Three Federal States (Equatoria, BharGhazel, UpperNile) during Transitional Period: PDM Release

For Immediate release –  November 16th, 2018, SSN;

The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) would like to reiterate its position for laying down the foundation and roadmap to a genuinely just and sustainable peace in South Sudan, based on three Federal States during the Transitional Period.

This approach gives power back to the people in the former autonomous regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile, and Bahr al Ghazal.

It would also help to rebuild trust and start the process in earnest to repair the damaged social fabric and governance crsis in the country between all the 64 ethnicities of our peoples.

PDM had earlier during the HLRF process proposed People’s Regional Conventions in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal to ensure participation of the people in all their 64 ethnicities in consultations and decision making processes to nominate and mandate their representatives to a Transitional Federal Government at regional and national levels.

These regional people’s conventions would take place in the pre-transitional period in ample time, for the formation of the Transitional Federal Government of South Sudan (TFGOSS) at regional and national levels, in which all the 64 tribes and ethnicities would be fairly represented.

As it stands, R-ARCSS is devoid of people’s participation except for the elites of the incumbent SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SSOA elites and OPP elites, which makes the R-ARCSS exclusively elitist, clearly non-inclusive of all the 64-ethnicities, and falls short of addressing the root causes of conflict, and is thus far without legitimacy and authority of the people.

The National Dialogue Steering Committee on account of media reports (, now seems to echo and recognize the position of PDM throughout the HLRF process to be the more viable way forward, including proposals for rotational presidency between the peoples of the three former autonomous regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal during the Transitional Period.

The R-ARCSS that is sharing power between the elites at the expense of all the 64 tribes of our people is squandering another opportunity to reset the clock for a new start with the people fully onboard the driving seat in South Sudan.

The National Dialogue steering committee further decried SPLM failure but said nothing of its lack of legitimacy to rule by means other than the twin weapons of serial wars and agreements to stay in power as SPLM-IG or SPLM-IO.

The people have yet to question why the SPLM-Xs should be rewarded to rule over the country rather than sanctioned for senseless wars of power struggle and corruption at expense of our people’s innocent lives.

The R-ARCSS needs to be re-opened to make it into a people-centric agreement, with 33% power sharing allocation to each of the three regions of Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal.

This would secure a realistic chance for a sustainable peace, and thus give a start to democratic transformation of the country in a strong Federal governance of the three regions by the people’s making.

The country should not be held hostage to failed SPLM IG and IO rule for peace to prevail, and given the opportunity the people of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal regional conventions may bring the stability that has eluded SPLM elites since 2011, including Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, the twin enduring symbols of corruption `and impunity in South Sudan governance.

PDM takes the opportunity once more to repeat its maiden call to our people in Upper `Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal to forge a broad based socio-political National Alliance for Democracy And Freedom Action (NADAFA) in our country, to end SPLM impunity, lead democratic transformation to usher in a just and sustainable peace.

The proposals of regional conventions, through the power of the people, can transform and extricate South Sudan from the uninterrupted tyranny of the R-ARCSS elites rule, and who cannot be trusted with governance of our country for another three years.

The country is for the people, not made for the elites rule.

Urgent recommendations to IGAD, AU and UNSC:

  • Revisit R-ARCSS to open it up for a critical review to incorporate provisions for Pre-Transitional People’s conventions in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal before start of the Transitional Period and its possible extension thereof.
  • Revisit and review R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions for a federal governance system during the transitional period based on three regions and their colonial districts, which are well known and thus avoid the need for unnecessary imposition of the illegal 32 states in South Sudan.
  • Review R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions to address the root causes of conflict, justice and accountability.
  • Review R-ARCSS to limit undue influences or direct infringement upon the sovereignty and economic resources of South Sudan by foreign or IGAD sponsored regional powers, Sudan and Uganda in particular, not to be authorized as Guarantors by the UNSC.
  • Review R-ARCSS to lift the state of emergency, release of all abducted political detainees and prisoners of war, accountability for missing abductees, Agrey Idri and Samuel Dong who were kidnapped from Nairobi and whose fate still remain unknown

PDM calls upon the people of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal as herein represented by the three shining stars, for NADAFA of their country from endemic impunity, misrule and corruption.

Let no one party rule that, devoid of vision for the country and the people, ruin the new born that is our country and nation, united by the Nile, and by the promise of a bright future.

However, the people must go to work for NADAFA of the country in the regional conference before it is too late to change direction of the country.

