To achieve peace in South Sudan, SPLM/A must be scrapped

QUOTE: “….the problems of South Sudan essentially stem from the SPLM/A. This organisation is responsible for all the chaos and unnecessary bloodshed in the country for the reasons given above. The victims of the current chaos sadly enough are SPLM/A supporters murdered by the SPLM/A machine.” Elhag Paul.

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, DEC/29/2013, SSN;

Thursday 8th July 1965 around 10 p.m. or so at night I was woken up abruptly by unfamiliar sound. Tat! Tat! Tat! sharp sound in three successions. This was the sound of the German made G3 rifle standard issue to the Sudanese army. It was an extremely frightening moment for me at a very delicate formative age.

I was confused and gripped with panic as I heard my mother in our darkened house praying with my elder brother hurrying the family to move out quick. I had never heard my mother’s voice sound forlorn as it did. She must have thought we would not survive given her lamentation to the Almighty.

Under the guidance of my two elder brothers we left our house and just few meters away we heard a burst of gun fire and we saw our uncle who must have been coming to us fall. Survival dictated that we had to forget about him and continue least we perish too.

On the way one of my sisters found a baby abandoned by its parents. Female human instinct kicked in and she grabbed the crying baby. My elder brother was against taking the baby because its crying was exposing our position to the army shooting everyone on sight. The Sudanese Arab soldiers were going from residential block to residential block shooting anything living and torching the grass thatched houses.

My sister stuck to the baby and refused to part with it. Eventually, my brother gave up his view. My sister with support of my mother calmed the baby but from time to time it would cry. The baby might have known that my sister was not its mother from things like body smell, voice, heart beat etc. It must have been traumatised by the loss of its mother and therefore security.

Under the guidance of my elder brother with constant scouting of the surroundings and frequent hidings from the Arab army he safely led us to the safety of the Police living quarters in Juba. Our escape from Atlabara started from around 11 p.m. at night ending with our arrival at Hai Police at around sunrise. That morning is unforgettable as Juba was covered in a blanket of smoke with dogs howling ceaselessly.

I later understood that the dogs were feasting on the dead bodies and had gone mad all over the town. Juba being a small town then, people knew each other. We heard about the parents of the baby and their search for the baby. Contact was arranged and the baby was reunited with its mother.

This horrible experience is stamped in my brain. Sometime out of the blue it comes to my mind and it makes me sad. I have not discussed this painful experience with any of my family members although it is a family experience as well as an individual one. There were other similar situations of existential threat that I faced under Khartoum rule with similar impact. The one thing I know is that these experiences have shaped my life making me who I am today politically.

Precisely 48 years, 5 months and 1 week another horror of the same nature takes place in Juba. This time it is president Kiir and his tribal militia named ‘presidential guards’ who have taken over the place of the Arabs. Under a pretext of a coup, president Kiir imposed a curfew supposedly to safeguard the citizens. But in reality the curfew turned out to be a mechanism to contain, isolate and murder supposed opponents (predatory behaviour).

Under the cover of the dark, president Kiir’s militia went from door to door shooting people of Nuer origin and individuals from other tribes who do not approve of his mismanagement of the country. The events unfolding in Juba from 15th December 2013 to the present and ongoing has brought forth painful memories inflicted on me and fellow countrymen by the Umma party led government of Mohamad Ahmed Mahjoub.

The mass killing of the Nuer people of all age groups in Juba by president’s Kiir militia could not have happened unless the killers convinced themselves that the Nuer are not human beings. Therefore, there must have been a process of dehumanising the Nuer as a people among the militia. It is not easy to kill a human being unless the killer believes that the victims are not worth living.

To throw light on this point, Let us briefly refer to a historical debate that took place in the College de San Gregorio in the Spanish city of Valladolid (1550-1551) regarding colonisation and slavery. When the Spanish monarch took control of South America it was faced with the problem of the humanity of the native people.

This triggered a fierce debate between Bishop Bartolome de La Casas and Dominican Juan Gines de Sepulveda. Bartolome argued that the native on becoming Christian could not be enslaved whereas Sepulveda argued that the natives were less than human and therefore could be enslaved regardless of conversion.

This debate was inconclusive but it laid the marker of who can be colonised and who could not. The lesson of this debate is important because it identified who could be colonised and the process that follow the identified persons/ethnicity/community. Such process includes dehumanisation in order to justify horrendous acts on others.

For Europeans to justify colonisation and slavery they had to dehumanise the ‘other’ to enable them behave in an inhuman manner towards their victims with impunity. They used science and literature to portray the ‘other’ as inferior. This is what resulted in the holocaust and the sad history of colonisation.

So the Nuer pogrom by president Kiir and his militia arguably is a result of dehumanisation simply because it appears to be well planned and supervised by the tribal generals. The imposition of the curfew simply put was to contain and isolate the victims, then the killing of the victims followed by silence of the system. While this crime has been going on, president Kiir failed in his duties. He has so far not made any effort to visit the victims of his policies in the various camps of safety.

