Tribalism is pouring us into the pit before our time

A Poem: By Aldo Wol Makuei, CANADA, 25/MAR/2018, SSN;

Don’t be a damn fool
Are you dead?
Are you a tribalistic?
If not, so Wake up!

If you don’t make use of your brain wisely
Tribalism will use it for you with disgrace.

If you can’t handle the cargo of your life cleverly
Tribalism will handle it for you with embarrassment.

Tribalism will handle you and drive your brain into savagery
Tribalism will drive your savage brain into destruction.

Tribalism will drive you into the grave
Tribalism will drive you into the Kingdom of Doom.

And if you are brainless enough to drive your life
Tribalism will drive you with a one-way first-class ticket without delay to hell.

I am not trying to insult you
I am just trying to get you think today.

You can’t just lay in the coffin satisfying with this death
You think everything is all right.

Don’t be so dumb and numb
Your thinking is in turmoil.

Just take a look around you
Can’t you see what is going on around you?

We have been butchering ourselves for so long
After being colonized for many years.

So what is the reason?

Tribalism becomes the suicide habit
The terrible type of social amnesia.

Tribalism has become our trade mark
The logo on our forehead.

We are the dry bones in the valley of the dead
All the eagles have gathered to defecate on our carcasses.

Carcasses in the valley of fate
There is nothing left of us.

Tribalism is pouring us into the pit before our time.

One by one
We are the dead
The left over
The outdated.

This is you
This is me
This is us.

This is South Sudan
No apology.

May God of Ancestors Bless South Sudan

By Aldo Wol Makuei and can be reached at:


  1. Aldo Wol Makuei says:

    Please the Editor, I kindly request you to remove the image that you attached to my post above. This is because the image you attached does not reflect the ideal meaning of my poem. My poem is not for the purpose of a blame game. The blame game is an outdated game. The above poem is not for a blame game between a cat and a mouse otherwise it will end up just like a mail with a wrong address. I am not here to put a blame on just Dinka and Nuer . Dinka and Nuer are not the only two tribes fighting in South Sudan. So we need to be honest and face the truth of tribalism in our country. As I write now South Sudan is on fire. There is fire burning in every corner of South Sudan because of our tribalism. Our people need unity, love, peace and development but the only thing that is standing on the way is tribalism. So please all of us must wise up and do away with tribalism and make South Sudan a better place for our many generations to come.
    Aldo Wol Makuei

    • Akuac Wol says:

      All of us South Sudanese really need to avoid this tribalism thing coz it’s eating us up to zero level.great poem God bless you Mr.writer.e

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Akuac Wol,
        South Sudanese are already deep down into the pit, and tribalism is so deeply implanted into the national psyche of every leader or rebel general. Even churches are plainly ‘tribalized’ so it will need some intervention of higher powers above to save our nation.
        I always wonder, did God ever tried to rescue Satan after he threw him down into the hot fires of Hell?

        • Akuac Wol says:

          You maybe right from one point or the another but we the citizens of South Sudan can bring the change to our country by reconciling ourselves regardless of the tribes ,remember God helps those who helped themselves and if we always point the fingers at each other then there is no solutions to all.
          Thank you and God bless you

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Akuac Wol,
            I have persistently called for reconciliation as I have always believed in a great South Sudan of my dream since the 50’s. I am of that great generation that grew up with and witnessed the heroics of the real Anya Nya freedom fighters, our great first nationalists who went to war with barely nothing but bows and arrows and pangas and yet heroically vanquished the jellaba Arabs in the long war of 1955 to 1972.
            I will always persist in pointing my fingers and pen at those destroying our country.

        • Aldo Wol Makuei says:

          Dear Editor,
          I totally agree with you when you say South Sudanese are already deep down into the pit, tribalism is so deeply implanted into the national psyche of every leader or rebel general and even churches are plainly ‘tribalized’ so it will need some intervention of higher powers above to save our nation. But the fact is the higher power has not left South Sudan and the opposite is correct. South Sudanese have been looking for God in the wrong places. Why looking up for God in the sky while you and I are catching all the hell right here on earth. The devil is doing his job very well even thought it doesn’t make any common sense. God did not leave South Sudanese. God is with South Sudan all of the time but we are not within ourselves. We left God because we left ourselves.

