Time for actual solutions for South Sudan: Replace IGAD with eminent persons at once!


Failing to achieve peace in South Sudan after more than six months when the issues are so clear-cut is incompetence. Allowing a foolish, self-absorbed and murderous so-called democratically elected President who is also the accused, to “direct” the adjudication of his own case is preposterous.

Enabling a tyrant to protract his murderous rule through foolishness is culpable negligence.

The war in South Sudan is now entering a seven month period and IGAD has achieved nothing even after being “bailed out” by United States Secretary of State John Kerry.

The organization either lacks lucidity or it is in cahoot with the current lawless government of South Sudan!

Simply put, IGAD’S questionable activities have placed the people of South Sudan at risk of injury and death that is why the organization must be disqualified from its so-called mediatory role.

Complete cessation of hostilities, setting up strong security, a competent and trustworthy caretaker government should have been accomplished by now because the correct solutions for these three key areas would have provided the safe environment necessary for National Dialogue respecting Federalism and Healing!

Instead of achieving the three unambiguous deliverables, IGAD squandered money and time while South Sudan bled to death!

That is why the organization needs to pass the baton to a body of more competent, honourable and impartial eminent persons immediately.

Margaret Akulia is co-author of the sequel Idi Amin: Hero or Villain? His son Jaffar Amin and other people speak.

She brings to the South Sudan dialogue a multidisciplinary professional background including but not limited to “grassroots activism”.

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  1. Choromke Jas says:

    I always wondered how can the presence of Museveni and Kiir in IGAD facilitate the peace process. This is an important peace of essay that the UN and the world other powers must heed; TRANSFER THE MEDIATION ELSEWHERE. I applaud the UNSC for killing the PDF, called Protection and Deterrent Force created by the likes of Museveni. Instead, the Council has expanded the mandate of UNMISS to include this protection role. IGAD has failed and will continue to fail the people of South Sudan.

  2. Bol says:

    Dear Margret,
    In practice, Kiir is the President of the Country and as such, any body looking for Peace or War have to deal with Kiir. Forcing him out of the Office requires blood and sweat not calling him names or Internet Politics. Secondly, the mediator role is to work with opposing parties not to impose solutions on the parties, so if two parties are not willing to compromise, the mediator can’t do anything, and shouldn’t be blame. Thirdly, your three deliverables “Cessation of hostilities, Strong Security and Care-taker Government ” are not deliverable in reality because the devil is in details. for example; who will lead the government ?
    ideas are just ideas unless they can be turn into useful solutions, and those you just published are useless.
    “Margaret Akulia is co-author of the sequel Idi Amin” Are promoting you book or writing your opinion in current SS crisis ?

  3. Majongdit says:


  4. Nikalongo says:


    If you have influence over the bloodthirsty warlords from Dinka and Nuerland, tell them to make peace, stop killing and displacing their tribesmen and women to a life of misery in exile and in the UNAMISS camps in South Sudan. Let us be responsible and stop blaming IGAD for our own shortcomings. Nuer kill Dinka. Dinka kill Nuer. That Akulia is the reality. It must stop. No IGAD or any other group can help the Dinka and Nuer communities but themselves.

  5. AGUMUT says:

    Received John Garang with possess. South was already gone if frightened John Garang still alive today.

  6. Tyson says:

    It is question of time………….. the monster will be crucified!

  7. kuol says:

    Nikalonga , Ms Margaret is right. She is not talking about influencing one or other, she is just feel a pain our country is experiencing right now. Although south sudanese put their trust on IGAD, some of IGAD members are taking sides in conflict and others seem to be neglecting some rebel demand. That looks like IGAD is bias to Government side. Secondly, Margaret position is not focusing on her wellbeing, she is talking about the impact of this senseless war on our people, the citizens of South sudan as whole and not on a particular community as your comment seems to suggest. And let me tell you this. This war is not going to end up in greater upper nile territory as some of you think, it is going to engulf the whole country and Whether you like it or not is going to happen. Another thing is. When you are in location surrounded by burning fire and you don’t see the way out of it, it is better to start burning from your area in order to clear it, otherwise you will get burned too .So,this war is not anymore between kiir leadership and Nuer nation as mr kiir and his friends have thought. It is anational problem and i don’t think that there is a Communities can claim that is not affected by the behavior of kiir leadership. Also , we need to remember what Dr Adwok has said earlier during his interview with bbc Correspondence Madeing Nguor when he adviced kiir leadership to stop war quickly before other dissenters get chances to join rebellion.

