The Truth is Out: South Sudan Fighting with the World’s Strongest Nation.

By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, UGANDA, SEPT/17/2015, SSN;

I have never stopped wondering as to what should have been the cause of outburst of the current deadliest war in South Sudan since 15 December, 2013. At last the truth seems to be unraveling as more details concerning Obama’s Administration role in the cause of South Sudanese war emerge.

In the recent article written by Thomas Mountain, in my opinion, the author has beyond reasonable doubt informed the world on the double standards that the Obama’s Administration is playing in South Sudanese war.

According to Thomas Mountain in the article entitled “Obama’s War in South Sudan,” he clearly explained the genesis of the current war in South Sudan. According to that article, Obama planned to overthrow the government of South Sudan since 2009.

(((The original article by Thomas MOUNTAIN: Obama’s war in South Sudan)))

Thomas pointed out that “The genocidal war being waged in South Sudan today is “Obama’s War”. Why? Because the Obama regime is paying for it”.

In fact, in relation to the above, the Truth has just willed out, which showed that South Sudanese government is fighting with the world Strongest Nation, the USA, as Thomas Mountain pointed out.

The source on which Thomas relies on in accusing the USA Obama’s Administration in orchestrating war in South Sudan is Wikileaks. Wikileaks exposed that “… the CIA began paying the salaries of what is today the South Sudanese “rebel army” led by Reik Machar in 2009”.

Unfortunately, the CIA according to the Whistle-blower, Wikileaks, is still paying the rebels today.

As Thomas observed, “We know this because there is simply no other source of funding for these brigands that anyone anywhere has been able to establish (a question, btw, that the western media has completely failed to raise)”.

Wikileaks further stated that “We are talking about an army of at least 20,000 professionals with at least an equal amount of “militia”, little more than ethnic death squads, who have been actively waging combat for 18 months now in an attempt to overthrow the existing South Sudanese government.”

Moreover, Thomas Mountain pointed out as stated in Wikileaks that “The bill for salaries, food, fuel, equipment and ammunition runs upwards of $100 million with the source of these funds a best kept secret”.

Thomas posed this quotation, “Show me the money” and then went on to state that “On the CIA payroll beginning in 2009, secret until Wikileaks broke the story, and on the CIA payroll still. It’s the CIA’s M.O. clear as day”.

However, as all South Sudanese know due to the lack of strong security experts in South Sudan and the struggle for the independence of South Sudan that consumed all attention from investigating subservient activities from her few power hungry politicians, the USA government of Obama went out with her ill-intended activities unnoticed until when it came to the time when the people begin to look for answers for the causes of the war.

It is only after the war broke out and thousands of citizens died due to war that is when all people concerned began to search for the truth of what really happened.

Of course, without much research as Gayle Smith pointed out as quoted by Thomas Maintain, it was discovered that “…And mayhem in Africa its best to follow the money trail, in this case right back to the Obama Mafia White House and its African expert, BHO’s “Quiet Consigliere”.

The finding of Thomas Mountain concerning the role of Obama’s Administration in fuelling South Sudanese war undisputed as some sources point to the same conclusion.

For instance, when the war broke out Obama’s Administration was quick to condemn the government of South Sudan of using “imagined coup” just to silence the political critiques.

I have used the term “imagined coup” because until now, the USA government still believes that coup never took place. This is was the reason why the eleven persons that were detained were considered as political detainees.

The term “political detainees” was coined as a means of disapproving the action of the government and at the same time selling the government of South Sudan to the whole world so that the government is seen as the worst and failed government.

Such an action was calculated just to destroy the diplomatic relations of South Sudan with other countries, which the USA almost achieved to a greater extent.

Currently, the government of South Sudan is isolated by many countries except Uganda, which is a very strong supporter of South Sudan plus other countries like China, which are ambivalent in their relation with South Sudan.

As pointed out in the above paragraph, I would like to digress a bit by giving thanks to the government of Uganda and her people who have been giving unwavering support to the government of South Sudan and her people, which really confirms the truth of the saying that “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Coming back to what I was saying as to the confirmation of the truth of the article by Thomas Mountain, another reason that explains validity of his assertion in that article is the fact that the Obama’s Administration gave trust to Riek Machar and his rebels.