Dr. Hakim Dario,

Chair, People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)


  1. Mor-Amook says:

    Dr. Hakim,
    The agreement has been signed. You prepare 3 regions to be legitimate because they were created by colonial administration and 32 states are illegitimate because they are created by the current south Sudan administration.
    First, was colonization legitimate? Second, what did colonial administration use to create 3 regions? Since you don’t know, there was no referendum for the people of Southern Sudan by then to choose 3 regions. It was a republican Degree from former president Jaffar Nimeri just like what Kiir did in 2015.
    For your information, Nimeri was never elected in the whole of Sudan in a free and fair election since he took office in 1969 to have constitutional mandate of the people .

    We were in three regions and we used to identify ourselves by regions. And because of power struggle by then between Lagu and Abel Alier, the strong southern assembly and administration was dissolved by former president Nimeri and created 3 regions to save his interest and subsequently abrogation of Addis ababa agreement in 1983.

    If by miracle today PDM takes the top job (presidency), it will be worst then the current party. The PDM agenda seems to favor direction driving 3 regions into separation to become independent countries in future.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr Mor-Amook,
      You are right to say the three Southern Sudan stats were created by the colonial power, but it’s wrong to said President Nimeiri, because the state exists before Nimeiri became president, instead the Southern region was created by Addis Abba agreement of 1972.
      Prior to Addis Ababa agreement there was only one central government and Sudan was divided into provinces and districts, you don’t understand or don’t know the history of Sudan and don’t pretend. What Nimeiri did was dissolved high executive council government on the request of southerners, particularly Equatorians, because they were tired of Dinka violence, intimidation and domination.
      Equatorian were forced to request for decentralisation, to allow them to educate their children and develop. Prior to that, Dinka’s students were fighting Equatorian students in high schools such Rumbek, Buseri, Loka and Juba Commercial. Which make life unbearable for Equatorian, united Southern region become useless there was no peace. Supposed the current generation should behave differently, but it appears we don’t learn from our mistakes that’s why South Sudan is in war by itself with a divided society.
      I do understand you are Kiir supporter and I have respect for that and you have all the right to oppose Hakim Dario as you must advocate for the administration that you support.
      However, if you are really someone who loves South Sudan and wants to see a lasting peace, Hakim’s proposition sound genuine and can bring sustainable peace. What he suggested is not new, it has worked before and is likely to work again, please don’t oppose everything but only that will divide us.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Mor-Amook,

        Your are insinuating that since Jaffar Nimeri decreed 3 regions, it should also be done for Kiir to decree 32 states despite the obvious problems this creates to our people. For your information, 2 wrongs do not make right. Sometimes, it is better the devil you know than the one you do not know. We have tested the 3 regions administration. They did us good than harm since. The idea of 32 states is not tested yet. While it is at work on the government side, we have not seen anything meaningful out of them so far. The tribal conflicts created by them is only thing we have witnessed.

        If dividing our country into 3 separation countries is what will cease our suffering collectively, than I don’t see what is the big deal. I believe it was the same reason we decided to separate from Sudan as whole.

        I endorse the idea of 3 regions since it was tested and it worked for best of us all not consolidating power to an individual and use this power to lord it over everybody else.

    • Modento says:

      Dear Amo-Amook,

      You hear this same thing again and again that three former regions were created by colonials from Dinka. All are lazy wanted to roams around in Greater Equatoria. Whether you like it or not, Greater Equatoria people are demanding three regions and to make it fair for everyone.
      Your Dinka mission is to take over other people’s lands, land occupation, renaming places as like Jebel Dinka, and many other places.
      Greater Equatoria citizens are mad, Dinka Government has agendas of colonizers, are now domestic colonialism in Greater Equatoria. This is what going to breakup South Sudan like breakup of Yugoslavia. You see what happened in Sudan, one tribe ruling Sudan for over 30 years, at the end of the day, Sudan is split into south and north.
      So right now, Dinka ruling the country with mathiang Anyoors, no national army, no national security, all you see is Dinka national security, mathiang Anyoors, and trust me, every tribe distrust you.
      In order to rebuild and repair trust, three federal states are the only solution to the problem of South Sudan or the country will end up in the hands of United Nations trusteeship or AU. Because no one trusted Dinka who wanted to rule the country by force and impose the Dinka language on people, this can’t happen to the Greater Equatoria people.
      You must leave Juba, every Dinka that brought misery to our great capital Juba.

