The UN’S conversion into a prison management agency in South Sudan

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, AUG/18/2014, SSN;

The United Nations protection camps in the middle of government controlled areas in South Sudan are frankly speaking prisons of President Salva Kiir managed by the UN and funded by the western world tax payers.

I sit here and think: how on earth could a world body with the ability to master enough power from its member states to hold the feral leaders of South Sudan accountable have allowed itself to be reduced to prison warders and happily it goes along with it.

The initial decision of the UN in December 2013 to protect civilians by opening its gates wide is a commendable act and it must be praised. However, these camps should not have been allowed to morph into prisons holding totally innocent people who have not committed any crimes apart from being born members of certain targeted ethnicities.

While the UN is honoring its duty to protect the right to life, it has through the back door been pushed to violate other human rights of those it is protecting by acting as prison warders for the feral dictator of South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir must be laughing his head off for turning a world body into his own instrument of oppression.

Look at it, technically the UN in South Sudan is now complicit in the abuse of South Sudanese by its own naive acceptance to protect without immediately holding the criminals to account and letting itself become a violator of its own ideals of human rights.

For example, life in these UN protection camps as spoken about by the aid agencies can easily be classified as inhumane. Please see, ‘Horrific conditions in flooded UN camp’ and ‘South Sudan’s New War: abuses by government and opposition forces’

With all these violations going on, the super powers of the world are paying a blind eye.

Well, these may be only Africans suffering and given the perception that has clouded the literature and interaction of the developed world and the third world, the appalling conditions of the South Sudanese in the UN camps may not be seen as deserving attention to invoke the instruments relating to grave violations of human rights.

Obviously, the curse of oil and natural resources may have something to do with the unacknowledged abuse of South Sudanese by their dictator leaders.

IGAD is complicit in advancing and promoting the neglect of the rights of South Sudanese by pretending that it can solve the problems of South Sudan.

Their trumpeted slogan of “African solutions for African problems” is a vehicle for the world powers to hide behind from their global responsibility to stamp justice in South Sudan. A responsibility, some of these powers are happy to embrace when advancing their own interest, but not in the service of humanity as in the case of South Sudan.

The African solutions the IGAD pride itself on to say the least are product of malicious mind designed to protect the abusers. After all, IGAD membership has some of the worst dictators in Africa.

Logically, how can any reasonable person expect a club dominated by some vile dictators solve a problem created by one of them? This is like accusing a fox who has stolen and eaten chickens to a leader of skulk howling about Fox solutions to fox problems with expectation of a just solution.

Let us look at their African solutions for South Sudan. IGAD is convinced that if it can reconcile the various warring factions of the SPLM, South Sudan will return to peace. Please see, ‘The solution of South Sudan’s political problems lies in new blood’ and ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’

In spite of the fact that this position is not supported by any evidence, they plough on with it while the damage on the lives of the innocent in South Sudan goes on.

Now in Addis Ababa the warring parties with the blessing of IGAD are being allowed to negotiate themselves out of their grave crimes against humanity and return into power at the expense of the people (victims).

Really, if the over 20,000 people killed in Juba; the over 100,000 people in the UN Protection prison camps; the over 400,000 people pushed into refuge in neighbouring countries; and the over 1,300,000 people displaced internally was to happen in the other continents, would the powers that be not intervene decisively and swiftly to right the wrong?

When less than a 1000 people were killed in Bosnia, the world powers immediately intervened, saved lives and held the culprits to account.

Why is the world then not decisive to end the abuse of the South Sudanese people? Why are the powers that be pampering the feral leaders of South Sudan whose hands are dripping with blood of innocent people?

Why do the powers that be talk about ineffective sanctions and condoning the imprisonment of the innocent victims in those UN protection prison camps without a solution in sight?

The abuses in South Sudan should not only be localised for this may be the beginning of dictators around the world and specifically in Africa acquiring the tools of how to trash the instruments of human rights that took centuries to build.

Some may be gleefully rubbing their hands and thinking about how to abuse certain ethnicities that they abhor for whatever reasons or another.

The activities of dictators and non state actors in many parts of the world if allowed to go unchecked as it is being allowed in South Sudan in the long run may plunge the world into total chaos.

When world bodies are co-opted into the machine of abuse and terror like UN in South Sudan, something is seriously wrong with the mores of the global community embodied in this organisation. This poses a real challenge to the moral fabric of the world. Therefore, the UN and the world powers need to rethink their position on South Sudan.

Like late musician Michael Jackson sang in his famous song, ‘Man in mirror’. “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.”

It is time that the moral of the world is restored before feral leaders around the globe begin to trash the current structures in place for world peace. Thus, UN must stop shouldering the role of prison management in South Sudan by intervening appropriately and decisively.

The South Sudan conflict and the recommended process to address it challenge the moral of the world. If all the ideals that are at the core of human rights ideology intended for advancement of society built in the last 300 years are not to wear off then the world truly needs to do something radical to address it.

The structures for maintenance of world peace erected initially in 1920 and later on replaced by the United Nations after the Second World War risk being gradually destroyed by cynical actions of dictators and non state actors in different parts of the globe. For example, the case of South Sudan is a typical one.

The universality of humanity is now parcelled into relative geographical regions without emphasis on the rights of humanity as stipulated in the various instruments.

Under this arrangement it is easy for the powerful countries or the supposed guardians of the world to turn blind eyes to the grave crimes against humanity in faraway lands like South Sudan.

The new buzz words and phrases are “African solutions for African problems”. What this presupposes is that if Africans are massacring themselves, that remains their problem and the world needs not to intervene.

In South Sudan, a monster slaughters children, women and elderly in broad day light in their tenth of thousands and displaces over million people causing serious regional problem, unbelievably it stirs no moral outrage whatsoever in the conscience of the custodians of the world.

In relation to Africans, the question that has been asked for centuries remains truly valid today: has the life of an African any value? Are the decisions taken by the custodian of the world really not clouded by the beliefs of “them” and “us”, “civilised” and “savage” developed world and the third world?

Else why is the death of tenth of thousands of African people down played by the western media and not taken seriously as it should to draw the attention of the world?

IGAD has been a total failure and numerous calls for it to be discarded and replaced by eminent persons have been met with deaf ears. The shameful failure of IGAD is capped by the passing of its deadline on 10th August 2014 in relation to formation of interim government in South Sudan.

The United Nations Security Council’s recent visit to the region though understands the situation it still puts faith on the hopeless process. “The council has made it very clear that it is prepared to impose consequence if there continues to be spoilers, if there continues to be people carrying out gross violations of human rights.”

“We will not tolerate violations of cessation of hostility and people who spoil peace agreement. We have delivered that message here and will deliver it to Riek Machar.” Stressed Samantha Powers of UNSC. Please see, ‘South Sudanese president vows to form all inclusive cabinet, and ‘UN Security Council visit to South Sudan’ file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/08-14%2520UNSC%2520Press%2520Stakeout%2520Transcript.pdf

Samantha Powers is a well known committed advocate of human rights. Powers words should be taken seriously. However, her comments in Juba missed the point completely. The issue is not “if there continues to be people carrying out gross violations of human rights.”

The violations have already been committed en masse in December 2013 and they continue to be committed daily. For example, the imprisonment of over 100,000 innocent people in the UN Protection camps.

Does the subjection of these people to confinement due to terror from President Kiir’s government not constitute ongoing gross violation of human rights? If it is not then the people of South Sudan and I do not know what it is.

Uganda’s UPDF, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) of Darfur and SPLM North of the Sudan remain in the country actively participating in military operations against SPLM-IO. Why is the UN quiet about this violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement?

Why does it not demand the withdrawal of all foreign forces as stipulated in the agreement? Is this not a constant standing violation by South Sudan government and IGAD of the agreement? What more violation of the agreement does UNSC want?

Therefore, the time for “ifs” is long gone. It is time for compliance and action. It is time for consequences and accountability. It is this point that the UNSC has missed.

The entire SPLM leadership are responsible for the mayhem in South Sudan. They need to be dragged to court to account for their collective crimes against the people of South Sudan arising from gross negligence of their beloved party and the management of the country.

SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SPLM-G10 and their military chiefs should be facing honourable and respectable international judges and not pussyfoot with mediators intent on rewarding them for their crimes against the people of South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir by default is benefiting from the cultures that led to colonisation of Africa. He is getting away with mass murder because the South Sudanese Africans have been deemed to have no value.

No wonder President Kiir is able to convert UN into a prison management agency.

Ironically, the very regional body (IGAD) that is tasked to solve the problem of South Sudan is ignorant of its own position and responsibilities while promoting subtly laid down discriminatory approaches under nonsense like “African solutions for African problems.”

If the structures of the world are based on instruments whose foundation is anchored in universalism like globalisation, then the right slogan should be “global solutions for global problems.”

Under such a slogan, feral leaders like President Kiir would not get away with crimes of similar magnitude committed by Slobodan Milosevic, General Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic. After all, the entire world is supposed to be a global melting pot.
[Truth hurts but is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Brother ElHag Paul,
    This is certainly a moving article highlighting the unacceptably pathetic predicament of those ‘prisoner-fellow-citizens,’ and also it’s a forceful condemnation of the hypocrisy of both UN, USA and the toothless IGAD. To your skeptics and doubters, certainly, this is laudable article proving your indisputable patriotic concern for our nascent but failed country. It’s very highly commendable. Editor

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear editor
      Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.

      • Joana Adams says:

        Brother Elhag,
        Your resilience and dedication towards seeking a sustainable solution to the man made national catastrophe is truly commendable. But who is listening to these repeated cries of our people.
        You see South Sudan was for a long time seen as a worthless possession even during the colonial era and that explained why it was neglected first by the Anglo Egyptians and later looted for economic reasons by the Jallaba for a total of over a century. Even as late as the 80,s and 90,s, South Sudan was seen by the same International community as a human zoo. The threat of El Qaida and international terrorism post 9/11, resurrected the geo political relevance of South Sudan. And now that the government of South Sudan has chosen the path of war instead of peace and development, what do we say? What do we say when South Sudan is not the only crisis spot in the world, when there are equally desperate human catastrophes occurring in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine? The government under the leadership of feral leaders have not only squandered golden opportunities to lift our people out of the dark ages but are actively embarked on misrepresenting the chaos they have created in South Sudan. Kiir may be semi illiterate and the government generally inexperienced in governance are non the less masters of intrigues and manipulations.
        We have the right to be angry about IGAD because they gave us a false impression that they can solve SS political crisis. They have not. Are we surprised? No we shouldn’t be because for the same reasons that our oil revenue goes straight to the custody of Museveni, so do some of our petro- dollars go towards bribing the IGAD leaders to make sure that Kiir is maintained in power through the barrels of the gun, war or no war. That is what they mean by African solution. As for the Security Council, they have for far too long threatened sanctions and actioned none. The Troika and others must be reeling in confusion as to what to do, since they must be sharing in the guilt of facilitating the independence of South Sudan only immediately to descend into butchering themselves. Confused or not, one thing is at stake about the authority of the Security Council. Even children would stop respecting an adult who threatens punishment only to deliver rewards! How could the US invite criminal Kiir to African leaders summit in Washington when Abu tagiya ought to have been in Adis to make sure that they met the August 10th deadline. Exactly what sort if message Kiir and his criminal gangs were suppose to make of this? Secondly the US by failing to condemn the government as the principal party to the conflict has been giving double messages. I still have to see any world leader or any responsible organisation or government coming out clearly to hold Kiir ‘s government responsible for the atrocities and humanitarian disasters that have unfolded in the country since dec2013. Claiming that both parties are equally responsible when clearly one party was forced to respond to an ethnically targeted ethnic cleansing is clearly an act of moral cowardice on the one hand and an incentive for Kiir to maintain the war on the other hand.
        While we wait for The IGAD or UN Security Council wake up from their slumber and redeem us from the jaws of tyrant Salva Kiir many more will die and thousands more will continue to suffer indignities in Salva Kiiir’s UN prison camps.

