Towards SPLM unification, again? What a tragedy for South Sudan


As president Kiir and arch-rival Machar met face to face to initial yet another futile agreement deal on October 20th, 2014, at the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge outside Arusha, Tanzania, the day will stand out as an inauspicious and unpropitious day in the political evolution of South Sudan nation as specifically pertaining to the political behavioral evolution of our so-called political leaders.

If the assertions by both rival sides (SPLM ruling and SPLM-in-Opposition) that the goal of the talks and the agreement thereof is the re-unification of this monstrosity known as the SPLM again, then the oppressed peoples of South Sudan are once again being callously and unashamedly betrayed by the same personalities.

Yes, not only once, twice or thrice in our life time, but for the nth time, is the nation of South Sudan silently witnessing another duplicitous realignment of personalities who until this very moment have combined, colluded and commissioned the murders of hundreds of thousands of the citizens.

Sadly, the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge parody comes after the abysmal and clear failure of the IGAD-negotiated Peace Talks in Ethiopia, whereby both sides of the government and the rebels came out immensely disappointed by the IGAD mediators.

In the latest statement from government spokesperson, the unpredictable minister of information, Makuei, the IGAD mediators were more interested in the participation of one politician at the peace talks and that was Dr. Lam Akol was deliberately prohibited by Kiir from traveling to Addis.

But more pertinently, IGAD also wanted to dish out an almost equal proportion of the share in a new government of national unity to each of the three, i.e. SPLM ruling, SPLM-in-O and SPLM ex-detainees, which didn’t bode well with Makuei’s boss, Kiir, hence the adjournment of the Addis talks.

Now, seriously, if after all those many months that the IGAD has been coercing, cajoling and counselling these same SPLM ‘compatriots’ in Ethiopia but to no avail, what difference would Tanzania’s ruling party, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi and Pres. Kikwete do differently to achieve concordance among a bunch of diabolically cantankerous and self-seeking persons?

Nonetheless, one important anomaly needs to be pointed out about this gang of so-called SPLM ‘leaders’ and that is their selfish propensity to fully and criminally exploit any chances whereby they are being feted and accommodated luxuriously and freely at someone’s expense, and even get paid for their irresponsibility.

We clearly saw this behavioral manifestation during the unnecessarily prolonged pre-CPA talks in Nairobi and Naivasha, where greed became a prominent characteristic of these SPLM gangsters. The IGAD Addis is a rendition of their greed of financial exploitation.

According to Tanzanian President Kikwete, he had invited the Kiir and Machar “to a dialogue aimed at reunifying the South Sudanese SPLM ruling party.”

Furthermore, quoting the Secretary-general of Tanzania’s ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi, Mr. Abdulrahman Kinana, Kiir and Machar had been invited “to the intra-SPLM dialogue with the hope to re-unify the party.”

However, it should be recalled that a week before (October 12 to 18) the so-called Kiir-Machar Summit at Ngurdoto Lodge, a bunch of SPLM ruling and SPLM rebel and ex-detainees representatives had been meeting in Arusha and according to Mr. Kinana, “the SPLM family have reached progress on establishing a framework for the SPLM dialogue, including shared principles, objectives and agenda for engaging dialogue.”

Seriously, for many of us concerned South Sudanese, this is the biggest and scandalous exposé of the SPLM dishonesty and dis-ingenuity. What’s there that the two SPLM protagonists have to talk about to ‘unify’ their long-exipired party?

The SPLM for all intents and purpose is a dead party, what Kiir, Machar, Pagan or Lam Akol are supposedly leading are mutually antagonistic and mutually destructive, self-serving but deadly clones of the former SPLM that only serve the particular interests of these personalities and their tribal peoples or criminal gangsters.

Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, who incidentally is leading the SPLM-in-O group at Ngurdoto, posed the following in his latest book, ‘South Sudan: The State we aspire,’ “What’s the difference between confusion and a vicious circle? In essence, there’s no difference between the categories…… but in the context of South Sudan, confusion-cum-vicious circle is the political environment the political elite engineers in order to de-conscientise the masses and prevent them from appreciating the oppressive reality in which they are submerged.”

Dr. Adwok further goes on: “Because most political leaders practise double talk, it becomes absolutely necessary for them to generate confusion about their real intentions and they create a psychological environment which could be described as a comedy of political impotence.”

Precisely and unfortunately, the Ngurdoto document just signed by the so-called ‘three’ factions of the SPLM, which will serve yet again as another roadmap for further negotiations to reunite the SPLM and end the war, epitomizes the ‘confusion-cum-vicious cycle’ Dr. Adwok Nyaba referred to above.(pp 148)

Succinctly, Dr. Adwok Nyaba concedes, “…the comedy of political impotence is the havoc the political elite, former revolutionaries of the national liberation struggle, pursuing a personal agenda for power and wealth, are wrecking havoc with the destiny of the people of Southern Sudan.”

The biggest misfortune is that the civil societies and other stake holders in the current predicament facing our nation were deliberately excluded by Tanzania’s president Kikwete with the obvious complicity of the three SPLM leaders and this doesn’t bode well for any possible or probable future resolution of the crisis in the nation.

The SPLM as a whole is seriously and permanently debilitated by internal contradictions, schisms and rivalries which have cumulatively wrecked havoc among these so-called leadership or former revolutionaries.

Nothing good will ever materialize even if God himself came down and took these SPLM ‘leaders’ up into Heaven to negotiate among themselves.

These SPLM criminals, like the biblical people of Babel who disobeyed God himself and built the metaphorical ‘towers of Babel’against God’s will, must be destroyed and dispersed into different directions (many into prisons for life).

More concisely, the SPLM leaders have collectively lost their legitimacy to rule the country anymore because of the crimes they have committed or commissioned that, as Dr. Adwok Nyaba even wrote in his book (pp 148), that with the preponderance of evidence, “it would be easy to pick up and send to the International Criminal Court-ICC- in The Hague many of those in positions of authority today in South Sudan.”

Since coming to Juba in 2005, Pres. Kiir and his ex-deputy, Machar have never really resolved their political differences from the bush era, on top of their bitter tribal differences, a fact overtly exacerbated by the big educational disparities, the latter a PhD holder and the former an primary school leaver.

On the other hand, Kiir has never forgiven or forgotten those so-called Garang’s Boys, such as Pagan Amum, the leader of the former detainees group, for their mischievous role in his (Kiir’s) marginalization and abuse during the bitter animosity with Garang when the late briefly contemplated dumping his deputy, Kiir,

Moreover, in the current opposition groups, those of Machar and Lam Akol still behave like two bitter ex-wives married to the one husband, never will they ever consensually collude and come together to even overthrow the Kiir regime, a near-miraculous expectation those many South Sudanese opposing the Kiir government had hoped would happen sooner than later.

