Time for Dr. Riek Machar to restrategise


Dr. Riek Machar, having been forced out violently from the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU), has no options left except to resist. But his resistance must be focused on new ground if he is to rally support from the whole country. To build such a support Dr Machar would need to thoroughly review his entire political experience to learn about his own personal strength and weaknesses.

To be effective it helps to be aware of this fact. Dr Machar’s leadership has consistently generated divisions in organisations led by him within a very short period usually starting from about a year.

The time has come for Dr Machar to take a hard look at his leadership capability. He needs to address his weaknesses if he intends to eventually succeed in his political aspirations.

It is not good for him to continue leading fractious organisations and committing trivial mistakes that cost tens of thousands of lives. The cost is just not worth it. Therefore, it would be helpful if Dr Machar could receive professional support in leadership.

Most political leaders around the world usually receive such support to improve their effectiveness and personal image. Investment in this area would not be a waste but a source of success.

Now a personal image is only a part of the whole. The other part is the political identity. This encompasses things like beliefs, values, ideology and so on which are very important. These are things that allow a leader to attract follower-ship and support from the masses.

The SPLM/A from its inception would not have garnered the support of people throughout the whole Sudan if it did not articulate the values and ideologies of equality, anti-discrimination, multi-culture, multi-faith and so forth which enabled the unionist, Dr John Garang, to bask in as the would-be Messiah of the Sudan.

With hindsight this would-have-been expected Messiah has been proven to be a false one.

It was unfortunate that the beautiful ideals Dr Garang sold to the Sudanese people were hollow. He did not in person live it. He did not follow the wise saying, ‘preach what you practice and practice what you preach.’

The product of his leadership of the SPLM/A as we see it now is the proven evidence of his double standards and hypocrisy. The fruits of Dr Garang’s leadership are the entrenched tribalism, poisonous discrimination, kleptocracy and murderous SPLM/A regime in Juba.

Though Dr Garang’s approach made the SPLM/A a national movement fighting for the whole Sudan, the unionist ideology was not bought in south Sudan. Other powerful ideologies of secession and tribalism festered underneath to undermine the official objective of SPLM/A of creating a “New Sudan” due to strength in beliefs of identity.

In the end, the secessionists in south Sudan won while on the other hand the new country got hijacked by a tribal group, the Jieng Council of Elders, who had been working underground since 1970s.

So Dr Garang the highly praised thinker, suave political operator and an aspirational unifier ended up a total failure. He neither realised his united “New Sudan” nor achieved an equal, multi-cultural, multi-tribal, multi-faith independent South Sudan, a country he vowed not to see happening.

Yet in the face of this glaring evidence the tribal regime wants to promote Dr Garang as the founder of South Sudan. The question is: how could a failed unionist and militarist politician who constructed a vicious tribal movement be a founding father of a country he did not want to exist?

Nobody can argue against the fact that SPLM/A has been a disaster for South Sudan. It has reduced South Sudanese to be seen as savages – the laughing stalk of the world. The comment made by the chairman of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, former President Festus Mogae, sums the tragedy of South Sudan in few words: “South Sudan is run by guns and not reason.” Nobody can be motivated to dispute this fact except the beneficiaries of the regime in Juba.

Given the fact that the SPLM/A has been proven beyond doubt to be a criminal organisation led by idiotic blood thirsty people it is time that the resistance distances itself from this irreparably damaged brand (SPLM/A).

What this means is that there is urgency for the resistance to jettison the name SPLM-IO and rebrand itself to clearly identify itself with the right values and ideology on which the people of South Sudan can converge and coalesce to realise a total change.

Without such a foundational change, the brand SPLM/A as usual ensnares political actors who disagree with it to constantly at best to return into the fold or at worst to end up being killed. This is something time and again that keeps happening. The members of SPLM-IO got themselves ensnared and Dr Machar was lucky to escape with his life, but many of his fighters and innocent civilians ended up paying the ultimate price.

The new resistance created by the recent violence of the Juba regime (2nd July to 11th July 2016) should break with this culture of hogging the brand SPLM/A to free itself from being institutionally trapped to promote violence and Jieng tribalism indirectly.

Brand SPLM/A is tarnished beyond repair. Its attributes consist of some of the worst values and ideologies practised by horrible political organisations like that of Nazi Germany. The Nazis believed in identity politics (White supremacy) and their method to achieve their objective was through practising extreme violence against others.

Similarly, in South Sudan the Jieng Council of Elders believe that the Jieng are ‘born to rule’ which translates itself to the Jieng as being people of superior race. Unsurprising they have chosen the same method practised by the Nazi to achieve their objective in South Sudan. The recent examples are: the ethnic cleansing of December 2013 and the painful events of July 2016.

So the values and ideologies associated with brand SPLM/A are outright incompatible with democratic ideals. Since Dr Machar has consistently said he wants to see democracy implemented in South Sudan, the onus is on him to distance himself and his organisation from the monstrosity called SPLM/A.

Setting foot on this track would be the first step towards freedom from the shackles of a hopeless criminal organisation that has taken away everything from the South Sudanese people.

The resistance should remind the regime of Aleksandr Solzyhnetsin’s wise advice to rulers. This great thinker and author warns rulers that they only have power over people so long as they do not take everything away from them. But when they the rulers have robbed a man of everything, he is no longer in their power – he is free again.

The regime in Juba has robbed the people of South Sudan of everything, you name it: life, land, livelihood itself, peace, honour, resources and so on. What is there left for the people? Nothing! Materially the overwhelming majority of South Sudanese have nothing. Emotionally and inwardly the regime has dehumanised them, but there is something important that replaces these losses and it is the regaining of true freedom. This freedom will be the Achilles Heels of the SPLM/A regime.

What has been discussed so far concerns Dr Machar’s personality and the issue of values and ideologies. He has since graduating from Bradford University with PhD associated himself with the values of SPLM/A that have now worldwide made him to be labelled as a failure.

With President Salva Kiir’s carefully staged violence intended to wipe out Dr Machar and his group, it is important that he seizes this opportunity and moment to exhibit beyond doubt his democratic credentials.

In short, ARCISS, the agreement Dr Machar signed which brought him to Juba meant something for him. He tried to stick to its terms and his activities in Juba showed beyond doubt that Dr Machar truly did not want war any more. His speeches in churches and rallies around Juba were marked with calls for reconciliation, forgiveness and unity.

What more could he have done? What more could the people asked of him? That the people of South Sudan in that short period chose Dr Machar over President Kiir can not be disputed. The numerous endless warm visits by chiefs and elders of most of the tribes of South Sudan to his house at Korok hill evidence the wish of the South Sudanese people.

It is possible that the strong endorsement of the majority tribes of South Sudan of Dr Machar might have rattled President Kiir and the regime forcing them to plan his assassination.

The warming of the people of South Sudan to Dr Machar is not necessarily because of any attractive policies. For anybody who carefully follows South Sudan politics, the probable reason can be found in the behaviour of the Jieng people.

The regime has allowed the Jieng people to antagonise all the tribes in the country and without any outlet the resistance of Dr Machar became a light at the end of the tunnel. It is the hope for something better. Even with all Dr Machar’s weaknesses he is seen by the people as the better option. This I suppose is the headache of President Kiir and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

With the huge support of the people of South Sudan, Dr Machar now has the opportunity to restrategise and consolidate his power base both politically and militarily. He should build a broad alliance of all the tribes of South Sudan by holding a national conference to decide what the South Sudanese wish to do to save the country followed by a credible election of a new resistance leadership.

Such an act will put to rest some of the skeletons in his cupboard and will also bestow upon the new leadership body legitimacy to act in the interest of the South Sudanese people.

