‘Thon Mangok hung up himself:’ Path to Tribal Self-destruction


On Friday 26th June 2015, a significantly sad event took place in Juba. Facebook carried the story and I thought that the following day this would be reported in the media. But it was not – reason, the story could be explosive and could enlighten the wider Jieng supporters of the SPLM/A machine to realise that they are simply dispensable.

Right now the majority are carried away by the feeling that they are rulers even when they are being sacrificed like lambs in the front lines and the social environment as in this case.

This story must be told and deconstructed for the benefit of all the people of South Sudan. Mr Thon Mangok, a Jieng overwhelmed by the unbearable suffering in the country created by his own kith and kin decided to end his life by hanging himself.

Someone by name of Faza Gabriel posted the images of the late with the message, “Dear Friends, my friend, father, Then (Thon) Mongok hung up himself today at 01.30 pm in POC3 Juba”.

In the image the late hanged on a whitish thick rob firmly tied to the ceiling beam. Mangok wore a dark trouser and a vest. His suspended body hang still with his visibly snapped neck with the face looking downwards to the ground. That very sad look of the deceased sums the very malaise gripping the country.

But beyond that the whole story of Thon Mangok symbolises the destruction of the Jieng people by the Jieng Council of Elders and the destruction of the country by the SPLM/A which is controlled by the latter.

On face value it appears that the Jieng are having it large, especially given their behaviour all over the country. But in reality the truth is that a lot of the Jieng, especially those in the villages are suffering like their brothers and sisters in other parts of the country.

They too are victims. Dr Justin Ambago wrote about this in the past highlighting the suffering of those Jieng dying in Warrap from hunger while their son sat in J1 with his black hat doing nothing to save them.

The greatest irony is that they join his militia in thousands and die to protect him in droves, but the president does not care about their welfare except that of his closest friends in the Jieng Council of Elders.

The militia and the army are not paid regularly. When they die in front line, their bodies are left for vultures to help themselves on. No health facilities. No proper homes or insurance.

Their families are left destitute. But then look at the members of the Jieng Council of Elders along with their closest relatives – they are driving Toyota V8s, Hummers and what have you.

They reside year in year out in luxurious hotels paid by the government. They over-indulge in eating so much so that obesity has become endemic in their circles.

It is this discrepancy of have-and-have-not in the whole country and within the Jieng community itself that produces painful stories such as that of Thon Mangok.

Emile Durkheim, one of the founding philosophers of Sociology, explains that anomic environment among others can cause suicide. In South Sudan, with values and norms disrupted by the alien culture introduced by the SPLM/A, it is not difficult to see why poor Thon Mangok chose to end his life.

Everything is uncertain and there is no future to look to without health service, employment, security of life, food security… etc.

Chinua Achebe in his book, ‘Things fall apart’ from an African perspective similar to Durkheim’s argument shows us how environment can be destructive to life. His main character Obi Okonkwo ends up committing suicide because he could not cope.

Similarly Mangok despairs about the rule of his kith and kin and as a last resort he takes away his life as an act of “preservation” from the SPLM/A system. A system that destroys the secure way of life South Sudanese have known since the British colonial period.

What the SPLM introduced trashed and destroyed the very soul of South Sudan.

All the values of decent living and social relationship got ripped apart by the policies of Jieng Council of Elders. Like Okonkwo, Mangok gave up and took his life.

Mangok must have thought there was no chance of escaping the new destructive order put in place by his own people but to escape through self destruction.

Unlike sociological theories, Psychological theories place the burden on the individual’s inability to cope with the environment. While the medical approach as its name suggests looks at suicide as illness and it strives to treat it with medication.

Regardless of whatever approach, suicide can be minimised if potential candidates are empowered with information and given appropriate support. This is something lacking in South Sudan due to lack of care from the system.

Mangok’s self destruction therefore highlights the measure of lack of information he had as a person. Had he had sufficient information he might have chosen other less drastic options than the one he took and he would still be with us today.

It is worse now for his small family left behind. Their life is going to be a nightmare with a government of kleptocrats that does not even care about those it sends to harm’s way in a war it manufactured to perpetuate Jieng hegemony.

Mangok chose what to him might have seemed as an easy way out. This is not to blame him or to disrespect him as others would.

It was unfortunate that he was unlucky not to have had someone near him to talk him out of taking his life. The people of South Sudan need to know that they should not kill themselves.

Their woes are not of their making. It is the making of SPLM/A and so they should fight back to regain their freedom and what belongs to them by destroying this monstrous thing called SPLM/A.

It is better to die fighting this monster “SPLM/A” thing than to end your own life making it easy for the very system that wants you out of its way.

If Thon Mangok had ended his life in any other country with a conscious population, perhaps the situation in South Sudan now would be different.

This may also be the reason why his melancholic story has been muffled to protect the murderous kleptocratic system in Juba.

Compare the suicide of Thon Mangok with that of Mohamed Bouazizi. In the Town of Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia in January 2011, Bouazizi immolated himself in public and set the country into a revolutionary mode changing the environment that drove him to commit suicide.

Bouazizi’s death, though sad, it served a larger cause of empowering the Tunisian people to regain their dignity while Mangok’s death in South Sudan is an utter waste of human resource.

But, expecting a revolution in South Sudan may be a bit too optimistic now given the brutality of the system that has insulated itself with ruthless tribal army and tribal militia ready to mow people down without any second thought.

The events of December 2013 remain a constant reminder to the people of South Sudan, the extent to which this Dinkocratic system is ready to go to maintain its tribal government.

The only way to deal with it effectively perhaps is what the late Dr Wani Tombe articulated in his speeches in USA, Canada and Australia in 2014.

Here are the youtube videos of these speeches: ‘Dr Wani Tombe calling the People of Greater Equatoria to rise and protect their rights and freedoms’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIcJ6IQw-SI ‘Prof.Wani Tombe (Speech in Queensland Australia)’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-CzBiOQTuo ‘Dr Wani Tombe Speech in Nebraska 2014’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5r8MGyMWws

It is worth listening to late Dr Tombe’s message carefully because it is so rich and empowering. Dr Tombe in life might have been controversial but the fact that he is sadly not with us now should make people re-examine his patriotic position and his commitment to realising a free South Sudan.

Nobody can blame him now for any sinister motive other than to accept the fact that he has gone with a bang arming the people with intellectual ammunitions to demolish the regime of terror. With humility I take my hat off to him. May Dr Tombe’s soul Rest in Peace.

