Traffic Police Officers spoil the dignity of South Sudanese

BY: Peter Gai Manyuon, Juba, OCT/29/2013, SSN;

This article is basically directed to Traffic Police Officers who turn to be thieves in the Republic of South Sudan, more so the context of newest Nation in the whole world.

Historically, South Sudanese were not acting like thieves since during the liberation struggle but after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), people have turned to be like wild animals, specifically, the police officers in this new nation.

We don’t know whether some people hearts become like those of animals or what? Take your time to read it and give your feedback, if the issues mentioned in the article are realities in South Sudan context.

It was on Sunday morning on 27th of October 2013, I was using one of the Minibus to shuttle to the Customs Area. On the trip, the Minibus I was using was stopped by the South Sudan police and they began asking the Driver and Conductor about their documents.

But despite the fact that the driver’s and conductor’s documents were produced and given to the two Traffic Police Officers, who were stationed between the National Security headquarters and Customs Area, they told the driver to give the money.

Ostensibly, these traffic police officers accused the driver for allegedly stopping at the distance, but the driver told them that he did not did anything wrong. The driver also added that all the documents were fine.

So what next?

These two traffic police officers then took the driver and his Conductor to their Car and began issuing them with a receipt for payment of an amount of money not indicated. I quickly guessed that it was a fake charge.

Collecting all courage, I, the author of this article, asked the conductor to give me the receipt so that I can scrutinize it closely. But after seeing it, I immediately concluded that these South Sudanese Traffic Officers are really thieves that needed serious investigation about their criminal activities against the citizens from the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Seriously, I am very much confused always with the way people perceive other people’s wealth in South Sudan, each and every one is looking at other people’s properties with a very big heart.

However, it has apparently become very much so especially with Traffic Police Officers, as they have scrupulously violated their role and mandate.

Without any shame, some Traffic officers are using the white uniforms as something for stealing in all part of Juba.

Every part of Juba town is full of traffic police Officers but interestingly, their intention is to illegally get money from motorists through intimidation and trumped up charges and fines.

These Traffic Police are definitely not performing their national mandate and duty as police are legally supposed to protect law and order of the great nation like the Republic of South Sudan.

But unfortunately, what the South Sudanese police officers are doing is just direct stealing, others term it as radical stealing.

Most of them are having more than two different receipts, one of which is private that does not show the true amount of money paid by the drivers who are allegedly fined for some fake traffic infarction.

Since the money crookedly goes to them, these traffic police officers just falsely sign on these receipt without indicating the amount of South Sudanese Pounds paid.

Interestingly, the other receipt not produced often carries the official
logo of the Traffic police of South Sudan.

Analysis about South Sudan Traffic Police Officers: We all know that South Sudanese came from the background of civil war, and the majority of people of South Sudan have regarded the issue of Traffic Police Officers as “lack of what to eat.”

As a result, this common popular perception has created serious insecurity among drivers, because every day, the traffic officers always take huge amounts of money from the Minibuses especially and Cars that have private numbers.

Of course, the traffic police officer cleverly avoid those drivers that have Government of South Sudan Numbers, they are always free of charge or intimidation.

When you look in to the security situation in South Sudan particularly, you find that Police Officers are allegedly the ones accused of killing people at night and they are the ones who are sitting on the road side daily looking for and extorting money from the people.

Realistically, when you look at Juba particularly, you find those who are having good houses are Police Officers who always demand a lot of money from people at night. Their intention is to get rich very fast using wrong ways that are not blessed by the God almighty.

Moreover, after the Minister of Interior, Aleu Ayieny, was appointed by the President of South Sudan, he promised to deal with corruption issues that are within the police in the Republic of South Sudan and he also continued telling people of South Sudan that there are many ghost names that are in the Ministry.

Now people like me are wondering what happens next, to our beloved Minister, after he swore that he will deal with them one by one but now, he the Minister, has kept quiet without following up on what he told the public last month.

Key Recommendations:
• Ministry of Interior should revise its policies regarding the Traffic Police Officers who are on the roadside always disturbing people to pay money all the times and the money goes to their private pockets
• Traffic police office should come up with monitoring and evaluation (M and E )policy to reduce this rampant corruption that is committed by the Traffic Officers in South Sudan
• If all things are not working, the Ministry of Interior should dismiss by decree some of the Director-Generals in the Ministry, so that rule of law, transparency and accountability should prevail in the Republic of South Sudan.

Conclusively; I will reiterate by a word of prayer; and my prayer goes like this; heavenly father, God who created earth, Heaven and you created man in your own image, I ask your kindness Lord Almighty, you need to be in the hearts and minds of South Sudanese people, let them have resilience and love among themselves not stealing can be the good way of running this new nation.