Lately, the Machar’s SPLM-in-O, has publicly and wholeheartedly embraced the popular demand for federal system of governance in the country. If now SPLM unification has become a top priority, is Dr. Machar not once again exhibiting his traits of betrayal to the Equatorians, the Nuer and Western Bahr el ghazel supporters who stood out to support the rebel SPLM?

If the improbable were ever to materialize that a united SPLM came back to life and took over the running of the Juba junta, that would be the biggest tragedy of our nation and its people.

A South Sudan government with Kiir, Machar, Pagan, Alor and company would be diabolical mockery and a painful insult to all those innocent compatriots needlessly eviscerated during the so-called struggle for regime change.

Once again, one would imagine Kiir boldly and without shame stand up in the dead beat parliament to pronounce a general amnesty for his own crimes and for the crimes of other SPLM co-conspirators.

Bitterly, the nation will be again forced to swallow the painful realities that they will and must have to live with once again ad infinitum, the ‘confusion-cum-vicious cycle’ of SPLM political disasters, one after another.

Like it or not, tribal domination will be overtly expedited, there will be no accountability for any crimes commissioned by the ruling SPLM gangsters, people will be murdered and brought with decapitated heads to the government morgues and other unimaginable egregious crimes perpetuated blatantly and lawfully.

In conclusion, whatever the case, the nation should not countenance or allow the tragedy of SPLM unification and the comeback of the SPLM monstrosity to again damage, desecrate and disintegrate the stalled progression and evolution of our nation.


  1. Martin L says:

    “Once again, one would imagine Kiir boldly and without shame stand up in the dead beat parliament to pronounce a general amnesty for his own crimes and for the crimes of other SPLM co-conspirators.” That would be a sad day in our lives! What a tragedy!!

  2. AGUMUT says:

    IS Riek Machar coming back again?

    • info@southsudannation says:


      • AGUMUT says:

        I don’t like both anymore,it is good that i have no South Sudanese CITIZENSHIP, although i lost everything because of recessions,but it takes few years to clear myself from DEBT. I am fine.

  3. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    I am almost on tears reading your in-depth analysis to our upcoming dilemma, God save South Sudan from this monster SPLM. This unfolding scenario in Tanzania Arusha, is a clear message to those fighting groups (Mathian- Anyor, Dout ko- Banj and White Army) who innocently died in thousand thinking that they are zealously fighting and dying in thousand to defend their Ethnic tribal leadership hegemony.
    But unfortunately the reality is that those SPLM leadership uncaring about your perceived compatriotism, rather they are more concern with their gluttonous ego and welfare of their families, extended family and closer puppets, discarding you back to your previous severe poverty and repression life once more.
    As such for the sake of upholding that trend of leadership and power they are now going to craft out another devilish approach of how they can cling to power until inherited by their successions.
    Therefore the grassroots of South Sudan should come together as South Sudanese and loudly cry out, enough for recycling of those SPLM robbers and murderers into power again, because if forced down our throats, that means just another pending violence in the near future, profitable for those perpetrators, war mongers and killers of, children, women and elder ages, of South Sudan zealously.

    • Duop Nhial says:

      Region(geography) doesn’t identify South Sudanese;only the ethnicity does. For example Kuol Manyang was quoted as saying he can not leave his Monyjany from BG fellow to join other tribe men and women from Upper Nile and Equatoria..Therefore ethnicity must be the basis of federation in South Sudan

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      General-Thoon Anyar,
      How about your poor and innocent people who were massacred in Hospitals, Churches and hidding places, so did they fight or kill anyone before they were innocently murdered in a coldblood?
      Comment and analyse wisely even a woman in our community can fight with her shoes if she is that annoyed and what is so special about you and your pathetic ptrenders apart from your welknown cowardice and cheap perceptions on the current crisis?

  4. Okuc says:


    The salvation of people of South Sudan from the diabolic SPLM lies with Equatorians. Let them take up arms like Chollo and Murle to defend themselves and their lands to deny Kirr’s regime force base. Unfortunately, Equatorians don’t want to learn from the event of 1983 when Addis agreement was dismantle and consequently the second civil war between North Sudan and South Sudan broke out.
    Most Equatorians thought that the war would be fought in Upper Nile and Bhar el ghazal regions and they will not be affected by it. The same attitudes and mindset are still exhibited by Equatorians despite that they are the most
    oppressed than the rest of people in South Sudan by kirr’s regime yet they don’t want to take action to bring about the change the people of South Sudan is yearning for.
    Without fair representation of all South Sudanese in centres of power; the same SPLM will come back to power and South Sudan will not move forward.

    • Okuc,

      Thanks Okuc. I honestly appreciate your advice to Equatorians.

      • LONG says:

        If you can remember, this has been my point from day one. But Equatorian lack leadership, and back yard to take a rest after a battle. Wani, Lomuro and other have been subdued beyond rescue. DR Congo and CAR are almost no man’s land with heavy UN presences. Uganda is pro Kiir knowing too well that if he looses power and anti M7 gets in, the Ankole rule is over, coz our cousins, the Acholis, the Lugbaras, the Kakwa will be backed to put the Matoke eaters to where they rightly belong.

        SPLM-IO should consider contacting Kabila so we can open a front in CES,

        • Charles says:

          Okuc, Bentiu and LONG

          Picking on Equatoria when the issue is a national one is totally uncalled for. You are blaming a victim instead of the agressor. Every South Sudanese has suffered from the SPLM led government. You hear complaints from Equatoria because they are a lot more aware of their rights as citizens of this country. The others are fooled when they see their tribesmen running the show even when they are not getting anything out of it. . Are you claiming that the Dinka or Nuer in their respective areas are enjoying under this governemnet? Are they getting any better services from this government than the people from Equatoria? Do they have more healthcare services or more and better run schools, better roads, or enjoy more security than those in Equatoria? Brothers, we are all screwed by this SPLM government. It is not Equatoria alone. I do not have to remind you as to where there are more revenge killings, iter-tribal fighting, more cattle rustling, more threats of hunger, endemic diseases, etc. in this country. Those leaders and officials who come from those areas, and who pillage our resources, and mismanage our affairs in Juba, hardly change the lives of their communities on the ground. They have looted the resources of the country and stashed the loot outside the country, with no sign of it in the villages they hail from. While they live in opulence and travel all over the world and stay in five star hotels, their areas and people back in their villages are in the most sorry state imaginable. So, let us avoid dividing ourselves into Equatorians, Upper Nileans, or Bahr Ghazalians, and unite to fight to get the best people to run our affairs. Making other people feel as if they do not belong will only serve those who want to pillage South Sudan more and prolong our agony. Just because the people of Equatoria have not rushed to join the killing spree does not make them cowards. There are many ways to skin a goat.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            DEAR CHARLES,

          • Dear Charles:

            I totally respect your point of view that you do not want to join the “killing spree” and there are many ways to “skin a goat”. Now you know that very well our government is not only corrupt, but also it divides us we the citizens of South Sudan along ethnic line. Through your comments I understand that you want the government to be restructure as Bentiu, Okuc, and Long want. Since you are a peaceful person who do not like killing spree, why don’t you apply those ways of skinning a goat in order to change the government so you can safe us now? What are you waiting for since 2005? When do you plan to use those strategies?

