To US President-Elect, Donald Trump: Un-elected Kiir’s South Sudan drifting towards a Catastrophe

US President-elect, Donald Trump,

We followed the marathon of the US elections earnestly on 08 and 09 November 2016, witnessing your steady cruising towards victory.

Unfortunately, the right of citizens to elect their President has been taken away from the people of South Sudan. Salva Kiir is an un-elected and illegitimate President who rules by decrees. We are delighted with the outcome of the US elections for the following reasons:

Firstly – with a new President in the White House and a new administration, it’s likely that a significant shift could happen in the US policy towards South Sudan. We would welcome such a change especially if it’s in line with the democratic principles that America has always been advocating.

Secondly – The current US policy towards South Sudan lacks consistency. For example – on the one hand it pushes for a total arms embargo but on the other it surprises everyone by renewing the military cooperation agreement with the regime in Juba. Also there seem to be some disagreements among the top officials shaping the US policy towards South Sudan. At this point, it’s fair to say that the US policy in South Sudan is all over the place.

Thirdly – South Sudan is drifting towards a catastrophe before the watching eyes of the world. The peace agreement is dead and insisting that it’s alive or could be revived is simply unrealistic in the face of the current dire situation. The regime is effectively practicing State Terrorism with targeting of specific ethnicities and communities. It’s a policy akin to ethnic cleansing and a prelude for genocide. A couple of weeks ago, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army ( SPLA ) attacked the villagers of Kulipapa village in Korijik Bungu killing 11 or more of them. The area is known to be peaceful and hasn’t witnessed any hostilities in the past. It emerged that following a failed military operation, the SPLA unit decided to vent its anger and disappointment on the defenceless villagers. This is reminiscent of the Anyanya liberation war when the government troops resorted to similar acts following defeats in military operations.

Adama Dieng, the UN Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide, stated in a Press conference on 11/11/2016, the following: “I am dismayed to report that what I have seen and heard here has confirmed my concerns that there is a strong risk of violence escalating along ethnic lines, with the potential for genocide.” He also added that there is an urgent need to investigate the ongoing grave human rights abuses in Yei. Few weeks ago, Salva Kiir threatened the Equatorians that he would move to Yei in order to bring the situation under control. And following that the government removed members of the Jieng Community, the tribe from which the President hails, from the Yei area. There are rumours of preparations to use chemical weapons against the civilians in Equatoria.

We are quite alarmed with the gravity of the humanitarian situation in the Yei area in the aftermath of the SPLA rampage. The South Sudan Democratic Front ( SSDF ) condemns the brutal acts of the regime in Juba in the strongest possible terms. We urge the outgoing US administration to apply maximum pressure on the regime in Juba, including the threat of the use of military force against it to save the lives of civilians.

The SSDF welcomes your election to the highest office in the United States of America and looks forward to work and cooperate with your administration in the quest to end the conflict in South Sudan. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to emphasize our strategic stance which is full commitment to peace in South Sudan, the region and the world at large.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok

Chairman and C-in C of the South Sudan Democratic Front – SSDF


  1. lodani rama says:

    Mr Laku,
    where is the list of your political bureau which you promised it would be out soon. I want to tell you force is necessary to deal with criminals killing innocent civilians on the roads.

  2. mading says:

    Lako Jada. No body will put you to power out side South Sudan, if that is what you are hoping for, Trump was elected by American people and you want to be president by using violence as a way to presidency in South Sudan.

  3. False Millionnaire says:

    The truth is,since Trump got voteted in at the expence of Mme Clinton and the rest of the democrats,the roof is leaking every where including USA.That fact adding to the Brit exit from the european union,both the US and Great Bretain will be most likely preoccupied with their own domestic problems to expect anything of significance for RSS from them.
    So no need to day Dream than carry one’s cross for the best as for the worst.

  4. Abel Magok says:

    Dr. Lako Jada,

    I think this is your first press release since you become a leader of rebellion in Equatoria, we thought the first thing you should have done was to address road attacks and target killings of innocent civilians based on their ethnicity in Equatoria and such would have at least given some sense of a leader but I know from many of your writings that you are far from a nationalist, rather a local minded individual fighting for issues of Equatoria, or taking hatred of certain group into violence and such is the essence of genocide you are talking about. You could be the one to start that genocide if you have a chance based on level of hatred you possess and clearly expressed in many of your articles on this website.

  5. Trump has already said African should be recognized after one hundreds years still African don’t understand what is wrong with you people?

  6. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear:Equatoria Rebel Leader Dr.Lako Jada Kwajo

    I ask you a question.Why you take arms and fight for Equatorians?? What are the problems in Equatorians??!!! My dear,you looking for power in the South Sudan government. But,a divider,will never and ever gain a legitimate power in the South Sudan governmnet! You enemy of UNITY IN THE SOUTH! Lay down your machets and arrows! Come home and sit down quiet! You do not have a clear objectives for a future of South Sudan!




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