There’s no tribe called ‘Equatoria’ in South Sudan

BY: Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, CANADA, MAR/21/2013, SSN;

I don’t know what I’m saying in this article, so bear with me. You can laugh all you want but, hey, mwalimu, I’m no George Carlin. Well, you might not know Carlin but you definitely know Chris Rock and Eddie Griffin. So now you can stop laughing, would you?
Every single South Sudanese contributed to the liberation struggle in one way or another. And all of us have suffered under the devilish regimes in Khartoum; directly or indirectly. These ‘Arab’ leaders with bigoted perception of socio-political governance in Sudan wanted to maintain the anachronistic perception of the ‘African Person’ as inherently inferior.

I laugh at people who call me inferior and then they run to plead to some invisible man who’s hard-of-hearing. This invisible man allows one-year old girls to be raped while he’s watching and you expect him to give a damn about your problems?

Did you stop laughing? You can go ahead and laugh if you’re insane! Let’s go back to the article.

There’s been (or should I say there’s always been) a lot of bickering about inter-tribal and intra-tribal accusations. And this classless bickering is between groups that see themselves as the ‘liberators’ and ‘custodians’ of the independent South Sudan, and those who are regarded as ‘ungrateful beneficiaries’ of the liberation struggle. By this time you can guess for yourself who the groups are.

I don’t care who is right or was right, something got to change. Only a fool would want the other person to change while sticking to his/her status quo. Change if you want the other person to change! Compromises are the order in any organized society.

Of the shameless voices who claim to have liberated South Sudan, we have the Jieng and Nuer people and others there about. Of those who are claimed to be the ‘ungrateful beneficiaries’ of the liberation fruits, we have the ‘Equatorians’. By the way, some of the so-called ‘Equatorians’ regard themselves as people with class, composure, critical out-look on things and a general sense of ‘wests’’ understanding of ‘civilized.’

People talk of Dinka, Nuer and the Equatorians, as if Equatoria is a tribe. When I hear ‘Equatorians!’ I don’t know what to make of it. However, when I hear Bari or Pajullu, I immediately know there’s tradition, cultural values, norms and a sense of human dignity associated with them. That’s why I don’t like the regionalist sentimentalism in the word ‘Equatorian’.

Some might argue that it’s better to regionalize than to tribalize. The only problem is that this regionalism is borne out of response to Dinka tribalism so it has more or less some elements of tribalism disguised in regionalism for efficacy.

Equatoria is a large area with a rich assortment of tribes with tribal allegiances that are as divergent and varied as their attitudes towards the so-called tribal liberators.

Equatorianism, as romanticized by its proponents, has become a deeply rooted regionalist and affective congregation of different tribes in Equatoria as a reactive response to the claims and mad attitude of the respect-demanding ‘liberators.’

I call someone a fool if that person presents a problem without proposing a possible solution to the problem. Stop whining and accusations because those will not solve anything. No one has ever solved any issues by whining.

Oh! Maybe what I call whining is the presentation of the problem. Okay, some of you actually present the problem clearly. But wait! So you’ve told me the problem. Where then is your proposed way of solving the problem because at the end of the day, the solution is our only savior. Who am I talking to? I’m talking to all of you South Sudanese.

If you think people from the three states of Equatoria didn’t fight and that you should take their land by force then you are a shame to freedom fighters. A freedom fighter’s honor is in the fact that he/she fights selflessly for others not for him/herself.

If you ‘liberated’ Nimule, for example, and then settle in a land that belongs to someone who fled to Uganda during the war, you have to give the land back to that person in the spirit and honor of freedom fighters. Unless you paid something for it! In that case, you have to negotiate that.

You fought on that person’s behalf. You’re a shame to freedom fighters who died during the war if you refuse to leave the land in the name of having liberated the land.

If you leave in peace, it’s possible for this native owner of the land to see the honor in you and arrange something for you. A demanded ‘honor’ is a shame. If you implore the owner of the land by citing personal reasons he/she can understand. It’s possible for such a person to understand you. Unless this person has no heart at all! You can respectfully explain to him the loss you experienced throughout the war.

This is my message to the ‘liberators.’ I don’t know what these people refer to people like Wani Igga, Mobutu Mamur, Thomas Cirillo and other freedom fighters who hail from the three states of Equatoria. They’re just assumed as exceptions! Mmm!

How about the people who are assumed to have not contributed to the struggle? This is my message to you.

