To Gov. Rizik: “A Wild Goose Can’t Evict A Domestic Chicken from their Home”

From: Nicola Bringi, CANADA, JAN/02/2015;

The people of Western Bhar El Ghazal have been studying the behavior of Governor Rezik Zacharia with great concern regarding the atrocities he is inflicting on the citizens of Western Bhar El Ghazal state.

I have come to the conclusion that, Rezik does not love the people and the land; this perhaps because he may believe he is not one of them. Yes, his mother is from the Kresh ethnic group, but his father is a Borogo from Darfur, Sudan.

Rezik’s main aim is to stay in power, whoever put him in power gives orders and he completes them and to be loyal he does even more damage. These orders are not for the betterment of the people, it is as if Rezik believes that Salva Kiir is his father in South Sudan and will continue to do so as long as he remains in power.

Some advice to Rezik, son of our sister from Western Bhar El Ghazal, if you would like to have a good political future you must first build healthy relations with the people you govern instead of allowing power to be equivalent to violence.

The grudges you hold against the people of Wau and Western Bhar El Ghazal are not understandable and continue to burn the people, yet you first should be the one burned.

We are on this earth to serve our country and do good to others, but what are you really on this earth for? It is not too late to make changes and do what you are paid to do. The only way to get rid of your bad past is to do the right things.

Disregard these violent agendas and protect and work with and for people. If your purpose is not to do good then you have chosen the wrong job and should leave it to one who cares for their brothers and sisters.

There comes a time where we realize what wrongs and rights we have done during our life time. It could be as simple as keeping grudges or speaking poor about a brother or sister; but to intentionally try to systematically enslave a people who you too call a fellow brother is unacceptable.

We have struggled in the war against the Arab invasion, we have been scared because of the British destruction, yet we have received our independence as South Sudan. Now we are being betrayed from the son of our sister.

Rezik, you have disgraced our nation by following the lead of Salva Kiir. Once Salva is tired with you he will also finish you. You need to tap into the reality of who you are without your title; another South Sudanese asking for the liberation of his people with peace.

We want peace in South Sudan and we ask you to widen your horizons in regards to progressive options in bringing social, political and economic change to our nation.


Nicola Bringi


  1. Majongdit says:

    Nicola Bringi, what do you want to bring to us from your Canada you ‘Wild Goose’? Please don’t underestimate us you ‘Wild Goose’ from Canada. We have not complained about your Governors and Governments in your states in Canada.

  2. AGUMUT says:

    His name call Riziki / Opportunity,look at him ( EGO) and all of you will understand Nicola Bringi. Jellaba Merchants meant collect money and leave.

  3. AGUMUT says:

    He has no Nationalism.

    • angelo taban says:

      Nicola you are very right, don’t worry the Dinka comment is always negative against other tribes.because they like things to do with colonization and violence, we are suffering in WBGS because of Dinka policy being implement through Rizik zakaria,but anything has an end one day this rizig will not be here, even salva will not be there, will the dinka be in wau by what they doing for us, I am waiting for that time, their policy will chase them out of WBGS and in south sudan in general, they will regret they will be pooooor.

  4. AGUMUT says:

    Suffer/Taban, the problem facing WBGS is that most of you wanted to become officials because of government money. Please most Dinka men are successful in private sector even without education,Dinka didn’t bring Jellaba merchants to Wau.

  5. Kangi says:

    Nicola May be you are right or may be not ,My advice to you is that come home and take part in the nation building What are still doing in Canada ? Come out from where you are hiding , Rizig had liberated you long time ago from Jalaba , or else you will force me to agree with Majongdit’s comment above.

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