The War between Logic and Emotion in South Sudan

BY: Tut Daub Jiah, RSS, JAN/27/2014, SSN;

Was it a Coup Attempt Against Salva Kir or Assassination Attempt Against Riek Machaar? Many political commentators and analysts, be they foreigners or nationals, have dwelt very much on the background of what actually are the root cause (s) of the current fighting in South Sudan. Not only that, they have been straining to dig deeper in quest of finding out of who would be blamed for it.

This war, for many South Sudanese, if not all, does not come as a surprise. It has been a matter of when and how it was going to happen.

Geopolitically, Southern Sudan had never been a unifying entity, capable of facing its challenges with lucidity, but emotionally charged approaches. A good number of South Sudanese Scholars and politicians have never satisfied with how things were being seen into since 1972 up to date.

No matter how we collectively try to put our house in order, there will always be dissatisfaction at the end, so as long we don’t want to identify the real cause of our disunity.

Today if you ask a government of the day’s supporter of what happened in South Sudan, he/she will blindly tell you that Riek Machaar had tried to make a coup, simply because he/she heard the President saying it that way. However, if you try to make some follow up questions, instead of that individual to support his/her statement with some facts, they resort to confrontational arguments that lead to no conclusion.

This has been the same way how our conventional differences have been handled whenever they happened. The cases in point were:

1. what started in Bor Military Garrison as an embezzlement or misappropriation of military Personnel salaries in 1983, by top military commanders, had been mishandled to the point of, prematurely, igniting an all-out military and political uprising, which became the premature birth date of the SPLA/M, which turned into a retarded government, which does not have an ability to differentiate between normal and abnormal state of affairs in the State-Nation building.

This manifests itself well with the growth misconception by the current leadership that as long as everything looks typical for the liberators (aka mainstream SPLM/A), all are acceptable for the whole nation.

2. Formation of the SPLM/A in 1983 in Itang, Ethiopia, was one of the experiences that will not easily go away from the memories of an average person who happened to be around then and witnessed how naive Southern Sudanese were at the time.

People who claimed to lead the movement, which should have liberated a nation, had failed to identify what was in the back of late Dr. John Garang’s mind so that they could handle it accordingly.

Garang was forced by Uncle Abel Ablier to join the movement and recover the lost Dinka’s dominion, which was made to collapse by the united efforts of non-Dinka elites in Juba in 1982. Dinkas have been making advantage of the national political uprising to peruse their own tribal agenda underground.

The war between logic and emotion, which had killed thousands of people unnecessarily between Anya Nya II and the SPLA would have been avoided like the current war had it not been because the national agenda had perceptively been diverted by Dr. John simply to revive and sustain the Dinka’s ascendancy.

When the Anyanya II leadership, with an enormous engrossment of Nuer intellectuals and Military Officers within the SPLA, encouraged themselves to rather rejoin their brothers in the Bush and continue the war of liberation, it was misconstrued to mean “Capitulating” and not a jingoistic move in the side of the A-II elements.

As such, the Anya Nya II components within the Rank and File of the Movement were not accorded the due respect they deserved by those who considered themselves as “Mainline SPLA/M”. This behavior could easily be noticed when a senior officer from A-II gives orders to a junior officer from the SPLA proper, the latter openly defies the former.

Expressions of dissatisfactions with reunification between the two warring movements became a daily routine throughout the years leading to the split of the movement in 1991.

3. 1991 “theoretical coup” as Dr. John Garang put it, which supposed to be the political turning point within the movement, was turned into Nuer-Dinka thing, because the principal ringleaders of the Nasir Declaration were taken for a ride by, especially those from Greater Bhar Ghazal (Including the current President of South Sudan) and Greater Equatoria (James Wani Iga among others).

The quest for logic behind deviation from the original idea of total liberation of Southern Sudan had been the main uniting factor for many intellectuals and senior military officers from 1983 up to the days leading to the split of the movement in 1991. As a result, the leaders of Nasir declaration were having an impression that once they declared the plan, all the frustrated comrades would impetuously joint them.

The author of this piece would not dare to question the homework done by those leaders before the D-day but, indeed; tribalism could have been put into consideration. One would say this because if this factor was given some thoughts correctly, Dr. Lam Akol would have been the right leader of the group for the move to be considered nationalistic, at least.