In ‘Confronting the Policy of Land Grab in South Sudan’ it is pointed out that a lesson can be learnt from how the world dealt with Nazi Germany. A comparison of the SPLM-IG was done with the Nazi and the similarity fits well (http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/index.php/2016/05/15/confronting-policy-land-grab-south-sudan/).

The new resistance leadership will need to look at such cases in order to draw the right policy to deal with the regime in Juba. Otherwise, South Sudan faces the prospect of real disintegration.

Remember, President Slobodan Milosevic of former Yugoslavia in 1990s pursued identity politics enforced by the gun which led to the disintegration of his once great country into Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo, leaving Serbia to stand alone.

President Kiir’s regime like Milosevic’s also practices identity politics which has thrown the country into serious problems. The new resistance leadership is advised to examine the case of the alliance in the Second World War against Nazi Germany to make a wise decision to rescue the country, otherwise the alternatives are ugly.

President Kiir intentionally triggered the current crisis by gallantly violating the peace agreement. His plan to assassinate Dr Machar should sound the death knell for his regime.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul
@elhagpaul (Twitter)


  1. Comrade Yien mathews says:

    Hi Elhag Paul,
    Iam glad that u recognized Dr.Machar weaknesses but where were u when we were in the battle field,u resort to fighting over the internet and you Eqns fear physical battle.Now u want to appear as if you are supporting Machar please never lies to people,Lado Gore joint us in the bush what happen he ended up as the lonely man with out any follower fro yr region.Stop crying fro internet it will not help u.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Comrade (so-called) Yien,
      Your negativity has been problematic to those who would wish to support the Nuer in general in their leadership in the new war of liberating the people from JCE. There are many ways to fight and we, the internet ‘warriors’ collectively are doing our part and you, the men on the ground also are doing your part.
      Just tell us, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, for instance, has never been in the ‘battlefield,’ but he had in the past been a great supporter of your Nuer and Dr. Machar. There is nothing wrong with that as his role had greatly complemented Dr. Machar’s crusade.
      Please, just learn to respect others’ different roles, especially those supporting your struggle, including this very website where you can freely vomit and regurgitate your venomous tirades against Lado Gore, Elhag and other ‘internet’ supporters.
      Grow up quickly, man!!

      • deng hanbol says:

        Deng Hanbol,
        so called Yein Matthews is another Jaang. He’s just pretending. He’s not Yein Matthews who hails from Naath tribe.
        of curse it is impossible to decipher whither it’s the same dude you know or not. Yein by the way, felt a yearning for Equatorian, Chollo, Fertit, and others to help him to fight the common foe.

        • Force_1 says:

          Seriously; do you truly believe that the editor of this site had no idea of everyone who comment on his site; and therefore you’re the only one who would be schooling him of everyone identity?

          Bear in mind; the editor has been running this site for over 13 years now and he would hesitate to correct me if I am wrong. I remember in 2003, 2004, 2005 and beyond when his email address use to display his real names of which I am not going spell out for security reasons.

          Now the question is Mr. Hanbol; if you truly believe that Yien Mathews is a Dink/Jieng; do you think you would be telling us that he is a Jieng/Dinka; don’t you think we would know that he is a Dinka?

          You spell your names as “Deng Hanbol” do you think that’s good enough for us to know or conclude that you are a Dinka/Jieng? The answer is absolutely not! Your names here on this site are not good enough to confirm that you’re a South Sudanese, a Westerner or any tribe in South Sudan or else my name wouldn’t be “Force_1”!
          If you don’t like what your people are saying to others; then just tell them to stop it but don’t pretend that they are other people.

      • Mr Yien
        Do not listen wolfs in goat’s skin. Some people are wise because they want you to die. See his writing we are supporting your war. The war belong to nuer not our war nether their war. Mr inf want to use you nuers for his own benefit. Do not accept to be used by target workers. Did the Internet Warriors capture one inch of land through their propaganda and yet he is claiming that they are more effective than 1000 men on the ground. This is an insult.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Yien Mathews,
      The greatest mistake by Gore and other Equatorians is in joining the Dinka and Nuer in fighting their war of supremacy. Kiir is no less tribal chauvinist than Riek. Both men even at the height of peace maintained a battalion of armed tribesmen within their gates. Both men (Kiir and Riek) are murderers and tribal chauvinist. The solution to the conflict lies in bringing the two communities together amicably and not by contributing to their war project. Like during the war of liberation, efforts must be made to ensure that the Dinka and Nuer politicians, elders, youth and the generals sue for peace instead of engaging in an endless quest to entice or solicit support for the war project. Expanding the theater of conflict as it is now, is a recipe for more killings, destruction and displacement.
      It is too late to correct Riek’s or Kiir’s weaknesses. The idea that somehow Riek or Kiir could be reformed by some grant council of tribal chiefs/politicians drawn from all over the country is hopeless. This new wine, old wine argument in whichever bottle should not be entertained. The back-stabbings, dismissals, counter dismissals and defections is a trademark of the SPLM/A fraternities. It is senseless, but that is how the SPLM/A works. How long are we going to entrust the destiny of our country and people by recycling a leadership that has failed and failed miserably? If anything, the third force you are alluding to, should be formed to rally support for a new dispensation. There is need for an alternative center of power away from the Riek-Kiir axis.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        I am glad you finally find an idiot person like you who gives nonconstructive criticism to Equatorians. You have been the only idiot who gives nonconstructive and blind criticism to Nuer from time to time despite the fact Nuer are the victim of war and corruptions in South Sudan.

        Since you only care a lot about Equatorians problem and reprimands Nuer for no reason. I thought Yien Mathew is a perfect match person who can answer your comments in the same ways you posted them. Yien Mathew is a survivor of 2016 and 2013 Nuer Massacre so he would answer everything you said in the way you said it.

        • Nikalongo says:

          If Yien is a survivor of genocide, he should direct his anger appropriately. Equatorians have no hands in murdering Nuer or Dinka. You call me an idiot not because you belief I am an idiot but because I reject suggestions that the senseless war has a national agenda but a battle for supremacy between your communities. Dinka killed Nuer, Nuer killed Dinka. That is reality regardless of how you want to look at it. Who fired the first shot and why is a cyclical argument. Kiir and Riek are both murderers and tribal bigots. Portraying one or the other as innocent, reformer or a defender of the rule of law and order is stupid. I and most Equatorians are informed citizens. If you can’t live in peace, then take your stupidities to your backyards and leave us in alone. Idiots.
          Yien Mathew is only brave to say what SPLM-IO/Nuer have always said. Remember Taban wanted Gore fired from his position. Gore was shoulder carried to Nuerland as a bait to entice Equatoria. It failed because there is no believe in Equatoria that violence is a solution between the two communities whose centuries old conflicts is tearing the SPLM, SPLA and our country apart. Attempts by Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riek and their followers like you to give the conflict a national dimension while ignoring its tribal base is not helpful. The truth is that, if Dinka and Nuer Politicians, Elders, Generals, NCO/Militia soldiers and the youths put down arms today, there will be peace tomorrow. This is unlikely to happen because the gods of superstitions in Nuer and Dinkaland feeds on the blood of its people. They (gods) are yet to get satisfied. sanduksanduk@hotmail.com

          • Bentiu Ramaran says:


            You and Yien Mathew are good much to answer each other comments.An intelligent man like me should not be answering comments from the most foolish man with frozen brain like you. Since you are lacking critical thinking and sympathy for the suffering people in our country simply because they are not equatorians, it would be an entirely waste of words to trade conversations with you.

