To the Jieng Council of Elders: Who’ll fight the next war for Dinka in South Sudan?

BY: Gatweach Naath, FEB/18/2016, SSN;

As an ordinary southern citizen, I would like to ask the elders to answer this simple question, because I am sure that nobody can prepare himself for a tribal war and do not know where his fighting force is.

As people who are opportunists, the Dinka leaders, they want to use their followers from other tribes to fight for them the next tribal war which may occur by the illogical implementation of the newly created 28 states.

According to my own understanding, the known obedient Dinka fighters from other tribes may not be interested in the coming future, to fight for Dinka as the case before, when the tribal fighting was political between the government and the rebels.

Those who were on government side may not take that side this time if anything similar to the first happens, so there will be a shortage of Dinka fighting force from other tribes. The previous war, in essence was tribal as well, but curtained by the government to be a political one.

For your information, you the disgraceful elders, any coming war in our new nation will be different from the past one, because some fighters from your followers especially the soldiers whose lands are affected by the creation of the new 28 tribal states, may change their minds.

I think you know them well. This is not a secret revealed to you by an agent, but I am only alerting you that, your good friends and followers, may side with their relatives in future, because this is a question of “to be or not to be.”

They may leave you alone to fight your own planned tribal war, because it is a matter of land and not politics, ranks and salaries.

Even within your Dinka community, some wise Dinka from your fighting force may not be interested to fight for the annexation of other’s lands. Many may keep only their ancestors lands and may not have that satanic ambition for other’s lands. This big group of wise men from our Dinka brother plus your stooges is there and even you the Jieng elder’s council members know that.

So, carefully please deduct from your future fighting force some fractions from these sizable groups of wise Dinka and your former stooges from other tribes.

I would also like to bring your notice that, Ugandan, Rwandan, M23 of Congo and SPLA-North forces may not come to your assistance; because your future war, will be totally a tribal war in spite of your false claims to be the bigger and stronger tribe in the country.

So, if you are still insisting to annex other’s lands, please look for alternative stooges before time, because when things will fall apart, you may not convince them to fight for you as it is the case now.

Believe me or not, I am sure many non-Dinka stooges who were fighting for your government, may not take that option if anything unfortunately happens again in your hijacked undeserved kingdom of south Sudan.

According to my own simple analysis, if anything went wrong again in our beloved country, one of the following cinereous will be the option:-

1-The country will totally collapse. There will be no central government and H.E Salva Kiir Mayardiit will be the first and the last Dinka president for the united south Sudan.

2-Our beloved and united new nation will be divided by war lords into its former known three regions

3-The UN may take the responsibility of taking care of governing our young nation on behalf of us all, for some years in order to put anything in order again and rebuild it.

So, if one only of these three scenarios happens, what will be our benefit as citizens of south Sudan and yours as elders who are mature enough to know good or bad?

Why you the elders don’t keep our country united, instead of making it a Dinka kingdom despite the existence of other 63 tribes?

My advice to you the elders is to convince some members from your council to abundant working only for the sake of your tribe leaving the whole nation of the beloved south Sudan. Concerning the south Sudan, no tribe can be able to register the ownership of this country by its name.

If so, please be a good example for wise leadership and not for what took place before and continuing now. To any leader in our country, you cannot destroy the whole country in order to build your tribe through corruption, tribalism, nepotism and creation of conflicts.

If new states are needed in some parts of the country, let it not be mistakenly generalized to the whole nation. You can create or divide according to the interest of the people who need it.

Your misleading expression about the people’s demand for the 28 states is false because what is known to everybody is the federalism and not your tribal 28 states.

To the UN, TROIKA, IGAD and AU, please don’t leave us alone to destroy this young nation intentionally through our misused powers. Give us a hand by helping us to work only for the implementation of this last peace agreement because it is the only option now in the country.

If not, one may assume that you are all interested to take the responsibility of this young nation after its collapse.

Gatweach Naath.


  1. Dear Gatweach Naath,

    It will be difficult for other tribes to fight for the Dinka. But opportunists are there to help the Dinka in every way. It is believe that even if a non-Dinka safe a Dinka lives, he/she will never sake your hand or thanks for the good job. Look at what is happening now, the list of the misterial post in the new goverment does not look impressive at all. Where are Equatorians in this goverment? Hon. Anna Itoo, Alfred Ladu Gore, Richard K. Mulla and Nathaniel Oyet Pyerino. The four are the only Equatorian we have in the goverment, three from SPLA-IO and One from the goverment. If approved, Equatoria will be the most cheated region in the fledgling nation. Should we continue to trust the Dinka, or we should make federalism more crystal clear as the 28 states? The land of other tribes are chopped and given to the Dinka, and now people like Paul Malong Awan the illiterate general is going to make his way to ministerial post. Sorry guys, lets weep for our nation.

