The Unfortunate Beginning and Tragic Ending of Salvator Mayardiit and (Dinka) Rule in South Sudan

QUOTE: English Proverb: “A living dog is better than a dead lion.”

BY: Gatweach Nath, NOV/03/2015, SSN;

This article is not for defense of the current president of South Sudan as some readers may quickly assume, but it is rather a political satire.

According to my own understanding and analysis I convinced myself and became confident that any normal human being cannot bother himself by losing his time to talk and write about bad and evil products of Salvator Mayardiit’s thoughts of hatred, fear and envy towards Nuer tribe.

Mr. Salvator Mayadiit mistakenly assumed the power undeservingly by chance at the time that he was something less than a Vice chairman of the SPLA/M. We know he was a vice like Wani Igga, who is nothing in the presidency arena that time, but let us agree that Igga is better than Salvator, because he is Intellectual and his boss is a tribal chief. We all know this unfortunate story of Dr. John Death.

From that time I begin to doubt whether south Sudan as a land worth living by its inhabitants who are created by the architect of the whole universe.

The most unfortunate tragic event which marked the short history of young nation of south Sudan is the coming of the criminal to the power by chance in order to add another burden to the people of South Sudan after the death of the true hero and leader of the new nation of south Sudan.

Salvator Mayardiit, through love of power, fear of his vice and Nuer as tribe in general, conspired against the new nation by bringing his private or tribal army of about 15,000 from Dinka Bahar El Gazal to Juba (Lorri) in order to initially kill Dr. Riek Machar and afterwards destroy the Nuer tribe in Juba and in the rest of the south.

In fact this hellish idea was put into action by Salvator Mayardiit in Juba. Jungle, Malakal in the Upper Nile state and Bentiu in the Unity state. The coward lust for killing Nuers was not certified by his private tribal army, but according to his fear from Nuer, he went on in an effort to free himself from fear as long as possible for his assumed internal political life.

The coward (Salvator) or cowards, the so-called Dinka, went on to bring Ugandans and SPLA. North thinking that he may able to get rid of Nuers. The man do not know or did not hear about the Ugandans stories with the white army of Lou Nuer when the Ugandans were crying and asking their killers: My boss, don’t kill me …Iam not a Dinka

Many entreating words of forgiveness have been said by those who’re set ablaze by Salvator bloody regime during this unbelievable crisis in south Sudan. One victim said in Malakal when caught by his captives: if I were asked to meet as Dinka to fight Nuer, I would not agree at all because we the Dinka officers here in Malakal were 18 officers, after the battle of Gella shiel, Adong, Baliet and Malakal, now we are only 5 officers.

According to me, the victims of both the big tribes many heroes had died in vain in this Salvator Mayadiit war in south Sudan.

For example we usually admire our former brothers, the brave soldiers from Bahar El Gazal in General and Awel in particular who were killed in vain in Malakal and other places in the south because they were mistakenly fighting the war to be their own war as Dinka and not as national forces of the country.

According to me, no one can think even a lunatic or the coward Salvator Mayardiit, about a functioning government in the south without Nuers, Shilluk or Equatorians. This is clear since 15-12-2013 up to now.

On other hand, nothing can be fruitful in the south without Dinka and other tribes when putting into consideration the functioning of a true government.

If thinking of an imported security from abroad or neighbors like what is done by Salvator Mayardiit by bringing Ugandans and SPLA North, this cannot bring security to any coward or cowards in south Sudan, because no government can operate smoothly while the Nuers alone are around the government facilities like the main towns as it is the case now.

If adding the new enemies of the regime plus the wrong and irresponsible behavior of giving poor Dinka of Jungle, Upper Nile and Unity state other’s lands, we can say that Mr. Salvator Mayardiit succeeded in endangering the lives of these minorities with wrong intention of giving their undeserved lands of others.

The only security now on in south Sudan is to be good with your brothers who are southerners like you, because you are sharing everything with him/them. You work with them in work places, and live as neighbors in the same residential places.

This war of lands if the wicked decree is not revised, will last for many years after Salvator’s death even after 200 years between these minorities and the real owners of lands.

For your information, before it could be too late, no IGAD will look into these disputes between our Dinka minorities of Mayardiit and the majorities who may chase them away from these lands.

I am afraid they may even (the Dinka) loose what is known to be their former ancestor’s lands? If it happens later, it will be a dispute between two counties in one state. No Ugandans or IGAD will intervene.

Let this be for your acknowledgement, you the so-called Dinka community; don’t add it to Salvator Mayardiit case which will eventually end in the Criminal Court sooner or later.

To conclude, one can say Salvator Mayardiit is not the only one in the so-called Dinka community to take the responsibility of what has taken place in south Sudan, the Dinka as tribe is the one responsible, because Salvator Mayardiit is only one man among a foolish and greedy majority.

You can also add Dinka council of elders, military and other organized forces generals from Dinka and their followers from other tribes.

Gatweach Nath.


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    The Incompetent, Dinka tribal chief, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous Killer Kiir, is desperately searching for another husband due to the pending eminent divorce by the Uganda pimp, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. End to the Jieng(slaves) political prostitution period.

  2. Bol says:

    Mr Nath,
    “Salvatore Mayardiit is not the only one in the so-called Dinka community to take the responsibility of what has taken place in south Sudan, the Dinka as tribe is the one responsible, because Salvator Mayardiit is only one man among a foolish and greedy majority”…… You have exceeded President KIIR’s alleged “stupidity”, who is trying to keep on board some Nuer and other tribes! In the beginning of this article, you talked about togetherness to finish off with this awful generalisation….What a waste of time! What a climax of stupidly!

  3. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Mr. Nath,

    I do not even understand what your article is about. Are you against Dinka in general or Kiir as President of South Sudan? Please be specific otherwise your article is meaningless. You talk about Dinka rule is ending soon, Kiir is stupid, I am confused to focus. Quote from your article “The coward ( Salvator) or cowards, the so, called Dinka went on to bring Ugandans.” Did the whole tribe went on to bring Ugandans or Salva? Do you know that Dinka is the name of a tribe? Your article has no great value because you do not have any specific topic. For your information pleases, next time when you write, write to Salva as President of South Sudan, but not as a Dinka. God bless you

  4. L.G.Deng says:

    God bless South Sudan we will claim it very soon for Christ

  5. Kwacha says:

    Dear Gatweach,
    The war is over and we should stop hate speeches. Salve Kiir ordered for the killing of Nuers in Juba as well Riak Machar killed the Dinkas in Bor, Malakal and other places in Upper Nile. UPDF helped Salva Kiir while the Government of Omer Bashir in Sudan (SAF) assisted Riak Machar. War is like that. Now that it is over, let us forgive each other and start a new life.

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