Uganda Army & Museveni aren’t welcome in South Sudan

By Justin Lupai Elias, HELSINKI, Finland, DEC/29/2013, SSN;

A few days after what President Salva Kiir first referred to his TV address on SSTV as “a failed coup attempt” to overthrow his government by the former first vice President of Republic of South Sudan and his followers, a Ugandan military C130 transport plane landed in Juba airport with 150 Ugandan Special Forces on board.

This came amidst United Nations call on the Ugandan president, Mr Museveni to mediate peace talks between President Salva Kiir and the breakaway former vice President Dr Riek Machar.

The motive and presence of deployment of Ugandan Special Forces on South Sudan soil will further complicate the issue of the ongoing fights. The transparency and credibility of Mr Museveni’s deployment of his UPDF remained to be questioned.

In the recent years, Museven has wilfully destabilized eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo {DRC} with his mighty UPDF but yet he couldn’t defeat lowly Joseph Kony of LRA for decades.

How can he get involved and rush quickly with deployment of his UPDF in South Sudan, if indeed he is not backing Mr Kiir in what we the citizens of South Sudan see as an internal conflict within SPLM party and this issue have to be solved by SPLM internally without outsider military force?

Before writing further about Museveni’s secret agenda and killing machinery in East Africa, especially in DRC, let me say few things about what had happened in the night of 15-17 December 2013 in Juba.

Now the truth has surfaced for all to see. The government tried to bury it from the public.

According to South Sudanese Diaspora returnees who were evacuated recently from Juba by their countries in Europe, Canada, the USA, and Australia, all reported despicable atrocities and human rights abuses committed by the presidential guards, Tiger battalion, recruited by the President from his closed relatives in his home Warrap and Bahr el Gazal states.

According to these sources who were evacuated from Juba, Several individuals I spoke to and one in particular who worked with ministry of interior, he reported, after the elements of SPLA soldiers from Nuer ethnic group defeated the SPLA soldiers from Dinka ethnic group, more reinforcement were sent the following day.

It was this reinforcement that defeated the breakaway soldiers of SPLA mainly from Nuer tribe.

Then after the reinforcement came the presidential special forces who were trained by the President with public funding, this group then went to Nuer neighborhoods in Juba.

Now the Dinka and Nuer are all alike when it comes to land grabbing, so it was in this Nuer quarters the Dinka went from home to home, checking at tribal markings as the Dinka and the Nuer can easily be tell apart through these facial marks and essentially leaving no one alive they found with Nuer tribal markings both women and children.

If this is not ethnic cleansing, then what is it?

Those murdered again were Nuer children and women; politicians and government employees from Nuer tribe have all been murdered regardless of their stance whether or not they were the supporter of Dr Riek or Kirr.

What was the party’s conflict deliberately fuelled by the president of our nation was then turned into ethnic massacring of our Nuer brothers and Sisters in our nation’s Capital.

The President and national army who would have been the savior of the people were turned into murder machines. Because the republican guards and the reinforcement carried these horrendous killings, this was not spontaneous. The president has to be held accountable.

We all should know that Mr Kiir lied to the world. Kiir must be impeached for the atrocities he has committed and deliberately influencing the ethnic cleansing where perhaps one thousand people were cold blooded murdered by Kiir’s own militias.

Back to Mr Youweri Kaguta Museveni, allow me to suggest a couple of things why Mr Museveni hurriedly rushed to deploy his special forces in Juba in the name of protecting the main international airport of Juba.

1. Museveni knows once there is unrest in South Sudan, this will mean the come back of Joseph Kony of the Lord Resistance Army, so the hasty deployment to combat the breakaway soldiers as soon as quickly so that LRA are kept out from making come back to northern Uganda. Amid unrest in Central Africa Republic/CAR, the likelihood of returning of LRA is inevitable.

2. Mr Museveni is worried if the breakaway group wins, most likely in the next coming formation of cabinet Madam Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of late leader of SPLA will open up fresh investigations into the death of her husband in Ugandan helicopter crash in 2005. Partly we all know the death of late Garang was blamed on Museveni and since the final report of the death of late Dr Garang wasn’t established, this worries Mr Museveni.

3. The people of South Sudan, especially the Dinka Bor, where late George Athor hailed from, knew Mr Athor met his death in the hands of the Ugandan president. George Athor was invited by Museveni in the name of talking peace in Kampala before the Christmas of 2011.