    • alex says:

      Hi brother leave such cheap thinking. The issue of tribalism is the one destroying us.
      What we need id capable people whether they are all Nuers, Dinka, Shilliuk, Bari,Murle and so on, we should not be bothered.
      What is important is does those being elected have the capabilities. We need people who treat all thr S
      Sudanese the same. We need leaders who are progressive. The one who want to change our country for better. We should focus on developing our nation and we should look at ourselves as brothers. So issue of absence of Equtorians should no discourage the country men. We should be concern about delivering of Services to our people and moving our country to industrialization. Even after the transitional government, if there are capable ministers from Riack faction, they should be allowed to continue to deliver the services if Kirr win the next elections . The same should be practice by tRiak.

  2. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Gatweach Naath,

    I personally have lived with Dinka people for very long time and have understood their mindsets, their ways of doing things, and their art of war.

    Dinka are dependent when it comes to war. They would never confront you without securing someone or powerful force to back them up otherwise it will end in total humiliation for them. This is no exaggeration but reality. So, in short, asking the JCE such question is misplaced. They know full well why they are taking that route of war; they have ready secured a powerful force to back them up. If you didn’t know, now you know from someone who knows Dinka well.

  3. Gatweach Naath,

    The Uganda, Rwanda, IGAD, and UN fake bias expert will fight the next war for Kiir.

  4. Gatdarwich says:

    Gatweach Naath,

    Putting South Sudan under the UN trueeship is the only viable option to rescue South Sudan from total imminent collapsed and disintegrations. Any other option, is simply a recipe to prolong more blood shedding !
    The August 2015, peace agreement is evidently destined to die–a catastrophic death–unless Ngundeng hurriedly intervened miraculously period

  5. Force_1 says:

    The answer to your question is obvious; of course Nuers are the ones going to fight the next war; why; because that’s the only thing their brains are wired to do!

    They rebel agains John Garang the same way in 1991; when Garang dies; they congratulate Salva Kiir as a man of peace just because riek machar was appointed vice president.

    But when riek Machar vice presidency was given to Vice president Wani Igga; all of a sudden Kiir is a dictator because what the Nuer wants is given to someone else!

    Seriously; tens of thousands of Nuer men dies during the 20 months of recent war in South Sudan; was that just because to get the vice presidency? Even vice president Wani Igga is relieved because the precious lives that were lost truly not worthy that positions!

    What good does it do when you are given the vice presidency just because of the tears and blood you shed? Who is going to respect you and called you his or he vice president?

    I have tremendous respect for vice president Wani Igga; he is a man of honor! I will be calling him my vice president anywhere he goes until the time he becomes my president one day in South Sudan!

  6. Southdn says:

    South Sudan especially Dinka doesn’t know how the nature shapes people in the country.For examples, Nuer are warriors. to join army, but Dinka wants to be doctors, professors. This needs to be apply in South inoreder to achieve peace. I spoke to a friend a Muslim Nigeria 1995. He told me when British left his country Christian weare educated doctors, professors and professional. But Muslims were undedicated, they were army in professional. That was how Nigeria society attained their social status. This same categorization the world hope to see in South Sudan. But this rule of nature is being opposed by Dinka Elders. I agree, if the peace prevail. Dinka will not start war again for their no one will fight on their behaves.

  7. Bol says:

    Gatweach Naath,
    The strength of CAPITALISM is that the market never run out of buyers, sellers and brokers. 28 states has created new market conditions and if you read these conditions in the light of current recession in Pangak, and the nature of this conflict (power struggle) then, you can see that the end result is more fighters in Juba’s book, not the opposite. The Mondari in Jubec state, for instance won’t jeopardised their tangible gains in order to follow the dreams of Democracy, and the mysterious justice for the victims of Dinka vs. Nuer wars. If someone tries to bring war to the state or continue to pursue it, then it will be Jubec residents vs. Jubec resident, or the relatives and allies of Jubec Governor against the relative and allies of the opposition (peace spoilers). This theory is already working effectively in former Unity state, and will be on motion soon in most Naath’s land, unless rebellion is divorced, evicted from the family home and banned from making any physical contact with the family members.Please take a double shot coffee…It is another beautiful morning!