Crucially, it is important to know that he did not condemn the behaviour of his militia. It was only when the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon raised the prospects of accountability that he scrambled to the church during Christmas prayers to say he had asked for those who committed crimes to be arrested. How believable is this facade?

President Kiir’s abuse of state power to create a tribal militia and to unleash it on innocent citizens has plunged our country into a serious problem. What was the purpose of creating a parallel militia force composed of only Jieng from Warrap if it was not purely for such actions? How does this militia force serve the general interest of the people of South Sudan when there is a national South Sudan army in place?

The Nuer now appear to be targeting the Jieng in a tit for tat game claiming innocent lives. The Nuer must desist from revenge if they want to gain support and sympathy of South Sudanese. Equally any Nuer committing crimes against the Jieng must be made to account.

Surely president Kiir and his entire cabinet are suspects of a crime of ethnic cleansing against the Nuer people. The evidence to this lies in the fact that the cabinet remain united and perpetuates the lie that there was a coup attempt (when they will know that there was not) and continue to support president Kiir in this lie. President Kiir and his cabinet must be made to account one way or another.

If this Nuer pogrom is not appropriately addressed, the question remains: which tribe will be next and who will protect them? We now know that the UN is always asleep. It only wakes up when thousands have perished and their response is always too little too late. Examples range from Rwanda, former Yugoslavia etc.

If president Kiir and his cabinet are not made accountable: what would stop all the other tribes from arming themselves? And if all the tribes arm themselves, would this not be evidence that South Sudan can not be a country because the concept of social contract has been broken? Why should South Sudanese be in one country if they do not trust their government?

The current chaos that has engulfed the country and is making us ask all sorts of questions is unfortunately diverting the attention of the people away from the true problems of South Sudan. The break of South Sudan from the Sudan has not been a complete one. South Sudan came out with psychological and cultural baggage of the old Sudan in its entirety.

The reason for this is simply because the unionist SPLM/A hijacked the secession of South Sudan when they have no idea at all of how to run it. They had an ideology to run the old Sudan which was well articulated by the late Dr John Garang.

SPLM/A taking over control of an independent South Sudan and without any blue print of how to run it, they continued to haphazardly apply unionist ideologies mixed with tribal ideologies. This is not what South Sudanese fought and voted for.

SPLM/A looks to Khartoum on how to rule South Sudan. Khartoum is a strong believer in identity politics. Its oppression of South Sudanese was based on it. For them to be human is to be an Arab and Muslim and since South Sudanese were not Arabs and Muslims the solution was to Arabise and Islamise them.

The result was a conflict and the eventual break of the country. Even now Khartoum has not yet learnt a lesson. It treats the African tribes in the Sudan with contempt simply because they are not Arabs and this may lead into further fragmentation of the country.

SPLM/A has copied Khartoum’s way of doing things. Right from its inception it has embraced identity politics. SPLM/A total make up is tribal and it exercises Khartoum’s way of doing things. Just like Khartoum was committing massacres and carnages against South Sudan, SPLM/A was committing massacres against other tribes in South Sudan.

For example, under Col. Dr John Garang, the SPLM/A targeted the Uduk people in Upper Nile in the late 1980s and early 1990s and in late 1990s it targeted the Didinga people in Eastern Equatoria with all the rest of the tribes in South Sudan experiencing unprecedented oppression by the Jieng tribe.

Under Garang, the SPLM/A had an efficient disinformation network that made all the Western NGOs in the SPLM/A controlled territory look the other way pretending to be unaware of what was going on. It fitted the Japanese proverb: “ see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.”

After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 the SPLM/A targeted the Chollo people and the Fertit people in what can arguably be proven as an organised persecution.

Please see ‘Transcending Tribe’ Now SPLM/A has turned to the Nuer. Who is next?

What does this then mean? It means that South Sudan needs to move away from the political enmeshment it is trapped in with the Sudan to avoid recurrence of pogroms in future. It needs to truly break free from the Sudan psychologically and culturally to realise its independence and be what it needs to be.

Contradiction such as in the SPLM/A flag being flag of the Republic of South Sudan as well as the flag of SPLM/A-North must be brought to an end. South Sudan needs to have its own flag independent of any party. The name SPLA must cease to be the name of South Sudan army to eliminate association with certain tribal interest.

Fallacious agreements foisted on the people of South Sudan like the Cooperation Agreement of September 2012 must be reviewed or dissolved.

Ironically the double political enmeshment which involves the SPLM/A on the one hand and the Republic of South Sudan and Sudan on the other disables South Sudan to be independent in its thinking in relation to the Sudan.

Close observers of South Sudan would not miss noticing that independent South Sudan is promoting more Arabisation and Islamisation than the Sudan. Just watch SSTV and judge for yourselves. What is going on here?

Therefore, the SPLM/A must be scrapped by all means and replaced by a truly South Sudanese party that is able to break free from the double unhelpful political enmeshment. Thus, the people should not be duped to think that reconciliation in SPLM/A is going to solve the problems of the country.