He was murdered and his dead body with his special aide, who was an American South Sudanese, were packed in a pick-up brought to Kaya, where few shots were fired in the air, and it was there that George Athor was declared killed by SPLA soldiers when he was on a mission to recruit more people from Kaya to join his rebel group.

Does it make sense as we all know where George Athor was operating, there was no way that he could move to Kaya without being spotted by South Sudan army.

So Museveni knows again Rebecca and Dinka Bor will have most senior positions should Riek defeat Kiir in this battle, he Kirr himself engineered, this means Museveni’s Uganda will have no easy relationship with the next government thus the deployments of the UPDF to keep his friend in power.

4. Should the government of Kiir fall in the next coming months, Museveni is worried that South Sudan will be used to launch a war that will eventual unseat him from perpetual ruling of Uganda as he has done with iron fist.

Museveni has created many enemies for himself within Uganda and DRC. Recently his plot to kill his top military commander from his Munyanykole tribe, who now took refuge in the UK, is openly talking of wanting to overthrow Museveni, who most likely is paranoid, seeing his friend, Kiir toppled from power could result into an end of Museveni’s dynasty.

Any resultant war in Uganda, will also send him into exile like many leaders before him like late Idi Amin Dada and Milton Obote. With his unpredictable future, Museveni’s ambition is to keep Kiir in power in order to bring salvation to himself.

5. Lastly, the Military forces, could be to protect Ugandan business interests in south Sudan. Since the signing of CPA there is no any other country in Africa that benefited most from South Sudan. Many businesses are booming in Kampala and other cities in Uganda because of dollar flows from South Sudan.

Ugandan economy depends on South Sudan, more than 50,000 Ugandans are working in South Sudan, more than 5000 Ugandans are hired by government of South Sudan strengthening the building capacity of the new nation while more than 3000 are working directly with international NGOs in private sectors, health, agriculture and peace building etc. while tens of thousands are involved in small scale businesses, thus Uganda is the biggest beneficiaries of South Sudan rebuilding and oil money.


If the mission of this deployment is the declared motives, mainly to maintain order and to provide security to local population who seemed to have no viable security from the government of South Sudan, this will be welcome.

But if the objectives of this deployment is to backup Kiir, soon the public opinion in both countries and perception of the people will very quickly change.

At international level, many countries like Norway, the UK, Denmark and many others have expressed doubt and questioned this deployment. While the rest of the world is still knocking their heads, Museven’s motives to commit his forces to join the fight remain at best suspicious.

In the recent years starting from, late Laurent Desiree Kabila, father of Joseph Kabila till this day, Museveni is seen meddling in Congolese internal affairs, accused by United Nations for backing the M23 rebel, and his next soft target is invading the Republic of South Sudan.

This must be stressed and emphasized to Museveni that his murderous and cowardly UPDF are not welcome in South Sudan.

He, Museveni should stop interfering in his neighbor’s internal issues or else, once power returns to the people, he shall be taught a swift lesson for supporting tyranny and an ethnic cleansing by his friend in crime Mr. kirr.

You can exercise your manhood by invading your neighbor’s house; we the people of this great nation of South Sudan are seasoned warriors and will not tolerate your regional terrorism.

At first the UPDF involvement in our country’s war was covered, they were said to be deployed to Juba to protect Juba main airport, the question that begs to be asked is where is our national armed forces to protect the international airport just days after Juba incident?

Now officials in Ugandan foreign affairs office confirmed UPDF are deployed along Nimule-Juba highway A43, according to official who spoke to Uganda Saturday Monitor, the deployments are there to give Ugandans who are trapped in Juba and other places safe exit.

Again who authorized the deployment? UPDF is known with its lawless atrocities they have committed in eastern DRC, they were also accused off by Dr Riek for booming the position of rebel forces in Jonglei state.

Kiir and his friend Museveni should know that south Sudan is not DRC and this evil will not go unchallenged should UDPF hurt our civilian population. we the people will turn against them and wipe them out forcefully with all means available at our disposal.

