The Truth hurts, but it’s to be said: Case against UN & TROIKA in South Sudan

BY: Alma Ettore, Concerned citizen of South Sudan, MAR/03/2019, SSN;

When TROIKA and other so-called “well-wishing” stakeholders came together to look at solving the problems of South Sudan, it’s a well- known fact that nearly every one of them has a personal interest in South Sudan; not necessarily in its brutalised and traumatised people.

In fact, it has been proven without a shadow of a doubt that the last thing the so-called “friends” of South Sudan think about is its people.

South Sudan is a place which can turn dust into gold at the flick of a finger, even killing people in South Sudan isn’t only unpunishable but seems to be a very lucrative business.

The Western World has made billions of dollars selling arms to the warring factions, mainly the government. The Western world knows what the government is doing but they don’t care.

After all, the people that are dying are Africans. What a pity, so much for Love, Peace, Christianity, Freedom and Justice!

Let’s look at the UN for starters. The UN is the most efficient organization if any problem arises in Europe, the Arab world or America. I’ll give you an example of the double standards of the UN.

Look at the way Slobodan Milosevic was treated by NATO, supported by the UN. He was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

What is the difference between the war crimes committed by Milosevic and the horrendous human rights abuses that Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have jointly inflicted on the weak and vulnerable of South Sudan?

I don’t think that Milosevic managed to commit half of the crimes that Salva Kiir and his militia inflicted on the innocent, helpless people of South Sudan.  

The difference is because Slobodan Milosevic killed white people, European people. Look at the way Saddam Hussein was brought to ICC as well as Gaddafi; what did they do that the present government of South Sudan has not done?

The difference is that the South Sudanese are black Africans. Who cares if they die? This is the truth and it hurts because the UN is an institution which is supposed to look after EVERYONE on this earth, regardless of geography, colour, sex, religion… etc. It seems that the UN is to protect all but black Africans.

The UN has failed the people of South Sudan: BIG TIME. It is now silently overseeing and colluding ( by failing to take action) with President Salva Kiir to slaughter children, women, and the elderly, while all that they (UN) are doing is write reports that are gathering dust because of inaction.

What will the report do to the tens of thousands who needlessly lost their lives, the millions who’ve been displaced and deprived of their dignity and worldly possessions to live as human beings?

Are the UN and TROIKA, organisations only for the non-Africans? If not, then why do their functions change when they deal with black African nations?

TROIKA countries are the strongest nations in the World, and they’re the richest. They’re the USA, UK and Norway. These countries are the main leaders in the UN, NATO, the European Union and in many other strong organisations that control world trade, politics, security in all its forms etc.

TROIKA countries, due to their unique position with regards to South Sudan as the key stakeholders, know more about South Sudan than the South Sudanese themselves.

They know the catastrophic humanitarian crisis that was brought upon the civilians by a government that’s incapable of governing. A government that has been killing its civilians for years, displacing nearly everyone outside the country.

It’s now crystal clear that the current government of South Sudan isn’t going to change its strategy of killing, displacing and terrorising the civilians; on the contrary, it seems that it has been given the green light to escalate the wiping out of the indigenous people of South Sudan. It’d have been much better if TROIKA wasn’t involved.

It isn’t rocket science to deduce that in actual fact TROIKA is behind all the problems that are happening in Africa in general and South Sudan in particular.

For those who haven’t suffered the injustices of the South Sudanese regime, they might be excused to think that I’m gripped by paranoia and that my fears are misplaced.

But for those of you who’ve seen the sublime and the ridiculous in South Sudan, I want to remind people of what happened a few years ago in 2016 to Dr Riek Machar after the infamous December 2013 massacres and start of the civil war.

Machar was put under house arrest in South Africa for more than two years, in order to coerce and intimidate him to capitulate and fall under President Salva Kiir’s feet (which he unfortunately and eventually did).

Who but the deadly and hypocritical TROIKA was behind all the unbelievable machinations? They paid South Africa millions of dollars weekly to host the prisoner.

These are the facts. TROIKA is the enemy of the people of South Sudan. We know their game and their goals and unless they know that we know what they are doing, they won’t stop.

This is the reason WHY they washed their blood-covered hands and turned deaf ears to the cries of the people of South Sudan. This is why they helped a dictator to cement his grip on power by supporting a peace so flawed that only a mindless and senseless person will accept it: Their love to control the world is insatiable.

This is the same course of action they want to take against the opposition leaders who’ve refused to sign the useless R-ARCISS.

It’s now clear they’re behind the gutless and clueless Ismail Wais shameful bullying because the opposition‘s non-cooperation has thwarted their plans: They want South Sudan to be a place to control and to use as part of their empire.

There’re a million ways to skin a cat: In the olden days they used to bring slaves from Africa to work for them for nothing. Now they want to take over the African land for nothing and use it at will; to spy from, to use as a launching pad to attack neighbouring countries and to siphon its natural resources.

TROIKA did to the South Sudanese people what Julius Caesar did to Jesus Christ: A cowardly act. They publicly washed their hands from any responsibility regarding South Sudan.

At the same time, they’re waiting on the wings for the illegal President that they’ve endorsed to wipe everyone out so that they’ll take over the land; a land that has so much to offer and with people who’re totally under their mercy.

The history of South Africa among others is a testimony to what I’m talking about. In order for them to be out of the ugly picture, they brought in IGAD, bribed its members to do as they are told.

They know full well that IGAD is one of the most corrupt and incompetent organisations in the world. The UN and TROIKA lied about the reason for bringing in IGAD, which they claim they want African countries to solve African problems!!!!!!  

Not by an organisation that’s so flawed and weak and useless. This is a fabrication and a cover up of the highest order.  

