The Way forward for peace in South Sudan: Equatoria Community in UK

From: The Equatorian Community in the United Kingdom
To: The Chair of IGAD-Plus, C/o H.E Hailemariam Dessalegn, Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (IGAD, TROIKA, UN, AU, EU, and China)
cc The Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS), SPLM/A-IO, and Governors of Equatoria States.

Date: 10th May 2015

MAY/23/2015, SSN,
Your Excellencies,

Re: The Way Forward for Peace in South Sudan;

We, the Equatorian community in the United Kingdom, met in Manchester, England on 18th April 2015 and discussed the ongoing conflict in our beloved country.

We appreciate IGAD and the international community’s relentless efforts in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in South Sudan. We note with great sadness that the ongoing conflict has caused untold suffering and looming humanitarian disaster to our people in the country.

We are also deeply disappointed that the parties to the conflict (GRSS and SPLM-in Opposition) have continually violated The Declaration of Principles and Cease Fire Agreements already reached.

It is our conviction that the solution to the current conflict does not lie in simple power-sharing modalities as trends of the ongoing negotiations indicate. However, we strongly feel that addressing the root causes of the war and in particular the inclusion of all stakeholders in the peace process – as stipulated in the IGAD Agreement of the 9th May 2014 – will bring meaningful, sustainable and just peace to the people of South Sudan.

In this document, we urge IGAD-plus and both the negotiating parties to seriously consider our assessment of the problems and the humble solutions offered. We have focused our attention on two main contentious areas: (1) Security, and (2) Governance.

The ongoing civil war has adversely caused severe insecurity across the country. Many citizens have been forced to leave their places of origin in search of peaceful settlements in relatively unaffected cities, towns and villages in Equatoria Region. The influx of these Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) has significantly impacted on relations between indigenous population and IDPs as the latter arrived fully armed.

Also, their presence and behaviours have consequently affected security situation in the area. The vices of insecurity, human rights violations, absence of rule of law, land grabbing and occupation, destruction of crops and so forth become rampant.

Besides, corruption and nepotism practised by key government officials including those in law enforcement agencies cause mayhem to ordinary citizens in Equatoria. This is because almost all the security sector in South Sudan is predominantly controlled by one or two tribes.

As Equatorian Community in the United Kingdom, we strongly urge IGAD-Plus and the two warring parties to take into consideration the following points:

i. Ending the War:
The negotiating partners are hereby urged to negotiate in good faith in order to settle the conflict amicably. The voices of Equatorians in the Diaspora, rebel- and government controlled areas must be taken into consideration. If given opportunity, Equatorians in the UK are willing to send their representatives to take part in the forthcoming peace talks.

ii. Reforming security sector:
The composition of the security services in South Sudan is to be restructured to reflect ethnic diversity in the country. The ten states should be allowed to employ and manage their own organise forces (e.g. police, prisons and game wardens). In addition, there must be strict control of arms; and all military installations/sites must be relocated at a minimum distant away from civilian areas.

iii. The military structure during the interim period:
It is proposed that the structure of the armed forces be reformed into the following four commands:
 A national command with equal representation from the three former regions of South Sudan, namely Equatoria, Bahr el Gazal, and Upper Nile. The leadership command of the national Integrated Armed Forces shall be representative of the three regions.
 Equatoria Division: commanded and composed of soldiers from Equatoria;
 Bahr el Ghazal Division: commanded and composed of soldiers from Bahr el Ghazal; and
 Upper Nile Division: commanded and composed of soldiers from Upper Nile.

In order to ensure that military power is not concentrated in the hands of one tribe or region to the detriment of the rest, it is important that future security arrangements and armed forces be divided into regional commands, with each of the three former regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal take control of their respective security forces (Figure 1).
(Figure 1: Proposed security arrangements in South Sudan)

This structure for reforming the national army should be implemented during the interim period.
Currently, the army is dominated by only two ethnic groups. Our country would not have been plunged into this devastating war had recruitment into national army was handled on the basis of proportional representation of all tribes across South Sudan.

As a matter of fact, the ongoing war initially started along ethnic dimension – Dinka vs Nuer- whereby revenge killings resulted in tremendous loss of lives from both sides.

To make sure this scenario does not repeat itself in the future, the formation of the new national army and security services must be formed on the basis of proportional representation among the three regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal.

iv. Return of all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their places of origin:
As soon as the ongoing war ends, all IDPs and their cattle must return to their places of origin.
—– Their presence in Equatoria causes significant insecurity and intercommunal conflicts between IDPs and the indigenous communities; left unresolved this could ignite future conflicts.
—– IDPs have contributed adversely in community relation in South Sudan, especially in Equatoria. This is because most IDPs are involved in land grabbing issues, conspiracy to out-manoeuvre the indigenous population, oppressed them and permanently occupy Equatorian land. ——– There is also the irreconcilable lifestyle difference between pastoralists’ ways of life of IDPs as compared to agricultural lifestyle of Equatorians.

v. Land issues:
Land laws should be reviewed to address respect for other people’s land. Acquisition of personal property(ies) including land must be carried out in a rightful and legitimate manner; by seeking consent of the rightful owners.

vi. Human rights:
We commend the efforts of the African Union Human Rights Commission for investigating possible human rights abuses in South Sudan. Furthermore, we appreciate the efforts and determination of the former President of Nigeria, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, for conducting investigation into atrocities committed, human rights violations, destruction of properties, other war crimes and their perpetrators. We therefore urge the chairman of IGAD to ensure the release of this report with immediate effect.

We believe that this report holds the key to bringing those implicated in committing the atrocities and other war-related crimes to face justice. We also urge IGAD plus to follow through the implementation of all recommendations in that report.

vii. Implementation of the UN Security Council sanctions
We thank the UN and its various agencies for their humanitarian support for the suffering people of South Sudan, the IDPs, those in UNMISS compounds and those in neighbouring countries.
We would also like to join other concerned members of the international community in supporting the UN Security Council resolution 2206 (2015) for immediate imposition of targeted sanctions against individuals and entities who are seen to be obstructing the peace process, and those responsible for committing war crimes.

The governance problems facing the Republic of South Sudan can be summarised as follows:

 Tribal domination of the country by one tribe: The three organs of the state (judiciary, executive, and legislation) are dominated by the same tribe; the security organs are also dominated by the same tribe; and the country is slowly moving towards tribal hegemony.
 Human rights abuse: The killings of civilians are not addressed; there is rampant injustice with impunity.
 Corruption: The citizens are witnessing looting of state resources; and there is lack of accountability for loss of those national resources.
 Structure of states in the Country: The structure of the state needs to be reviewed to determine the viability of the current ten states versus the 3 former regions (Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile), and the recently proposed 21 states by SPLM-IO.
 Type of Leadership: The limitation of current leadership is the focus on positions, and ruling by decrees. We need to identify the systems of Federalisms that best suits independence of each regions/state in the country.

The Solutions
viii. Federal system of Governance: Federalism should be adopted as the system of governance in South Sudan.

Given the ethnic diversity and divergent political aspirations, coupled with vastness, remoteness and poor infrastructure in the country; the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) needs to adopt a new model of governance – FEDERALISM.

Under the present government, power and resources have been concentrated at central level leaving states and counties with limited abilities to exercise real local governance; to influence development, enforce laws and maintain security. Given that the current status quo is not working well, and therefore unacceptable, the interim period is a good time to pilot Federalism, which will be ratified in the permanent constitution.