          • Nikalongo says:

            I may have a frozen brain, but I understand what is happening. If you as intelligent as you now claim to be, why is it difficult for you to see the basic argument? The truth is, if Nuer and Dinka communities put down their arms today, there will be peace tomorrow. The sufferings of the people is not caused by Equatorians but your adamant infatuation to violence. What Yien failed to understand is that, in Equatoria, people do not follow Generals, Generals follow people. Gore is not Equatoria, he is an individual. Equatorians are informed citizens. See what blind following is doing to the Dinka and Nuer nations and by extension to South Sudan.

      • Eastern says:


        You are shooting in the dark once again! You shouldn’t use the sne yardstick to measure Riek and Kiir; Dr Machar moved out of Pagak to Juba to join Kiir in implementing the ARCISS.

        Forget about Matayo Yien; Nuerism won’t help South Sudan. We need each other; the nuers need others the more!

        Kiir and Dr Machar are two different men; Dr Machar is an informed man; Kiir is a career militiaman.

        The sooner we come out with the roles of Salva Mathok, Bona Bang Dhol, etc, we will remain like a dryin corn field in Afirica!

  2. JB says:

    Elhag, keep telling the truth for all our people to see! For even those tribalist bigots, may begrudingly learn something (and possibly change their behaviour) from your brilliant input if they truly love South Sudan. And, for those who despise your truth telling, the current wind of change within South Sudan will blow them into oblivion, soon!!!

  3. Your history sound like selling South Sudan and mostly Dinka to the worldwide,
    Just stand street as one of supporters to Dr Risk,
    And don’t just posted untrue histories about our all lovely Young Africa Country RSS,
    For you guys who attempt to selling image of SPLM/A our mother and father party who born RSS,like wise now I am first class citizen holding my identity as South Sudan citizens, I am very sorry about why are you always saving tribalism instead to deleting tribalism out in our mother country.

  4. To: Mr.Paul Alhag,

    May you kindly give examples of identity in your written article??!!! To me,in this crisis at home,in the South it is not about identity!!! This is about ON POLITICAL MATTER ON DEMOCRACY!!! There will be nothing else!!!! I knew Dinka people in the tribe,who they are!!!!! Again, I knew other people in the tribes in the South Sudan and in Sudan in general!!!!

    There is no so called we born to rule! To those ones,who are always saying they are born to rule,they are big ignorant people totally in front of God! if President Kirr,is a president of the South Sudan,it does not mean that HE IS GOING TO DINKAZING THE WHOLE SOUTH SUDAN! It will never and ever take place totally in front of GOD the creator of all things in His Kingdom!!! He will rule, and his tenure will come and he will go!!!!!!!!!

    For Riak Machar,I have no comment.He knows what he is doing in his fighting against South Sudan government under the leadership of President Salva Kirr administration by himself! If Kirr wants to kill him, he is terrible mistaken altogether! He must be told politics has no end in conflict! He suppose to know that the South started fought with the Sudan government ever since in the year 1955 in Torit incident.Then,it came began in the year 1969 which brought Anya Anya Guerrilla warfare which brought Addis Ababa Peace Accord in the year 1972 until in the year 1983 which brought CPA in 2005.

    Ongelet Village,Torit,South Sudan,Africa.

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo,

      I came to realization that you have a big problem understanding English Language. Even if Paul did not mention the “Political Identity” you should know yourself that there is political identity in South Sudan. For instance, the government killed ten of thousand of Nuer civilians who did not even protest in 2013 for no reason, the government killed hundreds of Balanda and Fertit in Wau, in June 2016 not too long ago. The president, Defense minister, Chief of staff, interior minister, Finance minister, and the governor of bank are all Dinka. Is this not a political identity? What would political identity means to you? What would you call political identity if you do not believe that South Sudan is practicing political identity?

      • johnjerry says:

        Leave Chief Abiko alone, he is suffering from what to say as his understanding of the English Language is very shallow even though he lives in an English speaking Country.If you cannot tell the different between a God and a Devil don’t you see what the JCE are doing in South Sudan?.Grow up and think inside the box.Do you know how many people have been uprooted from their homes and are IDPS and REFUGEES because of evil act of the JCE.

  5. Kurawet says:

    It’s a waste of time to advise a political idiot. Riek Machar isn’t a leader. He can’t lead five people, leave alone an impoverished nation that requires solid national unity to move on. Riek Machar is a disaster. South Sudan can’t risk its future in the hands of this political idiot. Those who support him should be the ones to reassess their strategies. What do they actually support? Unless they have become idiots themselves , they should leave the company of Riek Machar.

  6. Eastern says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    Another great piece; the Dinka government in Juba sent a delegation recently to Adis Ababa led by their new catch El Tabani Deng Gai to attend the AU summit on South Sudan – where Iam told he ended up sauntering in the corridors trying to get recognition from other heads of states and diplomats.

    Regional leaders, especially Museveni is already fed up with Kiir’s intresigence and dishonesty. Kiir sent El Tabani to Adis Ababa but whatever was discussed and agreed upon has now been rejected by Kiir. It’s on record that Kiir sent a peace negotiation team to Adis Ababa led by Nhial Deng Nhial. But when it was time to append signatures to the text of the agreement, Kiir become sulky and wanted to backtrack citing reservations! The regional and world leaders nearly forced Dr Machar to return to Juba even before his security could be guaranteed; he bulged and returned to Juba only for Kiir to and Malong to continue bringing more militiamen into Juba with the plan of annihilating the small SPLA-IO forces encamped at the foot of Korok hill. Festus Mogae, the old man from Botswana has remained timid since he saw the glaring “fangs” of Michael Makuei; he must be contaplating resigning his position as the toothless JMEC chairman anytime soon especially Makuei threatened his group with expulsion following the evacuation of his staff from Juba when hell broke loose.

    The so-called friends of South Sudan, who have been paying deaf ears and blind eyes to the negative roles of the Jieng Council of Elders and its impact on national stability and regional security are now coming to terms with negative impact of this group. They have now come to the realisation that they have been dealing with a “fullish” lot!

    • Kurawet says:

      It’s good for nothing to advise someone who does the same thing every now and then and expects different results. It’s too late for Riek Machar to understand how real politics works. By the time he begins learning the basics of the national politics, things would have already changed. The only people who need to be pitied are those who have given up their lives for Machar’s futile cause. His supporters such as the writer of this article need to swallow their pride and accept the fact that Machar’s political career is over.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Didn’t u read the terms of engagement for the 4 000 UN forces set for deployment in RSS?
    If u did and under the context that it’s a US’ making,why is it lacking any single bearing in your article?
    Please admit that u are an out dated fellow totally disconnected with the realties of the hour.That’s why u are confined to the past without any clue if Dr Riek has kicked the bucket or not.If he has,it will change nothing in what’s bound to happen.If he hasn’t,it wll never make a difference to alter the unfolding events by an inch either.
    The hour has come for your likes to shape another sense of a mind set becouse u will be surprised to see that,what will happen will witness another jaang on the helm of RSS.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      FYI what the Americans are sponsoring at the UNSC is long over due. We advised them years ago to do exactly that but they were sleeping. They have now waken up. Please read my article under the title ‘South Sudan needs intensive care’ and perhaps you may understand why I am not bothered.
      It is really amazing to hearing you saying “another Jaang will be at the helm of RSS”. Honestly speaking yours is delusion of grandeur. Let me assure, no sane South Sudanese will vote for another Jaang for the foreseeable future. You the Jieng have burnt your bridges. Good luck to you for rosy dreams

      • Force_1 says:


        You are writing as if Jiengs are no longer there in power in South Sudan but they are there in power now and definitely for good. One of the things you guys never print in your brains is that; the protective forces that are being approved by the UN are going to be deployed in civilian’s areas which have no effect on the government at all.

