To Pres. Trump & US Congress: South Sudan Crisis Must Stop

FROM: Dr. George P. Imurro & Peter G. Kuel, Political Activists, APR/16/2018, SSN;

Dear, Pres. Donald Trump and the US Congress:

We, the undersigned representatives of South Sudanese activists’ civil society organizations in the United States, are writing to express our deepest appreciation for the direction you have taken about the crisis in South Sudan since you took office.

We, the South Sudanese American in US, thank you for your leadership for trying to bring to an end the suffering of people in South Sudan who are anguishing under their corrupt leaders.

The arm embargo, the sanctioned of some corrupt leaders and your administrations’ continue to support the ongoing peace effort in Addis Ababa, as well as the unwavering humanitarian aids to the displaced people in South Sudan have shown how much you as a person and the American citizens empathies and compassions for the humanity and thank you!

Indeed, we are concerned for the ongoing crisis in South Sudan and appealed to your administration to use its ultimate power as one of the world leaders with a special role to play in global politics to take strong measures and thrust South Sudan regime in order to implement possible solutions and halt the immense suffering of the people of South Sudanese.

Salva Kiir and Taban Deng Gai will never do anything to stop the killings if nothing touches them.

To date, it has been over 4th years since the conflict was unleashed on the South Sudanese people upon declaring a false coup by President Salva Kiir Mayardit on December 15, 2013 in Juba, South Sudan.

During this horrific conflict, the previous US Administration did not do much; consequentially, the regime’s perpetrators unrelenting with their violence and placements did not come to an end.

The regime in Juba had been enjoyed the absence of a decisive leadership from Washington DC, and that’s why the regime had never held on an agreement since no one made it accountable for the violations. The killing of innocent civilians have kept on the rise.

In the absence of serious, credible and dependable actions from the international community, especially the United States during the last administration, hundreds of thousands of innocent South Sudanese have been killed; more than 4 million people displaced with about 2 million internally displaced and sought refuge in neighboring countries assisted by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The US taxpayers spent billions of dollars to save the lives of the displaced persons in South Sudan while the regime, other the other hand, with help from Uganda and few other countries, was spending the Oil Revenue on weaponry to continue killing of its own people.

The South Sudanese internally displaced persons are living in dire conditions in UNMISS camps in Juba and around the country, while president Salva Kiir continued to receive financial support from other countries in the region and internationally.

By far, the last ambiguity of U.S. policy toward South Sudan has created an environment where the regional bloc – Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) started behaving dishonestly in bringing to an end the war.

Such ambiguity gives Salva Kiir’s regime undeterred leverage to inflict humanitarian sufferings and amass an unprecedented power to pursue an ethnic cleansing policy in all the three regions of the country.

There is no doubt that this war will continue to intensify if the United States Government does not take a decisive leadership role to end the war in South Sudan.

However and historically, it was the United States that made it possible for South Sudanese people to achieve their hard-earned freedom of statehood. Notably, it was during the Bush Administration that a bipartisan coalition of members of Congress known as the “Sudan Caucus” was enacted.

Those members of Congress, American Christians and Bush Administration worked very hard to ensure South Sudanese get the recognition they deserved from Sudan.

In 2005, a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed because of their hard work leading to 2011, where South Sudanese got their Independence from Sudan.

The South Sudanese American Activists and communities at large will rally today, April 16, 2018 in Washington DC, appealing to your administration Mr. President Donald Trump and The Congress to take the leading role and stop the war in South Sudan.

You have to bring President Salva kiir to face International Criminal Court for the human rights crimes such as:

• The genocide of Nuer civilians, women and children on December 15, 2013;
• The Massacre of Nuer civilians at the UN camps in Jonglei State on April
17, 2014
• The Massacre on Shilluk and Nuer civilians in the UN camps in Malakal-Upper
Nile state on February 18, 2015,
• The Massacre of Western Bhar Ghazal people in Wau starting from June 24,
• The targeting and continuing ethnic killing of Equatorian people,
• The rape and displacement of Nuer civilians in Bentiu,
• The case of “Unknown Gun Men” terrorizing citizens in Juba including
activists, foreigners, and Journalists.

We, therefore, recommend that the US enacts the following measures:

• Declare Salva Kiir illegitimate president for his role in the genocide of ethnic Nuer, Chollo, Equatorians, and Western Bhar Gazal’s Fertits in Juba and in other states,
• Ensure justice and accountability for the gross violations of human rights committed by Salva Kiir’s regime in order to end the culture of impunity in South Sudan.
• Impose targeted sanctions on the regime in South Sudan—including freezing all assets, and the Oil Company, Nile Pet and arms embargo.
• Assist the International Community to provide Humanitarian Assistance (health, education, food and shelter) to the war-affected areas in South Sudan.
• Assist UNMISS to increase protection of displaced persons who are stranded in UN protective camps across the country.
• Redirect Oil Revenue to Humanitarian assistance instead of leaving it to regime to buy weaponry to kill its own people.

We thank you, Mr; President Donald Trump, for you time and consideration.


1. Alliance for South Sudan In Diaspora- Dr George Phillip Imuro,
2. South South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights-
Peter Gatkuoth W Kuel

Cc: US Congress
Cc: South Sudanese-American Civil Society Council
Cc: file


  1. Mondeto says:

    The Dinka Government must go! Spla must be dismantled. Because SPLA is a Dinka militias, doesn’t reflect diversity of nation, must go.

  2. Dinka Enclave says:


    Don’t let KOKORA play trick on your wicked brain . You are so wicked to the level that you dare to talk about SPLA. But you have forgotten that it is the same SPLA that liberated your crippled-brain from the Arabs. Why do you think some sections of juba are still called Libas Mafi and Rijal Mafi? You better ask your uncle Gen. Perter Cirilo if you don’t know the answer fool. Remember, yes it was in these Juba residential areas where the Arabs rapped your manhood in-front of your mother, father, sister, children and in-front of your own damn wife . Yes, the Arabs rapped your manhood in Rijal Mafi and in Libas Mafi in a broad daylight and in-front of the whole neighborhoods. I don’t know why you have a sudden forgotten about these terrible things. It may be because you were badly handled by the Slavemaster.

  3. Dear: Modento

    For you,there is nothing so called the Dinka government why is it a Dinka government alone???!!!!???The government is for all South Sudanese people in the Young Nascent Nation South Sudan Republic.It belongs to them all including you right now!

    If you talking on tribes rule in the South Sudan government,the South Sudan government will be useless and meaniless why/because people are going to talking about their on own tribe rules in themselves! NO TRIBE CAN LIVE ALONE IN THE NATION WITHOUT OTHER TRIBES! Even Israel,they are staying with Arabs tribes together! Let us stop this mind in the South Sudan right now!!!!!!! Let us governing ourlseves in the country in the South Sudan Republic in peace!

    In politics,it has no BORDERLINE! Even though President Salva Kirr,is out in his presidency office power,yet politicians will disturb his successor as well! If you have issues,direct them to the President Salva kirr Administration in the government of his presidency office executive power!

    Sincere Building Confidence Very Well!


    KC,MO. USA

  4. Chief Modeto is right. Jeing government must go. There is nothing in the ground to be proud of. Kiiriminal is looting day and night with the Jieng gang.

  5. BILL KUCH says:

    You are blind not to see that President Trump is an American President.

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