We, the Equatorian community in the UK, add our voice to the call for federalism. This is because a genuine federal system will enable separation of powers between levels and organs of the government. This needs to be included in the peace agreement to be implemented by the proposed interim government of national Unity.

ix. Develop and adopt a shared vision for South Sudan:
As South Sudan is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious country, its existence as a just, united, peaceful and prosperous country will depend on recognition of the people of Equatoria and other ethnic minorities as equal stakeholders in the forthcoming peace talks. Strong foundation for nation building in South Sudan will only be realised if our leaders consider shared vision and responsibility for all the tribes in the country.

x. Inclusive Government:
All the 64 tribes must be represented in all the national institutions (Executive, Legislature, and the Judiciary). Proportional representation of all minority groups must be clearly outlined in the future constitutional review.

xi. Corruption & employment policies:
New employment policies need to be developed and adopted that will ensure adherence to equal opportunities in all government institutions. Laws against discrimination need to be enacted and there should be transparency in recruitment and appointment of public service officials, and the security sector. Employment must be based on merit where the best person for the job must be recruited.

Financial probity and accountability for the national resources must be instilled in all Government Institutions. This should be legally enforced.

The International community, including TROIKA, EU and other countries must exercise their influence to ensure that the financial support they give to the Government of the Republic of South Sudan are properly accounted for. As Diaspora community, we contribute through the tax system in funding the financial aid to South Sudan, and therefore we too demand assurance that our tax payers’ money is being used for the intended purpose.

xii. The Presidency:
Given that the current conflict has directly implicated President, Salva Kiir Mayardiit and former Vice President, Dr Riak Machar, – both leaders have failed the nation; hence they should step aside from leading the Transitional Government of National unity (TGNU) during the interim administration.

A new leader must be selected from one of the minority tribes in South Sudan, as a neutral figure to bring South Sudan together.

Equatoria has a track record of unifying the people of South Sudan and we therefore recommend an Equatorian to be tasked with the responsibility of leading the country during the interim period as President.

To avoid the issue of ethnic domination of the country in the future, consideration should be given in the permanent constitution to ensure that no President of the country serves more than two terms or 10 years. Term limits for the President must be 2 terms of 4 or 5 years, which cannot be changed by parliament, but by a referendum.

Secondly, the presidency must rotate among the three greater Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Gazal regions.

xiii. Elections: There should be free and fair elections after the interim period.

xiv. Chiefs: The traditional role of chiefs should be restored and recognised in the constitution. It has to be made clear that the chiefs are accountable to the people rather than the Government.

xv. Constitution:
The present constitution of South Sudan was written by the SPLM within the framework of the CPA and do not represent the principles and norms of an independent state. We therefore condemn it and call upon the forthcoming interim government to organise a constitutional conference for all stakeholders to review it and come up with a permanent constitution that is grounded on certain principles and norms agreed upon by all South Sudanese to form the backbone of governance and the supreme laws of an independent South Sudan.

In conclusion, we welcome the expansion of IGAD to IGAD-plus and we hope that you will now try to deliver the much needed peace for the suffering people of South Sudan. To realise this, we call upon the inclusion of all stakeholders, especially Equatorians in the forthcoming negotiation.

Federico Awi Vuni
Chairman, Adhoc Committee,
Contact email:
Skype: redbox08


  1. Kondokoro says:

    Which Equatoria you talking about what freedom you need
    when all the development is taking place in Equatoria region is it not development we are yearning for?
    Or you are a blood drunker who is using our blood for your ego

    • Ger Ajang says:

      No body in equatoria invited you to equatoria. You came to live with civilized people. There are no NGOS in equatoria. Go back home to develop you home town

      • Force_1 says:

        Ger Ajang;
        We don’t need any invitation from anyone; South Sudan is our land and we can live anywhere we want. Our bloods and bones spilled everywhere in South Sudan and that earned us the right to be anywhere we want. Anyone who want free equatoria will pay with bloods and bones.

        If you want free equatoria; well just pick up your guns and take it by force and if you can afford to sacrifice 2 million lives of your men and women in the same way we did in South Sudan; then you’ll have the right to earn your free equatoria. But you’re not just going to have it in a foreign country no matter what kind of magic you would you use to have it! Bring it on take by force and let see!

        • Lomiji says:

          Your 2 million tribes’ men and/or women’s lives were lost as a result of hunger; and very few were sacrificed in any front line. Even so, for Equatorians, any life is very precious and wont be thrown away in vain; and only when necessary. We were there at the time, please stop pulling wool over people’s eyes and trying to distort history of (by then) Southern Sudan.

      • Gatnuer says:

        Really, are Equatorian civilized than anybody in South Sudan? Does civilization takes away strength of body’s heart and makes body always settle for less then considers himself civilized. This is really funny. Equatorians civilized! Even the monkeys in our jungles are more civilized than some of these folks, trust me and especially if have been to their places.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      VUNI-this is an excellent peace!

      The Equatorians in Juba Government and citizens should print this document out and incorporate it with the ones they have to be used as a “position paper” because issues aired out on this UK document are the exact events that have taken place in this country from 2005 to date since President Kiir and dinkas took over the Government and eventually dinkanized the system to installed a dinka monarchy which the God of Israel is right now working out a terminal modality. I understand he is handing over soon, if he ever made a mistake to hand it to another jieng again, rest assure the third man will go like Garang like Kiir (after Kiir die next year) because Kiir’s health status may not reach mid next year

  2. Tyson says:

    I hope those with ears will listen!

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Mr. Vuni,

    This is a very good proposal but the Dinkas will not accept it. The instrensigence of dinkas in South Sudan will make peace to remain ever elusive.

    Cry the beloved country!

  4. Eguatorians says:

    Dear Eastern, we broke away from North Sudan, because we were marginalized. At the moment we are fighting because others want to also marginalize the rest of South Sudanese. Where can we find the solutions to the current conflict? I believe some of them were addressed in the letter by the Equatoria community in UK. According to your view,that the DINKA will not accept the proposed ideas reflects the shallow thinking some of us have fallen into. To be brief,this Republic of South Sudan doesn’t belong to JIENG to say the least. It belongs to ALL south Sudanese, if they are residents of current geographical boundaries of the Republic. This scenario justifies all south Sudanese to wage war against those elements who want to Dinkanize our Republic. If so, I am sure, this is a winnable war and they are the BIGGEST loosers. Make no mistake, however long it takes, thinks must be set right in our lifetime. Our children and our grandchildren will appreciate that we saved this country from destruction. Remember the American Civil war,has put things right for the generations of TODAY. So America is indeed Supper Power today,where laws are upheld for the sake of stability. To conclude brother Eastern, the Sun will always rise from the East. Unless something is wrong for the Sun to rise from the west and that is abnormal as you have conceived it to be so.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Eguatorian ( I thought you meant to be refered to as Equatorian),

      Here again you have missed the gist of my message: the absence of peace and stability due to the intresigent attitudes of those in South Sudan who consider themselves as the Alpha and the Omega of everything South Sudanese!

      By saying the dinkas will not accept this brilliant proposal coming from my Equatorian brothers does not mean that I am secluding other tribes from ownership of South Sudan. What I am saying is, this proposal will not be considered at its face value; it would be resisted for no valid reasons. That resistance will compel Equatorians to ‘push’ on with this agenda. The resistance and pushing will keep peace and stability at bay, Eguatorian!

      This proposal from Mr. Vuni et al is brilliant to say the least. I rest my case.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Pourquoi camarade?the document is an excellent one that will require lengthy study and consideration.It will be up to those of BG and UPN to come up with their respective documents.At the end the three parties can sit down to cross view the three documents.I would hope they can negotiate the final common positions.Dialogue,understanding and consensus are never the tool of bad solution.The best foundation of RSS would be laid down that way one day.So it’s best to keep the idea of,”the intransigence of dinkas,” at bay.

