Three more years for Gov. Nyandeng Malek: Is it office, constitution or term extension?

By Simon Yel Yel, JUN/30/2015, SSN;

Every year Nyandeng Malek confirms that she is the only stranger in Jerusalem. What she always does in Warrap are strange things that governors of other states don’t do.The adjournment of elections to 2018 due to the crisis in the country and what’s to be done have taken different philosophical jurisprudence versions in Warrap.

Nyandeng Malek and her cabinet have totally misinformed the citizens of Warrap by saying that they are extending the constitution of Warrap state so that the MPs don’t get fired by the president on 9th July 2015.

A number of indefensible and toadyism arguments have been made by lackeys of Nyandeng that are full of intellectual knavery and naivety; “Let people know that we are not extending personality of the incumbent Governor. We are extending the constitution and the office of the governor.” Really, really Hons?

It is a humbug or a jive and next to impossible to convince any person with sound mind rather to convince none another than M-pigs (MPs).

Where on earth can MPs extend the constitution? There is no raison d’être for it whatsoever the case may be.

In my own jurisprudence literacy, we don’t time the office but we time the person who occupies the office. We don’t extend the constitution but the time given to the occupant or holder of the office if there are political circumstances that can’t allow people to elect the new one.

In all over the whole world, terms are extended not the constitutions.

Like Plato making his argument in his book “Republic,” “that philosophers should become kings, as they possess a special level of knowledge, which is required to rule the Republic successfully.”

Nyandeng and her cohorts especially women in Juba have come to believe in their axiom that the affirmative action of 25% for women can only be met in South Sudan if Nyandeng Malek is a governor for life.

No term limits, Walai! Nyandeng Malek has become our Queen Elizabeth.

The cabinet and Nyandeng Malek have totally misinformed the citizens of Warrap State and more importantly they bewildered, lied and bribed our representatives in the parliament to extend the term of Nyandeng in the office for more three years in pretence of extending the constitution of Warrap.

Misinforming Warrap population and bribing the M-pigs have become essential survival techniques for Nyandeng government to continue looting and misruling the state.

It’s not only the extension of her term but almost everything starting from news reports, job opportunities, LCs, all the way down to the state salaries; when she and her finance minister want to launder money, they say, “We used money to make a bridge in Kuajok town to help people moving freely within town.”

Warrap citizens are either been misinformed, intimidated or forced to leave the state.

Interestingly, the Nyandeng’s cabinet political mini-skirt of always misinforming the public is getting shorter and shorter to cover the truth from citizens of Warrap at this time.

After docile citizens of Warrap realized that Nyandeng and her cabinet have misinformed them and bribed MPs (M-Pigs) to extend her term for three more years of misrule, thievery, money laundering and dictatorship in pretence of extending the constitution and the office of the governor, the state SPLM office in coordination with the youth took to the street to demonstrate their anger to their MPs and told them not to extend her term in the office.

But the M-pigs didn’t listen to their constituents but rather to recent letters of credit (LCs) which I can incorrectly call “letters of corruption” or “licenses of corruption,” and bribery of over 50,000 SSP for each M-pig.

This bribery had totally blocked their ears to hear the calls of their constituents and had blinded them to see that demonstrators are on the street with placards saying, “Five years are enough for Nyandeng.”

Nyandeng’s team headed by the finance minister did their homework very well on the M-Pigs on the night of the 17th. Some M-pigs were making the issue of bribery to be luid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to vote for the extension of Nyandeng’s term in the office.

But the issue of money is not a problem with Nyandeng, all M-Pigs were hand-shaken with a cheque to change their smiling cheeks and they checked Nyandeng in the gubernatorial office for three more years again.

I swear, MONEY doesn’t lie, Walai, and it happened! Three more years of misrule is approved by 33 M-pigs, no joke with money, please, as some greedy people say in Arabic, “ El bothon gebel el wathon”.

Like the Pope telling the congregations in the Vatican, “let’s believe though we don’t understand, Christ has died and ascended to heaven.”

The Speaker of the parliament commanded the Mps on 18th June.2015 in the parliament to extend the term of Nyandeng though they don’t understand why should she deserved to be given three more years and what is she going to achieve in three years that she failed to achieve to in five years.

After she misinformed the public and got the approval of three more years from 33 M-pigs then her cabinet was very happy leading the chorus line, giggling and chanting all the noisy “Halleluiah,” Nyandeng Malek OYEE!, 25% OYEEE!, Warrap bi tana OYEE!, but still the ugly panorama of 25% OYEE!

Of Nyandeng misrule in Warrap State doesn’t need a rocket scientist or telescope to see it.

Nyandeng regime has only one system of political “modus operandi” to survive, born out of 25% Oyee!, lives on misrule and dies in corruption.

May President Salva Kiir Mayardit have mercy on us!

In conclusion, sometimes it seems to be an almost useless fight to try to tell truth to our people about how Nyandeng is running the state.

Nyandeng Malek sympathizers have been conditioned to attack the messenger for the message and try to discredit anyone who shows them how Nyandeng has been misruling Warrap.

They do also brand a concerned citizen like me as an opportunist who wants to be appointed into the cabinet or a pure antagonist who doesn’t want to be governed by a woman but am neither of the two.

I’m a concerned citizen of Warrap who loves to see Warrap prospering. The truth must be known and in the end it is only the truth that will set us all free.

Governor Nyandeng Malek is misruling the state and it is high time for our president Salva Kiir to remove her. Warrap can’t afford three more years again of misrule.

Simon Yel Yel is a concerned citizen and can be reached at or 0955246235.

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  1. Abraham Gai says:

    Mr. Yel,
    Nyandeng malek is just as nyandeng garang by the name, by attitudes, and by actions. Tell me what is wrong with these names? Note that as well any hand picked governor is just a puppet to kiir. John Kong nyuon is doing the same thing by supporting rebels while sitting in Bor as governor, and anything wrong with his misruling or being said about him is falling into president’s deaf ears. So, don’t waste your time on this issue of nyandeng until you know what the president is doing in Juba. Kiir is Nyandeng and Nyandeng is kiir in one way or the other.
    Another thing you need to learn now is that, warrap’s problems are juba’s problems. why? Because policy holders or makers of rules in Juba are all hailing from that state. The home cook problems are distant problems served. So, warrap leaders in the government know what is up in the state, they are gambling their cheap politics that destroy the state and the country as well. If you expect kiir to do a better job, warrap state needs to come out clear from avoiding mixing up home politics with national politics. A better warrap is a better kiir and a better leader for south Sudan. kiir was a good leader during the movement when he was surrounded by a quality and moral people, but has now been misused by warrap-Khartoumers and a cultural-moral shock leaders, those who do not know the meaning of freedom than the freedom of their own they are torturing us for. The modern warrap ideology is against any morality that could pass the test of time in the clock of history. Nyandeng is not a problem anymore at home, compare to what the nation is facing. A home grown problem is the exporting problem up broad for profit. The governor is a residue of what warrap exports at home to the capital. Do not cry for that little messy thing than the country’s big mess we are in. The clock is racing against you my dear.

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