To achieve peace in South Sudan, IGAD talks must be diversified

QUOTE: “South Sudan does not belong to SPLM rather it is the other way – SPLM belongs to South Sudan and it is a small part of its constituent parts.” Elhag Paul.

BY: ELHAG Paul, APR/04/2015, SSN;

The collapse of South Sudan’s peace talks in Addis Ababa under the mediation of IGAD on 6th March 2015 comes with mixed emotions. The failure in reaching peace is painful because it means the suffering and the senseless war will continue further laying waste to the resources of South Sudan including its people.

On the other hand the failure may be a blessing in disguise to allow a genuine process under an impartial body (not IGAD) to deal with the real problem of South Sudan which is the diversification of power and holding the SPLM to account.

The failed IGAD talks erroneously preferred to again concentrate power in the hands of the SPLM, a criminal organisation, to the exclusion of all other stakeholders in the country.

Although its 9th May 2014 agreement clearly and rightly so opted for an inclusive approach, breaching its own brokered agreement, IGAD deliberately set out to sex-out all the other stakeholders from the peace talks in favour of the SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO. Basically South Sudan and its people have been reduced to the property of SPLM.

Some of IGAD’s tactics for disenfranchising the people of South Sudan were very crude. For example, it invited the representatives of other political parties and civil society groups to Addis Ababa for the talks. Then it denies these groups of their per diem and travel expenses ensuring their expenses were impossible to meet.

On the other hand it pays the delegates of SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO thousands of dollars of per deim creating an unequal level playing field. Even things like stationery and support services for preparation of documents were denied to the others.

It is in this Dr Riek Machar’s advocacy of the exclusion of the South Sudanese people represented by the other political parties and the civil society groups, that Dr Riek Machar decimally failed the test of being a democrat.

In playing such a negative role, Riek just proved beyond doubt that he is not to be believed and trusted at all. He is not better than President Salva Kiir. Please see, ‘Like a leopard can not change its spots, Machar can not change’

President Kiir and Riek with the support of IGAD were bent on amassing power to themselves repeating the grave mistakes committed during the negotiations of Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005.

The concentration of power in the SPLM then translated into creation of two dominant powerful tribes which is to the detriment of the country. Now these tribes are fighting it out using the state’s machinery and resources for a monopoly of power in the new country.

The leaked report of the African Union Commission of Inquiry in South Sudan (AUCISS) argues correctly that the CPA was responsible for the “creation of unchallenged armed power” in South Sudan.

Without doubt this is the problem of South Sudan and IGAD wanting to repeat the mistake it did a decade ago beggars belief. This is why the collapse of the IGAD peace talks may be a blessing in disguise.

Given the grand theft of public resources, the cleansing of the Nuer and the lawlessness of the tribal government in Juba, power of the state of South Sudan must be diversified if any meaningful peace is to be attained.

The failure of IGAD talks offers a golden chance for democracy to be appropriately built into the system that emerges after any peace talks, this is to be negotiated under any body taking the process over.

Thus it is critically important for the IGAD agreement of 9th May 2014 to be revived by the new body taking the talks over. All the stakeholders must be part of the talks to ensure diversification of the state power to the rest of the country.

Addressing this issue of power leads to another basic but vital problem relating to the foundation of South Sudan. The current foundation is laid on a very soft ground and that is why the country imploded in December 2013. For any country to survive, the foundation must be right.

So if South Sudan is to properly stand as a credible country that will withstand the storms and quakes of turbulent politics the foundation must be built on a solid ground.

The ingredients of a good foundation are a balanced constitution that accommodates everyone, bill of rights, fiercely independent judiciary and a truly self determined parliament. All these are things that exist in South Sudan theoretically but not practically.

A state can not be constructed on the tissue of a lie. For example, South Sudan under SPLM/A makes a lot of noise that it is a democratic country when visibly and practically it is a tribal dictatorship.