    One understands the horror of the misruling government led by a dinka president who is presumed to be misguided by the members of the jieng council of elders.But you are an expert who ought to be a great citizen:matured enough to judge things better.So the reality is,they are a small tiny minority who do not represent aspirations of ordinary dinka citizens.You will have unjustly closed the door on dinka ordinary citizens to join the dialoue if you go too hurriedly to dismiss them on the account of this minority.As such you would have become part of the problem!!!

    • Eastern says:

      Dear False Millionaire,

      I have lived among the dinkas for a very long time; I went with them to primary school, fought with them during the two decade plus war and I still continue to serve dinka people in their villages.

      The one thing common to the so-called majority tribes is their lack of trust in the minorities; they believe that any idea required to shape the future of South Sudan must be authored by them.

      I have seen this attitude at play during my long engagement with dinka communities in South Sudan; they would almost always want to change a decision that doesn’t originate from one of them, how disgusting!

      • simba says:

        Only problem is they have zero ideas to contribute apart from war and mayhem in the name of revolution and SPLA-oyee mantra…bunch of loosers!

  6. Nyang Nguac says:

    You’re right but all the things you mention here. I think to those people who were struggle to brought freedom to this country will never accepting your opinions . Because they know what is right for citizens of this country and if you’re n’t believe me. Ok you’ll reading it for yourseft when the patriots of this nationa will going to telling you and thank.

  7. sparrow says:

    Dear south sudanese

    I would like to inform you all that, the above mention letter was not the view of all equatorian in UK. it was the view of individual group who are chasing after their own interest. because if there is any reform in our country system, it will not be done by we who are in diaspora or asked outsider’s to force to us their anybody who had read this letter, considered it was written by a small group of equatorian who are living here in Britain and they are not representing any equatorian.

  8. JJ jebel says:

    Dinka who are sporting idiot president Salva Kiir are enemies of others tribe. They have created enemity all over South Sudan. I am an equatorian and ready to fight for my land occupied hatred Dinkas.

    JJ Jebel

  9. JJ jebel says:

    Very soon greater Equatoria will be in fire. We have been recruiting and have been waiting for bushes to get tall in order to fight Salva Kiir.

  10. oyhath says:

    Great! You, the Equatorians, must also bring up your voices to bear on the peace process and to shape the agenda moving forward. The country is in a big mess and all communities have a stake and need to have a say if we really are serious about a stable, democratic country. Equatorians are to me a symbol of unity for South Sudan. For example, despite the fact that the largest number of South Sudanese tribes are located in greater Equatoria, there is tolerance and much less inter-community frictions in that region. In fact, I would say there is inter-community harmony in that region, compared to what is bordering anarchy and jungle culture in other parts of the country.

    I feel, however, that we cannot and should not go back to the old, former 3 regions of Equatoria, Bahr El-Ghazal and Upper Nile. If the goal is bringing power closer to the people in their regions and localities, then the way forward is not to reduce the number of States to 3 from the current 10. I have no doubt Equatorians would live harmoniously in a Greater Equatorian State or Region, but why make the good the enemy of the excellent? I mean, while one State or Region maybe good for Equatorians – and Equatorians will for sure live peacefully under one Region given their peace-loving nature, I think it would even be excellent or better if you have more than on State, like the current 3 States in Equatoria, because that would ensure bringing power closer to the people in Equatoria. Beyond greater Equatoria, going back to the 3 former regions is akin to condemning the other 2 regions of Bahr El-Ghazal and Upper Nile to tribal domination and perpetual instability, because of the culture of anarchism of some groups in those regions.

    On Federalism, no doubt it is the way forward if we -and those who support us in our quest for peace (AU, UN, EU, TROIKA, China and IGAD) -are serious about durable peace and stability in the country. In order to be a democratic choice of South Sudanese, Federalism as a system of governance should be put up for vote by the people. And I agree federalism should be clearly featured in the peace agreement that will guide the transitional period – short of that, we and those who support us in our quest for peace (AU, UN, China, EU, TROIKA, etc) would only be kidding ourselves.


  11. AGUMUT says:

    Still anti Dinka,while government in Iuba is for them.Eat and deny like chickens.To me,their simple looks like LEPROSY FINGERS.

  12. johnjerry says:

    A good piece of idea or advice is worth a million Dollar and saves life.Those who have ears should listen and those who have eyes should see .We have all seen and heard and continue to see and hear what is going on in our nascent Country.We need change big time a change that will make a Philosopher think and say “wow”what a bright idea.What is inside that black box a philosopher would ask himself and try to see through the black box to see the content without opening it. Transparency would be the best answer that will not need a surgeon to perform a surgical operation on a transparent frog as you can clearly see through the frog that is what we need and want in RSS.

    We all belong to one family and see RSS as our only Mother that will breast feed us regardless of who our father is.There are 64 children in a family of a single Mother with all the children from different fathers.How would such a mother single out some of her children as being the best and only look after them and forget the rest knowing clearly that she is a single mom and her children depends on her. All our politicians or would be politicians should think outside
    their tribes and look and see RSS as a Nation with diversity and should always think outside the box.

    We are all 64 tribes that make up what we call RSS and we all need one another to make this great country of ours home to every single one of us without fear and favor.But alas it it is the Dinkas and Nuers who think they belong because of their number this is wrong a number is not the factor here it is all about belonging to one family that of RSS and not the Dinka, Nuer,Tabosa or chollo While I like the idea put forward by the Equatorians in the UK as a suggestion I would suggest the Equatorians should not only talk of Equatoria,but based their talks at national level. There can be no Equatoria without Upper Nile or Bhar El Ghazal. We need politicians who think outside the box.

  13. alex says:

    Dear all

    This letter belongs to the individuals who sign it. It does not reflect the views of all equatorians. The Equatorians believe in peaceful coxeistance and unity of the country. So it should not be taken seriously. If any individual has personal problems they should not involved all the innocent people


  14. Abel Magok says:

    Thank you Mr. alex for clarifying this puzzling letter written by the name of Equatorians Community in UK. It is hard to find three or five Equatorians without one person with nationalist thinking and ideas. The views and proposals expressed in the letter are nothing more than 1980s Kokora views. Readers of this Web. Forum knew that there are one or two extremes from Equatoria, living in the UK. they can write a letter using name of Equatoria community to put value in their tribal proposals.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Alex and Abel Mangok
      You are talking rubbish. This letter carries the views of all Equatorians in UK. The meeting of 28/04/2015 in Manchester which resulted into this letter was attended by almost 90 percent of Equatorians in UK. So please stop your nonsense. If this letter was not authentic many Equatorians would have come out openly to dismiss it using their true names. Stop patronising Equatorians as if they do not know what they want. Equatorians know very well that they do not want your rotten government. Period.

      • alex says:

        Paul you are one of the most primitive educated southern Sudanese who want to seek positions in the name of innocent people. Can you publish the names of the people who sign this letter. The letter belong to Vuni and his group but not all equatorians are in the dark ages of hatred of kokora. We are a nationalist people who believe in unity of our country. Those politics belong to backward primitive people who still believe in tribes but not their country. We have seen the danger of the tribal politics. It is a disease which has been planted by the Arabs on mind of people who are ignorant about the importance of unity.

        Hatred develops depends on the way how you are brought up and I am not brought up in a society of hate. What causes people to hate others people is the evil within the individual and the environment you were brought in. If you grew up in time of hate we are different I grew in times of love for others including even your enemies. I have different culture unlike of yours of hate which is not helpful to the stability of our country. You are narrow minded on regionalism but I a visionary nationalistic thinker. Equatoriansim does not help our nation but nationalism is the remedy to all our short sightness.