This excuse is absolute nonsense because the UN and TROIKA know full well the pathetic idiosyncrasies of IGAD such as the involvement of Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni in the South Sudanese civil war from day one.

Uganda has broken all the international laws which makes it not only ineligible as a peace-broker but is culpable of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Yoweri Museveni should also be indicted alongside Salva Kiir and Riek Machar in the ICC; if the South Sudanese were not black.

The recent intimidating and unsurprisingly coercive letter by Ambassador Ismail Wais, the special envoy for South Sudan–IGAD to the opposition leader and Commander-In-Chief and Lieutenant General of National Salvation Front  (NAS) Thomas Cirillo Swaka and others who refused to sign the highly flawed R-ARCISS shows that IGAD isn’t a fit organisation to negotiate in any matter to do with South Sudan or any other country.

What Ambassador Ismail Wais did was to expose IGAD at its rotten core as an organisation that has lost its significance and mandate.

Finally, according to Human Rights Law, the long-suffering South Sudanese civilians have the right to choose who should be in charge of negotiations that will affect their lives and country. END


  1. Samuel Atabi says:

    Wow, it has taken my breath away.

  2. Taban Alimasi says:

    Alma Ettore,
    Thank you for enlightening reader about political colonialization of South Sudan, by the western power. You are right that, the Western friends of South Sudan, have double standards and serving their national interests.

    Obviously, that is what politics is all about, there’s nothing like free breakfast, no Western country would invest millions of dollars in South Sudan and expect zero return, that is not how politics work.

    In bilateral relationship, both countries expect win-win situation, that is not the case with South Sudan.

    You are right, guns are not manufactured in South Sudan, the Western countries sell weapons to South Sudan, knowingly that Kiir is fighting his own people. South Sudan is a sovereign nation, international law allows for them to acquire weapons, unless an arms embargo is officially imposed on South Sudan, otherwise any country has the right to sell guns to South Sudan.

    I do understand your pain, but sometimes we should not continue to blame others for our own making, since we (South Sudanese) acquired independence or CPA, our politicians had never integrated from rebel movement to a government and we as society have not integrated from tribal nations into unified people to form a country state.

    There’s no viable opposition which can be considered as an alternative to government, the so called SPLM IO members are all dismissed ex-government officials, they have taken arms not because of bad governance in Juba but because they have lost their positions.

    TROIKA countries or UN can’t solve our problems, people of South Sudan must find solution to their problem. You argued that TROIKA countries had paid money to South African government to keep Riek under house arrest, I am not sure if that was correct, if it’s correct I personally believe they have done the right thing. By doing so, they have saved lives in South Sudan who might been killed in fresh fighting between Riek and Kiir forces after 2016 event in Juba.

    Westerners have their agenda, which is correct but we invited them to meddle in our problem, South Sudan is sovereign state…it can make decision independently.

    • Nikalongo sanduksanduk says:

      There’s another truth you should be telling us besides what the UN and Troika should do or not do. Why are the Jieng and the Naath seeking protection in UN Camps? They are afraid of their own militia soldiers. Isn’t it? It only happens in SS that the president’s and the vice president’s people are afraid of their sons in the presidency, the army and the security services.

      Mothers and sisters are afraid of being raped by their own sons and brothers, and fathers risk getting shot on site.

      Nuer and Dinkalands should be glittering and not homes to displaced populations living under constant threat of rape and murder. Guns in the hands of rustlers is an instrument of barbarism, not peace.

      Until and when the gods in Dinka and Nuerland that feed on human blood are satisfied, there will never be peace. You can take a cow to a river but you can not force it to drink. There is little the UN can do.

      • ssudan says:

        Jieng went to the UN campuses because they are food lovers, and not because they are affected by current war. No Jieng area has undergone any attack, they fought themselves because of cattle and the government is Jieng.

  3. Wau Naar says:

    Dear Alma,
    You said it all.
    Is there a way that you make a copy of this writing available the ugly ‘house negro’Ismail rubbish?

  4. Eastern says:

    Alma Ettore,

    Don’t expect anything positive soon from the JCE Regime in Juba. If you haven’t Dr. Luka Biong’s latest missive, please do so.

    The governance malfeasance bedeviling South Sudan are a direct manfestation of self entitlement of those who who were in SPLA during the war and few co-opted from NCP to form the JCE Regime in Juba. What we have in South Sudan is total state capture, moreover of a state which has barely existed. Some of these people now masquerading as leaders in the JCE Regime were indeed effective liberation commanders but they lack civil leadership skills. Such people have the mentality of “we fought” so to borrow the book title of the British journalist Michela Wrong, “It’s Our Turn to Eat” – doing even worse than the northern Sudanese elites did before the Sudan broke into two.

    In one of Angelo Beda’s interview, please read it here. .He reasoned that SPLA should have allowed those knowleadgeable in governance chart the course of the country after attaining independence. Of course SPLA came from the bush with a great sense of self entitlement and will nothing of that sort where they will be subject to a civilian authority. For those who had been during the war of liberation, they will attest to low esteem in which SPLA held women and civilians (inta mautiin sakit, just a mere civilian!). So hoping that JCE Regime will free its grip on the state and allow South Sudanese “civilians” decide for themselves because it’s a requirement in the Human Rights Law sounds pious. It’s on record that SPLA of the various factions want to circumvent justice when they wrote a joint letter in The New York Times some time in 2016.

    Reading from Dr. Peter Nyaba’s latest piece, the time is now ripe for a National Democratic Revolution. Please read that article through this link. Those who feel jittery anytime they see the word REVOLUTION of course won’t agree. But here we are between a rock and a hard ground.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Your statement appeared to have seconded or commended Luka and Angelo for the statements they made in the respective interviews. I agree that these individual’s statements are facts and truths, but it’s too late, someone like Luka had his opportunity during government of South Sudan to lay better foundation of governance. However. while in government he had done nothing apart from squandering public fund for his own luxurious life in the west.