As such, no matter how genuine the move was, it had been reduced into a smallest and cheapest undertaking one could possibly imagined, simply because the main key players were non-Dinkas. Half of the population that died during the Sudan Civil war met their deaths during this period.

Majority of Dinka had emotionally sided with John Garang seriously because they considered the leadership belonged to them and must not be given away to anybody, no matter how much it costs.

4. 2002 reunification of the SPLA/M: doubtlessly, one would be the judge in his/her own right, when it comes to how Dr. Riek’s returned to SPA/M had been interpreted by all members of the main stream SPLA/M. the same misconception that overwhelmed these elements in 1987 SPLA-Anya nya II unification repeated itself.

Riek and his supporters, who might have seen a need for Southerners to unite once again, were seen as the desperate failures that were simply looking for accommodation for their physical survival. They were not taken very seriously by their former comrades, who remained with Garang.

As such, they have been branded as Traitors who stabbed the movement in the back during the critical time, when the movement was very much in need of full solidarity of its members ever.

In the light of the above, on December 9, 2003, a political rally was launched in Yei Town by the top SPLM/A Politico-Military personalities, otherwise, leadership Council, excluding Dr. John Garang, to update the populace on the prevailing political crescendos in the period leading to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

In that rally, the current president of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kir Mayrdit had this to say to the Equatorians, “Now that Nuers are coming back to the movement, you Equatorians must defend your place (Vice presidency). For us (Dinkas), we don’t want these people anymore.”

It was in the same gathering that Commander Daniel Awet Akot had read loud and clear to the audience the 39 Laws of Nuer isolation and marginalization in South Sudan in the future. (The minutes of the said rally was taken and circulated by one of the permanent members of SPLM, who was not in agreement with what had being said in the rally. May God bless him).

5. Dr. Riek’s appointment to vice presidency:

After General Salva Kir became the first Vice President of the Republic of Sudan, President of Government of Southern Sudan, Chairman of the SPLM, Commander In-Chief of the SPLA and Supreme Commander of the Organized Forces, the titles he inherited from his predecessor Dr. John Garang de Mabior, he sat down with his inner circle to form his new cabinet in Khartoum.

According to late General Paulino Matip, Riek Machaar was left out in the first draft. Paulino himself had to intervene and asked General Salva to include Riek in his top government leadership.

In the second draft Riek was nominated for two portfolios, one being the Foreign Affairs and other the United Nations. Again, that arrangement did not please Paulino. At that moment, Paulino began to suspect that Kir was not interested in Riek being his vice president, who will technically be responsible for state of affairs in the Southern Sudan.

Paulino took a courageous stand and convinced Salva that Riek must be the vice president for the sake of unity of the people of Southern Sudan. Uninterestedly, Salva accepted Riek to be his vice president.

That reluctant appointment of Dr. Riek has come to be seen by many observers as a way to deceive the Nuers that they were having a share in the National Cake, when in fact Riek was not even very effective throughout the CPA era up to his removal from the post in July 2013.

Riek has been operating outside the inner circle’s parameter, pretending to be a part of the big picture. Even most of those whom he is currently advocating for their release from detention were and might still be his noxious antagonists.

6. The Nuer Isolation and Marginalization Project Implementation

“Never assume that the person you are dealing with is weaker or less important than you are. Some people are slow to take offense, which may make you misjudge the thickness of their skin, and fail to worry about insulting them. But should you offend their honor and their pride, they will overwhelm you with a violence that seems sudden and extreme given their slowness to anger. If you want to turn people down, it is best to do so politely and respectfully, even if you feel their request is impudent or their offer ridiculous.” Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

The above mentioned project would have been implemented systematically had Dr. Riek Machaar not offended the honor and pride of General Kiir Mayardit publicly on December 6, 2013. Dr. Riek has been living with wrong assumption that he is better than Salva Kiir forgetting that the man he had been dealing with could be more dangerous and catastrophic as it is happening now in our country.

Dr. Riek was fully aware of the disparity in the armed forces and organized forces capacity building and assignments/deployment. He had done nothing to correct it.

A wrong constitution, which supposed to be the guiding and supreme legal framework of the land, was drafted and adopted on his watch, but he kept himself aloof from the helpless majority who voiced their concerns over the document.

National resources were misused or directed to suspicious destinations with or without his knowledge. As an active and an effective vice president, he should have known the national bookkeeping from A—Z.