Another example is that SPLM/A falsely claims South Sudan is starting from scratch when the history of the country clearly shows the territory has since 1821 been under different administrations: Turko-Egyptian, condominium rule of Egypt/Britain, and the Sudan government.

SPLM/A fabricated this lie to allow them to mismanage the country while hiding their incompetence behind such a claim.

The importance of a good foundation must not be under estimated. Sudan broke into two and possibly it may break up into more countries because its foundation was faulty from the word go.

The elites in that country buried their heads in the sand and decided to give the country an identity that is not correct resulting in discriminatory policies and practices to fit the imagined false identity.

In contrast, even the United States of America which is founded on a solid Constitution to this date suffers from human imperfection. Issues of race, slavery and discrimination routinely surface as a reminder of human weakness in upholding noble principles in the US Constitution.

Nevertheless, it still progresses on a daily basis towards an ideal society because the majority believe and uphold those beautiful principles found in the Constitution of America. The US is able to withstand the cracks on its foundation because the principles and the practice to a certain extent balances out.

Please see President Barack H. Obama’s speech addressing the human imperfection of Americans when he was campaigning for the presidency, ‘A more perfect Union’

In the mother continent Africa the late president of South Africa Nelson Mandela and former President Fredrik De Klerk laid a reasonably good foundation for post Apartheid South Africa in the 1994 settlement.

The racist Afrikaners with their Apartheid regime who came to power in 1948 nurtured a wrong ideology which undermined the concept of a state. Because of the wrong foundation of Apartheid South Africa crumbled under the resistance of the people.

Equally Dinkocracy in South Sudan like Apartheid in South Africa will crumble soon either by revolution or through the expected coming peace talks.

South Sudan has endured a lot of pain since 1821. It needs breathing space to recuperate from its traumas. The panacea for these traumas is democracy. The South Sudan of today as it is known is a product of a democratic process.

The choice of independence is a result of the people’s decision in a referendum in January 2011.

Although the SPLM usurped the power of the people and plunged it into chaos, the people have the right to have a say in its rebuilding.

The mediation set up under IGAD unfortunately was undemocratic. It pushed away the people of South Sudan (stakeholders: other parties and civil society) from the process. IGAD was happy to concentrate power and hand it on a silver platter to the SPLM to do whatever it wanted to do so long as it would stop the war.

IGAD appeared to have no intention of bringing real peace to South Sudan. That was not right at all because practically their approach meant postponement of the war to some future date.

South Sudan as a young country made its choice in January 2011 through the provision of the CPA to be a democracy.

The people of South Sudan believe in this ideology except the SPLM party which trumpets the ideals of democracy but brilliantly practices Dinkocracy, a tribal form of totalitarianism.

Although it is very sad that the SPLM plunged the country into chaos, good should be harnessed out of this tragedy to entrench democratic principles and practices in the country. This should start with the coming mediation process wherever it would be.

For democracy to take root the talks needs to be conducted by the “people” and it must not be made an SPLM affair.

South Sudan does not belong to SPLM rather it is the other way – SPLM belongs to South Sudan and it is a small part of its constituent parts.

Thus all the people must have a say in stopping the war and what the transitional government should be like. Which means all the stakeholders must be part of the coming talks without discrimination.

Ultimately if South Sudan is to overcome its ills including tribalism to achieve full security and stability it must whole heartedly embrace democracy with its element of free speech to act as a balance against the excesses of state.

Democracy provides safeguards against violence in all its forms because in situations where anger and frustrations builds up to a boiling point, it regulates the building pressure by releasing it through the in-built safety values and practices: routine elections based on the constitution; freedom of press and speech; and the rule of law.

These ensure security and stability which are important for economic and human development.

When the government of the day becomes a problem it is safely replaced/changed without traumatising the country. The beauty of democracy is that its structures are adaptable to various political opinions.

In contrast just see what Dinkocracy has done to South Sudan in only three years of independence. The reason the country imploded is simply because Dinkocracy unlike democracy has no safety valves.

