Toposa Raiders attacked Budi county: PRESS STATEMENT

Press Statement: For Immediate Release, JUL/31/2013;

Toposa Raiders burned down Eight (8) homes wounding a deaf woman as village people reportedly ran for their safety into Bushes around Lotiathe homes, Lotukei Payam. In the same span of time, Chief of Ngauro, BUDI County of Eastern Equatoria State, in the Republic of South Sudan was gunned down by perpetrators believed to be coming and heading back to Kapoeta South County.

On June 28, 2013, heavily armed Toposa raiders believed to come from Kapoeta South County attacked a village called Tababar, in Lotukei Payam, BUDI County, killing one woman and wounding two others. The wounded victims are currently undergoing recovery process in Chukudum Civil Hospital.

Again, on a similar instance, July 14, 2013, the same reported raiders attacked the same village wounding a deaf woman, burning eight (8) homes to ashes and an unspecified number of people are still unaccounted for. Many goats were taken headed to South Kapoeta (

We, BUDI community in Diaspora are deeply troubled with this senseless and unprovoked bulling, killing of innocent persons, burning of homes & displacing many more men, women, children from their homestead by unruly armed Toposa raiders from Kapoeta South County.

Secondly, BUDI community in Diaspora condemn in a strongest term possible this kind of inhumane atrocious act.

*We call upon the government of the Republic of South Sudan to take its responsibility to protect the people & provide security. Protection to the people of BUDI County must be equated to providing security and to any citizen living in part of the periphery of the Republic of South Sudan.

The whole of Payam is hardly served by any police presence with the exception of the Military post Near Nadapal. This is a disservice to the community service with such lack of Government presence since the impressive comprehensive peace (CPA) was inked in Naivasha-Kenya.

Those who recently witnessed the verification of Lorema Boma incidence would have seen, if any services or Government present in that geographical territory closed to the “Hot- Spring Water” bordering Uganda Republic. Such places are un-patrolled triggering unnecessary bulling and innocent killings.

In the most strongest term, we task & call upon Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Mr. Louise Lobong Lojore, to stand up to his stewardship for the people of Budi County & send organized force to go and pursue the killers and to bring them to face justice; just like the recent Lorema Boma few months ago.

By rising up our eyes after such great loss for the Republic of South Sudan, we heartedly call upon UMISS, international Red Cross, and other international NGOs to quickly visit the area to assess the situation, the dead and provide the victims with aid or assistance they need.

We are also following up of an ongoing killing in Ngauro-Tala in Loudo area after a failed peace negotiated after that big Massacre of 2007 and now the killing of the chief.

We are willing to dig out the past resolutions of that Conference to make them work and implemented with the help of the willing lovers or supporters like Humanitarian & local NGOs’. We are also questioning why Budi since the time of CPA continued to be termed as “NGOS” no go zone or given famous name as Lever 4. Could this be a deliberate act of denying Budi county and its people with services?

To this extent, we call upon the Government of Eastern Equatoria State to be serious & work for inter-counties’ peace among neighbouring pastoralist and peasant Communities. Loss of innocent & their dear lives should not be allowed to continue. It must be discouraged or stopped and meaningful programs that allow peace and cohesive collaborations must be given chance to work alongside each other supported by government through income generating programs/loans availability.

We also appeal to the Government of South Sudan to instruct the State Government of Eastern Equatoria to find the sleeping file & Re-Instate the peace conference’s Resolutions conducted between Kapoeta & Budi County after the Massacre of men & women in Ngauro in 2007. The past & the then lengthy agreed beautiful Peace Conference Resolutions between Kapoeta & Budi County must be brought where it is shelved and be implemented in the entirety to help avert such barbaric killing and burning of properties/food.

In conclusion, we appeal for UNMIS or Humanitarian wing to be established & stationed in Lotukei Hot-spring water point and Ngauro-area including Maji in Budi County. This will help monitor and reduce such recurring killing of the innocent people who normally go about their self-help-reliance/activities.

Naturally, Budi people practice mix farming. We are worried & as they continued to be disturbed while going about their cultivation or harvesting of their crops and later being burned down in their houses, we feel they are crippled as they would not be able to provide & feed their families. We are very well aware that relief food or NGOS scarcely or never even reach them. It is painful for anyone to deny ones’ property or food/labour to end up in a way of burning and to leave behind enduring afflictions on them.

CC. H.E President Salva Kiir, Republic of South Sudan, Juba
CC: Governor Louise Lobong Lojore, Eastern Equatoria State, Torit
CC: Budi Commissioner, Chukudum
CC: UNMISS, Juba & Torit
CC: Budi National &Easter Equatoria State MPs
CC: Budi Chiefs

Budi Community in Diaspora
A.A. Martin, Chair
Contact us at:
July 30, 2013


  1. Joseph Okello says:

    This is an uncalled situation in Eastern Equatoria state. The governor should answer this issue by providing protection to the civilians.

  2. Logo Agaach says:

    The reason why innocent lives continue to be lost among our tribes in the east bank is attributable to bias leadership of Eastern Equatoria State. The governor has no interest in peaceful co-existence among the citizens. As long as he continues to expand his cattle camps in Toposa land, the massacre of our peace loving people will prevail. Leaders like Louis Lobong need to be investigated and brought to the book.
    The culture of impunity in South sudan will inevitably lead us into chaos. Sections of Toposa populations are being heavily armed to intimidate other peace loving tribes and to protect Lobong’s cattle camps…. this is the reason why the government of Eastern Equatoria state hasn’t proposed any tangible strategies or ideas to combat rampant cattle raiding in the state particularly from his own Toposa tribe…..

  3. lob says:

    guys we are tied of hearing every time and then that our people, actually where they commited to their activivties are ever disturbed. recuring of burning the houses and innocent people into the ashes, this is the serious issue that we could bring our minds together and secure our entirely people didinga. that man we praised always calling him Luois Lobong, actually he lacks a lot of responsibilities that could make him a real leader. let us gather ourselves and come up with better solutions that could or minimized the occurances of killing among our brothers didinga. That Luois Lobong is not fair.

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