          Peace may God of our Ancestors Bless South Sudan
          Aldo Makuei

  2. Betterhumankind says:

    To: All Readers;

    Aldo, you knew very well that South Sudan’s war was planned and designed by Dinka Community (Jienge Council of Elders who are community masterminded/planners) based on their ideology of “we are burn to rule and not to be rule” and so handed to their bull Salva Kiir to implement and former Chief of Staff Paul Malong to command clearance and to kill communities that do not belong to Dinka (Jienge) community. The Jienge Council of Elders ordered or commanded Kiir and Malong not to take or let/allow any setback/trouble to any Dinka’s land belonging. Your planned is known by everybody South Sudan. What you wrote is just a cover but your heart is to dominate all South Sudan’s Communities based on your Jienge Elders’ plan 200 years. No one from your community opposed that ideas including you.
    I passed at what you wrote and commented, you are jienge just by denying the fact about what your community are doing in South Sudan. Can you please state communities doing evils like your community? What I know is, Dinka aggressive forced non Dinka’s Community to fight just for selves defend of their land being grabbed by Dinkas, you are one of them.
    There is no rational Dinka who opposed his/her tribemen/women idea, if educated or not, they behave same and this can be even analyzed from your writing.

    The Nuer community only are forced to fight because of your greed.

    South Sudan is burning now because of you and all are seen by God. All evils, deeds, events, and wounds are remembered and will not be forgotten for the life history of South Sudan.


    • Aldo Wol Makuei says:

      To Mr./Ms. Betterhumankind above

      Here we are again at this very moment living within the most attitude-crippled mentality and uncivilized state of mind called Tribalism. I can not believe the poison that is coming out from your mouth Mr./Ms. Betterhumankind special at this very time when everyone in South Sudan, regardless of his/her tribal filiation, is in a dire need for unity, love and peace. I thought you would contribute to this discussion positively to at least reflects your name as stated above. Instead, your wicked brain is carrying a tribalistic infested disease and constituted the very reasons why our people are still suffering to this day.

      The fact is, I am not here to advocate death by supporting any community doing evils. It seems you are not in touch with your common senses because of your tribalistic mind-set. Yes, all of us agree that the so called the South Sudan leaders have messed-us up big time, but this does not mean that Mr./Ms. Betterhumankind and I should just lay satisfying with this death as if everything is normal.

      Tribalism is a social illness and this truth is unbending as rock itself. So let us spell some of this, hard, raw, clear-cut, hardnosed, undeviating truth. What forced His Excellency: James Wani Igga to go to Tambura in January 2012? Don’t be a damn tribalistic to ignore this. Why Balanda wanted to fight Azande? Just imagine a simple border dispute almost caused Balanda and Azande to go to war against each other. Who killed Honorable Samson Kwaje of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry? Who killed Honorable Jimmy Lemi Milla, the South Sudanese minister inside ministry in 2011? To make the matter worst, you are fool enough to forget about the conflict between the Madi and Acholi communities in 2011? The Bari community almost went to war against the Mundari in 2010 because Gen. Clement Kongo won the election. What do you call these incidents Mr./Ms. Betterhumankind? What caused these communities to fight among themselves? Read every page of the entire South Sudan history. Flesh and blood is not your enemy. But the wicked mentality that lives within that flesh and blood. The wicked mentality is this tribal hysteria. Why are you advocating death? For me the life of every South Sudanese matter and there should be any reason for us to spill blood and kill each other because we are from different tribes. South Sudanese are one family from different mothers who happen to be an Acholi, Nuer, Dinka, Bari, Madi, Ndogo, Murle, Azande, Baka, Balanda, Mundari…etc.

      Please you must understand that I am not just a Dina, my mother is an Equatoria and a Balanda Boor by tribe from Nagero County in Tambura State. I was raised and groomed among the Balanda and the Azanda people and both are sill dear at my heart till to this very moment. But this does not mean that I have not experienced tribalism. Then fact is, you and I have been triballistically tricked. We have been conned. We have been misled. You must understand and know this, because knowing is half the battle. The other half of the battle is fighting what you now know is wrong. But how are going to fight the battle if you don’t even know what is wrong.
      There are no winners in this current war other then tribalism. Yes, tribalism is winning big time that is why your molested brain is till locked up in tribalism and you can’t let it go. This is terrible. I know the real devil who put us in hell with you and you don’t. I am running around trying to get hell out of hell and you running around blaming me and the whole Dinka community while the devil is just chilling and comfortable as he can be, just laughing at your stupidity. We are dying from social illness called Bahr el Ghazalism, Upper Nilelism, and Equatorism.