The ideologies of totalitarian regimes usually have an assured end in self destruction no matter what development they achieve. Observe the destruction Iraq, Libya, and Syria are facing now. All those sky scrapers and magnificent buildings developed in those countries are being torn down in anger.

Will the wretched development in Juba survive the brewing anger now developing in people’s hearts? The virtues of democracy are proven by the stability and real development seen in the Western world.

In the IGAD peace talks the SPLM/A warring factions of President Salva Kiir, Dr Riek and Pagan Amum were treated favourably and lavished with gleeful per deim in thousands of dollars daily.

Worse still these murderous groups were allowed to dictate the terms. SPLM/A must not be allowed to monopolise power through the process of peace talks.

The failed IGAD talks had again like the CPA negotiations tried to concentrate power in the hands of the criminals of South Sudan. They pretend by claiming that they can bring peace.

This is nonsense. They are the very people who manufactured the catastrophe in the country and therefore they should not be rewarded by being listened to.

Where on this earth are criminals considered as negotiators in solving their crimes? What was happening in Addis Ababa is akin to asking accused foxes who ransacked a chicken pen to bring safety to the remaining traumatised chicken.

If the Hutus who committed genocide in Rwanda were not listened to; if Dr Radovan Karadic and General Ratko Mladic of the Bosnian Serbs who committed ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia were not listened to and made part of their respective peace talks, why then is President Kiir and his SPLM allowed to be part of the talks and treated like decent people?

Does the leaked AUCISS report not make clear that the Juba regime is responsible for the ethnic cleansing?

What is the difference between the ethnic cleansing of the Croats and Bosnians by the Serbs and the one of the Nuer by Jieng controlled regime of Juba?

The only difference as far as can be seen is that the former involves Europeans and the latter involves Africans. It may be this difference that blurs the eye with which the UNSC sees the problem of South Sudan.

The rush and desperation of the international community to broker peace before the expiry of the mandate of the President Kiir on 9th July 2015 does not bode well for South Sudan.

What is important should be identifying the right body and personalities to lead it rather than leaving the process yet again to the failed IGAD to try to revamp itself under their declared new – IGAD Plus body which seeks to incorporate the Troika with some other countries.

Please see ‘IGAD unveils new process to end South Sudan crisis’

The failure of IGAD simply is based on the fact that their strategy was wrong and unjust, and as long as it continues with this strategy they will never succeed in bringing peace with Troika and others or without.

Please see, ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’

IGAD’s hurry to rejuvenate itself appears to indicate anxiety, confusion and the poor thinking on the matter going on in the mediation team. They seem to be more interested in salvaging their already damaged reputation than getting the right and workable peace deal.

All along IGAD appears to focus on the short term rather than the long term. Like their already failed strategy they look certain to commit the same mistake, because they have not learnt anything from their failure.

Lesson number one for IGAD and the international community is that the talks must be an affair of all South Sudanese and the South Sudanese should be the ones to decide the agenda.

The importance of this point can not be overstated because ownership of the peace will translate to a lasting peace for South Sudan and the region.

Lesson number two is that Uganda must not be part of the talks because it is belligerent and on the government’s side, with Uganda’s troops on the ground involved in the war.

Lesson number three is that IGAD should not make threats that they are not ready to follow through.

Lesson number four is that IGAD must strictly follow the rules of mediation.

Lesson number five IGAD must treat all stakeholders equally.

Lesson number six SPLM must not be given any preference – It must be treated like all the other stakeholders.

Finally, it is unbelievable that the international community is bent on continuing with empowering the monstrous SPLM/A. The leaked report of African Union Committee of Inquiry in South Sudan (AUCISS) which IGAD is struggling to keep under wraps identifies the source of the current problem in the country.

In clause 89 the report argues that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement created SPLM/A as “unchallenged armed power in South Sudan” Please see, ‘Draft Report of the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan.’