The appointments of Senior civil Servants in various public institutions including foreign missions had been taken away from him and given to Deng Alor, Pagan Amum, Cirino Iteng, Awut Deng Acuil, Tor Deng Maiwin, Nhial Deng Nhial and Akol Koor Kuch.

This was supposed to be a part of the vice president’s duties, but it wasn’t the case. What did he do about it? All his supporting staff in his office were denied official appointment to earn the civil servant status, he never question the minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development, despite numerous complaints from his office staff.

Civilian population (aka Gell Weng) were armed to teeth in Warrap, Lakes and Northern Bhar Ghazal states with heavy machine guns including R.P.G7, PKM and other automatic weapons, and not to mention AK47. All these armaments were supplied by Ministry of Interior.

Intelligent reports indicated with full evidences that Acuil Tito Madut (former Inspector General of Police) was the one carried out the distribution of the weapons to civilians in those above mentioned states; while other states were being violently disarmed (Jonglei being the first for obvious reason).

Dr. Riek never seemed to have been bothered by that unequal treatment of people of South Sudan.

Sectional Militias were recruited, trained and deployed without involvement of the National Defense Council, the Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

Riek, as the second man in the country’s leadership and Member of Legislation Assembly should have raised and questioned the logic behind all those unconstitutional and suspicious schemes.

Why should Riek wait to be president in order to put things right, when he has been having some authorities to do so?

7. An Emotionally Charged Dismissal of the entire Cabinet

“Be wary of friends—they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.” Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

Indeed, Mr. President might have come across this work by this famous Strategic leadership Scientist, Robert Greene, as quoted above. Having said that, no wonder what broke the news in our National Capital and around the globe cannot be viewed differently from what Robert Greene explicitly asserted.

General Mayardit has been struggling to hire the former enemies since he took office from his predecessor, Dr. Garang, but that has been proven difficult a task. As a result, he had been making lots of consultations with regional as well as international potential friends to help him deal with an aforementioned equation.

As there is no free lunch, the cost of help being offered by his current godfather, General Museveni of Uganda, has caused a substantial amount of everything including human lives. If somebody might have a chance of reading what Yoweri Museveni had said in the Great Lakes Regional Summit in Luanda, Angola, on January 14, 2014,, where Museveni conducted himself as the real president of the Republic of South Sudan, many would have agreed with this author that we have a long way to reach peace.

Current disaster is not very surprising, given the determination, persistence and consistence of our brothers in leadership to hold into this power till the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. They must do all they could to secure that ambition, but with?????????????.

8. Coup Attempt Against Salva Kir or Assassination Attempt Against Riek Machaar?

What had categorically happened on December 15, 2013 was not in any way a coup attempt against the president, but an assassination attempt directed against Riek Machaar. Being taken for the Nuer Chief, Riek has to be struck and the Nuer will scatter. “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter” as the saying goes.

Unfortunately, one thing Salva Kir and his aides had failed to realize was the time and place of where and when they implemented their well premeditated plan.

In the era of information-superhighway, or “Dot Com” generation, no one would think he could possibly carry out a war of that magnitude without seeing his own ugly image on the Human Right Watch’s big screen.

Mr. President has been misled to the point of no return. Allowing himself to be used by his half friend half enemy, Mr. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, as a tool to kill democracy in the region, will cost him not only his leadership, but his life as well; for the terrible failure of the plan has gone far beyond the team’s ability to control it.

It should have been a successful project if the national army and national security apparatus’s agreement was solicited and guaranteed.

Salva’s plan to implement his egoistic, immoral, and dangerous plan, by using his hometown boys was the first mistake ever a normal person in his caliber could possibly think. As the masterpiece of the failed plan, Museveni will employ all the East African Magicians and witches to make sure that the useless war, which he ignited in South Sudan ends in his favor.

Unless and otherwise, his financiers reconsider their position, Museveni will not simply be deterred by means of political pressure.

This writer has a question for his readers, which need honest answer. In 2012, a workshop was conducted in one of the prestigious Hotels in Juba for Senior SPLA Officers. One of the key Facilitators was a retired Army General from Uganda.

In his opening remarks, he stressed to the attendants that in Africa two strong tribes couldn’t peacefully co-exit. Therefore, one must be brought to its knees by use of force. One of the means he mentioned as the most effective ways of doing that is by sidelining the intended tribe from the Army.