I know many Jieng and Nuer people, who’ve not even fought at all, claim liberation credit by association. These people are not worth my salt. However, there are people who genuinely fought and lost limbs or relatives. Any right-minded person from Equatoria would understand if they feel their contribution or loss are not being acknowledged.

Some of these people didn’t go to school and lost many of their relatives during the war. Just imagine, as a right-thinking human being. Imagine such a person being told by someone, who spent his time in a refugee camp and managed to go to school; telling such a person that ‘you have to evacuate this place because this is my ancestral land.’

Just imagine, after years of having taken care of the land and made some life with his family for years. Now he’s being told to pack up and go without compensation or even with compensation. If you say I don’t care then you are sick.

What I urge my people in South Sudan to do is to be realistic in their approach to issues. Undermining people from the three states of Equatoria isn’t going to bring us peace, or build a country. Passive, non-developmental pride is stupidity! Bragging about having liberated the country isn’t going to build bridges, schools or hospitals. The hospital builder might be that Lotuko woman who spent all her time studying in Kampala. It might be that young Kuku man who just came back from United States.

And being unrealistic about the liberation struggle is outright madness. Any intelligent person would acknowledge the sacrifices made by people who fought. Having done that, one is now able to caution them about their misdeeds because a country cannot be built by mere past glories.

It’s true that the majority of people in the three states of Equatoria didn’t take part in the direct liberation fire. They might have contributed through education because the liberation struggle is not finished. Development is the second phase and that will be the contribution of those who didn’t fight; people like me.

If you call a Kakwa man, who’s come to help built hospitals in South Sudan, an ungrateful coward if he tells you to let him do his job to help South Sudanese, then you are not worth the life in you.

There are commentators from Equatoria who talk and write and present people from the greater Equatoria as if the people are some silly whiners. These people have genuine grievances about politicking, nepotism and land-grabbing. The commentators at times trivialize these issues unintelligibly. However, people from Equatoria need to be realistic in their grievances and their approaches to issues.

If you call a person, who’s lost all his relatives in the struggle and didn’t have any chance to go to school, an uncivilized fool, then you’re the greatest devil in South Sudan. Unrealistic presentation of issues and expectations isn’t going to take us anywhere.

We have to highlight our issues and propose possible solutions. Let’s stop regionalizing South Sudan when we are already being eaten from the core by tribalism.

How can you fight tribalism by being a tribalist? Oh, I see… you’re saying the truth! Truth my foot. There’s no such a tribe called Equatoria but there’ll be one tribe called South Sudan. You can laugh now. The article is over.

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese poet and author living in Canada. Visit for more information.


  1. Martin. L says:

    Brother Kuir said “It’s true that the majority of people in the three states of Equatoria didn’t take part in the direct liberation fire.” Really! Please pardon me for asking you, where did you come up with this assumption that MAJORITY of Equatorians didn’t participate in liberation? Do you have some facts to back up your claim?
    Over all, the article is brilliant!

    • Aj says:

      Matin L,
      “It’s true that the majority of people in the three states of Equatoria didn’t take part in the direct liberation fire. They might have contributed through education because the liberation struggle is not finished. Development is the second phase and that will be the contribution of those who didn’t fight; people like me.”

      I too wanted to know where this guy got that information or where is data showing. He should ask who captured Kapoeta, Torit, Kurmuck etc. There are many reason why we will not come to agreement with each other when we keep thinking along this line of who contributed more or less.

      On another note, what about food that were given to those who were going to trained in Ethiopia? I remembered vivid women line along road and give free food to untrained people heading for training. Do they even thinks that, Equatorian actually provide food. Soon or later people will be fed up and we will be force to sort these issues with our own jungle laws and that’s language Jeing understand most.

      Time for talking will come to an end and that’s specially Nimule cattle issue as it’s intensifying, Dinkas marching to their hometown or begging for mercy. I am not hoping to see it but the way they are uttering inflames more of us.

    • jolong mogga says:

      We never called ourselves as equatorian tribe because there is no such a thing, we are above this tribal distinctions . and about your article just from the title I can smell who you are, and if you are not happy We will called ourselves Surviving children of God–the process is simple first it is You as an individual, then ,family, tribe , Village, County,region(sure you hate that word) than a country followed by continent and the world , all of Us belong to God .
      South Sudan belong to everybody and I personnel welcome foreigners to join in, they accepted You and me in their home countries regardless of our origin.