Therefore, the simple strategy for bringing peace to South Sudan should involves the diversification of power to all its constituent social groups through a democratised peace talks.

This entails the international community starting the whole process anew. Just as agreed and accepted on 9th May 2014 agreement in Addis Ababa, the new body without IGAD should invite all the stakeholders of South Sudan to hammer out a lasting deal.

The shenanigans of IGAD which favoured the culprit and discriminated against the victims (the people) should be thrown into the bin.

[Truth hurts but its also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Tyson says:

    Well done

    • what is well done about this disgruntled & vague opinion?

      el haj is apparently angry at every stakeholder in this attempt to broker a solution to the conflict – why?

      el haj is pissed because there is no mention of independent equatoria in adis ababa. ahahahahahaaaa!!!

      el haj, this crisis of south sudan is crystal clear like red and white. you either take side with the reformists or with the status quo. there is no middle-ground.

      good clear equatorians like ladu gore and oyet nathanial represent all coherent equatorian voices in the IO-camp.

      good and knowledgeable dinkas like mabior garang and dau aturjang represent moral voices of reasonable dinkas.

      honest shilluk are represented by dr. adwok nyaba not pagan amuom.

      Anybody body who is not part of IO or Splm-juba is either confused or still sleeping in dream-land and will not be rewarded by gods of luck and industry residing in adis ababa.

      you will not enjoy the nut if you are too lazy to crack it!

      you el haj and your types are deluding yourself if you think you can easily create an indepentent equatoria with the simple strokes of your keyboard.

      i think oyet nathaniel has better chance of doing what you are unsuccessfully trying to accomplish if that is ever possible.

      you cannot succeed to fix a car if you are not ready to get dirty hands and bruises – never! that is the rule of thumb,

      you cannot condemn both splm’s in this crisis if you are really a honest analyst. red or white choose one or the other.

      then later, you can succeed in creating a free equatoria later when the climate is a bit clearer.

      don’t bite more than you can chew at a time,

      • Raan Naath says:

        Toutoute Dagany,

        Very good advice to Mr. Elhag Paul. I hope he will listen to your voice of wisdom. There are some people like him who live in the delusion that they can pick fruits without having to shake the tree. Complaints while sitting idly in front of a computer will never solve the South Sudan problem.

      • Toria says:

        Are you the tribal leader to divide everybody according to where they come from in the SPLA IO camp or Riek is the leader?

  2. Mathon de Mathon says:

    If you truly believe “South Sudan does not belong to SPLA”; do you have to tell us that South Sudan does not belong to SPLA? Don’t you think people would know that South Sudan does not belong to SPLA?!!

  3. Eli says:

    Mr. ElHaj Paul;
    Brilliant piece and not much to add. Although I kind of find the bellow statement though being very truthful but at the same time it’s somehow touchy. I hope you don’t really mean “chicken”. No, I think we all understand what you are referring to when you say:
    “Where on this earth are criminals considered as negotiators in solving their crimes? What was happening in Addis Ababa is akin to asking accused foxes who ransacked a chicken pen to bring safety to the remaining traumatized chicken.”
    IGAD is a collection of enablers of failed states themselves, nobody should trust anything that comes out of those junkies. This sounds like two groups of thieves trying to share their spoils and a fight broke out and then another council of thieves sit as judges to broker a deal. Of course it will never work. So sad that we all knew this from its onset.
    Great article, keep it coming.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Toutoute or ngundeng,
    If you have come back to live a second life among the living,you are misplaced.This is the world of reason and conviction;of science and technology and that superstition belongs to the stone age in which the people of your likes had long lived and vanished into the legends of history.That history is our history ofcourse and we can only appreciate it for being such.So why don’t you vanish back to your likes in the legends?you have no place among us.So stop haunting brother El haj Paul for writing an excellent article that has taken him so much effort.As he is tired from the work,he diserves good sleep.

