To Prof. Andrew Akon, Pres. Kiir’s doctor: Kiir a Disgrace and Sexual Abuser!!!

MAY/02/2018, SSN

Dear Professor Andrew Akon,
Head of Presidential Medical Unit, Consultant Gastroenterologist,
and Presidential Adviser, JUBA, South Sudan;

I’ve read your letter dated 30/04/2018, to the public trying to cover up the truth about the health status of President Salva Kiir.

I pity you because you’re not only writing in emotions but because you’re ignorant and blind with the bloody money you’re sucking at J1 (Presidential Palace, Juba).

You, as a trained physician and with the advances in the medical technology, I want to challenge you to take blood sample from President Kiir and blood samples from some few children of his personal guards and to expose who’s the actual parent of these children.

Do you think these tests results will not reveal that President Kiir is the biological father of more than 50% of these children?

Do you think it’s still a secret that President Kiir on many occasions sexually abused the wives of his personal guards?

Do you think it’s still a secret that President Kiir has turned J1 into a cross-sexual center?

Do you think it’s a secret that on many occasions the presidential guards have retaliated and taken revenge (sexually) in their anger on Mama Ayen, the First Lady?

Do you think it’s still a secret that president Kiir knew that Dr. Makur Koriam is the boyfriend of his wife and First lady and he, Kiir’s not able to take action?

Do you think it’s still a secret that President Kiir has on many occasions raped innocent young girls in both his office and at J1?

Do you think it’s still a secret that President Kiir has disgraced the church and sexually abused many choir girls in return for the public money he gives them?

Do you think it’s still a secret that on many occasions President Kiir has slept with many young girls in return for his approval to them of dollars?

Do you think it’s a secret that president Kiir has on many occasions slept and sexually abused his women ministers, namely Awut Deng, Jemma Nunu and Nadia Arop?

Do you think it’s still a secret that president Kiir slept with the wife of Mr. Mayen Wol, the current Undersecretary in the ministry of Petroleum?

Is it not the wife of the same Mr. Mayen Wol who has threatened president Kiir of going to the media about this sexual affair and using it as a trump card to force president Kiir to unconditionally release Mr. Mayen whom he’d jailed for allegedly stealing millions of dollars, and has now as a result made him an Undersecretary in the ministry?

Which president Kiir are you defending, you, Professor Akon, and with all the above facts, do you still want to say that president Kiir is sound and busy with the HLRF (High Level Revitalization Forum of IGAD) and the National Dialogue?

The fact remains, President Kiir is unfit and has caused more damage to the Country than any other person else. He’s a disgrace to not only his family or the Dinkas (his dominant tribes-people), but to the nation as a whole.

The people of South Sudan need Truth and Justice. I need justice for all South Sudanese and the people abused at J1.

BY: Dr. Mawien Akot, (now living in) CANADA


THAT THIS Professor Andrew Akon Akech, M.D, who’s head of Presidential Medical Unit in Juba, a Consultant Gastroentrologist and Presidential Adviser, in a letter:

  • was responding to Dr. Mawein Akot’s comments on the alleged deterioration of President Kiir’s health and mental capacity in a video tape posted online on April 29, 2018, and he declared that “Dr. Mawien Akot was never a physician nor has ever been associated with the healthcare of the president.”

    Prof. Andrew Akon Akech further stated that, “Records at the PMU (Presidential Medical Unit) are unequivocal: Dr. Mawien Akot has never been a full time or part-time employee of the department. It’s thus inconceivable that a practitioner in his sound mind and senses should claim having knowledge on the medical condition of a “patient” he’s never seen nor examined.

    “Dr. Mawien’s derogatory remarks could be perceived as a cabal whose intention is to gratuitously muckrake an individual or institution.”

    Dr. Mawien Akot, who said he is working as a consultant physician at the presidential medical unit said during a Facebook Live video from Canada, where he is now residing in, had declared that, “The president is not in his mental capacity, and he is not in his physical capacity to rule the country,” Mr Mawien said of President Kiir on Friday.