The so-called ‘senior members of SPLM/A’ who disagreed with president Kiir are all aware of the crimes their beloved organisation has committed. In a sense they are complicit. Since 2002 after the return of Riek into the fold from Khartoum, no one amongst these senior members raised or expressed any concerns about SPLM/A abuse of the South Sudanese people and state resource: open looting of public resources, entrenchment of tribalism, killing of opponents and journalists etc.

It is only on 5th March 2013 when Riek declared his ambition to challenge president Kiir and on 23rd July 2013 when president Kiir applied the laws these very ‘senior members’ enacted on them that they started singing about democracy.

Since when have they become democrats? Overnight? Surely people do not just become democrats over night. Democratic ideals are values and believes that come from the encore of the individual which are frequently expressed and practised.

For example, a true democratic would speak out against any proposed laws that curb democracy and liberties. Remember, who empowered president Kiir through the interim constitution? Was it not this very group? Who among them opposed the constitution? These are questions that people need to think about.

I am convinced beyond doubt that all these ‘senior members of SPLM/A’ are only vying for power. Should they get it, believe you me, the chances are that they will be the next ruthless dictators of tomorrow oppressing the people mercilessly and we will be back in this same place.

The interview of Riek Machar with Al Jazeera on 22nd December 2013 in which he tactlessly admits wanting to be the next president tells the public what this whole fuzz over democracy is about. It is about the presidency and the power that comes with it.

This very group of ‘senior members of SPLM/A’ will, if received knowledge is valid, fracture when Riek accedes to power in a bitter squabble and recrimination which will recreate a similar problem like the one we’re in.

Thus the problems of South Sudan essentially stem from the SPLM/A. This organisation is responsible for all the chaos and unnecessary bloodshed in the country for the reasons given above. The victims of the current chaos sadly enough are SPLM/A supporters murdered by the SPLM/A machine.

In effect, as already said, SPLM/A is the big problem. President Kiir is an SPLM/A. Riek Machar et al are SPLM/A. The victims are SPLM/A with South Sudan being the real loser.

That SPLM/A is a tribal organisation dominated by the Jieng can not be disputed and note that this tribe steering this deadly machine only comprise less than 18 percent of the population of South Sudan. The Nuer and the Jieng combined comprise about 30 percent of the population with the other 61 tribes making 70 percent.

There is a myth peddled by the leaders of the SPLM/A, the media and the international community that the ruling tribe is very large which emboldens the leadership of the SPLM/A to become unrealistically adventurous.

Knowing the damage SPLM/A has caused to the country thus far, the remaining 70 percent of the population must be part of any long lasting solution because they have been victimised and also suffered greatly from the mismanagement of the SPLM/A.

It is they whose lives have been turned upside down bearing the brunt of all the negative sides effects of mismanagement of the country. Which means any talks must be based along national dialogue involving all the stake holders in the country. The regional and international community now erroneously are focusing on the SPLM/A yet again.

This mistake was committed during the negotiation of the CPA in Kenya and it should not be repeated.

SPLM/A is the problem and it can never bring peace and stability to the country. Any agreement in this cancerous organisation will only lead to future pogroms and this should not be allowed.

The talks for peace can not only be confined to president Kiir and Riek et al, the destroyers of South Sudan without any agenda of government.

Given the ugly experience visited on South Sudan by the predatory behaviour of the tribally controlled SPLM/A copied from Khartoum politics, which has raised and revived painful experiences under the Arabs, the people of South Sudan should not let themselves be taken advantage off any more.

SPLM/A has proven beyond doubt that it is a criminal organisation of thieves, killers and unprincipled people only interested in controlling power to perpetuate their crimes and self interest.

SPLM/A as a party now serves nobody’s interest. Please ‘Tear down the SPLM’ – Will South Sudanese Now Respond?

In fact it is a source of national pain and destruction to every South Sudanese. SPLM/A with its tribalism is the real threat to the national security of South Sudan.

The least anyone can do is to cease being a member of this organisation for the greater good of South Sudan.

Please fellow South Sudanese, consign the SPLM/A to the garbage bin of history to save our beloved country. Dr Justin Ramba wrote elsewhere that South Sudan comes to life the day SPLM/A atrophies. This could not have been more bluntly put. So let us save South Sudan by de-listing and withdrawing support from this murderous organisation.

Critically, South Sudan needs to break free from the Sudan, in order to develop a political mind and culture that is true and humane to itself and completely independent.

The political enmeshment with the Sudan, and within South Sudan with the SPLM/A confuses the current rulers in Juba creating mismanagement of the country and sad things like the Nuer pogrom by president Kiir and his militia dubbed presidential guards. Which clearly means SPLM/A is the real problem.

Thus the current efforts by the regional and international community must be a holistic one involving all the stake holders in a form of national dialogue to bring a lasting peace to the country.

So if the regional and international community really mean business then they need to widen the scope of participation to include all the stake holders.