The issue to do with the trust came out clearly in the statement that Obama made in the aftermath of the killings in Bentiu in 2014 in which more than three hundred people, more of which were from Darfur were burned inside the church.

After that incidence, Obama was quoted to have stated that Riek Machar had betrayed their trust. On what ground? I don’t know up to now.

In addition to that, Obama is implicit in the emergency of rebels in South Sudan as he with his Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been negatively and closely watching peace talks in Ethiopia and at the same time influencing the outcome to the rebels’ favour which favours the USA automatically.

In fact, the warring parties to South Sudanese since the beginning of the conflict in 2013 have never sat down to negotiate the meaningful peace as the USA government under Obama imposes her own terms of peace agreement (through Regional Body, the IGAD), which is backed by sanctions.

Finally, the recent compromised peace agreement, as it is called, is an agreement intended by Obama and his Administration not to achieve true peace but to weaken the government of South Sudan in order to overthrow it and achieve her dream.

This explains why the USA is busy threatening the government of South Sudan while turning the deaf ears to the complaints raised by the government, which are vital for future stability of South Sudan.

In reality, the USA is not concerned with the future stability of South Sudan and methods of achieving true peace for South Sudan but rather it is concerned with how to overthrow the government and get and give power to who it thinks can serve their best interest, which raises many questions as to why the USA government wants South Sudan destroyed unless her interest is met.

Thus, the question on every person concerned about South Sudan as Thomas Mountain raises in his article as the subject of the comment of this article is, “Why would the Obama regime pay for this terrible crime ravaging South Sudan?”

Without much thinking, the answer is that the USA needs oil. Hence, all is about oil. As Thomas pointed out, “the USA wants China out of its only oil field in Africa and will pay what it takes to get whomever to do its dirty work, whether the Contra “rebel army” in Nicaragua 30 years ago (back then it was Reagan’s War) or Riek Machar’s “rebel army” fighting “Obama’s War” in South Sudan today.

Furthermore, as the USA supports rebels, China also supports the South Sudanese government under Salva Kiir with money, which according to Thomas Mountain, totaling to the tune of over $8 billion in emergency aid and loans over the past 5 years and this is why the USA is determined to use, whether fair or crooked means to remove President Kiir from power and then install Riek or another person who is able to satisfy her insatiable demands for oil.

As a result, South Sudan is turned into the battle field of cold war politics, which has led to one of the largest destruction of human lives in South Sudan since independence.

This proves the saying that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers under them.

Citizens of South Sudan continue to suffer and die in large numbers as China and the USA fight a proxy war over South Sudanese resources. It is therefore important for South Sudanese to understand this important point; the fact that the USA is not working for the good of South Sudan.

South Sudanese should forget about the USA and begin playing a role of campaigning for true peace and peaceful change of government but not through violent overthrow of the government as the USA Administration through her version of democracy wanted to achieve in South Sudan.

The democracy of the USA of changing governing by force does not exist in the USA itself but implemented with vigour outside the USA.

Thus, it is important for all South Sudanese to understand this reality, put aside their differences and then stand with the government not because the government is good or because we like it but because of the bad effect it may have on the future of South Sudan if the government is illegally removed.

The world should understand the double standard the USA is playing in South Sudan and help South Sudanese by negotiating with the USA on their behalf to transfer power peacefully to the one that South Sudanese elected to lead them after Kiir.

In summary, what I am trying to say is that the government of South Sudan should not be removed through illegal means or through dubious means based on the external interest but it should be removed through peaceful means with the satisfaction by all South Sudanese how their government was removed.

Otherwise, if the USA does not change her approach clouded by interests in bringing peace in South Sudanese, there is a danger that the country will be thrown into chaos, which will in the future damage the relationships between the USA and South Sudan, and in that respect, it will be worse than that of Cuba and the USA which has just recently been amended.