SPLM/A in its totality is a pathological organisation. Please see ‘The fight of the beast in the luak’. http://www.southsudannation.com/the-fight-of-the-beasts/

Because this outfit is a Jieng organisation, the two have become one with each supporting the other in this destructive course. South Sudan as a whole now risks being destroyed by this suicidal behaviour.

Thus the duty now falls on the rest of the country to save the Jieng from themselves and also directly saving themselves from destruction.

What this means is that the Jieng need to be made aware of the current SPLM/A government’s potential to push them into suicide due to the contradiction that exist within the system for them, for instance they are purported to be the rulers yet they are left just as destitute as the rest.

Mangok was not saved because possibly nobody cared enough to speak to him. But the Jieng and their organisation are now told by this piece and the rest of the country should follow suit.

Those negotiating in IGAD and the mediators too need to tell it to the Jieng in raw form as it is to drive the message home.

It is only when the Jieng are made to understand their foolery will goad them come from Mangok’s sad self destruction.

A distinction of the two suicidal acts the Jiengs have entered into needs to be made from the chaos they created.

First, the Jieng Council of Elders’ policies have produced a pauperised Jieng section that is afflicted with despair and no hope. This tormented group is now suffering silently without any voice and receive no sympathy from the rest of the country. As a result sad stories like that of Mangok are surfacing.

The second group is made up of the fighters that stuff the killing machine, the SPLA. Because of the nature of their job and the lack of professional guidance and ethical orientation, they have found themselves misled and beastialised.

Anyone who doubts this should read the recent reports about the war in Upper Nile and Unity states where women and girls are raped and thrown into fire and children castrated and killed by the government troops.

Please see, ‘UN says South Sudan children raped, castrated and thrown into fire’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/afp/article-3131329/UN-says-S-Sudan-children-raped-castrated-thrown-fires.html

The horrific acts of the Jieng militia and SPLA both in the battle field and in the security offices all over the country is a problem waiting to explode in the Jieng community and the country at large given the fact that there are no robust health and social structures to support them.

These Jieng boys and girls are now dying slowly through emotional, mental and physical break down. If the experience of the armies of western countries in Iraq and Afghanistan is anything to go by, the Jieng Council of Elders should be prepared for the outcome of their foolery in brutalising their sons and daughters.

As you can see the Jieng on both social and military fronts have set themselves on a suicide course and this is fast getting out of their control.

This malaise of madness afflicting the Jieng comes directly from the SPLM/A and the obsessive lust for power for the sake of it.

The jieng through the policies and actions of Jieng Council of Elders have plunged the country into chaos and in the process they have made themselves to be deeply hated by the other tribes in South Sudan.

Their behaviour on careful examination is irrational and amounts to what could be seen as a collective suicidal ideation. That the jieng’s collective mind appears to be suicidal is something hard to refute or dispute given the widely available evidence.

For example, the rampant killing the Jieng security officers and militia are committing all over the country and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in direct violation of the interim constitution of the country. If their acts are not suicidal then I do not know what suicide is.

The exposure of the Jieng by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) to:
–1) the bitter hatred of fellow country men,
–2) pauperisation of the majority and
–3) individual and collective mental illness;
all these for the sake of unachievable objectives such as expansion through encroachment to other people’s lands, and the dream of being the elite of South Sudan is an act of irresponsible leadership.

JCE is only thinking about their personal interest of enrichment and clinging to power at the expense of the wider Jieng community. They are sacrificing the entire South Sudanese including the Jieng willy-nilly and they do not care.

If they did, perhaps Thon Mangok would not have hanged himself. If they did, the foot soldiers of SPLA and the militia would not be constantly unpaid. If they did, the fallen militia and SPLA soldiers would not make feast for the vultures – because they would be buried in dignity.

What does that then mean? Simple! The Jieng who are being abused, especially the militia and those in SPLA need to join hands with their brothers and sisters from the other tribes in the struggle for common good.

This is important because by taking such a step they affirm their humanity and at the same time they will save themselves and their tribe from the deadly course set by the JCE.

What is the point in following the JCE when it is impoverishing you the Jieng, pathologising you the Jieng, and making you the Jieng a subject of extreme hate and ridicule by others?

All in all, the bravado of bravery sung by the Jieng hides the realities of emotional and mental pain emanating from their abuse of state power and involvement in grave crimes like the mass killings of others in particularly gruesome ways.

The enemy of the Jieng now is the JCE and those Jieng who are nursing undetected emotional and mental health problems from their obnoxious behaviour. This type of human destruction is the one presently eating away the Jieng.

They (Jieng Council of Elders) have been walking into it foolishly in the last three decades in pursuit of narrow ideas such as acquiring massive land and the glory of power.

The Jieng are most likely going to pay a heavy price for their reckless behaviour. Thon Mangok’s self destruction sad as it is, symbolises what awaits the Jieng unless they change course. May Thon Mangok RIP.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Elhag, you must be one of the most inerudite individual about the Dinka’s insatiafiable needs for food. Mr. Mangok hanged himself simply because of greed. Why cry and waste your precious time in vain attempt trying to educate these naturally born greediest-beings! Let them do what they practice best: unknowingly implementing ultimate “self- destruction”. Please advice people that are naturally advisable.

  2. Toria says:

    ElHag Paul
    Wow, this is very sad, may his soul RIP. But I don’t blame him for ending his misrable sleepless nights, the Ghosts of those innocent victims are coming back to haunt them. Do you recall when Salva Kirr when to worship and performed some witchcraft on the tomb of late Dr John, because they believe that, the late’s Ghost was the one coming to strangle him by the neck? He went to Nigeria to and got exorcised by false prophet TB Jushua. I still remember in late 70s when the ex combatants of Iddi Amin were committing suicides regularly. Same is happening to US Service Personells who are Irag and Afghanistan veterans. SPLA never repented and so they will never escape torments from the hands of Lucifer just like Judas Iscariot the betrayer of innocent blood, and these include some of the SPLA stern diehard sympathizers like False Millionaire, Alex, Agumut, Malith, Francis Mangok, Koul, Bol etc, the ropes of the gallows are calling them. Too sad, they are blinded by tribalism.