  2. Nelson Yorom says:

    I agreed with the writer of this article because most of his judgment can be the truth everyone can learn or accept. Many readers commented on other articles but no body happen swiftly to confront this because the writer is telling the fact.

  3. Paulino says:

    That was brilliant, though the self proclaimed representatives of Equatoria can be categorically labeled as political opportunists who want to capitalize on the weaknesses that could be attributed to the absence of logical and prudent assessment of our social problems by the Equatora intellectuals themselves. They should or rightly we should focus on addressing the key challenges that we are facing right now as a nation after a protracted civil-war, which I think is a direct cause of trauma and lack of knowledge about our diverse cultures; this should not be underestimated. There is need for all of us South Sudanese to contribute positively not negatively victimize others at the expense of others.

    Some elements in Equatoria scapegoat the Dinka and Nuer for every small thing that happens in the South Sudan but, on the contrary it will exacerbate and threaten our social cohesion as South Sudanese rather than healing. As such, I urge all Equatorians to be socially cautious about those elements who assume themselves heroes of the Equatoria cause; they are cultivating a poisonous crop that will only yield hatred other than love and sense of belonging to one mother nation.

    I as a Christian who believes in Christian teaching values do not condone ill-treating others. If there is any, let’s assume good characteristics of human values and shame them by telling them this is not how you treat your fellow human beings leave alone being virtually South Sudanese who are intermarried.

    • John Wani says:

      I do not know why you always talk, write and dream abut Equatoria as if there is nothing that you can write about other than your leathed Equatoria. Is this part of South sudan the only place that Dinka and Nuer can survive in?
      you call the killing in Juba as small thing as if you have the capacity to breath life on a corpse. it is sad that you are a proponent of the criminal culture of Dinka and Nuer which revolves around killing, stealing, raiding of cattle, rape, greed, laziness, cruelty and lack of sense of direction.
      you are now hell bent on demonizing any non-Dinka or Nuer who challenges your evil deeds. however, you need to know that before you continue writing, please look at historical facts to analyse the future of this country which has been defiled by you and your tribes mates. this continuous defilement has to be halted by any means for south sudanese to recover their international respect, dignity and above all fame. this international criminality of Dinka needs to be confronted head on.

  4. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    Over all, I would give Mr. Kuir Garang’s article a score of B+, because contrary to the diehard tribalistic war mongers, the so called Liberators, he has some legitimate concerns that can be debated in a national civil discourse. However,I do have some reservations on him comparing regionalism to tribalism. I hope he will not disagree with me on these points:

    First, in the case of Equatoria, in the South Sudan, the Regionalism that became a trade mark of Equatoria region comprises of number of tribes that come together to enhance mutual understanding and to promote peace amongst the different tribes of that vast region which is not aimed at conspiring against others.

    Second, tribalism in the case of of the rest, comprises of different clans and sub-clans who come together to promote common goal of domination and suppression of others who don’t look like them which is equal to racism in the western world.

    The reality on the ground however reinforces the fact that Equatorians regardless of their diversity, they always feel like they are one. This can be proven by the way they interact and socialize. When two or three Equatorians meet, the first thing they will do is seldom talking in tribal language assuming that person might not be one of them contrary to Jieng in particular who will start talking to you in jieng.

    Also, we should not lose track that the rest of South Sudan call all Equatorians from Juba regardless whether he/she is from East, Central or Western Equatoria. Now,let me ask why every body is freaking out when Equatorians call themselves Equatorians? It is because of our freaking regionalism that made our region a magnet to every alien in South sudan, because of the regional peace that every body is enjoying.

    Can’t you see what is happening in the so called liberators lands? Have you ever seen or heard of mutinies and betrayals taking place in Equatoria lands since the signing of the CPA? Are you out there jealous of our way of life?

    Why don’t you stop destabilizing the Country? why don’t you stop corruption and nepotism in the name of tribalism and liberation in the first place before calling others unpatriotic and cowards? Nobody is going to stop our collective peaceful way of thinking.

    Equatoria Global association is less harmful than Dinka Bor Global Association, Nuer Global Youth Association, etcetra. Regionalism is the way out to keep tribalism in check.

    • Aj says:

      I always like the way you reason and counter with the truth. If the Jienge are liberators, their land should be peaceful by now, but a lot of interclan fights and many betrayal defecting to North and back into Juba. Equatorian never had any.

      Without equatorian, spla would have died a long ago but because we are peace people, that’s why they dinkas don’t live and cry like little baby. Remembered Nuer and dinkas fought in 1990s and dinkas ran to equatoria. That history will repeat again.