    “In the next one month or two months, I might be going back to Juba. I will go to my position as a consultant physician, and what I say I am the one responsible for it. Even if they will kill me, I know I will die for my country,” he said.

    “I am a Canadian trained physician. I cannot disclose the real information about somebody whether he is in sound mind or not. But what I can tell you is that the leadership in South Sudan in the next six months, you will hear a lot of things happening, without mentioning names,” he added.

    President Kiir’s spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny said in a statement to Radio Tamazuj earlier that the country’s president is in good health, pointing out that Dr Mawien was telling lies from Canada.

    “The President is fit and healthy to continue to lead this nation to normalcy, the elections and beyond,” Ateny said.

    The presidential spokesman said Mawien Akot has never attended to President Kiir’s health, pointing out that Mawien was not part of the presidential health unit. Ateny said Dr. Mawien was working only at Juba Teaching Hospital.


    1. Deng Galgat says:

      Dr. Mawien Akot
      Mawien Akot has violated Canadian Medical ethics that provides ethical guidance for physicians to practice medicine in Canada. This is a system that regulates moral principles that apply values to the practice of clinical medicine in Canada.
      Medical ethics prohibit all doctors to go public with information about the medical condition of their patients. Medical ethics rules and laws generally require doctors and their staff to keep patients’ medical records confidential.
      In Canada and like any other country this policy is designed to help physicians understand their legal and professional obligations to maintain patient confidentiality.
      All medical doctors in Canada must act in accordance with all of their professional and legal obligations. They must establish and preserve trust in the physician-patient relationship, patients must be confident that their personal health information will remain confidential.
      Dr. Mawien can easily loss his medical licensee in this regard and not to practice medicine anywhere in the world. So Dr. Mawien should not mix politics with medical ethics. This is because physicians should not allow a conflict of interest to influence medical judgment and doctors have a responsibility to avoid entering such situations.
      Though I live in Ontario Canada, I have reliable sources in Regina, Saskatchewan where Dr. Mawien Akot is currently staying. I am told that Dr. Mawien Akot no longer live with his wife and children. This is because his wife divorced and chased him away from the house long time ago, probably in 2009 . The wife accused Dr. Mawien of infidelity because she caught the Dr. Mawien picking up prostitutes in the city of Regina. I am told that his wife divorced him because Dr. Mawien Akot used to stay way from his wife and children for weeks dinking and sleeping with prostitutes.
      I am also informed by the reliable sources that Dr. Mawien was no longer practicing Medicine in Canada before he left for South Sudan in 2009 because he has a drinking problem and he is also too abusive to his wife and children. Dr. Mawien Akot never own a clinic but was for working as a part time family doctor for a certain clinic in Regina. I am told that the clinic could not tolerate Dr. Mawien Akot any longer because of his drinking problem. Dr. Mawien on some occasions used to go to work drunk and because of that he was suspended indefinably. Dr. Mawien Akot is alcoholic and I am told that he has been drinking heavily since he returned back from South Sudan.
      Dr. Mawien Akot is not a trained Canadian medical doctor and he is not a consultant physician as he claimed. Dr. Mawien Akot graduated from one of the Egyptian medical school before he moved to Canada as a refugee. Like any other doctors who study medicine outside Canada, Dr. Mawien passed a Canadian medical licensing examination that qualified him to practice medicine in Canada as a Family Doctor. The claim that Dr. Mawien Akot a Consultant Physician is just a big lie.
      I can be reach at:

    2. GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Spokesman has not denied the charges that Kiir is a womanizer who takes advantage of his guards’ wives and female representatives in his tribal government hence it is safe to assume that the charges are accurate.
      Since he only refuted the health condition of his master, the master must indeed be in good health which is why he is sexually active or he is spreading his sexually transmitted diseases to whoever he could find.
      South Sudan is under women’s abusers and angels of death.
      God helps us!