      You are not a better human kind because your mind is congested and constipated with craps of tribalistic mind set. Your brain is packed with years of decaying pieces of dead thoughts. Your crippled brain is clogged with wastes of undigested thoughts. Do you know how we got ourselves trapped into all this tribal craziness? Tribal madness is being handcrafted by the devil inside you. You are number one devil of yourself. The devil is inside you. The devil is within you. The unfinished social illness. The un-process wastes. The un-process waste is casted off and destroyed. You are indeed nothing but useless to your own very tribe in particular and South Sudan in general. You are no longer an asset, but a liability.
      Yes, South Sudan is burning now, but what are you going to do about it? Do you want God to come from above to put it off? This fire is real and it is not a damn ghost that need the all above your God intervention to put it off.

      I don’t want to go further for you are just a damn tribalistic fool. Everything to do with tribalism are all manifested in your little brainless tribalistic craziness. You don’t even have your real name coward. You refused to cast off the devil inside you because you are brainless enough to drive your life. This is shameful Mr. PB. You are just in an awful tribalistic shape.

      Peace and may God of Ancestors Bless South Sudan

      Aldo Makuei at

      • Betterhumankind says:

        Aldo, you are really blind about all what wound South Sudan and her people and you currently talking in Canada. You don’t see what are your uncle Kiir and his tribesmen are torturing other Non-Dinkas. All those put in jails, prisons and arrested in most hidden or secret are all Non-Dinkas. You are supposed to be in South Sudan, you will know if really your uncles are trying to unite all the communities of South Sudan or not. If you see, you will totally conclude that your uncles are not doing right or doing evils to others.

        Regarding all you wrote blaming me above, what you wrote about late Jimmy, Kwaje and between Bari and Mundari in regard to Clement won election, you blindly didn’t know the exact information about simply because you are in Canada or else you are misinformed about and see below details;

        1. Kwaje: Kwaje was killed by his own people due to his misconduct or enforcing his own people (Wonduruba) by
        torturing them to accept joining Lainya County from Juba. On his acted, his people killed him. Kwaje was not
        killed on tribal bases you blindly thought.
        2. Jimmy: Jimmy was gunned or killed by his own brother in-low who was his driver in the Ministry. He was killed
        due to their differences after he (Jimmy) burned his brother from the work.
        3. Bari and Mundari: Bari and Mundari fought or differences was in 2008 and April, 2009 when Bari of Jebel Lado
        came under Mundari attacked at their ancestral land of Jebel Lado only and not all the Bari tribe as you blindly
        thought or misinformed. Jebel Lado of Bari village didn’t go and attack Mundari from their land. Please find out
        where and when it had happened. These happened because Governor. Clement policy of trying to annexed
        part of Jebel Lado to Terekeka County. And this was encouraged by raiding Jebel Lado’s castles as well as their
        properties and not because of the election which occurred in April, 2010. Mundari later in 2014-2015 attacked
        Dijeri, Mulubur, Kworijik, Kamiru, Jopa and etc. But all were brought down peacefully for your knowledge.

        I wish you in South Sudan and witness other things which I did not mentioned. I know very well and based on my experience, dinkas have irrational mind no matter acquired education they have, their are no difference between dinkas educated and uneducated.

        As you in Canada knew that South Sudan is burning, you are supposed to talked your uncles in Juba and in South Sudan in general to side evils act against others and to look others as one South Sudanese community. I for have been trying and still on. I am wishing for better human life as one family. But most you failed on, you look to dominate and oppress why? You should by one omit or commit to one South Sudan and if you failed, you are looking to brake once South Sudan into many difference states and if less 3 states but I doubt because of your difference, you may not be in one state with Nuer, Shilluk, Western Bahr El Ghazal and Equatoria because you disease now in South Sudan and known by every South Sudanese.

        So what if your Mam id/is Equatorian or Balanda from Wau, are you trying to say because your Mam is from, you are better? I don’t understand you. You have animal/ Chameleon behaviour, you want be an Equatorian or Wauan?

        I for all wish once more better South Sudan with one mind and goals, and above love, respect and people dignity.

  3. Betterhumankind says:

    Aldo, you must understand that the war was between the two communities see link: . Your bull uncle Kiir made call only to the two tribes out of 64 or more. What do you understand about this called. This to your knowledge has clearly meant many differences.

    The two tribes were called together with the two top government officials from the two communities i.e. a Dinka man presidential advisor and government chief negotiator Nhial Deng Nhial and the Nuer man presidential advisor for security Tut Kew Gatluak where are the rest of the tribes? This indication is clear, bull Kiir for Dinka and wanted unity with Nuer.

    If the war was caused by all tribes, bull Kiir would have called other tribes together with the two problematic communities of South Sudan. Your hatred between the two affected other innocence tribes of South Sudan’s communities.
    Your poems are now been made clear i.e. you are trying to blind mind the world. Shame on you, fool.