    • alex says:


      Your rebellion is facing total collaps. Generals are defecting because they new we are one people one nation.
      G10 have already come back because they knew the importance of having a nation. Riack and his supporters are agents of Khartoum as you wrote last time that Omer Al Bashir will continue to supply you with wapons and there will be no peace. We rejected coloniisation by the Arabs so do you think S. Sudanese will accept Bashir to instoll Riack to power? The answer is NO NO NO until you kill us all. All the people of S. Sudan are for peace accept splm-in opp. One by one those who know we are one people will not wait for peace to be sign because they know people without a vision will only learn when they a given a humalting blow. To day who is splm-in opp’s friend in S.Sudan non even within your own tribe people oppose Riack. One general has come out and joined the goverment and he is from Riack’s home village. The opposition is entering deep into Riack home village and soon it will even enter Riack’s own house hold. You have no vision and no future in S. Sudan and even if you manage to take power by force we will make life hell for the tyrants and thieves who looted our money. Today Taban’s looted money from Bentue is being used to run his business in Dubai while his own people are dying and the man is living in luxary renting hotels. Who will accept these group of thieves to rule S. Sudan. For eight years Riack was bussy enjoying himself as vice president and he did nothing. How will he this time make development. Nobody should be fooled by a faild people. Lairing has become a habit in your movement from the top leadership to the bottom all are trained to be lairs. We know you are killers and if you are not careful Toria the rope of gallow will wait for you or you will end in mental health institution in the Western world. We writings indicates the level frustrations you are in now. Its a matter of time you will ran mad. Toria just wait in few months time for a breaking news there is a valcono fermanting under splm=in opp movement. It is just a matter of time the top leadership in splm -in opp will collaps.

      • Toria says:

        Are you dreaming or just copying M7 and Kirr who 19 months ago vowed that the rebellion wll only last for a week? But 19 months later the rebellions are getting even more complicated now. No oil is flowing, treasury is empty, Kirr lost all international supports with exceptions of M7 and Jenge council of idiots.
        You must be very stupid to realize the truth, open your eyes.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Dear Toria,
      Thank you for putting my name in the list of those who will hung themselves because they are SPLA conservative God bless you for that. In contrast, I think God knows the heart of every one of us whether we are fighting on behalf of innocents South Sudanese in general or fighting for leadership and tribalism.

      Concerning the SPLA support: Toria the reason I am still supporting the SPLA is because SPLA soldiers are still fighting with North on behalf of innocents South Sudanese, but not killing their fellows’ citizen period. Please do not unfathomed me I am truly Dinka of Lake State from Agaar community, but if we are talking about the most suffering people in the hand of South Sudan government system we are the most victims in South Sudan. Now my people are suffering between the government and rebels because your liberation is against the whole Dinka and while you do not know there are some Dinka are victims within the government system.

      According to my understanding there is no different between government and rebels you both are fighting the war of tribalism and leadership otherwise you rebels should stop continue killing the innocents Dinka who do not even know the politic and the government system in Juba. If you are fighting to liberate the South Sudanese innocents you suppose to stop killing those who do not even know how to read and write.

      Toria, I Left the SPLA in 1994 when South Sudanese begin to kill one another until now I am not supporting that attitude and tragic caused by the SPLA leaders. When I joined SPLA/M in 1986 it was because of Northern Sudanese who used to kill our innocent South Sudanese and that made me to fight for ten years. Now my war is to fight the evil hearts of South Sudanese, but I am not supporting and encouraging SPLA soldiers and rebels to kill the innocent citizens of the country. God says tell the truth and the truth will set you free. I am a peacemaker and even when I supported the coming back of detainees is because I need the peace to come home and innocents’ people would be free. The more South Sudanese continue fighting the more people will die and I do not support the suffering of innocents.

      Against UN false reported yes, I am against the UN false report and liars because God would never support the liars’ period; tell the truth and the truth will set you free. The reported of innocents who killed in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Unity State could not be deny because there are evidence to support your argument and God would support that reported and claim the lives of those innocents. UN should have to report the true cases to make people convince and begin to condemn the government against human right abuses.

      Toria to be pleased, my grandmother is from Leer where Dr. Riek Machar come from and my mother brother is also married from Nuer community in Leer. So I am half Nuer and Dinka, but I do not like the way Dinka and Nuer behave to one another and also to other citizens in South Sudan because I need the peace and that is why I left the SPLA in 1994. Killing one another is not the solution, but peace is the solution. Innocents’ people from both side have been dying without reason because of leadership and tribalism.

      For your information, I am not going to hung myself, but I will continue pray and fight against evil hearts of South Sudanese until God of South Sudan will hear my voice and prayers for peace thank you and God bless you.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    Elhag, you must be one of the most inerudite individual about the Dinka’s insatiafiable needs for food. Mr. Mangok hanged himself simply because of greed. Why cry and waste your precious time in vain attempt trying to educate these naturally born greediest-beings! Let them do what they practice best: unknowingly implementing ultimate “self- destruction”. Please advice people that are naturally advisable. Also, the IGAD/Adidas peace process, Arusha SPLA/SPLM reunification, and Kenyatta’s peace initiatives are nothing but cleverly designed tools that will eminently solidify the disgraced killer Kiir’s and the cronies’ grips on power(SPLA/SPLM, the Dinka’s killing organization) for eternity. God forbid, none of these Museveni’s engineered, run, and manipulative deal become a reality.

  4. El-hag Paul, first I would like to salute the people of south Sudan on the 4th anniversary of our independent. Independence means we as citizen of south Sudan who now lives in a condition of a free nation, country, or state in which we as residents exercise our self-government in a sovereign state over our own territory. As much as that, it is true and we need to celebrate our freedom from the york of the Islamic Arabs Muslim North. But our celebration is camouflaged with bad government, poor leadership, and rebellion in the country that pitted us in unprecedented war. The question that we need to bring forth and ask is: with South Sudan now in the grip of a humanitarian crisis, what can be done to bring peace to this fledgling nation of ours? Your elaborate article did not furnish us with any solution except lamentation over the suffering of the people of south Sudan, the dead of Wani Tombe, and the hanging of Thon Mangok. As we revisited history already and we shall visit is many times again, let the pass be strength to built the future and we should not dwelt on it. Surely, inductive condition of living and lack of good vision in a country like south Sudan can create unwanted results as many of us have already experienced. But what can really be done now, than what has already been done, to save south Sudan from total collapse in to a fail state?

  5. taban lowani says:

    Absolutely, that’s the reality, this Jung community May regret for what’s they have done to the country,and themselves. they don’t know the says. A ball is always rolling. There is a time when the ball roll to other side of the field.

  6. Bol says:

    What takes a Jeing to POC3, which is a Nuer territory ? The story would have made some sense if the late Mangok was a Nuer. Secondly, I am worried about your source of this particular information. Faza Gabriel’s Facebook account speak for itself. No wonder, this story wasn’t circulate by serious media outlet because it is more likely to be fake one, but interestingly this story fits your usual rhetoric!

  7. AGUMUT says:

    I thought you was aware that Mr.Thon Mangok had hung up himself of simple reason because of Bhar El Gazal (BEG).