  5. If am to ask those who claim to call themselves liberators, is it obligatory that the liberators should be rewarded? and if so why Equatoria region is the only one to pay for this reward? bros, the liberation war was a collective work and all of us participated equally and if it’s the matter of those who left for refugee camps and diaspora, i think many of those who claim to call themselves liberators are the leading figures in those camps up to the present time. so how can you be a liberator and refugee at the time?
    so please stop fooling and cheating the south Sudanese, being the majority does not justify your claim of being liberators, otherwise you are insisting on the destruction of this country. we have tolerated all your vices during the whole interim period on the pretext that we may earn our independence and you guys might get change of mentality but unfortunately you regarded us as cowards.
    controlling the senior positions in the country does not give you the confidence of winning any battle but rather disciplining the behaviors of your tribesmen earns you credit from the smaller tribes. stop selling this notion of liberators and mechanical majority.

  6. Xixo says:

    Quoting Kuir e Garang, “People talk of Dinka, Nuer and the Equatorians, as if Equatoria is a tribe. When I hear ‘Equatorians!’ I don’t know what to make of it. However, when I hear Bari or Pajullu, I immediately know there’s tradition, cultural values, norms and a sense of human dignity associated with them. That’s why I don’t like the regionalist sentimentalism in the word ‘Equatorian’.”

    Mr Garang, your fear is clear here. You want to hear of Pojullu or Bari etc… because tribalism is a weakness for Equatoria and Equatorian Unity is a threat to Dinka or Nuer tribalism period.

  7. dmajak says:

    Thank you, Kuir Garang, for the good message. To Xixo and Kenyi, there is no unity among the Equatorian’s tribes, for example, Manderi don’t get along with Bari, and Taposa to get along with Lotuko, Didinga, and Buya. What i Know so far you just preach unity on the internet but is not on the ground. Tell me how many Taposa people or Didinga people own land in Juba apart from Bari speakers? The unemployed people want to get jobs in name of Equatoria, but Kiir Government or Dinka government will not listen to your complaints unless you rebel.

    • Martin. L says:

      Dear dmajak,
      yes, there may be a friction between Buya, Didinga, Lutoko, and Toposa people, but they don’t grab others’ land! Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • Bura. B. says:

      To Mr dmajak,
      There we are again, “Divide and Rule!” We thought colonialists and neo-colonialists have left with that notion and so we are mistaken. For your information the tribes of Equatoria generally consider themselves as one entity. It was on that reason that the 1955 -1972 war that was mainly fought in Equatoria without any cry against brutality from the soldiers.
      For dmajak and his henchmen, you can take the political crumbs of Jallaba to divide and rule the people to enhance your oppressive style of leadership but you will not succeed. Because the people of South Sudan have tasted that political poison. Time will come the people will ask what is theirs.

      • Dure says:

        Bravo, Bura,

        I guess people do not understand how to define a tribe. I am surprised that the Kuku, Kakwa, Pojulu, Nyambara, Bari, Mundari are classified as tribes. By the way, we are Bari speakers and we had one ancestor. If we are tribes then Dinka Bor is a tribe, Dinka Aweil is a tribe and etc. Therefore, whoever created the 64 tribes or 60, has to revised all the different tribes, I mean people speaking one language as a group/tribe than splitting people. Ignorance and divide and rule policy is the result that gave Mundari a State, Bari and Nyambara a state, Kuku, Kakuwa and Pojulu separate state and etc. to create hatred and division among our same Bari speaking group of one ancestor. The bible is written is Bari (official language taught by the British). The different accents of Bari, is just like Juba arabic, khartoum arabic, Shendi arabic and etc.
        Bravo to those who believe in the three Greater Regions: Why?
        Enough is enough and we will not accept the dirty policy of divide and rule to continue. The idea of decentralization policy to take power down to the people was actually hijacked by Nimeri and was implemented wrongly by removing the HEC saying the Addis Ababa agreement is not a Bible or Koran and can be broken. That was how, South Sudan lost our democratic system of govt.whereby Nimeri, by decree gave himself the power to elect Governors to the three Greater Regions and hence no more President of High Executive Council (HEC). This was a big lost, as South Sudan has no right to elect the President of HEC throught secret ballot through the members of the parliament, who were then elected by the people of South Sudan. It was a democratic system of government, which threatens the Mundukuru, because as Southerners, we used to have one voice with regards to anything for the interest of South Sudan. The breaking of High Executive Council (Addis Ababa Agreement) gave right to Nimeri to introduce the Islamic Sharia. Had HEC been in place, Southerners could have threatened Khartoum that we will prefer to be a separate country if Sharia was going to be implemented. The idea of Elisa Yona was decentralization policy under the umbrella of HEC, where we had our Strong Greater three Regions and power is to go down to the people in each region, development was to take place in each region. Unfortunately, the Mundukuru implemented their divide and rule policy by reducing the Southerners to zero, no more President of HEC. Why the Mundukuru succeeded, it is because Equatorians were fed-up with the Dinka exercising tribalism everywhere. Equatorians suffered so much at that time during Abel Aler’s time from Dinka’s behaviour and ugly treatment of Equatorians, leave aside saying they are born to rule, and this too much of Dinka’s behaviour frustrating others did not give the majority of Equatorians to refused Nimeri’s decree of applying the system to benefit the North and their agenda. Equatorians suffered during Reuben Match time where most of police were from Dinka even though no any level of education and etc. Tribalism by appointing people in positions and especially in the army and etc. from Dinka. Anyhow the tribalism system with no or little education is even practice nowadays unfortunately in different positions, even in Embassies abroad. What a shame.