        Do you really believe that the government is killing defenseless women and children who have no threat at all to the government? If you think so; then you have to be utterly insane. Second; we all know that the rebels are the ones killing civilians just for the purpose of throwing the government under the bus in the eyes of International Community in order for the International Communities to send Regional or International troops to protect civilians in South Sudan.
        It’s now good that the Regional forces are going to see with their own eyes; who is actually killing civilians in South Sudan. Its one thing to lie about what’s going on in South Sudan and it’s another for the Regional or International troops to hear and see what’s actually going in South Sudan with their own eyes! Good luck gaining anything over it; the International Communities wouldn’t be wearing the same rusty brains as you guys are; because they are going to have their own assessment of the situation they see on their own.

      • deng hanbol says:

        Deng Hanbol,
        Elhag Paul,
        I’m really pleased for you brother because you have said it all.

  8. Gatdarwich says:


    Dr. Riek only needs to keep his enemies close, but friends tightly closer. That’s the only war strategy he is undeniably proven to be ignorant of—to the detrimental of others- sympathisers.

  9. GatNor says:

    Elhag says it all. Dr. Garang as founding father is controversial. He has not only seeded tribalism but also was a member of the JCE whose commitment was to see a united secular Sudan and now the same group are the driving force behind the Jaang’s tribal agenda. South Sudan has its founding fathers and United Secular Sudan has its founding fathers period. one cannot be a candidate of founding fathers for both United & Secular. Garang to day would lobby for South Sudan to join the Arab Leagues much like his tribe mates now gathering support for South Sudan to be a member of the Arab League Of Nations. These people(Jaang) love being with Arabs & mentally they think they are Arabs but accuses Nuers of alliancing with Arab north since 91 little do they know it was temporal and an alliance based on forging future neighborly states and not in any form or shape submission to a former master as they are trying to do.

    Name change is a great idea
    Merger with other political organizations is also important

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Alhag,
    We are adults now and our judgement of things shouldn’t go way off the mark of the prevailing logic.Tonight the Un has voted a resoluton authorizing a third party force for RSS with a mandate to protect civilans and strategic instalations.Airports and the presidential palace are well implied in the mandate.Where do u see Kiir’s government in such context?Practically it’s no more.
    Please never toy around with the americans.That’s why one must project one’s thoughts on other possibilities.With Dr Riek beaten and chased to the bush,members of the former detainees have been hyper active begining with Pagan Amum who jumped out of the bush to claim UN trusteeship for RSS.The government in Juba reacted by cancelling deplomatic passports for the rest of the FD members in Juba.It’s easy to read to it that another forumla has been concocted and it will likely be some one from the former detainees who will take the helm.What’s your problem with the jieng in this context when they no longer the ones on the top of the game?
    U appear very naive my friend to speak of,”vote”,becouse unfortunately what’s coming is occupation that will last not less than one hundred years and u and me will have been long dead to see the out come of any vote if there could be one at all.

  11. Eastern says:

    Dr Riek and his handlers must know that they are dealing with a VERY RECALSITRANT man in the person of Kiir; one who appends his signature to and agreement and backtracks on the same later. Kiir is maniac totally unsuitable for the office of the president of a country!

  12. Lualdit says:

    Dr. Machar for sure need a new strategy. Strategies are one the trait for a great leader. Dr. Machar is not taking advantage of masses that are supporting him all of the country. I don’t know if the man has any good advisors or not. The name of SPLM-IO and his desire to unitify SPLM has contribute to the reason why Peter Gatdet and those of Changson part ways. SPLM name need to be completely throw away. A new name for resistance movement is desperately needed. Also, now is great time for him to reach out to Peter Gatdet and to bring him back to the fold. He should also reach out to Dr. Lam Akol and bring him under his leadership with a new name to the resistance. Great leaders make changes with time and adapt to the new demand of the day.

  13. Eastern says:

    Alex de Waal says:

    July 12, 2016 at 12:55 am
    For those who want to inquire further into the sources of evidence for the role of Mathiang Anyoor, it would be worth looking into some of the following recent publications:

    African Union Commission of Inquiry into South Sudan

    UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan, 2015 Interim Report

    And final 2016 Report:

    For background on the structure of the SPLA and Mathiang Anyoor I suggest the following:

    An article by Naomi Pendle

    And three articles by Clémence Pinaud:



  14. Ww says:

    Mr. Elhag,

    I will not dwell on your Shenanigans and conspiracy theories about Jieng people nor engage in your disdain and disparaging of SPLM/A. We all know and it is self evident that you HATE WITH YOUR SOUL anything led, associated, and initiated by Dinka. Parttaking in such a debate is fruitless.

    However, one particular point in your arguement, though misplaced, need to be considered. You are right in saying SPLM as a political party need a political opposition, one that is supported by all tribes of South Sudan. I don’t agree that it should be led by Devil Riek Machar but the people need an effective opposition as a competition to SPLM. In my humble opinion, Riek, Lam, Adwok, (all doctors) and company failed terribly in the past( bound to fail again) simply becuase their opposition is base on Hate and how to annihilate Dinka. A successful opposition must include a good percentage of Dinka in order to topple SPLM. It was almost done before 2013 until Devil Riek Machar Hijacked it. SPLM IO led by Devil Riek Machar is Anti Dinka and no reasonable Dinka with good sanity can allow them to take over the country. No sane person can take a knife to cut his own throat.

    You said “The SPLM/A from its inception would not have garnered the support of people throughout the whole Sudan if it did not articulate the values and ideologies of equality, anti-discrimination, multi-culture, multi-faith and so forth which enabled the unionist, Dr John Garang, to bask in as the would-be Messiah of the Sudan”. This is true. The question now is, who is that “Messiah” to define, articulate, and put into action the South Sudan we dream of? I can categorically tell you that the “Messiah” is not Devil Riek Machar. We desparately need one from greater Equatoria region. South Sudan need that person to articulate the values and Ideologies of peace, unity, security, development, justice, freedom, democracy, right to live anywhere in the Republic of South Sudan without being called a land grabber and a foreigner in your country, right to education, right to health, the list is long Mr. Elhag but you get the idea. Maybe that person is you Mr. Elhag, and in that case you need to change your premise. DINKA and the Government are separate entities. The more you Isolate government from Dinka your success will be guaranteed.

    JCE doesn’t exis. It was not elected by Dinka and your fear of them is unjustify. a true Jieng elders group would be Jieng council of Chiefs and that doesn’t exist either. Maybe in your view JCE and the government are one, I am here to tell you that they don’t represent Dinka as a tribe.

    • Bol says:

      Well said, but don’t you see that this writer and the company are just like SPLA? they are demaged by tribal hatred beyond repair.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      “A successful opposition must include a good percentage of Dinka in order to topple SPLM”. This statement needs more clarification as to why there have to be more Dinka in any organization in order for it to succeed. I don’t want to quote you out of context but it would be nice if you explain to us the logic behind it. “JCE doesn’t exist. It was not elected by Dinka and your fear of them is unjustify”. It is true that JCE wasn’t elected by Dinka but the behavior of all Dinka condoing what JCE is doing is so telling. This gives Mr. Paul reason to blanket assume JCE functions. JCE is tarnishing the imagine of the entire Dinka community and you have no objection to it. But you angerily object to Paul when he talked meanly about your community. What is the different between Paul and JCE? Think first before you write.