  8. Hardtarget says:

    Museveni said it all yesterday ” tribalism is a pseudo Ideology, its suicidal to the both the craftier and his tribe”

    We all know that the people who are suffering most are Jeing and Nuers. When runours of Equatorians going for war surfaced in Yei, few weeks ago, Dinka women and young Children gathered and cried, begging for thier men not to indulge into confronting the Equatorians, their safe heaven.

    The vanity of the Jieng Council of elders is pregnant and nursing a baby at same time. They forgot that its Museveni who keeps Kiir in Power not the Jeing Militants-this in can not be denied .

    However, Museveni now finds him self isolated, the only presidents who honored the invitation for the forth Independence celebration. He tactically opted not to mention Riak or kiir, but the people of south Sudan, Its obvious he realized his mistake of supporting a tribe rather than a nation, putting lives of many Ugandan on line, as reports (Even today) by UN and eye witness, of vehicles been looted, Ugandans and Dinka selected for executions along Yei Juba road. Its remains to be seen if the Ugandans will retaliate on South Sudanese in Uganda.
    I am quite sure, what keeps M7’s UPDF in trenches is lack of asurance that the government after Kiir won’t be hostile to Uganda and her interest, that is why he is playing double standards by hosting SPLA-IO.
    It takes a phone call from his sponsors, the USA to change the entire game and hell will break loose for SPLA Juba. …………….Mark my words…………….

    • AGUMUT says:

      Did you hear any response from Khartoum when Museveni insulted Sudan because they know what they have done to our people in the South for years. Khartoum does what they want because they are real Arabs.

    • Force_1 says:

      Remember; your armed rebels stopping as well selecting and executing unarmed Ugandans and Dinka civilians traveling to their destination is a different thing than to stop the armed SPLA convoy and execute them on their way to their destination!
      On the other hand; can you promise us now that you’re going to take over South Sudan and all Dinka will run to Uganda and hide when couple of hundreds Uganda troops leave Bortown?!
      Please look; talking tough is one thing but to actually do it is another story!

  9. False Millionaire says:

    In England,there are always suicides provoke either by disappointed wishes of love,humilliating conditions of poverty or simply by madness of disturbed brains victims of either immoderate consupmtion of drugs,alcohol or the combined affects of the two.Such circumstances fit well into,”Emile Durkheim’s”,theory on sociology.Mr Mangok’s tragedy might not have been due to any reasons beyond the context of such theory.

    The 9th of July is an RSS’s indepenance day.But ignoring the circumstances of misrule and the generla SPLM/A misconducts that have caused the loss of many lives,destruction,mass human displacement and misery,it still gives a great opportunity to remember and to pray for the seuls of those we have lost during our long struggles for independence.
    But God no.Motivated by tribal hatred,Elhag Paul exploites Mr Mangok’s tragedy to lash out on the jieng innocent masses.”The jieng are most likely going to pay a heavy price for their reckless behaviour”,he predicts.But what behaviour?.”Thon Mangok’s self destruction …symbolises what awaits the jieng…”,he threatens.Really?But that’s opportunity to make out that the two phrases are the mirror reflecting his mental state of ignorance and naivety.

    The truth is,everything that is going on in RSS is tribal.SPLM-IO under Dr Riak is a nuer tribal movement against dinka.SPA-IO fertit in western Bahr el Ghazal is a tribal movement against dinka.REMNASA in western equatoria is a tribal movement against dinka.Any movement that may rise in RSS that could fail to drow a distinction between dinka elites in the misruling government and the dinka innocent masses who aren’t part of the misruling government will also be tribal.

    Consider the innocent dinka citizens REMNASSA has murdered in western equatoria,has it constituted the end of dinka in RSS?That was a cheap shot for nothing.But none of dinka masses with good consciences is up with revenge feelings against moro and baka citizens.
    The greatest objective is to fight for a goverment that would be capable of providing conducive political,social and economic conditions for all.
    Unfortunately that’s what the likes of Elhag Paul will never make an effort to understand.

    But let’s take Elhag in his game.Rising up in an armed rebellion to fight dinka innocent citizens as away of overthrowing a misruling government lead by a dinka president is counter productive.Any likewise intiative will force them to fight along side with the government.That would only favor the status quoe to continue.As such brother Elhag and his comrades in exile who dream of walking on a red carpet into power in Juba can hang themselves like Chinua Achebe’s,”Obi Okonkwo”.That would be the only achievable scenario!!!

    • Bol says:

      Check out Faza Gabriel Facebook account…… A rebel supporter Nuer reporting a Dinka committing suicide in POC3?…The reason is Disappointment in Government polices ?{they knew the motive} ….. The time of suicide is recorded as 01;30 , but no body intervene to assist the alleged victim ? Its a pure drama written by an idiot and then picked up by a smart and most manipulative writer, who twisted it,added more ingredient into it and represented it in a way that services his purposes!
      “Obi Okonkwo” is desperate to turn the table, but his fate is already determined by {The rope, the chair & tree trunk}


    Salva Kiir does not care about our suffering, but cares a lot about his leadership. Salva Kiir is now become officially illegitimate president as of July 9. And the world knows now Salva Kiir is the most foolish, goofy, clueless, visionless, power hungry, and the most idiot president in the world.

  11. Force_1 says:

    Now that’s the proof that the government is not for Dinka and there to serve Dinka only but every tribe or else Mangok would have never hang himself because he would have had everything he wanted if it was a Dinka government. Isn’t it a vindication now that the government is not actually a Dinka government as you always allege to be?

    As hectic as you were against the government as being a Dinka government; did you even realized how highly irrational you became as far as this boneheaded article you wrote is concerned!?

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Force 1
      Please do not parade your ignorance. Read the article properly and digest the contents to make sense of the bigger picture. Of course the government is a Jieng government without any doubt. Ciao!

      • Force_1 says:

        Before you call anyone ignorant; you must have sufficient knowledge to know how to spell their names or else an insult would be back on you! The lesson is; next time when you want to call me ignorant; learn how my name is spelled! My name is “Force_1” and not “Force 1”!