    • Nikalongo says:

      That war will be confined and fought where it is and by those who love and cherish senseless killings. I know there are probably some few war mongers and admirers in Equatoria. They too will politely be told to relocate to the theatre of war in Upper Nile. Why run to the bush when u can sleep in your tukul. We detest that war Kuol. If and when people in Equatoria would have had enough of the nonsense, the only solution will be to secede from the rest for South Sudan. It is a shame Kuol sharing this country with people who have no respect for the sanctity of human life and dignity.

      Kuol, IGAD have no solutions on the table. When did the conflict and killings become national? Is it because Wani Igga and Lado Gore are vice presidents to the warlords or because of Richard Mulla and Nathaniel Oyet? Do not deceive yourself. There is an ongoing charm offensive in Equatoria and we are aware of that. Dinka and Nuer politicians, elders and the youths have solutions to their problems. They have made peace before without imputes from IGAD and they can do it today if they want to. But the killing I understand has to continue because there are deities on both sides that feeds off blood of young men from Nuer and Dinkaland. The gods are yet to get satisfied Kuol.

  8. Eli says:

    Margret Akulia
    I agree with Bol; ” Forcing him (Kirr) out of the Office requires blood and sweat not calling him names or Internet Politics”
    Kirr is still more powerful than all the opposition groups, he is in charge of the whole national defence force (SPLA), in charge of all the government ministries, in charge of the parliament and he has control over 90% of the 10 states with the exceptions of some insecurities in the three Upper Nile, Unity and Jongole states which are not even in full control of the rebels.
    Kirr is not willing to negotiate peace, he is buying time and he intends to defeat the rebels militarily with the help from his friends in IGAD, Russia, China, Egypt and some Arab World countries.
    Dr Riek Machar is not active enough to mobilize more military fronts, such as in the Equatorian states and the Bahr Ghazalian states, he needs to either surrender and join Kirr or resign from the leadership of the Armed Opposition and let those who are serious with real agenda for change to take over. Museveni is Kirr’s advisor, and he Museveni told his opponents in Uganda, I quote; “if anyone wants the office of the presidency of Uganda, they need to pick up arms and contest with fire (pick up guns and rebel) not ballot boxes”. So guess what? “Forcing him (Kirr) out of the Office requires blood and sweat not calling him names or Internet Politics”.

  9. monychol says:

    Margret, put a blame where it does not belong is not only naive but shear idiocy.It seems you are out of touch with realities so do your ideas.Where do you think in the world we have entities that go around in the world imposing soutions to warring parties?
    You are in Canada and has Canada done it anywhere regardless of your much money for single moms welfares?
    It seems you are a typical single mom enjoying Canadian welfare system at the expenses of its public and tax payers labour to a point that everything is so easy to do like collecting welfare.
    This is politics and pragmatism matters.There are no good guys sitting somewhere who can be dropped in and all of a sudden the fix all.This is so novice.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      It seems you actually are made up of the stuff you try to project onto Margaret. Intelligent as you claim, tell us: what has single motherhood got to do with what Margaret has articulated? Are you not parading your ignorance and idiocy to the public. It is the kind of your mentality that is destroying the country. Shame on you

      • monychol says:

        El Hag Paul, Thomas Jefferson stated that “we hold this truth to be self-evident” What he meant is that if what one says has to be true, it must have a built in evidence to hence:one does not have to look for truth outside the stated fact.
        If you fail to graft the idea that I stated that there are no others outside of ourselves South Sudanese who created the problems our country.It was neither IGAD nor the UN or AU.I also stated that bringing political solutions calls for pragmatics measures not abstract ideas and hypotheses.
        I also tried to drive out from Margret’s the concept that others and not yourself can provide solutions to your problems and that is where I brought up the Canadian welfare where Margret is burried to a polnt that she assume life is a bed of rose.
        NB:To you El Hag Paul

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Monychol
          Since when have you known the truth? You the master lairs who concocted a coup and murdered tenth of thousand innocent children, women, men, and the elderly. Do you even know something called humanity leave alone the truth? Soon your rotten kingdom will be history.

