The Warning of a Looming Genocide in South Sudan is a mere Scam

QUOTE: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi politician and Hitler’s Propaganda Minister.

Taban Abel Aguek, MP, South Sudan, DEC/26/2016, SSN;

In the last few weeks, there have been sustained warning of looming genocide in South Sudan. As reported by Sudan tribune, UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon, was the latest to add his voice to the matter saying before UNSC Monday last week, “If we fail to act, South Sudan will be on a trajectory towards mass atrocities.”

UN Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, had earlier also expressed fear of genocide occurring in South Sudan just after a brief visit to the country. The statements by both Mr. Ban Ki Moon and Mr. Dieng were not any different from those of US Permanent Secretary to the UN, Ambassador Samantha Power, who without a bit of shame compared the situation in South Sudan to the one of Rwanda of 1994.

Without fair evaluation, these UN elite personalities bought into false reports coined by Yasmin Sooka, Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, some bogus ‘paid’ civil society organizations and some wicked elements of the Enough Project. All connived on how to influence and usher quick move for sanctions and arms embargo on South Sudan.

For genocide warnings to be issued, there must be strong indicators, carefully examined and clearly justifiable, to unleash such warnings. According to media reports, Mr. Ban Ki Moon cites only two indictors: first, that President Kiir and his loyalists are “contemplating a new military offensive in the coming days against the armed opposition led by Machar”.

Secondly, that there are clear indications that Riek Machar and their opposition groups are pursuing a military escalation.

The question now is, are these indicators tangible enough to warrant the alarm of genocide? First of all, one has to carefully assess the size of the army accumulated at one point targeting what community to come to a conclusion that genocide is planned on that community.

Secondly, military offensives by both parties to the conflict have taken place from the onslaught of the conflict and no one has ever raised an alarm. Riek Machar on his part has declared war from day one, what is being hyped as of late about his war?

Neither are the indicators enough to point at a genocide nor the language befits the proper description of genocide itself. If Riek Machar is still in the bush and is still pursuing war, then he has to be fought. Fighting negative forces does not amount to genocide. UN telling South Sudan government not to fight opposition forces is like anyone telling the US to stop war against terrorism.

The people campaigning on genocide in South Sudan are very unlucky. Whatever their intention, I must say, they have mistimed their campaign. South Sudan’s days for fearing genocide are long gone.

Between 2013-2014 there was very much likelihood of genocide taking place. This was the time when major cities like Bentiu, Malakal, Bor and Nasir changed hands between rebels and government forces several times in very brutal mass attacks.

The best time to have warned of genocide in South Sudan should have been at a time 25,000 Nuer armed youths locally known as ‘White Army’ attacked and captured Bor before they were defeated while attempting to march to Juba.

At that time, when the war was at its climax the same people who are shamelessly warning of genocide rejected arms embargo and sanctions on South Sudan. It is strange and ironical that the same people who rejected sanction and arms embargo on South Sudan at the height of the conflict are now dirtily campaigning for the same at the time things have significantly normalized.

There is now a suspicious feeling across South Sudan that some well paced individuals did not pursue arms embargo at first because they either had expected the rebels to win the war or were part of the groups supplying arms to rebels.

Otherwise, talking about genocide in South Sudan now is a laughable scam. It does not only challenge the honesty of its campaigners, it actually makes them appear very stupid. War has greatly scaled down in Upper Niles. There are no large military offensives akin to those of 2013 – 2014.

There is no valid justified indication any tribe planning to launch a major attack on another. And again, there is in place a peace agreement and the Transitional Government of National Unity is existing and very active.

Well, Dr. Riek and a few others jumped off the peace wagon. And of course, there are pockets of insurgencies in some parts of Equatoria largely operating like terrorists and targeting members of certain ethnicities.

But that has been going on since the conflict started and the Dinka have never planned any revenge. The number of the Dinkas killed by Nuer is many times bigger than the number lynched on roads by the elements of rebels in Equatoria.

So, if the Dinka have never mobilized against Nuer, how can they do that against attacks of the Dinka on roads.

Lies as seen in the quote above have come a long way with the human race. The Dinka people say a false news of death of a dear one becomes a good news when it turned out in the end to be a lie. Similarly, if these warnings and nothing else, then we shall have to be happy with these lies because ‘genocide is worse than the lies about it’.

I actually thought Mr. Ban Ki Moon was going to be a bit cautious after it emerged in a recent report published by many media outlets that the institution he leads, UNMISS, gave a lot of arms to rebels in Bentiu, the same arms they used a few weeks later to massacre civilians in large, shocking numbers including those in mosques, churches and hospitals.