      Of course now he can tell the truth, as he had been dismissed from his position. Our problem is not illiteracy, none of our politicians have vision for the nation apart from their family, they believe government employment is for gaining richness. Our traditional chiefs were uneducated, but had fought with colonial power to free us from oppression, so let us not blame illiteracy for the condition of government in Juba.

      We have enough educated individuals both among the hijackers of the SPLM government and the so-called opposition members, but none of them has a vision for South Sudan, groups of opportunists found themselves in leadership simply because Dr John left too early.

      • Eastern says:

        Taban Alimasi,

        It’s not too late! That’s the mentality the current JCE Regime has – THAT THEY INHERITED SOUTH SUDAN FROM THE SUDAN FOR THEIR ENJOYMENT. This type sloppy reasoning is killing the country at infancy. If all founding organisations reasoned and behaved in the way SPLM, there won’t be countries like South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, etc to look up to in Africa.
        South Sudan gained independence at the time when the world had greatly advanced technology, governance and any positives you could think of. During the course of the struggle, those in the JCE Regime also learnt a lot about what could derail a country’s progress.
        So South Sudan had the opportunity to start as a country that will be the envy of her neighbours. IF the country was not hijacked by the JCE at its infancy with the thinking of “it’s Our Turn to Eat”, BUT instead LET’S BUILD SOUTH SUDAN FOR POSTERITY, there won’t be the case of the Dura Saga, no 4.5 billion US dollars lost would be reported by Kiir, neither Kiir nor Machar not even Pagan Amum would be struggling for the top seat.
        They did a great job during the armed struggle and therefore should have been mindful that building a country for posterity requires teamwork and people with different thinking.

        Do not attribute the governance malfeasance in Juba with illiteracy; there are very many well educated people in the regime. The aura of self-entitlement that SPLA came out of the bush with is the greatest undoing of the regime.
        Of course Luka Biong could have partaken in the “It’s Our Turn to Eat” spree when he was in the regime but what he has opined is not further from what needs to be done.
        Angelo Beda made a lot of sense in his interview much as he remains championing Kiir’s national dialogue.
        Peter Adwok presented an eye opener in his piece. All these coming from formally educated people out of the regime should not be insinuated as an indication that Kiir is now stuck with illiterate people to chart the course of the country.

        Get used to the fact that SPLM is not your regular political party in the leagues of KANU (now defunct), UPC, Chama cha Mapinduzi, etc. SPLM is a military outfit being used for total state capture just comparable to NRM in Uganda and RPF in Rwanda.
        Anybody expecting free and fair elections to be organised after the upcoming transitional period better put on their thinking caps!

        South Sudan needs a total National Democratic Revolution and this will entail a lot of sacrifices and pain. Unless you have the reasoning that South Sudan has been inherited from the Sudanese regime in Khartoum for our CURRENT indulgence, be my guest.

  5. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,

    At least you have gone extra mile in thinking outside box of just ethnic hatred. This is what I have been saying in the past in this website, that others cannot solve our problems even people at the region/neighbors. Regardless of our tribal background, we can solve our own problems peacefully if we accept ourselves first as people living in define geographical location and equal. The problem of some of my colleagues/cousins in this website is blaming tribe and believing that outside world will come to change the regime in Juba. No, it will not happen like that.

    If Salva Kiir as a person not fit, we can change him peacefully as southerners. It does not require western world many south Sudanese always believe in them solving problem. They don’t want war to come to an end in South Sudan just like they don’t want war to finish in DRC and Nigeria.

    No body can argue that Kiir is the best leader, but let give peace a chance and we shall see as southerners what the future after interim period of TGONU will hold for South Sudan. Even those of Gen Thomas who are calling for federalism, it will still be demanded using different avenues not fighting.

    Federalism is good system of governance for all tribes not as some tribes see it beneficial to them alone. Federalism is not a Kokora. It is a system of government known worldwide, unlike Kokora which was created by Nimeri at the time to divide southerners and sow seeds of hatred.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Among the Karo people (Kakwa, Pajulu, Kuku, Lugbara, Nyepo, Lulubo, Bari, Mundari and Nyangwara), Kokora means simply ‘division’ or federalism, politically. In a family, a father can impose kokora among his children by separating them to different areas as means to resolving disagreements or tensions in the family, the same to a polygamist building separate homes for his wives or even the entire clan can separate and move to the four directions of the compass, simply to avoid fighting amongst the families.
      Gen. Joseph Lagu, Joseph Tambura, Eliaba Surur and allies from both Upper Nile and even from Bahr el Ghazal jointly in 1983 demanded and succeeded in the achievement of ‘kokora’ or federalism in South Sudan as a solution to our inability to stay all in one system of government, specially one run by the jieng as by that duplicitious gang of Abel Alier and his core of hardened gang of tribalists that included Bona Malwal, Aldo Ajo …et al.
      History is repeating itself again under killer Kiir and the pre-historic so-called ‘jieng council of elders.’ With this gang in power, the seeds of hatred are already sown and ripened. God save South Sudan!!!!

      • Taban Alimasi says:

        Southern region was divided in to three regions under decentralisation not federal system. Sudan never had federal system, Southern region was created by the Addis Abba agreement with high executive council government based in Juba. The decentralisation of southern Sudan into three regions was requested pronominally by Equatorian, who were tired of Dinka’s violent against Equatorian student in schools all over southern Sudan and their children were missing out.
        In regard to governance, though they had their short coming, but the government of the high executive council was much better than the current government in Juba, I am sure their effort has prepared people of South Sudan for the final war with the Arabs. However, I agreed with your proposition about Bona Malwal with his tribal sentiment, but southern Sudan was divided under decentralisation, which is what Kiir is doing with his 38 states.