      • Ww says:


        You are not quoting me out of context but your interpretation or understanding of “a good percentage of Dinka in order to topple SPLM” is inaccurate. I was not implying that, to quote you, “Dinka have to be more in any organization in order for it to succeed”. I simply meant that any political party willing to unite all South Sudanese under one cause, whatever it maybe, must gather support accross the tribes of the Country, Dinka included.

        Unless you are one of those who indefinitely believe that Dinka should not play any role,whatsoever, in any political opposition to SPLM, there are too many reasons to seek participation of the group. If the opposition has a true, promising solution to solve South Sudanese problems, it can be supported without hesitation.

        What about JCE? Well, can you substantiate your assertion that “all Dinka condoning what JCE is doing”? what is JCE doing exactly and do you even know? Or to what extent JCE involves in the activities and decision making of the government at all? I don’t think you or Mr. Paul can prove or provide any evident. It is all hearsays, opinions, and speculations, according to your kinds Dinka is at fault. These blanket assumptions and Dinka smearing compaigns are detrimental to the country and to your goals of changing the regime in Juba.

        Intelligent individuals need to stay away from generalizations of all tribes and communities.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Dinka is part and parcel of South Sudan. Whoever denies this is delusional. In JCE, J stands for Jieng which is interchangeable with the term Dinka. Using Jieng collective names to achieve political end is treacherous and needs to be condemned by those being tainted by these fews. In this chaotic discourse, JCE is seen as the mouthpiece of the entire Dinka community. For instant, Bona Malual who is part of JCE publicly told Dinka population that South Sudan belongs to you alone that the rest of South Sudanese are aliens. Since you Mr. Ww didn’t say anything about it, it is safe to assume that all of you Jieng or Dinka are in bed with JCE that you are now distanting yourself from. This is why I stated that you are condoing their behavior; thus you should be comfortable with Mr. Paul’s position. We cannot out of blue blanket assume for no reason. There are more examples I can give you with regard to JCE and you know them but you choose to take double stands for obvious reason.

  15. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi All,
    First before Elhag advise Dr.Machar to re strategized does he really know where he is whether dead or a live, U can not be in London and advise some one whom u do not know where he is hiding currently. I always don’t belief in Equatorians they sit abroad and they continue to beat a drum of war which they do not participated in it. I strongly advise non Equatorians not to pay attention to what ever they said, what have an other weak and brainless call Dr.Lako residing abroad he always instigate violence issues to do land grapping and he is not in South Sudan and even if his land is taken away today can he protect it from grappers I think no.Plse be advise to keep away from weak Equatorans .

    • Eastern says:

      Yien Mathiew,

      The most effective war against tyranny is fought through effective communication not in the trenches by illiterate villagers. The people your likes categorise as “internet warriors” are more effectively than 10 battalions of illiterate and illtrained white army warriors.

      Now take this from me, Mr Elhag Paul is more effective in addressing the issues of poor governance in South Sudan than Paul Malong Awan wasting the lives of Dinka youths all over South Sudan. Elhag Paul is more effective than Peter Gatdet fighting Kiir in Juba to realise change in government in the course of which countless Nuer youths will lose their lives.

      Please join Elhag Paul and other advocates of peaceful yet strategic means of bringing lasting change in South Sudan. You may have been brought up in a war and violent situation, judging by your way of reasoning, embrace the new approach to issues.

      The Darfuris used advocacy that led to the indictment of Omar el Bashir. They did not use the force of arms to get Bashir indicted. Your blanked denigration of Equatorians is uncalled for; Equatorians and part and partial of South Sudan. A conglomerate of many tribes inhabiting the Equatoria region, they can’t be wished away. Dinka and Nuer hardliners must come to their senses that their is no war either party will win militarily to achieve what they so desire.

      Dr. Machar’s whereabouts is the business of his handlers and it has no bearing on Elhag’s freedom to offer a well deserved piece of advice. Get used to the fact that the “internet warriors” are making the most contribution in shaping South Sudan politically not the armed men in the trenches on both sides of the beligerants in the conflict. The latest information I have is, Kiir is about to reckon with the “internet warriors”. Yien Mathiew, if you think there’s a war to be fought and won in the battle fronts, think harder!!!

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        You’re partially right in your response to Yien Mathew. Winning is achieve in so many ways and what Paul is doing and us, the “Internet Warriors” is another way of fighting this tranny out of power. But underestimating the work of those in trenches is deplorable. Talks alone cannot and will never bring us out of this mess. It helps but talking the way the tranny understands is the proven way of getting their attention.History is a good teacher and many examples are out there to prove the effectiveness of battling it out with dictators.

        Also, it is to be made known that Equatorians are now in uniform and their contribution in this war cannot be denied for selfish reason. The war is now heavy in Equatorian and they are participating in a manly manner. UNIMISS is now full of all tribes of South Sudan. Dinka number in UNIMISS is abound and so is other tribes. It was Nuer alone before.

        • Eastern says:

          Dr Machar is on his way to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to engage – talk with regional leaders not to rush out there to mobilize more men to come and fight the dictatorship of Kiir. Continuing to posture about waging a war of attrition is fodder for the last two world wars!!

      • Awomdit says:

        ….And to conclude, lets all embrace each other as brother and sister and leave these warlords alone. Same way you react to the mention of EQUATORIANS is same way JIENG react to dragging their names in the mess going on.
        Tell El Hag that, we need non-violent change not tribal statements that bring about disunity.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Yien Mathew,

      Finally, they accept, hopelessly, the phrase that they are “Internet Warrior,” which tells us a lot about their shouting. In this Internet war, what they wish for is the other organizations and nations such as UN, the US, UK and others self-interest entities to liberate them. Their using Naath people as a shield has deeply gone into a mystery of no return with Machar. Truthfully, Elhag Paul is far away indeed to the extent that whatever reaches him about South Sudan goes to him through many Colonial channels of confusion.

      Last week, the Collin Power’s case making on Iraq was repeated at UN Security Council by US Representative who used the same scenario, saying a woman was raped at Military Check Point in Juba at broad daylight. If one has been away from Juba, one could enriches him/herself on this concocted propaganda. Nowadays than ever, the most confused between International Interests and Sovereign Interests are the well educated; therefore, Mr. Elhag and his like-minded are suffering from this fever.

  16. Comrade yien Mathews says:

    Hi All,
    Since Elhag appear to be a close adviser to Dr. Machar about re stargazing does he really know where he is whether a live or dead, my brother first come to South Sudan and see things on the ground before u advise, who knows u may end up advise a dead person.

    • Bol says:

      Dear readers,
      It’s appears that Yien Mathew is a real chilli of this website. His surface heats up the debate pretty quick because he exposes the elephant in the room, making the truth even more [hurtful and liberating] to those he accept the naked truth! He is so loathed by lairs!

  17. Abel Magok says:


    Mr. Elhag Paul will not take these valuable facts and information you are advising him, he is mentally poisoned and occupied by hatred and lies not ready for any logic. You have read his article, he is still singing such lies of Dinka said in the past that they were born to rule not to be rule while he knows very well that Joseph Lago and Joseph Tumbra, governed South Sudan before, were they Dinka?? of course no, both from Eguatoria and Elhag is still continue with such lies.

    • Ww says:


      You are absolutely right. It is a tragedgy that Intellectuals, who are supposedly, enlightened are the ones being irrational.