    But the likes of yours who dare to fight him becouse he has written the article in our names must confront us before touching him.What reformist do you think you are when your boss Dr Riak was among the thieves who stole every pound from the national coffers before provoking the unfortunate events of the 15 December 2013?If the murderers,the looters,the rapists,the thieves n the destroyers like you are who are reformist,then I thank you for being irrelevant to our wishes.So please go to hell and don’t forget to take uncle Nyaba with you.

    We will refuse to take neither the side of the SPLA-IO nor of the SPLA-Juba as you naively suggest.Both are the rotten evils who have brought our country and the society to doom.Brother el Haj’s intellectual efforts will help us develop our national political consciousness.We will manage at the end to drow elites of good conscience from among the SPLA-IO and SPLA-Juba into our ranks and we will over power you.Please write this down in your head:we will humiliate you and brink to RSS the changes you are dying to refuse.Those from among the stakeholders whom you smear with shit belong among the masters of RSS of tomorrow and you will be forced to call them papa!!!

    • Confused Millionaire;

      You said quote:
      “… We will manage at the end to drow elites of good conscience from among the SPLA-IO and SPLA-Juba into our ranks and we will over power you …” unquote.

      My friend, Dr. John Garang tried to do exactly that hijacker trick and he ended up where you know what where I mean.

      If you failed to do that when you had control of all the huge oil ca$h, how can you succeed to bribe those so called imaginary “elite”, with all the oil cash now completely gone to M7?

      Answer me honestly please!

      And don’t forget to remember that now we live in the Internet Era – meaning – you cannot fool many people all the time for so long. That is what you the confused splm-juba looters have overlooked.! You have overlooked the fact that Internet has brought Addis Ababa to the country side by the simple Nokia Phones. Anybody now can verify your lies about what is going on in Addis Ababa Negociations without your looter SSTV.

      Just read below about what the non-confused Jieng Intellectuals have to say about you the confused Jieng Internet Politicians:

      You have totally lost direction and morality and are therefore confused 100%. You are trying to copy & paste Northern Sudan tactics to oppress the masses, but you forget it is no longer Numeiri’s time where we did not have easy access to reliable information from www-webb.

      Anyway, your days are now numbered and are swiftly coming to an abrupt ending in the next 3-months!

      Mark My Words with a red line for your safety, yo yo you my confused cousin!

  5. Taban Abel Aguek says:

    Brother False Millionaire,

    “What reformist do you think you are when your boss Dr Riak was among the thieves who stole every pound from the national coffers before provoking the unfortunate events of the 15 December 2013?If the murderers,the looters,the rapists,the thieves n the destroyers like you are who are reformist,then I thank you for being irrelevant to our wishes.So please go to hell and don’t forget to take uncle Nyaba with you.” I like that! Thank you for that

  6. Eli says:

    Toutoute Dagany
    I am afraid you are one of the Nuers who think this war is between your Nuer tribes and the Dinka tribes, you actually made it very clear that those none Nuers in SPLA IO are just tools to be used by your supreme ayatolla doll Riek Machar. Thank you for reassuring the masses, but as the author also made it clear and I too agree with his assertion that any name affiliated with SPLA/M, being it SPLA-Juba, IO, DC, G10 or SPLA whatever is irrelevant and they have lost every legitimacy, it’s the thing of the past, SPLA/M had never being popular or good but rather notoriously filled with crimes against humanity from the day it was founded by late Dr. John Garang. You of all of people should be ashame to even call yourselves SPLA or IO, because we all know SPLA and Nuer are enemies since 1980s when Garang who deserted the then Sudanese army to join Anya nya II, he first started by arresting and killing all the leaders of Anya nya two who were mostly from Nuer tribes. That was the beginning of SPLA, then in 1991 SPLA and Nuers parted only to reunite for a period, now again the real owners of SPLA or simply call it Dinka Council of Elders are back and they rejected you the Nuers by massacring innocent civilians in thousands. What do you really think SPLA is all about? It has been and will always remain a Dinka organization not a Nuer organization. No matter what, Riek Machar does he will not capture the hearts of the majority of South Sudanese by remaining to call his Nuer organization the same name as Dinkas do, because these two don’t and will never see eye to eye. Wake up and see the truth, there is a new sun rising, new breeds of stars are on the rise and it’s gaining momentum rapidly. You better listen and take advise from people like Paul El hag who don’t hide from the truth. The bush era of the 80s to 2000s are over, you will never win without embracing true reforms, that’s why even if a peace deal is reached between SPLA factions it’s not a true peace but fake one. It is the very people who are sitting infront of computers are the ones who will win the future wars not those holding AK47. FYI, it takes more brainwork than just the barrels of guns, but of course if need be pulling a trigger is anything anyone can do. Rest assured this war is not even close to it’s end, but just starting, and ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE.