  2. Beek says:

    Drags Riek Machar to the Nile. We will not accept another Hacking again.

  3. Beek says:

    I don’t know nobody,ANYANYA are ANYANYA even they changed themselves to the-called SPM-OI,they are still ANYANYA.

    • Nyongoro says:

      Mor-Amook obviously reads history upside down. This ignoramus doesn’t even know the difference between “degree” and “decree” and insists on bastardizing history. Go back to study English before engaging in intellectual discussions on sensitive political topics.

  4. Tyson says:

    Mor-Amook and Beek

    This is really the JIENG mentality. My question is still valid “when will JIENG metamorphose from this backward ideology?”
    The JIENG led-government is the worst in the history of humanity. There is no comparison GLOBALLY at all. If any tribe other than the JIENG takes over the leadership of South Sudan, things will change for the better.
    We need to bring new innovations to chronic and stone age issues created by the JIENG in our beloved country.
    We cannot allow our country to be mismanaged by a gang of criminals.
    The PDM deserves a say and to contribute in addressing the dysfunctional and crooked governance, peace, security, socio-economic and stability in our country.
    All South Sudanese need the God-given PEACE but not the JIENG Satan-led peace in form of MOU for blessing the blood our citizens.

  5. abieldit says:

    I think no one can denied or will deny 3 region people will keep deny but, still there, they know well and they doing it under the table. I remember in 2011, during the election the president Kiir Mayardit went to Bhar El ghazal for the campaign to gain support in the election as a son of Bhar El ghazal and the vice president Wani Egga call his a region greater Equatoria to support him then.
    They support president to be elected again, accepted greater Upper Nile did not call their sons to discuss who will be the next president of the country or who will be elected, they did not show their opinion as a result of that the greater Upper Nile became a victim of the civil war.
    My opinion going back to old colonial district will solve a many issues concern to so called annexation because ever district knows its border.

  6. J. Malooma says:

    Amor-Amok and likes,

    The people of SS have had enough of you Jeing. Don’t waste time lecturing nonsense; even your own ND that you have been using as means to intimidate others has turned against your wishes. So, be ready to develop your village with those corrupted and bloody money that you have looted during this conflict, because (Regionalism or Federalism), either way is eminent.

  7. Mor-Amook says:

    Haha my fellow Equatorians, Tyson, Taban and the likes, your vision is clear, it’s independent Equatoria state.. You said I don’t know history of Sudan, but president Jaffer Nimeri came to power on 25 May 1969, and the Addis ababa agreement that created 3 regions in March1972 was signed almost 3 years after Nimeri in power. So, which came first as you claim they were existing before him? During High Executive Council, it was known as Southern region not 3 regions. The now 3 regions were provinces headed by commissioners according to Addis ababa agreement. Thus, Sudan was in regions my friend.

    The so called Nyongoro, that was error my brother. I am not an English man. It is not my mother tongue. I don’t have doctorate in English like you do, Dr. Nyongoro. So, thanks for correcting me. I always welcome correction. My Dear Equatorians, can we not find another way other than 3 regions? You are reducing yourselves to regional politics. Some of you appear to be so naïve, irritable and so aggressive. Please present yourselve intellectually as some of you claim to be.

    I am pretty sure, if I campaign today for the creation of 3 regions to three countries, you will strongly support, and none of you will oppose it. Your reactions remind me of video clip from Dr. Turabi in June 2011,”that southerners are united because of one common enemy they called Arab, but when they independent, they are tribes, they will turn against themselves.” he stressed. So even if you get independent today, you are tribes, you will develop the same hatred between Central, Western and Eastern equatorial. You are united because of Jieng. You don’t have the same cultures. Some of Equatorian tribe keep cattle, they cross borders to raid cattle from other tribes within and outside South Sudan. What is that mentality? Is it Jieng mentality?