The silence of the other 61 tribes that are not involved in the current abuses in the country should not be misconstrued to mean weakness. After all most of these tribes regardless of numbers are warrior tribes.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Bentiu today says:

    Thanks Elhag Paul.
    Uganda is not Neutral in the peace process rather the trouble maker they bombed rebel position several times and on the other hand calling themselves peace makers.

  2. nikalongo says:

    As a people, all have painful memories; actually like in ur case or inherited like mine. After years of horrifying experiences, we ought to be the first to defend and respect the sanctity and dignity of human life and value.
    I disagree with u on disbanding SPLM as a party as long as it meets the requirement as stipulated in laws governing formation of parties in South Sudan. The party takes it characters from the leaders. It is the leaders and not the party that is the problem.
    In South Sudan unfortunately, the party (SPLM) and the country are interchangeable. Ordinary citizens and not the SPLM decide who rules the country. Those interested in the presidency or any other elective office can present themselves to the electorate.

    Where are these other parties like SPLM-DC, SSDM, PPO, SSU, SSDK, SSAC, SSIM, EFM, EDM, etc. They should take the golden opportunity presented to prepare for the upcoming elections. I suppose they are much cleaner than the tribalist and bloodthirsty hooligans in SPLM.

  3. kikisik says:

    Thank Mr. Elhag, I think it is time the people of South Sudan must stand up and say enough is enough with this SPLM/A killer machine. My prayers to those who are forced to leave this sinful world.
    To you Kiir, those people you kill, their eyes will be looking at you from their graves. Remember! it is just a matter of days, months, if not years, for you to follow suit.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  4. A. Peat says:

    Thanks, El Hag Paul for this piece of contribution. To begin with, am one of those who read your articles on this website only because you tell the truth about the situation in our country. But since the beginning of Juba’s MASSACRE of General Kiir against the Nuer tribe, i never found any article from you.. However, this is not the case now.
    What I want you to know is that if we the people of S.Sudan allow the Dictator to rule us for another year, that will be the end of our state. Salva has grown wild and inhumane- by killing innocent Nuer civilians in their houses not in a demonstration as it always happens in the whole world.
    This is a unique incidence which never happened before everywhere in our planet earth to single out a certain ethnic group out of over sixty tribes. He will not be forgiven! Moreover, by doing this, Salva has jeopardized, the lives of his Warrap-Dinka section tribe.

    • A.Peat:

      It was the Dinka of Warrap and Bhar El Ghazal who foiled the first and second coup attempts of the prophet of Doom, Riek Machar in 1991 and 2013. If it is not because of the interference of IGAD and the International Community in the case, we will forcefully drive Riek Machar and his blind supporters out of South Sudan as we did it in 1991. The Angel of Death, Riek Machar has gravely jeopardized his political ambitions and the lives of his blind followers. Why did he flee Juba with his forces when the sons of Warrap and Bhar Ghazal foiled his senseless Coup Attempt for the second time?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! ( The voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  5. jijury says:

    South Sudanese stop dreaming 2015 elections the reason why we in this conflict is because some politicians expressed their desires to challenge Kiir for the top seat. Now all of them are behind bars, only a few escaped. Unless president Kiir is captured dead or live, peace will never come in South Sudan again. Kiir put much trust on foreigners than his people. People like Museveni who has a big hand in current conflict will never leave unless his main enemy in South Sudan are all dead.
    He got Dr. John Garang, now he will try his best to get Dr. Riek through Kiir. Then Museveni will be running South Sudan like Uganda.

  6. Toney Toney Matot says:

    El Hag Paul is stooge who have been hired to defame the image of the SPLM and Dinka In Particular. the South Sudan which is very sweet in your mouth now was a hell some time back when the real sons of it were seriously fighting the enemy.
    the hatred you are preaching since the inception of this website will never earn you anything. If you are a nationalist, why making Dinka as your daily subject? No one in South Sudan will buy your cheap propaganda by dividing us again. enough is enough to your likes.

  7. majok Bol says:

    Problem of Equotorians with who leads the nation is known since Adam and Eva. Equotorians led this South Sudan during Anyanya I, what was the outcome of their rule…(kokoro) so nobody is clean here in South Sudan. The solution is to have South Sudan broken into three more Countries….Equotorians Country, Nuer Country and Dinka Country. I doubted whether the country of Nuer shall be peaceful but so many factions will come up and the same to Equotorians. For Dinka we have never rebelled against any leadership be it Nuer or Equatorians.

  8. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    It makes me wonder why this name SPLM is still been carried along in all walks of life in independent South Sudan.Is there liberation struggle yet? against who? It’s like SPLM under Kiir wants to liberate it’s self from political opponents and civilians especially those discontented by his leadership. The initials SUDAN in the name SPLM clearly justifies your argument Elhag. South Sudan brought along and is still bringing the old political ideologies of Khartoum. “SPLM/A has copied Khartoum’s way of doing things. Right from its inception it has embraced identity politics. SPLM/A total make up is tribal and it exercises Khartoum’s way of doing things. Just like Khartoum was committing massacres and carnages against South Sudan, SPLM/A was committing massacres against other tribes in South Sudan”. Iam angered by these so-call parliamentarians who knows some thing about kiir and are quiet to death to impeach the president especially on grounds of recruiting warrap boys into tribal militia.