      Another talkative tribalist brother of Paul El Haj, huh!!

      Eli, if quote “.. pulling a trigger is anything anyone can do..”, when are you going to pull it, when the Jieng are doing the below to your chiefs right behind your backyard in Juba, CE?

      If you don’t move away from that computer keyboard, you will finish one by one, and there will be no one left to bark & cry for you. This is serious, move and act instead of barking – the chieves will finish if you don’t move!

      SPLA is just a mere acronym that stand for the people who did the dirty work to liberate all of us from Jalaaba. Condemning this word is equal to condemning the current beauty of Juba, which was a direct product of the hardwork of those poor innocent Jenge whom have now been unfortunately blinded by the evil oil-$$$.

      • Eli says:

        I think you are so desperate for recruits that you sound so awfully restless, of course just like SPLA-Juba needs recruits SPLA-IO also need recruits, that’s why you are barking and begging. Do you really believe that lie that SPLA-Juba will finish any tribe? If so, then they could have finish Nuers since 1982,1991 and 2013. Or, maybe let’s take this outside, e.g Hitler tried to exterminate Jews, former Apartheid regime in SA tried to destroy all blacks, KKK tried to finish Africa Americans, Sadam tried to finish the Kurds in norther Iraq, Hutus tried to anahilate Tutsis etc. But what happen at the end? In each of the attempts the opposite happened, because every time you may think evil regimes succeed they are losing instead. The truth about war is there are casualties. But your desperation for recruits just to avenge the innocent bloods of your next of kin massacred in Juba is baseless and not strong enough reason to convince me yet, however there are smarter ways to ask rather than trying to use scare tactics. Calm down gin gatma dor, it’s not the end of the world. We will give Dr Riek Machar a second chance but if he mees it up again that’s his final attempt.

      • Toria says:

        You are a hypocrite sitting infront of computer and telling others what you can’t even do yourself. Shame on you coward.

  7. Deng Hanbol says:

    Brother Al hag Paul,
    Your last argument didn’t convince many of your supporters including the author of this comment. As you well know, peaceful negotiation between two rivals, is the process by which People reach an agreement with each other by giving up something that was wanted and agreeing to some of things wanted by the other person. In other words, give-and-take or compromise. On that ground it is unreasonable to expect Dr. Machar to demand more than that are listed below:
    1. Federalism
    2. Withdrawal foreign troops
    3. security arrangement ( separation of two army)
    4. Power sharing during the interim time
    5. and wealth sharing (economic opportunists)
    Let me elaborate more on security arrangement. To begin, a great deal of valuable information insider information stated that following the final agreement, the SPLA Juba- G will move its troops to greater Bar Ghazal while the SPLA-IO’s army will take control of greater Upper Nile including Bor, the home town of notorious Koul Manyang, Micheal Lieth and B. gen. Maliak Ayain. Regarding Juba and greater Equatiota at large, there will be no the presence of any army in Juba neither Kiir’s forces nor Dr. Machar’s soldiers. In other wards, Greater Equatoria will be a free zone. Jaang or Dinkoracy land garbing and gain will be no longer justification, following the up coming peace a agreement. Dozens of Bor Dinka’s IDP who are now occupying Madie land in Eastern Equatiora and Morero land in western Equatoria, will be asked to go back to their ancestral land in Jongile state.