  4. Mading says:

    Betterhumankind. You are worse than ever, where are you going to find those Dinkas who can oppose your claim, and you are generalizing Dinkas like the way you are talking to Aldo Wol who is trying to discourage tribalism and hatred people like you are preaching in our country ?.

  5. Yel Deng Mayar says:

    I want to thank the persona in the above poem because he has spoken out my mind indeed tribalism will only take us to grave, if we follow each other so blindly like a flock of sheep. To you the guy who hide his identity and call himself ‘ betterhumankind’ my friend scratching scars that we have as a nation wouldn’t take us anywhere let the past be the past, whatever happened in 2013 nobody like it and there is nothing you or i can do about it to change it, therefore focusing on the future would be the best idea. In your statement you said that there’s no different between the dinkas who educated and the one who are uneducated but I doubt that, you’re really tribalistic based on your statement and comment let’s change this ideology for the sake of the better future.

    • Betterhumankind says:

      Yel, you are ignorance and hiding the facts about South Sudan. I know how you people and you are new to me. I want to tell you that Kiir is surrounded Dinkas elders of Jienge comprises of Communities Religious Leaders, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Generals, Local Communities Leaders, Intellectuals and commanders in all parts military i.e. army, police, prisons, wildlife whose their ideology is “BORN TO RULE AND NOT TO BE RULE”. You are in South Sudan, you will see while visiting ministries, you will be asked in Dinka language without taking seeing other tribes. Many faced that including me and especially in the Ministries or places such as Finance, Security, President Office, Police (migration office), Bank of South Sudan, Bilfam Military head quarter and etc. If you have follow up in such place places and you are Non-Dinkas, you will hate yourself of being a South Sudanese simply because you see yourself as not.

      You know those titles above are there with kiir but they are, there words only praises president that you kiir is heading the country in right direction. There is no NOOOOOOOO there. Irrational resulted of such manner and thank.

  6. Aldo Wol Makuei says:

    To Mr./Ms. Betterhumankind above

    Be careful of what you wishful fool because tribalism shall continue on your destructive soul in hell as it is on earth. Your soul will face the same tribalism when your tribalistic savage brain departs this life because you refuse to cast off the devil inside you. Your savage brain will have to come back and start the second life where you stop. And if you are brainless enough to drive your self in the second life, tribalism will drive you with a one-way first-class ticket without delay to hell. This is the real nightmare you are waiting for. This is the tragedy you are waiting for. Tribalism is playing trick on your weak brain. Learn to think for your self. Have some common South Sudanese sense in your brain. Tribalism is really a serious problem because tribalism produces death. Remember what you eat because if you eat death you become death and if you moralize tribalism you advocate death.

    I don’t hate Equatoria. And why should I hate Equatoria since my dear mother herself is an Equatoria? A self hatred is not my type. I am asking you for the second time why are you advocating death? To put it straight and honest, tribalism is eating South Sudanese away everyday because we are eating tribalism. Tribalism is carrying our precious bodies away everyday and despite all these facts I cannot believe why your brain is still glorifying the death caused by this tribalism making death. This is a mind trap. Your weak brain is being trapped in tribalism. So don’t be a damn fool. Don’t try to look like a damn and lonely tribslistic maniac, the lost hippy of Embarrassment and the first crucified soul of tribalism. Tribalism is manipulating your destructive brain. There is no reward in tribalism other then death. So zip up!

    Peace and may God of Ancestors Bless South Sudan
    Aldo Wol Makuei

  7. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Aldo Wol,
    Murderer Kiir and his supporters tribalistic mind – set have destroyed South Sudan. Sudan was not the same after the civil war. You mark this world ‘ South Sudan will never be the same when it is all set and done.’

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  8. Aldo Wol Makuei says:

    To Mr./Ms. Betterhumankind and Roberto Kasongo above

    The devil has been playing trick on your weak brain. Learn to think for your self. The devil that is giving you this tribalistic mind-set everyday is real, and because of that, don’t live in the fantasy of tribalism because God has no mercy on a tribalistic maniac.

    You can tell the tree by the fruits it bears. What type of fruit are you producing? Life produces life and death produce death. Please stop preaching death before death catches up with you itself. Blaming others does not make you a lesser devil. Don’t trust the devil.

    So wake up, wise up and rise up above the heave of tribalism. And please let us do away with all forms of hatred because hatred is the worst form of tribalism.

    Peace and my God of Ancestors Bless South Sudan

    Aldo Wol Makuei

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