            Okuc, Long, and I are open to whatever strategies you will use to overcome Salva Kiir genocidal and tribal regime. However, understand that there is no change without bloodshed. People lost lives event in the peaceful protest, but I hope your peaceful strategies of skinning a goat will work well and will change Kiir administration soon peacefully.

          • Bol says:

            “let us avoid dividing ourselves into Equatorians, Upper Nileans, or Bahr Ghazalians, and unite to fight to get the best people to run our affairs.” … Thanks Charles…. I don’t want to know your tribe or rejoin , because it will not change any thing in my side ….. as long as you keep it that way……..

          • Itikwili says:

            Dear Charles,

            I see quite a lot of sense from your comment. the central issue however is a great many of the people in these other regions aside Equatoria tend to identify with brutal leaders and it is from this false sense of attachment where they get a sense of being strong, powerful and eventually subjects of abuse. what do you get when 50-100 people congregate in a house eating from supplies provided by one man whose real family members are 100% outside the country in nairobi, kampala, Mbale, US, UK, AUS, CAN. keep dogs of that number and instigate them against somebody and see whether they will not die for you. these guys will continue to swim in opulence and replace their persons with siblings to continue the loot as long as these masses continue to flock their abode and live subserviently. It is just like slaves serving their masters

        • Agutran says:

          Ramaran and Long;
          Remember; if you can’t beat them, joint them! Look, you can afford to be ashamed by coming back but you can’t afford to resist by not coming back! They often say “you’ll come back like the dog eating its vomits” Yeah I agree because you better eat your own vomits and stay alive than refuse and ends up dead. Now the question is: what would you prefer?

          • Dear cousin Agutran:

            We South Sudanese we fought tirelessly for several years against Sudan regime because we did not like the Sudanese constitutions. After we separate from Sudan in a hope that each of us will pursue our individual dreams such as freedom of speech, freedom to run for the government position of interest, and freedom to vote for the leaders of your choice.

            However, Salva Kiir still using Sudanese constitutions to suppress his opponents. You see you Agutran and Salva Kiir act like dogs which vomited and eat the vomits again. You and Kiir want Bentiu Ramaran and Long to eat those vomits with you again but we say no it is not right to eat the vomits again.

            Ramaran and Long, refuse to eat the vomits again with you that is why we want Kiir regime to be changed not only that it betrayed South Sudanese citizens, but it cost South Sudan hundred of billion dollars in debt that will place our country in a severe jeopardize with international community in the future.

            Remember that if “Ramaran and Long” do come back to the government, Salva Kiir will not be the same person forever. All his power will be taken away from him. Kiir will be left on power like trees without leaves. All the governors of our 10 states will be elected by the citizens of the states. Mayors will be elected by people of that city and commissioners will be elected by the residents of respective county. Ramaran and Long, goals are to give South Sudanese freedom to exercise their God given rights.

          • Charles says:

            Dear Editor

            Your challenge of Equatorians to change the system is in place. Let those who want to use force go ahead and let others who use other means also not be discouraged to play their part. Even you, Mr. editor, by hosting this website, and without an Ak 47, you are already in the thick of the fight and forcing people to change the system. Those in authoriy and running the show are reading and being unknowingly influenced by what are discussed here and in your editorial comments. Otherwise it would be a waste of time on your part to be running this website.You are using a weapon as affective as an AK 47 if not more lethal.

            The people of Equatoria may not be visibly involved in changing the status quo, but by studying what is going on, they are making people stop to think. For instance, during the Equatoria conference and after, the people of Equatoria have been arguing for the implementation of a federal system. At first it was received with hostility by the rest of the regions. Today, resistance to federalism is fading, and it has even been endorsed by both sides of the current conflict. Would it have been endorsed if there was no fighting? Maybe, maybe not. But it is now a household word. Since 2005 we have had so many mini-rebelions with so many innocent people got killed and displaced as a result. And each time this happened and got resolved only the rebel leaders got rewarded, with no change on the ground. That goes to show that we do not always change much by encouraging tribally-based rebellions. Let us just count how many rebel movements have we had since 2005, and what have we gained by them other than inflating the number of illiterate generals and ill-trained soldiers being recruited into the SPLA with the dire consequences afterresolving each rebelion .

            You know too well how our poorly trained security operatives will behave if you use some of the methods you have suggested of civil disobedience. We have a clear example of what happened in Wau when apeaceful demonstration resulted in the killing of so many innocent lives. Every enemy requires a different way of fighting it. And if there are discrete ways underway, they cannot be revealed here for all to know about, else they are no longer discrete. When people keep quiet, do not think that they are doing nothing however small. Call me a pacifist if you want, but ,as I said there are many ways to skin a goat, and besides, changes can be brought about by tackling an issue from a multi-facet of sides.Let those who want to bring about change through the barrel of the gun do so. Even our struggle for independence was a combination of many strategies. Without an agressive awareness by those in the diaspora to inform, sensitize and win friends in the international arena, the bush war by itself would not have brought us South Sudan.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Dear Charles,
            Truly, we cannot negate the multi-faceted roles many Equatorians like you are undertaking in the struggle to ‘liberate’ the people.
            I wholly agree with you that certain things being done by some compatriots can’t be discussed in the open.
            A lutta continua.
            Best regards,

      • Abiel says:

        Okuc and Bentiu
        let me tell you this people from Equatorian are not thinking stupid like you( Nuer and shollo) they will not let their states to be destroy like what you did to your greater Upper Nile and if you’re waiting for them to rebellion against the government then you’re waiting for nothing just watch.

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Bentiu Ramaran:

        What advice did you honestly appreciate from Okuc? Okuc is confused and has nothing good to advise the Equatorians for. The Chollo and Murle took up arms and fought against the government of South Sudan, but they dropped their guns and returned to Juba empty handed.