        Going back to the Three Greater Regions/States and moving the capital out of Equatoria will be the best solution and we can have an everlasting peace. Why? if there is respect to John Garang, the capital should have been moved to Ramshel after the independance, there was money at that time, and the International Community, countries like Norway, Japan, South Korea, UK, USA, France, Egypt, Kuwait, Swizerland and many others would have built the capital. If Ramshel is not a better place, let it go to Bahr El Ghazal, or Upper Nile. The capital will be the seat of the govt. Soldiers and police in the capital will be selected from each of the three states with a number agreed upon. A confederation system to be applied. The capital will have confederation powers with certain limits. Each of the three regions will have a federal system i.e. Greater Bahr El Ghazal, Greater Upper Nile, Greater Equatoria each will have a federal system of govt. with its President of the federal state elected by the members of the parliament of each state, members of parliament elected by the people of the State, and power will be decentralized down to counties and down to communities. All the powers will be put in place which will not be of any harm to any State. Each state will have army and police to protect the State and are selected by the the federal state itself . Number of soldiers and police will depend on resources produced by the State itself and topped if necessary by the Confederation/Capital which is the confederal State-Ramshel (if it is the capital of South Sudan). National army is the total of these army from each of the three Regions including the confederation to protect the country. Foreign policies will be well defined. Examples can be checked out from countries with Confederation system of govt. that has a very effective democratic system of govt. No question of dictatorship (no decrees and etc), things will go through the people of the country or the State/Region.

        Let us pray and look for this type of con-federal system of govt. to have an everlasting peace, where we will be able to develop, by building schools, hospitals, agricultural to be able to feed our people and export, have cheese and enough milk and meat to export, etc and etc.

        Let us work for the unity of our country by uniting children of each region to extend love and unity to the neighboring brothers and sisters in the other regions
        Long live Greater Bahr el Ghazal
        Long live Greater Upper Nile
        Long live Greater Equatoria.
        Long Live a United South Sudan with love,peace and no more neighboring countries to fool us, laugh at us and profit from us

  8. Dinka land says:

    Thanks to Kuir and Dmajak for the civilized points you put to these unpatriotic and late South Sudanese who reclaimed their identities of being South Sudanese after the signing of CPA. The so called Equatorians are the last people on the world, truth must be told so that God gives right. Why i am saying that? Not a hatred or tribalism and regionalism. It is the war the Jieng people in Equatoria lands especially Kapoeta, Torit, Nimuli, Yei, juba and many others lands of Equatoria. Where you get the division is composed of All Jieng people and liberating Equatoria land which thousands of our jieng soldiers died. Really, were you there, Equatorians?
    Please, wake up, our jieng soldiers who died in Equatoria before you tell us nonsense or declare your own country.

    • John Wani says:

      Dinka Land,
      You really spewed your words like……..
      I was a member of the Tigili battalion and later commissioned and moved to Western and Central Equatoria to mobilize and constitute a fighting force which was named sakush battalion under the overall command of commander James Wani Iga. Under James Wani Iga were by then Late commander Scopas Kenyi Loboro who joined the SPLA in January 1985 together with James Wani Iga. Major General Abraham Wani, Late Hitler Lumori, Martin Okeruk, John Baibai, were some of the prominent sons of Equatoria who formed the core of Sakush battalion with its headquarters in Morta, Kajokeji.