      • Mor-amook says:


        Let’s be honest and look at things from reality not all the times on political hatred. How can a man over 65 years could still be sexually active? Even your father now is not sexually active anymore. Please compare Kiir age with any other ordinary man in the village around you. At this age, man are not so much sexually active.

        The motive of Dr. Mawein is different from reality. He could be affiliated to one of the political opponent of Kiir. Or Dr. Mawein is stressful (family failure) as described above couple with situation now in South Sudan, in which he thought he could earn comfortable live here after leaving Canada to reduce stress of having no family in Canada.

        According to above statement from Deng, too much drinking, no job and no family could cause a person madness. As a medical Dr. it is unlikely and ethically expected to disclose medical status of your patient, even if he was in Presidential Medical Unit. Now, Dr. Mawien’s statement on Kiir health publically question his professionalism, and in future patient will never go to his clinic. In this way, Dr. Mawein can disclose to his friends in drinking bar HIV/AIDs status of patient he could test. To me, Dr. Mawein blacklist himself.

        Shame on you Dr. Mawein!! You cannot succeed two, to be a medical Doctor and a politician. You have lost your professionalism. If you had wanted to criticize Kiir, you should have avoided section of his health status. But as citizen, you have right to challenge his administration.

    3. Tyson says:

      Dear Kiir stooges
      The message from Dr Mawein is clear and an insider’s revelation.
      If Kiir feels this information is false, he can resort to international court (not Jieng Kangaroo courts in Juba) and defend himslelf.
      It is clear that Kiir is morally unfit to rule and should step down instead of humilating himself.
      Shame also to all syphocants who share their wives with Kiir. This is total taboo except in the Jieng kraal that such actions are celebarted

      • Mor-amook says:

        Dear Tyson,
        In your vocabulary is only Jieng and Kiir, you don’t have independent thinking. Anything negative said about Kiir or Jieng, you don’t want others to think differently, it should be Yes, Yes…..etc. My friend, this is a website where people are expected to reason and think beyond circle. It is unfortunate to have people of your caliber always commenting here making others not to benefits from changing views.

        You are a wrong judge! You will not install your tribal government you are looking for.

        • Tyson says:

          Please go to the international court and refute Kiir’s sexual scandal. Be civilized instead of barking and fighting a loose battle against a criminal.
          If your mad chief calls himself a Christian, the laws governing his faith are clear. Sleeping with someone’s wife is forbidden except in your kraal where it is called decent practice. Kiir’s practice is called abuse of authority; tantamount to vote of no confidence. It is also no doubt the Jieng are specialized in raping….sexual abuse, etc.
          Thanks to the age of technology….this is no more secret. I am ashamed of you because your reasoning capacity is totally myopic. Good luck. You can also volunteer to quench Kiir’s sexual appetite.
          I repeat, it’s morally unfit to rule.
          If the Jiang feel parliament has moral obligation, it could launch an independent investigation and impeach this idiot called Kiir.
          Whether you like or not, your Kraal chief is rotten to the core!

    4. taban lowani says:

      Your absolutely right. This is humiliation to the people of south Sudan. Because they elected someone who is unfit to lead them. By the way, he kiir should resign with all these shameful actions that he caused to this beloved country, South Sudan.

      • Mor-amook says:

        What prove do you have right now? Only statement from Dr. Mawein, and you jump in and say, yes, it has happened.
        There is a say in any constitution around the world that people are innocent until proved guilty by court. So if you and Dr. Mawein think that Kiir has committed adultery with unknown number of wives of bodyguards, then don’t just bark, go to the Hague to open case against Kiir.

        This is when he can go to defend himself. The accused cannot just go to court even to our courts in South Sudan and say,” I heard I have been accused in the websites of adultery and I am therefore coming to clear or defend myself.” It is the complainer/Plaintiff that opens case against defender if you don’t know the court system.