The Author is the South Sudanese Lawyer residing in Uganda and can be reached through: The email:


  1. Jerad says:

    The USA is the one playing the death of 30 000 Southern Sudanese people to bring Riek, but Riek will not be a president of South Sudan because of his history background. Now he failed using force, but he will fail byelection in 2018. Well, it is good to kick China out from oil because China is not the strong alliance, but the USA chose the wrong person. let see.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Open up your eyes wide. USA isn’t supporting the opposition or rebellion. In fact, it is out helping Salva Kiir defeat the rebel tactically. Who authorized Uganda to interfere in this interanl affairs, it is USA? Of course it was the very USA you are demeaning. Obama threatened Dr. Machar in early stage of this civil war to not recognize his government if the White Army overthrow the government in Juba and immediately, he called Museveni to drop cluster booms on White Army. If USA was supporting rebels, the useless government in Juba would have gone like yesterday. Look at what happened to Egypt when they supported the rebel.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Very interesting drama, do Southsudan really have a capacity to fight the USA when the very Govt is protected by the UPDF meaning USA versus UPDF?

  2. Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

    How do the Jieng learned from their cousins the Jalabas, They opresse like the Jalabas and now they are aranoid and form consepiracy theories just like the Jalaba. Just because the so “Mountain” Says his source is wilkie leaks you believe his story.

    What if i tell you, wilki leaks says..Kiir is being lead by museveni to fight south sudanese because museveni wants to help soilidfy his foot in South Sudan through the Jiengs since he was a friend of Garang? Do you believe me…The jiengs start to sound like sore loosers!

  3. Eastern says:

    Find something better to fantasise about!

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am so sorry to read your article Mr. lawyer. it is heart-breaking to find out that lawyer does not analyse the situation before starts judging it . if that is your intellect capacity, then somebody like you has got his law degree illegally. Law student should have the ability to analyse things because you can not judge the case in the future without having critical analysis on it.
    Let me go back to my point . The fact is that Obama took office in 2009 while corruption started 2006 south Sudan if you do not know. Kiir himself mentioned the level of corruption by going on south Sudan TV and declaring amnesty to those who emblazed public fund. That corruption come to light after Obama put pressure on south Sudanese leaders. My question to you now is who do you think criminal ? The thief or the witness? Think about it as legal guy and answer it for yourself. Now ,your are talking about coup. Are you really sure that coup plot occurred? Ok, let say it happened. Is it a wise decision or does the government has a right to kill civilian and leave coup plots who were detained for that reason? Be the real judge now. And lastly let me tell you this. South Sudan is belong to south Sudanese and you will not be able to eliminate them at all. Everybody from that land contribute to it liberation. Women including your mother cooked food for those soldier as their sons and girls too did the same considering them their brothers. Men supplied soldiers with cows, sheep and goats. Rebel do not carry food on their back. They eat from civilian of the areas. Apart from that south Sudanese lost their sons ,brothers, sisters, daughters and fathers. So, where is your logic and common sense in that regards. You are living in Uganda now. Did you ask yourself why are studying there while 90% do not have food to eat? Billions of dollars had been stolen from government coffers by individual while innocents who lost their sons and daughter remain suffering with starvation and disease.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:


      In my humble opinion Mr. Nhomngek article is brilliant, and if I have to give a grade it will be n “A+”. Would you please reread the article before condemning it, no need for personal attack and if you really want to address the writer, it nothing to do with what country he live in. “I am sorry to read your article” the writer does not need your pity accuses, he stated the facts, and you’re totally blind to the facts. Obama administration is incompetent to understand the Africans politics, and he’s supporting the serial killer Macha the butcher of south Sudan.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Concerned Citizen, I was not making up but reporting what was reported and the source is that. I am not studying using nation money but my support comes from my relatives living in Canada and Australia. I am just pointing out the truth.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Nhomngek,

        Don’t waste your time dignifying or responding to buffoon idiots. You don’t need to apologize or tell anyone how you’re supporting yourself. You’re smart and on the right path, and don’t let personal attack by these imbeciles discourage you from stating the fact. Wishing you all the best and a bright future.
        May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

  5. James says:

    Mr stupid supporter of kiir government and a bhar el gazel man at the same time, don’t start crying now, the tear will finished from your eyes before your corrupt greedy government is physically brought down to its knees. bhar el gazel were laughing when paul malong is Exterminating south Sudanese in greater upper Nile, it is now your turn to cry for ever like the turkana of Kenya.

  6. Nyangchuor says:

    That is a big lie my dear.