    • John Obalim Nyeri says:

      Mr. Mor Amook

      To me Kokora and Federalism are the same things Jieng mostly understood in the way you do.
      By the way Kokora is Federalism.

      What’s sticking in most Jienge minds is that Kokora was created by Equatoria and its Equatorian equipments and techniques of fighting Jienge. Surely it was created by Equatorians because…….. Always when Jienge are in power, started by Abel Aliar to current time, they really love to hangout by themselves like Porcupine un-touchable because if you try – it will strike back.

      When Jienge finally came to Juba in 2005, they started the same behaviour similar to Abel Aliar’s regime. Taking over peoples Lands, building in Freedom Sq., buried Dr. Garrang in Juba instead he should have been buried in Bor.

      Jienge should have created a new city in Ramchiel, anyway it would have been better for Jienge to settle at home instead of disturbing Equatorians.

      Look at Jienge domination in the government of South Sudan? Even the local Jienge intimidates local Equatorians as they are armed by their government.

      But remember nothing is forever, every South Sudanese will get into their feet soon and if Jienge thinking God belongs to them, you will have to let us know soon to come which God serves you and others.

      I am not beating the drums of war, it’s crystal clear Jienge invaded Equatoria and other parts of Bahr Al gazel.

  6. GatCharwearbol says:

    We all shared the same pain of watching our people die helplessly because of interests from so many players. The God of our planet is the dollar. Oil is a direct synonym to dollar which is the God of our planet.

    If you read the history, some wars are caused to believing in God. Christianity is against those opposing Jesus and aims to get to exterminate them. Muslims on the other hand are doing what they do best, eliminating whoever they think is against their God, Allah.

    Money is now the new God. He who possesses the money is God and must be worshiped. Western world is worshipping our dollar in form of our oil and Salva Kiir is the gate to God.

  7. False Millionnaire says:

    Good lesson Mr Alimasi.

  8. Madol Ayuen says:

    Alma Ettore,

    The UN you’re blaming are right there in Juba and they know exactly what’s going on; there is nothing that you know that the UN doesn’t know about South Sudan conflict. The UN knows that there is no evidence that president Kiir order his soldiers to kill innocent civilians in the villages! But the UN had evidence that the opposition commanders order ambushed of innocent civilians to be killed on Juba-Yei road and Juba-Nimuli road.

    I know it’s easy to just say Salva Kiir commit atrocities in South Sudan but you cannot show the evident like the one we saw on Juba-Yei and Juba-Nimuli road by the oppositions killing innocents civilians. We know you don’t want to say anything about them because they are not your people. To win any case in the court of law you have to have evidences.

    When the fight of 2013 happened in Juba; President Kiir didn’t order his army to go to innocent Nuer communities within Juba and harmed them but the fight started in military barracks when Nuer soldiers defies orders and started the fighting. The fighting started in the evening and went on all night. When the Nuer were over-ran they ran to Nuer communities in Juba and made their civilians their human shields which made collateral damage to innocent civilians who had nothing to do with the fight. You see; the truth has to be told the way it is!

    Now when Riek Machar and his generals were chased and ends up in Bor what did they say? Well; they manipulated the truths about what happened in Juba and tell their clueless army that Salva Kiir massacred their Nuer civilians and therefore they must massacre civilians in Bor and they did. Even if it were true that president Kiir massacred Nuer civilians in Juba would that make it right to do the same wrong thing president did?

    Alma Ettore, when you turn a blind-eye on innocent people being killed on other side because it’s not your side; do you think that will solve the problem in South Sudan. The story you’re telling will sound good to the people on your side but do you think it will sound good to the people their innocents were massacred by the opposition to the president?

    If we truly want peace to our people in South Sudan then we need to be telling the truths to both sides or else we’ll not help our people to be in a long lasting peace.

    • Eastern says:

      Madol Ayeun,
      Stop thinking UN as an alien entity…! UN agencies in South Sudan employs more South Sudanese than foreigners. By the way, yours truely works for the UN agency in Juba.

      That being said, if you want the evidence for Kiir’s allaged attrocities, I have such in plenty: any body plying the Juba-Nimule (not Nimuli..!) will attest to the fact that villages and trading centres along South Sudan’s lifeline are ghost towns! Kiir, on the record one time decried this.

      The huge refugee populations in the neighbouring countries, especially in Uganda, is a testimoney of what the regime allied militias, the Mathiang Anyor, have done to non-dinka people in the country.

      The alleged killing of dinka people along the roads in Equatoria are a result of repurcusion of the actions of the Mathiang Anyors! Unfortunately the cycle will continue as long as the status quo is maintained.

      The pain is as much as the hate, unfortunately neither Kiir nor Machar have the solutions…!