        • Choromke Jas says:

          Joana and Paul,

          If you were actually talking about our issues, your voices would now have failed you from hoarseness. No one seems to listen. A youth who usually reads your articles on my computer has asked me to inform you that you should prepare yourself to go to Addis and represent Equatoria (not a tribe!) . There you should be able to have dialogue with other South Sudanese without ending in their pockets (whatever that means). If the IGAD will not allow you to o so, then they (youth?) will use “all means” to see you there. He was really agitated. Best wishes.

          • Joana Adams says:

            Brother Jas,
            If it is the will of God to represent our people regardless of the location, one day we will. I want our young people to understand that not all Equatorians wil betray their people for love of money and personal power. Already our governors have put their lives on the line for our freedom and that is commendable. South Sudan has witnessed patriotic sons and I dare say daughters of Equatoria among others who have relentlessly fought for and sacrificed dearly for the freedom of our people. We are not tribalists but we reject any attempt to marginalise us or reduce us to second class citizens of a country we helped to create. The first bullet for the liberation of South Sudan was fired in Torit not Warrap or Bor. Our young people must know this basic historical fact. Let them know that wars are not won just by numbers but through conviction, skills and technology. Therefore there is nothing to fear.
            This week we mourn the passing on of one of our great son of Equatoria elder Hon Elioba James Surur affectionately known as “solid rock”. he has been a solid mentor to many Equatorian politicians and today these politicians like his blood children, will feel orphaned. Politicians of his generation sacrificed their lives for the general good and not lining up of their pockets or enriching their families at the expense of the people.
            With the passing on of our elders, let it be known to the youth that the mantle for sustaining the dignity and integrity of Equatoria is being passed on to them. Let it be known to all our young people that we hate no body or tribe but unequivocally reject any grand design to force us to feel inferior by people we helped to bring out of darkness not so long ago. Our job is to ensure that our youth fear no fellow human beings; know who they are; and know how to fight for their rights anywhere and everywhere under the sun. It is therefore a big consolation to know that our young people will stand their ground and fight for their rights.
            Now that Elijah has gone has Elisha asked for double portion of the annointment?
            The struggle continues indeed!

          • Omang Rollo says:

            nonsense, nobody is going to listen to the weeping and crying of Joana and her boyfriend EL hug.

        • Lavina Lual says:

          I agree with your commemts ladies and gents but the issue with some Equatorians aunts and uncles (not all of them)is that even if other non Nyamyam joined to cry out the bad things in the country, contrary you will realised that the same people crying on internets are still selling their sisters to spinless man like wani igga;

          What a contradictions anyways!

    • Nikalongo says:


      There is an expanding constituency on SSN who erroneously belief Nuer Riak and Dinka Kiir’s boldness is because of the UN Ki Moon or USA Obama’s disregard for an Africa life. Taking out Kiir and Riak from the scene is as simple as Natanyahu removing Hamas’ crude missiles over the coastal city of Askhelon. But we now know that the iron dome is not a viable solution because Hamas will always sent some more. Behind Kiir and Riak are battalions of deadly Nuer and Dinka hooligans with flawed personalities (Gadet, Malong, etc) waiting to take over and continue the trade. The UN and her many resolutions on former Yugoslavia, NATO with its military might, EU with her economic power and the OSCE, a peaceful organisation with immense persuasive powers have all failed to bring peace to Serbs, Croats and Muslims. When will the Serbs from Krajina and Vukavor go back from their refugee hideouts in Serbia to their ancestral land in Croatia? IDP Muslims just like own Nuer and Dinka in UN camps are still waiting to take a bus ride home to Pale, just next door to Sarajevo where they have been camping for the last 20 years. Kosovo another young nation like South Sudan is yet to enforce her sovereignty over its Serbs dominated city of Mitrovitca. Former Yugoslavia is not a success story in peace making, it is a disaster Paul. Stop quoting it.

      Fellow citizens, let us learn to distinguish empty rhetoric here on SSN about some super organisation that will instil peace in the minds and hearts of Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak. The UN and her satellite organisations are modern institutions that are ill equipped to resolve century old conflicts rooted in a savage and superstitious past. I said this before and I will say it again. The UN, IGAD and the Troika member countries should close down the peace talks in Adis and transfer the peace making initiatives back to the Dinka and Nuer elders in South Sudan. Resources allocated for the talks should be diverted to feed and treat victims of the war. The peacetable in Adis is a money making machine for war mongers not peacemakers. They are paid to be there. The two communities are used to this from past experiences We must explore the traditional mechanism of peace making and use that to maximise the chances of peace. Already the Dinka Chiefs and women groups in Jongolei are beginning to talk peace. I appeal to Paul and SNN readers to support grassroots initiative for peace instead of blaming foreigners and UN organisations for our failures.

      Paul/Editor, I do share your frustrations but the solution to the conflict as mentioned above, is ultimately in the hands of Dinka and Nuer politicians, elders, chiefs, women and the youths. The war is about their egos not South Sudan. Do you know that war could be over by tomorrow if they (Dinka and Nuer) so wish. We others trying to support this or the other party is not only emboldening them (Dinka and Nuer) but legitimising the conflict. We must be in position to condition Dinka and Nuer to choose between peace and further division of the country. Both Kiir and Riak I believe are immensely popular leaders in their respective constituencies but time must come when peace loving Dinka and Nuer to stand up and say enough is enough. That time is now.

      • info@southsudannation says:


        • Bol says:

          Mr Editor,
          History is repeating its self ! Equatorians’ demands are shifting from Federalism to Self Determination, to declaration of “The Peoples Republic of Equatoria, Bari Kingdom or whatever name that may be adopted for your new nation”. Can you tell me what African state that is inhabited by homogeneous ethnic group ? Happy Independence Day !

          • info@southsudannation says:


          • Madut Malong says:

            Dear Bol
            Equatoria federalism, People’s Republic of Equatoria, Bari Kingdom and self-determination of Equatoia are just fantasies online! Cowards who never fight and shed blood for freedom will never have an independent entity!

          • Madut Malong says:

            If independent is that easy; Nuer People’s Republic would be first and if Nuer can’t even do it; then the equatorian dream for independent is very laughable! This nation killed millions of Dinka and Dinka will never hesitate to take down millions of those who were in hiding and now think they want to be independent. We just can’t wait to see who will start it!

          • Joana Adams says:

            Somalia is ethically, culturally and religiously the only homogenous country in Africa. But how have they fared in terms of governance and development compared to more heterogenous countries? Not very different from some of our ‘failed’ states in South Sudan which are ironically ethnically homogenous forinstance Lakes State where clans are attacking each other and families have descended into cycles of revenge killings. Strangely this senseless act of savagery is hailed as bravery. Such people are very far from modern civilisation and need to be confined into some form of human zoos.
            Isn’t it very strange that non- Equatorians want to determine the political future of Equatoria after they have squandered the good will of Equatorians to give unity of South Sudan a chance? The slogan of ‘one people one nation’ is a fallacy. Indeed there has never been one nation in South Sudan please read Prof. Peter Adwok’s book on Nationalities of South Sudan. As for being one people. That is a laughable claim. Why not try ‘unity in diversity’ instead?

        • Dear Editor:

          I concurred with your assertions. However, I wonder if the federalism will progress well in the greater Equatoria when Dinka and Nuer are butchering themselves in your backyard. My Compatriot, your Equatoria is not a safe haven or immune from this war. This Nuer-Dinka war will eventually spill over to Equatoria when Dinka declares the tribal war on Nuer.

          In fact, Riek Machar and his blind followers have declared a tribal war on the Dinka but the Dinka has not accepted it yet. The Dinka villagers and particularly those in the greater Bhar El Ghazal region have not yet joined the war. They still believe that the war is between the government of South Sudan and Riek Machar’s rebels. Do you believe that there are currently over 100,000 Nuer IDps living in the Dinkaland especially in Warrap and Lakes States as we speak? Why are they not massacred if the Dinka has declared the tribal war on Nuer. You will never find a Dinka civilians or IDPs living in the Nuer areas except the ones at the UNMISS Camp in Bantiu, Unity State. Are you ware of the fact that the Kokora failed because of the civil war in 1980s? If so, then the federalism is not immune from the current war.

          • Bol says:

            Dear Joana Adams,
            “Strangely this senseless act of savagery is hailed as bravery. Such people are very far from modern civilization and need to be confined into some form of human zoos” . If you mean Dinka by “Such people” than you mistaken, because act of violence is not a Dinka trade mark, but is the negative side of tribal society. For instance, some Equatorians did slaughter more than 300 defenseless North Sudanese including women and children in August 1955 in Torit and other settlements in Equatoria. No one in their sound mind can claim that these victims were enemy combatant, same way that no one would allege that all Nuer victims of December 2013 were rebel combatants.Second example is the treatment of SPLA personnel during liberation war. Some Equatorian communities use to ambush them all the time which lead to SPLA fighting at two front at the same time. The third example is Dr Machar farm incident in late 2011, where some of Bari community attacked Nuer dwellings in the said farm at night time, killing and injuring score of people including a young girl, and some of Nuer community retaliated the following night by attacking and killing about 11 Bari people including 6 years old boy. So my dear, as you can see from these examples and other more, Equatorians are not the angles in the jungle of Dinka and Nuer savagery as you just implied, in fact, Equatorian savagery could be an award-wining one, if only it has the means of implementation. The software of Equatorian’s savagery is exhibited day and night on this website and in private gatherings, what remains to be obtained is the hardware and you will be in full swing of savagery, exceeding by, far Lake State and the entire Upper Nile states, unless this software in the brains of some of your people is redevelop into less aggressive, less hatred, more inclusive, and more interactive version.
            Dear Joana, if you are not convinced yet that savagery is the downside part of tribal communities, not an exclusive business of Dinka and you are adamant to go ahead with your original idea of incarcerating savage people, then you need a big zoo for 11 millions people”animal in your thinking”, and please don’t forget to book yourself a nice spot, as I am not so sure that you don’t need a cage yourself !.

          • Eastern says:

            Bol, for. Crying out loud, the 1955 incidence is not savagery by Equatorians per se; it was a retaliation for the death meted on Southern Sudanese corp based in Torit. Please revist that history for your own information.

            This is one incident I still remember vividly. I was growing up in Katire. I remember seeing one chilly morning on the western slopes of Imotong ranges white robed Northern Sudanese being felled by shots from guns fired. By relatives who lost their dear ones in Torit moments after news reached Katire that a massacre had taken place in Torit. I still don’t blame the nuers for their actions in Bor, Akobo, Malakal, etc.

            Look for better examples that will ably link Equatorians with the word savagery.

      • Eli says:

        Have you heard about the fall of Tore into the hands of our gallant opposition forces in W.Equatoria? We told you we are coming, soon as the rainy season approaches our attacks shall intensify and soon Juba-Nimule road will be cut off. This war has to happen until to the end then peace shall come. Unfortunately hard lessons must be learnt by all south Sudanese to respect one another regardless of who, or there is no peace.
        Eli Wani

        • Nikalongo says:

          Stop kidding yourself Eli. How will u close that road? M’adi, Acholi and the Lolubo who live along this road will not allow u to do that. What about your business? As a dealer in international consignment, you will need peace along this road to carry your goods and transactions. Come back home to enjoy with us. It is peaceful here. I do not know how old u are but I am happy to inform u that, CC dancing hall in Loa centre has been refurbished and restored to it former glory. The “duma” place near the market is back in business. As a water engineer, you can help us fix the well (water joint) behind the Catholic Church. Forget the war nonsense.