  10. monychol says:

    To you El Hag Paul, I would tell you to be man enough unlike Margret because we men are practical leaders.If you think that Salva Kiir has destroy the country, then take practical steps to correct the situation instead of being grounded by complacency and cowardice to only whine, complain and scream.
    My friend, whining, complaining,insinuation and screaming would not change a think.
    It may make you appears as a wise man which you are not.If that appearancec is all you yearns for, so you give it a shot and lets see how it will work!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Monychol
      You see, you are really an idiot. Are you still proud of being a man when you have totally destroyed the country? Where is this manhood when you can not manage a simple issue like federalism in a civilised manner? If you were men enough why are you hiring UPDF to protect you? You call us Ugandan, Congolese and yet when you see the Nuer coming you run with your pants down to the Ugandans for protection. What type of men are you? Hopeless

      • alex says:

        Hi Elhag Paul

        Stop abusing people. What is federalism? You just sing federalism without debating the advantages and disadvantages of federalism. Is the current war about federalism? How many countries which have different ethnic diversity use different system of rule and yet are still stable. If you are politically matured and civilized try to present your arguments in a diplomatic way. Being a worrier does not mean all people have to bend to your group and accept everything they suggest. That is not a democratic and civilized way of solving problems.

        Secondly stop telling lies, do you thing South Sudan is controlled by UPDF? The SPLA were mostly composed of Nuers before but now you people abused the generosity given to you, see the army after the peace. It will not be dominated by Nuers again. No body will make such mistake again. Most of you after peace will regret your actions. You have blocked all the privileges you people were enjoying. This time the army will represent the diversity of the nation. It will no longer be dominated by people who does not have nationalism in their hearts. We will bury tribalism for good and a good number of your people will go to dig or do business. Those good days are over. We are now looking forward to days of equality and equal opportunities. The proof is the way how your leadership is now gamboling in the peace talks. They want to divide the Church there is no way. The youth group, the women, civil society and the political parties still no way. If you think you won the war but you are now being humiliated politically and your group will never get an ally.

        Those giving you the guns now have said peace is the only way out. You have been forced to talk peace. Where is your previous demand that president Kirr should step down before peace talks if you think you are fighters. You just boost with guns given to you by somebody to kill your own brothers, what a shame to betrayers. Expect the most humiliating defeat during the coming elections after peace. Your group will walk in shame even some of you will not want to be known. You will be in hiding. What made your backers to change their mind? It is because they knew, you have no popular support in the country. If your group failed to take the olive branch this time, you will be crushed militarily. Just in day your last strong hold Akobo will be taken out in the same way Nasier and Bentue were taken quietly. Ask your professionals the white army how bitter the war is. They have learned a lesson which they will never forget. The more your group delays it will even start to divide. soon you will hear breaking news of division among the opposition. Danger is looming if it is a lie one day you will come and ask me. Your group has been politically nailed onto a cross. You have to choose between political defeat or risk both military and political humiliation. so time is running out. Be advised that , your group can not break the will of the people. With all your propaganda, you will not succeed. Instead you made Southern Sudanese to be more determine and united to defeat your movement in both political and military fronts.


        • Elhag Paul says:

          Assumptions and propaganda material laced in one.

          • monychol says:

            El Hag Paul, untruthful talk that is out of touch with realities breeds frustration and that is what you always get.Most Dinka commentators do criticize Dinkas and point out the truth.The coup narrative was discredited by the Dinkas themselves and Salva Kiir and company shall be corrected or rid off by the Dinkas themselves.Dinka like any other tribe in South sudan is here to stay.You will continue to see Dinkas everywhere in South Sudan even if Kiir leave office today.Dinkas are like Kikuyu in Kenya, Baganda in uganda and white people in the USA.Nothing will defeat whether or not one of the is the president.If you hates them,your hatred will burn you inside out and you will never get anything at the national level in South Sudan.You will be miserably defeated and remembered for nothing except your hatemongering

          • alex says:

            Dear Elhag Paul

            If it is assumptions and propaganda, ask your representative to the talks in Ethiopia. Politically your group is gone. You people worked hard to lie and confuse South Sudanese and the world at large with your media campaign but the truth has shed itself about your group. You are enemies of peace and even the worst dictators in a jacket of democracy but for the government, the truth will set them free. At first, the government want to talk to your group before including the other stakeholders but because your group refused. Now it is the same group that that are saying you they want to discuss with the government alone.
            So if it is propaganda lets us see


  11. For Monychol and Bol says:

    Monychol, you are a very presumptuous man! The same goes for you Bol in relation to your diatribe about my sequel Idi Amin: Hero or Villain. I invite both of you to watch this space for the answers to your “loose rants” and uninformed inferences. Monychol, if you were in my immediate family, I would kick you out to spare the rest of the family from enduring your pernicious self-importance and harangues. It takes a different approach to deal with foolish people in the “extended family” but now is not the time. I must focus on ending the barbarism that is asphyxiating South Sudan to death and the tactless “extended family members” that are protracting it. If you are one of the yobs, I am putting you on notice!
    M. Akulia

    • monychol says:

      To El Hag Paul & Akulia.
      When I challenged you guys to be pragmatic, due to you lack of intellectual growth and childish mentality that usually lure you to view everything on tribal line,you rushed to your usual tribal line rather then objective discussiin. and assigned to your usual hate corridors of Dinka versus non Dinka and your childish assumptions that what tKiir is doing bears the assent of all Dinkas.Response me with material solid evidence to prove that I had once s supported or defended Kiir actions?
      What I challenged you was to act against your usual complacency and to make history avoidance and expects others to do heavy lifting everytimes for your freedom.
      I know you two hates the truth, what I told you was not a defensive position but a realistic factual statement that if you hates what Kiir is doing, have backbones and spine to confront the man and stop the man and speak to him in the language he understand.
      If you two fellow citizens were matured you should have understood unfortunately you are still children who just loves to whines, complains, insinuate and scream expecting that there are adults somewhere who will always do the heavy lifting for you while you are avoiding your responsibilities.
      I know you will remains in your two camps world of Dinka versus non Dinka.
      Maybe in your childish mindset you think that this will help you, keep your extreme pheriperal attitude and continue hoping that it will all of a sudden infect the mentality of South Sudanese and you will the wave of the public opinion

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Monychol
        Typical response from a bankrupt and ignorant person. You have not made any challenge, yet alleges to have made one. You are only good at projecting your own undesirable behaviour to others. You lie and murder innocent people, yet you have the audacity to lie further by calling others lairs. You are born to destroy and create chaos, yet you shamelessly claim to be born to rule. You constantly behave like spoilt brates and yet you want to call those with voice of reason childish, you constantly whine, complain, insinuate, scream, hate, exercise massive tribalism to the extent of hiring foreign forces (UPDF) to protect you, and you turn round to blame others for exactly what you are doing? Do you see how your uncouth behaviour has destroyed our country. No wonder Gerrard Prunier called you “idiots rotten to the core” and Mahboub Maalim labelled you as “stupid”. If I were in your shoes I would be reflecting seriously while licking my wounds and not pretending to be matured. Fake! Fake! Fake! is what precisely describes you. Now go and reflect and stop wasting my time and for the record do not think that you can intimidate me.

        • monychol says:

          Dear El Hag Paul, it seems to me that you are not and will never grow up.
          When you erroneously keeps stating to me that did this and that, whoem are referring me to now? When I debayed you and Akulia, I talked to you as individuals not representatives of certain groups.
          I know you as an idiot known over South Sudanese media you are addicted to ethnic politics and that is why I have the highest contempt for you and your ideas.You are half educated and half uneducated because you lack praradyms of discussing public issues.You are a single issue writter and debater whom I should refers as an ethnic politician.
          I’m sorry debating idiots as you are is a damning down process that add no insight to anyone on this website.
          You are a tribal extremist and your kinds are always the loudest the most shallow.
          Your like minds are a total turn offs and discussion damn down.

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Dear Monychol
            Where and when did you debate with me? You see, you do not even know the difference between debate and commentary. We have never had any debate but mini commentaries. By the way could you define debate? Again Gerrard Prunier is right to call you “idiot rotten to the core” with Mahboub Maalim labelling you as “stupid”. Now go and find out the meaning of the words you are abusing in this website. Fake! Pretender and master fraudster

    • Bol says:

      Ugandan author,
      I am ” very presumptuous man!” … is it because I described your article as useless ? or because questioned whether your motive is promoting you Ugandan book….. or debating issues of RSS ?…….”When will South Sudanese learn to discuss issues rather than themselves?” “David Debu”….

