uganda in twenty year back in Adjumani district.
    I was studied in Adjumani town in 2000 up to 2006 so I knew whatever you are saying against Dinka my friend
    let me tell you one things from your under wear as member of madi community I knew every things.

  43. anyar says:

    yaa. your article is anyways right but I doubt it that if people of country are denying other region of being in theirs land will that not matters relation as communities of one country

  44. False Millionaire says:

    That’s enough.You have demonstrated to know the history of our struggle so well.You have many dinka’s of conviction who can never dare to disagree with you.So the elephant named RSS belongs to all of us.Now let’s fight for a good leadership that will supervise every one’s equal share of the meat!!!

    • Oyet says:

      False Millionaire,

      I am happy for your shifting position that we need a visionary leader who will supervise everyone equal, this doesn’t mean to be a dinka leader, but a sound leader whether from Nuer or Azenda, regardless of their ethnically size, we have to forget who did what in the world of liberation, and we have to accept Dinka have committed gross violation of human rights, and all the land grabbed under the barrels of guns in Equatoria must be return to their rightful owners, all cows must return, plus massive movement of the whole state from Jonglei (Bor) to other people’s ancestral land should go back to redevelop their home state rather roaming like flies in other people’s places causing insecurity, only those on duties for the interest of the nation should be allow to stay but they must respect the customary rules of the host communities.
      I am glad that you have received new baptism in the last few days that made you to come partly clan, please keep on this process of confession, and I hope next time you can say and openly confess that Dinka and kiir have committed gross violation of human rights.
      My brother apology doesn’t reduce your status and doesn’t show that you are not a man, or is not a defeat but it rather shows that you are matured in mind.let’s find a good leader in the free and fair process, because Kiir has lost his legitimacy and his official term is nearly coming to an end.

  45. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Eli & eastern.
    Iam not ready to talk to some one called eastern because is a coward who does not have a proper name in his family as Jana ram( basters). now you follow my foot step as you have no mean of getting the news, that is indicated you as foreigner in south Sudan. as I mentioned early in my comments you madi people what you know very well is alchahol marisa, over the week end at elegu and Ajdumani town and you have no voice in Uganda as well as south Sudan.
    Eli ,we have agreed now to do whatever possible the mean to any one who is against Dinka tribe in south Sudan weather you are a minority tribe or majority tribe like Nuer will see in his own eye now a day.
    let me back into your points as you compare me with wounded buffalo that wanted to died with any one, this is a time of war not by tongue if you get me killed with all your mean please and I will do the same to you my dear in presence of God I swear.
    I have not seen any Nairobi street one day and I was born in south Sudan grown up in South Sudan so be ready for the worse to come in your community because you are beaten the drum of war as usually on the web site that we are going to killed Dinka. if Arab does not finished us in the war of liberation who are you insects or monkey who used to run on the mountain in Anya-Anya( 1) war for hiding and leave behind the Lagu to suffered when Dinka recused him from Arab intimidation.

    • Eastern says:

      Alier-kon aka Alier-jenge,

      You will put the lives of your fellow jenges in the refugee camps of Adjumani in danger if you try to extend your mess to Uganda.

      It’s a known fact that Bor South county has been added to the 112 districts of Uganda but be careful; you cannot extend your madness further south.

      What’s in a name. Eastern is May name. What proof do you have on this forum that Alier-kon is your name. Do you have any documentary evidence to the name Alier-kon or it is just a jenge name? Be careful next time you try to raise a case.

      You must be one of those perpetual refugees/IDPs soiling the image of South Sudanese in the region and the diaspora.

    • Eli says:

      You are on, let the game begin and we will see who loses.

  46. mayuom says:

    Dear Alier-Akon
    thank you for point out the real point on Madi community for not being loyal for this country since creation

    • Toria says:

      Alier or Aliar is a-liar, he doesn’t even know any history and all his fabricated stories will amount to nothing but garbage. He has a dementia and kalazar. Aliar must go to a mental hospital and be treated for psychosis before he commits suicide.
      Ret. Gen. Lagu was never alone, instead it was Abel Alier the father of all liars who ran to the Arabs and betrayed the movement. FYI; that agreement of 1972 was opposed by all the Anya nya I fighters and especially the Ma’di fighters tried to advise Gen. Lagu to reject the agreement, but Dinka traitors bribed Gen. Lagu by giving him and some Equatorians some dinka wives, I can mention to you all those Equatorians who were offered dinka wives for free without cows. Majority of Equatorians wanted independent S. Sudan before the 1972 agreement, however the majority of Dinkas sided with the Arabs and they all went to Khartoum to conspire against the Southern separatists and many Southerners lost their lives due to Dinka-Jalaba collaboration to destroy the proponents of separate and independent South Sudan.
      Some of the Junior Dinka officers in Anya nya I like John Garang wanted the whole of Sudan rather than the independence of South, as a result they dismantle the Southern movement with the help of the Arabs. Dinkas never started any movement but rather they hijacked even Anya nya II, which was a re-emergence or rebirth of the first movement that’s why it was called Anay nya II.
      Just like now as we are watching what’s going on in SPLA/IO. Dr. Riek and the Nuers in general need to be very careful of these new defected Dinkas from SPLA-Juba to join SPLA/IO. Dr. Riek should NEVER trust these traitors. Dinkas will always be the dividing factor and retarding the progress of anything they get involved. They hate to see other people progress, they are jealous and non-creative maggots just good for shit.
      Just look at the so-called “President” Kiir Mayardit, he can not finish building one hospital in his own hometown in the last six years, not even one kilometer of tarmac road in his hometown, but he stole US$6,000,000.00 and hid them in Kenya, Uganda, Gulf States and maybe some buried under his residence in the ground right here in Juba, and you call this a president? Kiir will realized how useless he is after he loses the seat in Juba and him and his illiterate bunch of village crooks will be forced to relocate into swamps and jungles soon or later.

      • Toria,

        Thanks Toria for your great response to Mayuom. Dinka vision has always been for leadership and Secular United Sudan. If the Dinka cannot lead South Sudanese association, they would destroyed it. The Dinka did it in 1954 to liberal party, they destroyed Anyanya I movement, and they hijacked Anyanya II movement. In 1954, an Equatorian man was the former and the chairman of Liberal party. Deng Nhial had tried so hard to take the leadership of Liberal Party, but the party did not agree with him. However, Deng Nhial quitted the Liberal party and collaborated with Arabs and worked so hard against liberal party with Arabs supporters until the party was completely collapsed in 1956. After the Liberal party collapsing, the Deng Nhial was killed in 1960.

  47. Oyet says:

    Alier Kon,

    I can now understand that you are still in your junior years that is why you talk rubbish. you don’t know how Sudan was like in 80s, someone who studied in Adjumani between 2000-2006 is even younger than my students Kut/ Kout from Alere SS in 1996, what is your educational background? you know someone with vast knowledge to nourish you to mature.

  48. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, mapima,Tyson&Oyet.
    the war of gorilla will not be managed by such people like you in the light of day, when you started in Northern Uganda it took Kony like 30-40 year now in the Bush with out seeing his mother in Gulu and Museveni is sleeping in his Home enjoying His wife and coal drink.
    we led you for twenty -one year as God is witness and whole world during the struggle to bring you out of dust from Arab colonization and even you never fired one bullet so I don’t know which leading do you want us to do for you again?
    We are not born to rule for ever as foolish communities in Equatoria.
    to tell you about Thomas, he escaped out in 1993 after

  49. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, mapima,Tyson&Oyet.
    the war of gorilla will not be managed by such people like you in the light of day, when you started in Northern Uganda it took Kony like 30-40 year now in the Bush with out seeing his mother in Gulu and Museveni is sleeping in his Home enjoying His wife and coal drink.
    We led you for twenty -one year as God is witness and whole world during the struggle to bring you out of dust from Arab colonization and even you never fired one bullet so I don’t know which leading do you want us to do for you again?
    We are not born to rule you for ever as foolish communities in Equatoria.
    to tell you about Thomas, he escaped out in 1993 after Juba attacked by SPLA and it realized by Jalaba that they are the one who coordinating the attack on Juba so they runs away for their life with Jadala.
    I know you are in Uganda and you will still be Ugandan for ever as long Museveni will not give you any of talking nonsense so we don’t have Alere in South Sudan.
    am sorry to wasted my time talking to South Sudanese-Ugandan Refugee who went there during the anya-anya one war some fifty year back.