He concluded by saying “When you trained and equipped your boys and girls fully, all oppositions must do everything your ways or highways”.

As there is no secret in Juba, don’t ask where did this author learn of this disturbing lesson, which was supposed to be delivered to a friend in a secret location. The questions then become:

1. What was in the mind of the General when he delivered his lecture?
2. What message he was delivering to his friends in South Sudan?
3. Are our brothers in Uganda made to believe that everybody in South Sudan is a Dinka?
4. If Museveni sent his troops in response to what happened in South Sudan on December 15, 2013, why did he deploy some of his special forces in Juba in July 2013?
5. When the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA sent a unit to the Uganda border to stop another advancing Uganda Artillery Battalion in August, 2013, the only thing the Commander of the UDF needed to know was whether the SPLA boys were Dinka or not. Were these Ugandans responding to an ongoing crisis that time or in a preparation for something to happen yet?

Another question, which one would not afford to miss is that, are non-Nuer and non-Dinka in South Sudan part of solution or part of problem between Nuer and Dinka?

It may sound too personal and simply an opinionated assertion, but if we are really natural and logical, our brothers and sisters in other tribes are the big parts of the problem.

For the last eight years plus, we have heard lots of self-proclaimed heroes, who had been calling for change in our country, whether forcefully or peacefully, but when the going get tough, those heroes are nowhere to be found. Stay connected, for there will be more on this in separate piece in the near future.

In conclusion and in a nutshell, being a survivor of and an eye-witness to what happened in our country on December 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 of the year 2013, I came to believe that unlike previous man-made disasters, the current crisis has changed the face of our country forever.

To be honest, many people had died in a short period of time, but many more are going to perish because our cousins, Dinka will never admit that Salva Kir Mayardit had never been and will never manage our country.

Again, there are still some few Nuers who continue to mislead Salva Kir by telling him that those who rebelled will come back.


Furthermore, those who are trying to connect what is happening today with the SPLM internal political bickering be made fully aware of the fact that everything has its own limitation, so lying is not an exception to this golden rule.

Therefore, Riek Machaar and his group will go back to where they used to be, but not the Orphans, Widows, Widowers, Disabled and all Survivors of Salva Kir/Museveni’s genocidal war.

Salva Kir Mayardit’s failure to unite all Jieng sections and win them into his political side caused him to play with the lives of innocent women, children, elderly, and all non-politicized Nuer community so that upon the Nuers reaction, they will have no time to distinguish between good Dinka and bad one.

“Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no faults or weaknesses. Envy creates silent enemies. It is smart to occasionally display defects, and admit to harmless vices, in order to deflect envy and appear more human and approachable. Only gods and the dead can seem perfect with impunity,” says Greene, The 49 Laws of Power.

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  1. jay johnson says:

    Dear Tut Jiah,

    Your article is very touching and written from the bottom of your heart. That honesty base upon how one views the political affairs of south sudan have been lacking because the propaganda and outright lies have taken over.

    I believe you are one of those who witness what happen in Juba. And I would, with reservation believe that you might have been a survivor of Juba killing of Nuer and Dinka perceived to be supporters of Dr. Riek Machar. Without having not read your previous article, if you have written any before, I will continue to maintain my reservation regarding whether or not you in fact a survivor of that Juba incident. But the emotion with which you wrote this article will tilt in your favor.

    It may seem unfair not to believe you but many people who do not even live in south sudan have claim to have survive the Juba incident. People like Gai Manyuon and Par Kuol claims is suspicious if I can put it that way.

    However, for the sake of objectivity, you could have equally condemn Riek Machar for genocide committed against Dinka in 1991 and 2013 when he was the person in charge of white army or have declared himself the leader of the rebellion after the coup was foiled on December 15th 2013.

    Nuer intellectuals like you are alienating potential sympathizers and allies by refusing to hold Dr. Riek responsible and for your utter disregard for Dinka lives lost in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and Akobo. If you hold Salva Kiir responsible for Nuer death in Juba because he is the president of South Sudan, Dr. Riek who was the leader of the SPLA Nasir in 1991, and who declared himself the leader of the rebellion after he escaped from Juba should also be held to the same standard you applied to Salva Kiir.