          Eli, characters wanting to disturb peace in Equatoria are kindly advised to take their wars home. Tore, Yei, Kajokeji, Mugali, Source Yubu (Sorcibu), Nzara and other towns and settlements in Equatoria are off limits to warmongers and their admirers. Dinka and Muer languages have no word for peace.
          Correction: Tore is in Central Equatoria not Western Equatoria

          • Eli says:

            Thank you for the correction, as you point it out yes we all need peace, but peace cannot happen on one part of the country while other parts are in turmoil. I know you like to blame the unstability in our country on some tribes and forgot that we are all one nation.
            Would you have peace within your body when you have pain in your stomach? Or when you have a headache? Or when your one toe is full of abscess would you sleep? Do you know that killer diseases like cancer starts in one part of the body but spread to other parts if left undetected then to whole body and finally kills its victims.
            You surely do know, when one part of the body is in pain the rest of is in pain as well.

            However I do envy you for enjoying that short lived luxury you described, but even during our past struggles for freedom starting from slave trade, the anglo-Egyptians, the Turks, the Arabs, and today Salvatore Kirrdoom regime the people of south Sudan always stand up to bullies and never turned our backs when challenges showed up?
            Unlike people with short cut attitudes who switch sides depending on favorability, when Blacks were struggling against white minority apartheid regime it was not fought by all South Africans, same during our struggles against the jalaba north some of our fellow citizens never heard the sounds of bullets, but today some are enjoying this hard won freedom.
            Brother Nikalongo or whoever your real name is, I am asking you to reconsider your position and think ahead not just picking up bread crumbs and handouts of the sellout petty criminals who are stealing from the innocent and robbing the poorest of out communities.
            Stop passing the blames on Nuers and Dinkas, this is a south Sudanese conflict and we are all in it together.
            Mind you, I am not practicing my carreer in engineering field as of now, I have hanged up my personal development for the sake of true and just peace, not untill we restore sanity, rule of law, respect and dignity for everyone of our honorable citizens must be achieved.
            My name is Eli Wani and I am not above the law, the struggle continues unit we have justice, freedom to all, peace and pursuits of happiness is attained.
            SSNLF loves all and would like to see peace and pursuits of happiness, justice and liberty to all South Sudanese peoples of all walks.

        • MAJONGDIT says:

          Aha! Which Tore my brother? Maybe you are consoling yourself with these lies so as to continue to hope

        • Joana Adams says:

          You had asked the Editor to name for you any African state ” that is inhabited by a homogeneous ethic group “, I volunteered to give u the answer. What else do you want?

          • Bol says:

            Your answer wasn’t limited to the question being asked but you when on to name the entire tribe as a bunch of savages and suggested incarcerating them in human zoo! Well, if savage people are to be put in a zoo who will stay out of you zoo? Remember, savageness starts with thinking and anybody promoting violence is in some way savage, and should enter your zoo by default.

          • Bol says:

            Torit incident is 59 years and about 2 weeks, so if you were 5 years old, then you are 64 years young! However, you were not old enough to know what happened, so may need to double check you information. What I know about Torit incident is Equatorial Crops in Torit town decided to mutiny on 18/08/1955 because a) some Members of National Assembly were put on trial and, b) There were rumours about a telegram urging northern Sudanese to mistreat Southerners! No southerner life taken in Torit on or before 18/08/1955. This killing was not an act of War either because there was no war by that date!
            Eastern, let’s take your argument at face value, say 1955 killing didn’t occurred, what about the other two example ? Are they libels too?

          • Eastern says:


            The issue here is linking the word savagery with the action of Equatorians on the Northern Sudanese in 1955; of course I am aware of the fact that Dinkas and the Northern Arabs were an item then!

            My argument is, Equatorians were provicted to act this; nuers could be absolved as the current war unfolds. I am old enough, I have seen were you folks are coming from!

      • Dear Nikalongo:

        Honestly, I don’t give a damn whether you are an Equatorian, Nuer or Dinka. All I know and care about is that you are truly a nationalist and a loving Son of South Sudan. Sir/Madam, I hold you dearly in my heart/mind and I pray that one day God will put you in place of authority or decision making in our Country. Our beloved Country, South Sudan is in need of the brilliant and intellectual people like you.

        I have been reading and analyzing your commentaries since you joined this forum. I wish our people understand the content of your message as I do. If I’m given a choice, I will apprehend Kiir, Riek and Elhag Paul, hand them over to the ICC in the Hague and make you president of South Sudan. You are truly our John Garang and Nelson Mandela in waiting.

        In fact, What Mr. Elhag Paul is doing on this forum is not different from what Kiir and Riek Machar are doing in our Country. They are (Riek/Kiir) massacring our people while Mr. Elhag Paul and his cohorts are planting the seeds of hatred in the heart of our people on the social media. He is breeding more hatreds and disunity among our people on this very forum. His partner in crime, Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba is now causing havoc in the peace negotiations in Addiss Ababa.

        Their maturity and education is meaningless to the people of South Sudan. Mr. Elhag Paul is a brilliant writer, however his political ideologies and beliefs are extremely divisive, prejudice and very similar to that of Dr. Hassan El Turabei. Thus he is a victim of his own pride and prejudice and he will therefore end up like Dr. El Turabei in South Sudan or wherever he lives. It is not too late for Mr. Elhag Paul to change politically and socially but it would be hard for him to do so as he enjoys the entertainment and praise of his tribal bigots.

        Nikalongo, Please keep it up and bear in mind that South Sudan is desperately in need of people like you.

        • MAJONGDIT says:

          Ladu Gatkuoth Garang,

          I agree with you 100%. El Hag Paul should be in The Hague. He has been preaching tribalism and anti-Dinkanism long before the war broke out. He made us understand that we belong to tribes. He taught us very well. I personally became his student. I have already found myself defending Dinka, something I have never done before…because now I feel that el hag is from a certain tribe but he constantly abuses my tribe as a whole, not individuals within the tribe.
          The other thing s that El Hag Paul writes for his master somewhere. He is not fixed his mind on one political ideology. From his writings you find it difficult to establish whether El Hag is a political analyst, a civil activist or a political affiliate…he is just there.
          The joy of my heart is that his writings just remain writings but we have the realities here on the ground: we are still living our lives as South Sudanese…

          • Dear Majongdit:

            You have said it all,brother. This man called Elhag Paul is more confused than Riek Machar himself. He keeps jumping here and there just like a frog. Mr. Elhag Paul thinks he will liberate the Republic of South Sudan from the Muonyjang on the ssocial media. Do you remember how he appealed for Riek, Nyadeng and Pagan to do something about president Kiir Mayardit before those fools took his advice and acted accordingly..

            This confused man needs to be advised that it took Kiir Mayardit and the Dinka more than 39 years to reach where they are today. He needs to sharpen his arrows and come home to chase me out of his backyard otherwise I will rename some of his neighbourhoods in Juba in Jieng language such as Athala Bara, Rujal Mapie and Agtulu Jengie. I wonder, Why he named those neighbourhoods in Juba and fled to London, England?

            Majongdit, I don’t blame you for standing up firmly in the defense of your tribe. I know you are not prejudice or a tribalist but someone on the social assistance in London,England has forced you to act in this way. Your Muonyjang tribe should be very proud of you for standing firm in the face of this Queen Elizabeth’s home grown terrorist called Sir Elhag Paul. My question is, Will he be able to liberate the Republic of South Sudan from London, England? Will the insult on the Dinka liberate South Sudan?

      • Long Ranger says:


        I do agree with you the point of involving elders. This has been the cry of the civil society all along. We must know that the two leaders are riding on a blank cheque of mass ignorance. The dying and the suffering NUERs and DINKAs do not know that they are merely following beast cults. In fact the two u call bold suffer more than the envied Equatorians.

        On the other hand, restricting the peace negotiation on Dinka and Nuer elders will only succeed booting the egos of the worrying parties. It’s must involve all.

        What I do not understand is why is it hard to go federal?

      • Joana Adams says:

        Omang Rollo,
        Watch your filthy mouth. If you have no intellectual women in your family, do not assume that all educated or intellectual women are sluts. You do not know me personally therefore you cannot judge me. One time some of you were so convinced that I was Angelina Teny because I backed Riek Machar on principles, they have since eaten their own words. But let me tell you this, nobody under the sun can intimidate me. If you are a real man of integrity, you would challenge me on my views and not try to get an unfair advantage by calling me names.
        May be you are jealous that you can never match my intellectual capability or the capability of the author of this brilliant article Mr. Elhag Paul. And that is your bloody problem.
        Whether you like it or not we are influencing situations on the ground, in IGAD and in the UN. We are educating people about their rights and what’s more we are exposing your feral leaders so that the world can know them for what they truly are. And slowly but surely it is bearing results.
        Do you remember who first talked about a transitional Government of National Unity, federalism, creation of prime ministerial position as a way forward to resolving the current conflict at the outbreak of the violence in January 2014. Go back to the archives of SSN and you will find that it was the Joana you hate. Read that article and read the latest IGAD proposal on TGONU again. And in March 2014, who asked the UN to expel South Sudan, or impose sanctions?
        In fact, only one of us can handle your feeble minds at a time. We have discovered that if both of us mean business some of you may have to borrow brains from elsewhere to process our collective intellectual output. We have toned down our writings significantly because we are giving the IGAD and the UNSC a chance to deliver on their promises. The war of words is not yet over, if we fail to get a satisfactory solution to the current conflict, be certain that the capital will be speedily moved from Juba to Wau or where ever you want to take it.

        • Joana Adams:

          No Country on this world has ever been liberated by the word of mouth and insults on a certain ethnicity. If the insults could liberate a Country, we would not have been enslaved by the Jalaba/Mudukuru for more than fifty years. I don’t think your brain is more smartest than that of the Dinkas who spent more than 21 years fighting your Bosses in the North. Sister, we don’t need to borrow a brain from anybody. All we need to borrow is the gun and bullets to keep the traitors, cowards and opportunists out of South Sudan.

          I still believe that you are truly one of Riek Machar is immediate family until I put your name on your face. FYI, President Kiir Mayardit has been in Equatoria more than he has been in his own village. So chasing him out of Juba will be a disaster in Equatoria. Yes, I greatly support the relocation of the Capital City to Wau because I’m sick and tired of the land grabbing issues. However we should not be forced out of Juba against our will as it was done in 1980s.

          Will you be able to defend Juba from Joseph Konyi and Riek Machar’s looters and food lovers when the mighty Muonyjang leaves your town? Please mark my word, Juba will be looted and leveled to ground just like Bor, Bentiu and Malakal when Riek Machar moves in with his looters and food lovers. The White Army of Riek Machar will never spare Juba or any City or town in Equatoria when the Dinka allow them to enter. The entire Juba will be renamed a ghost city. Look at how they looted and destroyed their own cities and towns in Upper Nile. We fought them for seven days in Gameiza when they were trying to come to Juba in February, 2014. Will you and Elhag Paul stop them with your smart brain from England? Nuer can conquer and enslave the entire Equatoria if Dinka doesn’t exist.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Dear LGG:

            Sorry, you didn’t fight THE MIGHTY WHITE ARMY in Gameiza alone. It was the Museveni who pushed the White Army back with his Cluster boom and Chemical Weapons. All the Dinkas who were in Juba including the 15,000 privately trained cowards ran to Uganda. It is the same Uganda who recaptured Malakal, Bentiu, and Nassir. Hence your claim is baseless. All South Sudanese including the international community knows who sustained the White Army or the Nuers in General. Had it not been for Museveni, Kiir’s regime was a history. Scan around and I’m sure the truth will dawn on you. If you would like to dwell on your denial, help yourself to it.

            The seven fronts who came to rescue can testify. You begged Salva Kiir to withdrawal Uganda and others fighting alongside you, but Kiir didn’t listen to you because he has no confident in you. White Army would have chased you all the ways to South Africa had it not been for Museveni’s air force. Kiir still do not want Uganda to leave, do you know why? Be the judge! Please take GatCharwearbol’s advice seriously.