  9. Mor-Amook says:

    Your understanding of federalism may be different from what the system of federalism is all about. For example, I can still live anywhere in south Sudan if I want to. I can still vote in any state where I was registered and I cannot be denied as long I am in that state. I can still get employment in private or public sector if I am a citizen of that state and have lived in for long, above all I must be a south Sudanese.
    In federalism, state is not inhabited only by the indigenous people chasing way non-indigenous, unlike infamous kokora. For example, I can stay in that state and abide by the laws and rules of that state/constitution. Thus, in summary, in federalism the southerners will still live in mixed tribes in states no segregation. Unless, your understanding of federalism means different things

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr Mor,
      The truth must be said, during 1983 decentralization, only regional government employees were asked to moved back to their respective state of origin. None governmental employees and business people were free to stay and continue with their Businesses because the decentralization was only for regional government and its employees. However, some people from Upper Nile region and Bahar El Gazal had misunderstood the requirement of decentralization, they asked people who runs private business to leave.
      Mr Mor our problem is not understanding federalism, but how to respect ourselves and our fellow human being, if we as a society could learn to respect ourselves and treat others as we want to be treated. This issue of federalism would not be a problem, I know you might Dinka or any other tribe in Upper Nile or Bahar El Gazal. People from these two states are fearful, that federalism means Equatorian would not allow non- indigenous to live in Equatoria, but that is not truth. You people are your own enemy, Equatorian experience with some people from Dinka had never been good. These individual, when powerful they are bossy, intimidating and violent, never respect law. If member of their community has misunderstanding with one Equatorian the whole group of gangs would attack that individual’s family or any Equatorian on street to revenge. Where on earth have you ever heard that someone government have charged and put in prison, has been free from prison by forces by gangs from his family, that happen in South Sudan and was done by people from Dinka tribe. This was the very reason that brought idea of decentralization, so that Equatorian would live in peace.
      Imagine, Equatoria is not a single tribe, there are over 20 tribal groups in Equatoria, but you never heard they attack each other. Brother Mor I am someone who advocates for unify South Sudan, but it would be difficult if some individuals among the mentioned tribe continue to behave like South Sudan belong to them alone. I am sure if we all respect each other and live in harmony, no one would be fearful of federalism and I really would like to know why this issue of federalism is sensitive, I wonder why people for other states are afraid of living in their states. If you feel you are not welcome in other state why not go back to your states of origin and develop your state.

      • Mach says:

        Taban Alimasi;

        After everything you’ve said on this site; you’ve never told us that you were attacked or mistreated by Dinka! Is it because you’re a very reasonable person who behave and respect other Dinka as well? Yes, and that could be 100% reason why you were never attack or mistreated by anyone let alone Dinka.

        When you have the mentality that Juba is your land and therefore anyone you see that’s not from Juba should get out regardless of those who bleed and die for that land then you’re asking for it! My be you should ask those who were attacked by Dinka; what did they do or said which result to that kind of attacked because it’s very rarely happened that you’re just walking home on the street minding your own business and some Dinka come and punched you in the face.

        By the way, those innocent Dinka civilians who were being ambushed and massacred on the roads between Juba-Yei and Juba-Nimule roads multiple times; are those Dinka people behaving like that? So when you don’t see your own faults but others as a problem then you’ll suffer more. Let make this crestal-clear to the people who hate Dinka; Dinka are not going anywhere. South Sudan is the place they fought and die for and will die in the same place.

        The question is not why others are afraid to go to there state but the question is; why were you afraid to fight Arabs and die for it when they were your bosses and using your women as sex-slaves?

        The bottom-line is; you’ll never get respect from others if you show no respect to others.

        • LM says:


          Maybe you’re not on ground. Dinka are leaving Equatoria but you don’t see it.
          Your way of talking is a reason for their departure from equatoria. Take for example population of jenje in eastern equatoria before this conflict, there were many jenje in equatoria region compare to number today. Maybe you’re not on ground.

          • Mach says:

            If Jiengs are leaving South Sudan; then that would be the same reasons why your villages are ghost-towns for the fear of Jiengs revenge attacked! It’s ironic that you think Jiengs will leave South Sudan just because you said so! Jiengs did leave South Sudan when Arabs were dropping bombs on them let alone minor element in chains like you are!
            Let’s play this game and let see who will be on his knees begging for peace!

  10. ww says:

    The tremendous hatred preached by most of the tribes in Central Equatoria, particularly by the intellectuals in noted. Jieng or “Jienge” as some of you might want to entertain yourselves, is here to stay. There is nothing anyone of you can do about it. For those advocating for the separation of “Equatoria”, I as a Jieng I want that too. Let South Sudan disintegrate.

  11. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,
    First write my name in full, my name has no abbreviation please and you don’t have right to rename me. Secondly, there is nothing that makes equatoria to sound like heaven. Every state has its own resources and people to develop, it does not mean that equatoria has resources to attract people to live in. The reason is one, we fought those days as one country and we all shaded blood during struggle, Equatorian son & daughter never chased other away during death to fight alone, saying that every one should go to liberate his/her state or region.

    Other tribes were killed in Equatoria land simply because it was their land as well. I agree with you that we must respect ourselves all to be able to enjoy our country, that is true. Let me repeat myself, federalism is not sensitive and there is nothing other tribes worry about, even independent of Equatoria can be welcome by others including me, but the problem would be what did those people (non equatorian) die for?

    The answer is, they died to liberate their country called south Sudan for all. Thus, fixing laws to live peacefully is left to us but not disintegration. My longer stay in Equatoria way back to 2002, and I don’t feel secure now to stay in Eqatoria, even in Juba I don’t stay there because of your hatred.

    With the issue of Equatorian not attacking themselves, is a lie, even death of one person is a lost. Think back of recent about Taposa, Didinga, Boya, Bari and Mundari…etc. Fighting and peace are all part of human behavior. Let me refer you to Bible, there is time for war and there is time for peace my dear.