      In Eastern Equatoria, late Galario Modi Korinyang was the overall commander of the Tingili battalion and had some of the most brilliant fighters like Mamour Mete, Johnson Juma, Late Kizito son of Oduko, who commanded the battle for the capture of Bor town in 1989.

      In 1992, during the attempted capture of Juba by SPLA, efficent Equatoria fighters led by Thomas Curillo, Agustino Jadalla and other junior officers joined the SPLA after working as fifth columnists for several years providing the SPLA with security information.
      Mr. Dinka Land, without the Equatorians whom you now vilify, your SPLA which has turned in to a monster, would not have survived the turbulent period of 1991- 1995.

      If you were a student of history, which I do not believe, you would have realised that from 1994 till the signing of the CPA, equatorians played a crucial role in combating the war. several Equatorians joined the war in their thousands especilly in 1995. and former divisions seven and six which were graduated in Bamurye in Kajokeji and were exclusively made of and commanded by the sons of Equatoria i.e. Thomas Cirillo, for division seven and Jadalla for division six. if you were really in SPLA in the battle of Alero in Yei in 1997 when Garang Mobil, a Dinka like you, failed to properly command the SPLA till two tanks were captured from his force by the enemy as a result. commander Jadalla had to take over the command which eventually lead to the total destruction of the fleeing enemy force.

      In a different front i.e. the forces of Thomas Cirillo charged with the clearance of the enemy forces from Lainya to Kurburi 40, did an excellent job which no Dinka could do. therefore, it is to be recalled that in 1997 war, the sons of Equatoria prosecuted the war with zeal to the surprise of their Dinka detractors. Equatorians having shown their military capabilities and skills in military science which impressed the C and C. Thomas Cirillo was asked to mobilize the sons of Equatoria and lead them to the New Sudan Brigade who eventually surprised the enemy by briefly capaturing Kassalla town, a task which no son of a Dinka could do without a cow in that desert.

      Therefore, each and every tribe participated in this war. The fact that the leadership of the movement has remained in the hands of the Dinka has made Dinka drunk with power and the result is what we see today… blood bath every where.

      Continuous insult and abuses of other tribes by the Dinka will eventually lead to genocide in this country if left unchecked. the Dinkas are the most ungrateful, greedy…….but food lovers in this planet earth. Having displayed their greed and ugliness across the globe, they now are a shame in this world.

      my advice to these internet Dinkas is that stop being bullies and concentrate on developing your backward areas so as to stop your nomadic culture which makes you people to dislike your places and instead envy places that are developed by other people.

      Today every Dinka wants to move to Yei, Juba, Nimule. where there are good schools, hospitals… etc. The initial Question these Dinkas should ask is why not put up the schools, hospitals… etc so that they are seen like real human beings?

      Corruption in South Sudan is a Dinka invention and till now, Dinkas think their ugly government is really a government. They are flat wrong! This is a group of greedy fellows most of whom are from Bahr el Ghazal who have taken over state instruments of power so as to loot the available resources and be able to protect their loot through brute force. The end result of this government is total collapse. the sooner it collapses the better.

  9. Dinka land says:

    Correction- In the battles jieng people fought in Equatoria, no single equatorian participated.

    • Deng says:

      First of all, your real name is not Dinka Land.
      People are joking here!! No single Equatorian has participated? Johnson Okello was my platoon commanding officer, I was a lance corporal with one Equatorian, Majak Achuoth from Mundari as private among my men. We don’t even need to base on percentage let alone saying that certain communities have zero participation.

    • South Mole says:

      The cowardly Dinka land should read John Wani’s reply and let’s see his reply.

    • Martin.L says:

      “no single equatorian participated.” Dear Dina land. You’re bent on telling lies willingly, and I’m not sure if that comes from your belief or ignorance. Either ways, it is disgraceful that you deny the contribution of Equatorains for liberation of our homeland, South Sudan. On a personal note, I, like any other South Sudanese, lost family members during our liberation wars.