      • Force_1 says:

        My two responses to Elhag; if you are not going to post or publish them; at least sent them to Elhag for him to personally read them! I know; it’s obvious that this site is yours and whatever you like is what you post. If my responses that you didn’t publish were directed to president Kiir or Dinka in general; you would have publish them in a lightening speed! This is an indication that in this country of ours; millions more will die among us before we became 100% peaceful and that would include those who agitate peace either physically or electronically as we are here may or may never live to regret our consequences; no matter where we are in our hiding and whether I “Force_1” using fake name to make my points or not! We will all hit the drums of hatred and we will all suffer the consequences! I am glad now that Dinka are starting to notice the killing that’s going on in South Sudan specially in Equatorian regions and the people who are doing and where they get their hate messages but when response come; you’ll be crying in Canada, USA, UK, Australia etc you’ll harvest the fruits of hatred you sow here on this site and you should make no mistake about it!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Whilst I sincerely recognize your valuable contribution to the website debates, I just need to reiterate the fact that as editor, I do reserve the right to ‘edit’ some contents that appear on the forum, this is not to minimize or negate your contributions.
          However, in all seriousness, your duplicitous masquerade under a fake name or alias, especially while claiming all the supposed rights you wish to be accorded to you, is a sign of insincerity and hypocrisy.
          To amply illustrate my point, truly patriotic people like Mr. Elhag Paul, Dr. Ambago, Lawyer Tong Kot Kuocnin, Jacob Lupai, Yien Lam and the numerous contributors here have all exposed their real identities, a point that significantly elevates their personalities as well as renders great authenticity to their valuable opinions.
          If indeed you are a serious debater, non-tribalistic and a fearless nationalistic citizen of this nation we are trying to show to the whole world as a truly free and viable state, you should also ‘come out’ of your hiding and reveal your true identity (name) like many of us who have already exposed our necks to the murderous regime of Kiir and of course, rightly expound our right to free speech in a futuristic South Sudan Nation of democracy and free press and freedom of speech.
          Surely, your coming out will lend a lot of credibility and credence to your opinionated and prejudicial comments.

          • Force_1 says:

            Don’t just name and count other people’s real names; tell other who your real name is; but that doesn’t mean your real name is unknown to me and others. I am not worry about me not participating on this site; you can shut me out and all I can do is read! You can just hope that the entire Jieng is going to magically disappeared in South Sudan and you’ll be left in charge of South Sudan that doesn’t have any Dinka and good luck for those wishes!

  12. Choromke Jas says:

    I met someone recently; an Equatorian. When someone said to him that the Dinka says:
    We are born to rule,
    The Equatorian said: No, You Jieng are born to run!

    Most Jieng in Nimule, Juba, Yei and other places in Equatoria are sitting on their :”Suite Cases”. They know they must run soon. Keep on running the people of the swamp.

  13. Long John says:


    You got it all. Elhap is full of hatred against jieng and that can lure him into faking anything against the people of jieng.


    With your hatred and chronic bad intentions against Jieng , it will never help you and that is a war you will never win! Instead, it will always eat you up and give you unforgettable stress that could eventually destroy your well educated wasted brain.
    Everybody is aware of who you are and it is a not surprise to read such piece from you!

  14. Toria says:

    Long John, F Millionaire, Bol, Alex, …………..rest of SPLA Juba diehards;
    Fyi, Paul Elhag is just telling you what the realities are on the ground and around the globe as far as hatreds towards Dinka has grown. I myself don’t hate Dinkas, some of my best friends came from your tribe when we were fighting together in the bush, but after the CPA these friends became hostile and extremely arrogant, although this is a typical human behavior, they said if you want to know the heart of a man, give them two things: money and power, it reveals the true characters of every man. And now everyone has the proofs to see who the Jiengs are. But I for one don’t blame you nor envy you, what I blame is myself for fighting on the side of SPLA for 9 years, from late 1980s when the government in Khartoum decided to introduce Arabic and Islam as the official language and religion respectively in Sudan, I packed my bag and was on the way out of country when I met a fellow colleaque ‘a Dinka fellow’ who convinced me to join, at first I was reluctant until I personally met late Dr Jonh Garang in Yei, we embarked en route to Kapoeta, then to pachala then to Eastern Sudan near Kasala to join then NDA and Bejja revolutions, then back to Morobo via Malakal, Rumbek, Maridi and Yei. I stayed loyal to SPLA even during the splits, even I helped built a Tukuls for Kuol Manyang’ s family both in Nimule and in Pachala when he was overall commander in Upper Nile between 1995 to 97. And out of all my loyalty what did I get, nothing. But that’s not the reason why I think SPLA Juba must go. And my reason for rebelling is not about Nuer killings in Juba because many Dinkas died likewise, I do not need power, infact I would rather be self employed than working for a government that has betrayed its people for the last 10 years or so. I rejoined the current rebellion because of lack of reforms, lost of visions, misguided agendas, SPLA Juba became too prideful and started to treat the people like garbage, rampant corruptions from top to bottom, civilian mistreatments, land grabbings, nepotism and egoism, lack of developments…….etc. Our generals turned 360 degrees from men in uniforms into CEOs of self enrichment using stolen national treasuries from innocent South Sudanese to employing foreigners to export our money to build their own nations, the list goes on and on. What else wrong hasn’t SPLA done? Again, we are all humans and we make mistakes, if SPLA today accepts reforms and make another 360 degrees back to what Dr John promised me when I first joined SPLA, I will be the first to return to Juba, but until then I will be the last man to make peace. Yes some of you don’t believe that the oppositions will win, but Khartoum said that before, the British Empire and Turkish colonials never thought we will ever gain independence, we proved them wrong before and this time we will prove you unbelievers wrong once again.

    • Bol says:

      We are on the same page. If the election comes today I will not vote for SPLM for the reasons you just mentioned. However, Armed Struggle may not be the best way out of SPLM led government, because the cost is too high and it may not achieved the purpose…..Look around you: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, DRC, Somalia, CAR…Only very few made it out of civil war….The rest had gone back to a regrettable stages….Little infrastructure destroyed, fragile economy wiped out, Human Capital degraded …..All of these happen at lightening speed…. Why do we have to go there? What chances do we have that we will be different from them? Remember, your reasons for signing up with the rebels are quite different from the rest of your comrades where some are there to continue taking revenge on Dinka, others are there for Hatred of Dinka, others are just looking for jobs!
      Its true, military personnel will always look for tanks and aircraft as the only solution to every single problem, but there are other effective ways for changing government.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Toria
      I am humbled by your story. I have no words to express your patriotism. Thank you for enlightening us and God bless you

    • Toria,

      Thanks a lot for the valuable advice to the beneficiaries of the corrupted government with full time drunkard president. One of my professors said any country leads by a doctor will one day have a war no matter how long it will take and no matter how long they try it to maintain peace. The war will still broke out. War is just hiding around the corner. This is the reason the western nations do not want to have a long time president anymore because they lived it, studied dictatorship, learn from experience, and they found it too dangerous to be ruled by a dictator.