    So every south Sudanese loves his or her state, 99% in my subsection of tribe do not know Equatoria, they just know equatorian from towns as they meet them. Nevertheless, you are moderate Equatorian also Equatorian genes of proudness of always being well educated, well civilized as next to whites and Arab is still in you. Equatorian never believe or appreciate what others have done or can do well and not Equatorian, e.g. Tyson and Editor

  12. False Millionnaire says:

    Mon cher ami Mr Rock,
    U make yourself to be loved so much for playing a cheer cartoon character.Why do u beat around the bush and over-look the truth Mr Alimasi has laid naked in the Sun for every one with eyes to see?It’s no longer any point of disagreement to say that things fell apart becouse Garang Died too soon.But refraining from taking the issue at such face value to mean an accident than a conspiracy for example,the mess up we are having was the objective.The fool named Dr Riek Machar was the groomed prince to over-throw Kiir.But as he has failed and ended signing up for the Khartoum’s agreement,it’s the very reason why général TC is made to be a biting dog.That too is distened to failure and his makers appear to know it.
    Aren’t you capable of making out with your great Sarbonne brain Why Dr Abiy Ahmed and the ariterian president marched on Juba?That can never be short of playing british/american’s envoys with messages of wheeling and dealing.That context seems to make a head-way with the heat and pressure that are being brought to bear on Malong and general TC to join the vanwagon and return to Juba.Who are the actors of that game now,jieng or external forces?

  13. Taban Alimasi says:

    Mr Mor-Amook, I am sorry I didn’t intend to rename you, I apologies for shortening your name. It’s understandable that truths are always bitter, when we pointed out our mistake we run wild that’s why we don’t have peace. The saddest and depleting disease, we have in South Sudan is that some people from Dinka tribe like Mach believe they had liberate South Sudan, which is fault, SPLM/A was a national movement liberating Sudan by Sudanese not by Dinka. SPLA and SPLM constitute all Sudanese tribes including people from Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain. For Mach to think that it was Dinka movement and that warrant them to intimidate and misbehave is childish and uncivilized.
    You are right, during the liberation soldiers died across Sudan event Blue Nile and Nuba mountain, but today Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain is not part of South Sudan. If we need peace in South Sudan, we should accept genuine and constructive criticism otherwise we would fail to build a nation.
    Mach, you are right a lot of innocent life have been lost across South Sudan roads and are various tribes, not only Dinka and I don’t support that, any life of South Sudanese lost in tribal wars is meaningless. However, you need to accept that some individuals from you tribes don’t respect law and believe like you do, that they have liberated South Sudan therefore are above the law of the country. Please tell where on earth have you ever heard that an individual has been charged by government and put in prison, gangs from his family with guns went and free the individual. I am for united South Sudan, but some individual like you who believe he is liberator and don’t respect rights of other can intimidate are making it difficult.

  14. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,
    Your reasoning is far better from other colleagues from equatoria, if we all address ourselves like this, we are going to change south Sudan to better place. Yes, there are mistakes that happened and probably still happening with current government. Your example of family members freed someone from prison by force is a mistake done by individuals and cannot be attributed to a tribe. It should be treated as isolated case and a lesson learnt that could be corrected with time. This government will not be there for decades if unite ourselves. They are elites who understood themselves from Nuer, Equatoria and Dinka…..etc

    The problem is hatred against specific tribe Mr. Taban, but South Sudan is not worst, it’s a century hatred that is making it difficult to accept ourselves. For example, in 2016, unarmed black American was shot dead by a white policeman claiming that he had a pistol, which was proving not true by camera. That white policeman was never arrested nor taken to court. That was just one example of racism in the most civilized and democratic country on the planet, a lot are still happening my brother, I believe you are following news daily. So there are shortcoming everywhere, but black are not calling for separation.

    With liberation, south Sudan was not liberated by Dinka, it was a liberation by all South Sudanese. But, contribution was not the same because it was death. For example, from 1991 – 2002 contribution was less from other tribes. This is the fact and I know some people do not want that to be mentioned they become irritable.

    Nevertheless, this is not the reason people cannot respect laws. In the history, many countries passed the same bumpy road, I believe we will be stable because we are all conscious of how we want our country to be. There is nothing too late, all those countries never started at the current stage they are in now in just few years of their independent.

    Dear Taban, imagine, a tribe called Murle is abducting children from all the neighboring communities including Dinka, Nuer and other tribes in Equatoria even up to Ethiopia. But it is not talked about because they are not Dinka doing it and not because it is a good practice. Cattle raiding is different from child abduction and selling off a child for cows. This is worst practice against child rights. It was a bad practice of 200 years ago. Thus, we have a moral duty as citizens to discourage this practice.

    • John Obalim Nyeri says:

      Mor Amook,
      you and your Jieng government contribute in destruction of South Sudan. Your reference “For example, from 1991-2002 contribution was less from other tribes. What stupid comment did you mean about? Whether you like it or not, you will come to your senses. You will have to except Federalism in South Sudan – otherwise, you will never be in Peace in Equatoria, Western Bharal Al Ghazel and Lakes Region.

      What about from 1983-1991, were Equatorian, Western Bharel Al Ghazel or Lake’s Region? You are just…. Liar. You seem not to know the story of SPLA.

  15. Taban Alimasi says:

    Mr Mor- Amook,
    I appreciated your remarks, which is truth and facts, you are right family’s action can’t be attributed to the whole Dinka tribe, but they are from Dinka tribe which is facts and we need to accept that. You mentioned about 1991 – 2002 the contribution in the Movement was mostly from Dinka, I am not sure if that was correct, if it was correct; you need to ask a question why was that? If you don’t know I would tell you “it was because the same Riek had turned the movement into tribal war” that might be the reason why none Dinka and none Nuer had briefly left the movement because southerners were fighting each other. Brother Mo-Amook let us accept that some individuals from these two tribe had cause more death in southerner Sudan during the movement than any other people.
    You may be correct that Dinka as single tribe might had greater number in the movement, that may be based on Dinka tribe’s population in South Sudan, but overall none Dinka tribes over numbered Dinka in the movement. When you considered the military officers, most of them are from Dinka, is not because they are the best or courageous, but it was spirit of tribalism and domination of others. This attitude of domination by few tribes has started right during the movement and we need to recognise that, but if we are blindfold by ego and tribal pried we will continue to fail people of South Sudan.
    People like Mach think, those who have sacrificed their live for the freedom of South Sudan, had done so for single tribe they belong to, which is rubbish. I would like to assure you, I would never call for separation but would not stop anyone from advocating for Equatorian separation because that is their right to do so. As a unionist, I must prove equality for all, otherwise the separatist would win. I was for united Sudan let alone separation of Equatoria, I still believe we can live together only when we accept our mistake, respect others and treat others as you want to be treated, please read these bible verses it may help you understand what is equality. Matthew 20:1- 16

  16. mading says:

    Taban Alimasi,
    The reason Dinkas had more soldiers then other tribes at that time was the fact that people were fighting on the ground, not on the web like now a day.