  7. Lavina Lual says:

    During SPLA war with SAF Sudan said it was the USA and the Western World that was funding the SPLA to split from the North. Today the SPLA are saying it is the USA and the West who are are funding the SPLA-IO to wage the war against the SPLA-IG.

    The question is; what will the USA benefit from being confusing the country from 1983 today, don’t they have any work to do or any country to meddle with execpt South Sudan for all these yeras??

    Bro Daniel Juol Nhomngek, I ma sory to tell you that this is a pure propoganda that no one will buy. Yesterday USA, Today USA tommorow USA, when shall we held ourselves accountable for our own malice. LL

    • Mafai says:

      Dear Daniel,

      Butchering innocent people by the government who claim to be protector of its citizen is illegal. This automatically rendered the government illegal. As a lawyer by profession, you will agree with me that the current government could have either resign or is in court to answer some basic human rights question and a care taker government in ruling know.The suffering of the people of South Sudan have gone too far and it is the same US you blame feeding them not even the government. It is an obligation to any sound international government to tell us that enough is enough.
      Yes Uganda is standing alone behind the government because other governments have lost apparently due to the behaviors and lies of our current government and this was demonstrated during our recent independence day. Lies from coup, corruption and etc and mind you M7 is not a friend in need the way you think. As I am speaking he was in Khartoum to reconcile with his long time rivals, Bashir and Macher, whom he said he was going to get rid of in 4 days when the war started.
      Watch out the political game that will befall our Country. I advice you as a lawyer to begin filing a case to defend those who have lost there lives for no reason rather blaming the USA.
      Great Day.

  8. Malouda says:

    Nhomngek, USA is more aware about our leaders’ weaknesses of not following the guidelines of the democracy and you are a lawyer you supposed to know it well, we only claimed we are a democracy state but not in practice.
    The incoming national transitional government is not going to be formed with American citizens nor the candidates of the next elections will be Americans, why are you so worried and it is you who mentioned in this your article that after the war broke out in South Sudan and thousands of citizens died due to war that is when all people concerned began to search for the truth of what really happened.
    Let international community guide us until we will elect the right south Sudanese son or daughter who will be concerned about our interest as well as basic needs e.g. Security, proper schools, hospitals, roads etc.

  9. Mafai says:

    Anyway. I do not blame him. I blame the school where he obtain is law degree from. I though such educated people, specially being a lawyer, can make a difference regardless of his tribe or where he comes from. I do not see the difference between him and our Micheal Makuei.


    • Mafai,

      For your information, Dinka lawyers do not read laws, they often buy laws degree in East Africa. As you know degree are sold in the markets like vegetable in East Africa and Dinka always take the advantage of those degree market seriously. Above all, Dinka do not study laws degrees, but the buy law degrees. This is the reason why Dinka lawyers do not understand what its mean to be a lawyer.

  10. Abiko! says:


    International Community do not guide you without SUCKING YOUR BLOOD! BEAR IN MIND FIRM! The South Sudan government is now in huge debts! The South Sudan will never and ever develop in front of God!!! There are things I do not want unfolding to the forum to the audience! Have a nice day! WESTERN COUNTRIES DOUBLE STANDARD POLITICS IN CAPITALISM IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!!

    Jackson County,MIssouri,USA

  11. Daniel Juol Nhomngek,

    You and Jieng council of gangs are natural liars. Obama, administration is one that keeps kiir in power. After murdering over 30, 000 civilians in Juba between December 15 and 19, the Obama administration had not condemned Kiir for the mass murder of Nuer civilians in Juba up to day instead the Obama administration repeatedly condemned and exaggerating the killing of Darfur soldiers in Bentiu who were fighting along Kiir criminal soldiers.

    Second, the Obama’s administration has not condemned the UNIMISS massacre of Nuer civilians in Bor town. Third, Obama invited Kiir to White House and had launch with him in September 2014. According to US laws a president who murdered his own citizens should not come to the United States. Imagine, the Obama, administration had strongly condemned president Mubarak of Egypt for killing 18 protesters and president Murmur Gaddaffy was killed because he killed 8 protesters. Think about the protesters Kiir’s administration killed in Wau Western Bar El Gazal and he has not been condemned for that alleged killings.