    I am sure the international organization on crimes (ICC) will not sit arms folded without raising a finger on whoever instigated the crimes and the killing of some ethnic tribes, am sure the president himself will be held accountable and any other person associated to this turmoil.

  9. Domac says:

    Mr Elhag Paul,
    what happened to you back in 1965, had happened to me in 1991, when the militias men from Nuer invaded greater Bor villages killing thousands of civilians (BOR MASSACRE). Also happened 1993 in ikotos when equatoria defend force and Nuer militias attacked the town killing hundreds of civilians.
    Mr Elhag’s past was not good at all. During the struggle all south sudan tribes were against Dinka. I know you were aware of that. Come to current situation in our country, I condemned killing of civilians in Juba, Bor, Akobo, Bentiu, Malakal and countryside.

  10. Elhag Paul and Daughter of Equatoria:

    The tribal war that you have been wishing and instigating against Dinka has just started. Please stop making more noises on social media. This is not the time for talk yet. It is the time for the real action. Get your guns and ally your forces with Riek Machar against Dinka. The long awaited coup to unseat the so called Dinka government had failed and the prophet of Doom’s (Riek Machar’s) political chances of getting the leadership from Dinka by force are fading away in thin air.

    Please be reminded that the SPLM/A will remain active and in force as long as South Sudan remains a Country. Please form your own political party to compete with the SPLM Democratically as Dr. Peter Wankomo advised the Angel of Death (Riek Machar) and his political allies before the coup attempt. The tribal hatreds, conflicts and coups will never take us anywhere in South Sudan. The prophet of Doom (Riek Machar) attempted his first coup to unseat Dr. John Garang in 1991 and failed. Many innocent lives were lost for no reason. When will this fool learn from his own mistakes? Is it not the time now to change the leadership Democratically in order to avoid the bloodbath and loss of innocent lives. Where will the tribal hatreds and tribalism take us in South Sudan? and Where can we find a leader who does not have tribal afflictions in South Sudan?

    “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

    • Junubi says:

      lokudu, stop dreaming. you talk big as if south sudan belongs to dinka. look there is no south sudan but the second somalia as long as there is war. you talked of taking up guns, do you think dinka tribe in so called splm will win militarily? nuer and dinka have been fighting each other for decades no body wipe out the others. equatorian brought up the kokora because dinka only want to rule and call others shit. south sudan will be nothing but the lake of blood as long as we look at each other as tribes. i admire most of educated dinkas in diaspora who condemned the juba crisis as it happened. but most of them still go behind their tribe line and this will not take s sudan no where.

      • Junubi:

        Where were you when the Nuer and Dinka were fighting in South Sudan between 1983 and 2005? Do you know what they were fighting for? The Nuer, under the leadership of Riek Machar was fighting for the presidency of the SPLM/A movement while the Dinka was fighting for the liberation of South Sudan. The political and economical situation in South Sudan by that time was even worst than Somalia.

        In 1991, The Angel of Death, Riek Machar betrayed the Dinka and allied his Militia forces with Jalaba to uproot the Dinka and keep South Sudan within the United Sudan. Who is he now to reclaim the leadership of South Sudan by force? The prophet of Doom (Riek) will rule South Sudan in his dreams but not in reality. Riek has betrayed the people of South Sudan twice and he will never get away with it this time. I don’t comprehend what you mean by the lake of blood you? I don’t look at the Nuer or any tribe in South Sudan as an enemy, however whoever supports Riek Machar will go down with his/her prophet of Doom with him. Enough is enough with Riek Machar. No peace or forgiveness with him this time. Riek must be killed whether in the Unity State or Juba. Period!

        The Dinka had already swam in the lake of their own blood caused by Riek Machar and his blind followers. This time, somebody or people will experience the bitter taste of swimming in the Lake of blood and I really mean it. We want him (Riek Machar) dead and not rule South Sudan. The Angel of Death (Riek) is wanted dead or alive, and we will get him any time soon no matter how long it takes. Any Nuer or any person from any tribe can rule South Sudan but not the prophet of Doom, Riek Machar. RIEK MACHAR WILL NEVER RULE SOUTH SUDAN WHETHER BY BULLET OR BALLOT. PERIOD!

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear Garang:

          Point of correct, Dinka were not fighting for South Sudan; they were fighting for entire Sudan. Nuer were actually the ones fighting for South Sudan. Because you were not receptive to the reality on the ground, Nuer had to reverse your shallow brain to abandon the ideology of New Sudan and embrace the achievable ideology of separate South Sudan throught self-determination. So stop twisting history. Without Dr. Machar, there would have been no south Sudan at the movement because you would have stuck to outdated ideology of taking over the whole cake from Jallaba and I am sure Jallaba would never let you take it away from them, period. Hence, stop lying to people here. I participated in the struggle and I know really who was fighting for what.