  17. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,
    Like I said earlier, mistakes have been made and are still being made, but not only Dinka tribe. I accept mistakes have been committed by individuals from Dinka even between Dinka clans, just like other tribes have done. But I wonder Mr. Taban, why is it always difficult to recognize and admit mistakes committed by fellow equatorian against innocent Dinka?

    I have never seen you and others in this website since last year also recognizing mistakes committed by some individual equatorian as well. You and your colleagues only blame Dinka for everything to overshadow mistakes committed by others. For example, in 2016 innocent unarmed Dinka civilians including 4 month old baby were murdered in cold blood on Juba Yei road inhumanly. But some of my wise equatorians keep saying that was a payback price. Was that not a mistake? It’s the same as mistakes committed by any other Dinka members against others.

    Secondly, Murle is abducting children, but nobody sees it as bad practice that is tarnishing South Sudan image badly then any other thing, it’s never talked about because the focus and a common enemy is Dinka, and they are doing it to Dinka. There are wars now in Africa and around the world, but there is no child abduction in the world, only in South Sudan.

    My brother, you cannot fool me that you are a unionist. There is no unionist Equatorian You just want to play cat and rat game. My brother, let’s leave blame game. You know very well blaming doesn’t bring solutions even at home level, it always lead to defensive especially when you are part of the problem. But if we equally see our mistakes and admit them from both sides, we will definitely come to understanding and forgive one another, that is the fact. But if one part appear clean and blame others, the other party will not be contended.

    For example, Thomas Cirillo forces were accused by UNMISS with documentary evidence late last year that they have committed human right abuses including rape, killing and burning villages and refugees camp in western equatorian. It was debated in this website if you forgot. Was that not mistakes even though the victims were the same fellow equatorian?

    With your reasoning capacity, please let us all accept that mistakes have been committed by both parties to the conflict regardless of who is accused to have started the war.

    • Eastern says:

      Now I like these types of fallacies of relevance also known as ignoratio elenchi…….

      Mor-Amook argues that and I quote “For example, Thomas Cirillo forces were accused by UNMISS with documentary evidence late last year that they have committed human right abuses including rape, killing and burning villages and refugees camp in western equatorian. It was debated in this website if you forgot. Was that not mistakes even though the victims were the same fellow equatorian?

      With your reasoning capacity, please let us all accept that mistakes have been committed by both parties to the conflict regardless of who is accused to have started the war”

      So why did Bidi Bidi and other refugee settlements in Uganda swell in record times. Was the militia outfit the Mathiang Anyoor a myth?

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      I don’t fool you, your problem is that you don’t want to accept the lawlessness of some people from your tribe. I don’t condone any kind of violent against any human being, you referenced the tribal war of Murle with neighbouring tribes. Yes, if what you said is correct, the government should stop them and bring those who have committed such act to justices, hopefully they would not take law into their own hand and free those responsible from the prison.
      You have all the right to conclude, I am not unionist, but have not right to claim that “no Equatorian is a unionist” I don’t represent Equatorian as whole, what you have read was my view and experience in life and what I have read over the years on media. You stated that mistake done by few individuals can’t be attributed to the whole community, why have condemned the whole Equatorian because of my statement or few others in this forum. When you go defensive, you always need to remember what you have said, otherwise your truth colour would be reveal.
      I am sorry brother Holo, for thinking I am attention seeker, but I am a grown-up man will always tell the truth that I know and people like you can reach their own conclusion and that is your own problem. Mor-Amook, thank you for showing your truth colour, when I rebuked some individual generalising or blaming the whole tribes for the mistake of the few, it sound music to your ears, but when I tell the truth of lawlessness of some individuals from your tribe, it sounds as an insult. I do understand that’s human, but if we need to correct the society, sometimes we need to accept bitter truth. You mentioned UNMISS accusation about NAS rebel groups, if that was truth UNMISS has the right to pursue justice, your perception is that I am a supporter of a particular group, if that is how you think. I would like to let you know that’s wrong, I am independent individual who supports and will continue to support rule of law and good governance, which the government in Juba you support failed to provide for the nation.

  18. Holo Kor says:

    Dear Taban Alimasi,

    It hurts me so much to read, or to see people like you and the rest are trying so hard to cajole the Dinka/Jineng/JCE for you to be accepted by them (Jieng.) And I always, and everyday wonder-and asked myself, what a quandary that some of you, the Equations can this you bend low and with this also low self-esteem and when you’re dealing with the Dinkas. Please, beilieve me or not, you are only rewarding the bad behaviors of Dinkas.

    Are you, you in your right mind think and day out of the blue, you’ll just woke up to surprise that, you’ve been fully accepted by…as equal and a fellow citizen-of South Sudan? I said and precisely to you and is that, forget about the dream.
    Again, forget about that, and so put it behind you. Dinka doesn’t like no one, even their own in-laws from Equatoria, they treat them so bad and like dirt.