    Dear brother Pual, I can blame you for not doing enough to coax gen. Thomas Cerileo and gen. Augustine Jada who hail from your tribe Bari into rebelling against the Dinkoracy regime which is causing havoc everywhere.
    Thank you again for taking a hard line on Nuer’s genocide .
    Happy Easter!

  8. Choromke Jas says:

    Well said. If the West does not listen to General Obasanjo to put South Sudan under Trusteeship, (I have changed my mind in favor of the Trusteeship), it can hear their daughter, Hider Johnson, who in the leaked report said that South Sudan should be “rebooted” (meaning start again like in computer)).

    • alex says:

      It is a shame that S. Sudan is blashed with visionless PhD holders.Choromke Jas If you want to remaind a slave to Hilde Jonson, not all south sudanese are like you. Reboot our country it a cheap idea of of cowards likes of you.
      We are visionary revolutionary fighters. We know you think building a nation is like writing or reading books. No it is not that way brother, it involves scrifices and determination but do not be afraid and thank God that he has given you brothers who are determined and by all means will put this nation on the path of prospertiy. SPLA is determind and will guide those confused politicans how to build good democracy. They are determined to hold this nation together until a rule of law freevails in our nation.

      • Choromke Jas says:

        What determination are you talking about? Crashing-the-plane-into-the Alp type? Your people are hurtling the nation towards a mountain crash. By the way, what is the difference of being a slave to Jieng or to Hilde? If I WERE to choose I would prefer the latter because an enlightened slave owner is better than a cow-headed savage one.

        • alex says:

          You are a group of hopeless people who have wasted sudanese money for educating visionless people like you.
          If you want to be a slave not all people are like you. You can take your whole family to Norway than selling innocent people who does not want to be enslaved anymore. You are used to free education you did not know that to achieve thinks people have to sweat, suffer and sometimes it involves eras. Choromke Jas what will you say about the constant shooting of Blacks by police in USA. Is there no democracy there? You need to know people behave differently, there are laws but sometimes some other people take law into there own hands. So you need to know if there are some eras being done or some think has been done it is not a goverment policy. Your PhD is of lairing it will not help any S Sudanese. If at that age and with such qulifications you have you still wasnt to submit your self to slavery then no body can respect you because you do not know what is the meaning of education. Education is for you to librate yourself from slavery but not kneeling to white people again. Even I beginning to daught whether you are even working in Canada or you are recieving free money. You seem to be having no vision for yourself. and how can you asume to talk of your country if you can not librate yourself. We have forgotten you and you need not to waste time to talk of S. Sudan until we make it a nice place for two lazy creatures

  9. Onyi Itara says:

    Just we go by that Choromke Jas, we need a reboot!

  10. Alier Gai says:

    Reboot 100% happens when the owner asks the technician to treat the system like he wants it to be.
    He knows what is happening with his own system and what to expect after that.
    But the technician cann’t change anything at his own constant, that is a direct conflict of interest against the owner; and it is the violation of individual’s right without measures for the work not requested in place.
    It could be a self-pay work when he uses his resource for nothing in return.

  11. Stinger Mesile says:







    • Nhial Alier says:

      Stinger Missile
      You seem less sophisticated to know that using singular “S” for South Sudan People Liberation Movement and Army is the same thing as SPLM/A! Using SSPLM/A would be redundant to the well-informed but comprehensible to under-informed folks as you are!
      According your logic; we shouldn’t Say USA as it stands for United States of America but we must say “USOA” because USA is missing the “O” for the word “of”! Now did you see how ridiculous your question sound?
      We are still Sudan that’s why we call ourselves South Sudan! A foreigner often asked “Are you one of the two Sudans?” and your answer is “yes I am” which one? They asked? And your response would be “South Sudan” or Sudan

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