  15. Willie Wani says:

    Dear all writers,
    All of you need to seek the wisdom of God before you make your writing. We are fighting against tribalism that we do not want any body to mention any tribe that it is the bad tribe but let us try to address the problem as we see it and find a solution. If we talk of Dinkas that they are the worst of all the bad people in South Sudan; we are also still carrying on tribalism in real sense. Let us fight these enemies: Corruption is the enemy number one in this country and this was adopted by life in cattle camp where taking some ones cattle is a pride; and they are from there. Riek Machar is enemy number two because he caused war and led thousands to die. He did not plan to save and serve the people and he is not fighting to serve them either. Tribalism is enemy number three because it has led many to be without hope and jobless in their own country. Let us look for ways that can bring an end to these three great enemies and we live in peace. Gen. Salva Kiir can be voted in or voted out. This is not the big fight here. You can reach me in UK by this


    • Eastern says:


      Pointing out the bad deeds of dinka people is NOT tribalism; what are you doing in the UK and why must anybody contact you?

      The country is running aground thanks to a group of senile men referring to themselves as the Jieng Council of Elders and here one obscure Wani wants to divert people’s attention from the real issue.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Cher Camarade Eastern,

    A force de vivre avec dinka,vous etes devenu plus que dinka mon frère.But I am very pleased to debate with you.I am not here to refute your assertion.But the world is not at a stone age stand still that was ever the world of the dinka.Things have changed and the lengthy bloody war under John Garang has greatly helped many dinka citizens to see the world beyond dinka lenses.There are more educated dinka citizens now than ever before.In particular those in diaspora have not come abroad with cows.So they are neither conquerors nor illegal occupiers but sincere citizens living by sweat and effort and capable of applying reason to make themselves viewed as best citizens in the neighbourhoods.This is the bright side of the dinka that you have not yet seen.So if I do not refute your assertion,it’s becouse the screen through which you can see to appreciate that bright side is unduly occupied by the jieng SPLM/A elites in the misruling government.At this point,you are excused and therefore it’s needless to view you as handing out a severe judgment.

    One hopes you can still bear along.But who don’t you know among the jieng SPLM/A elites in the misruling government?they are Kiir among many others who have had experiences of fighting to kill or be kilt.Full stop.You as a rebel soldier,you ought to know too well that the rebels were not paid.You ate what you took by force in many cases.Even your women you took them by force also without paying the doweries to their families.Everything you wanted you got and unarmed ordinary citizens through out south sudan complied becouse you would do them harm.That is the dark chapter many of us including you refuse to consider to have soiled our national moral standards.

    The CPA came with the independence later and all of you came to town with the savage irrational jungle mind-set.That’s why it’s not a surprise that the SPLM/A has failed the country and the society.But as sad as it is,the SPLM/A elites still deserve to be forgiven as they never had administrative experiences that should have helped them to rule RSS in peace time.I close this page by reminding you that the majority of the SPLM/A elites are now in their sixties or more and they will face the law of the nature therefore will not stay on for ever.The context of RSS without them soon is more evident.The rules of the bullet will give way to reason.The jieng citizens who represent the bright side of the dinka that you have never seen will have their due place in the forum of dialogue among the rest of RSS citizens.If you think dinka does’nt accept any one’s proposition,it will be still better to ask them to bring their propositions with them to the forum.I am convinced the future of RSS after the SPLM/A will never come from out side that forum!!!

    • Eastern says:

      Dear False Millionaire,

      Agreed that many a dinka people have benefitted from the Western Education thanks to the resettlement opportunities accorded to them during the two decades plus war.

      Well, going to school is one thing and getting changed, for lack of a better word, is quite another.

      The system in Juba is allergic to working with the so-called schooled South Sudanese. Many of the South Sudanese you alluded to have benefitted from the Western education can testify to you to have been tossed around in Juba or elsewhere in the country. A bush ‘comarade’ would be preferred to a P.hD holder in economic.

      This bush comradeship has created patronage where jobs are alloted based on who will pay alligence to when given the opportunity to serve where national resources abound.

      False Millionaire, I know so many bright Jieng people who are doing great job for the country but I also know very many who shouldn’t be where they are if the government of the day is for all the 60 plus nationalities in the country!

    • Bol says:

      That is 110 out of 100 ! However, your audience are just the Rocks and Stones !

  17. Batali says:

    Thank you Equatorians in UK.
    I second the proposal 1000% due to many factors. Those regions will be able to focus on their regions when state budgets are allocated into three sectors. Simple economics. The dangers of Federalism that has further divided the current states into 21 states is to weaken more of some of the regions when comes the pillars of higher governmental/federal controlling elite who may be the same old dogs that cannot be taught new tricks.
    There is fear with these proposal in this article because some of the ethnic groups who never saw their own regions, as regions to develop in the 1980s regarded the reincarnation of the 1947 federalism (Kokora) to be regarded, as tribalism. That hatred for misconstruing federalism, which was called Kokora in local Bari language was used against Equatorians while fighting in the bushes. The agony of Kokora, which has become sentimental in the psyche of other communities, was a spell that bewitched and haunted the ethnic community of the Dinka into thinking that their rights that was granted to them through affirmative action and abused by Abel Alier became the cancer of today.
    Why have the Dinka been so bitter about Kokora or federalism? It was a simple regurgitation of what Abel Alier did, by promoting Dinkanisation by induction.
    During Abel Alier’s term of office, as the President of High Executive Council, many Dinka flocked from all the kraals to Juba and dominated many offices including recruitment prerequisites that has to do with a certain height. This led to recruitment of all those tall un-educated kraal boys into police services.
    Chaos was everywhere in Juba with marked inter-tribal conflicts in schools and market places. Cattle were driven into Juba town and literally Juba was seen, as the biggest and filthy village in the world due to its characteristics of roaming cattle and cattle dungs found all over the town.
    Today when everyone doesn’t want to move out of Equatoria, its because they that live in the peripheries of the borders of Equatoria region know nothing, but inter tribal conflicts that are linked to cattle rustling. Equatoria region has played a role of safe haven.
    Think about that!

  18. lomiji says:

    I concur with Elhaj. Equatorians in the Uk met discussed and agreed on the contents of the missive. As in most group endeavours, maybe, the final product cannot reflect all the opinions of the participants. There wont be enough space; and also, the secretariat has to reflect the running and accepted theme. It is a tendered opinion of those Equatorians, which is open to scrutiny and strengthening by like minded contributors.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    “Bush comradeship has created patronage where jobs are all alloted based on who will pay alligence to when given the opportunity to serve where national resources abound”,and,”…many who shouldn’t be where they are if the government of the day is for all the 60 plus nationalities in the country”,excellent camarade.Those were the points I was driving us into.So comradeship is SPLM/Aism and SPLM/Aism is comradeship.I hope others will appreciate your contribution so greatly.

    Merci et bonne nuit mon ami!!!

  20. Willie Wani says:

    I live in UK and there was no meeting led to the appointment of Federico Awi Vuni to be the chairman of equatorian committee in UK and write such document. This man does not exist in UK either. This writer may be a Nuer group who want equatorians to fight with Dinkas. Nuers died in big numbers as a single tribe fighting a government; instead for you to open the eyes of Riek Mackar to see this and save Nuers from dying by stopping the war, you are still thirsty for more blood to be poured in Equatoria. What happiness do you get in seeing blood shed or people dying? Are you not living devils on earth? Please stop this propaganda and talk sense to show that you have healthy minds and health hearts for the people of this country South Sudan. You must stop writing in the name of Equatorians right from now.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Willie Wani,
      It’s utterly incredulous that you are disputing what other REAL Wanis’ and the Elhag Paul’s and other doctors in UK participated in.
      Please, wake up from your world of illusion and check who are also living in your environs and join the crowd.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Wani,

      Have you been in touch with Vuni to come to the conclusion that the missive he authored does not represent the views of Equatorian community in the UK? Get in touch with him through his contacts and share with the forum your discussion if you are a true Equatorian!