    There is no way you can leave Dr. Riek out of the equation, because if he was wise enough, he could have not declared himself the leader of the mutineers soldiers and the anarchist, the white army. There is no short cut my friend to justice. Injustice done 20 years ago and injustice done now are equal in legal and moral sense. Stop being hypocritical if you wanted to be taken seriously.

  2. jay johnson says:

    Dear Tut Jiah,

    More over, I completely disagreed with your political analysis with regard to Dinka. Your assentation that the Dinka have a grand plan to rule south sudan forever is devoid of logic and historical analysis. Rubbish and garbage theories, like DINKA ARE BORN TO RULE are mere political propaganda that can not be logically and political substantiated.

    It was after 1972 peace agreement that south sudan was granted limited autonomy by the jallaba regime in Khartoum. The south limited self rule last only about 10 years. As a boy pursuing my studies in Juba, still vividly recalled the divisive politics we are practicing today.

    Every tribe by then had the opportunity to test the power. The Equatorians got the lion share of power in which thousands of Ugandans nationals from Acholi, Madi, Lugbara, Zande just to name few were employed in the civil services of the then regional government of south sudan. The Dinka did not complaint because they know that the struggle against the Arab was not over.

    Peter Gatkuoth from Mor Lou ( Akobo) became president, he followed the footsteps of his equatorians counterpart by floating the government civil services with thousands of Ethiopians Nuer to the dismay of many southerners with exception of Dinka.

    The Dinka and Juur ke Wau have their chance also when Abel Alier and Gismalla Abdalla became president. These were the most successful period of south sudan administration during the 10 years time the region was managing its affairs.

    Secondly, it was true that Dr. Garang was the leader of the SPLA/M which was representing the aspiration of south sudan during the independent struggle. The problem though is that the SPLA/M was not a government but a guerilla moment fighting for the independent of south sudan. It did not have the finance, the budget and full control of the region. more ever, it was a volunteer organization whose soldiers and rank and files were not paid.

    Ironically, it was the Nuer warlords of Upper Nile region together with remnants of Anya Nya II who secured, fought and defend the oil well of Western upper Nile only to be exploited by the jallaba government to finance war against the SPLA in the south.

    In a nut shell the claim of Dinka domination and plan to rule south sudan forever is a fantasy that can not substantiated with creditable evidence. It is in itself a failed propaganda tool that seem to be backfiring.

  3. jay johnson says:

    Dear Tut Jiah,

    You have even spoiled the quality of your article by making outrageous claims with regard to our visionary founder and father of our nation, the federal democratic republic of south sudan

    Your assertion that Abel Alier forced John Garang to join the moment so that he can recovered the lost Dinka domination is pathetic, dishonest and defaming to say the least. For your information, Dr. Garang was a young soldier during the Anya Nya I war. He was encourage to go abroad for education after the officers he worked with as a soldier discover the intelligence and love the of the country he have.

    After completing his studies in Tanzania and Kenya, he went to US for higher education and military studies upon which he return to sudan before the Anya Nya II moment begin. Garang knew that the struggle was not over which is why he turn down a teaching offer in California but instead opt to return to sudan.

    So the notion that he was forced by Abel Alier is laughable simply because there was not lost Dinka domination as you claim. I think the equatorians were the one who lost domination following the abortion of Addis Ababa peace agreement by Nimeri regime.

    The Equatorians by agreeing to division of south sudan into three regions through KOKORA moment, became the violators along with Nimeri of 1972 peace agreement. One of the protocol of 1972 peace agreement was that south was not to be divided into regions.

    There was no lost Dinka domination Dr. Garang want to restored. He was a true nationalist who gave up the luxury life of a US professor for the sake of his people.


    • jay johnson says:

      I accept your criticism without reservation. But whether he was part-time soldier or not. What he saw as you a young soldier in the Anya Nya I moment have greater influence on his life later.

      I mean it is the time he spent in the bush as Anya Nya I soldier seeing the suffering of Junubini, which make him to turn down a teaching position in California and return to sudan. We can disagree whether or not that what motivate him, but clearly if you have been to a war and especially front line, you are likely to continue that fight.