    • Tombe Gboro says:

      Alier Kon,

      Please go and do some research on the these Ma’di heroes for fought for the liberation of South Sudan
      1- Ciricio Iro (read Juba Conference of 19470
      2- Joseph Lagu (He taught your John Garang and Salva Kiir be soldiers)
      3- Angelo Vuga Morgan (he negotiated Addis Ababa agreement , when your Abel Alier was on the side the Jalaba)
      4- Severino Fuli Boki (another living hero for the liberation of South Sudan
      5- Martin Keny (who will get Dinka asses out Ma’diland)

      • Eastern says:


        Teach those who want to distort history. Today in South Sudan Dinkas want to be seen as the only people who have contributed to the liberation struggle of South Sudan.

        Garang was fighting for an illusive United Secular Sudan, not the current South Sudan being messed up by dinkocrats.

  50. mindra says:

    Dear mr Alier Kon,
    am very disappointed in you.you actual did no what to say and debate in the media,you have gone out of Ur sense bro.pliz be constructive when making a comment on the net,
    the sentence you make is full of errors and incomplete,by the way,what is your education level.perhaps you writing tells me that,you hold certificate of attendance in one of the workshop for three days in juba otherwise somebody learned would not write the way you put your sentences.
    pliz go back to school or you join the cattle camp.give chance to those who can brainstorm very well to move this country forward but not people like you, who always incite violence in the community,u are uncivilized person indeed!
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor,EE

  51. mindra says:

    Hey mr Akier kon,
    i surface again for you bro.you are really young if you say,you are born in southsudan,that means you are even less than ten years(10yrs)when did you fight and when did you go to school.you are really pretender and not educating the nation on the media,shame on you.adjust Ur language and your presentation on the media,
    Mindra loa local from pageri payam corridor,EE

  52. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Mindra.
    I hope you are fine in Loa as you stated in your Arguments but not comments because whatever you posted in every web is contains abusive language and jealousy on other tribe like Dinka.
    can you go back to the hiding places on mountain to stayed there with monkey in the bush as those are your cows which you re looking after them.
    you mean if some body born in South Sudan that is entitle to have less than ten years please? I was not born in foreign land like you who was born in Uganda Adjumnai. in term of education the papers I have will feed you and your family at large.
    I know some body in the bush like you will not say anything good to others.

  53. Eli says:

    Alier kon
    Stop harassing Mindra, she is a voice of true heroic future leaders. Why don’t you and I face each other man to man, I am 100% sure, physically I can kick your skinny ass back to your stinking swamps, let alone intellectually.
    Alier, the type of education you are referring to here is only good in your village kraals or cattle camps. How dare you have no respect for a beautiful lady such as Mindra? I am warning you to not harrash women, and this includes Dinka women and ALL South Sudanese women or you will face the consequences. You and all the SPLA-Juba crooks have done enough damages to our South Sudanese women since 1983.
    ICC and Human Rights and the International Women Advocate Groups are watching and documenting ALL the crimes committed against Women during these periods of violence.
    In the near future you criminals will face the court of law and every crime shall be brought to surface and be prosecuted when we bring peace in the nation. You and your likes must be ready to answer or be locked up for life or be hanged by the neck till death. You watch your actions before they come back to bite you.
    Alier or A-liar
    Don’t change the topic, stay with me you coward traitor. Why are you hiding behind your husdands the UPDF? Tell UPDF to go back to Uganda before we overun them and your crumbling militias and take over and annex Uganda to S Sudan.

  54. mapima says:

    Alier kon,
    Have some moment to reflect, all the idiot jienge are quiet , u are the only stupid with little narrow cattle camp mindset left to mismanage the uninformed dinka ideology in this webside the other day I asked u about u educational background, look how u misspelled the word ” bastard ” u misfired it as” baster” dinka will never accept to be characterized as uncivilized

  55. Majongdit says:

    Nuer nonentity,
    You are the biggest liar I have ever got. So, for three days the 15,000 trained soldiers were fighting your 200 men? Oh dear me! Who on earth do you think can believe you. You exaggerate things….maybe it is your Nuer life or you learnt it from the Arabs.
    We don’t talk, we act. By the end of the day, you will come to last thing: you have nothing to do about the Dinkas in South Sudan. You will fight them until you get tired and then you sit down. Nothing else…