    The jieng will never rule this country forever, and if we can find a president from another tribe who will make South Sudan prosper, definitely it will also include jieng. My concern is that many equatorian in this equatorian website will get mad especially Tyson. I know most of you are supporters of Cirillio but not all equatorians. That is your rights, no country exist without opposition, so I welcome your criticism to government. Taban, please give me data of how many equatorian in the current government, only ministers?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      In spite of your improved ‘nationalistic’ attitude, and your acceptance of facts we have been hammering on this website, I beg to vehemently disagree with your blunt assertion of, quote, “this equatorian website” which I vehemently reiterate is totally wrong.
      The website was established in 2003 as the first South Sudanese owned website to publish South Sudanese views on the then on-going liberation war championed by Dr. John Garang, a goal we persisted on until total independence was achieved in 2005.
      As a progressive and highly intellectually driven website, we aspire to be liberal, independent and very critical about all aspects and angles in the variegated and hotly antagonistic political spectrum in our country. Thus, we accept all views and criticisms on the current developments in the country.
      Finally, we welcome all and will publish all views from our patrons.

      • Mandeto says:

        Dear Editor:
        Thank you for your openness in every mindset of the people of South Sudan. You have enabled and permitted every viewpoint of everyone. And not everyone thinks the same. But you have had never turned off anyone, congratulations! Because you have a heart of humanity, always evolving.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Thanks for your great and sincere appreciation of my work on this website which has now been running since 2003. I humbly thank you for the kind words.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr Mo-Amook,
      Thanks for your response, I am not sure whether you understood the content of my comment; it was about history and the real facts. There was not southern regional government before Addis Ababa agreement, Sudan was divided into provinces and districts under central government. However, if you think this history implied Equatorians are seeking for independence, I don’t think Equatorians are afraid of independence, it’s human right to choose your destiny.
      You are right by referring to Hassan Turabi’s quote about South Sudan Independence, but you are also aware of the tribes that have brought this agony on South Sudan since 1991.
      If you are able to name one Equatorian tribe that started the current war and then your statement can be justified, otherwise you know very well if Equatorians are to separate, some of your community would become permanent refugees in Equatoria because there will be no peace in your area, as we have seen the example right now.
      How many of your community members died in the hands of their own tribesmen, compared to those unfortunately who died in national civil war?
      Mr Mor- Amook, we understand ourselves as South Sudanese, don’t pretend that the violence in your community can be compared with any cattle keeper in Equatoria.
      Equatorian’s tribes have lived peacefully for centuries, and we all know the tribes that scatter all over other South Sudan seeking peaceful place because of violence within their community.
      Mr Mo-Amook, if you are a genuine citizen of South Sudan, who advocates for united South Sudan, please talk to your friends in power torturing citizens in Juba.
      As civilized people of South Sudan, let us work together to build a cohesive community that respects human rights.

      • Eastern says:

        Taban Alimasi,

        You are now talking, thank you!

        Mor-Amook, the man with the obscene name, should stop skirting around but call out his kith and kins to order: the Dinka excesses in the misgovernance of South Sudan should be misconstrued as the weakness of an individual at the top leadership – JCE claiming representation of the entire Dinka nation is firmly behind it. Can Mor-Amook and ilk call out the JCE leadership for instance?

        • Bala says:


          Mor-amook means colours of a dik-dik (a small antelope-like animal that is found in South Sudan), said of a male cow resembling those colour features. It is never an obscene name you say it is.
          To change the subject, peoples from the Equatorias are part of this government of the day and so are other tribes. What you called a mis-governance by a Dinka led government is overlooking the fact that any of the Equatorias or other tribes represented in the government either before or after are parts and parcels of that administration.
          Any failure should not be blamed on Dinkas only as a tribe but the whole team of ministers, stemming from all tribes which comprise the government of South Sudan.

          • Eastern says:


            I am not here to learn or to teach the dinka language. My comprehension of the dinka language is superb. You can go on and tell all and soundry that Mour is a type of fish that thrives in the Sudd region!

            That being said, the issue at hand needs to be addressed heads on: the undue role of dinka tribe in the governance of South Sudan. The moment you begin skirting the main issue by bringing trivialties like there are also non-dinka ministers, etc, you are deliberately diverting the debate.

            A few days ago, Kiir shuffled Gen. Akok Noon with one Akol, another dinka – the tribal leader lamented that those surrounding him only know how to eat but not to work. Kiir still shops around the dinka villages for those he can work with.

            Anthony Lino Makana and James Wani are up there as smoke screens for the dinka project. Luis Lobong is in place for the project of the blood diamond to continue without the Toposa tribesmen putting a stop to the same!

            Don’t even mention folks like Rizik Zacharia! Please check out the meaning of the word CO-OPTION….