Helsinki, Finland


  1. Black Domino says:

    For your information, have you heard the Americans, British and French Complaining? He is doing their Dirty work even the UN is helpless unless America says he is to be persecuted then it will happen.
    Otherwise, my brother, forget about fighting Museveni, we have a lot of problems in South Sudan, at the moment two tribes at logger heads over Power and the other tribes like me and you are the grass.
    so, when shall we unite and fight UPDF, that is the policy of a country like Uganda to save situations from turning in a Chaotic Situation.
    how much blood is being shed now in greater upper nile, do u know how many women and children have died.
    we have problems with Khartoum, issues which are not resolved, let’s clean and organise our backyard before we think of taking on a Regional Power like Uganda which has Troops scattered all over the Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The strength of Uganda is not its economy but it has a strong foreign policy, one thing is it will take us 4 generations or even more to reach the level of Uganda how about Kenya, may be 10 generations if only we stop this senseless killings….i hope u remember what museveni said during our independence anniversary, “When you are weak and walking with a stick,someone from outside will come and pick the walking stick from you and he will beat u with it”.
    unless we junubi wakeup and work together then we shall built a powerful south sudan,as for now Museveni will always interfere,that is his mentality and one thing is the West loves him for that because he does what they want……..

    • Ugandan side says:

      Well, as a Ugandan, i would like to disagree with the thoughts of this article. You guys have got alot to ask for from Uganda and other nearby countries like Kenya whose economies are quite sounding. Museveni as you all know is a dictator who is still loved by the US because of his US-like foreign policy. Just as the way the US interferes with issues of other countries is exactly what Uganda under Museveni does around the EAC and Sub-Saharan Africa.
      Museveni is still a mighty man whose role in Africa is still fundamental. And for this, i urge you to pick up yourselves and move on, you have a much longer way to go in beating up Uganda from your way. You honestly need the intervention of Uganda whose army is as strong as the US army. Just don’t worry, always know that any civil war comes with a cost, and museveni might be another cost u have to pay for if you don’t stop the unnecessary fightings.

    • Mugisha Richard says:

      Black Domino…Man, no one can put that point more that you…the writer is just a fandamentalist who doesn’t care about what will happen if the situation was to go his way because of his hatred of Kiir.

  2. Gok machar says:

    Your article full of lies, 4 example that nuers are identified by their marks. what about Dinka Agar? What about children, they don’t have marks, why killed them?
    That the presidential guards are Dinkas, what brought conflict if there were no Nuers in them?
    You are Equatorians, you want them to kill each other so that you remain in power, that will never happen until jesus come down again.

  3. Major says:

    Dear Black,

    I’m totally agreed with you. Western powers have literally given a green light to Museveni of Uganda to do whatever he wants in the land of South Sudan, as long as its people have chosen to be led by a damn leader who does not know what it takes to be a president of an independent nation. One of the evidence is that, Museveni’s involvement in our internal affairs has never been reported in the Western’s mainstream media since the crisis began. Thanks again to the author of this article. Our beloved nation is in a deep man-made disaster. Therefore, no one can determine its future at this stage, but God——


    As the writer said Salva Kiir & Musaveni must be answerable to all these atrocities they are committing in South Sudan land.
    These two men have got evil plans and it’s just a matter of time before they are caught unaware. Shame to them.

  5. Mugisha Richard says:

    My Friend Justin Lupai Elias am a Ugandan i appreciate your concern about your country, whether it is museveni or anybody else leading Uganda would have been concerned with the prevailing SS situation….Nuer against Dinka armed conflict all well connected and would lead to state collapse like somalia situation…there is no way instability in SS can avoid affecting Uganda.
    If SS problem remained political as it has always been, Uganda would have no right to come in..
    Can SS afford fighting among themselves (Neur against Dinka) and then fight Uganda and Sudan?
    You Sudanese elites must compel your politicians to learn solving problems by political means.. Machar must understand that Kiir is the recognised president whether u like or not…he has the powers to appoint and fire, he can invite any friendly force to protect the state even if the whole SPLA refused to.

  6. Maka says:

    I think u should have first worried about the over 1000 people who have died and it’s south Sudanese who are killing each other b4 blaming M7. Next time write about the solution for the war.

  7. Dear Justin Lupai Elias:
    WHAT-THE HELL YOWERI MUSEVENI WANTS FROM OUR HOME PROBLEM IN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN THE SOUTH SUDAN? Before, he used Dr. John Garang De Mabior for his friendship to fight his rebels in Uganda to protect his best interests!!!! The same thing again. He is using President Salva Kirr Mayardit!

  8. Nyeri says:

    M7 is to blame for bombing Bor, Jongole and killing civilians in the country.
    M7 is not neutral in RSS issue, and therefore not even seat on IGAD meeting

  9. washaki ahamada says:

    It’s good that our neighbors are beginning to understand pres. Museveni’s method of work.
    The man is just determined not only to die with Uganda but the entire Great lakes region.
    He has orchestrated wars that has caused mayhem to many countries. He is ever involved in either killing or assassinating opponents but if you people in S Sudan don’t wake up and counter him before he causes mayhem on your people in future, you shall have no one to run to.