    Also and naturally, they have social and in general, are the anti social and however, what is the point for you to push so hard for love, brotherhood and the friendship, when one doesn’t like you and to be…, please stop trying this endless persuasion because you’ll only get hurt emotionally; and especially when you are rejected and I see that already coming with you.

  19. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Holo Kor,
    Please accept that not all Jieng are bad people. There is nowhere a whole tribe is bad, even at the level of family members, they cannot all be label as bad family. You can call me or others in this website or elites in the government from jieng as bad and misbehaving badly, that is your absolute right as citizen. Likewise, I cannot generalize Nuer or any other tribe to be bad, but I can point at individual’s like you who are too much frustrated beyond level of education acquired. I welcome criticism and pointing to mistakes, because it will help us and our leaders to improve when reading such bitter comments.

    My friend, nobody hate Taban or any other equatorian in this website, this is a national website and we are debating facts to sigh for betterment of our country. You are free to say Jieng or JCE have failed country, that is your own judgement. But also allow others to point out other mistakes committed too during the senseless war. By all of us doing so, we shall understand ourselves and leave all the mistakes behind and take our country ahead. Let’s us accept mistakes and forgive ourselves.

    Your comments of blaming Mr. Taban is not taking us ahead, let’s have free debate and accept free debate by all sides for all sides.

  20. mading says:

    Holo Kor. Tough talk ,little brain, little work and poor military planing. You will be always forced to eat your vomits.

  21. Holo Kor says:

    My response to Taban Alimasi and Mor-Amook

    Taban, my disappointment is always towards the Equatorian and isn’t necessary about you alone. There are so many of us out there who’re like-minded, backstabbers and the betrayers and even at the middle chatting; the discourses like the one, on-going of the killing of civilians in Yei, the Central Equatoria. And yet we still have some of us, going around bring a smile to the faces/lips of those whom are, and certainly are doing the killings. That’s in itself is, selfish, insane and immoral and it’s a wrongful act. This is like laughing at, and making fun out of our dead one .

    And to you Mor-Amook and seriously, sometimes I feel like I have no time and need for you and space to entertainment. Because it’s disgusting and a waste of time and energy; to shared and both of us to learn; to have experienced of discourses. It’s obvious and apparent is that you’ll come or go around and crying and crazy that you and the Jieng/JCE are the one who’ve been victimized and that, you are always the victimless of crimes. And what a great paradox is that about you and are coming out of an empty tube!!!

    Mor-Amook and for God’s sake, you have to understand that South Sudan will never be the same country and no matter what is coming; the devil, but he’ll never fixed a mess that created by Kiir, JCE and so far, the entire Jieng and against the entire population of the country.

    Finally, of course, you are right and absolutely, is that …I am much frustrated and pissed off at the same time about everything that you Jieng have putting the people of South Sudan through, and at the same time you donnot expect us not to worry or complain about your actions. How dare you, questioning our feelings, in that-way? If in fact you’ve ruined everything and most importantly lives. And you want us to be happy with you. No, that cannot happened. But first, you have to recognize your mistakes and take the ownerships and probably apologize for the wrong doing. And only there, many things will work out and great.

    Anyway, good luck with everything.

  22. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,

    When I say there are mistakes committed by individuals in this war I mean individuals from Dinka and other tribes as well. Yes, a family from Jieng who freed an accused person was a mistakes. This incident happened before 2013 crisis, is that right? But was that the only mistakes committed in South Sudan? If you want to appear fair enough Taban, please also point out other mistakes committed by others even to the level of your own tribe or equatorian for that matter to reveal that you have all information, and do not condone crimes regardless of who was a victim.

    But when it comes to people pointing to other mistakes, you are very smart to say you are not sure even to widely circulated on social media 2016 incident of inhumanly killing innocent women and 4-month old baby on Juba Yei road. Please point out a single mistake you know committed by any other equatorian just like you keep referring to incident committed by the family members from Jieng.

    Apparently you appear like you have never heard child abduction practices being committed by Murle. The governor of Pibor handed over 3 abducted children in ceremony in Bor late January this year after he lost 3 of his soliders in gun battle with abductors during freed of abductees. If you don’t know that, just wait for another child abduction report in the media

    I did generalize equatorian as not unionist intentionally to send a message to you and others about how bad it is to generalize a community/tribe for individual’s act. I agree with you that your views are not for all equatorian, likewise my view does not represent my tribe.

    lastly, I am not supporting government, I am liberal minded and I don’t agree to attacking a single tribe for individual’s act. My friend, I have never worked in government since it was formed in 2005. I know you will never accept, but it’s up to you.

  23. Taban Alimasi says:

    You referred to allegations of killing innocent civilians, incidents that happened on Yei road or Nimule road, no one know the identity of those who committed the crime, just like unknow gum men in Juba. You may be correct or not, I don’t dowel on allegation because I don’t have truth and no one have known who had committed the crime. Many concluded it was done by people from Equatorian tribes simply because it occurred in their land.
    While the mistakes I referred to has taken place in the capital city in Juba here and the other incident of violent that happened in schools in 1983 or prior to 83 that trigger the idea of decentralisation is known I am witness and victim of that violent.
    I didn’t deny Murle’s kidnapping children, that is tribal war between neighbouring tribes and government has the responsibility to bring those responsible to justices. I am sure not all Murle members of community are supportive of kidnapping children, therefore we should not blame Murle as tribe. If you are not tribal, you should be clear in your statement, instead of Murle “You should have said some members of Murle community are kidnapping children from neighbouring tribes”.
    I don’t care, as an individual I am not tied to any tribal ideology or separatist movement, but a free citizen, if you think I am not that’s your problem. I would continue to rebuke those with tribal sentiment and wrong mindset that they are liberators have the mandate to oppress South Sudanese.

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