    Fourth, the Obama’s administration told Dr. Machar that if you defeated kiir government, the United States will not recognize South Sudan a free nation. Fifth, the Obama administration threats three countries in Africa and one country outside of Africa that offer to help rebels lead by Dr. Machar. Sixth, the Obama’s administration is very bias when its come to sanctioning of those military commanders who violated ceasefire.

    Above all, the Obama’s administration is Salva Kiir, savior. Instead of accusing Obama, you should appreciate him and pray for him.

  12. John Kijana says:

    Daniel Nhomngek,

    Your assertion that the US should change ist approach or otherwise the South Sudan will be thrown into chaos is foolish. Apparently you´re one of those who cant see the chaos the SPLM and Kiir have gotten the South into. It is ludicrous. Were it not for the US and its partners, it would heve quite impossible to have a state. The US bore, nursed and babysitted the South. The South has shit onto itself and it stinks. Now the very US nurse wants to clean that shit-off so we can get clean. What´s your Problem. If you´re unconfortable with that drink some water and relax.

  13. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Molouda,

    Please don’t be naive, what international community, they are totally inept to understand the source of the problem in south Sudan … did you see the mess in the Mideast, Europe, Asia, and Russia. All of these make south Sudan problem looks like child play. “Wikileaks exposed” Obama administration hypocrisy of lies around the world he’s not wining. Obama has less then 15 months in the office … he’s almost out here … ICC must bring the butcher of south Sudan Machar to justices by any means necessary.

  14. Alier Gai says:

    Too little too late for this breaking news to change anything negotiated in ethiopia. Kiir is the problem not to over balance the battle field against his rebel even when he had every right then to win it all without table talks, but his political perspectives have caused him to relax during a war pressing time. It is either go or shield himself with more bloods. And anything the government failed during regular working time and expecting to achieve it on over time working hours, is therefore too late to get it. Macher is not the alternative to replace kiir if the west thinks that way. The man is so gross, too criminal and the most evil ever by nature. He is not a leader by all accounts. However, the president has to find his exit peacefully and leave us alone. It would be good enough for them to protect their images at the corner of their dwellings, not in the center of politics as such and as our leaders.

  15. Reginald Mundi says:

    They will always look for someone to blame for their own mess. Typical Jieng..

  16. Lobolie Ajira says:

    For God’s sake, why are not trying to look at things from the objective view point! Everything you people normally spit out, has such a bad odor and smell! You do not even care, to feel that you have a foul smell in your mouth! You are such a culture without any sense of truth and reasoning capacity!

    For one thing, in whatever corner of the world you pretend to have gone, your same smell remains the same!! How on earthy would you like to fool a civilized world to listen to rotten lies and smells! Even now, as you rattle, you have no single remorse of whatever you are utter! You are such a curse to humanity! Blaablaablaa!!!!
    Now, tell me, who has bought your cheap and rotten eggs? Learn to be at least a human being! Because your difference with other brutes is very slim! So, what are you saying exactly! China, Russia, the Government Uganda, and your so called “Government of South Sudan”, should shoot at USA, as you are doing to the innocent children of the Greater Equatoria! You can cheat your own mother and your primitive relative animals, but intelligent human beings will be fooled by a wild beast like you! You are not a human being! You are a brute animal! Wild beast!
    God will never forgive you, for all the atrocities you have committed, shedding the innocent blood of innocent South Sudanese! You will die, it is a matter of time! For that, you will pay the price, for cold blood you spilled on the soil of Greater Equatoria! History will not forgive you at all! Don’t forget the wicked Hitler, Sadam Hussein of Iraq, Ghadafi of Libya!! That day will come! The vaulters and warms will tear your flesh into fragments! As long as you killed innocent sons and daughters of South Sudan,cold bloodily, you will never escape God’s anger! Your old blood sucker, will face the justice of God, where there will be no Uganda or China! Soon, God will confront him, with all his evil deeds!

    God will rescue and protect the remnants of South Sudanese! But as for you, since you thrive in lies and evil doing, the sword of the gods await!

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Ajira,

      I am sorry you’re so frustrated, but you’re not different from those you’re describing. I tried to follow your logic, but you lost me by ranting none stop.