      I think the author was outright wrong to suggest that Garang join the SPLM/A because he was forced by Abel Alier to restored the so call lost Dinka domination. I hope you do not buy that argument. Do you? That is the context in which I wrote those statements you objected to. Otherwise I take your criticism as sincere


  4. jay johnson says:

    Dear Tut Jiah,

    And finally, your claim of Nuer marginalization and isolation is outrageous and dishonest. The Nuer, as second largest ethnic group in the country are well represented in the government since 2005. The reason you see a lot of Dinka in the government is simply because there are many Dinka in south Sudan. The Dinka constitute 40% of the population, making them super majority demographically. For example, for every Nuer, there are 2.5 Dinka. And for every Madi, there are 20 Dinka.

    And if democracy mean anything in a layman term, it mean the rule of majority with minority right. This does not mean that the minority can not rule nor does it mean that the majority do not have rights. It mean, both have to be present for the for the nation to be considered democratic. There is no way we can avoid the face Dinka given their numerical advantage in this nation. please accept this reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Nuer have held some of the most powerful positions in the nation such as speakership, vice presidency, justice, Defense, chief of joint staff, information, foreign ministry, Anti corruption, humanitarian and you name it. More over, the army of south sudan is 70% Nuer.

    what else do you want? presidency, Finance, interior, cabinet, parliamentary and advisory? Is it possible and conceivable that we should have 64 presidents, finance and interior ministers for instance, to feel represented and patriotic? Is there any precedence in the world where by every ethnic group is represented in all department of government?

    where does this lead us to? By claiming Nuer marginalization you have lost creditability and objectivity. Any objective and reasonable person who come to the same conclusion as I did, that the Nuer are not politically marginalize

    Marginalization and isolation are not subjective as you want us to believe. I rest my response here. what say You?

  5. Kenneth says:

    you have really written a well articulated piece of secret information, from my reading i must be sure and judge it is a correct information.
    I wish south sudanese could read and understand your wording.
    Keep us informed,

  6. Coldit says:

    Tut, this is a powerful “all-in-one” truth telling piece of writing. I wish the readers it all as i did. Because things Dinka is doing in ss as a tribe are unbelievable, u will get pple who think u disadvantaged Dinka but for southsudanes these reasons are fact and evidence of Dinka destruction of ss. Thanks for writing!

  7. Nikalongo says:


    You know what non Dinka and Nuer think about you? All of u are bloodthirsty idiots with no respect for the sanctity of human life and values. Dinka killed innocent Nuer. Nuer killed innocent Dinka. Did u expect the rest of the silent heroes as u rightly call them to joint in the mass killings by the Gelweng and the White army? We simply no longer know why disagreement of what party members want for their party should degenerate into a fully blown war. Most people in Equatoria, for example, do not think the events of 15th December was accidental. If Riak was genuine, why did’nt he from his hideout, disassociate himself from the mutinying commanders (Gadet and Koang) and called for a UN sanctioned investigation into the killings in Juba. He did none of these because he was involved into something he is not going to publicly accept. He left Juba with relative ease to organise part of his army to fight for whatever he had in mind. Him and Kiir were prepared to sacrifice some poor mortals to appease Ngundeng and Gelditt.

    Tut, Uganda and Museveni contributed so much for the liberation of South Sudan. They are not in South Sudan to keep Kirr in power. They came in to limit how many people the Dinka and their Nuer cousins were prepared to kill or sent into exile. So Tut, the proplem of South Sudan is not Museveni and Uganda, but Kiir represented by Gelweng and Riak by the White army. Cirino Hiteng, Ladu Gore or the Muru man in custody would never think of shooting themselves to the presidency. We are glad Museveni ordered the UPDF to South Sudan. Their presence helped limite the war to where it really belong. Think of what Juba and the sorroundings would have looked like. Equatoria was never going to be a battleground for a senseless war in the same of tribal pride.

    Tut, power in the RSS is with the people. The monster president (Kiir) is our creation. We voted for him instead of Lam. He remains a legitimate leader regardless of the outcome of the negotiations in Adis. We gave him power in the constitution to remove from office elected Governors and sat back to let do him do as he wish as long as he left us (Warlords) alone. The elites in the SPLM and halve of our MPs are all responsible for the mess in the country. There is no saint among them. Our only hope is that, 2015 is around the corner. Those of us who are interested in elective positions can begin to ptrpare for that. It is ridiculous to think that the electorate is stupid. Riak, Kiir, Hiteng, Oyai Deng, Lul and all others with ambitions to serve this country can take their grivancies to the electorate.