I ask you oh God to look critically at the way Traffic Police Officers are misleading this great nation into the darkness, I ask you oh lord to forgive those who did wrong and may you also show to the departments concerned in the Ministry of Interior those culprits who are trying to spoil this great nation in one way or the other.

I ask you to clean their hearts and minds, so that we live in peace and Harmony in South Sudan, in Jesus name I prayer and believe. Amen.

The author is the Independent Journalist and a writer who writes extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan, you can contact him through ;


  1. Malith Alier says:

    This not happening on streets but also in their very offices in Juba and other towns of South Sudan. I had a receipt for fifty Pounds but paid 105 (hundred and five for it). Shame on traffic policeman

    • In fact it is an astonishing behavior from the supposedly the law enforcement agent, I totally agree with you that, traffic police officers or lower ranks personnel within this important organ must have to be scrutinized to get rid of such behaviors. in some instances, they are giving forge receipts to the water tankers without due process, and it is the thing that makes it hard to the water tankers drivers to provide water to areas such as Gudelle where I live, we tend to suffer lack of water for days because of illegal taxing of the traffic personnel. an end must be brought to these wrong behaviors as soon as possible. it is really tarnishing the image of the police and the Country as a whole.

  2. Dear Peter Gai Manyoun:

    Make everything simple indeed! Do you still remembering the driver and the conductor now?If you still know anything about them, talk to them to report-the matter to police so that the two police traffic officers, will be arrested and charged to be tried in the court! I heard very many complaints against taxation system in the South Sudan government in the country is not good at all! The government collect taxes everyday from people which is not good! Let the government mend the laws in the parliament both in national government,states governments,and local governments.People said people in tolls on roads have very many stops at checkpoints. They asked money all stops in the toll on the road to pay. They should stop immediately! When people get cleared in one place,they should not continue to pay in other places! All officials working in entry points in the country, in customs, they should not ask double pay in other places in the country.People should pay one time when bringing things in the country. The workers should be officials with good characters! But thieves thugs!

    Before President Kirr was talking of ZERO TOLERANCE of corruption in the government.But his corruption,he was talking about,has not yet stopped at once! How possible he is allowing police traffic officers to engage in money collection from people??? That is not their job! Their job is to check drivers who have licenses and many as well!

  3. umoja says:

    Peter Gai Manyoun

    Unless you stop what is commonly known in south Sudan as “BENY,” those collecting money have backing of BENY. So who will dare to act? if the top officer of the RSS (Kir) is also a thief who will work honestly? if a father in a house is a thief, it is 98% sure that if one of his children steals, he will keep quiet. This is the situation of South Sudan.

    There are so many ways of stealing, anyone doubt that the big BENY (Kir) is not the head thief? Do your research.

    There South Sudan goes. A country being led by a group of thieves — give all sorts of naming, they will not be out of it.


  4. Eusebio Ewot says:

    Dear Peter,
    This is one of a million incidences that happens daily around South Sudan. You are reporting of what you have seen in Juba. Travel out of Juba and you will be shocked. Commercial vehicles are asked to pay money without receipts at every check point. I mean unnecessary check points just for the police and security personnel to collect illegal money.
    One Police Sgt. Major who is a lady one time told people in a funeral of her relative that she has wasted three days staying in the funeral place. She said she gets between 2-3 thousand SSP daily at Jebel check point.
    I did not believe her then but after some few days she bought a new car and invited her friends for the celebration. These corrupt police NCOs are in agreement with their superiors.

  5. president Kiir and his jungle boys have turned this country into a hell on earth. i think it’s very difficult for these jungle boys to turn into any professional thing (police man, soldier, wildlife, prison police, traffic police or even civil servant), these guys have never deterred from their old practices of stealing and robbery which they got addicted to since the bush days.
    it has become a common thing here in juba that a traffic police has to force you to pay money without any charges or sometimes beat you up in case of any resistance from payment.
    then at night you face the military personals who are posited all over the main roads to trace motorcycles and cars without numbers, where you hear the words “khalis napsack.”
    leave alone the many roads blocks along many main roads in the country, where the soldiers are establishing unnecessary checkpoints only to disturb the travellers and some of these checkpoints are established by big fish within the jungle government in juba.
    finally the impunity and military might in this country have become a cancer in our nation building and progress in this country

  6. Albinodit says:

    ”Before President Kirr was talking of ZERO TOLERANCE of corruption in the government. But his corruption he was talking about has not yet stopped at once! How possible he is allowing police traffic officers to engage in money collection from people???”
    @ CHIEF, there is Ministry of Interior and IGP, take time to explore the government structures and responsibility before jumping to blame the president.