  56. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Mapima, Eli &Tombe Gboro.
    In 20 years of war in South Sudan we never hide under the shadow of other tribe as we re the lead of this nation even if you are feel hatred on Dinka you will not make it until Jesus come into this world madi.
    you called me idiot yes and you are monkey so can you marks our differences now.
    The women can not take us to the court if am not mistaken, it will be like fucking your own mam in the light of the day son of bitch.
    You mentioned about Lagu and the rest those are outdated things. the Lagu was bribed with Arab lady and for got about south Sudan so what do you want to tell me about those people whom you have mention?
    those of Kenyi is out of the country while is on run to secure his life from Dinka and it will be arrested as criminal if found.
    Do you know what God did to you people the reason why you re minority is because of Jealousy and hatred of other tribe whose God had created to be the light of minority people in term of man power and responsibilities.
    For your information the madi community, the donkey will be send to university and still it come back as Donkey no change at all.
    if we take the gun now and tell people of South Sudan that we re rebelling against madi I hope the war will last for only 1 hrs and the place will remained empty.

  57. Eli says:

    A cow is a cow even if you put it in a palace, too dumb to realize even when it’s about to get slaughtered.

  58. Ojja says:


    Alier is stupid and mad, he is truly traditional kraal boy who has seen the light after reaching our beautiful land of ma’di, I know this idiot individual is writing and living in Nimule. Their days are numbered… soon the wind will change, such individuals must be deal with without mercy when the time comes.

  59. Alier-kon says:

    Dear ,Eli & Ojja.
    Eli yes, what about the monkey is the dirty animals full with Ebola and you can not compare with cow that being used for the meat and milk etc.
    am not in Nimule bitch what am going to do in the devils land that is full of hatred and cowardice.
    don’t say the days are numbered what of now? for us there is no mercy between us you Madi people let say frankly so this is time for It now and I hope you will be regretting later and it will be like leaving Nimule during the war time and join Madi Uganda in Adjumani town.

  60. Tome Gboro says:


    Listen, only Cpt. Anthony Tibi Jada and his handful team got the Generals from Juba running to Madi, when two trucks got hit on Nimule-Juba road. Right? My friend, wait a bit, just a bit, you will regret the day you came to Madiland. Trust me, no place will be safe for Jenge in Madiland, be it Uganda or South Sudan.

    Tombe Gboro

  61. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Tombe Gboro.
    The situation of today does not required tomorrow and son so what are you waiting now as you are ready since the creation of the earth by God.
    We are safe 100% in every where around south Sudan and even in Uganda that you are talking about.
    Uganda is second home for us so now no one should say some thing as you have no voice in Uganda my friend.
    Jieng are the Icon of the non combatant like madi community and for us we no business Madi Uganda as they are our neighbor.
    So what is funny in Your land that make me to go and settle there or stayed? monkey haaaaaaaaa!!!!

  62. mapima says:

    You call it quiet, I urged u not talk about things that u do not know, if joseph Kong has been in bushes for 30- 40 years, how long has museveni been hanging on power? Your lack of decent formal education Puts you in odd history, just quit and fk up with u big fken stupid mouth, all dinka have one common thing that is they want to be known as learnt people even if they are most primitive folks on this planet earth. And u sre not exceptional

  63. Tito Mbalembin says:

    Uganda is second home for you? I think you are wrong, soon or later Uganda will become a death zone for you as well. I am a Ugandan and we will not tolerate ignorant people. When Museveni is kicked out his criminals and invited guests will have to leave with him. Museveni is worse than Idi Amin.

  64. Tombe Gboro says:


    Please take a moment to reflect a bit about the dire situation you Dinkas are in. If you had eyes, you could see the quagmire Dinkas are in but alas, you can see. Alier-kon, Dinkas are hated almost everywhere in South Sudan, and in parts of Uganda for that matter. Have you ever asked the question why?
    Alier, how many fronts are will you defeat? You have Nuers for enemy. Now even Johnson Olony whom the Jenge are arming is against you. For how long do think, will Wani Konga, Joseph Bakasoro and Luis Lobong be with you? Have you ever asked this question? I tell you, even your paw, the comedian little Wani Igga will turn against you when the right time comes.

    Tombe Gboro

  65. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Tito,
    Please hurry up.Kick out Museveni and put in his place somebody in the like of Idi Amin.I will be very impatient to see what you will become!!!