    • upiu says:

      Despite your repeated blanket generalization of Nuer and Dinka as ‘bloodthirsty idiots’, I tend to agree with most of what you say. I don’t think every single Dinka and Nuer fall under your classification and I wonder how you would view your colleagues from Dinka and Nuer if you succeed in securing a political post or even ascend to the highest office.
      There are a lot of doubts that the Dec.15th incident and the eventual rebellion were accidental in nature as claimed by some. Everybody in Juba and S. Sudan talked about it months before its maturity, even those in diaspora debated the legitimacy of a military overthrow of the government before Dec.15th. Those who were calling for it are now denying knowledge or being party to rebellion. Wh? Because it failed.
      Since the whole world woke up to realize that South Sudan has no national army to bring order in the country, Uganda stepped up. The ceasefire that was signed in Addis Ababa would have not been signed were it not for Ugandan forces and some local residents of affected counties. Those who didn’t witness what happened in Malakal, Bentiu and Bor should be thankful to those who helped contain the forces of anarchy, and as such Ugandan forces should be credited for their contribution.
      For those who are questioning the contribution of Ugandan forces now, where were you when they helped liberate Yei and other towns during the dark days of SPLA? It is not the first time Uganda has had her boots and military hardware on our ground for the good of South Sudan.

  8. wanilosake says:

    you are more destructive Southsudanese from Nuer with your pieces of collected false well analysed informations and the tricts of inventing information with little education you have will do more harm to south sudan than what arabs had done you will always be in oposition for ever because you will never agree with dinka nor with nuer, with your focus on reading books by powerful western world and applying it on an infant nation forgetting that infant need to develop itself not forcing it to grow

    writter is a graduate in economics and political science from Poona University in India
    now reside in canada heading
    South sudan Institute for Strategic studies

  9. Tut,

    You have written an excellent article. Everything you said on your article is real. Concern citizens know exactly what you narrated in this article is true. The only people that can disagree with you are Sava Kiir Mayardit baby sitter Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and Kiir Mayardit’s house janitor Jay Johnson who never care about the suffering of South Sudanese citizens but do care about money they loot from South Sudan.

    • Kumkum says:

      I am very annoy for the fact that what brought the chaos of the Country on December 15, 2013. My analyst for that case was Dinka completely fail to lead this golden Nastion. In short there would be no way dependent the Salva Kiir is leadership for Southerners again. Now Salva as to step down or kill like Maheamed Qadaafi. Is it a good move to brought Ugandan Military and kill only single tribe as Nuer. I am seeing in South Sudan is killing the Nuer tribe by Uganda troop. What it mean for Dinka to be a majority in the South and when the war came they would be a minority of Nuer. Why Salva Kiir need help from Ugandan troop and finish Nuer in South? I think Dinka wrer not a majority but when there was a distribution food they claim that they were a majority in the South. But God will help Nuer of this great crised of great by Dinka and Ugandan with out mercy in Sava Kiir his heart but true will reveal. Sava Kiir must go no matter what but only time now will be matter for when he will leave or kill.


      Dengdit of Inka

  10. Mohd Adam says:

    We should now think of the way forward, South Sudan will not be the same again. Let us talk about federalism. The issue of the white army is not going un-noticed. If one tribe has a militia of such a magnitude, then what else is left of a place we all call home. We better disintegrate peacefully. For the peace loving people of the Greater Equatoria, time has come for you to rise to the occasion and defend your homeland from those bloodthirsty thugs. Nyandeng Machar has tarnished the image of our founding father, Garang. There is no more South Sudan, we have always bragged of.
    Thank you, president Museveni for liberating Bor from the white army. Thank you UPDF for coming for our rescue!

    • Kidepo says:

      If we are talking about Federalism in the RSS that we Equatorians opted from Kiir Govt after we undergone severe intimidations from dinkas, we should take out the name of kiir, Dr Riak and Madam Nyandeng because our request for Federalism did not begun right after the recent Dec 15th 2013 incident but three years ago as a result from outraged behaviours caused by dinkas in Equatoria; Nimule, Yambio, yei, Nadapal, Kaya, Juba, lobone, kapoeta, chuhudum, including other non Equatoria towns like Wau, chollo land, etc.

      We in Equatoria hate to be called Greater Euqtaoria but we prefer to be called Equatoria(ns).Period even when refering to three states of Equatoria.