    • Bol says:

      “You are not a human being! You are a brute animal! Wild beast! God will never forgive you,” ……..What substance are you abusing dude? I thought God and Religion were for Human Beings not Animals!

  17. alex says:

    Dear brother you said the truth but the level of poverty has made the few educated d
    Sudanese people ready to sell their country in the name of democracy
    We will pay the price do dearly as it has happened to Congo. Lolumba was killed and the country was handed to the seller President Mabut now the Conglise are paying the price
    But we will not be deterred in defeating the seller through elections.

    • Joana Adams says:


      Just because Obama administration doesn’t tolerate the lies of your president doesn’t mean that he instigated Kiir’s war in South Sudan. South Sudanese up to village level know that Kiir started the war to keep out his potential rivals. He was even afraid that Riek would win the elections in 2015, if not sabotaged by Kiir and JCE as it has transpired. You and your lot are evidently bitter against Obama because he has now rejected to be associated with Kiir. On the contrary be greatful that through Museveni, the Obama administration and others kept Kiir in power. Please learn to be good losers for once.

      • alex says:

        Joana you are one of the few S. Sudanese who supported handing our country to those people who rob the weak people of their God given resources. They want us to sell raw materials to them so that we will not be able too build industries. Kirr is hated because he wants us to build industries the two small refineries of oil he built is not a good news to Chevron shell total and BP but we were mislead because of democracy. In S. Sudan there no political prisoners. Even the serial robbers and thieves in Juba non was executed and we claim there was no democracy. People like Lam Akol who where against the independence where allowed to participate in elections and we claim no democracy is a stupidly. Who among all those fighting did not run the country. Who didn’t steal or who was not involved in corruption. Will the West return the stolen money back to S. Sudan. The fighting was initiated by the foreign people so that we damp them our resources. It is sad that this time our country is sold by few greedy educated people unlike during the colonial time when our leaders weren’t educated.
        What a shame. We know Americans are our friends but they should also allows us to build industries. They shouldn’t be taking our resources raw
        We need munfacturing machines to develop our own economy. We do not want to be used as labourers only. We have seen how Argentina the tiger of S. America is left bleeding with loans that they will not be able to repay because they were deceived by foreign wealth and promised better life in cover of democracy.

        • Lavina Lual says:

          Alex-let us be honest once for God sake!

          It is your kind who has robbed our people of their God given country resources when Kiir initiated the war and brought the expensive UPDF on top. kiir and your likes have looted the country to nil proof is the $7 billion that was contracted by kiir and his boys for the jieng to loot in the name of security protection just last year 2014.

          Upt to now you keep on borrowing carelessly; is this money going to be paid by jieng, what resources you have. Already the last two years Govt budget revealed that 48-78 % of the money used for Govt funding was taxes when major oil producing areas in Nuer land were closed due to insecurity?

          On observing this the Americans want to give all South Sudanese their country where all will be respected. It is indeed God who is coming in the face of Americans to rescue South Sudanese from the jaank mess!

          kiir has not built any refinery, there are no political prisoners in the RSS as you stated because you/dinka kill them like the 4 EES boys, Sule Abdelrahman, targeted killing in Equatoria and the nuer who are continuously massacred. How can kiir build industries when he cannot control the corruption in the country done by his community?


  18. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Thank you Daniel for your article. I hope God will never allow Mr. Obama to destroy South Sudan and one day South Sudan will be second to Israel no matter how much the world strongest leader plans to destroy the youngest country in the world. First, God did not bring Obama to lead the world in order to destroy South Sudan. Second, South Sudan is the heart of East Africa, but if the East African leaders allow South Sudan to be destroy by Obama then God will never allow to happen. Third, Dinka are strongest tribe that fight on behalf of Christianity for many years and if the Christians allow them to be destroy in that part of the world then the Christianity would never be function and active in East Africa. What does it means, it means that Dinka are fighting to prevent Islam to enter to East Africa. When the Christians allow this to happen and Dinka decide to convert to Islam, the whole world of East Africa will convert to Islam. Those who plan to destroy South Sudan are Anti-Christianity and Christ and God will never.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Hi, where is the part of my writing?