          • Joana Adams says:

            Gatkuoth Garang,
            Good attempt but no thanks. Believe what you want to believe.
            Yah, I as well as the whole world know that it was the better equiped UPDF mercenaries that stopped the gallant Nuer fighters from advancing into Juba. How ever bitter you feel about the Nuers, as a people I have no quarrels with them and have no reasons to hate them either. If you listened to the interview of Dr. Lam Akol on SSTV on the so- called Agenda programme this evening 27thAug you would have heard in a concise term that the violence on Dec 15th 2013, erupted because of lack of democracy within the ruling party. Before Dr. Riek could even emerge from his hideout after some of you started to prematurely celebrate that he might have been killed along with 34 members of his guards and relatives when Kiir unleashed his militia to demolish his residence, General Peter Gadet and others spontaneously mutinied in legitimate respond to the ethnic cleansing of Nuer people in Juba. You may look at them with contempt but I for one don’t believe that the Nuers can be held accountable for destruction of their towns. I believe that the Nuer towns and villages were demolished by government soldiers and their UPDF, JEM and SPLM North allies as a propaganda ploy to stigmatise the rebelling forces.
            If you were to destroy Juba when relocating the capital, it won’t be a big deal. The town will be cleansed and rebuilt.
            I also think instead of pretending to worry about how vulnerable Equatoria will be you should worry about how you will sort out the savage inter-clan conflicts in greater Bahar EL Ghazal region especially in Rumbek. Don’t you agree that kicking a pregnant woman to death over cattle grazing is a barbaric and savage act? When an act is savage does that make the actor savage or not? When savagery is celebrated rather than condemned does that make the group collectively savage or not? Eastern, has eloquently answered O.Rollo question so in that respect, I have nothing further to act.
            As I have said many times before, I get bored when bloggers are fixated with who a writer is or where they are writing from rather than focusing on the issues being debated. It does show that such commentators are intellectually bankrupt. My time is too precious to waste on or with people who cannot add value to our current political debate.

  2. AGUMUT says:

    There is no surprised here because they received everything in the name of Human protection and Human Right.SPLM itself is very expensive,so they have to protect those liars and laziest human being.

  3. Achiek Gai says:

    Elhag Paul
    I guess nobody told you how UN functions because the United Nation was not built to change government in the countries where there are civil wars, civil unrest or turbulence. If that was the case; the UN would have done it in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine/Israel conflict and the list goes on. Just help yourself by reading how UN function because every time you post an article; you make yourself more and more highly irrational!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Achiek Gai
      Just for your information I was a staff member of UN for 8 years. This is enough for you to think about your comment. Hasta luega

      • john jerry says:

        Mr.Achiek Gai don’t you feel ashamed seeing your fellow country men, women and children suffer in the UN camp within the Capital City of Juba not far away from the Presidential residence.I wish one of the top officials in the ruling SPLM go and live with these people and see for themselves how life is like in a refugee camp or IDPS camp.The Arabs were right honorably to say that “These People can not rule themselves” Juba is now worse than khartoum. God save RRS!!!

        • Achiek Gai says:

          John Jerry
          Go to Khartoum and stay with Arabs; the door is open! We have the freedom of immigration in the same way you have the freedom of press to say whatever you want.

      • Achiek Gai says:

        Elhag Paul
        Working with UN as staff member didn’t help you to know that UN doesn’t change governments. Just because you drive a car doesn’t necessarily mean you are a mechanic who knows the car inside out!

  4. Ogalam says:

    IGAD has become part of the problem to the conflict in South Sudan. I do not think these Envoys do have capacity to mediate the crisis. The govt since last Saturday suspend its participation in the peace talk because it is demanding that the matrix for the cessation of the hostility must be sign first before they return to the table. Also they want the methodology for decision making procedures during the peace talk must be sign. This is an excuse the government is using to protest about their recent defeat in Bentiu and Ayod where a lot of military hardware and food stuff were caught by resistant forces. The government militias were badly beaten and felt embarrassed after the big military hardware purchase from China and Hungary.

    Actually the white army were on shopping mission on the two locations. And they do extend their thanks to Kiir tthe supply master.

  5. Yes for sure the world is a melting pot, but why the international community doesn’t moved and take action against president Salva Kirr for his crimes against humanity, is the reasons you have already spelled out clearly that “because the South Sudanese African have been deemed to have no value” and the useless African Union who claim to have a solutions for African problems. Most importantly the world stakes holders and the keys solution doesn’t aim yet for the solution of our problem.

  6. Achiek Gai.
    You partly right, but don’t forget that through United Nation the super powers were able to pushed for United Nation resolution to bomb former Yugoslavia to stop racial killing and genocide to protect the minority in Bosnia. Which led to capture of Slobodan Milosevic, General Ratko Melodic, and Radovan Karadzic, which also led to initial change in Yugoslavia behavior as a country and government. As I have said in my previous comment that the world stakes holders and the keys solution wasn’t aim yet for the solution for our problem, and I do not mean here they have to take a military action against the government, in South Sudan, but they should pushed the two warring parties to sing a peace agreement like what they did before in the CPA in 2005. And this is what El Hag Paul mean.Your examples of Iraq, Syria, Egypt doesn’t match our problem because the killing happened in this three countries wasn’t base on tribal or racial basis. In the Palestine and Israel, its totally different issue between two different states and two different nation. There have been many United Nation resolutions for their problem, but again the super powers until now is not yet ready for it. We disagree to agree is the healthy culture of civilize people. Take care.

  7. Okuc P. Awol says:

    Dear Elhag,
    You exposed the double standards of Western world by turning a blind eye to the plight of people of South Sudan. The universality of human rights was the primary objective of inception of the league of Nations after first world war 1n 1918. Unfortunately,the UN was born during the 2nd world war and the beginning of cold war between the USA and it allies and SRR.Because of that it functions have been reduced to peace keeping and relief delivery in trouble zones, like South Sudan, CAR and the rest of Countries around the globe. It is no wonder that UN’s mission in South Sudan have been turned into open prison as you depicted in your article rather than to hold to account those responsible for mass killing in Juba on 16th and17th December 2013.
    The cold war is over after the fall of Berlin wall in 1989 and yet the UN is still paralysied by policies drawn up during that period by five permanent members of security council.

  8. BILL KUCH says:

    Elhag Paul,
    I have become addicted to your writing articles. This means I like your argument on whatever point of discussion it might be. And therefore, whether I agree or disagree with you still I could not stop participating. However, everyone who are in protection camps were part of the rebels and the one of the reasons they are not out yet is completely their choice. Secondly, they are waiting on rebels to take over the government and then they can join. And third, they scare for their lives for unpredictable circumstances. Another thing is that, no one could underestimate those civilians as not being part of rebels themselves. And the prove was seen every time rebels recaptured any city when those civilians turned against everyone who was not supporting rebels. So, they should wait for the final peace integration in order to be sure that there would be no another fighting afterward. Thanks!

  9. AGUMUT says:

    I am 100% sure that most people at United Nations protection Camps are KILLERS or GENOCIDAL,they should be brought to justices with out their children.

  10. wanilosake says:

    YOu are the enemies of South sudanese or Nuer part of our society if no food you said kiir is starving them if no security dinka are killing them what you you want?

  11. Mr Elhag has nailed it this time. Thank you for the article.
    You have stated it clearly that the life of an African is of no value to the world. It is appalling for the United Nation moral judgement to praise Kiir and calling him the democratically and legitimate president of South Sudan when he has killed tens of thousand innocent people in the capital city, Juba. And he is still preparing to kill more innocent lives using Chinese $40 million borrowed money. John Kerry on the other hand laughing loudly with Kiir in Washington enjoying gossiping about innocent South Sudanese. What a world of injustice?!

    Therefore depending on this unfair IGAD, AU, and the UNSC is a waste of time. South Sudanese MUST support change and they need to revolt and revolutionise kiir’s system to install a South Sudanese solution to this inhumane crisis. Soldiers who label themselves defenders of the constitution should form a military transitional government for a year after which they will ask the public to vote for who they want to govern them in a civil federal democratic government based on a permanent federal constitution. The Army must defend the dignity of the people otherwise they are not a national army but tribal army, supporters of a tribal leader.

  12. Leader says:

    El Hag Paul,
    Note that the No. 1 abusers are some Nuer men in the UNMISS camp who in the first place went there for fear of their lives but while turned out to be number one enemies or abusers of their own people. You go to those UNMISS Protection Sites and are surprised to see prisons for all sort of criminals ranging from murderers, thieves, rapists, child molesters, etc
    A Nuer woman working for SS police who lives there but usually comes out for her duties narrated with tears a story that some fellow Nuer men sexually abuse women at night.
    She said they fear they might be infected with HIV because unknown men may jump on them at night and when one complains, they retorted that “we are not those Dinkas who tried to kill you outside there; we are just helping ourselves”

    • Leader,

      Please stop lying. You are not in South Sudan. You are living in USA. Did a Nuer woman in UNMISS came to where you are in USA and said she was rapped in UNMISS? You Dinka because you lye excessively from the top to bottom that is why the country is a chaos. Since there are no truth come out from Dinka’s mouth and no word of unity emanate from Dinka’s mouth either, there would be never a peace in South Sudan for period a Dinka man site in a top position as a president of South Sudan.

  13. Moorgueec says:

    Once upon a time, the hyena, lion, leopard, and the snake agreed to build themselves a city, more modern than cities inhabited humans and invited the fox to be part of a group, however the latter declined to join on pretext that it wants to see them living peaceful in the
    would-be city for sometimes before joining them. The group went on with the construction and building of the city.
    After it has been completed, they sat down and came up with an idea of drafting a constitution to govern the city. Below were the articles in the constitution:
    A. Hyena, whenever I am coming late at night I want no one to ask me who are you?
    B. Leopard, mine is simple, I don’t want anyone to see my eyes.
    C. Lion, whenever I am sleeping I don’t want a noise.
    D. Snake, I don’t want anyone to touch my body.
    The constitution was then adopted on the same day of its implementation, the Hyena went hunting and came back at midnight when the leopard was out urinating, the leopard forgot and asked the hyena, who are you? The hyena was very annoyed and look at the leopard furiously,
    the leopard was angered by the hyena’s look and saw it as a breach of its rights in the
    constitution and the two quarreled to the extent that they awoke Mr. Lion.
    While still sleepy, the lion joined in and heavy fighting erupted in the city.
    Mr. Snake was stepped on the tail and joined the fight.
    What was interesting is that everyone was fighting in defense of its own rights, there were no alliances. Mr snake then venomed all the three and were lying down unconsciously.
    As dawn appeared Mr. Fox was sleeping in the nearby bushes opposite to the city and had heard of overnight fight, came to the city and found that everybody was lying down in a death-mood and asked the snake about what happened, the snake narrated all that happened, Mr. Fox then said this is what I know from the beginning, you guys can not
    live together and this is why I declined your invitation.
    Mr. Fox then told the snake to de-venom them one by one and everyone after gaining
    consciousness goes its own way without informing the other.
    The city was abandoned. A day later, everyone came back to the city to pick some of its
    forgotten private assets and to share the city’s properties that were jointly owned. Mr.Fox on his part, mobilized a peace and reconciliation committee consisting of Mr. Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Squirrel, lion and himself. They then departed to the city. On the way Mr. Lion said it has forgotten something in his house and that it is going back to pick and will get them there.
    It was an excuse for non-attendance. Mr. lion was not interested in an issue that will bring some animals together. The committee arrived the city and found all the conflicting animals there.
    Everyone of them was packing its assets. Mr. Fox then told them to leave what they were
    doing for a while and to attend a meeting with the committee. The meeting was convened,
    the committee then asked all of them on what happened, the narrative from everyone was the same. The peace and reconciliation committee analyzed all their narratives and found that the problem was constitutionally driven and that there is need for conflicting animals to live together in their city under a new and harmonized constitution. It was then agreed generally by both the committee and the conflicting animals to draft a new constitution.
    A new and harmonized constitution that favor all was drafted. Rule of law was enforced and the city turned to calm, Mr. Fox then joined in and its dwellers were able to live together again in peace and harmony.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      I am telling you, these animals are more intelligent than human beings. Have you stopped recently to scan the world where human beings are killing each other so brutally? SS, Gaza, Yazidhi, Sunnis, etc. The UN system doe not work. But wait until a European state or US is attacked, then the UN will be be dusted off and pushed in our face as the custodian of human civilization. With Ebola and these slaughters, I have more respect for the “animals” than for those made in the image of “God”.