        Please go to the Hague (ICC not Jieng court as you put it) to open adultery case against Kiir. I am not defending him, but you are too fast to come to conclusion before proves. That indicates the statement was politically fabricated, and you are politically bias. On matters to law, please understand from today that the accuser is innocent until proven guilty by court.

        Now, what are your proofs? only the statement from Dr. Mawein, or are there further undisclosed evidences? You are a short temper person who do not give chance first or even to listen to the accuser. You are mindset and it’s difficult to understand things outside your thinking box.

        • Tyson says:

          Souless Mor-amook
          Your are now fooling yourself in the eyes of the international community. I am asking you to escort you idiot to the international court to refute your so-called allegations against him–the criminal kraal chief.
          Your kraal maggot is morally decayed beyond repair and does not even have a place in any society except in your rusted jieng kraals.
          You should be ashamed to defend someone who continues infecting peoples daughters and wives by using tax payers money, while pretending to talk of peace. Why do you destroy other peoples’ families if you have no respect for your own family?
          This is not a question of politics but sheer criminality. First of all, Kiir and you are not fit politically to debate with me. You and your chief are none of my class and understanding, You are mere peddlors similar to cockroaches in your analysis and response to issues. Perhaps you consider it a blessing if Kiir infects your wife or daughter. This is the reason I don’t associate or sympathize with criminals like you.

    5. info@southsudannation says:

      Great effort, Dr. Mawien, don’t be discouraged or frightened by these Kiir supporters, since the truth will always prevail no matter the magnitude of their threat.




    6. Bismark says:

      This leader lacks morality and integrity. He should therefore resign. Our country is bigger than him. He should be ostracised politically, diplomatically to accelerate his departure from political landscape of our country.

    7. Deng Hanbol says:

      the out comes in this attrition warfare are uncertain specifically at Dinka tribe . For this reason

      , people like you are irrational. My question is, why are you afraid of consequences? Any way, nothing could relieve the JCE and Sultan Salva Kiir terrible senses of blame.

    8. Wanilosake says:

      You abused our president this is a trision and your citizenship should be revoke you have put our nation in a shameful situation so call Dr , because you could not get some dollars to steal like others ,you might be a general now promotted by the warlords

    9. False Millionaire says:

      Dear Editor,
      What political role is Dr Andrew Akon playing in J1 to deserve this blind savage media attack?
      Do you know his social,political and professional backrounds in trying to reduce him into a water boy who is there to mind who sleeps with Kiir and who doesn’t?
      Editor as the rest of your likes in the mud of intellectual and political bankruptcy,you are the bearers of your problems. Have the courage never to ignore the true fact that you will never advance an inch from the backward point that has been the only position you are capable of achieving.
      Dr Riek’s revolts,the priority was to liquidate dinka.Equatorian revolt,it was road targeting of innocent dinka citizens before surfacing in J1.But as your misconducts haven’t helped your cause in any way before the jieng took their revenge,you are already here again stigmatizing humanitarian workers of dinka origins like Dr Andrew Akon.
      Listen to me losers,the next time it’s the sky that you will pull over your head withou knowing in your blind rampage.
      Jieng kong koch mindset will wear out one day!!!

      • info@southsudannation says:

        False Millionaire,
        As always, typical of you, you terribly misfire.
        What has the editor got to do with the quarrel of two jieng doctors fighting a professional war on the website?
        Are you now quaking and trembling because the sky is almost starting to fall down on the Kiir’s empire?

    10. False Millionaire says:

      Dr Akon Akhec is physically,professionally,intellectully and socially known.But who is Dr Mawien than a fantome biting dog that’s your creation for rampage in your blind struggle?
      Jieng are in favor of Kiir’s departure and that will not the reason to move them from RSS.What will do then since that’s the impossible objective u have set for youselves Mr Editor?

    11. Bol Autiak says:

      No , those allegations are not true simply because Kiir is a God fearing man and he served South Sudan with intergrity and respect and should not and will never think of that nonsense and baseless accusations.

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