  15. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear all,

    Thank you Toria, Long John, F Millionaire, Bol, Alex and Elhag, God is touching your hearts and I believe soon we will change the situation in our country because they way you response to one another make me happy and I would like you to debate that way. I have seen many of you absolutely understand the destruction of the war and hopefully things will come together and peace will come soon to our country. Try to debate and ask one another the question what can we do to make our country better place to live. Thank you and God bless you all.

  16. A. Lako Lukudu says:

    It’s boiling to a point whereby our social fabric is segmented because of ignorance and luck of trust among our tribes. If you can’t love your neighboring tribe how can you love your own tribe? Sad…but reality is kicking in. We can not isolate our Jieng brothers or any other tribe for that matter!

  17. Pureblood says:

    Elhag, your hatred for the Dinkas runs deep within your soul.This hatred of yours, i believe is a personal vendatta you have against the Dinkas for something that you might have suffered from a single Dinka or a couple of Dinkas in the past. This is the simple reason why you try to twist any small event into a thing that will ruin the name of the Dinkas. But unless you rid yourself of your hatred, you serve more as a tribalist than a nationalist as you assume.
    Another thing that you yourself mentioned is the fact that it is the SPLM that ruined the country,”What the SPLM introduced trashed and destroyed the very soul of South Sudan”, though you later say that the SPLM and the Jieng Council of Elders are one and the same thing, a statement that’s rather ridiculous. Why would the SPLM be acronoymed JCE? More still, how do you explain the SPLM leader where upto recently James Wani was a Deputy Chairperson and now Pagan Amuom as Secretary General be Jieng Council of Elders. This is a complete misrepresentation of facts and only serves to taint the name of the Dinka tribe and is completely misleading to your followers(if you have any). Lead well if you want to lead. Don’t mislead instead.

  18. False Millionaire says:

    “SPLA Juba diehards”,what prove do u have to classify individuals you acquaint on the net as such?General intellectual conduct forbides if u aren’t really a wasted mad person.

    Ur narratives of experiences among the ranks of the SPLM/A suggest that:
    1 u were a late comer,
    2 ur role was none cambatant,
    3 u were among those in the chairman’s headquarters playing the role of house servants gathering woods,cooking,washing clothes and caring for the home needs of the headquarters’ commanders among whom was chairman Garang.

    That was the bright side of the SPLM/A but the nasty side that was terribly lived by the combatants u know nothing about.The red army were brigades of child soldiers used in the early days of the SPLM/A.The objective was to use great number of child soldiers running in a speed of light against the enemy’s shooting machine gun.Many would fall on the way but others would capture the machine gun and finally dislodge the enemy.
    The nuer white army militia still uses this technique today.But it was a disaster for the SPLM/A.Heavy human losses was never to help the cause of a protracted war.Immediate reaction was to stop it and the child soldiers were recalled and disarmed.
    Many of them were sent to Cuba for rehabilitation.Others were confined to refugy camps to give them time to grow up.But things worsen after the fall of president Manguisto’s government.
    As the SPLM/A got fashed out from Ethiopia,the 1991 SPLM/A split occured.
    The story of the lost boys is one of the very young childern who lost their parents during the SPLM/A wars against the sudanese army and they were collected and gathered for safty in the refugee camps in Ethiopia.
    During the exodus from Ethiopia back to south sudan and with the SPLM/A split,the lost boys were forced to run off on their own.Please get informed from the surviving lost boys how many of their comrades the crocodiles,the lions,the snakes,the hunger and therst had laid waste on their road to refugee camps in Kenya.

    U dare to talk about the elites in Juba.I am happy to see u do so.They are the same thieve and murderers like U.If u are a rebel today,it’s becouse u didn’t get the chance to steal in much the same way as they do.U and your likes have nothing revolutionary in your heads for RSS apart from the dream of a free easy life.Kiir,pagan and the rest of ur fellow thieves are in Juba.The road to Juba is wide open.So go fight them.No one is on your way.

    But u will fight your way into hell if u don’t stop setting innocent citizens against each other.
    REMNASA tribal movement in western equatoria is a product of tribal incitation writings by Elhag Paul and the editor among others.
    Their greatest mistake is the false believe that innocent dinka masses are the same with the government elites and that fighting the dinka innocent masses is a way that will lead to overthrowal of the misruling government.
    At such context,the unaware citizens of baka and moro were blackmailed to join REMNASA.They belived the objective was to kill every living dinka.But in doing so,the misruling government hasn’t moved by an inch.
    In fact the government even sent forces to Munderi-Maridi areas.There they surprised the rebels in their sleep and ended up collecting many of them.
    The western equatorian governor is having a terrible headache going restless and is fighting hard to secure their release.
    But where is Elhag Paul,the editor and the rest of the equatorian wititers who had incited them into a tribal revolt?
    They have taken their distance helping themselves to their sweet hearts in complet security.
    U would learn ur mistakes the hardest way if bad luck ever allowed the nuer white army militia to march on equatoria one day.
    For it would take ages if u ever have the courage to rehabilitate the now equatorian wonderful towns and settlements into a living human environments after the white army militia should have burned them.
    You got to be extremely naive and irresponsible if u think that the destruction of Upper Nile is a joke.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      While you are sweating to save Dinkocracy things are unravelling in your most sacred alliance of evil. Instead of falsely castigating us I suggest go to Kampala to rescue your alliance. I have warned you of the impending Jieng suicide and it is up to you to see sense. Please access the below URL to see that Museveni is about to wash his hands and leave the Jieng alone. The government mouth piece now officially refers to President Salva Kiir as the “Dinka war Lord”. What a good sign for the oppressed South Sudanese. We knew that at certain point Museveni would cut his loses. That time is fast approaching. Ciao!!


      Sent from my iPhone

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      False Millionier You are a disgrace! You Are worse than Kiir. Indeed you are a wolfe in Sheeps cloth. You are A Dinka Tribalist far from the nationalist, neutral and open minded Jieng you would like to project yourself. your Wolfeness comes through no matter how much you try to hide it. You defend every single word said again the Jieng and their leadership even like Bona Malwal but never do the same for others.

      You are like the Terrosit ilsamic religion of the middle east. They have their terrorist carrying on damages after which the so called moderate mulsims come to the media blindfolding the naive with story how not all muslim are terrorist and blast those who speak ill about their religion! The strategy is very simple, their foot soldiers killed and their so called moderate do the damage control to freeze potential victims on their path for their foot soldiers to kill more also to prevent effective retaliatory response! You are a greater devil than Kiir! Stop feeling sorry for us equatorians, we can hold our own, don’t attempt to scare us of how devastating Equatoria will be left after white army arrivals as if you do care about us other than our lands and wanting to keep us sleeping so you can continue to sneak on us! To the devils!