            Let’s continue with the fallacies that: FEDERALISM IS ALREADY THERE, THERE’S NO TRIBALISM, blah, blah. South Sudanese are getting a backlash throughout the region and the world because of the intrasigence inculcated in most jenge during their formative years. Today’s world has no room for the the behavious of these goons in Juba posing as ministers as you referred to. They could have excelled as guerilla fighters but the crisp suites they don cannot cover their true natures: murderous, decietful, arrogance, liers, thieves and name it.

            Bala, I encourage you to read the piece by an supposedly informed jenge which I will shaare with you through the following link:

          • Bala says:


            No matter your response, Mor-amook Is no obscene noun.Moramok is obscene and it is what you meant.

          • Mondeto says:

            I think you’re behind and hiding behind your own thinking. Dinka Government has failed the country. Who led the security sectors, decisions making in the country? Dinka national army, Dinka national security led by jieng Council of elders to make the country jieng nation. It is reasonably correct to divide the country into three countries

  8. Hakim says:

    Forceful union that subjects others to endure all the evil vices on earth is worst that separation.
    Nimeri and indeed all Sudanese Political elites knew like what Turabi rightly predicted in 2000 that the independence of South Sudan will mean permanent ruin coz of the Savagery nature of some tribes. The cultural civilization given between u and equatorians is too wide to allow for unity.

  9. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Editor, I understand your point and I have taken note of it, and sorry if you feel offended. I was addressing some hardliners and aggressive personalities who always fail to distinguish between a government and a tribe. At times your comments carry sentiment of tribal hatred other than criticizing the government. Those guys are typical village equatorian. This is the only identification they prefer and happy to be called so.

    There is a say in our language,” a thorn is removed by another thorn.” So as they don’t differentiate between current government from tribe because Kiir is a Jineg, then I am right to also call this website an Equatorian website because, you are equatorian and you were the founder or co-founder. I believe this is the language they prefer, and I must go by what they prefer. I have been cautioning them that criticize Kiir or criticize me or any other person you feel to criticize, but those guys headed by Tyson and the new intruder calling himself Nyongoro never listen.

    Dr. Hakim, we cannot split country before we test rule of maybe from other tribes. This country is for all of us, splitting country is never a solution. We can split and split until we reach to payam and Boma levels. We can change people to establish strong institutions to set our country forward for national interest. A change comes slowly not hurriedly as you wish.

    Kiir will not rule for life. You and others will have chance my brother to turn your theories into action for the nation. So, avoid regional politics and embrace national politics. Please reach Bhar el Gazal and Upper Nile with your nice ideas, but don’t expect acceptance overnight, but don’t give up and resort to regional politics. The Equatorians and other tribes who sacrifices their precious life did not die to come and split country. We must first test other tribes, and other Jieng in future before we talk of splitting. Behavior of one person is not a behavior of a tribe. Failure of one person is not counted to his/her tribe. Not all Jieng are Kiir.

    The father of the nation Dr. John Garang led movement successfully and negotiated CPA in the best interest of southerners. So, I want some idiots to improve, otherwise I will refrain from commenting on this website because it’s has become too much equatorian warmonger website, and I guess it was not created for independent of Equatoria. If that was the intention, then, change the name to

  10. Holo Kor says:

    Att’n. Mor-Amook:

    One month ago and so, I wrote a comment about you, and which I said that,
    you-Mr. Mor-Amook, you are such a one good ignorant and unschooled
    Dinka in this forum- so far, and yet, you like so many Dinka, do.

    However, seeing you here, and right in the eyes, it has occurred to the many is
    that, the more we read and gazes at your head, the more we learned that you are
    redundant and together with your words; the writing and ignorance about the history of:
    Sudan and South Sudan; and the more you go to that direction, the more you we’re
    Seeing your empty and hollow knowledge of the country and the history.
    Such unempied-minded and thoughts and above all, the writing.

    Mr. Mor-Amook, here, we, as South Sudanese, we’ve been reduced to the Pandora’s box ( the Greek mythology) and was
    brought to us by you-the Dinkas. And now, we’re seen as a backwards-people. And this is entirely because of you, again the Dinkas. The myth about the box in question as we had come to know about is, was indeed a source of great unexpected troubles or, in other words, it was
    like a perfect gift but, nonetheless, it present a curse, and now, like the Dinkas and the South Sudan.
    And so, Mr. Mor-Amook, and what do you think about this? But, you should always stopped being a pretentious or otherwise, l no one will ever take you seriously but we’ll only laugh at you because you’re not serious but, again, pretentious.