  8. False Millionaire says:

    Yien Mathew,
    Why have u reduced yourself so low in thinking?
    If Dr Riak kicks the bucket now,it’s probable that the secretary general of the SPLM-IO becomes Chairman and commander in chief in his place.That if he contests the 2013 elections as an SPLM-IO presidential candidat and he wins,he becomes RSS’s president.Why do u ignore this context of a jaang comrade in bed with u and talk about a distant probability that will be settled in a different time under different circumstances?!!!

  9. J A C Ramba says:

    Those who follow the news on South Sudan very closely should have by now acquainted themselves with the facts already availed at the UNSC by the organisations senior staff on the ground.
    In one such development is the declaration by Ivan Simonov, the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights and former Justice Minister of Croatia. The UN official in his address to the UNSC referred to “new theatres of violence… notably in the Equatorias.”
    “In recent months, allegations of unlawful and prolonged detention, mistreatment and extrajudicial killings of civilians have been documented, particularly in Western Equatoria,” he told the UN Security Council.
    “An increasing number of armed defence groups have emerged in response to the government’s highly militarized approach to addressing insecurity. With the diffusion of armed conflict in all parts of the country, and the creation of local armed groups fighting against government troops, South Sudan faces the risk of fragmentation and related human rights violations,” he added.
    Today the citizens of South Sudan are more divided on both regional and tribal basis than ever before in its entire history. Whichever way we may look at it the Jieng (Dinka) Council of elders [JCE] represents a bitter reality in the inter-ethnic relationship in this new country.
    The damage created on the integrity of South Sudanese unity as a country is of irreversible nature and magnitude. Therefore. everyone who claims to be still optimistic say things now here on the public media or elsewhere portraying South Sudanese as a united people is a mere hypocrite who unfortunately serves a bunch of liars who constantly signal one way and turns the other way.
    Maybe a confederation of three or more regions can save us the status of a united Federal Republic of South Sudan. Anything short of this is bull shit and can only serve to ignite more inter-communal conflicts and more brutal civil wars. Did I not hear that the self-proclaimed JCE are totally opposed to the August Peace Agreement? If so, why are we now wasting our time pretending here as if we really care about the welfare of other communities besides our own when that is not the case on the ground?

    • Force_1 says:

      J A C Ramba;
      When you armed civilians; called the “Arrow-boys” to ambushed SPLA personal carriers, killed them and run; you shouldn’t claimed that the government killed civilians if the SPLA go after them for their crime!

      If you want to be respected and protected as civilians; then don’t armed civilians and then sent them to go after the national army for the hit and run activities! If you called them Arrow-boys against the government forces then don’t called them civilians when government forces goes after them!

      When SPLA were fighting against Khartoum government force in the 1980s and 90s; they weren’t pretending to be civilians when Khartoum government forces killed them in a fight!

      Just take one side; you either be rebels against the government or stays as civilians to be protected by the government; and the reason is; you can’t take it both ways!

    • Bol says:

      WCS used to be peaceful land until some articles appeared in the internet, especially the one about “Predator Genes” … Arrow Boys took it from there and started the war of targeting certain communities with “Predator Genes”. Its Government of the day’s duty to restore Law & Order here or in Croatia, and this shouldn’t make heatwaves for people without hidden agendas . Breaking up RSS into independent states is not a threat to anybody but a more viable option than keeping it the way it is. after all, nobody is earning anything from anybody apart from hatred. So, let the likeminded people come together, speed up media and military campaigns….

    • Toria says:

      I am a believer in separation myself. Your prediction falls in place of mainstream intellectuals. With the way things are going it is apparent that we are long way from stability in South Sudan. The next and only option is the division of the three regions into three federal regions, or states or provinces. The so-called SPLA-United partners-in-crime will bring nothing new but chaos and more corruptions just around the corner. We need the genuine federalism not the fake JCE inventions, in which they cheated the others. They can try and deny the truths just like North Sudan used to do, but we are determined to go as far as we can. The way to peacefull existence is long way and out of reach, the real war is just beginning. Let Dr Riek and his IO return to the status quo. The things that unite them are corruptions, shedding of innocent blood, power hungry and dictatorship. They are the “birds of same feather flocking together”.
      No peace until separatism is realized, period.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Ramba,
    I am informed how the events in the UNIMISS in Malakal and those in Wau areas got masterminded.With the UN secretary general arriving in Juba to show crocodile tears and in conjuction to an already context of economic collapse,u have the recipe of what will follow.The RSS will fall into the UN trusteeship in a silver plat.It’s the UN then which will decide such methods of governance as centeralization,federalisation or confederalisation probably after one hundred years after which RSS and it’s society should have been developed into a paralel level of Hong Kong under British!!!