  18. Toria says:

    Coward Yien Mathew
    If Dr Riek is dead then you should prove it and show the world his dead body. Obviously you are wishing death to those whom you have failed to understand or control because of your ignorance and stupidity. You and your idiots sellout Nuer like Taban Deng Gai will soon start to run from Juba when Kirr and Malong turn to you after they run out of whiskey. You and those useless Jenges like False millionaire, Force zero, Ww etc always complain of others being internet warriors but yet you are the first on this very net everyday barking with your toothless mouth wide open. This very website that gives you a chance to publish your rubbish is edited and being run by an Equatorian whose humble heart allows people of your calibres to even comment your nonsense. Why don’t you do and comment on nyamilpedia.com or Gurtong.net and rest of censoring sites?

    • Deng Monymor says:


      Did Obama show “the world the dead body” of Osman Bin Laden? Sometimes, certain things are done to make certain points. Machar is our Osman Bin Laden.

      • Toria says:

        Deng Monymor
        I guess you haven’t seen the documentary made by the US Marine Seal Corp. who shot Osama on head. FBI considers it as classified military information that’s why. Pres.Obama’s father Obama Sr. was a Muslim and so Obama Jr. is bound to respect his Islamic roots in which a picture of so-call martyr is forbidden to be photographed in their religious rituals. And so what about you, does Animism also forbids taking a picture of dead people? You Jenges killed your own Doctors more than anyone else, like Dr. John Garang De Mabior, you killed him because he is too smart for you. The truth is Dr. Reik Machar is not really my hero, but “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” If you think Dr. Machar is your only threat then you are missing the point. The pie has been cut into many and be ready for the missing pieces. The latest news says the Man is still alive somewhere, sorry but your nightmare is not over yet. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article59955. Good luck

        • Deng Monymor says:


          I don’t know which point to reply to here because you seem to be doing monkey-jumping around the simple question I asked you for. Are you telling me that undisclosed dead body of Osman Bin Laden had something to do with Obama’s father’s faith? This is the problem: when a confused individual tries to sense of things with a confused brain, things mess up like mixing shit with mud. “Classified military information” applies to all governments in the world except you think South Sudan doesn’t have government. The documentary you are talking about is a digitized made-up of scenario to convince a docile believer of American god-like power. I saw it like I saw Collin Power’s presentation of Iraq’s alleged Chemical weapons at UN Security Council. Is that the kind of evidence you need?

          I am not a naive one to think that Machar is the only threat we have in the country; I once shot a gun at MTN hunter; therefore, I know other threats in addition to Machar.

          • Toria says:

            Deng Monymor
            Am glad your blocked head is waking up that Machar is not your only nightmare. It turns out your wishful thinking ended in shame. The Man you fear the most your giant Dr. Machar is still alive. The war will never be over until we kick your skinny black arses back to the cow sh*t hole where you belong.

  19. Raankan says:

    Mr. Elhag,
    How many times do you want Riek Machar learning from his failures and experience but still failed and Riek is getting old in age, please advise Machar to leave politics.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      For your information, and if we, Sudanese, truthfully tell our exact birthdays, Machar and Kiir might just be of the same ages, I said “Sudanese” specifically because we all have had the culture of not telling your exact birthday which cynically gives one an advantage in entering primary schools or getting a job. Something unfortunately inherited from our former jellaba Arabs colonizers.
      As someone knowledgeable of the two above-mentioned protagonists, I’m confident they are certainly younger than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both US presidential candidates.
      Importantly, because Machar is highly educated, we should give him all the benefits due but not president Kiir who left elementary school and with a long life as a murderous and killing soldier, he, kiir, should be the one advised to leave politics, the jungle politics of killing, that is all that he carries in that small brain hidden by the black hat on his head.
      Emperor Bokassa and Idi Amin are two dangerous examples of African leaders with similar backgrounds like Kiir, they were only good in killing and killing of their countrymen and women and children until both were booted out of leadership.
      When will South Sudan get rid of this genocidal “president?”

      • Force_1 says:

        You’re implying that “educated people or leaders never killed” have you read Idi Amin credentials? Who do you think would be more educated than he was during his time today? If education immunes’ leaders from killing; then Idi Amin would have statues him all over Uganda today but that’s not the case today because he was highly educated and still a killer just like Riek Machar and others in Africa today!

        Do you remember Idi Amin credentials “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.”

        Does that title sound and look familiar? You see; education never immunes leaders from killing their people who opposed them. You can be a doctorate like Idi Amin and Riek Machar but still a pinhead to govern the country peacefully.

  20. alex says:

    Thanks Mr Yien. I like people who talks truth like you. Those of Mr info and Troia and others their work is telling lies. We have captured Yei, Lasu and close all the routes leading to Juba and many nonsense. They just want to push other people to die while they hide themselves and they did not know the situation underground. It is time not to follow other people blindly. Those of Mr info are big terrible liars which anyone should not trust anything they say. What we want is peace and we encourage Taban Gai to go ahead in implementing the peace in latter and spirit. Those lairs will come alone to their senses when they see people leaving them. Gadet is now seeing visions and just write any dream that comes in his head. We who live in Juba know what is going on. Juba is now peaceful only prices of items is what is concerning otherwise all the thieves terrorizing Juba have fled. So we need peace no more war. The JAMEC representative even yesterday witnessed the situation in Juba and those thinking they are waiting for command from Riack to come and attack Juba are dreaming in brought daylight and I pity them. Its time we all work for peace rather than spending hours writing nonsense and liars and preaching hate.

  21. To:Editor Dr.Peter Wankomo

    Education is nothing! Human education is very important in education perspective! You maybe educated! But you maybe sometime a big tool and destructive with your education! People like what you doing to people.Take example,there are headmen in the villages.They have been chosen by people in their behalf! They try people accordingly using dignities with no education background attach! Again, take examples,Jesus,Mohammed,Philosopher Socrates,Plato, and others as well.They did not go to schools.But they have managed to educated people well in both morals and in morals! People are exalting ever since then! Do not undermind Kirr because he had elementary school while Riak Machar is highly educated!

    To me,I treat people always like I am treating my own self alone! I do not contempt of others because of being lacked school matter!

    Sincere Killing Lying!

    Jackson County,MO.USA

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    Welcoming u back to the forum,it’s very regretable to see u lacking in common sense.
    Even the northerners in the united old sudan had never dared to ignore dinka tribe as the top representation of south sudan.Now with RSS having become a sovereign state,u appear to have no single clue that dinka is a south sudanese tribe without any great part left in northern sudan.That should tell u that if census are conducted correctly,dinka population will outnumbered the rest of the south sudanese from the other 63 tribes put togather.
    Mr Ww was talking about a revolution of principles like the one commanded by Garang that brought our independence.But of course u either understood his point and chosen to twist it or not understood it at all.
    So now look at yourself in the mirror and see what u have achieved with the events of 1991 and those of 2013 which concluded with the fght in J1 and Dr getting chased from Juba without a taile.If u have failed it’s sincerely becouse your intention is a war against dinka but never against dinka elites in Power.U will fail again and again as long as u keep failing to distinguish the difference between the two.If u did,it would be the day jieng constructive elites wll join u and it would be at that point that u could dream of success and never otherwise.

    • Eastern says:

      …..That should tell u that if census are [is] conducted correctly, dinka population will outnumber the rest of the south sudanese from the other 63 tribes put together.

      Just wondering what the dinka zealots are smoking lately. Even if the dinkas constitute 90% of the country, the “others” still matter.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Eastern
        This person with pen name of False Millionaire must be wallowing in a room full of dope fumes. He is truly on some substance high enough to delude himself. The Jieng are no more than 16 percent of South Sudan’s population. Even if the Jieng were to be 90 percent as you hypothetically put it, that means nothing. Let us take the example of Rwanda, the Tutsi, the current rulers are only 7 percent but due to their determination coupled with some wisdom they have managed to subjugate the majority 93 percent of the population. I must emphasise, the Rwanda case is only temporary as the Tutsi demographically will not be able to maintain their current position in the social hierarchy of that country for long. Now coming back to the Jieng, their kingdom is already crumbling and without wise elders and leaders they are destined to be overthrown and put into their place. I can see this clearly like the blue sky happening in our country. Why do you think False Millionaire remains hidden under a pen name? The answer is that he knows that soon he will have to go underground and accept his right place in our society.