      Kiir is nothing without the blind support of your illiterate Dinka masses, Go educate your Dinka masses in the cattle camps to stop blindly supporting him. We hate not only Kiir and but also his support. Until there are more Dinkas in the Ranks of Madam Garang than in Kiirs and yours camp then we shall continue to blame our sufferings on the Jieng, get use to it.

      You vilify the white army, but answer me this, when did the Nuer kill without being provoked first? Nuer kick your arshes in 1991 after you killed their women and children in a church in Akobo. The white army went after the Murle, after the Murle raided them. Now the white army is in arms against you because you kill their women and children in Juba.

      This is the lies Kiir has dispatched Jieng like you all over the world telling the world government, how the white army will devastate Juba,thus genocide, the reason they rushed Museveni to Juba. You see the problem with you Jieng is you think you are the world and the world rotate around you. If the white army slaughtered Jiengs in 1991, they did not slaughtered the other 62 tribes. If the white army has a bone to pick with Jieng in Juba, they do not have any with others. Stop fear mongering about the Nuer, we are ready to receive them. The Nuer has caused no damages to the rest of South South sudan compared to you Jieng. You have already infested every corner of Equatoria and South sudan, we are ready to take our chances with the White army after all are they not fellow South Sudanese just as you are and I am. I thought Jieng use as pretrext that any south sudanese can be anywhere they choose. I bet you are afraid of the white army for what you did to them. Go back and face them. The Jieng naked cattle camp transplanted in Western Equatoria, in Yei and in Nimule are as primitive as the white army, So why can’t we take our chances with people who NEVER had before expressed predatory, imperialists,the born to rule idiocity???

      You are very dangerous!

  19. Toria says:

    Opiombira Kirrendeanzele;
    I was getting ready to reply this usless morom sick tribalist Dinka idiot calling himself false millionaire, unti I read your reply now I don’t have much to add, you have almost said it all brother. False millionaire is the Nazi and KKK and apartheid racist tribalist dinka on this net. Why I said that, because he is a cynicist, a hypocrite, a pretender, just like you said playing a dirty tricks they borrowed from the Jalabas. But he is foolishly playing the tricks on the wrong people, South Sudanese already defeated many liars and imperialism since from British, Turkish, the Arabs and now we will defead dinkadictatorism.
    I am proud of our tolerance and intelect as EquaTorians that even the host of SSN is so much civilized that he doesn’t discriminate, this is the true nature of freedom of speech that our honorable Editor has displayed on SSN that he post every messages from useless morons like this false chameleon. Just look at those Dinka ran media outlets, its all censorships, lies, deceptions and threatening of innocent civilians to accept their stupidity or face harassment even to torture, raping of women and killing of women and children in the name of protectinh Salva Kirr illegitimate regime, what a shame. I have always said it again and again that there are some of those dinkas who will never be useful to anybody in millions of years.
    Let’s keep displaying intellectualism here in EquaToria because time will one day differentiate between the morally corrupt and the wise, history is on our side, the whole wide World is watching and like I said above these few radicalized students of dinkas council of evils have wrecked and burned the bridge for the rest of those so-called moderates.
    The truth is if a free and fare elections are to be cast today I can asure you the majority of South Sudanese including many Dinkas will vote for Riek Machar and they know that fact, that’s why they are scared like pupies wetting their legs, even if these dinka diehards will reject Riek on their lips deep in their wicked hearts they know Riek’s visions will atleast bring back sanity and reforms and hold the country from tearing apart into pieces. They are scared of white army just like greedy lions wouldn’t like to share with the hyenas.
    But at the end of the day no matter who is the next leader of SS, without reforms and federalism there will not be peace. Those of us who can envision the future, we see the defeat of these dinka-dicta-torism is imminently coming perhaps even sooner than expected. Just like many past dictators fall instantly the end of Salva Kirr and his militias will be a surprise to many. Look all around the world how much isolated they are, indicative by July 9, 2015, shame on them that they are so stiff necked that they are blinded by tribalism and will not see what’s to come. No nation fighting against the whole world including US, EU, UN etc.will last longer, where are all those leaders of July 9, 2011who flew their presidential jets to Juba to celebrate our independence. Which EVERY SOUTH SUDANESE has fought for in one way or another, directly or indirectly participated in it. History will be the judge.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Opiombia Kiirendeazele,
    Ur last name,”Kiirendeazele”,suggests u are a dinkatoria.But in fact there is no any harm in making such observation.It’s unfortunate we couldn’t see each other face to face on the net.I could be a nuer,a jaang or a dor.But that doesn’t make a difference.The most important context is being a south sudanese citizen.
    My hard life has always obliged me to live among different ethnic groups as well as among different nationals.It takes selfless behaviours to make one’s self accepted,appreciated and esteemed every where on earth.
    Such context is the ideal basis of good leadership.But leadership is exactly what’s lacking in RSS.

    A society without a leader by the merit of a sincer good leadership is like a cattle herd without a good shipherd.It’s liable to lay it’s self into waste,disintegrate and disappear for good.
    The tensions that are boiling within our society today do not seem too different from the tensions within the rwandan society in the days leading to their dark events.
    Unfortunately the exit was the human tragedy named genocide.
    But let’s cross our fingers in the hope of God’s mercy.The ultimate objective is to fight for changes without ever going through rwandan lessons.

    But even in the depth of despaire,there are always unbeliveable good surprises.I know rwandan friends who feel so proud to be rwandan citizens today .After going through hell,God was able to send them a very slim tall man named Paul Kegamé with stick and carrot for their redemption.
    Under him,Rwanda and rwandans are developing far faster than black south africans under the ANC leadership.
    One shouldn’t shorten to say that Uganda and it’s society aren’t ill cared for under Museveni and the NPF.
    It’s all too natural to believe that our end will also witness the likewise happy eventuality.
    But that will never come alone without men of good will working hard to make it happen.

    I had no itention to write you in the spirit of confrontation.U aren’t obliged to agree with me.This is an open forum with every one having the freedom of expression.As it’s ur right,so is it also mine.
    “Kiir is nothing without the blind support of your illiterate dinka masses”.This quote is the phrase containing ur exact personal words.Sincerely u aren’t incorrect.
    But the question is,what will do u harm if u devise a way to detach those illiterate dinka masses from supporting Kiir and bring them to ur camp?That would never fail to help u achieve a victory without so much human cost.
    Ofcourse u have the right to see it in another way.But that’s only if u really never belived in general Lagu’s leadership capacity!!!