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Hi, Francis Mangok,
        Whilst thanking you for being a long time supporter and contributor of this website, you are hereby informed that sometimes the comments you make to an article are technically too long.
        Consistently many readers have complained about the long comments and as such the editorial have taken the decision to cut them short.

    • martin L. says:

      ” I hope God will never allow Mr.Obama to destroy South Sudan. ” Brother Francis, your claim is nonsense! You know very well President Kiir and his cronies are the ones trying to destroy South Sudan.

  19. GatNor says:

    South Sudan &Uganada combined have been fighting a small powerful tribe(the Nuers) of South Sudan.
    Where are the evidences proving that the article’s tittle is honest and truthful rather than the author making false clams distorting facts forwhatever reason.

    • alex says:

      If you know wikleak then you should not be asking for evidence
      you have sold and betrayed the blood of our brothers who liberated this nation because of problem of power and position
      we will pay the price heavy. USA always looks for fools like us.

  20. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Bentiu Ramaran,
    let me tell you one thing that there was no actually or evident justifying your report of 20,000 0r 30,000 being killed in Juba by Dinka
    Do not missed led the whole nation as we are watching and we know had what happened at that time when your doom plan the coup and realized that it was failed so he run to the bush and said am resistance. the un calculated war which you predicted in the past that, we shall be taking the Government by coup and even the typical nuer in the village knows what does coup mean. so now it has resulted with catastrophic to the country for all of us to be accounted for.

  21. Abiko! says:

    Attention: Francis Mangok Angeir

    Why Dinka people in the tribe are fighting on behalf of Christianity???????? Against who???? Do not get me wrong! Go back to your comment!!!

    Jackson County,MO,USA

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Hi Bbiko,

      I am not going back to my comment, however, it is you will go back to school and study about Dinka history. Go to South Sudan and ask which tribe is the most suffering in the border between South and North.

  22. Abiko! says:

    Francis Mangok Angeir

    Spell my name right next time when responding to me again! I am not calling Bbiko! I am calling “Abiko!” It is very important name and expensive name altogether!

    Dinka History: Dinka do not have any history in Sudan as far as I know!! They Dinka in the tribe, they do not fight with Arabs in north in general! They Dinka in the border in Northern Bahr ElGhazal,they fought over the water rights the so called Bahr Al Arabs which was called in Dinka tribe before in years River Kirr! The Baggara nomads Kababish,they called Barl Al Arab.Their issue is local issue! Not political issue! Their fight began since the time of Mahdia era.Their son Khalifa Abdulla supplied them with firearms.They used the arms to fight against Dinka from Northern Bahr El Ghazal on fight! While they Dinka,use light weapons such as spears,sticks clubs.They captured Dinka in fighting and taken to their places.They used them concubines.But not slaves! But it has become a political publicity against the Sudan government in central in north in Khartoum regime.But there had not been slavery matter in Sudan at all after the Sudan got their Self- Rule from colonialists administrations from British government and from their friends the Egyptians in 1956.

    Is it the reason why Dinka in the tribe are fighting against RELIGION ISLAM IN THE SOUTH???? How did become Christians in the tribe in the first place in the South Sudan??????!!!!!?????? What is wrong for ISLAM?????!!!!!
    Back to you to the audience in the forum South Sudan Nation Discussion Board Website!!


    Jackson County,MO.USA

  23. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Hi Abiko,

    The most target tribe in Sudan and the world are Dinka and I thought you know that. In Fact, I would like you to go back to do more research on Dinka tribe in Sudan. To begin, Dinka is one of three groups that used to fight Ottoman Empire and gradually developed from their original location. Dinka used to protect themselves from slavery and begin to spread out over the area in recent centuries perhaps around AD 1500. The Dinka defended their area against the Ottoman Empire Turkey in the middles of 1800s when Ottoman Empire attempted to slave us and convert us to Islam. I thought that you studied this history, but it is unfortunate if you do not know this story. The world already know about Dinka, but I do not know where you come from. God said tell the truth and the truth will set you free. Brother Abiko, South Sudanese are suffering in Sudan, but Dinka are most suffering tribe in Sudan. Truthfully, I do not want to waste my time because we are already free you and the world already knows. North Sudanese always tell the world if there is not Dinka in the border this Islam would enter to East Africa. Abiko I would like to send you back to Sudan to study more about Dinka thanks.