        • Force_1 says:


          Just tell the people; the last time that you even been over Jieng in the history of South Sudan? When is that; just let the people know! Even during my grand fathers time; they may come from the cattle camps; but Arabs would still put them on top of your grand fathers because they were much intellectually sound than your grand parents. For how long have you been complaining about Jiengs because they were indisputably superior to your ancestors in the last century?

          If Jieng have even been in what you called “their place”; would you be complaining of their dominant present in all your territories in the last century? How would you put people down from their places of supremacy; when you have never been there to their places? Your rhetoric just doesn’t match the facts or you should at least attend the the school of facts to gain a little knowledge about what wise called “facts”.

          You said Jiengs are no more than 16% of the population in South Sudan; well, the Arabs who live with us for many centuries would be laughing at your insanity; just to put conservatively. If you truly have any ability to rule over Dinka like the “Tutsi of Rwanda” you just sited; then you would also be known as the people who kicked the northern Sudanese out of South Sudan; but that’s not the case as you and I know.

          You taking over South Sudan over Jiengs; is like Aborigines of Australia take over Australia over whites; that’s just a dream that would never happened under any scenario. Your children and grand children will never take over Dinka in South Sudan let alone your generation; therefore; you better swallow that dream or else it would be a broken dream.

          • Simba says:

            Arabs were putting jieng ahead of other southerners because jieng are a good shield for arabs. Arabs dread the focus and determination of the separatist equatorians since 1950s. Only jieng can help the arabs. Abiel Alier was placed as head of delegation of north sudan to give impression that even southerners are represented in the north and therefore no need for cessation. You think arabs elevated you. I think they used you, and now they will damp you since they have no use for you.

  23. Comrade Yien mathews says:

    HI all,
    Some body in the article call me a coward this is a misplace word.During the war 2013 i was on the battle field while many of u were busying fighting over the nets especially EQns ask Lado Gore whether he shot any bullet on the ground he was just deceiving Riek Machar that all Eqns are supporting him mean while u were just busy in the Internets with alot of insults which can not harm any one.The true must be told what made Dr.Machar fail in his movement,he was supported by weak and individuals followers such as Lado Gore,Mabior Garang,Dhieu Mathok,Majak Agot,Pagan Amuom,Oyai Deng Gier Chuang all these guys do not have support from the ground but weak people with too much of achol they drinks,an other guy whom i also almost forgetting Martin Kenyi whom i believe might be dead now of Hunger.

  24. GatCharwearbol says:

    False Millionaire,

    Thank you for welcoming me back to the forum. Your cheap politic of downplaying the work of others has taken me aback. You can keep this self importance to yourself. I am South Sudanese and I know the history really well. Pulling the wool over my eyes is not going anywhere. Comfort yourself and likes with these lies and see how far it takes you.

  25. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Dear South Sudanese,

    I would like to bring this information to your attention today. The Jieng Council of Elders are in the process of reuniting South Sudan and Sudan if the lost the war and if the regional forces entered South Sudan. Please click on this link. https://paanluelwel.com/2016/08/13/we-will-reunite-with-the-sudan-if-the-us-un-keep-on-humiliating-us/

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Bentiu Ramaran,

      I read this article a few days ago from that Dinka talking soap site. This piece lends credence to the views of those who have saying all along that the Dinka people consider South Sudan their kingdom for which they have the final say on everything and anything!

      They can go to Sudan and especially Khartoum where they were alleged to have been uprooted by the invading Arabs from Arabia centuries ago.

  26. Toria says:

    Coward Yien Mathew
    Hahahahaha, you are a naked liar, what war in 2013? You mean the war between Jenges and Nuer murdering each other? That is not war but tribal revenging each other’s scores. After all you have been fighting internet war way before anyone else. You a are naked Jenge lunatic disguising as a Nuer. But even if you are a Nuer then you and your idiots sellout like Taban Deng Gai are bound to hell. The real war is coming.

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:


      Please do not waste your time with Yien Mathew. Nikalongo and Yien Mathew should answer each other comments because their comments do not educated us and we are learning nothing from their unconstructive critivism either.

  27. Hoiloom says:

    Elhag Paul,

    Thanks for another master piece. Machar must now think outside the box, preaching peace all the time while the enemy wants to eliminate you physically is not wise. Putting our trust in international community is a waste of time, the solution to our woes will be found right here at home in the battle fields, however Yien Mathew does not have the right to abuse intellectuals who fight the war using their pens. After all war is fought differently, diplomatically, fund raisers and in the battle fields.
    I can see Nikalongo still airing out the same old fart. He must have forgotten the battle field is shifting towards his backyard and the Arrow Boys are doing a fine job.


  28. False Millionaire says:

    In such consequential debates as this one,taking some one’s point of view out of context and misconstruing it to appear to mean something is a grave conduct most unworthy of some one who has ever set foot in Sorbone.
    Nonetheless if your experiences of Sorbone were touristic than scholistic,it should have still been a golden opportunity to learn something about France and the french society.
    Pricisely to the point,no single french tour guide wll miss to tell u something about the french revolution.U are one of those who never shorten to showcase yourself as a well learned intellectual.U owe it then to show where in such great revolutins as the french has an ethnic group been fought as a block.If there hasn’t been an example of success in such miscalculated undertakings as the one in your head,it’s up to u to bear it up however bitter it is that u can try to fight dinka as a tribe but see yourself beaten to nothing at the end.
    Alhag Paul is allready in the vanwagon with u with the songs he sung about the 63 tribes fighting dinka if the war ever broke out in Juba when Dr Riek went back.The end of that story u know it too well as it was only the jieng and nuer slaughtering each other with u in hiding.
    What war is Alhag talking about now when the old age is too closer to make him kick the backet long before witnessing jieng’s defeat by the invisible internet forces like u?
    Stop twisting facts and admit that the phrase as,”even if the dinkas constitue 90 per cent of the country,the “others” still matter”,as your pure personal creation.
    If there is such an idea as,”others still matter”,lingering in your head,why do your comments bear unhidden sense of tribalism?!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      To begin with, there’s nothing academic in trying to prove the hypothesis the grand tribalism meted by the Dinka people on the other South Sudanese leaving within the borders of that country. Your latest subtitle comment just lends credence to that: Dinka population in the country outnumber those of the sixty plus tribes put together.

      The corollary of your assertion on population here means that Dinka people in South Sudan: Dinka constitute most of the population, must take the lion share of everything and anything you can think of in the country, must settle anywhere they choose to in the country, must dominate in government, etc.

      I am not bring any of Sorbonne experience, academic or “touristic” into this trivial discourse. Thank you!

  29. Lualdit says:

    Yien Matthews,
    When did you become such a pathetic, dump and useless. Please eat your blood money quitely. I know you in person, but the shame that you sellout brought to naath people will not last. Your time is coming. Do you read the internet? Do you see how Jaang brag about humiliating, raping nuer women and how they defeated nuer? Where is your dignity as a person? How do you feel when you hear these things? If, I am you, I should quietly eat my bride money without exposing myself to more danger. This war will be won against your master. So, be prepare. You know naath. We can be down, but revenge is always sweeter. No matter how long it take. So, be warn my friend. Women that are being raped and kill are our relative and blood. You will not escape with your foolishness.

