To US Pres. Trump: Declare Pres. Kiir an illegitimate president


Dear President Trump:
We, the South Sudanese civil societies in diaspora, express our deep concern for the ongoing crisis in South Sudan and the continuing intentional displacement and bombardment of the civilian population that has caused severe famine and displacement of citizens in all regions of South Sudan: Pagak, Maiwut, Wau chollo, Malakal, Jonglei Equatoria Bentiu and West Bhar Elgazel.

For that reason, SSIAHR, and ASSDA recommend that all leaders of the South Sudanese government be sanctioned, restricted in their moment and that their assets be frozen.

We recommend the sanctions in order to provide relief to the suffering people of South Sudan.

Four year have passed since the conflict started in Juba, South Sudan.

It is certain that the IGAD-led peace negotiations have not made any progress in bringing the war to an end.

Tens of thousands of innocent South Sudanese have been killed and over four million are displaced, with more than 100,000 IPDs living in dire conditions in UNMISS camps in Juba and around the country.

President Salva Kiir, who has committed atrocious crimes against humanity, continues to defy the international community since the beginning of the civil war in South Sudan by attacking UN Camps in Jonglei on April 17, 2014 and Malakal on Feb 18, 2016 and by continuing to displace millions of civilians around the country and by destroying the August 17, 2015 peace agreement this July 8, 2016, and by the recent bombardments in Wau Chollo using Egyptian Antonov.

Salva Kiir’s actions will cause South Sudan to continue to spiral into devastating war with an unprecedented loss of lives.

There is little doubt that this war will continue to intensify if the United States government does not take a decisive leadership role to end the war in South Sudan.

Some IGAD members, such as Uganda, Kenya and now the Egyptian bombardment are directly involved in the war in various capacities which makes it impossible for them to end the conflict in an effective way.

Meanwhile, the war in South Sudan has the potential to destabilize the entire East African region, which could present a potential security threat to the rest of the world.

The South Sudanese activists and faith-based communities will rally on September 23 & 25, 2017 at the U.N Headquarter New York.

We are appealing to U.N Secretary General the United Nations Security Council, U.S President Donald trump and US Congress to take the leading role in sanctioning the South Sudanese government by:
** freezing all of its assets and to refer President Salva Kiir to the International Criminal Court for the genocide of ethnic Nuer civilians on December 15, 2013;
** the bombardments of Wau Chollo;
** the massacre of Nuer civilians at the UN camps in the state of Jonglei on April 17, 2014;
** the attacks on Shilluk and Nuer civilians in the UN camps in Malakal, and the continued killing; the continuing massacre of the West Bhar Gazal people in Wau which began on June 24, 2016;
** the targeting killing of Equatorians people;
** the daily rape and displacement of Nuer civilians in Bentiu;
** the unknown gunman who terrorized citizens in Juba including activists, foreigners and journalists Christopher Allen.

We, therefore, recommend that the U.S. make the following resolution:
• Declare Salva Kiir an illegitimate president who must step down to allow peace in the nation and for his role in the genocide of ethnic Nuer civilians in Juba, Malakal Shilluk, Wau fertit, and Parjok Acholi, now Pagak Maiwut and in other states as was former President of Ukraine Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych for the killing of 200 citizens of his country.
• Ensure justice and accountability for the gross violations of human rights committed by Salva Kiir’s regime in order to end the culture of impunity in South Sudan.
• Impose targeted sanctions on the government of South Sudan—including freezing all assets, as well as an oil and arms embargo.
• Assist the international community in providing humanitarian assistance (healthcare, education, food and shelter) to the war affected areas in South Sudan.
• Assist UNMISS to increase protection and exclude Kenya, Uganda and Egypt from UN protection because of their participation in the war and allowed the government to kill and rape women and kidnap South Sudanese citizens that are under their protection.
• We strongly recommend use of force on South Sudan Government to achieve peace and stop displacement of thousands people to neighboring countries