      It’s preposterous for a true Equatorian to be seen watering down an otherwise brilliant idea, among many, that can be used to pacify the country. How else could the war be stopped? Are you insinuating that it’s incumbent on the beligerants to dictate terms? What would become of Equatorians fate? Equatoria must be seen to be part of the solution to the current mayhem.

      • Lomiji says:

        Well stated Eastern.
        I am a Wani myself and I have lived in manchester, UK (where the meeting was held) for over 15 years; and I have never heard of this guy. Maybe he is not in touch with the rest of South Sudanese/Equatoria community in the UK, otherwise, how could he not have heard of this meeting or known Mr. Vuni?
        On the other hand, maybe he is genuine but a non-Equatorian with an axe to grind.
        Mr. Willie (Wani?), accept that the meeting did take place, if indeed you have a clue; and let people discuss more important issues relevant to our dis-integrating situation at home in Equatoria and south sudan in general for a way forward. If you choose to be a bystander, it does not mean that you are not concerned. Keep to the sidelines/bench.

      • Gatnuer says:

        Equatorians will solve South Sudan problem? You’re kidding.

  21. Hoiloom says:

    Willie Wani

    Listen to yourself, where have the Nuer asked Equatorians to join them in the battle field agains Kiir’s dictatorship? You remind me of Dr. James Okuk who abused Nuer a few months ago in one of his articles not knowing that his Shilluk Kingdom may turn against the dictator. You are abusing us today but tomorrow it may be your turn to mourn your love ones as already witnessed in Western Equatoria county of Mundri.
    Equatoria is not a separate country, therefore anything that affect Greater Upper Nile is expected to reach your door step. Don’t be passive, South Sudan belongs to all of us and Equatoria as a region is expected to provide solution to our ailments.


  22. Willie Wani says:

    Dear Editor,
    The true South Sudanese is a man who is sad and worried because people are dying in the war daily. But doctors who sit and write war enticing letters in the UK and who are safe with their children are living devils more worse than commanders who kill civilians in the battle field without mercy. These doctors and Vuni must go to Juba and tell Kiir and go to Pagak and tell Riek to do what they want. If they fear to die but writing in order to see more dead in the country, then, they have to check their motives. Not all doctors have health hearts and patriotism for the country. Some doctors work to destroy human life and property. Check these doctors hearts but do not value only their academic papers; their hearts may be full of evil thoughts.

  23. alex says:


    We now do not waste time for lairs action speak lauder than propogandas. The choice belong to you people those who believe in war will be taught a lesson which they will not forget. The events in Melut nad Malakal should act as a warning to the war mongers. The rebel spokesperson lies were put on light. In my writings which you refused to published I told you to send reportes to Melut and Malakal didn’t you send. Participating in a meeting does not mean people agree. Let those who participated in the meeting sign there names to show that it is what they have agreed. splm-in opp have no future in South Sudan because you have no vision. G 10 is soon going to come back because they love their country so let you and your leader continue to beat the war drums. The power of peace is stronger than hate speechs and I know soon the peace lover in splm -in opp will start to disert the movement. There is nothing we can accept from war mongers. We are tried of war and there is no need for anothe war. Enough is enough if we have differences we can slove it peacefull without resorting to war. War is evel and cruel so we need peace.


  24. Federico Vuni says:

    Message to Willie Wani,
    Thanks to the Editor and to the brothers who responded to Mr Wani’s comments as for you Mr Willie Wani I don’t know whether this is your true name, however instate of responding to your comments I invite you to call me on 0044 (0) 7832404079 or come over to Leeds in West Yorkshire where you can meet face to face and have a chat

  25. Toria says:

    Federico Vuni and fellow compartriots:
    First of all, I would like to comment that you wrote an excellent piece, I second every motion. As to this lunatic so called Willie Wani is not an Equatorian but a jenge wearing a sheep skin pretenting to be an Equatorian which they all wish they could be accepted as equals to us, unfortunately a dinka is a dinka even in centuries will still be arian jenge. In the first place no any Equatorian will write such a bogus comment especially mentioning Nuers, we all know who are the enemies of Nuer, they are called “arian jenge” not Equatorian.
    So Mr Vuni don’t waste your time with idiots like that, instead let’s keep the message of sanity circulating, we all know that with the dinkas in power there will never be peace in South Sudan. In fact it was Equatorians who initiated the quest for independence when we first took arms to resist Jalaba domination until the dinkas betrayed and hijected the first movement, they acted like brothers at that time and we were naive to allow them to betray us. Now let’s start afresh and this time we all know who are the rotten onions in the busket but this time they must be rid out end of story. To everyone who is thiniking of doing any business, don’t allow any dinka to join your organizations, they are void of ideas but rather they come to steal and destroy your plans. Good for nothing.

  26. alex says:

    Those who think they can rule by force or take goverment by force be taught a lesson which they will not forget. The war mongers must be very careful or els you will be forced to fle. People who should understand the language of peace in this net must know their time is almost coming to an end because the libertors are there to protect our country and they cruse any rebellion.

    • Bol says:

      When Torit mutiny was crashed, Wilson cought, put on trial and hanged…. there was no Dinka betrayal. When A grey Jaden resign from leadership…. There was no Dinka. When General Lagu batrayed Gordon Murtat, and become a leader, sign Adis Ababa agreement, there was no Dinka involvement.. Please review your claims before spreading them around.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        You must be reading or hearing a wrong and distorted history.
        First, Aggrey Jaden, the most respected and principled South Sudanese politician, voluntarily ceded power when it was decided that the leadership of the Anya-nya liberation movement should be led by a military leadership, especially after the damaging squabbles among those politicians in exile.
        Secondly, General Joseph Lagu didn’t ‘betray’ nobody. The Israelis who had stepped in to militarily support the Anya-nya, impressed on the necessity of a trained military officer, which of course would be Lagu, our first graduate of military college in Sudan.
        Gordon Muortat was not educated and despite his revolutionary spirit to fight for independence of South Sudan, he silently stepped aside. His Anyidi movement which had the support of many Equatorian politicians quietly moved aside to enable Lagu fight for our liberation.
        I don’t know how much you know about Muortat, but he wasn’t an extreme Jieng tribalist the likes of Justin Yak and your Jieng council of elders. To his honour, Muortat never liked or accept Abel Alier’s leadership that’s why he remained in exile, Britain, since the 1972 Addis Ababa agreement until his death.
        Truly, both Jaden and Muortat might surpass all South Sudanese politicians as the most purified and staunchest national leaders ever.

  27. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Mr. Paul, toria & Eastern Darfur
    Stop despising people as if you were a little foolish man, you become barren of insults and stupidity in this web and spreading the lairs, hatred and tribalism across the country.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Inta rakib min yatu mahata ya zol?

      • Force_1 says:

        “Inta Rakib min yatu mahata ya zol” were the very same people who were superior enough to take jobs in Juba in the 1960s, 70s and 1980s over you the self-proclaimed to be educated at the time. Really! Why would you called for “Kokora” for the people you called “rakib min waan if you were superior enough than they were? You see; you can’t make fun of people you can’t even compete with that’s highly irrational!

        I was in Juba as a 7 year old in 1980; I was born in a town called Terekaka. We often go to Juba for vacation. I am a Dinka by tribe and an Equatorian by birth; both my parents are Dinka. My father fought with Joseph Logu in Aya-Anya-1! You can’t tell me anything about Equatoria that I don’t know!