        Now the Ultimate Nuer Warriors are on their way back to Juba under the leadership of president Kiir Mayardit. So, Why do you want the Equatorians to commit the same stupid mistakes by picking up arms and destroy their own region as you stupidly and shamelessly did it in your region. What have Chollo, Nuer and Murle gained from picking up arms and fought against the government of South Sudan?

        Best regards/

        Bol Akuol.

    • AW Joseph says:

      Dear Okuc,
      I do agree with some of the issues you raised in regard to the participation of Equatorians in the quest for genuine democracy and freedom. However, some of your assertions that Equatoria as region has become a mere spectator in the current conflict is false due to the following;
      (A) To start a rebellion you have got to have bases, weapons and Supporter/s who will supply you.
      (B) Its a known secrete that both David Yau Yau, Jonson Olony and Riek Machar receive supplies from Khartoum due to their geographical proximity to Sudan.
      (C) Who do we have to support and supply us when we are bordering hostiles countries such as Kenya, Uganda and DR Congo who are part and parcel of the problem facing us?
      (D) Prior to 15/12/2013 the composition of the Nuer in the army (SPLA) was about 70%. If the Nuer as a tribe suffered those atrocities in the presence of such numbers in the army what do you think could have happened to unarmed Equatoria?
      (E) The Murle were already established armed Melisa before they started the rebellion they never emerged out of blue
      (F) The Chollo were armed and funded by Sudan before they joined the SPLA. To date they remained a separate entity and not integrated to the SPLA.
      (G) The Nuer are part of the army before the alleged coup that’s why they have access to weapon, but yet, they were not able to protect their people.
      Surely we in Equatoria are oppressed more than anyone else, but one day we will rise to defend ourselves and this will take our detractors by surprise. Only time will tell.

    • John Kijana says:


      As of now, Equatoria is South Sudan. It is the heart and soul of South Sudan, the rest of the states are in chaos and anarchy. Today, Equatoria is in the path of change and development, whereas the rest are gutting their throats out with senseless war only to run as fugitives and refugees in Equatoria. This Statements have been echoed several times by the 3 governors of reater Equatoria. Imagine we sent all these jenges, nyagats and whoever out of Equatoria, where would they eat and find a degree of humane treatment? That however does not mean Equatorians cant fight, yes we can and even better. Equatorians use brains and not brute and sheer numbers who get mowed down. The time for Equatorians is coming and once it is there, we shall by force make “kokora”. Then we see how the rest jenges and nyagats fight it among themselves

    • force one says:

      Since you claim to take arms against the SPLM/A; did you liberate your land? If not then why are you pushing other on fire that you don’t want to be near? Murle are people for something to eat; that’s why they come and robbed what to eat and run. They never occupied any land. On the side of Equatorians, I don’t think they need your education, they have all the choices and the question is not whether or not they have the choices but the question is how dangerous the choices might be!

  5. Elhag Paul says:

    A breath of fresh air. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kong Puok Tongluot -Finland says:

    Editorial Analyysis

    It”s very owing fierce for remember when South Sudanese in historical struggle phase. I would like to remind you of what so called Arusha framework deal between SPLM rival factions and former detainees, which had been inked occationally with repesented Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Chairmman C-I-c of SPLM- IO, Mr. Salva Kiir of SPLM in Juba, and former detainees repesentative.

    Arusha’s framework that was dealt, it’s subastantivly cleared SPLM party h’d desolved by Salva Kiir after december 15, 2013 events in Juba, because was the core of killng, massacred and slaughtered people in ethnity Nuer by Salva Kiir in Juba refeadedly.Mr. Salva Kiir not longer legitimate since he committed massacred against unramed Nuer, women, children, elderly aross South Sudan, he abused power already.

    Definetly, Dr. Riek Machar had scaped his own lovely live from conspirasy that plotted by Salva Kiir and his elemens clique coordinated with Ugandan current presiden Yurorei Museveni called coup attemp. The Free fighters not fight for Riek Machar pose, but they have been fighting for thier lovely people lost thier lives in thousands across South Sudan massacred launched on thier lives by Government. Any deal which would try to allow Mr . Killer Salva Kir remain in both SPLM and presidency that deal could be useless. End

  7. Deng Deng says:

    If people want to overhaul a dysfunctional system, it will require a holistic approach by involving all the stakeholders. It will also require new blood with fresh thinking.
    We read the parties in Arusha were SPLM- IG, SPLM-IO and SPLM-10. Then, where is SPLM-DC because it is also SPLM?
    With all the failures, blunder including the massive atrocities recently, by the SPLM and the leadership, are they not ashamed to continue to be on throats of southerners and claim to be governing RSS? The trend things are taking shape, there is hopelessness in the RSS and its leadership. Expect more chaos, violence, anarchy including massive corruption, nepotism and no development. Unfortunately, the vision for SS had died and was buried immediately after the demise of Dr. John Garang. God help South Sudan!

    • Southdan says:

      Mr.Deng Deng, I totally disagree with you by saying the vision of Dr. Garang had died. But I will agree if you had said the vision will die soon or later. Why do I say so? As a matter of fact, this nonsense war was a legacy of Dr. Garang.
      I’m not sure whether you might be aware upon Garang’s tragic death, President Kiir said he will carry on Garang’s vision and legacy.
      In my opinion, Dr. Garang had three visions in mind: 1. He wants to rule as dictator for hundreds of years (Solomonic dynasty 1227-1975),
      2- He wanted to credit every thing in south Sudan to the Dinka tribe,
      3- he also was thinking blindly he could wipe out the Nuer tribe in south Sudan.
      Let me point out something. The so called (Arusha اروسا) intra-Splm reunification is a failure to the government because they don’t want the negotiation going well in Ethiopia because Mr. Makuei, the mastermind of Bor Nuer civilians massacre in UN compound last April, 2014 was scoring zero points in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia peace talks between him and rebel’s team lead by Ge Taban D.Gai.
      Therefore, thanks we have heard loud voices recently in the media the rebels comonder Gathoth has denied such reunification would be admitted till President Kiir resigned. However, Dinka elites thinking they could drag Tanzania into south Sudan like they brought Uganda, consider Tanzania a clientale they profess Dr. Garang D-Mabuir and Mosaveni attended the same college.

  8. General South says:

    Dear Okuc,

    You are 100% right, when we talk to our fellow Euaotorians who are in Government (SPLA, National Security, Police and other ) to work together to bring down the government of Dictator Kiir, they are thinking that you may cut out their food, these time Kiir will turm to us.

  9. AGUMUT says:

    The way those people look now,South will become very soon like North where nobody talk with nobody unless you got money and nobody can’t say anything openly because of fear of being arrested by Security.