  21. False Millionaire says:

    One more time u misunderstand the objective of such scenario.The cobra named SPLM/A with Kiir,Riak,Pagan and the rest of their fellow thieves and murderers will be decapitated.
    As what would happen next,it won’t be a surprise to see an equatorian at the helm of a succeeding RSS recycled political oranization.But that wouldn’t be one without the jieng featuring thickly in it’s structural backbone.
    So sorry u can hang yourself already now if that’s the night mare u aren’t expecting!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      What is it that you do not understand? I have already told you numerous times that the SPLM/A Equatorians are Dinkocrats and there is no difference between them and the Jieng. Am I clear Sir? So whether it is an Equatorian leading SPLM/A government or another member of the smaller tribe it does not make a difference. Dinkocracy is an ideology and a culture and it is responsible for the chaos in our country. We are committed to do away with the SPLM/A in order for South Sudan to be recovered. Ciao!!!!!!!

  22. Batali says:

    It’s unfortunate! RIP. Some Dinka don’t like what their fellow Dinkas are doing to tarnish their name, as a tribe.
    The “Born to Rule”=” Born to cause chaos and roam around with cattle” That’s satanic ideology!

  23. Abel Magok says:

    Dear all

    I have had inquiry with different Dinka communities over this story of Thon Magngok hung up himself put-out by Mr. Elhag Paul, to find out whether the story is true or not and my findings, the story was fake and a big lie created by Faza Gabriel, on the facebook and picked up by Mr. Elhag Paul, and made it political subject to practice his known hatred against Dinka, in general.

    Accross South Sudan, certain names are known for certain areas like names Wani and Lago, are found in Equatoria region not in any other States of South Sudan.
    The name Thon Mangok, if we separate the two names, Thon could be found mainly in Lakes State and few could be found in other areas like Dinka in Jonglei and Upper Nile and very rare to be found in Warrap and Northern Bahar El Gahzal (Aweil).

    The name Mangok, could be found in Lakes State alone if i am not mistaken and could be very rare to find in all other areas of Dinka.
    According to such finding, Thon Mangok, presumably would be from Lakes State and there is no somebody by such name from Lakes State hung up himself. There is one person called Thon Mangok in Lakes State now but he is a very succsseful individual holding Post-graduate degree and does not hung up himself.

    It is unfortunate, well educated person like Mr. Elhag Paul and living in a highly advanced country could reduced himself by picking up fake stories and wasted his time writing an article on it. If hatred grow bigger, it may become a disease or mental problem sometimes.

  24. False Millionaire says:

    “Riak’s vision will at least bring back sanity and reforms and hold the country from tearing apart into pieces”,that isn’t a surprise phrase from some one who has the role of a home manager in Riak’s camp.
    If ur narratives about 9 years of SPLM/A experiences aren’t false rubbish,good luck took u to Garang’s camp and that’s why u are alive today.
    Watch out Toria or too……toooo and ria:who gave u this name?I try to make out if you aren’t the awsome intelligent kind hearted sister with killing buttocks whom I knew some time back but fail to confirm becouse of your unintelligent writing behaviours.
    If ur aren’t too stupid,u are either ignorant or naive and u will pay very dearly at the end.What’s visionary in murdering,looting,destroying and raping female childern and elderly grand mothers?

  25. False Millionaire says:

    Thank u for dragging me into a desert sir.Certainly I will need a second life to get u.But good luck with ur confusion theories!!!

  26. Toria says:

    False M
    Your threats are empty, just like your empty head. I was and still a formidable force, just like everyone of you who deny the involvements of others in the liberation wars you think I am after position? Fyi, Late Dr John Garang , Salva Kirr, Kerbino Kuonyin Bol, Willian Nyuan, Eliaba James Surur, etc most of them passed away, may their souls RIP, they were all heroes under Joseph Lagu during the first ever rebellion started by ex-Priest Late Fr. Saturnino Ohure in Torit 1955 a year before Sudan’s independence from colonial Britain, Father Ohure while serving the Church witnessed many government abuse of his people, he spoke up to Rome about the plight of his people “The South Sudandse” and immediately he knew Southerners are unique and must be given their own nation, but of course Rome being in Europe sided with the English and the Arabs to deny our rights, he called on the people to rebel and the Church ex-comminicated him, he stayed in the rebellion until he was killed in borders of SS and Uganda, by the Joseph Lagu graduated from Military College from Israel, he was then unanimously chosen to take over not because he is from Equatoria but due to his military intelligence. But no one can deny the involvement of every South Sudanese from then to date in one form or another no matter where they come from and who they are. Although my hierarchy in the movements comes purely from intelligence, creativities, credentials and the rest it’s my best wish to see a free and democratic federal republic of SS. Again there’s is the sexism in your reply as usual you associate all your critics and those wo disagree with you as females and character assassination, an old mentalities of the oppressors, a very construed mentality, the more you try to write on SSN the low class everyone see you, why don’t you go and write in those jenge dominated forums where there is nothing but pure discriminations and censorships, that’s because you hate your own kins and you are trying to associate with reasonable people, but from your writings you are way too far and not even close to civilized nationalist. I have met with many former Red Armies some came from Cuba while others left behind, many of them are disciplined and educated like Pagan Amun, Dr Martha Nyanuer, are amongst the many. The end result is the vision was laid down from the beginning and it shall be accomplished even after you and I are gone. One day you will know who really I am if we live long enough but for now call me Toria from EquaToria if you wanna know where that comes from. Fyi, I am a male and I admire females, not the other way, the next time you feminize me I will refer to you as a homo. Keep that in mind.

  27. BILL KUCH says:

    Elhag Paul,
    I am not against your ideas about whole Dinka tribe, but all Dinkas are not bad as you generalize them. All I know is that, Thon Mangok is not dead he is well and sounds. I remember you telling me, that I did sound like Gadhafi in his last days in the power after I made a comments about general Oliny that his rebellion would not change a thing. I know your problem is all about Dinka people and that has nothing to do with change. I know Thon Mangok is your enemy for him being a Dinka journalist that is why you salute Dr. Tombe who wanted to fill buckets with Dinka blood and that makes him being the best to you. Is that it?

  28. jsonofman says:

    Why making noise on social media all those women the Equatorians shud just get guns n join us in frontlines or else ur women will be ours like it used to be during Bashir ‘s Sudan we shall kill evry men in Equatoria let first get rig of those idiots nuers we r coming 4 u guys

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