With the lid blown off the corrupted system he leads, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, chooses not to restore its values and cleanse itself but instead delve into loose stories created by the godfathers of regime change and stories damaging and full of vulgarity.

It is hard to see people that should advocate for peace working to jeopardize it. That is being irresponsible.

All in all, South Sudanese are not worried about the hyping or sending out of alarm of genocide in the country. However much it is repeated and no matter the weight of those who hype it, South Sudanese should not be moved about what is called ‘impending genocide’. The real problem, rather, is the implication of the song sung in its name.

Stories like these stoke fear in people, increase suspicion and kill trust among people. There are chances that hyping genocide may triggers genocide to happen. Sometimes, those who warn of what is basically a lie have the intention to have what they lied about take place.

In this case those who unleash warning on genocide in South Sudan are actually campaigning for genocide to take place because they will badly be left ashamed if the said story did not happen.

There is this famous saying in South Sudan that “If you warn a mad man against setting a house on fire, then you could have reminded him to do so”. So, these people should not tell people of South Sudan what they have not thought of.

When UNMISS separated IDPs in its Malakal POC into Dinkas and Nuer, they eventually fought inside the POC because they were made to see and feel it that they are not one people.

We know the story has remained around regime change. Sometimes it goes from Trusteeship to international administration and from sanctions to arms embargo but it all revolves around one thing: regime change.

Many other things around these are just lies and propaganda coming from people within the circle with that notion and supported by the media that they control. It is a pity this is still not known to some Africa’s big names like Prof. Mahmood Mamdani and Prof. Anyang Nyong’o.

Good enough, truth has already triumphed over the devil as the issue of sanctions and arms embargo on South Sudan were defeated yesterday at the UNSC. I applaud the nations that chose to stand with the truth now rather later after the damage is done.

Many years after the invasion of Iraq, many prominent leaders who hyped the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq admitted that they were wrong and badly regretted their role in the war created out of a baseless lie. I wonder why would some people want to repeat the same mistake in South Sudan?

It is our hope that South Sudan is going to survive the devil scheme, and by the grace of God, surmount all it challenges prove its prophets of doom wrong.

Taban Abel Aguek is the Government Chief Whip in Eastern Lakes State, Yirol. The opinions raised here are solely his own. He can be reached at


  1. Bismark says:

    This is one of worst articles I have come across. The author of this article is either a participant in the slaughter of South Sudanese or a benefactor of the maiming and mass murder of our people. It makes no sense to deny what is going on. Worse still is, all that are evidently recorded and witnesses of these activities are alive after escaping them miraculously. We have people in our villages and some families wiped out yet this guy utters non sense to the public. Can he answer why people are fleeing their Mathiang Anyor to the bushes of Uganda for refugee in thousands. I beg this guy to stop writing non sense on this topic because it is painful to us because our people who were killed in our villages did not possess guns or have never been soldiers,

    • lodani rama says:

      Mr Bismark,
      The truth is always painful and it hurts. You people have no vision for our country that is why some of you are languishing in the western world without wanting to work. Most of you always want free things. We know now you have lost politically and in military fronts, you are actively working to sell our country but we will not let job seekers to sell our country.

      • Bismark says:

        What vision for the country do you people have? What we have seen is Raping of women, Looting of citizens properties, Maiming and Mass murder of innocent citizens and their leaders for having different political opinions for the country. As long as you can not withstand a plural political vision of the country, you will continue to be hopeless people. Like Baboons you only know how to steal and eat only. No development, no progress, only land grabbing, loot, murder and cattle rustling. Lecture your cows about clean governance but not to lecturers who taught you how to put on clothes and have balanced diet in your community.

        • Alex says:

          Mr Bismik You need to be lectured about plural system it seems you do not know what is meant by plural system. The TGoNU ia a plural system already. There are many parties involved in it. The government has a vision but it was derail by your greediness. The killing taking place is done by some of your rebels and some law breakers from the government side.
          How can you taught us when you people only knows drinking is your profession. We have cows and that is the economy of the country. Bismak you do not have some work to do that is why your work is only alcohol and rooming about and hate. How many innocent people from your own people have you killed because of jealous and if you are not careful you will always be the tail in the country.