  11. Anyar Deng says:

    Elhag Paul
    The name SPLM/A is not the issue against peace; it’s just a label; the problem is the people lacking comprehension and compromise. To suggest that; the name SPLM/A must be scrapped to achieve peace is like saying; the name South Sudan or its flag must be scrapped to achieve peace! That would sound ludicrous to the reasonable people and sure it is!

  12. David Debu says:

    Whenever I take a profound look at online press like on this platform (, I realized that most of the people are preaching their hatred so much with regard to crisis. Why would somebody initial violence and pretends to be peace loving person. I’m not accusing all the Nuer but some elements within the community had been and are still not peace loving people and I strongly believe if somebody humbly takes time and look back just a little glance at the past years of the Sudan and the people of today South Sudan, one would rush to conclude that most of these guys had contributed and are still contributing to instability of this country today.

    Imagined yourself taking arm against the state and to make matters worse, making a very bold statement that, “We have defeated the supporters of the president.” how were they? This and many other mistakenly used words added up to what somebody like big brother of this article are calling president mistakes and accountability. Yes he must be accountable because is the president and the one who has the authority to stop any ongoing crisis in the country. But guess what, people llike you are adding fuel to the already flamable nature of the country’s politics.

    It is very easy to point at you as somebody whose opinions are inbalance. I know, most people rush to conclusion of blaming the leadership but on what basis. If in way somebody wants peace, why would you take side based on your tribal lines. Now some are trying to reach out for condemination after messing up the situation in the country. The only bad thing here is that, we are not politically mature. You and I are inexperience with strong support to our tribes. To shorten my words, stop using wrong words such as “we have defeated them, we have been targeted by the Dinka who are not yet in equation, we must defeat the president.” I know, somebody who in one way or the other might feel hurt by my words but the fact is that “The Nuer soldier who started shooting at his colleagues whom he accused as some said it like the most stupid intellectual like Peter Adwok, that he started shoting because of seeing the other soldiers of Dinka being rearmed. If you are a South Sudanese at heart and mind, why would you initiate fighting before knowing what this rearming is meant for. Coup was real whether you agree with me or not.

    However, its upon us the people of South Sudan to create peace and live it. If we people disconnect ourselves from supoortingr politicians on tribal basis, and develop an interest of suporting a politician due to his popularity and ambitions for the better economy. We will prosper. Therefore, lets reserves our anger and fodged an atmosphere of peace our hearts and let bygone be bygone and unite ourselves for the Republic of South Sudan not tribal polilitics.

  13. Bentiu today says:

    this time the oil is being shut down Kirr will not sustain the country for one year, believe me.
    western power has withdrawn their support to dictatorship government and human right abuses, you celebrated today and tomorrow it will be different.
    Museveni of Uganda is misleading our country.

  14. Nuer land says:

    We shall fight with Uganda government to the last man earth if that is what Yewori museveni wants and it will be regional war. That will be warning to him and am sure he can understand how long way we came from and what kind of solution we got now to become South Sudan independent. We don’t care really what kind forces he may use. Let him remember that, he is facing nuer tribes by name and we will not or shall not bow down for foreign intervention in to our country. God will not curse us because we didnt started this war. We just reacted and used self defense, I believe that Nuer will remove salva kiir from power if what Museveni want know. He is killer and there is nobody will allowed killer in that nation. We shall fight until we got him. Encourage my people Nuer people not listen Yewori Museveni claim and scare tactic and we will defeat him whether he likes or not.

  15. Chan says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    I read your article, well written with evidence basis, I appreciate that brother. However, I have little observations and/or different view on your conclusion – silence of 61 South Sudanese tribes who are not targeted during December 15 incidence is not a weakness. As a you’re aware, South Sudan is for all of us – no one owns it, no one should rule it forever.
    To me, the cause for this war is injustice, inequality and lack of democracy and these issues are affecting all South Sudanese and Not Nuer, Murle and Shilluk alone.
    The reason why Kiir targeted Nuer tribe is because of;
    1) revenge of 1991;
    2) potential of Nuer community to completely oppose his leadership and
    3) political propaganda to tarnish Nuer community as war lovers.
    If Salva and his cabinet want to create what I call “Dinka or Jieng State” I think it is all of us to say collectively no to Salva and his supporters. If other tribes keep silent while their brothers and sisters are being killed because they said No to injustice in their country, what is the guarantee that you people (Silent tribe – who believe they are wiser than Nuer, Shilluk and Murle) are safe against this government- Kiir’s administration.
    It is sweet when you die for truth brother and ugly to die for unnecessary reason. You may be aware that freedom is not for free even within the household. To be free, we should die for it and work for it, Crossing figures and silent like what other tribes (61) DOES NOT bring equality, freedom and true democracy and good governance.