  10. Kondokoro says:

    Slaves who hate freedom hates SPLM because freedom is conected to SPLM you will never getrid of SPLM my friend only the People of South Sudan Can SPLM is an Elephant with SPLA as A Rhino i promise you those who hate SPLM you can hate Kiir Riak or who ever may be but SPLM is not a person is a TOOL you cannot get rid of a TOOL you use the TOOL or sharpern it.

    • LONG says:


      your names suggested you are from Bari(meaning bori translated as lousy. For the rest of you to know, Baris classified, Wani Igga is actually a descendant of a slave, for us Baris, from Juba to Ariwara in Congo and Koboko in Ugandan, we know the sheep from goats. Wani just wanted to reccreat the status quo but the real man in Ladu Gore, from a royal family that is wat my dad told me.

  11. LONG says:

    Here is the solution to South Sudan’s perennial problems;
    Formation of all tribes revolutionary party to replace the decaying SPLM who are banking on the fast to rule forgetting the current reality as dictated by time

    The leadership must be young exposed nationalist. SPLM has nothing to offer, they are morally and politically bankrupt, sealing their weakness on cheap manipulation of the poor in their tribes. sending young men to their earlier graves as the continue their looting

  12. kikisik says:

    Mr. Editor that was one of funniest editorial analysis you ever wrote, but full of logic especially these two line and quote’ Moreover, in the current opposition groups, those of Machar and Lam Akol still behave like two bitter ex-wives married to the one husband, never will they ever consensually collude and come together to even overthrow the Kiir regime, a near-miraculous expectation those many South Sudanese opposing the Kiir government had hoped would happen sooner than later, Nothing good will ever materialize even if God himself came down and took these SPLM ‘leaders’ up into Heaven to negotiate among themselves”
    I think IGAD now is irrelevant because nothing is going to come out of it. I was also surprise to hear this intra-SPLM dialogue in Tanzania because I was asking myself who this Tanzania party called Chama Cha Mapinduzi? Where were they when the leadership of this useless splm was in crises before the outbreak of fighting Dec 12, 2013? Mr. Editor your analysis are in place but I doubt if Dr. Riack is going to accept the outcome of this intra-splm dialogue, because the Nuer Opposition fighter already put out a statement threatening to fight on and outs president “INNU” should Dr. Macher their leader succumb to pressure by allowing by accepting president “innu” Kiir to stay as the president of the country.
    Given the politic of South Sudan, nothing is impossible! Who can believe one day that Obutu Momur would one day work with” INNU” someone who wanted to kill you and even when on to accept in his watch the passing of this controversial security bill?
    ” Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • info@southsudannation says:

      MR. KIKISIK,

      • LONG says:

        I know Mobutu Mamur personally. Mamur, Cdr. Abraham Wani, and Jadala are no match to any Commandant from Jeing. Mamur was let down by us while he was imprisoned and we went silent. It was Polino Matip who stop for him when in fact the jeing wanted him death.
        Now they are using him to tame the equatorians. We do not need him, young agile men will rise using his inspiration to take over the challenge and restore hope to the nation

        Mamur Hate them! trust me he do

        • Dear Long:

          I hope South Sudanese will bless your words. You are patriot and critical positive thinker for fighting for this rotten regime of Kiir change. Bible says man will not fine any thing good unless he sweated for it. This is not only a sweat because our bodies got hot temperature, but it also include the sweat of blood to have freedom in your country. One cannot expect to live in a country that you did not shed blood for it freedom unless you are a fool.

          A dictator is always need force to leave power. There is never a dictator left power peacefully. South Sudanese need to act now to remove Kiir from power before it is too late. Kiir must leave power before he bought his own fighting jets, before he train several young Dinka men to become jet fighters. Those who oppose your opinions and think the regime will be changed peacefully are just shortsighted, double blind contributors. These people would not never a country without others fighting for them. They accept to live under oppressive regime like people of Tibet who believe in peace, but do not have a country.

          Where in the world a change come without bloodshed? For example, America which is the world superpower today had gone several bloodshed changes. Since her independent in1776, the American had several civil wars until 1866. Another example is that President Gaddafy of Libya did not leave power without bloodshed, President Mubarak of Egypt did not leave power without bloodshed, Hitler did not leave power without bloodshed.

          For those like Charles who claim to believe in a peaceful regime change, please do this: organize a protest. Block Numile- Uganda road, block Juba-Numile road, block bridge over the River Nile in Juba, Block Bor-Juba road, Block Juba-Torit road, Block Kampoate-Nairus road and block Nairus-Lokochioki road so there will be no cars coming in Juba and going of Juba. You can even organize people to go and site in the airport run ways so there should be no fly in and out Juba. If you all those who do not believe in arms for the regime change do this, you will safe million of South Sudanese lives.

  13. upiu says:

    some voices have sung on this forum all along that Riek is not an answer to Juba or Kiir’s failures. he’s been part and parcel of Juba brutal regime. i can not feel sorry for those who are or will feel betrayed because the warning(s) was on their faces, that Riek is no messiah by any means. well, he has realized that he will never climb to power by force and so he has to devise a way of coming back into the fold. is that a surprise to anyone?
    sadly, the end result of the peace talk is that all those SPLM factions will come back together to the helm of South Sudan leadership at the expense of the survivors of this needless war. that is because those who have been in the bush will be pushing to make up for the time and money lost while fighting a useless war.

  14. AGUMUT says:

    One should think twice of that Machar’s HILARIOUS TEETH,Kiir is not the best,but South has to keep him for while because there is no best CANDIDATES when most of them thinking of filling their POCKETS only,methinks.

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Keep Kiir for few years,even people in the North support Al Bashir to stay on because political Parties there are worst and too corrupts.

    • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

      If you love Kiir that much, take him and make him head of your household. We have had enough; one way or another, Kiir got to go, period.

  16. Itikwili says:

    Such was a bullshitting-talking Arusha (Tanzania) Talk! It is within our watch that the very thugs who have dismembered this fledgling country and the people could again shamelessly talk of reconstituting to recycle their very persons that have become obsolete in every respect and epitome of shame abode peaceful town of Arusha; their trickery and thuggery has put this country in disrepute and unless we have all resigned to fate, it would be just hard to take this standing from thugs who have never had this country at heart, plundered the country into oblivion. Arise people of South Sudan! how could one party the so-called SPLM throw this country into chaos, extreme violence and murder and still pretend to lord and exist on and upon the corpses they have desecrated and obliterated?

  17. Ogalam says:

    The views that if SPLM party is once again united then automatically the current conflict will be resolve is fallacy. SPLM as a party is dead and should not be resurrected. Instead let us prepare a burial date rather than wasting time praying for it to come back.