      • upiu says:

        while you reflect on the morale of the story, think of your own role in the continuity and/or fueling of the conflict in our nation.

        • Choromke Jas says:


          I am surprised about your short message. If Riek had listened to some of us, we would not have wasted so many lives as we have done. Look at Egypt and Thailand, for recent examples. A well-executed coup can save lives. But, the SPLM rebels did not expect that Kiir would try to fix them about a coup!. From the outside, we knew, Kiir was going for violence: killing of Matip’s body guards in Unity State; rigging out of Riek’s own wife out of governorship of Unity State; recruiting private army by Kiir; stalling SPLM institutional meetings; etc. These were the signs. We do not want to go back to the past. Now, Riek needs to confront Kiir realistically. He should move south into the mountains and forests of Equatoria to make significant effect on the war effort of Kiir and Museveni. You can’t use tanks and gunships in these areas. Otherwise, the tanks and gunships effectiveness in semi desert of Upper Nile and Jonglei will continue to give advantage to Kiir and his friend and, thus, prolonging the war. What do you think?

          • Nikalongo says:

            C Jas,

            I am also honestly surprised that Upiu’s short message surprised you. Instead of calling and working for peace, you are insisting on more war and bloodshed. For your information, the mountain and forest regions in Equatoria are agricultural reserve land not incubatory cocoons for murderers. Those areas or any other location in Equatoria remains a no go zone to warmongers and their admirers. If you want to defeat Kiir militarily which indeed is your goal, take the war to the Dinka heartland and keep it there.

          • upiu says:

            in addition to Nikalongo response, i’m not surprised that my comment surprised you as this is in line with your many commentaries on this site.

            “If Riek had listened to some of us, we would not have wasted so many lives as we have done………..A well-executed coup can save lives”.

            are you admitting that there was indeed a coup albeit poorly executed? if your hero in Riek isn’t listening to you, why continue to cheer him on? since you are an ardent advocate of more millitary confrontation and its savagery killings you are better off packing from where you are, head to your own village and start your revolution there since you will find people leaning on both sides of this senseless war. if Riek can’t even keep his foot on Nasir, his infamous base of two rebellions, how do expect him to open another front in the valleys and hills of equatoria? that is a bit of asking. don’t you think? besides, it doesn’t look like he is returning to south sudan anytime soon. compare how he looks now and how he looked when he first emerged from the bushes of upper nile a few months ago. if that was you, you won’t return to that life again.
            back to the story you reacted to, your comments can only make those animals appear smarter. their violent confrontation didn’t solve their problems but peaceful negotiation/mediation brought harmony back to their kingdom. in our case, it is also true that ONLY peaceful settlement as opposed to military victory that will bring peace back to our country. that is what i learnt from this story, the morale of the story i was referring to.
            have a peaceful day.

  14. False Millionaire says:


    Bravo brother.See:u have put ur great intellectual status to it’s most unviversal value,producing such best article that represents the causes of injustice to the highest aspects of human rights that r ever in the thinking of many of us.Achieving this among many other countless contributions,at our national level,u have assumed ur most deserved place in our struggle n one hopes u r here to stay.

  15. False Millionaire says:


    That’s a fantastic story.I hope our struggle will have a happy ending like ur most wonderful story.

  16. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Dear Paul,

    UN, IGAD, and other invicible bodies are there for their personal benefits and gains. They have colluded with Kiir and nothing good was expected to come out from them. We know what the problem is, the oil deposits that Nuer sits on is the mother of all evils we are facing right now. Each wants share of it and they only way for them to get it is to get rid of Nuer and manipulate Salva Kiir and his Dinka without say. History is a good teacher and rich and those who are known to questions nasty deeds are Nuer. Hence they ought to be uprooted from South Sudan so it can be no-man land. We Nuer will fight these countries to the last man standing and no doubt about it. Our only problem is logistics, the rest is no big deal, we can handle.

  17. Elhag Paul
    what you are talking is not very legitimately, you are pro-Nuer as well as SPLM-IO-NUER.
    The gennocide which took place in country was not officially created by president Kiir but Riek Machar, caused made nation to be in disaster. The soul of innocent lives in the country whether human or insects should face at Riek Machar, the country rebel leader and terror leader.

  18. Dear Mr.Paul Alhag:

    I am very sorry indeed for you! Before,I thought you had forgone from the western double standard!,To me,I for one,I closed my eyes and ears from western double standard politics! It is absolutely a wasting of important time!Their foreign politics and policies in the west is that they put themselves UMPIRES and loot.There is nothing else! They sucked the blood of South Sudanese people to death in the country!The South Sudan has no government,in the country,has no money!

    Now,the South Sudan government,has done a serious crime altogether!The thing is that the Sudan government,has a relation with a western countries enemies in the west China! The South Sudan government in the country,will face any time soon economic sanction against the country!

    I come to you on United Nation Mission in South Sudan:do not blame them at all on the going problem in the South Sudan.Blame President Kirr by himself! Why he lets people in UN camps to suffer when there is no violence anymore in the country?? People went during when the fight broke in the country in Juba on 15 December 2013 sought protection for their lives for safety.He himself,he should issue orders.He should closed UN camps! He should give orders to people to go in homes of before to live.Instead to leave them to rot like rats in the rats holes! He the president Salva Kirr,he is living in Juba.He and his vice President James Wani Igga,and senior government officials.Why they do not visit them in UN camps?? This is really shame and ridiculous!

    For you,I want tell to you something about IGAD,and African Union,These organizations in the African continents,they are now being used by the western countries in the west in the United Nations under pretext of the western countries in the west.Their hands are tied up! They cannot defend themselves from the western countries in the west who are now called North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO). They fear Russia! the only country in the world! Again,President Fidel Castro in Cuba in Latin America. Again,President Robert Mugabe in Africa in the continent. He distantts himself from African Union based in Ethiopia! He does not give a fuck in the western countries!

    I come to you for a peace in the South Sudan for IGAD.NO! NO! NO! NO! IGAD will never bring any honest peace in the South Sudan to people in the country!The peace come to the South by Southerners themselves! Forget about President Kirr and Riak Machar,They are power hungers! It is up to you them!! Let them finish themselves! The land will produce a new generation to lead the country from SPLM leaders! Have a nice day!

  19. AW Joseph says:

    Dear Elhag Paul
    As a South Sudanese, Equatorian, Central Equatorian, from the same county you hail from, Like Joanna Adams, Jacob Lupai, Justin Ambago Ramba and many other great thinkers of our time, whenever I read your comments, my fears and thoughts always melts away. As a person of same tribe as you Elhag, we the people in the community are very proud of you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. May God guide, protect, give you more power and wisdom. Keep it up…..!!!!!

    • AW Joseph:

      Is it true that your hometown breeds and produces only the cowards and tribal bigots in South Sudan? Please forgive me, my SSN friend, I thought you were a Mudukuru all this time along. Is your tribe Equatoria? if not, then Why are you shy to say the name of your tribe since the Equatoria is a region which is inhibited by the bunches of tribes. Are you from a tribe which is half Ugandan and half South Sudan or Our Equatorian Mudukuru?

      Please know that I’m not trying to have you deported from the Republic of South Sudan by asking you the name of your tribe. It is just a curiosity.

      • AW Joseph says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang
        Come on big mouth and empty head. LGG I do not need to tell you which tribes are found in Central Equatoria or Who Elhag Paul is. If You know Central Equatoria, you know us. Major General Clement Wani Konga our governor has said what you Jienge want to hear on our behalve; that “he is not afraid of anyone, no one can sit on his head, no one can sit on the head of Equatorians.” when your mobs tried to assassinate him.
        You know what your response was from King Salva of the Jienge Kingdom; I am transferring the capital to Wau. Upon hearing the news we celebrated with a pot of our traditional potent drinks called Kwete.
        We deported you Dinka in 1983 during the KOKORA a Bari word to wherever you come from and this time it will be under the English terminology known as FEDERALISM.
        Whether you like it or not we will clean our region of uninvited people like you DINKA.

        • Dear AW Joseph:

          If I had a big mouth and empty head just like you and your tribesmen/women, I would have been attacking your tribe on the daily basis on this very forum. Well, Do I really need to know your tribe or compel you to expose it’s name since the Cowards always prepare to remain unknown. Liar! Who want to assassinate Governor Clement Wani Konga. Don’t you know that he is our Brother in-law? His First, Wife is a Dinka from Bor.

          We shot him on the leg just to discipline him when he was stubborn and collaborating with the Mudukuru during the liberation in 1990’s. He should have been killed if we wanted to get rid of him. Your stupid Kokora failed when the mighty Jieng disapproved it and took arms to send you in exile. The federalism may also fail if the Dinka rejects it.

          Yes, you deported me from Juba but I came back with my AK47 and evicted you out of Equatoria altogether thus you are writing in the foreign land. The Jieng has been in Equatoria since 1983 and we will never leave even if we approve the federalism. The Jieng Kingom is here to stay whether you like it or not. My friend, AW Joseph, your tribe had enjoyed the privilege of ruling and abusing the other tribes in Equatoria. Therefore you are shocked and bitter to have Dinka ruling you in Equatoria. Please relax and patient like others otherwise we will keep in exile forever.

          Oh, Joseph, I wish you would have seen me shooting my AK47 in the Air and drinking Kwete and Kiech-moro when I heard the news about the moving of the Capital City to Wau, Wau-Naar/ Wan-Achol.
          I was thrilled because there will be no more Bullshit or accusation of land grabbing. Aliens, I’m sick and tired of this land grabbing issue. I pray that the Capital City is moved to Wau so that the land which was grabbed by Dinka and Nuer in Juba is returned to its’ rightful owners. Please join me in praying for the Capital City to move otherwise there will be no land left for the local people when the Nuer and Dinka stop the war and return to Juba. Was the Nuer given the land in Juba? Or Were they grabbing the lands just like their Dinka Cousins?

          • Eli says:

            Gatkouth Garang,
            “Don’t you know that he is our brother in law? His first wife is a dinka from Bor” I am amazed to hear how dinka Bor keep selling their daughter’s to Equatoria men so as to be accepted in Equatoria.
            Do you actually know that all those jalaba half cast bastards whom we call mundukurat are the children born out of intermarriage between dinkas and Arab invaders? But to day they deny their lineage to dinka because they are ashamed to identify themslves as dinkas due to bad reputation of dinka barbarism. I myself have a woman who hail from Bor, but she can tell you to your face that she hates dinkas, I am trying heard to make her understand that it isn’t about tribe but it has to with characters and behaviors, and I told her not to condemn the whole dinka tribe but those rotten apples that are spoiling the name Oscar dinka people. I thinks dinkas are great people when they are in individual but once they come in groups they forsake those individual virtues of being liked. Like my girlfriend is the nicest person when we talk in Arabic or English language , but as soon as another dinka person starts speaking in dinka she immediately changes and her voice and face resembles a wildbeast, that’s when I have to remind her to smile and to show me her sweet unplugged white teeth. Maybe I will marry Aluel when I buy enough cow, or rather maybe I will give her parents an elephant equivalent to hundred cows.

            Mr Garang if your people keep moving out of your land I am afraid to tell you that your future generations will deny to be associated with anything to do with dinka tribes and the result is disappearance of dinka tribe which is actually a curse-blessing to the rest of the other tribes who are showing dignity and respect, and in long term they will earn each other’s respect.
            Meanwhile all those wild tribes of south Sudan shall be isolated and rejected in a peaceful future societies.