  10. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    Hello, Mr. dmajak,
    please spell out your full name as I and others do. Don’t hide behind curtains. As a warm up history lecture, let me tell you this: Unless you were born yesterday, you should know that throughout the history of South Sudan, Mundari and Bari tribes fought each other once, and that was during the Jieng reign in Juba after the CPA was signed. Even during the 20 plus years of South Sudan second struggle, there was never friction between the Bari and Mundari tribes of Central Equatoria State despite the lawlessness that was caused by the war. Instead, when Jieng Militia under the command of the current Jonglei State governor, Koul Manyang Juuk, invaded Mundari land, it was the Bari hospitality that allowed Mundari to reside in their land as one of them because of the fact that we are uncles and nephews. No body can deny that except SPLM/A crooks from both tribes.

    As for the other Equatoria tribes you mentioned, I can understand your ignorance and Arab mentality of divide and rule. If you know where the old High Executive Council is located, behind it was Hay latuko (Latuko Neigborhood), as well as Mayro and Game Neighborhoods. Juba was for all as long you obtain your plot legally not under gun point.

    It is SPLM/A policy to disengage unity of Equatorians by any means like what their masters had done and are doing throughout the history of Sudan to make Equatorians weak as they retreat to their tribal enclaves which will never work this time around, my friend.
    For your information, I’m Mundari by tribe but I’m Equatorian First, you like it or not. We have been like this for centuries and we will remain like that forever like you will remain notorious backward creatures as God ever created.

    It is very important to put it clear that we are southerners by chance as we were Sudanese by chance because we have nothing in common to claim national identity since we believe in tribalism. It’s a matter of when not if when we recognize this fact. Somalia is not very far away, my brother. Our grandfathers instilled the spirit of resistance against oppressors before you were pushed Southward by Arabs. Convince your brothers in Abeyi to stop selling it to Arabs.

    If you guys want intellectual national discourse, we are more than ready. If you want insanity, we are all human beings and will respond accordingly.

    • dmajak says:

      Thank you Dinka Land and Deng for defending Dinka and our nation South Sudan. To Kenyi and Bura B, I have no reason to hide my name. My name is Deng Majak and I am from Panwel Border to Mundari. it is good news that you are from Mundari where Clement Wani comes from. I think, you remember at that time when Bari people didn’t want Clement to be governor, instead choosing Alfred Taban or their sons of Bari. The reason behind is that many Bari believe You (Mundari ) are related to Dinka because Mundari people keep Cattle, Goats and other Animals. You also intermarry with Dinka, which creates mistrust among you and Bari.

      To Kenyi, I welcome you to the Land of Dinka-Mundari where there is plenty of milk and forget about Equatoria. It is better to be Mundari than to be Equatoria.

      To Bura B, I have no intention to divide Equatoria and rule. we have many places in Dinka land to rule not Equatoria; that division has been there for centuries.

  11. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Thank you – however Equatoria has existed as a socio-political unit even before you were born. We don’t need all to go and grab the Bari land in Juba in the name of Equatoria unity. You’re are caught red-handed in your own political expansionist day dream. Yet as a non-Bari Equatorian born in Juba in 1957, I had all through grown up in a neighbourhood which had families from almost every tribe in our beautiful Eastern bank.

    You are too new to be of an influence, so you better not claim what you are not. At least you cannot claim to be an expert on inter-Equatoria affairs. Just mind your own survival with the Murle, will you?

  12. kikisik says:

    Mr. Garang,
    I like part of your article because you are the only Dinka who can take a bull by the horns especially when you talk of those who call themselves liberators. But to my surprise you contradicted yourself by saying and quote,”There’s no such a tribe called Equatoria but there’ll be one tribe called South Sudan”.
    To this my friend I disagree with you because before I call myself South Sudanese, I am first a Bari by tribe, and secondly, I am an Equatoria and lastly, I am South Sudanese and the same should applied to you. And if you are not comfortable with that that is your own problem. Equatorians are going to remain Equatorians, whether Jeng likes it or not because this is who we are united with a purpose.

  13. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    Point of correction to finally known Deng Majak:
    First of all, to test your ignorance and evil spirit of Mundukuru divide-and-rule style, the Bari SPLM/A off spring opponent to Clement Wani is Alfred Lado Gore, not Alfred Taban. Alfred Taban is distinguished Journalist.
    Second, Clement Wani is not less evil and illiterate than any SPLM/A crooks. Remember, what we the silent giants know is that SPLM/A only respect you if you are a war lord traitor or tribalistic nonsense. I myself would have voted against Clement Wani Konga if I were given the chance to vote in the local elections despite I’m from the same tribe and that is my democratic right.
    Third, despite the fact that we are cattle keepers, but we have good and peaceful co-existence with our neighbors from all directions except with Dinka. Does that makes sense?