  11. Mor-Amook says:

    At least Taban and Editor…. some of your comments make sense today, but others want people to support divisive ideas.
    Because of that many people refrain from commenting in this website. Please advise your colleagues/supporters of Cirillo and Dr. Hakim to make this website a national website. No more hoodwink.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I don’t know how long and how much I have to keep hammering some sense into your head. This website, which you seem to continuously and unfairly ridicule, has been a leading pioneer website on South Sudan affairs among any other truly South Sudanese websites.
      Furthermore, it’s long existence and participation in propaganda during the struggle for our independence and most importantly (in our clear message to Dr. John Garang), has been outstanding and specifically, it’s basic propagation for an independent ‘SOUTH SUDAN NATION’ can’t be overemphasized.
      Now, because this website is based in the free world, we will bear with your sarcasm and innuendos ad infinitum.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        This uncalled for continous attacks on your person and the by Mor-Amook and False Millioanre cannot be left unchallenged in equal measures. Just to start with, cannot be expected to present news like the worthless newspapers here in Juba!

        Mor-Amook wants to appear here as the champion of nationalism, someting he barely understands. The fellow tried retelling the history of Sudan to suit his objective but I am happy somebody redirected him.

        Equatorians are not the cause of the governance malaise bedeviling South Sudan. If anything, Equatorians have been at the receiving end of SPLA excesses when the rebel outfit set foot in Equatoria in the early 80s: looting, raping, forced conscription, etc.
        The mistreatment of Equatoria continued from 2005 on a grand scale with the Government of Southern Sudan was formed.

        Mor-Amook’s shell-shocked when Kiir’s national dialogue is toying with the idea of the three former colonial provinces. After more than 10 years of unhappy governance under the 10 states and now more than three times that number, it is quite possible that we have arrived at a point where it is necessary to ask whether we even want to live together, let alone how we wish to be governed.
        That is the question the national dialogue should pose. We should not fall for the same ruse twice!

        http://Www.southsudannation is the messenger that should not be targeted as Kiir does to those here in Juba using the unknown gunmen. In addition to that, there other two options: opt out of the forum or continue contributing as others do.
        Newspapers in Juba have been reduced to do funeral or wedding announcements and a few commercial adverts. That’s not the level should sink to!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Thanks for your statement of support and as I’ve continuously hammered on the unchanging head of this Mor-A…, it’s not easy running, let alone tolerating abuses, such a world-wide read and accessible on-line medium as this website since 2003 on a personal expense. Thank God and his goodness, we finally achieved and realized our own South Sudan Nation where every tribe in it contributed in its realization.
          From those of heroes Gen. Tafeng to Mbatala, to Fr. Saturlino, Sumuni Jada, to Aggrey Jaden to Akot Atem to Luigi Adwok and Kerubino, Gai Tut, William Deng to Dr. John Garang and the millions of unnamed heroes and heroines.
          Kirler Kiir and his jieng murderers, however, stand in a different category…they’re the destroyers of our nation, a cabal of killers and thieves who deserve trial and punishment for the egregious crime of destroying our nation.
          This Mor-A… is an infant of the regime and like his ilk, are beneficiaries and unofficial spokespersons of the kirler Kiir’s regime.
          But as we live in a democratic age, his comments will always be welcome.

  12. Bala says:


    South Sudan is an independent country. It can not be left like it was under Khartoum governments and colonial administrations. The three regions were a result of divide and rule policy. The fact that those three regions were formed upon the request of the Equatorias alone made those establishments undemocratic and so was the regime behind their creation. Division of South Sudan into states has been expected and it was done by the government that has a mandate. It is no brainer it was done so.

    As for presidency, it is not subject to representation of anyone by tribe, state or region. Registered political party caucuses agreed and selected their candidates who will then convince constituencies about why they are the best to be elected into the top public office to represent them. It is not a matter of rotation according to the tribe or region. Democracy doesn’t work that way. Regional assemblies comprising 33% representatives selected according to their educations or inherited prominences such as sons of former governors commanders or chiefs can not just put any one in the federal government without the voting by everyday civilians. Your such proposal or advocacy is an aberration from the principles of democracy.