            Judging from history all the wild and fearless tribes of the past have disappeared or extinct while those who maintained low profile are still around. Just a lesson for you, don’t be short-sighted. Thirty years in Equatoria, Uganda, Kenya or in diaspora, dinkas are scattered all over and are at risk of losing their heritage. And today I am sleeping with a dinka lady called Aluel, her name is still a dinka name but her heart is captivated with true love from an Equatorian man.
            I just hope other Equatoria men shall see what I see in dinka women, they good as long as you keep them away from other dinkas and keep instilling good virtues in her and she will treat you as a real man.

            A warning to you Gathkouth Garang, I am afraid to inform you that this first name Lukudu you use here is a Bari name, another sign that you are starting to get lost. Something ten years ago I wouldn’t have thought of because I didn’t have cows to pay the expensive dowery and still I don’t have cows today, but she loves me.

          • AW Joseph says:

            I am a Pojulu. We have not been known for cowardice..!! Our record and bravery is second to none and it speaks for itself in Sudan. If that is what you want to know, So what now? Bring it on you coward and cheap man. Stealing public funds and employing illiterate unqualified Dinka savages in public offices does not make your tribe great to be honest with you Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.
            Wether through election or the barrel of the gun you DINKA are not going to win anything. WHY??? Because you DINKA have shown yourself to be worse than the ARABS. You have wasted so much time and squandered your opportunity. Remember it took us long time to get rid of Khartoum but we will be patient in getting you DINKA onto your knees no matter how long it takes.

          • Deng Hanbol says:

            Dear brother Eli,
            Thank you very much. Your comment on Dinka is in it place. The Jaang had connection with the Arab.We don’t the relationship between the Arab and the Dinka tribe. In fact, the Dinka tribes believe that they have link with the Arab race according to Major Salah Salim when he revealed during his tour to Rumbek that the Dinkoracy and Mundukurat had historical link. I quoted from Obiver Albino’s book

            During the election campaign in the South, the pro- Egyptian National
            Unionist Party (N. U.P.) made every effort to two Southern voters. The
            The Egyptian Special Ministers for Sudan Affairs, Major SaIah Salim,
            addressing public meetings, and promised the Southerners forty posts
            as Governor, D.C., and A.D.C. when the British left. At these meetings
            the backwardness of the South and the nakedness of some tribes were
            of some tribes were the main theme, and were blamed on the British.
            At Rumbek Major Salim tried to prove that the Egyptians had historical
            and blood relations with the Dinka tribe. Attributing the difference in
            the colour of his skin to the climate, he at one time took off his shirt
            and joined a Dinka dance. But he could not take off his pair of shorts
            and shoes because, while he had become used to them, the British
            had deprived his ‘brothers in the South of them. Southerners, he said,
            would soon realize how elementary these things were when they were
            united with Egypt. (The History of the Sudan, p33) said Albion.
            Sources: The Sudan
            A Southern Viewpoint
            With a Foreword by
            Arnold Toynebee.

            Published for the
            Institute of Race Relations, London
            Oxford University Press

            Oliver A lbino

        • Madut Malong says:

          Getting rid of Dinka is the only song you like to sing online but on the ground is a none-starter! Do you think you’re going to do your so called kokora in disguise as federalism online or sitting on the chairs like your governor? You have to do a little more than that; make no mistake about it; getting rid of Dinka probably going to ends up getting rid of you. Cowards and inferiors don’t fight; they only sing and cry like you.
          If you don’t like what I said then start the gruella war against Dinka because empty threats to get rid of Dinka is just cow-dungs!

          • AW Joseph says:

            Great work and thank you AMBA ELI for putting good words into the mouth of this animal called Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. This Bagara (cow) is not worth arguing with. If you argue with a fool you become a fool. No time to waste trying to reason with a savage and uncivilized tribe governing a 21st century country in a medieval style ……!!!!

    • Omang Rollo says:

      Please Joseph, will you lead us to his hideout for an interview? I will be glad if you make a connection.

  20. False Millionaire says:


    The confusion on the whereabout of Toré corrected by Ninkalongo makes me laugh.It’s one among the places I know so well when I was very young n’s a few miles north of Yei on Merédi road.Ugandan refugees camped there in thousands before.In fact on this road there r dangerous long altitude mountains the vehicles climbed upon to pursue traveling to Merédi.Some ran out of force n declined backward which provoked them to overturn producing victims.The trucks which made it to the summit in the clear sunny days provided a fantastic panoramic view on either side of the road.One morning we saw a herd of three elephants n a calf grazing n lazing on the left road side n we were traveling to Merédi.One assistant truck mechanic who traveled there regularly told me that buffalos n many different wild animals were concentrated in the forests along the road.Another day our truck cleared off bridge surface woods over a bridge n fell only to be supported by the bridge’s heavy iron horizontal beams so that the front tyres hung in the air n we spent two days there providing arrogant mosquitos with so much to eat.That profound creek is a few miles south west of Merédi n it produced strong water current during heavy rains.It’s exactly near this place that a jalaba driver driving a brand new heavy duty nissan disel truck with a smuggled fuel from Wau to Yei colidede with a buffalo at night killing the buffalo,damaging the truck but providing no news at all about the fuel.

    But the most lasting memory of my life is about Nandi on the road between Nzara n Ezo.That is precisely the home of our most respected uncle honorable Charles Ali Bilal.I was traveling to Nzara with jalaba passengers in a jalaba commercial truck when one of his messengers stopped the truck.It was a few foot steps across the creek towards Nzar.I alighted from the truck n crossed the road to urinate on the edge of the forest.Coming back to the truck,the honorable had arrived already in his fantastic landrover.But in a most unexpected way,seeing me coming,he ran to me,picked me up n brought me near the truck dancing n singing in dinka with the jalabas looking in total surprise.The honorble looked some how out of composure n me totally overwhelmed in disbelive.I could b considered to b a child still at that time.Ofcourse far younger than his childern but with great knowledge of him.If we did’nt see him as God,he was half God.The greatest civil servant,former mayer of Wau,the capital of Bahr el Ghazal who held meetings in dinka language.He pooled me aside pointing to the jalabas with head swing saying:our enemies.These were the days south sudan as one autonomous region had been divided to three n the SPLM/SPLA war started.He told me to grow up believing in unity n brotherhood among south sudanese.But he went on to explain that,the division of the south was caused by small quarrels among brothers in the administration.He said:it is like a brother n another brother living in a neighbourhood who have a system of eating togather.That in a given day,a meal is brought with the broth containing pieces of meat.That one of the brothers chosed to eat all the meat in disregard to the right of the other brother.If this happens on one day, the brother on the side of injustice may consider it to b an accident that could correct it’s self in the future.But when this becomes a routine,it becomes imperative to seek to separate from eating togather while still remaining brothers.This he said was exactly what had happened.Leaving me in a sudden agitated manner,after his messenger spoke to him,some how in hurried words in zandé,he rushed to his landrover parked a few steps behind the truck.In fact while coming,I had seen an awesomely sweet brown girl standing with two elderly woman infront of the shop constituting the front of the honorable’s actual house on the left side of the road.Stealing glances to the landrover,I saw thesame girl inside n I understood the honorable had stopped the truck inorder to have her taken either to Nzara or Yambio.But the girl seemed to refuse to go forcing the honorable to come back in confusion throwing up his hands in the direction of Nzar to tell the jalaba driver to go.It was about ten o’clock:a sunny day over the green thick bushes of large trunk equatorian climate trees n long densed over growth.This was in the middle of rainfal season.We left but latter on in life,I had best opportunity to live with his childern namely our elder brother lawyer David Charles Ali Bilal n his brother musician n mechanical engineer Patrick Charles Ali Bilal with great satisfaction.

    This is my south sudan I am narrating.The events that have led to the present violence in our country r most unfortunate n our thinking should b such that they should never repeat themselves once peace is brought.What has happened seems to b worst than in hell.Certain dinka n nuer families who had existed rooting to infinite generations came to b wiped out from the face of the earth by the violence as has happened in Bor,Malakal,Bantiu ext.That is without talking about the total destruction of the limited infrostructure that will take ages to rebuild.There can b no high terms of savagery or incivility to discribe this.Our fellow citizens abroad like those in Enland ought to have absorbed good fruits of civlised life.So we have high hopes that they will contribute to solution of our problems with means that should never include violence.Brother Nikalongo writes so much against violence.I hope his advise should b taken very seriously.Absolutely there can b no other best choice than to limit the violence to upper nile n bahr el ghazal n to work hard togather at thesame time to bring peace to the rest of the country.Out of question then to encourage violence in unaffected parts of the country.

    One writes this way out of sincere conviction.Consider the iron communist block colapsing without one single gun shut.But much to this is accredited to Pop John Paul 2 whose teaching influenced the resistance to b peaceful n to give time to the events to bring down the evil.The evil in our country is the bad leadership that is responsible for the bad administration.Just as our great uncle honorable Charles Ali Bilal explained.This has nothing to do with us we ordinary citizens.Yet we r affected togather.So the best thing to do is togather that we should struggle to bring changes.The bad government must go with it’s bad administration.If we judge federalism to b the best method of administration to our country,it is the federalism among other good aspects that we will achieve at the end but without bloodshed.

    • Bol says:

      False Millionaire,
      Good points. However, by the time Equatorian intelligentsia come to realize the absurdity of their approach in addressing national issues, irreversible damage would have been done to your RSS.

  21. Eli says:

    Mr False
    I tried to read all your story but failed to connect its relevance to our discussions, however your adventure in that part of country could lend you a short story novel. Nikalongo could be complimented for his commentaries as a peace advocate, only that he fell short by pointing fingers towards Upper Nileans and Bahr Ghazalians forgetting that Equatorians have more challenges lying ahead of us. One could easily be tempted to conclude that there is peace in Equatoria by seeing the few progress of some few corrupt individuals who robbed the national treasury to enrich themselves by constructing the high rise buildings seen in Juba. The day will come when justice shall be served and all crimes shall be accounted for.

    Mr False, I couldn’t agree more with you, but for sure there is no room for violence and it should never be encouraged by anyone especially not by the elected government of the President of the Republic. This government belongs to the people and not to individuals who thought they could dismiss elected officials, disarm certain groups of military men and women based on ethnicity, grabbing others ancestral land in pretext of forceful unification, killing and torturing media journalists, committing genocides, bragging about colonization of Equatoria, divide and conquer policies of Kirr, and the list goes on and on.
    Any sober minded person will see somethings have gone terribly wrong in our nation and it must be corrected, whether by peaceful or by military means.
    Even God who is so Merciful and forgiving said in the scripture “the wages of sin is death”.
    Only those who repent shall be granted forgiveness. Salvatore Kirr and his cohorts need to repent and ask for forgiveness first from the people of South Sudan before approaching God.