        • Joana Adams says:

          Mr Force,

          Bullying is the game of weak demented folks who are deluded that by using force, they can instill fear in others and get what they want. Using brute physical force has made you cattle keepers to wipe out your state capitals without any remorse. Destruction of properties is against military ethics. And a lot of you guys are guilty of war crimes.
          Even before the madness of Kiir in December 2013, a lot of you cattle keepers made Lakes and Jonglei states uninhabitable, hence you all fled to Jubà as refugees.
          Listen Mr Force, you can do anything but you can never force your self to be an Equatorian however much you dream to be recognise and accepted as one. There must be something which you people are envying about being Equatorians and wished you were/are Equatorians. By your own admission, your parents are both Jiengs, so how does that make you an Equatorian? Why are you so ashamed of being a Dinka? You can be born in Equatorian a hundred times over, but sorry Force you will never be one of us. Even many of your people who impersonate Equatorians on the websites, betray themselves by their crude manners and attitudes, which far from being Equatorian, are as far as the West is from the East.
          It must be so panful living in a body, one is not happy with. God forbids. And if you were born in Terekeka, then you first need to be naturalised as a Mundari, before your application to become an Equatorian can be considered. I don’t think the Mundari will be particularly amused.
          Otherwise, just pray that God gives you peace to accept who you are, and to be happy with yourself.

          Joana Adams

          • Force_1 says:

            Joana Adam;
            You have to be highly irrational if you believe that we don’t already own South Sudan! We sacrifice our blood and treasure to own South Sudan. We are here whether we were born in South Sudan or not and have you done anything about it in Equatoria? Your ownership of Equatoria against Dinka is just like the native American Indians’ ownership of United States of America against the white Europeans! But do Native Amerian Indians really own United States? Well their lifestyle in the States would answer that question!
            Come and ask any Dinka living in Equatoria if they have Visas and Passports to stay and own properties anywhere here! Remember the next policy to you would be “Live free in peace or die” in South Sudan!

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Whoever you are, be advised that history often repeats itself.
            Rome, the mighty empire once, has collapsed.
            Hutu domination in Rwanda is totally buried.
            Gadaffi Libyan dynasty and terror is gone.
            Obote Luo misrule in Uganda had crumpled.
            Dictator Tito of Yugoslavia…where is that country now…remember????
            Dinka…ummmmph….. where is Aturjong now… yourselves before thy kingdom crumbles soonest..

        • John Kijana says:

          Mr Force,

          There is a saying in Bari: “A lizard may soak itself in water for ages but wont turn into a crocodile” A jieng will remain a jieng regardless whether you were born, raised in Juba. Period.

          • Joana Adams says:

            Mr Force,

            The editor has adequately answered you. So has Kijana. But let me just add that as for Dinka ownership of South Sudan, we’ll see about that. You lost the argument and failed to answer why the Jieng are not happy to be Jiengs but want to be Equatorians, want to live in Equatoia, want to marry Equatorian women and want to eat Equatoian food. I find the point about visas or passports or ownership of properties rather rather myopic. Did your lot not live in Khartoum, owned properties, owned Sudanese passports and didn’t require visas to live in Khartoum. What happened after 2011?
            Your threat or warning of chosing to “live free in peace or to die” in South Sudan is an empty threat, it wont’ be too long before you eat your own words! Before your policy succeeds, Dinka’s will die in equal measures, unless blood don’t flow in your veins!
            The Euopean settlers in the America’a committed ethnic cleansing against native Americans but that was over 3-4 centuries ago and that was before the United Nations was born and human rights conventions were enshrined into the UN conventions. So Dinka’s are very late in their colonisation project, which will be resisted to the last man and woman.
            Secondly, the European settlers had more superior civilisation than the native red Indians but you don’t. You are coming to Equatoria to be civilised. And that is what is irrational about uncivilised people wanting to colonise a more civilised people.

            Joana Adams

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Alier-Kon,

      Go back to Bor South, Twi, Duk, etc in Jonglei and try to convince your Nuer cousins that your people who have spent years in Eastern Equatoria and East Africa have grasped ways of modern human beings!

      The last time I was in Twi East, folks were in the numerous islands doing badly trying to survive. Come home from your refuge in the West to help make your people lead good lives. They shouldn’t be in the forests of Adjumani and Rhino camp in Uganda!

      Alier-kon, get this fact right, Equatoria will EXTRICATE itself from the madness of New Sudan which you folks from Jonglei were drafted in droves to uphold! That daydream would be stopped!

      The Eastern Rock

  28. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Toria.
    Your name is sound like empty vessels and bastard that has no choice to talks to Dinka because is a cowards that will not resist his enemy in any battle.
    you spreading the distasteful and profound hatred against Dinka in the country and it will not help you that disdain at all.
    Yes our name Dinka does not harm any thing or caused any repugnance in any society son of barren man.
    (NYam-Nyam) the Equatorian still be called nyam-nyam until the end of this world no another names will come apart from this.

  29. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Eastern Darfur,
    I hope every body is in Uganda -Adjumani district like madi community who went there since anya-anya war and yet they did not come back home so please could called them back?
    am in Bor now not in WESTERN countries like your fellow men who were given the yellow cards for feeding.
    you just shouted like okwik birds and barking meaninglessly like yellow monkey on the mountain son of poor man.

  30. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Eastern Darfur,
    I hope every body is in Uganda -Adjumani district like madi community who went there since anya-anya war and yet they did not come back home so please could you called them back?
    am in Bor now not in WESTERN countries like your fellow men who were given the yellow cards for feeding.
    you just shouted like okwik birds and barking meaninglessly like yellow monkey on the mountain son of poor man.

  31. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Paul.
    min mahata Khartoum yazol Waa yenta?

  32. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, infor@south Sudan
    I though that you are neutral as from this website but the really enemy who is eating the boat under the water so it will sink down by fueling the media propaganda to those who are living outside the country to achieved their main objectives of negatives attitude to wards the other tribe in south Sudan.
    be careful and watch out my friend we know wherever you are hiding, marks my words that you would face the consequences of your illusion in this country. it shown that you are one of Riek Machar who is campaigning for rebellion on the web site to create the confusion among the nation. I believe that you are scorn person with lunatic thinking.

  33. Toria says:

    There is no internet in Bor, white army have wiped out everything, so stop lying, ya khazab Aliar.

  34. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Toria or shakuz.

    If you were one of the white army now you will not come back to Bor again until the end of your lives .
    that is why I said always you are out of the country as foreigner because you knew nothing about south Sudan.
    can you go to make a research which activities are going in Bor right now not even a internet.
    we burnt them with motoo!!!!! ( kimang)( mac)

  35. Toria says:

    Come to Equa-Toria, I will teach you how to build real houses, not like that in Bor shanty town made of boxes or cartons. Where has all the stolen oil money gone? SPLA crooks gave all the money to the stupid Ugandan updf gays your husbands? Bor is nothing but full of garbage, 90% HIV positive, go to hospital you sick animals.

  36. Abel Magok says:

    Alier-kon, you are the second person to protest after brother alex against this hiden infor@south Sudan, sometimes identify himself/ herself editor. Now i am joining you brothers, this Web. Forum by its name South Sudan Nation was thought to be the Forum engineered behind the seen by neutral body, those who could bring us togther as Southerners to discuss our country’s problems without favoring any of opinion expressed but he/she in many occations came into surface in his/her hiden location supporting chaotic ideas of tribalism and hatred to certain group or tribe.