    • ssim says:

      A true south sudanese citizen would reject what is going on in South Sudan and Kiir is responsible. Because why did he (kiir) recruit militia from his own dinka tribe (warap … etc) when the army said they are not politicians and will never get involved in any political differences? This move by Kiir, reveals his evil intention to kill his political opponents. The army on the other hand failed to stop kiir from carrying on his satanic plans. Hence kiir is a rebel who rebelled against the national army of South Sudan. The failure of the army to stop Kiir stems from the fact that Kiir is an SPLM/A leader. So the army (SPLA) pays allegiance to Kiir because of their history of struggle as spla army. They (the SPLA) are more loyal to Kiir than to the country. Because of this, I think Elhag is right to suggest the importance of SPLA being scrapped for peace and nationalism in South Sudan.

  16. ELHAG PAUl,

    Dear brother from South Sudan. You have stated the true colour of a nationalist man. Our country is in deep problem with the SPLM/A party. All I can said is that you speak the truth and I’m 100 per cent in support of you so SPLM party can be get off from ruling our beloved nation. However, the question remains in everyone mind is that how are we going get rid of them from the power since they silence the entire population.

  17. Peter Malish says:

    Am happy for Dr.Riek first the shutdown and capture of the oil fields .Let them first vomite out the one they have stolen .The second is mbolize the equatorians on your side as most are tired of the Dinkaniazation in the republic particulaly the Great equatoria ,Third is lock the great entry points of Nimule and Nadapaly and lastly the criminal Kingdom of the Jieng (Dinka Bhar-el ghazal will just fall in three working days as they like too much foods in other parts of the Country.

  18. alex says:

    Brothers and fellow South Sudanese
    We are ruining the our country with these sensless talks. We need to put our nation first before tribe or any community. Finger pointing can’t help. If you point to somebody three fingers of your same hand is pointing back at you. So this means that we are cause of all the problem we going through. Until we come to our own sense we will remain a laughing stock in the whole world. Is there a point an educated people like you in this net can be writing all this silly things when our country is bleeding. When will we reach the intellectural thinking pharse South Sudanese. We are surposed to preach peace and enlighten our fellow country men so that we can march to the road of development. Those who are in diaspora please I appeal to you do not get sacked into this useless talk of hatered. Lets be people who are peace makers and challangers of our bad old traditional culture of looking other people bad. If we stand united together with time we will be able to influence our brothers back home or even may be our leaders tomorrow. We bought that country with a presous blood from our own brothers who were willing to die so that we will be able to live any other human being on earth. So we should not play with that country. I know there will always be disagreements and misunderstandings but we should not let that to divide us or hate ourselves. Instead we should learn from the past misteaks and look for a solution of overcoming it in a mature civilised way. Do we feel happy when our own people are dying back home by writing words that can inflame the situation. We are sleeping well, eating well why not write things that can help our fellow brothers back home get the same opportunities we are enjoying here? Our work should be to write to discourage them from promoting hatered. Building a nation is not easy brothers even the fruits we enjoying here today this people have gone through the same mistakes as ours. There were civil wars and barbaric killings but later on some wise men came and sat down and say people enough is enough we should stop this killings because it was not leading them anywhere.
    Therefore fellow South Sudanese it is our time to come out wholly hearted and reject hatered and start to preach peace among ourselves here and go and plan the same seed back home. We made ourselves look like people who are still not civilised when we are encourging hatered which we knew very well can lead us destructions and nowhere. If you are happy with the current bloodshed please do not show your joy here in this net. Enjoy it in your own house but do not expose your stupiditity here in this net. The net was meant for passing nurshing information of unity, love peace, education and development to our people. We know very well our people are dying because of lack of knowledge and yet we are still pushing them to deeper hatered. Why not spend time to write words that can inform and enlightend our people to be able to make informed decission by themselves. Let US PUT SOUTH SUDAN NATION FIRST AND THE WELL BEING OF OUR OWN PEOPLE NOT YOU STUPIED TRIBE AND HATRED. GOD WAS NOT MISTEAKEN WHEN HE CREATED US AND PUT US IN THAT NATION. PAY FOR PEACE AND UNITY. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE SUCH TRIBLISTIC WRITING AGAIN WE ARE BECOMING ENEMEYS OF PEACE. STOP IT TODAY OR YOU A SATAN’S SON WHOSE MISSION IS TO BRING CONFISION AND DEATH THAT IS WYH YOU ENJOY IN WRITING SUCH ARTICLES.