  24. Abiko! says:

    To My Dear Mr.Francis Mangok Angeir:

    What you said on your respond to me on Dinka,is really,really,LAUGHABLE!!!! Please,Dinka are part of our people at home! I do not want talk about them! Stop lying! South Sudan,has not demarcate! Which freedom you telling me about???!!!! Wait for true freedom! SPLM/SPLA do not have a true freedom!!!!! Have a nice weekend! I talk to you later!

    Jackson County,MO.USA

  25. alex says:

    The election will be the determining factor to prove who is popular. The sellers or the liberators.
    The the same people who were part of the same system want to fool S . Sudanese that they are fighting for democracy.
    Having white girlfriends on top of your own wife is a sign of leaders who are already in pockets of CIA. Do we know those girlfriends . So let Southners stand firm with our resources. We will not accept to be made labourers in our own country. We have seen the problems of the ordinary Kenyans. The is an open sell out. They shouldn’t deny they have sold our country to these cheaters.

  26. Chief Abiko! says:

    To My Dear Mr.Francis Mangok Angeir:

    I reread your respond on me.There are two questions I want ask you for them. One.According to your comment,you said Dinka are most target tribe in Sudan and the world.Try to be specific.Who target them?? For what reasons???!!!!
    Two. what type of government they Dinka tribe did have in Sudan that led Ottoman Empire to fight with them after all???

    People who have paid a high price in Sudan tribe in Ottoman Empire was Jaliyin tribe in Sudan. The Ottoman Empire under the administration of Mohammed Ali Pasha the Viceroy burnt the village Shendi and have killed people including Mek Nimir.Where is Dinka village that was burnt by ottoman empire?

    Base in my own opinion. My opinions convince me that Dinka tribe did not have historical background at all politically and socially!! Have a nice day! Honesty Killing Anger!

    Jackson County,MO.64106USA

  27. alex says:

    Chief Abiko
    To cut you short if you know Leurtnen
    ABUDALA LATIF IN THE Sudanese history you you
    may not be saying this but we understand some of you were forced by the civil war in Sudan when they were young and got resettle to America never had a chance of studying Sudanese history. This is a recent history of 18th century

  28. Manyiel says:

    Let these …… continue planning for the fall of our country but we will fight to the last man in order to defend our country from neocolonialism’s agenda. And U.S must know that the they will never and never achieve their interests using this ………. and stupid means. God bless South Sudan!!!

  29. Deng Abuna says:

    i don’t want to commence here in this article.

  30. Karakdit says:

    my God forgive all of you

  31. You are unbelievable if this is how you have killed you time being in the law school for years or so only to prove nothing on this war, do not state lies that you called articles. Because the truth is you are not a real lawyer but a person who just knows how to write and read in ENglish.

  32. Akoon Amadut says:

    It’s only through peaceful means that the leadership of this nation can only be transferred by none other than South Sudanese themselves and not Americans or Europeans,Whether people believed it or not this country belong to all of us and it is we who have the will to decide the next leader come 2018 or 2019 as stipulated in the agreement between the two parties that was sign in Ethiopia.

  33. Khooch Wuor says:

    Molana, Juol, we have been waiting for this report for so long. Every citizen in South Sudan with sound mind knew the stance of US government right from the beginning when John Luk Jok was removed from the national embassy I US though people ha e been irritated by the truth. Luk was suspected of doing very contrary activities and the led to his relegation.

  34. SAMSON says:

    well, i quietly agreed with you on your articles Mr. author, all you said is true and the fact is that with the existence of this two leaders Kiir and Machar, believe me or not…….. south Sudanese will not and never come to the sense of understanding the true, why i said, just see the situation in south sudan now… tribalism, corruption is everywhere you go in the world because it’s caused by human being my question is ” why do we south Sudanese value this two ?? outsiders will fight for their own interest and they will achieve what they wanted at the end we the posterity and citizens of this our nation will be suffering for ever. we have the most intelligent and talented youths who will handle this nation, why not this two leaders give an opportunity to the youth to run the country,,, machar is not fighting by his own as you just said, but he didn’t know that he is fighting for someone’s interest likewise ti kiir…

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