To Gen. Thomas Cirillo: Right Decision & Right Time: Greater Equatoria Council congratulates you!

From: The Leadership of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR)
To: Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, Chairman and Commander-in-Chief
The National Salvation Front, South Sudan

Date: March 13, 2017;

Subject: Congratulations!

GRECOR would like to seize this opportunity and congratulate you for having taken a right decision in the right direction, at the right time and for the right purpose. This decision demonstrates frustration with and loss of confidence in the regime.

Surely, you now join the ranks of the many southerners who have lost all confidence in Kiir’s regime that oppresses and suppresses its own people.

GRECOR is an opposition social, cultural and political organization that has been advocating for the rights and freedom of equatorians in particular and the oppressed South Sudanese in general.

GRECOR views your wisdom from two angles: First, the decision to resign from serving a dictatorial, discriminatory and an oppressive Kiir’s regime was a real act of valour and audacity.

Second, the formation of an armed resistance movement in the name of the National Salvation Front (NAS) is a welcome positive development that will engender a lucid meaning to the hope of most South Sudanese without exception.

Indeed, and surely it is only through an armed struggle that the regime be brought to a semblance of normalcy. For a long time the majority of South Sudanese have suffered in silence and endured all sorts of abuses and injustices inflicted on them by their own capricious government that has been acting in a complete disregard of many things.

At this juncture, GRECOR would like to cite and expose some of the violations, abuses, injustices being practiced against our innocents’ people by Kiir’s regime soldiers and others:

• Land grabbing – a muse of the gun and authority to evict rightful citizen from the God-given land (Land of their ancestors).

• Insecurity – the rampant and unaccounted for killing in Juba and other towns.

• Plunder, looting and amassing of public funds at the expenses of the populace.

• Lack of basic social services e.g. water.

• Favouritism on the basis of tribe or passive submission to Kiir’s regime.

• Total lack of respect for freedom of expression, lack of respect for the use of the gun by those who hold it, lack of respect for human rights.

• Unknown gunmen – a unique and strange phenomenon, culture and behaviour in the life and history of South Sudanese, which is similar to that of Niggas (outlaws).

• The SPLA – the really worries and armies who had fought for our cause two decades are at last thrown out, deserted, marginalized and replaced by militias, hooligans, robberies and rappers etc.

Surely, the list is endless.

And this shows how the South Sudan is being led on the path of darkness, Jungle laws and wrong side of history. However, South Sudanese need light instead and need to be rescued from falling into a bottomless pit.

In view of the above reasons, GRECOR would like to register its unwavering support to you Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka for the cause that you have initiated and willing to undergo these opaque and enigma pragmatic journey so as to realize and achieve the rights and dignity of the entire people of South Sudan.

GRECOR also is fully aware of your professional military leadership skills that made you a symbol of reliability and trustworthiness among your colleagues’ officers and combatants before and after the secession of South Sudan.

GRECOR founder, late Professor Wani Tombi, was always and often in his briefing to us reminding us of you and some of the insidious things that you had discussed, planned and agreed upon for the future leadership in Equatoria and South Sudan as a whole.

GRECOR acknowledges you’re intuitive sentiments and long patient of enduring underestimation, undermining, disrespect, psychological threats, and surveillance by Kiir’s regime organs. Yet you have overcome them all unprecedentedly.

Lastly, GRECOR would like to draw your attention to its vision, which would be of great help to you and the National Salvation Front to have a vision which is inclusive and comprehensive rather than exclusive and incomprehensive.

If we really want to build a modern state in South Sudan, we need to have a broad vision like GRECOR’S vision: “Let South Sudan be governed with the principles and doctrines of Constitutionalism; the Rule of Law and order; Equality; Democracy; Meritocracy; Accountability; Transparency; and positive foreign policy guided by the respect of all species of International Law for cordial regional and international relations.”

Wishing you every success on the journey towards a definite victory.

Dr. Henry Jembi Samson Lokou, GRECOR Chairman, Khartoum Sudan
Mr. Justin Demetry, GRECOR Coordinator, Canada
Mr. Lado Lodoka, GRECOR Leader in the United States
Mr. Alfred Rombe, GRECOR Chairman in Canada
Dr. Jada Yengkopiong, GRECOR Chairman in Australia
Mr. Isaac Mursal, GRECOR Chairperson Western Australia
Mrs. Rita Edward Duru, Women Secretariat Chairperson Khartoum Sudan
Mr. Jada Lako Mathayo, GRECOR Chairman in Finland


  1. Bala says:

    South Sudanese have unlimited freedom of expression beyond that of Western countries. There are many people across the country slandering and libelling other people every day. In fact,the government of South Sudan has no control over what any South Sudanese says against other South Sudanese,even though there are doubts what is said maybe malicious and muckraking. That is why nobody is ever held responsible for encouraging ethnic violence and defaming others. It is unreasonable to include freedom of expression that is already here and overly blown as ones of grievances to wage a war of destruction against the government. Nigga is an informal spelling of nigger, a derogatory term which some uncultivated white people used to refer to dark skinned people, especially black people in general. It applies to all dark skinned people, including writers of this article. Unknown gunmen don’t have to be black people or any other race.Rappers are singers and celebrities. Most of them developed skills from studying poetry, a highly respected discipline from studies of literature. They are self-employed and self-made millionaires most have no connection to rape. Rape offenders are called rapists and probably people this article meant here. Word of mouth only isn’t credible and not enough to put the rape offenders behind bars. Scientific evidence like DNA in forensics and graphics are mandatory before lawfully caging rape culprits.

    • Eastern says:


      You are basking in utopia!

      • Bala says:


        I’m not basking in utopia. I simply state facts as they really are in South Sudan. Perhaps you’ve mistaken my comments to have some influence of Sir Thomas More – the author of Utopia or people who find his work of fiction interesting and if that’s the case, I’m fraid you’ve made the wrong guess.

  2. Malouda says:

    Noses, Greater Equatoria Council, what is different between Jieng Elders Council and it, there is no any different we will pray day and night to God to bring us the really national figure to salvage this country from the ethnicity disease.

  3. Ngacida says:

    I agreed with you Malouda nothing is called greater whatever you called it we are all South Sudanese one nation one people.We collectively pray to God to select for people of South Sudan a nationalist figure …………who never ever talk of greater………….

  4. mx says:

    useless, they are calling it national salvation and you limit zing it into greater equatorial you are just limited tribalist.

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