  14. Kuir,
    But there used to be a region inhabited by many tribes called Equatoria. Now we have Central, Western and Eastern Equatorias, not one Equatoria any more.

  15. Marko says:

    I think the reasons so called Equatorians are always complaining about the land grabing is because of Juba being Capital city. The day when the city will be moved to Ramciel, you never hear any Equatorians complaining again.

    • Martin. L says:

      Dear Marko, don’t be naive. It is not because Juba is our national Capital city why Equatorians are raising their grievances. it is because land grabbing is taking place all over South Sudan, especially in Equatoria. It is a national problem, a very explosive one, if not taken care of soon! Moving the capital city to Ramcil will not solve the issue of land grabbing.

  16. Dinka land says:

    John wani, pull out and stop lying. Tell me which war can be fought by officers when there are no foot soldiers or infantry?. The mentioned people are officers recommended by Muonyjang you hate. Even try now to visit spla divisions if you will find equatorians sons. Why don’t you feel shame really? Dinkas liberated you from jallaba yet you are abusing your masters? Even jallaba know us well for too much role the Jieng people fought with them, leave a lot you people who are known of bapara and bananas. What have you done in liberation of SOUTH SUDAN THAN betraying us during war days?
    Please adjust your poor politics otherwise the poor politics will drive you to nowhere. You are always teaching us what is not in our blood but when we learned it, it will be worse.

    • Ale says:

      Dinka Land or whatever your real name is! First of all, I would want to appreciate and thank Kuir for his article and high level of maturity from everyone who has commented. I think this is a right direction to killing tribalism and regionalism if we argue and educate ourselves in this manner. To come back to “Dinka Land” I have strong feelings that you are not a Dinka but an agent of trouble or may be being used by people who don’t want South Sudan to prosper. There is no South Sudan without Dinka, Bari, Anyuak, Zande, Thawus, Kachipo, Nuer, and all other tribes in this country and there is no tribe superior or inferior to others. However much we think it was one or two tribes that liberated this country, I would want you to know that everyone contributed in one way or other.

  17. johny bb says:

    I wonder my people, why do such things happen when we are in place of a lot of minerals, which can be shared with non-minerals states? I see now there is a lot of showing off while we are yet fully grown in development. if it is because some state were moved to next level because government seats are set in their places and merged to modern development, plenty of foods, can not let you to forget and choose only one option of disunity, tribalism division, hatred, jealousy, about one who has fully participated on national building.

    Please, let’s have a sense of integration when we know how to write, don’t make your corrupted mind to mislead you, that land has been grabbed, who grabbed your land? Who sold the land here and there? Be realistic people, don’t make yourself inferior or adopt the doubting mind that so and so has or owns this….. be human with a sense of being together as a south Sudan tribe……. Please foot soldier were in one tribe before while some officers were held across, which give them special recognition and regard as fighters in which they didn’t when surveying or putting tactical map of taking assault…please hijacking will not work.

  18. Bura. B. says:

    Mr. Deng Majak,
    the English say “One by one makes a bundle.” It is in this regard I outlined your “Divide and rule” policy because you are defending or advocating that dirty policy such that you look one of those perpetuating that. As a pseudo-intellectual and either a relative of the non patriotic South Sudanese ruling clique, you are part of the system that is causing problems to the people of this great nation.

    Imagine if there was no embezzlement of money from government coffers, employment was based on merit and not on nepotism, tribalism, and regionalism and national institutions are regionally balanced in their recruitment policy whereby police, army, security agents show a true face of South Sudan nation and not a single tribe or two tribes domination, ignorance, disease and poverty would have become things of the past as the war our people fought for decades.

    Come back your senses and acknowledge the truth Man!! Stop looking and not seeing the evil that is blowing our nation.

  19. J. Api says:

    Mr. Kuer Garang, you stated in your concluding statement that ”If you (refering to Equatorians) call a person, who’s lost all his relatives in the struggle and didn’t have any chance to go to school, an uncivilized fool, then you’re the greatest devil in South Sudan. That statement of your’s I call it ”Absolutely rubbish” who has not lost relatives in the liberation struggle?

  20. Mikenyi says:

    You need do not to complain about the land grabbing everyday, for your information, Juba is the capital city of the whole south sudan, It’s becoming the capital city claimed by people you think they have no part in it. you Equatorians that city belongs to no particular ethnic Group of people. Instead all of us work an extra mile to reach the rest of world in terms of development.

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