Uganda Army to start withdrawing from S. Sudan starting next week


Uganda will start withdrawing its forces from South Sudan next week.

This is according to the SPLA Deputy Chief-of- Staff for Logistics and head of the government delegation to the recent IGAD Security Workshop in Addis Ababa, Lt. General Ruben Malek.

UPDF troops were deployed in Juba and other hot spots of the country in December 2013, when the conflict broke out.

Lt. Gen Malek said this was resolved during the discussions last week between generals from both the government and the opposition sides, as part of the implementation of the peace agreement.

According to the agreement, all foreign forces allied to both the government and the opposition sides are supposed to leave the country within 45 days after the signing of the peace agreement.

Lt. General Malek further noted that the timeline of their withdrawal is stated between 27th, up to 10th of October.

However, he was quick to add that the UPDF forces deployed in Western Equatoria state will not be removed, because they are under a separate arrangement. END


  1. Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo! says:


    The withdraw of Uganda troops,in the South Sudan,is welcome!They should go back to Uganda in the country at once! But the one in western Equatoria State, in Yambio must go too sometime sooner later!Their enemy of Lord Resistance Army(LRA) Joseph Kony,he is no longer in the South Sudan territory!The government in the country in the South Sudan will defend the fellow countryfolks from agression attack! He the leader Joseph Kony,should be told to keep off attack the people in the South Sudan territory totaly.He should strongly admonish his fighters in the bush to respect the torritory rights!

    If he wants open relation with Juba government on political ground,he is free to do so without any fearsome!

    Jackson County,MO.USA

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