  10. John Philips says:

    Kiir’s Political Godfather
    The Ugandan’s political machine has arrived in South Sudan! Museveni is certainly above the Law in Uganda and that is why he is one of the strong man and hopefully the last on the continent of Africa. He is going to mould president Kiir so that he can join the rank of brutal dictator on board. Now, the people of South Sudan must know who has been blessing the policies of President Kiir for the last 8 years of his reign.

    I think we must not be surprised for this friendship. Those men have one thing in common and that is they preside over a disillusion that all is great in their respective countries. There is not much development in Uganda and that would be soon followed suit by South Sudan who have just destroyed the little they had built in the last 8 years. The little roads we have were mostly built by donors of goodwill. What would Museveni get in return from Kiir? Should the country be suspicious of this relationship? I believe all citizens need to know what is going on with these two guys.

    When President Kiir elicits Uganda help, should this be approved by the parliament? Or is the parliament so dysfunctional to the point the president can easily by-past them? In order for other country to send us help, should war be declared first? And if war has been declare, is the president not aware or being brief that his citizens are dying and more Uganda air force dropping bombs is a sign of all out war on your citizens that you are ruling. Mr. President, you should show some restraints and spare the lives of our innocent people. Dr. Riek should also do the same if he is on command of any type of loyalist. Respect and place humanity first above your political ideals and the country will respect you in return. Now, none of that is in play. It’s all about power. The people of South Sudan are peace loving and forgiving! Leave them alone President Museveni, Kiir and Riek Machar.
    John Philips, USA

  11. Gatwech says:

    Elias, all you have mentioned are extremely correct and Kiir is only digging his own grave and so is Yoweri Museveni, anyway, am short of words but congratulations for pointing out how the problem evolved

  12. Kim Deng says:

    Dinka kingdom will soon fall under the mighty Nuer warriors,
    Bor has fallen today, just count down the days where the mighty Nuer
    Warriors will reach the capital city

  13. Kim Deng says:

    Dinka kingdom forced a human being to eat the human flesh.
    we will soon teach the incompetent kiir and his ally dictator
    Museveni a lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dr Machar oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Nuer warriors oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kim Deng:

    You are living a lie! How dare would Riek Machar and his Militias forces, the White Army defeat the mighty SPLA and Ugandan Army when you were unable to defeat the SPLA and Dinka in 1991? Please continue to lie and have false dreams until your White Army kingdom falls to its knees. The Angel of Death, Dr. Riek machar can kill as many Dinka as he wishes but he will never rule South Sudan as president whether by Bullet or Ballot. He (Riek) got away with the killing/massacre of the innocent Dinka civilians in 1991, however he will never get away with it this time. The lunatic and coward can run but he will never hide in the Unity and Jonglei States for ever.

    We can not teach the fool (Riek Machar) new tricks but we can discipline him when we capture him from his hideout in the Unity State. His days are numbered and the coward will pay for his blunders dearly. Why does he initiate the war and flees like a woman?

    “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  15. laaralik says:

    mr Uganda president,
    leave us alone, deal with konyi and homosexuals with is taking place in your country. kiir is your friend but as our president he has powers to stop Dr Riak

  16. Jonatha says:

    This utter nonsense from some elements within Dinka and Nuer should stop, you have shamed our nation, and yet you are celebrating and engineering to massacre each other as if those whose lives were taken short were not your dinka and Nuer brothers and sisters. we the rest of southerners feel your pains when we see the remains of your people in Jonglei, Malakal have become food for birds and dogs to feed on, what a shame to you the dinka and Nuer and yet you are proudly saying without shame and reverend to God that the white armies and dinka balabalabala. this has proved beyond that in your societies the life of a cow is worth than that of a human being. why do you complain now, while your Kiir is the strongest man and Machar the second strongest in our country’s history till recently? the military power are dominated by your two tribes and the ministerial posts and diplomats appointments were all dominated by your super power, so what had gone wrong? it shouldn’t have been Nuer and Dinka to complain about the unbalance power distribution because you occupied all the important posts, so what have you done to improve the lives of poor Nuer and Dinka people than enriching your big bellies? this is absurd, curse on the leaderships of these two tribes, they failed us and they failed their poor ethnic tribe mates.
    Nuer and dinka are now occupying Equatoria they are envied because of the hard working of equatorians to develop their region, yet the stolen monies by dinka and nuer elites were deposited to foreign lands instead of developing homeland, today our national army is over stretched within a week of the starting of unrest that was why Kiir who is a big thief panic to rush to beg for Museveni of Uganda to deploy his indiscipline UPDF as if we are not richer than Uganda. shame on kiir, kiir should resign and allow someone to governor us, because 9years down he failed us. and we should stop supporting so and so because he is our tribe mate, let’s support the one with vision to develop us and unify us, I am not saying this is Riek, it could be someone different. who will be accountable to lives which were taken, the figure could reach as far as 3000. think about this you wrong elements within dinka and nuer.