  11. Arabbmoi says:

    Tut, Thank you for briefed us a history of politic in SouthSudan.

    The guy who said Dinkocrasy born to rule had already died in plane justin Yaac crash some years back and those who follow his born to rule ways will find the same fate let us wait and see current one is cursed and he will be soon gone God is us.


  12. Lokeri says:

    To Jay Johnson,

    A childish will never believe your rubbish narrative of history about sub-government in South sudan during the time of General Joseph Lagu. When Abel Alier replace lagu south sudan went into chaos. The behaviours of Dinka is full of bullshits. Dinka is nothing but element of disunity in south sudan. Kiir will go if today or tomorrow. What will happen to people like Jay Johnson who annex themselves with wicked leaders like kiir.

    • jay johnson says:


      I do not support Salva Kiir mismanagement of our country. Nor do I think Riek Machar is the alternative. More over, I do not support the violence overthrow of Kiir as a democratically elected president. It set a bad precedence to prospective politicians who would be vent, out frustration, tempt to overthrow future democratically elected government.

      In essence I am defending future democratically elected presidents and governments who might be an Equatorian. It is about political culture of power transfer that we want to set for future generation. it is not about the so call tribalism.

      So we are on the same page when it comes to president Kiir. The only different between me and you is that, you want him remove through bullets while I want him remove through ballots.

      The choice is between logic ( Ballot) and emotion ( Bullet). I ended there. what say you?

  13. Tut
    I should hail you and say bravo to your letter. whatever you disclose on your review bear the ultimate cause of nowadays disputes that kill thousands of people in not more than a week. If it is not managed in term of tribal conflict between Dinka and Nuer, many people will still die as well as Nuer would retaliate for their killed brother by Dinka armed men using the whole army facilities of South Sudan. Not only that but they called upon Ugandan Army, the Toroboro, the Angessenian and the Nubian with all their equipment to share in the protection of Dinka kingdom. So this is the road map of South Sudan war which was imposed to the entire population of South Sudan by these primitive minded Jieng. All in all. this war will never be settled as soon as possible, unless South is liberated first from the outsiders and secondly from this tribe whose intention is to rule and not to be ruled

  14. Joseph says:

    Thank you Tut for telling the fact, I witness most of yuor point personally include the killing of Nuer in Juba and looting of their houses. That is good for the man to tell the true. Equatoria can not even talk about how they have been treated badly by Dinka; they can not even talk about land grabbing, insecurity (gunshut every night in Juba) and how their daughters had been used during the war. Better to divide this country to great region otherwise with Dinka no peace.

  15. Diktor Agarab says:

    JJ is on a revisionistic crusade because South Sudan is now awakening to the realities of dinkocracy that was started by Abel Alier and his lacky Justin Yac and now continues under the primitive president, Salva Kiir. What do you mean that Ugandans and Ethiopians were employed in the civil service of South Sudan? Can we not say the same about the employment trends now of the civil service being filled by black Jallabas in the guise of Dinkas? We know your game plan is to discredit the contributions of other Southerners (non-Dinkas) to promote your dinkocracy to try to justify your corrupt rule in South Sudan. During Anya-nya I when Equatorians and other non-Dinkas were fighting, most Dinkas were busy with education in Khartoum and North Sudan. It was Dinkas who betrayed us in the person of Abel Alier to sign the Addis Ababa agreement with Gen. Joseph Lagu. Because of the Dinka penchant for shokol muaras or sycophancy, President Nimiri rewarded Abel Alier with the presidency of Southern Sudan. The idiot Alier wasted no time filling up the civil service with Dinkas from luaks causing Equatorians and other non-Dinkas to advocate for federalism which was granted unanimously. For your information, JJ, kokora was e passed in Southern Sudan’s National Assembly with a huge support. It wasn’t just Equatorians who were sick and tired of your dinkocracy, every non-Dinka was as well. Soon the same thing is going to happen when we institute federalism and send back all Dinkas to their luaks where they can go and spend their time singing to their cattle.

  16. Kidepo says:


    God love South Sudan very much and he have been punisihing these animalistics luak boys yet they don’t want to repent. Soon Kiir will die if he refuse to step down and be alive like Abel Alier. He will soon join Late Garang and Justic Yach the most notiorious dinkas like kiir……………….

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