          • Bismark says:


            What do you really know? Is that pseudo TGoNU system really plural? You can deceive your cows of Bahr el ghazal and Upper Nile but not the rest of South Sudan citizens. You can not disguise those of likes of Taban deng, Lomuro, Adigo as members of genuine political parties in the country. These people are crumbs of bread gatherers for themselves from Kiir’s political table in the name of politics. They have no constituencies and have no support from the people of South Sudan. It is sad that you have rejected to see the truth in this dirty politics while our beloved country is being torn by political hyenas who minds nothing about your welfare and the good of country.

  2. BILL KUCH says:

    Taban Abel Aghuek,
    You got that right brother. There is no such a thing as genocide in South Sudan. Those who created that, thought to be smart, but it goes on opposite. Instead, they are the real fools, liars, and cowards people of all times. In fact, when an elephant defeats Baffulo, then it doesn’t to go after rabbits. So, those fools, liars, and cowards must know that, Dinka population is very huge and they don’t need guns in order for them to commit genocide. They could use stones, sticks, spears for genocide. Therefore, it doesn’t matter. Well, world knows better the history of Sudan in general and they are aware of so many liars who got conflict of interests in South Sudan. Ban Ki Moon should go to Korea to unite south and North Korea. Meanwhile, Samantha power should get herself a new job. They fail miserably to rule us. Thanks!!

  3. mading says:

    Taban, Bill. Ban Ki Moon, wants his corrupt UN who is taking part in South Sudan conflict by giving rebels weapons, and turned a round bitching about so called genocide in South Sudan. He want to use war in our country as a fund raising event, and bunch of fool rebels don’t see that our people are being use by people like Ki moon to keep their jobs going !

  4. Gatdarwich says:


    Genocide has been happening in South Sudan since December, 2013 to the present. You are only denying it because you are one of the perpetrators, engineers, and the executors of it. Jenges-Dinka has been executing genocide-ethnic cleansing war compaign in South Sudan since December, 2013 to the present. This is a globally known and well-documented fact. Your likes–the traitorous, gluttonous, power-hungry, manupilative, deceptive, and coward Jenges have absolutely zero chance in hell of denying it full stop

  5. Hoiloom says:


    A beneficiary to the system,like Abel Aguek will never admit that genocide is taking place in South Sudan. Let us wait until this war reaches Bhar el Gazal and you will surely hear a different tune. The very people who deny genocide will be the first to admit it, because it will affect their women and children. For now though nothing impacts the mighty Dinka since their men are the ones committing heinous crimes against other ethnicities across the country.


    • BILL KUCH says:

      Who will reach Bar- el -ghazal? Equatorians will sure do that? I don’t think they will. It is impossible because Riek Machar rebels said that long long time ago, but we have yet to see that taking place. First of all, take over Equatoria before you could go go to the other region. And why anyone fighting for Equatorians only want to go there? Are you fighting for all South Sudanese? Of course, not!!! You are joking while fooling the rest of Equatorians.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Never worry.The game is over.The heavyweights like Alier,Malual and Lagou are on board as adivisors and will likely win over Kiir and company for a lasting peace.It’s plausible then to say that there will never be any genocide as the evil bent liars like Hoiloom dare to make believe.But it’s also good that Dr Riek got his tail cut for a souvenir!!!

  7. mading says:

    Gatdarwich, Bismark. Go to gurtong web, and read what Jieng and Nuer civilians are on their own in unity, Jonglei,and Eastern Lakes in Bhar el Ghezal regarding peaceful coexisting. And here you are making noises about your “genocide”.

    • Eastern says:


      Are proude of those useless “peace conferences” whose outcomes have yielded nothing but more deaths and sufferings. To begin with, in Jinglei the Dinka-Murle peace conference led to nothing but more abductions and killings just a few days after its conclusion. What’s happening in Lakes and other parts of Bahr el Ghazal is just a waste of time!

  8. Hoiloom says:

    Bill Kuch,

    You will be shocked when this nasty war reach your region. Remember, Bahar el Gazal is not and island as you might allude yourself to believe.


  9. Hoiloom says:

    False Idiot,

    I intentionally ignored you because you are the most useless Jang/slave that I’ve ever met on this site. Denying the ongoing genocide will never resolve South Sudan problems neither will your one sided national dialogue. I know Machar is your nightmare and will be pain in your a… for sometime to come. His tail has never been clipped by any useless thieves, Arab slaves claiming to be liberators.


    • Majongdit says:


      Between you and false millionaire, I have noticed an idiot; sure you are the one. The problem with little semi educated people like you is that we find it hard to find rythm talking to you because you and your type tend to dwell on insults when we try our best to discuss issues. False millionaire is someone I respect because he isn’t biased and his arguments always have sense.