  17. Bentiu today says:

    LGG you say Dinka and Uganda army will not be defeated by Nuer warrior than who defeated them by than in Bor?
    will propaganda help you in war?
    am the member of white army and we are nearesed to capture your Kirr just matter of time wait patiently.
    you will know that Dinka are not the only men in south Sudan.

  18. FEEDy says:

    Remember museveni saved you from Bashir. Bashir had routed you out. in fact he introduce the new nation of sudan. appreciate what he has done for you. why didn’t you chase us away when Bashir was killing you like ducks ?

    Many Ugandans have suffered and killed because of your barbaric ways. your artical is full of lies, we are in sudan to avert genocide, like we did in Rwanda. All the rich in sudan have turned uganda into their home, so please do not throw stones when you are staying in a glass house. before ordering to leave sudan, all the Sudanese community and refugees should first go home. please do not abuse our kindness

  19. Herbert Ejoku says:

    Well u people are very selfish how do u say that Ugandans or museveni are doing or interfering with your nation . well for starters what are u doing in Uganda? Under the guise of refugees education. Medical help etc. Its only Uganda and kenya who took in u beggars ,now u vw failed to solve ur problem and kiir asked Uganda to help yo now blaming museveni , u are very ungrateful if we Ugandans declared u out of Uganda , belv me u would be on the street like dogs so shut up and say thank you.

  20. wals says:

    If people still fight amongst themselves basing on tribal, racial, religion or nationality. Just understand that such a community is still backward & uncivilised. You Southern Sudanese harrass Ugandans but we have never harrassed your brothers & sister( let me call them our brothers & sister) who are here in Uganda.

    In fact we give you idiots much comfort just like our fellow African or Human being. There are many S.S scarttered in all parts of Uganda, but we give them jobs, we train them how do Business and many have sucessiful enterprises here,

    But upto now you are not even grateful of all that, including the blood of our sons & daughters who have been on your side & they have been killed in the process of helping you in your strunggle to achieve Human diginity while you fellow country men of Khatoum were massacking you. Be understanding,our citizens (soldiers-UPDF) who fought for your independence let their blood don’t get to waste for fighting for people whoseem useless & who can freely kill fellow human being basing on tribal basis.

    & Museveni is not the problem:African mentality is the problem which is going to sweep this continent, why should you be proud of killing yourself, your fellow Human being.That why we in Uganda we take you simple, beacuse we know you are pround something small, where you did not put any initiative, But let us help you back peace & we move out.

    South Sudan is very ahrsh for us to stay.

  21. Bwire patrick says:

    Am so disappointed with Wat i have read frm the above artical and to the worst of it the discrepancy of these so called foolish south sudanees whom we Uganda have given accommodation and food bt all they have done is to shadow us and pretend they are mighty. S.Sudanees iwant to assure you my brothers and sisters that yo nothing, and completely nothing to neither Uganda nor Museveni, yo more so like beggers who need help and that u can only obtain it from Uganda so my friends its high time u developed positive feelings towards Uganda other wise yo more likely to be ruled like hipomites and i want to assure u that if u don`t get serious in time your next vice president, members of parliament is more likely to be a Ugandan keep watching u will tell me, with that stupidity and foolish arrogancy u have u will live like dogs and sleep like up u mongollians..

  22. Joseph Omiat says:

    Humans humans
    Let’s simplify this. Kiir fired Riek. There is conflict in Sudan. It has existed for while. And the reason the LRA ladtend in Uganda was BC of this instability that our brothers are trying to stop from crossing the border..want be llawless as a nation not playing by the book even in this century. Be ready more Uganda troops are coming in. Beacaise as a nation we won’t let that stupid conflict affect our nation even if its at the expense og f ur sovereignty which claim we threaten yet we don’t in any other way. For the last 8years Sudan has lived on Uganda milking our human resourse. Investment capital and commodities. This as cancer has ruined agriculture in the pearl of Africa . Stop blaming ur neighbours for protecting their interests an fix your mess. But how will this happen if the elites think this way

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