  12. monychol says:

    EL Hag Paul, I’m aware that you are a well seasoned hardcore hatemonger and tribalist who see everything in South Sudan through the prism of Dinka and non Dinka.
    I donot see the world that way you may visit my postings on this web site and elsewhere.You will discover that I critived Dinkas alot
    I doubts whether people like you have achieved that kevel of maturity yet?
    I will still tell you to more pragmatic though I know the condition of your attitude that you are a dead man walking and anything that can shake your whoops out of your usual apathy will be a dead beat and futile.
    I will still dare you if you will to be in position of correcting what you think is wrong rather then shading tears while glancing at outsiders for rescue.Both Ugandan troops and UN force should leave and we will solve our problems the way we wants.
    Will you agree with me?

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Monychol
      Still presumptuous as correctly pointed out. As regards your offer, I would be leased to take you on. Please tell your ‘stupid’ Kiir to quickly tell the UPDF and the UN to go and let us alone solve our problems in South Sudan. Make sure you do not keep the JEM, SPLM North and the Egyptians. I promise to make you remember something called The Battle of Balgo-bindi. Your ‘stupid’ Kiir knows about this battle and his experience of it.

      • alex says:

        Dear child Elhag Paul
        Please behave your self before people will give respect to you. It is people with narrow tribal thinking that will take your writing seriously. You are not for peaceful coexistence of South Sudanese people. It is good that people like you expose the kind of democracy you want to bring to South Sudan. You have also exposed your hidden agenda to your forging backers. Every day by day they are getting to understand you people better. Your writing is a powerful tool for uniting us we people who love South Sudan unity. So we are waiting you in 2017 elections brother. Do not forget to write to me after the elections.


        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Have you visit the psychiatric we recommended to you yet? If not, please excuse us from debating with you. Seek first the medical help you badly needed. I applaud you for declaring publicly your insanity. Paul will be happy to write you after the election with the condition that you seek help first.

          If you do not see the doctor, there is no need for any of us to debate with you. And why would Paul writes to a mentally sick person anyway? I am sure money isn’t an object since Salva Kiir is there for you.

          Take this advice seriously.

          • alex says:

            How can people who do not know politic recommend medicine. If you destroy properties, rape women, burn Universities, hospitals, killing patients in hospitals and have not vision why they are fighting for even recommend treatment to a great thinker like me. It shame Paul is a child that is why when he is challenged he resort to abuses because he know what he writing is a children politic. Your work is disorganisation of people who are progressive. You are failures and the enlightened South Sudanese people are marching ahead. You are people who do not know what human norms and dignity are. Only you are full of hatred and base your thinking in tribal politics. We will politically defeat you and bring you back because you are lost brothers who need to be educated with our African norms and morals of man not being liars.


  13. David Debu says:

    When will South Sudanese learn to discuss issues rather than themselves? Our country would be a great place if only we discussed issues. However, we’ve chosen the very deadliest path that won’t bring any blessing to our republic. We should be apologetic among ourselves and give credit where it’s due.

    @Mr. Elhag Paul, Dinka as you called them are not weak enough to seek protection from anybody except from God. You should asked yourself a question, why haven’t the rebels attacked any state among 4 states in the region of Bar el Ghazal? Remember, Unity state is bordered by 3 states of the region. Also, the president didn’t localised his difference with Riek and other SPLM former colleagues. What happened in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile is a fight for dominant in the region by sections of Nuer. It’s hard sometime to accept the truth because you will feel reconciled with your so-called enemies unwillingly.

    However, IGAD can’t imposed anything on the warring comrades, but to rely on their compromises.

  14. Alier Gai says:

    Judas was wrong in betraying his own savior; and so the Dinka is not worthy any work done by its people other than being a cowardic community. North sudan is still crying because of dinka’s cowardic act to liberate the south when the braves refused to do their work they claim on the web. What a day! Try my bruada, it will not smell like roses but a roten okra near jebal lado.

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