    Mr False, I respectfully disagree with your assertions and refering to your uncle Hon. Charles Ali Bilal as a half God, there is no human being who is half God, “we are all created in the image of God” says the Bible. In my understanding, growing up as a devoted Catholic I was taught to believe in the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are ALL THREE IN ONE.
    I am for peace, justice, equality, freedom and in pursuit of liberty and happiness for all.
    Eli Wani

  22. The pros and cons of federalism.
    Dear readers some one has asked Mr. El Hag Paul, through this website, to tell him or write as I understood, about the advantages and disadvantages of federal system, while we Southern Sudanese are debating this days about the proposed system for the future South Sudan. However, I am one of the people who believe in this system and have a little background about it, which related mainly to my legal study. I am also would like to encourage those who are concern and would like make inform and knowledgeable decision, whether they are supporting or opposing the system, to take a look at the pros and cons of the federal system. And they are as following:
    1. federal system maintain citizen connection to their state, giving power to the states.
    South Sudan is a large country and diverse and its would be more easier to govern by giving powers to the local authorities, because state and local officials are closer to the problems of their areas, so its make sense for those officials to choose policies to solve those problems.
    2. federal system create laboratories of democracy:
    Federal system give state government opportunities to experiment with policies and other states and federal government can learn from their successes and failures.
    3. federal system leads to political stability:
    By removing the national government from some contentious issue area, federal system would allowed south Sudan government to achieve and maintain stability.
    4. federal system encourages pluralism:
    Federal system expand government on national, state, and local levels, giving people more access to leaders and opportunities to get involved in their government.
    5. federal system ensures the separation of powers and prevents tyranny:
    Even if one person or group took control of all three branches of the governments will still function independently, federal system therefore fulfills the governmental structure that ensure liberty.
    1. federal system prevents the creation of national policy:
    South Sudan has ten states compare to other world federal systems like the united states who has 50 states, there fore its would not having one single policy on issues, but its would have ten policies, which always leads to confusion, regarding who is responsible for what.
    2. citizen ignorance:
    some people will argue that federal system cannot function well due to ignorance, because the majority in South Sudan are still not educated, and they would not know what their state and local government is doing, event though these governments have a lot of power to affect their lives.
    3. It is always been said that, only rich counties can afford federal system:
    In this point no worries because South Sudan is considered one of the riches countries in the world, its only need us how to manage our resources. thus it is understandable there have been both pros and cons of federal system in some countries like united States, that compromised the rights of minorities. But at the same time, the United States now has a democratically elected African American president- similarly, there have been advantages and disadvantages in other countries. “For federal system to successfully work in our beloved country, it should be accompanied by other ideals like secularism, democracy, and liberalism.” For more information please go to:

  23. Choromke Jas says:

    A Poem For Nikalongo

    What fire is burning across the river?
    Or is it across Torre river?
    If I knew where the mother of death lived
    I would go and burn the home leveled
    Yea I am going to the home of death’s mother
    But is it near Yei river?
    What fire is burning across the river?

    • AGUMUT says:

      I remembered from beginning or after a peace that Yei was a place where John Garang and his cronies try to trained SECRETS Agents for themselves,even they took somebody i know or a close friend there,but they didn’t make it.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Choromke Jas,

      Stop that wishful thinking. You must already have known by now that no inch of Equatoria will be turned into a senseless killing field for Nuer and Dinka militia soldiers. Your fire is burning but not in Yei, Tore or Yambio. It is burning in Rumbek where in the absence of the Nuer, Dinka kill Dinka and in Nasir where Nuer kill Nuer. In Malakal, Dinka militia soldiers are raining shells on the Nuer white toddler militia soldiers defending Doleip hills. Those kids like the children of Nhial Deng and Taban Deng are supposed to be in schools learning. Awful isn’t is Jas. In Tore, Julieta Aduku is preparing Pirinda and Nyasa for her hunter husband Agustino Aduku who went out in the morning for some game. Their eldest son Titus is being prepared for circumcision rite, a prerequisite for the Avukaya people’s entry into manhood. Hunter Aduku has no knowledge of any fire around. He overheard about one such fire during a bear party across some river called Sobat. Nobody in the party knew where Sobat is. Philip Kenyi, the local school teacher would be the best person to consult, but he is in Yei town killing out his weekend with Shamarat by Yaba Angelosi. That is our version of Peace Jas. Not perfect but it will be with time.

      Choromke Jas, there is no war in Equatoria and we want it to stay that way. Hunter Aduku has never heard about a Col. Francise in Tore running riots like bull elephants on heat. That is not to say people are satisfied with the status quo. We defend peace by preventing war. There is no desire in Equatoria for the use of barbaric means to install people to offices or maintain them there. Your affinity with fire will not only prolong the war but cause thousands of lives and displace hundreds more to a life of misery and poverty in IDP camps in South Sudan and many more in neighbouring countries. What lessons have you learnt from the previous war? Nothing. Truth be told, over 50 % of combatants (Dinka and Nuer) killed during the war of liberation were victims of inter-communal violence. So, the talks of having liberated nyamnyams in Equatoria is just a foolish piece of nonsense designed to cover up the senseless deaths of thousands of Nuer and Dinka youths. How else would their deaths be explained if not disguised as liberators? How do u intend to explain the death of the combatants being killed now after the mayhem is over? Choromke, put off that fire across River Sobat and take your poems to Rumbek and Nasir where the mother of death lives.

      • Eli says:

        Dr Hassan Al Turabi predicted this moment long before south Sudan got it’s independence, but he only mentioned one tribe the dinkas who will be a bone in our neck for many years to come. People in Equatoria neglected that warning because everybody was eager to get out of united Sudan. If you follow history or past events closely the people who have always gone around and caused problems are dinkas, the Nuers are responding to abuses committed to them by dinkas, just as the Murle, Anyuak and rest of the neighboring tribes and today to Equatorians and tomorrow to northern Ugandan, to congolese etc.
        You see, a dinkas has nothing but to disturb peace in wherever they go, in Australia, in Canada, in USA, other African countries will tell you same problems, they have no respect for organized systems.
        And, It’s not like they come up with new or better ideas but they would rather de-stabilise other communities out of envy and jealousy, they hate to hear and see other people’s successes and progresses, example is the cronic CATTLE RUSTLING. If they only could ask for advise from those successful how they did it or are doing but no, they are too proud to ask, to seek for wise counselling. These people are nothing but bunch of burdens and headaches and curse to the entire organized societies.
        If you think I exaggerate just ask the UN to rank tribes of South Sudan from worst and most chaotic to most peaceful; dinkas have earned #1 spot according to one anonymous analyst. Here I mean nationally not regional.

        In south Sudan they happen to carry guns so why ask for anything if they can intimidate those unarmed civilians, twist their arms, kill, torture and humiliate, especially cruelty against women, churches, peaceful people, including children are forcefully recruited to fight.
        From it’s inception Late Garang like Yuweri Museveni of Uganda used innocent children to achieve their political ambitions. Children have no fear, due to their undeveloped brain cells they can be easily manipulated and utilised to commit horrendous crimes as another seen with Joseph Konyi of LRA, all these so called leaders I call them illegitimate warlords, Garang, Museveni, Riek, Konyi, etc do not deserve any respect from anyone of our noble citizens.

        But time will come when freedom and justice shall reign, no one deserve hostility either Dinka or Nuers or anyone from the rest of the masses. I myself am not above the law.
        Eli Wani

  24. False Millionaire says:


    Thank u for reading my dispatch to Eli.The intention of the mixture was a pure general enlightenment that could help understanding of the wishes of our long gone elder politicians with regards to our south sudan n the society.As for the rest,I am for consensus but never imposition…

    Wishing u a very good weekend,False Milionaire.

  25. False Millionaire says:


    Hoping u r having a very best weekend Mr chairman.I am having my weekend at work.Some may say hectic.But in reality in honest life,it’s only work that pays.That makes it good news.

    The sky scrapers that u say to have been built with stolen money in Juba,it’s just thesame story in Wau.But that is a grave scandal.Not only have their owners committed stupidity by stealing public money,these structures r not up to universal architectural standards in terms of construction in respect of conditions of security n hygiene.Observe the structures of Juba University,the former Bank of Sudan,the post office n many buildings that were built during English days in Juba n before the independance:if they r modest,they will stand the chance of existing for another long years if the savages do not choose to destroy them voluntarily.But those false sky scrapers r heaps of rubbish that will collapse making unnecessary victims.

    But there could b strange ideas that escape our understanding.May b our brothers stole the money to build sky scrapers with intention of providing the modern versions of Cassava store house sky scrapers in Juba n cow keeping sky scrapers in Wau.That is the only reasonable explaination.One could’nt imagine another way around.I hope they would go to the end of their ideas by storing cassavas in the cassava sky scrapers in Juba n taking cows into the cow sky scrapers in Wau so that we may understand that they r wise but not stupid.

    • Eli says:

      Mr False,
      Nice to hear you are at work. That’s what all Southerners should be doing, work instead of causing troubles over the weekends. Drinking alcohol, parties and chasing after loose women earns you STDs, jailtime, waste of hard earned money, and hangovers, these must be discouraged. “No rest for the wicked.”
      So, brother what do you do for living if you don’t mind me asking? No shame in every job, it’s better to work and make a sound income than from criminal sources.
      I am proud of you, but just keep in mind not to be on internet while on duty, or conflict may arise with your boss, even if you are your own boss manage your time wisely.

  26. False Millionaire says:


    Wishing u a very good sunday,what impression do u get when u read my adventures in south sudan?False Milionaire is the version of a black chinese hard-headed worker who sell sables one grain by grain inorder to b rich.But before selling the sables,he goes to get it from the source.So that is my job:entrepreneur.Back home in educated elite’s english,it’s called businessman:meaning one’s own boss.

    But by merit of education,I should have been a teacher teaching science n mechanical engineering lessons in addition to another heartfelt subject that is physical education particularly basketball.But in so far as we all know,our country’s bad administration discourages any temptation to practice teaching even on a none paid free contribution to help in the efforts of development of our society.So I am more than most satisfied to b entrepreneur just as I had done at a very young age.But business is difficult when it gets to the level of a widened responsibilities.U will manage finance,the general functioning of the business n the employees.The personnel management is the most difficult part becouse human beings r very difficult.I am sorry to say but a person caring for animals,plants n none living objects enjoys more peace than the one presiding over human beings.That’s why I favor consenseus n clear terms of the law so that breaches r punished only by the prescriptions of the law that r agreed upon by everyone including the breacher.

    I am tired n must go off for the day.So soon mister,False Milionaire.

  27. Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo! says:


    Egyptians and Arabs,they do not have any tied blood at all in front of God!What Egyptian Major Salah Salim,had said,it was not true.

    The Egyptians people,they do not true inhabitants.They are migrants from part of western Europe include Greek,Turkey,Albanians,and Abyssians.There were no Arabs in Egypt during in the centuries.

    During the last king of Egypt Pharoah,theye did not have a national language at all.They were communicated in a foreign language which was English the primary language.There were people Memlukes in Egypt.They were agriculturalists.They peasants.They lived in lower Egypt.They were very inferior and too poor!They were driven all out from Egypt in the Southern Egypt when European had arrived in Egypt when Egypy became a commercial center in the world which included the slaves.They moved in the north part of Sudan and settled there in places in old kingdoms Kush in the first cataract called Tensis.They were called Nubians people which came from the Memlukes.There were not with Dinka.Dinka are Ethiopians decendants.They came from Southerner Ethiopia.

    Okay,I come to you on British Historian Arnold Tonybee.He did not write the books on Sudan.British Historians,themselves,they did not have accurate datas on world history and perspectives!Even with Dr.Johnson Douglas who is now called expert of Sudan,he does know anything much on Sudan two on history.Dinka are Nilotice.

    If you go now to Egypt,you cannot find a nilotic people at all!

    The history of Sudan two,came in 1956 on political perspectives.The Mahdia revolution,it was not a real revolution.His causes of revolution in Sudan in 1881,they were unclear at this point! His problem was that his followers of his religion sects called umma,called the British General Mr.Charles Gordon. The British came from England to investigate on his death in Sudan.He was in Egypt before when he was still on working with Turkey empire with a viceroy Mohammed Ali Pasha. He came to Sudan to collect the poll taxes before he meet his fate in the hands of Mahdia fighters in the college the present Repblican Place when the head of state is now working in the country.Thank you.Back to you to audience in the forum on the board discussion.Feel free to tal to me back!If you have something in your mind to comment for me! I should be most grateful to answer back to you as much as soon as possible honestly and sincerely with my nobleness!


    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Hi Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo!, the Dinka servant.
      Whether you like it or not the Jaang believed that they have a blood link with the Arab. On the ground of this, Deng Majok Koul, the father of Dr. Francis Deng and Dr. Luka Boing Deng, soul out the Abyei land to the Arab in 1905. In addition to that the pro- Egyptian National Unionist Party (N.U.P) chairperson Santino Deng, who became the minister for the South in the Arab government led by the primer prime minister Abdullah Khalil, had killed supertest particularly from Equaria.between 1964-66 . Mr. old man, I can’t believe you lied to south Sudan public- Shame on you!
      By the way, I’m the one who wrote a quotation from the true of the south Sudanese son A zande man, Oliver Albino.
      Bearing in mind that Dinka politicians aversion and therefore, Abel Alier, Samuel Arou Bol, Bona Malual and Adoul Ajou, conspiracies against Albino in 1987 when he (Oliver) was a minister of labour in the government of S. al- Mhadi.
      The fact is, the former minister was arrested by Saudi security agent at Riyadh airport for being accused of carrying cocaine in his diplomatic baggage.
      It was discover later that the Dinka tribelist man, Bona Malwal, the former CIA agent was behind the infamous incident. He was indeed, the one who informed the Saudi authorities that Mr. Albino was carrying Drugs with him. Hence, the SECURITY agents were standby before, the south Sudanese minister arrived in Riyadh. Most southerners were very outrage about the incident when accept Dinkoracy when it announced on SudanTV. I was in hysteria. Although in 1987 I was a small boy.