***Alliance for South Sudan in diaspora – Dr. George Phillip Imuro.

***Human Rights activists Simon Deng –

***Chollo Community USA- William Atillio Ator

***Equatoria Community USA-Lojing Rugang

***Nuer Community USA -Michael Gai chokchok

***Nuer American Christian Network USA- Rev James Dak Rut

***Nile Peace development Relief Agency USA- Dr Gatluak Deith

***Western bhar el Ghazel Community USA-Rabeh Dimbiti

***South Sudan International Advocacy for Human rights-Peter Gatkuoth W kuel-

U.N Headquarters New York,
South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights
P.BOX.634 Kent, WA 98035

U.N Secretary General
U.N Security Council
United States President Donald Trump and US congress


  1. JOHN says:

    A great analysis but you have not given a helpful solution to end this unhappiness of the people. Seriously, why are South Sudanese, that’s the politicians, military and the people so patiently and painfully bearing the dictatorship and horrible regime of president Kiir?
    Great countries like Ghana, Guinea, then Upper Volta and many others, did the only thinkable solution. They overthrew or eliminated the once so-called great African leaders like Nhrumah.
    Why can’t just one soldier do the job and save this failed nation called South Sudan?
    These SPLA commanders, instead of running to the bushes to start a long-drawn out war that will dearly cost a lot of innocent lives, why don’t they just take up the Kalanshikov and a few bullets and quickly end the Kiir regime in Juba?
    Oh, our leaders what the UN to rule the country, seriously Donald Trump if you don’t kill our president, there’ll no be peace in south sudan.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      John Power Ben Morris,
      Let me clearly state here that you are the first and the bravest person to ever state such an easy and politically correct solution to the problem of South Sudan. That’s the elimination and/or removal of Kiir from the presidency in Juba as a terminal end to his genocidal regime.
      In your defense, plenty of examples abound in Africa and the world at large whence the time for such a final decision was taken to terminate the terrorism regime of many an African president.
      The once great Nkrumah of Ghana, Mobutu of the Congo, Siad Barrie of Somalia, Obote and Idi Amin of Uganda, Bokassa of Central African Republic, in Zanzibar, Congo Brazzaville, Gadaffi of Libya…etc.
      Finally, why must these SPLA generals always run first to the bush instead of just gallantly marching heroically the short distance to J-One and terminally bring to an end by all means necessary president Kiir’s tyranny, and save millions of South Sudanese from such tribally genocidal regime?
      Kudos for your patriotism to be the first to speak out so bravely.

  2. Alex says:

    These people in diaspora ‘re the one setting their own country to fire. They ‘re looking for positions in cover of fighting for democracy. If they are peace makers, tell them to denounce violence but if they insist on fighting then there is no option. The S. Sudanese people will fight until the rebels renounc8 violence stop preaching tribalism and hate speech. The diaspora are the one prolonging the suffering of our people. They continue to send money to prolong the fight. If these people have huge support inside S. Sudan, they would change the president through balot paper. They knew they will lose that is why they did not want people to decide through votes and we will not let them to steal power through gun.

    • loberito says:


      I hope you are not serious when you alleged that the people in Diaspora” Are setting their country to fire.” Can you please support your findings with concrete evidence to show that the people in Diaspora are setting the country on fire and how? Alex, let us think of the children, women, and Youth who escaped to neighboring countries to seek refuge because their own government cannot protect them. UNHCR stated that “The UN Refugee Agency, has chosen Tabu as the symbolic 1 millionth South Sudanese refugee seeking safety in Uganda since last July, when an unprecedented surge of refugee arrivals began.” Also, let us think of elderly and sick persons who are left to struggle in South Sudan because they cannot manage to escape the crisis.

      It is not logical to suggest that the Diaspora set fire to their own country. How many people in Diaspora that you know that set the country of fire? If you know the number, does the number represent entire Diaspora? As we have noticed the crisis gradually bringings our country to the end, we as the people of South Sudan must collectively stand up to put this country to back. Those who have misused the power and resources and killing innocent must be held responsible for their reckless actions.

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