    You want federalism that is already here. The government we have is already a central government. The state governments and local governments are run by the locals. You never notice the difference because you are from the Equatorias where one of your constituencies is the capital city of South Sudan where the central government is based.The presence of the central government is why there are foreign embassies, foreign businesses, foreign people, foreign assets, and none local South Sudanese of all walks of lives. If the central government relocates to Ramciel, what will be left are the local and state goverments run by your locals as they already are.Though it is obvious that foreign embassies will relocate to the new capital city if the plan materialises. Some businesses and people will move to Ramciel regardless whether they are South Sudanese from other states but some will remain as long as they have no reasons to tag along with the central government and other masses.That is regardless whether they are Equatorias, South Sudanese of other states or internationals and the state governments has no power to kick anyone out as long as they are deemed legit by the central or federal government.

    • Eastern says:


      Remember, the Sudan was an independent country when SPLA waged war against it. Syria, Israel and yes, South Sudan are independent countries but remember, independence and what you folks like refering to so often, sovereignty, comes with reponsibilities. No independent country would remained unchallenged when it’s independence gets into the heads of those leading it!

      It’s not about “there being federalism already in South Sudan”….It’s about good governance, fairness and accountability that you hear about the demand for federalism. The absence of the aforementioned certainly would remain the next buggage for the South Sudanese to carry as they move to the promised land, so to say literally. It’s gonna be a protracted war between those demanding for those rights, through, federalism and the liars arguing that there’s already federalism at work. The the demand for 33.3% stakes is a moderate viwe, the protracted war would produce a different percentage!

      • Bala says:


        100% war between 1955 to 1972 and or 1983 to 2002 had been. Those involved never cowered a tick. The same passion is there to stay and be continued forever. People want peace because it is wanted by outsiders. Outsiders shouldn’t interfere if other people within the country dislike the current peace agreement.

      • Bala says:


        The same government was inclusive. The current is inclusive and if you are talented, show it by democracy, not by guns. Five years have gone already since you have those guns but nothing you wanted changed has changed. Isn’t it about time to try something else, buddy? Perhaps something that has never ever been tried before.

        • Eastern says:


          Are you sure ‘nothing has changed?’…..A lot has changed and more changes are in the offing! Kiir vowed never to work with his nemesis, Riek Machar, he’s been forced to swallow his own words. The regime in Juba struggled to have SPLA-IO terrorists, the two sides plus others are now warming the same bed!

          Nothing is cast in stone. The time-wasting gimmick of dilly dallying with the issue of Kokora is just the regime’s major undoing – that delay will continue to see South Sudan lagging behind in most human development milestones because there won’t be peace and tranquility!

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      I am not sure if you understand the definition of democratic, if you don’t; better talk to those who know. The current system in Republic of South Sudan is not democratic neither federal system, having states within a country doesn’t imply federal system of governance. Federal system of governance is where, states are semi autonomy sharing resources and revenue with federal government, but run their affairs separately, having separate internal security apparatus, the Police, Prison, Wildlife and Fire Brigade. Governors for the states are elected by the citizens of the states not appointed and remove by the president of the Republic. I also believed no one suggested that leadership in the Republic should rotate by tribe, if anybody is suggesting we should have rotational leadership among the sixty-four tribes and then there is no reason to have a nation. I am sure what citizen want is free and affair election and the larger tribes should stop intimidating other citizens and their concept of must be a leader.

  13. Bismark says:

    The people of Equatoria are giants in the stories of liberation in our country. This role has turned other country men to be jealous, envious and hateful to any thing Equatorian initiated. It is no wonder shallow minded people like Mor-amok can come to this notable medium of information dissemination to distract the work it is simply doing. I am confident they will not succeed in their evil schemes of demeaning the great work Dr Wankomo is doing. Pay no attention to distractors. Forward you should march.

  14. Bala says:


    The article you cited and referred me to is about a recent marriage between a South Sudanese girl and man. The event was posted on the Facebook. It went viral and caused an outrage. It has nothing to do with me. And talking of the deviation from topic, yours is one of them.

    • Eastern says:


      The article in question has nothing to do with you as an individual but it has everything to do with you as a jenge!

      The regime is filled up with people of your mindset – that what they think is right for South Sudanese should be a decision cast in stone. Who says the Dinka culture of marrying off underage girls is a correct decision and shouldn’t go unchallenged because it is cultural? Every child in South Sudan must be protected by the state using the constitution not abnoxious archaic cultures.

      The sooner you learn that South Sudan is home to multiplicities of ethnicities and therefore the state needs to enforce the social contract through the constitution where Kiir won’t be addressing jenge elders on national issues, then the country is in for a long haul!

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