      • Deng Hanbol:

        I wonder, Why you Nuer rely on lying? The Dinka has no blood relationship with the Arabs but we do have intermarriages with the Arabs as we do with the Nuer and other tribes in South Sudan including Equatorians.
        Deng, If the Dinka is Arab, then you Nuer people are Arabs too because Nuer and Dinka used to be brothers with the Dinka being smarter and older than Nuer. Do you know that Deng is the real name of the Dinka’s great ancestor? If so, how did you get the name Deng? In addition, The Father of General Taban Deng Gai is an Arab from the North and his Mother is Nuer. Is Nuer Arab? Does the Nuer tribe has blood relation with the Jalaba or just General Taban Deng Gai?

        Liar, Chief Deng Majok never sold Abyie to Arab. Fool, Why would the Dinka Ngok still live in Abyie if it was indeed sold to the Arab? FYI, Abyie was transiferred to Kordofan, North by the British’s colonial rule in 1905. Abyei was transferred to the North at this time as Gambella and Kasala. Do you know that Gambella is the land of South Sudan but it was transferred to Ethiopia by the British in 1905? In fact, Gambella was traded in for Kasala in Eastern Sudan. The people who live in Kasala are purely Ethiopians.

        The people of Ngok Dinka, Abyie has been fighting to have Abyie transferred back to South Sudan. Why are you Nuer of Gambella not fighting to return to South Sudan officially? Are you Ethiopian or South Sudanese? Please give me my ancestral names Deng and Bol if you think I’m an Arab? Why did you support and allied your forces with the Arabs during the liberation of South Sudan? Why on earth would the Dinka politicians go after an Equatorian minister in the national government of Sudan since we had the second Vice President position in the government of national unity? man… this is just a political propaganda and you will never gain anything out of it.

        Chief Abiko lives in USA and he is not a slave of Dinka at all. Dinka does not give him anything to support his living in USA. He has neither been a slave of Dinka nor Arab. It was you Nuer who were the slave of Arabs during the Liberation of South Sudan. Do you know General Obuto Mamur mete? He is from Chief abiko’s tribe and he has never been a traitor like Riek Machar. What are you up to fool/liar?

      • Bol says:

        Dear Deng Hanbol,
        You are quoting from a Drug Dealer! And the quotation itself is a second hand source? An Egyptian Army Officer, {not Dinka} said; Dinka and Arab are brothers by blood? Can this quote really by a reliable source of information from History point of view? ……Supposed Brazilian Ambassador had a nice “walwal”, followed by a good dance and the ambassador decide to deliver a speech where he/she Naath people have some blood, cultural, and language link with an Amazonian tribe…. Will you take that as your reference?

  28. False Millionaire says:


    The grass razing battle between u two great intellectual heavy weights does not leave us we small human monkeys unamused.But if all the painful years of our struggle n toil were to give us the ill fruits of believing in a human zoo as the best solution to human turmoils,the best thing to do for me would b to hang myself at this very instance n never tomorrow.It implies abandoning the great principles of humanity.The notion of human zoo is undue ignoble application of ignorance giving what we know about human history:the two world wars n the genocites of the jews,the totsis in Rwanda,the nasty American civil war, the Russian Stalin’s iron dictatorship that caused millions of lives n many other examples.Go to Germany if u have never been there before,watch BMW n Mercedes Benz dream cars rolling over carpet like high ways,see the German’s paradisiac countryside,villages,towns,cities,sports clubs n the general rational function of things,but u might forget too quickly that it is thesame country n thesame society where the most horrible savage crimes against humanity were committed.Now their come back:does it not inspire any thing positive?If it does’nt,I am most surprised n that will bring into question the validity of our presumed good lessons of civilisation our fellow countrymen,exiled in such civilised countries in the western hemesphire like USA,Australia n England,ought to have absorbed that could b helpful to the progress of our country n the society.

    The idea of human zoo is darkness:a product of ignorance.But we r products of history from stone age to this modern day.Even on daily bases,consider our sentimental affaires of men,like desiring the good legs of an arrogant woman is a struggle that requires long time patience,wise manouvres n success at the end.The darkness that is hanging over our country is the ultimat cause of our struggle n our dream is to come out free under the sun like the germans but never confined in human zoos.

  29. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    Gatwatch Gareng must define coward in Dinka language. This is the only song he know very well. Do Nuer hired Mercenaries to protect them from pampers Dinka. Dinka proved to be the most cowardice human being in South Sudan. They invite Museveni of Uganda, Torobora JEM, SPLM north to fight on their behalf. Dinka are taking deep breath after those mercenaries intervened to rescue them from peril. I want Gatwatch to stop dreaming that Dinka are warriors, let this war give you insight to reality.

  30. False Millionaire says:

    Dear uncle Easter:
    Please find a way to exit from continuing to justify the killing of unarmed north sudanese citizens in Torit in 1955.I hope you know our fellow brother professor Tongun Lo Lyuong who wrote a ground shaking article some time back:why dr Francis Mading Deng is Naked,to condemn the killing of unarmed citizens in the UNMISS camp in Bor which was defended by dr Francis Mading Deng in a security counsel meeting.It’s you now who is going naked.

    It’s good to know that in the context of human right to life,killing unarmed civilians any where on earth is savagery and nothing can justify it.I am in management which is similar to teaching.I am happy with rich experiences that these sectors give.Everyone in these sectors is forced to develop impicable capacity to judge,predict and anticipate events long before they happen.The raging tribal war n the bad order of things in our country were predictable.

    We are in a bloody campaign for federalism now.Some people who include many of us believe that it will b achieved peacefully by way of consensus.But many others believe in bloodbath n that seems to b the cause of the campaign spearheded by many equatorian inellectuals that may include you.Seeking to justify the killing of unarmed civilians in Torit in 1955 implies preparations for what will happen in south sudan in the future.I am many years your junior.But there can b no young age when conducting one’s self in the context of truth.If you don’t know yet,I encourage you to know.That certain nuer n dinka families who had lived rooting to infinite generations have been wiped out from the face of the earth by the on going violence in our country.Infrostructure in towns built by the english adiministration have been desrtroyed irreparably.Brother Nikalongo is presumably equatorian.He writes against violence.For us he is a messenger of peace from God.But for you,he is a madman.You are free sir to move on with your intentions but do not forget to b mindful that,what has happened to the unfortunate nuer n dinka families would b thesame result that would happen when the violence brewing in your brain unfolds.

  31. Eastern says:

    Dear False MIllionaire aka Fake Millionaire,

    For how long you and ilk want me to continue hammering into your cranium that we need peace and the path of peace is cheaper, sweeter, easier, etc?

    Folks, nothing in this world comes on a silver plater. The adeg easy come, easy go is equally true of governance among other things.

    That said, the killing of Jalaba in Eastern Equatoria in 1955 was to atone for the death of fathers, brothers, uncles, etc murdered by the gallible Northern Sudan affiliated people in the then army (including some Equtorian collaborators among other Sudanese) based in Torit. If you care, visit the scene of that murder in Torit and erect a monument there in memory of those who perished ahead of the movement that gave birth to what you now have as RSS.

    Your classroom knowledge of political science, governance, democracy, etc is better material for the dustbin than what we need in South Sudan.

    I am sure if you are given chance to negotiate with Kiir in Addis, you would have appended your signature to the sham document IGAD circulated lately – just to ‘achieve peace’. I know you come from the club of those who worship the concept of bad peace is better than a just war.

    I rest my case.

    • Bol says:

      What sparked this debate was the blatant lie of “Equatorians don’t kill and are peaceful societies”. To prove the commentator is wrong, I have to cite example from our known and living history. Now, you choose to defend the commentator’s lie with your own lie “ those victims were killed in retaliation”, despite that fact that No Southerner was kill in Torit prior to 18/08/1955 ! . Going deeper and deeper in defence of lies, you move to attack and abuse “how long you and your ilk want to……erect a monument …….your class room knowledge …..Dust bin!”. Brother you are way out of the topic…..Killing of non-combatants is savageness unjustifiable, regardless of who did it, why they did, when they did it. If you sympathize with the killers of 1955 and condemn the killing of Juba 2013, unconcern about the killing of Bor, Malakal and Bentiu 2013/2014, than who are you? a hypocrite or a dementia suffer ?

      • Eastern says:


        You are very incompetent to discus what transpired prior to and immediately after the Torit mutiny. Keep to what you read from what others have authored, being mindful that what material you have on this topic may be skewed!

        I have seen and felt the situation then.


  32. False Millionaire says:

    Dear fellow citizens:

    Wishing u a very best weekend,uncle EASTER says that:our classroom knowledge of political science,governance,democracy,etc is better material for the dustbin than what we need in south sudan,what are your reactions?

  33. Eastern says:

    Dear False Millionaire aka Fake Millionaire,

    I wish I could have that nice weekend however I am not. I have had to spend the better part of Saturday helping people along Juba to Nimule road following the Bakulu bus accident. You know the road has several black spots.

    I will follow the discussion when I get back to Juba.


  34. Shinker says:

    Dear readers

    Isn’t it really so that when there are “have’s” an “have not’s” it makes for a fertile ground for discontent?
    If group A takes everything, leaving group B with nothing, what happens then?
    If everyone has “something”, if money is shared, it makes for a lot less fighting and arguments.

    We see ministries promising to do 7564 things for SS, but in reality, nothing at all happens. Instead of promising everything, promise to do a few things – and do them well. Instead, say “this year 400 km of bitumen roads, 10 hospitals, 300 schools”, then report on progress month by month. This would allow people to see that things are being done and making it much harder for the Big Men to eat the money. Show the budget on the internet and in the newspapers, report month by month were the money goes. This money, for that road, that money for that school, hospital etc

    And for governance, ensure that ministries never can pay themselves, everything must be cross signed, by another (competing ministry) to ensure checks and balances.

    And why not ask the surrounding countries to confiscate the looted funds from SS, everyone knows where the perpetrators have their residences and bank accounts. return the loot, and then use the money to benefit the people. Since it is totally obvious that there is no governance at all, why not compose an international oversight group tasked with scrutinizing spending, Oil money into the coffers, then given out to manage the projects and the salaries.

    Sell off all government owned Big Cars (except a few for official visits) and purchase ambulances, fire trucks, road building equipment for the money.

    Demand that all political appointees must have the majority of their families in SS, not in neighbor countries, this will surely not be popular, but perhaps then there will be healthcare, schools and infrastructure built of an adequate standard.

    And to those politicians who complain about foreign workers, which happens to be the very same people who fly to Kampala, Nairobi or India for medical treatment by “foreign workers”, see to it that you build hospitals here in SS, and that you train South Sudanese to staff them – this will benefit all in the country.

    Oh, and relocating the capital, this should be priority 8544, after roads, healthcare, schools, power and agriculture development has been sorted out. Prioritize prioritize prioritize, Why waste time and money on this now?

  35. Mack says:

    The legitimate government wants these people to return to their homes and be accorded all protection and assistance, but their leaders/politicians told them not to leave UN Camps till their leader, Dr. Riek comes to Juba. UNMISS nor the government cannot force these people to leave.
    El Haj Paul, a typical Dinka hater has nothing here to say. I doubt him whether he is a South Sudanese.

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