  11. Gatdarwich says:

    False millionaire,

    Putting South Sudan under the UN trueeship is exactly what this nation urgently and direly deserved-needs period

    • Force_1 says:


      The UN taking over South Sudan leadership is the only dream you can dream on the internet but not in reality; because a scenario would never happened in any way shape or form!

      The notion that somehow; if you can’t have the leadership of South Sudan the foreigners better have it; is utterly an “inferiority complex against the Dinka majority control”!
      A woman doesn’t set her house on fire just because the husband had too much control in the house!? If she does that; she would only be setting herself on fire alone!

      • Gatdarwich says:


        South Sudan is already-partially under the UN Trusteeship–President Festus literally run the show in Juba—he just needs to consolidate his control of the country period

        • Force_1 says:


          Then your first comment contradict your second comment and now I will leave you alone to argue with yourself and take whatever side you think suits you the best!

          Yeah; the UN is in control in Juba and that says a lot about why Riek Machar never show up in Juba; since the signing of peace agreement months ago!

          Just because one read and write English doesn’t make one reasonable in any way shape or form but the ability to make your words sound consistence and reasonable to anyone no matter what political side they happen to be leaning to!

          If lies win anything; Riek Machar would be in control in Juba today!

  12. Yien Mathew says:

    He Reader,
    I totally oppose and disagreed with those supporting UN to take over S.Sudan to lead.The simplest way is to give SPLM/IO to lead South Sudan full stop. u will see a lot of changes peace and security will be 100%,when a Dinka fail to lead people well does not means all S.Sudanese have failed in leadership.Please never trust UN it is a fail organization we are capable as IO to leader S.Sudan.Comrade Yien Mathew.

    • alex says:

      Brother Mathew
      Do not deceive people. When your leader is practising open nepotism and no one from your group can challenge him about it. Do you think it is ethically right for Riack to appoint Angelina a minister of defence in the opposition forces even if she has the required qualifications. Taban Gai Deng a brother in law. The bodyguard of commander in chief is the son in law. All the other positions given to Methew yien Gai Chol and so on. A dictator in making. We saw Riack’s office in Juba before the war. Nuer was the official language there. Who will repeat that mistake to give power. Unless if a fresh blood.
      Secondly I wish all SPLM opp members are honest like you but lying is too much with your group especially the internet warriors. I wish you were the leader. You are open individual and you talk facts .
      You love our country not like the others who want to give the country away.
      Thirdly, you do not preach hate like your fellows in the movement and I am sure you can reach out to many tribes in our country given your characters. I really wish they learn from you.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Yien Mathew,

      You are absolutely correct–South Sudan under the Opposition forces would be a viable option, but, you, the main Opposition,needs to urgently do some weeding–weed out few traitorous bloods-personalities within your files and ranks–because these tiny minority gravely compromises your plans–ultimate goals period

  13. Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Readers,
    I appreciate the comment of some of u.What i believed to be making us fail in our movement many of those who joint us in the bush are individuals job seekers who do not have support on their back.A case example of those of Lado Gore,Dhieu Mathok,Mabior Garang and many more are taking us back to square one.Our really motive of taking up arms is to provide a good system of governance in the country,but p,ple do n,t like change i can see some people like Collo MP instigating war with in and they do n,t want to joint us in the bush if this is the kind of support we are getting then it will be difficult to change the regime.We are now making lobbing to weed out those individuals who joint us for the sake of getting jobs.Comrade Yien Mathew

    • Bol says:

      The rebellion failed the very day it turn itself into a revenge machine and will never recover, whether you sack Dr Gore, Dr Mathok, Mabior and Dau. Winding up the movement and devising a new strategy may bring some changes. Finally, jacking up negative rhetoric against certain communities is counterproductive because people don’t contribute equally in any project and that is why we have leaders and followers.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Most of the traitorous bloods in the SPLA-IO are nothing, but greedy position seekers who will eventually be kicked-out—Aguer Rual have voluntarily called it quite after failing to secured a ministerial position in the soon would be the government of national unity!
        Pretty soon, Aguer Rual’s likes–the treacherous bloods in the SPLA-IO will and shall imminently joins him period

        • Bol says:

          If the traitorous bloods leave the SPLA/M IO, then the few people who would to stay will not be enough to sustain your war effort. You need every one even for WIDNOW DRESSING…..Remember, there are more “Traitorous blood” from NAATH. Their help and effort was a PURE GOLD and will remain as such in order to rein in the mad man in that tiny border town.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            No needs for trembling–SPLA-IO will keep productive traitorous bloods–toasts out nonproductives–merticulous weeding!
            The few Bul Nuer on killer NyanKiir’s side are now facing the harshest reality–their land is cleverly slated to be annexed to the pseudo Ruweng state. Some have already migrated to Gongrial. In short, they’re Nuer–Jenges of Gongrial and Ruweng state—traitorous blood coalitions–short life period

    • Toria says:

      Mr Yien Matthew.
      You are very shallow minded individual. You are not a nationalist and period. “What i believed to be making us fail in our movement many of those who joint us in the bush are individuals job seekers who do not have support on their back”. If you are a Nuer, then shame on you, we expect stupidity like this to come from Jenges but not Nuers because Nuers are just as victims as Equatorians and every other tribes in S Sudan, if you’re just learning to express yourself, Please don’t insult hundreds and thousands of Southerners who perished since Riek and Kirr started their power grabbing nonsense in 2013. Some of you people are following these useless leaders without thinking just because he is your tribes men, that is not nationalism nor heroism but tribalism.
      What you said above here is exactly the thinking of your people, if you think a war is only fought by pulling triggers then you have so much to learn. Nobody need a position to become a thief and embezzler like many of your power hungry warlords. We in Southerners are much better without both Riek and Kirr, we will fight to liberate ourselves from SPLA/M crooks.
      So, you need to pack your acts and get the hell out of the way. Go and form your so-called government of positions or job-seekers in your mosquito infested swampy backyard. If this is your mentality is, then be ready because the next war coming is the war of separations.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Yien Mathew,
    “When a dinka fails to lead people well dose not mean that all S.Sudanese have failed in leadership”.
    That’s a very correct assertion in principle and u are the only citizen to ever make this statement in the forum.
    But regretably your wish may never translate into practical reality becouse the evil named sterile hunger for power and the use of tribalism as a means of achieving it will sacrifice all the constructive forces from mobilizing the masses for such an end.That’s exactly what has been,what is as is what will be the origin of our suffering for a very long time if not for ever!!!

  15. Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Readers
    I was stating facts in my article i don,t know why is sit paining some of you here.If some of you do not want facts to be stated then iam afraid we are heading to no direction.Many of those i mention in my writing are truly job seekers and truth can not be change,have u ever seen Lado Gore,Dhieu Mathok and Mabior Garang in the front line in the last two yrs the answer is no.About 100 % of those who died in the front line are fro Nuer and this is a fact.Tell me also is there any Equatorian who died in the bush in the name of SPLM/IO or do we have Dinkas who died in the name of our movement definitely no.Then why is sit paining when i stated the truth.Bible said the truth shall set p,ple free.END Comrade Yien Mathew

  16. abai okwahu says:

    folks, the kiir-led junta is here to stay especially if the army is paid well and the parliament is 80 per cent splm. a united nations mandate similar to the one that happened in east timor would have been a good alternative to the current set-up if it was incorporated into the cpa as a transitional mechanism to prepare the country for self-rule. the splm machine will take perhaps another 20 years to disintegrate and be replaced by some political force or movement, just take a look at uganda!

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Yien Mathew,
    Personally I am not disasatisfied with your comments.
    May be u read that in those days when many bloggers campaigned for your expulsion from the forum,it was me and a certain fellow blogger named Bol who stood up to defend u.
    We did so becouse we had the impression of u being an insider to the ranks and files of the SPLM-IO.
    The reality is sir,truth hurts of course.But however painful it may be,it’s liberating.That’s what’s dialogue leading to understanding becouse our final objective is to be able to reconcile our antagonized communities.

    FYI,many bloggers who dialogue with u know something about the SPLM/A’s civil war under Dr Garang that lead to the death of many citizens and which was characterized by the events of the 1991.
    So under the grave circumstances of the hour,it’s best to give great value to the voices of the field rebels like u and less or none at all to those of the internet whom actually are the ones who are pained by the truth in you comments naturally becouse you strip them naked.
    So enjoy your right to freedom of expression without moderation.
    Good luck!!!