    • alex says:

      Mr Lualdit if you defend on the rumors in the internet you will soon become like ISSL. All what they are writing in this net is rubbish. One example is , the splm opp spokesman Gadet, the spla in opp rebels were only waiting orders from the chairman and commander in chief to give order and they will capture Juba in two hours. What happen now, the commander in chief has fled and is now seeking medical assistance in DRC. You people are led to die blindly because you do not have independent reasoning. You are being used and driven like cattle by your leaders because they knew you are stupid and will accept whatever they tell you.

      You have been misled by Nyondeng and many Nuer brothers will die prematurely because they do not want to question, is nyondeng talking about Riack Macker of the leader he is prophesying may another person or maybe not even born yet. So with that mentality, thousands of young men from Nuer are going to perish unknowingly why they should let to die . The believe in being a worriers will make you people to die prematurely. Your believe in tribal politics will let Nuers to die in thousands and people will continue to mock you and you think they are your supporters or sympathizers. Check in this page what Mr information wrote to Matthew Yein. He said it is your war and they are just supporting your Nuer war. Read it and reread it and digest what mr information is trying to tell you people as Nuers in generals. If you are a fool some people will use as a ladder to climb up and when they reach their intended target they kick the ladder away and that is what exactly Mr Yien is trying to tell you Nuers and you are blind. These people will continue to sing in the internet and they will never come to face the bullets but because the Nuers thought they are brave, they are persuaded to go and face the danger while those who push the fight are safe and encouraging you people to continue to fight. It is sad to see you people dying when we have intelligent people like Matthew trying to give you good advice but you could not understand. Matthew is talking out of experience but you are a internet believer. The internet mongers always talk of we the 64 tribes will fight now go and look critically to splm rebels, how many percentage is Nuer and what percentage is non Nuer and if you compile the data come and challenge Matthew Yein. Also, then compare how Riek Mackar divided the positions. How many nuers are there and how many non Nuers are there. .

  30. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi All,
    Where is Pagan Amoum,Majak Agoot,Gier Chuang,Oyai Deng who uses Dr. Machar as a tool but finally left him alone to suffer Where are they? they are all in exile eating the money they have stolen from the Gov,t of S.Sudan.They are all weak people who don not have support from their villages.I advice u not to make noise any more your call for UN intervention will never help but to mobilized yr communities by then as the mean u would have used but now DR. Machar is carrying the cross alone.Machar was deceived by many single handed politicians who who do not have a support.Those who use sharp tongues as a weapons of must destruction,among u you never appeared in any South Sudan politics i swear by all means you are known as the architect of war of Dec’ 2013 and u appear as if you are the best in the eye of international community what a shame u will all died where ever u are and the blood of the innocent South Sudanese be upon u.

    • Tyson says:


      Even the cockroaches and bedbugs in your luaks know that Jienge are the criminals of this country. The jienge think and behave like their mad cows, while other tribes behave differently. Do self examination and analysis, then ask GOD why are the jienges idiots and hated by all the other tribes in South Sudan?
      People don’t rally tribes around them to be called heroes! We think of leading a nation not individual tribe behind a tribal leader! This is the difference between maggots like you and other tribes.

      The mess in South Sudan is the mess of Jienge with your hallmarks of murderers, looters, thieves, rapists, land grabbers, etc.
      Who siphoned the south Sudan coffers? From killer Kiir to yourself. The list is endless… Who did the raping in hotel Terrain?…. The whole is aware of youactions and your days are being calculated. better go back to your slavery in North Sudan..

  31. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Yien Mathew,

    I agree with you brother. You may know the sharp tongues politicians such Drs. Gore, Mulla and Lol Gatkuoth switched side to the government by endorsing Taban Deng Gai who was bribed by Jieng Council of Elders to split Nuer. The endorsement of Taban Deng Gai by these top SPLA-IO politicians translates that they are not for change but position and money.

  32. Toria says:

    Hi Coward Yien Mathew
    Hahahahahaha, Dr Riek Machar is still alive, You are a LIAR and STUPID moron. I can see you and your devil cowards in Juba are wetting and pooping in your pants. We are coming for you run or perish.

  33. Lualdit says:

    I don’t depend on rumors my friend. The false threat you hear about Juba being surrounded and will be attack when Dr. Machar give the order, is one our problem because we desperately need a war leader who go beyond threat. Those of Yien are after money and position. What else could it be when nuer women are raped simply because they are nuer? Who suppose to protect nuer women and elder if it’s not nuer men? What justification beside selfishness, would a noble man, a man of integrity give to allow their women raped, humiliated simply because they belong certain group of people. Men are made by God to protect women, children and helpless people. If there is no other noble reason to stand up to what Jaang are doing, then this one issue of women being raped would make Yien and all worthless nuer men supporting your demons to stand . You talk about tribal politic, who is instituting such policy in Sudan Sudan? Look at the make up of your Jaang government in Juba? Is it tribal? You Jaang has lose credibility and logic. That is why my rebuke were directed to my fellow nuer who lost his mind. I am addressing you today just to respond to you. I will not do that again because most Jaang has lost normal logic and sensibility for sensible person to waste their time with. Go ahead with your deception and delusion. Change is coming. whether through international intervention or through barrel of gun. What we collected bleed against from the Jalaba cannot be allow to happen again in South Sudan. Jaang has become worst than enemies.

  34. Hoiloom says:

    Brother Lualdit,

    Most of our Dinka cousins have lost logic and it would be a waste of time to debate with them. As for Yien Mathew, he must be happy seeing Nuer women and young girls raped in front of UN compounds. People like him and Taban are now a days Dinka heroes for supporting their barbaric acts against innocent women and children.


  35. Lualdit says:

    Yeah brother Hoiloom,
    I hope Gatmchar this time around will come to his senses and realized that Jaang has a master plan that can only be dealt by force. If international community will intervene, let them do so after Jaang been given a dose of their own medicine. Let the oil fields be burnt to ashes and let war be taken to their back yard. Nasir need to be liberated immediately. Jaang should not be allowed to there because it emboldened them and demoralized our youth.

  36. Little brain only looks at tribal range but intellectuals and people who are politically matured will look and practice their politics beyond tribal lines. People who lack vision always do not know what to say Because their hearts are only filled with hate and destruction. The best example Lam Akol instead of working for your people, he is arguing that peace has collapsed while in actual plans to unite opposition parties in Nariobi has collapsed miserably. A big setback for a man of his position. Peace is going ahead .

  37. False Millionaire says:

    Speaking of,”logic”,”nyGatmachar”,is in Khartoum getting cared for by Omer Al Basher.
    But even if he’s on a wheel chair,Al Bashir will not delay to give him arms to go to fight RSS with ordinary nuer as fire woods.
    Relative to such scenario,if he had taken power during the events of J1’s fight,it would have been to achieve Al Bashir’s wishes.If he did it in his coming back,it would represent the same out come.
    At such context,there isn’t anything new from Dr Riek’s ordinary acts of betrayal begining from 1991.So stop fooling around on the internet and get down to the mud.
    If RSS’ masses have always resisted northerners paying heavy human cost,it isn’t now to accept them parachutted back by traitors like u.

  38. Joss chol Dut says:

    fools fighting their shadows, better behave like educated ones rather than fools who are fighting their owned shadows, your tribal minds will lead you guys no where and it will never be the solution to all the conflict happening in south-Sudan better unite and fight this old fools whole theirs children are in aboard ,yet the poor citizens suffering because of their personal interest, come on let us be reasonable regardless of which tribes we come from.

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