  18. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    .All online social media around the world been flock with to many biased deceptively and hypocritically songs of thousands of innocent Nuer women & Children massacre in Juba disregarding any other Human being killed in that senseless fighting for greed & power struggle, that is an absurd un- honest gesture.
    Yes many Nuer civilians lost their lives in 16, & 17/ Dec incident but exaggeration of figure want add more condemnation than what had already been condemn, what about the figure of others Killed by Nuer rebels & Militia ??? Or to retaliate your grievances to another person not the perpetrator is not a crime?
    It will be far better to blame both those two leaderships who fail the country and were involved in that killings, but not recurrently demonizing one & shining another.
    Therefore may advice to those monotonous Nuer singers of Nuer Killings, also point out those killed by Nuer in this ongoing 10 month savagery war.

    Think of others loses, before preaching your lose in Social media to other South Sudanese in & in Diaspora

  19. mindra says:

    Those who make the rules, take the gold.

    Mindra from Loa local pageri payam,madi corridor,eastern equatoria

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Hyenas n crocodiles eat their childern when they become too old to hunt for their living.Our political elite symbolize those animals n they will eat us alive for their living without mercy.In fact our fate has been sealed n even God knows.That’s why he spoke to the editor to write us this editorial analysis.This is what will happen:The elite will unite to come back to rule in Juba.Every one’s objective would be to steal from the meager oil revenues.Everyone would build himself as a powerful man by recruiting personal malitia forces from among his tribesmen.In fact south sudanese society would be fractionated to small tribal n sub tribal entities.People of good consciences like intellectuals,scholars n cultured urban masses would be ear marked for destruction n forced to exile.There would be no programs for infrastructure,education n health care.After stealing oil revenues,they will take the money abroad where their families would be living.Their childern would be educated n given medical treatment abroad.South sudan n the ordinary citizens whould represent a cow to milk without feeding.What happens to her under such severe circumstances of mistreatment?death n very quickly.In fact we are virtually dead already.We only have one single option left.That is refusal of death without a fight.If it’s too late,it’s not really too late.We are at a point of extremity n we must muster courage from there n now.Unity among our constructive forces from all our 64 tribes is a precondition that would give us strength to challenge the corrupt elite.

    The gravity of the reality is such that when our country n the society should have collapsed,thesame elite that will bring it down would flee to exile to enjoy peace n prosperity.This is what has happened to the central african republique n to other failed states like Mali before France stepped in due to oil,minerals n many other economic interests.Let’s mark down our words:this is the most unfortunate n the likely scenario that would happen to our country in a very near future.

    • Bol says:

      Dear Brother False Millionaire,
      Please remember any Bad Peace Deale is far better than very just short war…..In War there is a very good chance of our Country becoming second Somalia ….In peace…we are jsut African corrupted state…. we can work for change during peace time….. Imagine…..Bentiu Ramran, Elhag Paul, Fales Millionaire, Bol ..Working tirelessly for Presidential Term Limit, Federalism, Humans Rights, and Transparency ….A work nobody can do in this climate……. Cheers brother.

  21. jijury says:


  22. False Millionaire says:


    U talk like an angel of God from God in heaven!!!With the great citizens like u on the front line,we are more than inspired to entertain high hopes of better days ahead.Thank u for your great comments my most dear fellow brother.

  23. Kondokoro says:

    While we were busy librating or fighting the enemy in khartoum some of these hate speakers on this forum were either in egypt collecting church cash or in refugee camps eating janjaru waiting to go to diaspora now most of them in welfare in canada or usa now and are calling the best commanders who liberated south sudan as slaves who is Lado Gore he was in oposition all the time he dont believed in loyalty or submission to principles or are saying Bari are slaves then Lado Gore is a slave too but you are sick war monger who drink blood you never go to south sudan because you will be spoted out quick

    • LONG says:

      Loyalty My foot. Ladu Gore is a prince, not a descendant of slave like Wani Igga, Lomuro. How do you ask a prince of both Bari and Pojulu to bow to Animals?
      Where did you fight? Tell me and I will show you my wounds Mr Slave and Idiot.
      Real men ask questions, challenge status qua. Is SPLM a religion? its only divine authority that is not questionable, but even religion is now days put to test.

  24. Okuc says:


    I know you are one of the beneficiary of this bloody Kirr’ regime and therefore you want to maintain the status quo at the expense of the rest of South sudanese. I will not inform you what Chollo and Murle have gained, you have to figure it
    Let me remind you, the regime which was imposed on the people of South Sudan is not going to last no matter what you people will try to maintain it because your boss Kirr has lost legitimacy on 15th December 2013 when he ordered
    killing of Nuer in Juba on false pretext of a coup by his former deputy Dr. Macher.
    I am not inciting Equatorians to rebel against the government but am reminding them what they had experienced in 19983 and consequently they paid heavil in terms of victims killed by NIF that is, National Islamic Front of Omer Bashir and again in the movement when they joined in later years. History is a lesson we should learn from.
    It is up to Equatorians to decide for themslves but if they want genuine peace in South Sudan they have to take initiative
    and not to believe that Equatoria is an island within the big jungle called South Sudan where the rule of jungle reign.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      I think you are trying to mobilize the Equatorians to either join the rebellion of Riek Machar or ally themselves politically with the so called the Luo party known as the SPLM-DC. Honestly, I think the Equatorians are too smart to be foolishly dragged around like a prostitute by the Nuer and Chollo under the poor leadership of Riek Machar and Lam Akol who has no a clear vision for the Republic of South Sudan.

      Honestly, What have Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol achieved so far in South Sudan except the creation of war and confussion? What have you Chollo and Nuer accomplished so far in your Upper Nile region that prompted you to give advice to Equatorians? Please stop that stupid war in your region and start rebuilding all you had looted and torn apart before you give an advice to the Equatorians who are relatively enjoying the development, peace and tranquility in their regions. Ideally, It should be the Equatorians to give you Chollo and Nuer the advice and not the other way around.

      • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

        Bol Akuol,
        I believe you do not know what you are talking about. Upper Nile is a part of South Sudan’body. And so is Equatoria and Bhar el hazel. Would you be enjoying if part of your body is hurting? Understand that you do not want Equatoria to be part of this revolution since it would be a blow to nature of holding on to power. You are afraid you will lost your bread crumbs if this looting machine of yours is deleted.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Nuer- Another Citizen in Gambella, Ethiopia (East Africa)

          My Compatriot, your title is very misleading and divisive. What make Nuer Another Israel in East Africa? Is it because they live in Gambella, Ethiopia and South Sudan and are scattered all over East Africa? At least the Israelis have the place to call home. How about you, Nuer of East Africa? You have just become like Bats who confusingly fly like Birds but look like animal. Honestly, Are you guys South Sudanese or Ethiopians?