  18. David Lokosang says:

    Dear Comrade Yien Mathem,

    Why do you degrade yourself to the tribal level in your comment. I thought that you are a young revolutionary and nationalist minded person. If you are really supporting change in our country and you thing it is the SPLM-IO which will bring that change then you should respect Comrade Lado Gore and Comrade Dhieu Mathok. Because of those guys it is why SPLM-IO is recognised as a national movement otherwise it would be a Nuer rebellion against the government. SPLM-IO is not in different to SPLM/A. Those who joint both movement have different objectives. The revolutionary minded ones, wanted a social economic changes, justice and equality for all regardless of their tribes and religion but there are those who joint the movement because of position and tribal domination. And I believe you can agree with me that SPLM/A has been hijacked by the tribal motive agenda (JCE) and the elements of NCP who joint the SPLM party that is why our country is crumbling.
    About going to front line, not everybody go to front line. Logically though I have never been to the army, but I know a military is like any institution whereby those in military high command don’t go to front line. They analyse information collected, plan strategies and give those strategies to the junior officers and soldiers for execution.
    Whether they have supporters or not, why do you confine you thinking within tribal line and what is the difference between you and the JCE. People joint revolutionary movements as individuals because they are convinced of the vision and objectives of the movement and has nothing to do with his tribe. They believe those who joint the movement before them are their brothers and sisters and they have common objectives of changing the system.
    It is the same concept that let our country down because during the SPLM/A people went in big numbersa . Those who took with them big numbers become commanders and that is why SPLA up to now pay their allegiant to their commanders than to the nation. You can hear nonsense that we have liberated this country and hence we have right to rule and to loot. It is like no body participated in the liberation except them.
    Let me make to you clear that I am not a suppoter of LAdo Gore or Dhiew Mathok or those from other trribes who joint SPLM-IO but my point is that don’t think like JCE otherwise you are not indifferent with them. If you are really a nationalists person, then you should also respect them the same as you respect Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng.
    Also let me remind you that those thousands of Nuer who joint SPLM-IO to topple the dictatorial regime in Juba didn’t go because of Riek Machar and Taban Den but because the regime in Juba killed thousands of innocent Nuer in cold blood without justification. The issue was a political one within SPLM party. Those of DR Riek, LAdo Gore, Pagan, Mama Rebecca, Deng Alor and others believe that the party has deviated from its vision and objectives therefore there must be a change, but the group of Salfa Kiir and behind them JCE and the elements of NCP become un obstacles to those changes. And to continue in power they had to pre-empt an attempted coupe so that they can get rid of their opponents but things didn’t go according to their plan.
    And to the readers and those who write comments on this website let us promote the spirit of nationalism because that nation belong to us all. Together we can build a strong united circular democratic South Sudan.

    • alex says:

      David you respect someone like Riack who elected his wife yo be a minister of defence in splm in opp.
      Is that the democracy you want to build. You mean there is no one who id capable to take the position in the splm in opp.
      David you are s worst dictator like Riack if you are supporting someone who is encouraging nepotism. I thought educated person like you can know dangers of Neopotisum

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    Gatweach Naath,
    We are capable of depending ourselves when it comes to tribal war. So, don’t you worry about us. The question here is, who is willing to start another one? Of course, not. You have started this tribal war and now no doubt that you have as well regreted it. Therefore; what are you hoping for? Riek will never ever rebel again for the third time. Nuer brothers will not accept to follow Riek for his own benefits for sure.

  20. Gatdarwich says:

    Bill Kuch,

    It is a complete disgrace and shameful for the Jenges to bragg about none-seen Warriors’ spirit of self defenses, while it is well known fact that Jenges are indisputably, “capable of depending” on others–mercenaries, “when it comes to the tribal war”–when the Jenges cowardly initiates it!
    I guess the Jenges’ treacherous parasitic cunning abilities of depending on others is the absolute bragging rights—to all the traitorous Jenges period

  21. BILL KUCH says:

    First of all, Nuers are the most Jengeous than Dinkas themselves. And for information, you go on and start the fight and Nuers might as well fight it for themselves. Nuer are unstoppable people of the all times. So, we got no treaty on all you do and that means you are free to do your usual business.

  22. Gatdarwich says:

    Bill Kuch,

    Jenges’ parasitic nature is well known by all the patriot South Sudanese. The Jenges have absolutely zero chance in hell of traitorously using others in the nearest future–after killer NyanKiir’s and the Jenges council of Evils’ tribal war is settled.
    The current war is, and shall be the last Jenges tribal war that is being fought be others—and still the Jenges have embarrassingly and evidently lost to the indisputable patriot tribe–the Naath Nation period

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