    • Tito Mbalembin says:

      Hey there
      No, I did not say Idi Amin was good, in comparison yes Museveni is doing more damages to Uganda than Idi Amin did. But we don’t need someone like Amin. We also don’t need dictators like Museveni either, he was good at what he had to do when he was younger, but now as he gets older I don’t trust his decissions anymore for my country. Ugandans need to look after Ugandans period, we are happy to help but “you can’t help those who don’t want to be helped”. You people should resolve your own internal affairs. May be you need to pray and ask God for some wisdom or your land will be left desolate and then your neighbors in the north shall take it over easily, that is just my advise. Good luck.

  66. mindra says:

    Point of correction,
    am a man aged 40 yrs old,stays in loa local trading center,pageri payam,loa Boma

    mr Alier-kon,you madness has gone beyond repair,all of the suddenly you will find yourself in market square very soon chanting slogan of madi songs
    fighting is not all about numbers but skills and being courageous,
    my advise to mr Alier is that,whenever you want to make comments,better write it first on the paper then you can copy it,what paper do you have to keep my family till date,why is that Ur writing is full of errors and mistakes
    Pliz mr Alier-kon,let me tell u my qualification:PLE certificate,O”level certificate,A”level certificate,Degree in BBA,in management,Diploma in ACCA,Certificate in CPA and finally master in public finance,accounting and banking,
    So,i ask u to compare and the results can tell you who is strong man.there you are bro although you are mad,
    Mindra, from loa local pageri payam madi corridor EE,SS

    • Eli says:

      Please accept my apology, I confused Mindra with Mindra’a. Please keep up the good job and teach those foolish insects some manners.

  67. Alier Gai says:

    Waw! Is that the future we claim? I hope not.

  68. Tito Mbalembin says:

    Give peace a chance

  69. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Mindra.
    well, thank you for your Information defined your name first in madi language and talks to me as your name sounded like look in English and shuup in Arabic so you are half of human kind on this earth. second to that you were specialized in Accounting so what you knew very is money and we are not talking about money here on this web, marks my words. that is why you have wrote the rubbish things on Dinka name due to your incompetence in public forum like this.
    Your age are beyond and full of virus from HIV AIDS that you had inflicted in 20 year time from Adjumani Uganda during your refugee time at the camp of Alere and Agojobe. Here we are not applying for the posts that need my documents to be mentioned here. your ancestor never command any war in Sudan before and even today you will not do any things to us as God is witness leave alone human being.
    Let me tell you one thing you never experiencing in your life when Joseph Kony made the war on the web propaganda it is now out of his control and his father was from Madi and mother from Acholi the same thing will happened to you soon in the nearest future.

  70. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Tito,
    Thank you.But we also pray to God for you.You oblige me to believe that you are a very smart fellow.That’s way I am encouraged to say that,if I were you,I would dare to cut off the head of the old serpent,disintoxicate the parts that are full of poison and bury the useless ones in a deep pit.But as for the body and the recycled parts of the head,I would keep and use them most preciously becouse if you ever wasted them,you would be one hundred years worst than South Sudan!!!

  71. Ojja says:

    Alier Kon,
    Shut up stupid Kon Alier the kraal boy, your argument is out of place and does not meet the current standard of the ongoing debate, can you please cease from your hateful language about the Ma’di who for decades have open their door to host you and your people, can you try to be appreciative to Ma’di for endlessly privileges and opportunities we have given you to rediscovered your lives/life, had it not be this open doors we set before you and your people plus your cows, Murle and Nuer would have finished with you, what happened with William Nyuon Buay defected from SPLA in the beginning of 1990s?, why are you people still crying for 1991 event 24 years on? what is the capability of Dinka to defend themselves from handful white arm of Nuer.
    Shut to hell up and don’t open your big rotten mouth and your ugly tooth which looks like elephant tusks. you and your people are the most ugly human beings in south Sudan, you all look sickie like skeletons. rot to hell.