  10. False Millionnaire says:

    Between the south of the greater Bantiu and the North west of the greater Tonj,there is a certain Jang home Land named Lou Ariek Mawien.Riek Machar’s forces armed by the UN to capture Bantiu became too Confident.
    And what did they do?
    They decided to carry out 2 attacks simoultaneously.If the attack on Bantiu was a success,the attack on Lou Ariek Mawien was a disaster.
    Hoiloom,Gatdarwich and the rest of internet arrogant dudes are invited to go to see if the Land there isn’t still stained with blood and shit of Buntiu’s nuer White army before day dreaming of taking upheavil to BG.

  11. Gatdarwich says:

    Falsifier mokjenge,

    Just another jenges’ usual white lie. There are absolutely no coward jenge forces in Bentiu but minytuils, SPLA-N, and JEM forces.
    Stop concocting liars period

  12. Hoiloom says:

    False Idiot,

    Arguing with you is a waste of time. Can you actually provide any evident indicating the support Nuer received from UN?
    All the weapons we fight this war we receive directly from cowards of Mathiang Anyor, UN can firm that…you can arm yourself with latest weapons to defeat us but you need the lion’s heart to do the job. Fighting Nuer is not as easy as stealing public funds from presidential office. Bye for now, product of a thief!!


  13. False Millionaire says:

    Remember u are still a fellow cousin and I wish u a happy new year.But I regret to see you appearing like a creature from another planet.Which facts aren’t correct to u to apply,”Idiot”?
    On the events of 1991,Dr Riek got beaten,ran to Khartoum and joined Omer el Bashir to fight the SPLM/A with objective to defeat the idea of an independent RSS.
    On the events of the 2013 fall out,Khartoum was his arriere base for finance and armory.
    On the events of J1 when he got chased to the bush and surfaced in DRC,Omer Al Bashir sent him a plane full of commandos to pick him up and take him to Khartoum.
    It’s up to u to prove that,if Dr Riek Machar isn’t Omer al Bashir’s political stooge,then admit that their relationship has homoseuality dimension instead of ranting around with unjustified insults.

  14. Hoiloom says:


    I regret the fact that a cousin would hire UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, Black Water, M-23 to fight his cousin. We should have sat down to iron out our differences as brothers would have done when they disagree but Jaang in general had the intention wipe out their Nuer cousins from South Sudan and that is the bottom line. What pains me most is that an intellectual like yourself keep denying that the Jieng have no ill intention towards Nuer and other ethnic groups. If the government is indeed for all of us you should condemn the barbaric acts that is being carried against non Dinka, hence we may find a common ground. How in the world would women not venture out of POCs without being raped by Mathiang Anyoor and yet you’ve the guts to argue that there is a government for us all in Juba? I know Dinka hate Machar to death because he has challenged your sorry leadership, however nothing will ever waiver non Dinka support for him. For your information airlifting Machar to Khartoum on humanitarian ground does not translate to military support and if IO did receive such support Kiir wouldn’t be in Juba now.


  15. Bol says:

    The intention to wipe Nuer off the earth is horbured by tiny minority in Dinka community and I believe few Nuer entertain the same idea against the Dinka, its not the main stream thinking, otherwise how do you explain the existence of Nuer tribesmen amid Dinka communities without being kill if your claims are true? We all know that this madness episode started as a desire to topple President Kiir failed government by hooks and crooks and Colateral Damages were made, but it’s time to sit, reflect, and do some Damage Control. Please show people the way out of madness and do not be a part of it by encouraging the differences.

  16. mading says:

    Eastern. People like you always challenged what other people are right like the peace I mentioned between Nuer and Dinka that you are trying to put down by every inch, but you and your people never do anything right in South Sudan or then Sudan. your job is only to claimed other people is hard work as yours or try to destroy it, and replace it with nothing.

    • Eastern says:


      Try something else not lecturing me on Nuer-Dinka peace conferences/talks. Starting from the much hyped 1999 Wunlit peace conference, which I attended as an observer, to the latest peace conference between Murle and Dinka communities from the greater Bor area. All peace talks involving dinkas as equals is a farce.

      At the national level, IGAD tried it with the ARCISS whose outcome we all know as a result of a package of reservations engineered by the JCE. ARCISS could not implemented as envisaged by its crafters thanks to lack of political will from the side of Kiir to cede some of his “powers”. You can deceive anyor her person but not me Eastern with emmense knowledge on how communities in Upper Nile region and Bahr el Ghazal operate.

  17. mading. says:

    Eastern. what is your peace proposal ?

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