          Yes, I concurred with you that the Upper Nile is part of the Republic of South Sudan. However, How would the Equatorians and Bhar El Ghazalians save it and develop it if its Sons and daughters want to loot it, destroy it and abandon it forever? Why did you destroy your own region and fled to Gambella, Ethiopia? Why should I compare myself with the Israelis while I’m burning and looting my own house and region in South Sudan? Now that I’m advising the Equatorians and Bhar El Ghazalians to loot and destroy their regions so that we can share the blame of irresponsibility in South Sudan.

          Really? Do we call what happened in Upper Nile region a revolution? No, Not Really. It was not a revolution. It was purely a looting and destruction…. period. By the way, the Israelis could not loot, destroy or massacre their own Citizens. So please let us stick to our real tribal names and take the responsibility of our own shortcomings in South Sudan.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Bol Akuol AKA son of Slave:

            We, Nuer are fighting various fronts. This is equivalent to Israel fighting many countries. That is how the name “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa” came from.

            Who is fighting UGADAN, Rwanda, Burundi and M23 in Jonglei? Nuer
            Who is fighting Uganda, Egyptian, Burundi, Rwanda in Upper Nile? Of course Nuer
            Who is fighting JEM, SPLM-N, Rwanda, Nuer sellouts in Bentiu? Nuer again
            Who is the fighting the rest of the 64 tribes? It is Nuer again.

            The propaganda that we burnt our home is unsellable. Only blind person of your like would buy that cheap shot. Believe what you want to believe. The whole world knows it is rental troops who burnt down Nuer-land such as those mentioned above. Yes, we are in Gambella, it is our homeland. What about you, my Dinka slave? Who are those slaves in Abyei? Aren’t they Dinka who chose slavery over freedom? Remove the plank in your eyes first so you will be able to see what is in someone else eye.

            Despite the help from all these countries to help you defeat Nuer, we are still as strong as we have been. We have just chased your rental troops out of Bentiu like women. Salva Kiir is now crying in Juba and he will soon go into his drinking cocoon.

  25. alex says:

    SPLA are true liberators and no power will dismental these determine freedom fighters. They will succeed in defeating all these rebelions and this should act as a warning to those who are dreaming of wanting to destablise South Sudan. They fought the whole of the Arab world indirectly so who is there to temper with them. Long live SPLA Long live people’s army. The freedom, liberty, and teriterial intergerity of South Sudan is promount and upholding the copuntry’s constitution is the red line that must not be crossed by any power greedy thugs. Those who find the situation is not fitting them live the worriors alone to put the country back on the way to prosperity. It is not angles who will come to rebuild or depend this country. It is a selffishless people like the SPLA who will deliver this promise and let the idolers keep on barcking. You are used to free things from Khartoum but the SPLA to be self independent.


  26. Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

    UGANDA’S troops will not keep you in power for century unless you are selling South Sudan to Uganda without our knowledge. Once a slave is always a slave. Arabs and British slaved you and now you are switching masters. The new master is now Uganda. Enjoy doing laundry for them.

    • Abai Amos Yusto says:

      The disease is just like a snake which is inside a clay made pot of which taking a decision to dismantle the pot or to leave the snake to sustain it’s life becomes a hardcore decision,what i mean is, the three SPLMS groups, each have been manipulated by selfish personalities and ideals of which we the citizens of south sudan must analyse this critically and with deep understanding.

    • LAVINA says:

      Nuer-the Israeli!

      I write to inform you that not all Ugandans are for salva kiir. as a matter of fact M7 is seriously loosing power he may not contest again because all the oppositions parties are assembling against m7 in Uganda Their most painful story is the involvement of UPDF in rss crisis militarily.

      Kindly get chance and go to Uganda and do your own survey you will agree with me and find out that majority of Ugandans are not for m7 because of the issue of kiir and the war!

      You know some of the Equatorians are like Nuer who are luckily bothering Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, DRC and CAR and the idea is one across these borders and you know it much. Time and organization will reduce the dictator’s term. No one wants kiiir and m7 involvement in this crisis.

      Please do not jeopardies other innocent Ugandans in future because of M7 because right now many are telling southsudanese right away in their faces to vote for Dr Riek to my surprise.

      This is my advise.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa,
      You are saying the opposite as always because your comments fit you with some of your Nuers about ninety percent. When did Nuers stay away from Arabs slave? Well, for your information, Nuers never did well paid jobs in Khatoum or elsewhere and there is nothing to be proud of. You always bring up the history of slaves and that means you don’t know quiet well your history. Nuers never fought on well with their numbers they claimed to be the second largest ethnic in South Sudan during the 21 years of civil wars because they were busy by going back and forth between NCP and SPLM. Now, this is the first time in South Sudan history Nuer fought by themselves for longer than then 8 month and no doubt on that. So, please, you can not be someone better by giving yourself credits of nothing. Thanks.

      • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

        Words of slave are easily spotted. We fought British for God knows how long. We fought your master in Khartoum before your people woke up to the reality on ground. But only to claim they want to remain in slavery under the theme of Secular United Sudan. What a faint-hearted! This thinking we reversed in 1991. After independence, you wouldn’t sit still without a master. You spearheaded Nuer massacre only to hide under new master. You think we do not know, we know full well. So bugger off. Let Nuer reverse your stupidity one more time.

      • BILL KUCH,

        Please do not point your figure at “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa” for telling the truth. Dinka never fought for freedom, but they always fight for leadership and they have been against South Sudan independent for a long time. For example, in 1947 South Sudanese met in Juba and discussed about how they could run the government if it is given to them. However, a Dinka chief called “Paulino Cyer Rehan” who was against federalism and South Sudan independent told the gathering that “Gentlemen,’ he said, ‘we now have stayed too long. Why should
        we be afraid of the Northerners? … if anything happens, if the Northerners want to make injustice to us, well, we have young children, young men: they will take up the response and fight them; they are men like ourselves”. After ward the meeting dispersed with the idea of united Sudan.