  72. mindra says:

    Hey SS ,Eli,and Alier-kon,

    Bro Eli,Ur apology is taken in good faith.
    For the case of mr Alier-kon,mindra is typical madi name,i”m surprised to see you vanishing on the issues of paper.i believe the results has gotten u in to serious comma
    mind you,Accounting is cross cutting in every activities, that is why we do advise people like you Alier-kon(Dinkas) on financial matters,whether keeping cows and doing some farms work,still accounting is needed. your arguments is baseless and amount to nothing completely.All what you know is repeating the same words like HIV Aids,Joseph kony,Adjumani,refugee camp,note that,these are nothing.
    Am sure you anew entrants in the media,you are trying to learn on how to write on the website,I know you are writing from nimule not from any other place period.Don”t preach about war,let the war starts right away.A male tortoise is seen in fire.
    You are just nothing but radical person,you have no future at hand that is why you always preach the gospel of war.check yourself well before you make a comment
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam madi Corridor EE,SS

  73. False Millionaire says:

    That’s very wonderful.It’s a best surprise and we are happy to have a brother that’s an inestimable piece of human gold.May God keep you in peace!!!

  74. J son of man says:

    I think we should not really alienate each other like that in such a difficult time . If at all there are those Madi youth ready 4 war, let them help liberate the country from that thug Kiir . Dinkas are not a problem, but kiir is the problem brothers remember there will never be a time you will live without a Dinka nearby trust me. Let us just form our rebellion regardless of where you come from and liberate our p’ple leave that stupid thing called tribalism it won’t take us anywhere. Let us have a p’ple’s revolution and make our country to be the likes Kazakhstan, Singapoure, Egypt etc. Thank u all and blessed are those who think for they will be rewarded by God 4 their wisdom unlike the dump who encouraged tribal hatre like writer of this article

  75. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Ojja or oguah& mindra.
    Ojja you called me stupid what about you? you re vulture. we had been together with murle and nuer in centuries years in upper Nile with our problem and nothings has been added by madi in to those issues, so which doors had you opened for us nyam- nyam? in your places we came as reinforcement to liberates you out of salves from jalaba and the land was empty at all when women runs away from danger which they could not afforded to resists. the civil war which caused the widespread panic in madi land.
    the Dinka are capable to defense your land as you knew very well in Ashaw in 1995 (OJS operation.) you look like bushmen in west Africa. future is man made not by miracles haaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  76. mindra says:

    Dear Mr Alier-kon,

    for sure you are not constructive in any forms and just confused fellow,you don’t know what articles you are commenting on,you are very far away from the topic we are suppose to debate,
    pliz check Ur grammar and sentences,that makes you some one from the cattle camps,Did you liberate trees or peoples,somebody who fought talk little about war but a person who does not fight preaches much on something that he has not participated for,adjust Ur words and learn how to demonstrate Ur skills and knowledge very well next time.
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi Corridor,EE,SS

  77. ojja says:

    Alier kon,
    That is precisely why I called you stupid and now I would like to add that you are bustard who doesn’t know the history of nimule, whatever you write based on rumors of inexistence, who told you that there were jalaba in nimuld in 1980s? The only places adopted and been arabized and consumed with the culture of arabinization are bahr el ghanzal and malakal that is why nearly four years from our independence u people still dominating the state tv with arabic. Including u stupid unfit president can’t express himself fully without mixing up with arabic. U dinka have brought public shame on us in international arena

  78. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Ojja & midra.
    I hope you are convenience with the new I gave you that the war we fought in Ashwa has make us to be qualified to
    protects you madi coward Nimule. there is no way of disputed that in this argument and I can see you are running out words in your mind.
    the only thing you know in your mother house is cooking of( bambe) sweat potatoes so do not be surprise when heard about fighting.
    if am bustard then my name should not be counted to second as my father name but you remain only with one name so you might be the bustard who don’t know his father and who was born on the street of Adjumani in 1990s at refugee camp.
    if our President brought ashamed or Dinka to the nation at large then why we should liberated you out from the Arab and guide you for independent?

  79. Kwacha says:

    Why do the Dinka Bor like moving from pace to place? Why can’t they appreciate their own areas and settle peacefully?
    They are a disgrace to South Sudan.

  80. Tombe Gboro says:


    You have lost Malakal to Olony, and now you are about to lose Bentieu yet again! Don’t you see the writing on the wall, you moron!!

    Tombe Gboro

  81. mindra says:

    Hey Mr Alier –kon aka jenge,
    what kind of fighter are you when there is series of fighting in malakal and bentiu,preacher of war not a fighter,i ask you get off the debate because you are out of your senses period,
    You are just roaming juba- nimule highway doing some lucrative bussiness with old car,
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor,EE,SS

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