  19. ssim says:

    Knowing the root of the problem is a way to the solution. Because if we try to hide and sneak away from the problem just as Kiir and his alike are doing in Juba will not solve this deadly problem. It is a good start as we realise where the problem lies and because of this, Deng-ajith-duot, I would like to thank you for asking the question: how are we going to get rid of them (governement of Kiir) from the power since they have silenced the entire polution? For me I think we should peacefully demonstrate as south sudanese public to oust Kiir from the power. But this is impossible as he is turing into a dictator. The evidence is his support of Riziq in Wau when the Western Bahr Elgazalian peacefully demonstrated against the governement decision to move Wau County to Bagari. Kiir was in support of the killing of the people using life bullet.
    The only solution left is to support Riak wholeheartedly. Equatorians, Nuers and peace loving Dinkas and the other tribes should rally behind Riak to over throw this evil government.
    On the other hand, the international community should not back Kiir’s governement. Uganda MUST stop fueling the situation by sending mercenaries to fight for Kiir’s govenement.
    If the international community think that Kiir’s governement is an ellected governement, they should also understand that the democratic government elected by the people, Kiir has demolished it. He sacked all the elected and replaced them by those unelected. So the government is no longer a reperesentative of the people of South Sudan so they must go.
    In conclusion, to get rid of this government, we have to stand firm behind and in support of Riak, stop Uganda of supporting Kiir who is no longer leading a South Sudanese elected government and the US and Barak Obama MUST stop sending messages that support the genesis of a dictator government similar to the Ugandan dictatorship in South Sudan.

  20. ssim says:

    Dear South Sudanese it is crystal clear that people have understood and identified the problem of South Sudan, the beloved country. I think knowing the problem is a step forward in the direction of a right solution. And this is evident in the opinion of Deng_ajit_dout as he said “… the SPLM party can be gOt off from ruling our beloved nation.” This implies that the SPLM is the problem. Thank you Deng for acknowledgeing this fact. However, inspite of SPLM being the problem I think we cannot get rid of it from South Sudan political arena or the governement. The only think that has to be done is to strengthen its democratic constitution and revitalise its structure and vision ather than destroying or paralysing the party as Kiir has done. But this is not easy with Kiir still the chairperson of this historic party. Kiir must go to hell leaving the party for the new generation of the December 15th 2013 revolutionists. We have to support this revolution and rally behind this spirit of democracy. Equatorians and other tribes plus those honest peace loving dinkas have to embrace democracy and support Riak Machar in his sacrificial move to liberate south sudanese people from Kiir’s dictatorial government.
    On the other hand, the international community should shun airing any supportive statements to the governement of Kiir. Because this is no longer a democratic governement as Kiir has already dismissed most of the elected representatives and acted unconstitutionally. So, Kiir’s government is not the people’s governement. Kiir is a dictator and the people of South Sudan are intolerant of such governements. Moseveni’s Ugandan style of governement is not welcomed in South Sudan. Barak Obama suggesting Uganda to give military support to Kiir is also unwelcomed.
    In conclusion, to get rid of Kiir’s government South Sudanese people have to unit against this regime. And Riak is to be given the support to oust his tyranny. The international community and Barak Obama MUST shun supporting this dictator verbally, morally or materially. Uganda MUST withdraw their support from this dictatorship. South Sudanese people want freedom, equality, social justice and a rule of law. Stop supporting Kiir and stand beside South Sudanese people as you used to do during our difficult days.
    By doing this, I believe South Sudan will be a different country. Our unity will become automatic as we stood up as a nation against dictatorship.
    Long live our freedom fighters
    Long live the December 15th 2013 revolution of South Sudanese people
    Long live the SPLM democratic party
    Long live South Sudan
    God bless South Sudan

  21. Alex says:

    Dear South Sudanese
    War is not the solution to our problem. Nelson Mendela was able to destroy the racist system in South Africa by sword of peace. The Gandhi in India was able to defeat the colonial power through peaceful means. We inflict suffering on our children, women and old people through war. We liberated ourselves it’s time for us to unite together and solve our differences through peaceful means. We as youths should learn to be independent thinkers and be able to hold our own destiney. Right now we should listean to the cry of our people. Everybody is tired of war and we can not afford to spill more blood. Therefore, any person needing change can bring it through peaceful means. War destorys our rlationship and brings us backward. Our cry and voice is urging our two leaders to settle their political differences through dialoge. They fought to liberate us from the Arabs why again turning to spill the blood of the same people they liberated. Let them sit down to settle the matter peacefully.


  22. ssim says:

    Alex I totally agree with the notion of promoting peace in our communities. However, you need to be brave to name a devil by its name. Do you think what happened on December 15th 2013 is a coup? Kiir’s government has to face the truth. The more you deny the truth the further away you are from building peace. Nelson Mandella faced the truth by nailing and naming the south african governement as a racist government (apartheid.) It is when the south african government acknowledged the fact that they are an apartheid government Nelson was then ready to forgive the oppressors and started preaching peace and reconciliation.
    Kiir and his naive government MUST tell the truth to south sudanese public otherwise it is a waste of time to preach peace within a lying government. “South Sudanese people will never tolerate a government which gives false information to the public.” We, the December 15th 2013 revolutionist, will not give in to a lie. We will not preach peace without you acknowledging the wrong you did. As the least condition for real peace and forgiveness you have to quit the government; a transitional governement MUST be formed which will lead the country to elect a democratic government in 2015. This is what we need so that a genuine peace prevails in our hearts first and then manifested in our land and country. Other than these, I don’t think there will be a genuin peace and forgiveness among us: Nuer and Dinka.

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