  7. Nhial gatkuoth says:

    Peter Gai
    your observation has taken routes, what is happening on the roads of juba, is a broad day light robbery. traffic police who are seen to be exemplary in restoring order and tranquillity, instead turn to be infiltrated thieves within the govt. their national duties are to control traffic activities to reduce the roads accidents and the likes. in sometime to come SS police will be the worst police ever in East Africa, our police have copied and pasted the real activities of Kenyan police.
    our police extort money from all people even non-business vehicles. the current interior minister has clearly issued a statement on how to make things look different but there are people stabbing him behind to stop those initiatives so that they continue to swindle and enrich themselves with the money they are getting illegally.
    this kind of corruption will never abruptly comes to end, it will take time or even go worse than those scenarios we have seen taking place in juba.
    only God will intervene and save us from the hands of these heartless and corrupt elements to destroy them in any means so that the next generation to come will not follow the footprints and adapt the same behavior.
    we should condemn that attitude and call upon the entire nation to put pressure to other govt organs to look into, monitor and evaluate the activities of our police especially trafffic police.

  8. Richard says:

    So much for the billions of dollars spent on ‘capacity building’ for these and other officers. When ‘capacity building’ workshops also become occasions for theft, you know the nation is in deep, deep trouble. I have no ideas to contribute about this nightmare. It is well beyond offering ideas and constructive solutions. It’s virtually a black hole.

  9. Agip The Great says:

    Brother Gai,
    Who will revise the policies in the ministry of interior? Who will form the monitoring $ evaluation policies & who the heck will dismiss thieves in the ministry, for theft is the best friend of the current regime. BUT …..YES GOD LOVES THIS COUNTRY. HE AND HE ALONE WILL CHANGE POLICIES. THANK YOU!!

  10. Albinodit:

    Why you do not like the president to be blamed??

    Inspector General Police of South Sudan Police Services and Minister of Interior, should be summoned in the assembly to answer the police traffic officers conducts at work in the cities in the South Sudan.The work of police traffic officers, their work is to deal with vehicles autos checking licenses on drivers and to control drivers from driving recklessly in the cities while issuing violators tickets and told them to appear in courts.
    The fine will be paid in the courts.The fees will be given to the government in charge but not the traffic police officers to judge the drivers on traffic offences. The money they took from drivers, and other crimes, they will go in their pockets without any notice in the government in the country.

    • Albinodit says:

      @ Chief, Yes that is the chronological sequence of legal procedures, and you must agree with me now that you were wrong when you mentioned and I quote ”But his corruption,he was talking about,has not yet stopped at once! How possible he is allowing police traffic officers to engage in money collection from people?

  11. Elijah Samuel says:

    Why be surprised, the ruling tribe traditionally steal cows, so those in contact with national treasury steal the national treasures and those with guns rob other peoples land and those on the street steal from the street.
    So much to the claims of “born to rule” which should read “born to steal,” they have failed and blundered our country.

  12. mindra says:

    you are really on the ground with these constructive ideas which are rampant in Juba street. please bro if you turn your eyes over Nimule highways, you can not believe your eyes and Rei nimule migration checkpoint. no single car can pass without being taken money from, even when free of charges and when vehicle particulars are correct.
    Then,the same thing apply to Nesitu.
    to me this is failed country/nation. Kirr is not a leader and he is the one encouraging these culprits. it’s really disgrace to the Republic of south Sudan.
    even if the offenders are arrested and jailed today, tomorrow you see them on juba street.

    Mindra Lao-local pageri payam,

  13. Peter Gai Manyuon says:

    Dear Readers, Thanks you so much for the comments about the issue of traffic police Officers who are trying to take this great nation to darkness.
    Peter Gai Manyuon

  14. Dear brothers and sisters, filling your hearts with great love of GOD who created and put you in this world, do everything in patient and love and you will be rich, not by robbing people around you GOD is seeing you and shame on you to do that…don,t you fear GOD who created you in his image?

  15. Ajang Maluethdit Ajang says:

    South Sudanese paramilitary first need professionalism. Our armed forces aren’t well trained and get contact of who suppose to protect who? Since they are green about what they should do that’s why cheating government. My brother Gai this case frequently happened in highway to juba. The culture of stealing wasn’t there but the case isn’t BENYDIT OR KURMIDIT but lack of professional ethical, code of conduct and uncle’s recruitment.

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