    Brother alex mentioned that he wrote an article or commentary but was not published instead ended up perhaps in garbage can just because alex ideas were not favored. I am cautioning nationalist thinkers or writers and other decent individuals to be careful enough in sending there ideas to this Web. Forum named South Sudan Nation.
    It becomes spoiled by the editor favoring certain opinions and the Web. Forum is no longer neutral but for those advocating of tribalism and hatred against certain group in governmnet or tribe and this should not be the way we can address our issues as people to live in one country.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Abel Magok, Alier-Kon and Alex
      Yours are unfounded and baseless allegations that can not stand scrutiny. is the only website for South Sudanese that upholds and practices the ideal of FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. To accuse SouthSudanNation of tribalism is the most ridiculous thing one can think about. What you the trio is doing is projecting your own tribalism on the website. If you want a tribalistic website please visit the NewSudanVision where every article and commentator is Jieng praising President Salva Kiir and his coterie. It does not publish articles from non Jieng and it does not tolerate criticism like the government of South Sudan. It is Jiengcentric in every aspect – this is what you should and rightly so call tribalistic. The beauty of SouthSudanNation is that it values every South Sudanese and every other person from around the globe to express their views openly. Even your vitriol is published and valued. What a beautiful and refreshing website?

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Elhag Paul,
        Thanks a lot, you have so explicitly educated those who are tribally against the
        Let’s clearly tell those against freedom of expression that this God-given human right to free expression can’t be curtailed by oppressive dictators like Kiir any more.
        Let the struggle continue….. brothers and sisters of South Sudan.

        • Joana Adams says:

          Yes, Editor, we need to fight for our God-given right to freedom of speech and expression. For those trio who are not so sure, this freedom extends to not sending your articles for publication on southsudannation website. Unless ofcourse you are telling the world that Editor is coercing you to send your articles to him to be published. This freedom also means you can set up your own website and then at least we can judge how you are faring and how long you will last, instead of wasting your energies in your unsolicited “educating” of the owner and editor of this great website.

          • alex says:

            Joana Adams backword people do not know that freedom speech does not mean hate speech. They do not know that freedom of speech is accompanied by the responsibility of being hoenisty and telling the truth. There are two journalist who are now in hidding because of thinking of speech did not have a limit. One is in Equadorian embbassy in UK and the other one is now in Russia. Why would these two journalist be in hidding form the mothers of the democratic nations who belief in freedom of speech? It is because they think there is no limit or you can tell a lie and you will not be accountable to it. After the end of the war in S. Sudan do you think you will not account for all what you wrote. You people are still jocking the massess of S. Sudan will hold you accountable for your lies and hate speech. We will not forgive you until you are brought to books to answer your lies and prove it in a court. or you risk to be in hidding like your friends in Russia and Landon in the Equadorian embassy.

      • alex says:

        Elhag Paul

        The problem is if a man is has a mental problem he does not understand he is sick and need help. Read your articles and many articles from your friends like Rambogo, Chromos Jas and many others. Your level of understanding is limited to tribal politics despite your so called PhDs. I once advised you people not bencher areas you are not a sepecialist in. To have a PhD does not mean you can be a good politician. Elhag to be sincere to you you can not lead or rule a simple village in S. Sudan because your spirit is overwarlmed by hatred. I advice you to constrate on the area which you specilise in. Leadership is from God and I can hoenestly tell you you do not have a skill in leading people. Secondly you made S. Sudanese now not to be respected because of telling lairs. Ask infor@south Sudan I one time wrote some of the evidences of lairs being published in Southsudannation he refused to publish it because it was a truth and a truth is always bitter. This web belong to a backword group of people who are trying to be a good politicans. Your writings are all like for people who are frustrated in life and I believe based on my readings of your articles you people may not be living an eassy life that is why such amount of hate has build up in your heads. My advice to all of you is to deal with all your problem as separate issue and do not mix it with politics otherwise you will be exposing your frustration which nobody bears responsibility for it.

  37. Abel Magok says:

    Mr Elhag Paul and info@southsudannation (Editor)
    Let me repeat this, is no longer neutral and spoiled by un-neutral Editor and his own words i am quoting are the proof of what we were saying.
    ( Let’s clearly tell those against freedom of expression that this God-given human rights to free expression can’t be curtailed by oppressive dictators like Kiir any more) With those words, is he now a neutral Editor?

    alier-kon was indeed right by pointing out Editor is compaigning for rebellion on the website to create confusion among the nation.
    For Elhag Paul, bellow is the tiny part quoted from your article Tittled Forty years of chaos and disorder in South Sudan.

    In the 60 years of South Sudan’s tragic existence from 1955to 2015, the Jieng have directly been responsible for 43 years of the chaos and disorder in the then region and now country. This makes 72 percent of valuable time wasted. It is what can honestly be called a period of continuing dakniess. the remaining 28 percent was lost to the opression of the Arabs.
    What readers can say about this, is it not a tribalism, hatred against certain group? in addition to high level of ignorance how South Sudan came to be a country today. I thought Elhag Paul could feel shame for this article carrying such hatred and ignorance.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Long time ago, when I established this website before the Sudan Tribune and those newer websites, the goal was to first focus attention on the liberation war in South Sudan and secondly, to vigorously campaign and inform the world that independence of the South Sudan was paramount. This was of course to counter against Dr. Garang’s basic philosophy of the so-called ‘New Sudan.’
      Now even if I didn’t shoot any bullets, I proudly feel that this website’s energized our campaign for ‘total independence’ to the wider world and to most South Sudanese in diaspora who found this website a forum to express the same sentiments loudly and clearly, all these can be attributed as an achievement.
      Most importantly, for your information, if you had followed the website earlier, you will discover that my editorials and the visitors articles and comments have all been criticisms for or against our leaders and their actions.
      For your information, we all know very well how this country struggled to become a nation but we can not knowingly and quietly allow it to fail, as is happening now, without commenting on the problems that Kiir has brought on the nation.
      Of course, tribalism is the PROBLEM, and as enlightened citizens, we just can’t sit back and allow those tribalists to ruin this country. Therefore, campaigning for federation or kokora or other modalities, as a suggestion or a solution to our predicament is our inalienable right. There are great nations, e.g. USA, Canada, Germany, that are federal and they are doing great.
      Anyway, my final point is: let us as South Sudanese start learning to talk critically and freely to find peaceful solutions to our situation. Just because the president has a tribal-dominated army, police and security and he can kill opponents with impunity, will not save the country.
      Believe you me, the power of the internet is now more powerful than your bullets or oppression. Meanwhile, let’s keep talking not fighting.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Abel Magok
      I have nothing to feel ashamed about. It you and your naive Jieng Council of Elders who should feel ashamed of your tribalism and criminality against the South Sudanese people. It is the Jieng who continously carry out acts of hatred for example the land grab and killing of people. Do not think you are clever to push your hatred of the 62 tribes of South Sudan to me and the SSN. Whether you like it or not I will continue to right the truth of our experience which is littered with horrific Jieng abuse. Caio!!!

      • alex says:

        The devil has filled your heart with hate and soon if you are not careful, it will mislead you like the way Cain was mislead to kill his own brother because of power struggle. You have reached a dangerous level or seek help before it is too late

      • Force_1 says:

        Paul Elhag;
        You don’t have any idea that you’re only going to be hurting your own people back home with that aimless hatred. You know that you’re not going to face any consequences for your actions because you’re living abroad. But for how long are you going to be hiding there preaching hatred? Unless you’re going to stay and burred there where you are!

  38. Editor & Elhag Paul,
    If you are not ashamed of your triblistic and regionalistic comments/posts plus unnecessary hatred and jealousy against Dinka, then you better stops your nonsensical bragging or boasting about change in South Sudan coz you are the living example of the worst to come in this country should you succeed in your evil wishes in your current campaigns.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear J. Chin Jacob
      You, the Jieng Council of Elders and the SPLM are the worst nightmare South Sudanese are experiencing – thieves, murders, plunderers etc. The right phrase to describe you is “Devilish barbarians”. Yes, the right change is coming and there is nothing you can do about it. My advice to you is that you should begin to discipline yourself and begin to behave
      acoordingly. Otherwise the coming change will not only tame you but will put you in your rightful place, the Luak in Muraa.