        In 1950, Southerners formed “Liberal Party” which support federalism and independent of South Sudan. The president of Liberal Party was known as “Benjamin Lwoki” from Equatoria. In 1953, Liberal Party demanded federalism and independent South Sudan. Deng Nhial demanded to be the president of “Liberal Party”. However, Liberal party members said to Deng Nhial, no Benjamin Lwoki was doing good at his position. From there Deng Nhial quit the liberal party and joined Arabs legislative Assembly and worked very hard with Arabs legislative Assembly against liberal party, federalism, and South Sudan independent until liberal party was abandoned in 1955. As the Arabs Legislative Assembly was fully aware that “Liberal Party” was not longer exist, Deng Nhial was killed in 1960. (Deng Nhial was a Dinka man who was not for change but for leadership)

        In 1972, before colonel Joseph Lagu signed the Addis Abba peace agreement, Samuel Gai Tut told Joseph Lagu not to sign the agreement the Arab were just deceiving us. I hope the Arabs would respect everything they said, Lagu replied. So Lagu went ahead and signed the Addis Abba agreement of 1972. As the Ex-Anyanya1 militants joined the government, Abil Alier demanded leadership of South Sudan from Lagu, but the ex-rebels could not agree with Abil Alier. Consequently, “Abil Alier” and Sudan government legislative Assembly worked very hard to crack down Lagu government and his team until Joseph Lagu and his team quit and went hiding in exile. (You see Abil Alier a Dinka man who was for leadership but not for change and freedom of South Sudanese)

        In 1975, Southerners rebelled against Sudan government in response to the government violation of 1972 agreement. The rebellion was led by Benson Kuany Latjor in Akoba. Kuany Latjor and his militants captured and killed the head of Akoba. Then Kuany Lajor and his men went to the border of Sudan and Ethiopia. Kuany Latjor named his movement “Anyanya2”. Kuany Lajor opened the training camp for Southerners and named that place “Biel Pam” now people misspelled it “Bilpam”. In 1979, Mr. Lajor opened another training camp in Bogo because “Biel Pam” was full with men who sought military training.

        In May, 1983, John Garang and his groups came to Biel Pam purposely to overthrow Anyanya2 and take over the leadership. On the other hand, Anyanya2 was not aware about John Garang plan and welcome John Garang and his groups with open hands. John Garang refused to stay where Anyanya2 was in “Biel Pam” and “Iteng” but settled far away from them in the places called “Inteng far away from Anyanya2 and Thoukoar” and began to make his own recruitment while Anyanya2 still in Biel Pam. (John Garang plan to take leadership).

        In 1984, John Garang made agreement with the president of Ethiopia to attack Anyanya2 and the Ethiopian president agreed with Garang, allied their forces against Anyanya2. Consequently, the SPLA of Garang and Ethiopian government attacked Anyanya2 in Bilpam, in Tierguol, in Iteng, and in Bongo in 1984. As John Garang become the rebels leaders, Dinka began to joined the rebellion more than ever before and then Garang changed the history of the movement from 1972 to 1983 the year he took over the leadership of the movement. The first gunshot of Ananya2 was at Arabs while the first gunshot of SPLA was at the Southerners. This show that Dinka never fight for the freedom of South Sudanese, but for the leadership. If the Dinka cannot lead, they would destroyed the Unity of South Sudan. ( See Garang vision was for leadership but not for freedom and independent of South Sudan)

        • alex says:

          Dear Bentiu Ramaran

          You people are only warriors but you lack strategic military planning including intellectual politics.
          If Garang did not say we are fighting to liberate the whole Sudan, I think up to now we could be still in the bushes. Dr John knew very well the modern politics. If he was to follow Anyanya two vision even Ethiopia will not support our course including many African countries because they all face problem of succession at home. Libiya would not have given us weapons but being intelligent the late hero was able to convince both America and Russia to support our course. He succeeded in changing the Americans from helping Nimeri. Before doing something you need to study the environment and the thinking of the people. The problem is that you still think the world now is still like the world in 1960. So being a visionary man Dr Grang new Ayanya two were heading for political defeat so why follow a group of doomed for failure. Political miscalculation is a big problem for short sighted politicians. Right now we are jumping up and down of federalism without knowing the problems we are going to face. It is good that we have now all accepted federalism so any failure tomorrow the first blame will go to Riek. The government will say we told you lets study and let the people to decide but Riek want to force every thing by force without seeing the consequences. Leaving the citizen to decide is the best practice of democracy but Riek with his PHD he thought he know everything. If he is not careful if things did not work wel with the federalism, that is the end of his political career in South Sudan.,

  27. alex says:

    It is your lack of being an independent thinker that is why you have been mislead by gready people. Your boses are enjoying in Khartoum. What are they doing there? They want to sell us back to slavery.
    You keep on blaming Uganda on the sadback your troops are facing in the battle field. How many solders has Uganda have in South Sudan? Before you were winning because 70% of the army were from your people but now its different story and you will never get that chance again. Only advice is make peace or face total defeat in the battle field. Wait for the dry season you will understand that peace is the only option or you go and join Khartoum and become slaves there. Do you think one tribe will be able to rule South Sudan if you are not people who can not reason. Once you fail to get support from the masses of the people, that is not a revolution. It become a tribal conflict based on tribal hatred for other people



  28. alex,

    South Sudan is an independent nation and Uganda is an independent nation. Why is your tribal chief Kiir Mayardit keeps Ugandan military inside his own nation? This is another form of welcoming slavery.

  29. Southdan says:

    Well Mr.Ramadan Bantiu.what you have mentioned are true. Dinka elits alwys fought in order to rule rather to have a country call south Sudan.I have read Mr.Able Alier book I found out he had mentioned who was a mastermind of Akobo 1875 mutiny. He never credit Mr. Vincent kuany Latgor. Instant he blaming. To be truthfully people of south south Sudan should not blame Mr.Able Alir he is a mastermind of this nonsense war.

  30. Southdan says:

    I hope peopl of south sudan will always blame former Sudan second vice. Mr. Able Alier kuch for inciting this nonsense war in south Sudan. (Too many agreement dishonest by Able Alier kKush)

  31. Southdan says:

    I hope everyone in south Sudan should understand the fighting for a democracy started by Nyanya II in1982-2013.

  32. alex says:

    Dear mr Bentiu Ramaran

    Do not ask childish questions

    What are the French troops doing in Djubuti or American troops doing in Japan, German, Britain, Netherlands and many other countries in the world. As an independent nation, South Sudan has the right to have a military coopration with any other country in the world.
    Tell your group to come home instead of kneeling begging those same Arabs we fought for 50 years. we are brothers and the Arabs are not your brothers. If you need power, only legitmate way of taking power is accetable but not by power. Come and join hands in rebuilding the country. Day by day your group is getting marginalised because you can not even respect the agreement you have signed. Prophet Ngon Deng have misleaded you people to die for no reason. Follow to reason independetly like our true nationalist sons like James Mai Hoth, the health minister, foreign affairs minister and many many other enlightened sons who are busy doing an important role in the country’s development.


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