  39. Abel Magok says:

    Mr. Elhag Paul

    You are off point my friend or blind by this high level of tribalsim and hatred occupying your mind. If you read well all my writings or commentaries, i never represented any organization, group or even certain area like what you have always do in your writings representing Equatoria and dispay hatred and advocate for tribalsim. I am a nationalist thinker and free minded individual only against those carrying hatred and tribalist like you because is taking us nowhere in South Sudan.
    You said not ashame of anything, that could be true because when tribalsim and hatred mentally reached to the boiling point, you will not be feeling ashame anymore for anything.
    I don’t know how long Mr. Elhag Paul has been living in UK, it is unfortunate somebody living in a highly advanced country with free democracy couldn’t benefit or mentally oriented in away that could help people out from problems or see things differently.
    We will see how Mr. Elhag is going to achieve all he wants in Equatoria or South Sudan through such hatred and tribal mindset.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Abel Magok
      You rant about hatred and tribalism, why don’t you condemn the Jieng tribalism going on in South Sudan. The president is a Jieng, the minister of defence is a Jieng, the minister of foreign affairs is a Jieng, the minister of finance is a Jieng, the chief of the army is a Jieng, the chief of police is Jieng, the chief of prison is a Jieng, the chief of wildlife is a Jieng, ninety eight percent of ambassadors are Jieng, the chief of immigration is a Jieng – is South Sudan a property of the Jieng? Who is a tribalist now? Who is discriminating and oppressing the other 63 tribes. Your government must be brought down by all means necessary. Pathetic hypocrite.

  40. Abel Magok says:

    I have been follow up news with South Sudan Nation for a quite long time, it is true the website was given a name that attracted all southerners and every-one sees him/herselves in the name especially in the time of struggle. It was highly respected until recently before you come out to the surface revealed yourselve by supporting destructive points of views of individuals or commentators on the web. forum.
    You have maintained self control and neutrality for a long time until such control collapsed recently. There is a told saying a true colour or reality of a person could not correctly be identify until the time of difficulties. We would have not know true feelings behind this web if Riek Machar was not fighting with Government.
    It is not too late, you can repair back wounded credibility of this website by simply returnning to previous neutrality point.
    Yes, Editor can have or write his own poinions and distances himself/herself in supporting points of views expressed by commentators.
    You have suggested talks by saying let us keep talking, i like the idea because we can know each other well when we talk.
    With the talks, i become to know more about your intellectuality stand-point and how politically you are informed. You have mentioned in one of your commentaries that Gordon Muortat was not educated and added never like Abel Alier leadership that is why he remained in exile until his death. That was not true.
    I don’t know what might be your definition for uneducated person during the time of those of Gordon Muortat or even in current time. The current world most recoganize definition i know for educated person is when a person successfully finished high school. If you don’t know Gordon Muortat,he was a police officer, first lieutenant, then left police and became executive Director before he joined politic. You can not be a police officer then executive Diretor with the North that time while not educated. Moreover, Gordon Muortat wasn’t have problems with Abel Alier, he was in exile not because of Alier leadershp as you mentioned, he was not happy with Addis Ababa agreement, he was wanted full independent of the South then not regional government.
    I am surprise by your point of view that your web forum during struggle was counter against Dr. Garang’s baisc philosophy of the so-called New Sudan.
    This what you named basic philosophy of New Sudan of Dr. Garang was the successful strategy that we have now South Sudan as a country.
    It is an equation that could not be understand by most. Garang breaks it down like this, if you want South Sudan, come let us fight together until you reach what you think to be the border of South Sudan then remain there and let me proceed with people wanted whole sudan, yet people like Riek couldn’t understand the point, they joined Bashir fighting Garang on the slogan that they want independent of South Sudan, at the end they could not get it. They came back to join Garang’s New Sudan strategy until we have South now as a country.
    If we were starting the war with the demand of independent of South Sudan, we would have simply unit Arabs world behind Government of Sudan, and African countries would not help anything as AU principle is no new countries allowed in old borders left by the colonial administration.
    My last point i repeat get back to previous neutrality for the sake of this web Forum, it is not too late to do so.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Thanks for your attitude of compromise and concession in the sense that talking with your opponents is the best way to understand each other and of course live in peace.
      Only one comment I wanted to reiterate, and that’s whether Garang was right and sincere in his strategy you proudly alluded to that brought our independence and nation.
      First, the AU had already silently conceded to Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia, breaking their own motto of inviolability, it was a foregone conclusion that our independence was inevitable. Anyway, with or without the AU, South Sudan independence was more or less expedited by the Bush US government, nobody would ever stop that.
      Fortunately, when the liberation boat reached and docked at Gondokoro (Juba), every liberator hurriedly disembarked and Garang’s much-talked-of ‘New Sudan’ was completely abandoned. Garang and his sublets should sincerely apologize for those unfortunately deceived by the fallacious ideology of ‘New Sudan.’
      Today, Kiir has once again demonstrated Garang’s strategy of ‘untruth’ by incorporating and using the New Sudanese desperadoes aka, Nubas, Nubians and Darfuris, as mercenaries in the unholy war of survival vis-a-vis Machar.
      As time goes, we need to see some revisionism in our history and political development if we want a better future for every section of our new but failing nation.

  41. Abel Magok says:


    Theoretically, it is easy to take Eritrea as an example for South Sudan case but practically there are wide differences between two struggles in war components leading to success or failure of any of those two though both regions now countries were falling on AU policy of no new borders to creat.
    If you have good background about Eritrea struggle, it takes them not less than 30 years to achieve their independence and for this long period of time they were united in one thing, their enemy was one,the government in Addis.
    Moreover, Eritrea was heavly helped by Arabs countries as good number of Eritrean population are Muslims, in addition, Ethiopia became a communist system in 1970s under president Mangisto.
    Communism was the first enemy of Western world like now Islamic terrorism, they were fighting it by all means and with the falls of the Soviet Union by the end of 1980s to early1990s, effects of the Soviet Union collapsed appeared in communists countries including Ethiopia, and things started falling apart in Addis and the governement become facing two enemies, Eritreans, fighters and other Ethiopians desperate to change the system in Addis, hence, Eritrea gets a chance to force its will for independence of their country.

    Come to South Sudan, if we were starting the war with the demand of independence of South, no single Arabs country would have think to help struggle in South Sudan, they think south is a part of Arabs world and should not simply be given away and Egyptians, fundamental policy they do not want to see south Sudan be a country because of Nile water.
    Arabs countries did helped struggle because of Garang’s policy of New Sudan, Libya does helped with weapons and others like Egypt did helped politically.
    Africans countries of course would have help nothing if we were fighting for independence as AU. principle would not allowed such and the government in Sudan was not like in Ethiopia, it was indeed stable and surrounded by Arabs and Islamic countries ready to help them.
    Another issue we were not united like Eritreans, just in less tha 10 years Riek Machar and Lam Akol splits the movement and they joined government in Khartoum, making Garang and southerners fighting their first enemies instead of government in Khartoum.
    International community help when you proof yourself strong, president Bush would have not even hear us to intervene for peace if we were fighting for the independence from the beginning.
    I think these are complicated issues not every-one could understand such complexity of the situation but Garang does, that was why he succeeds.
    It seems you write on rumuors, there are no such of you have mentioned of Nubians, Darfuris fighting on the side of South Sudan government, even Ugandian Machar’s group has been talking are not in Upper Nile, Jongli and Unity States where the war been fought.

    • from haven to earth says:

      I Thankis what you people faithing for is not yet been den, because Saddam Hassan has back agan to the presidenttal office? How South Sudan is going to be?

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