The transience of power versus permanent effects of its abuse in South Sudan

BY: Wani Tombe Lako, SOUTH SUDAN, MAR/05/2014, SSN;

From 2005 to date, the current political and military leaders, in South Sudan, have been displaying themselves to the whole world, as a group of people, who have been taken by total surprise, by the trappings of political and military powers.

From 2005 to date, the same people continue to expose their ignorance of the fact that, the powers they are enjoying are extremely transient, regardless of the number of years they shall enjoy these powers.

However, the negative and dangerous effects of these short possessed powers are going to last for a very long time, if not permanently in the minds and lives of the peoples of South Sudan.

From 2005 to date, these political and military leaders have supervised over government institutions which did not protect the lives of many South Sudanese.

Many state and non-state actors have murdered many innocent South Sudanese women, men, youth and children and none of them have been legally questioned.

Right from 2005 to date, many South Sudanese, especially in Equatoria, have had their properties including ancestral lands, on which they were living, been forcibly taken away, at gun point, from them, by state and non-state actors, while these political and military leaders looked on unconcerned.

Since 2005 to date, the current political and military leaders did not bother to provide the peoples of South Sudan with educational, health, security and all vital goods and services.

During the same time, the same leaders and their children, relatives and so on, continue to enjoy these services in foreign countries because they have the money which the majority of South Sudanese do not have, because, they are poor, and because, they have been neglected by the same leaders.

Since 2005 to date, the majority of the peoples of South Sudan have been enjoying all the good life in South Sudan, by proxy through these leaders in South Sudan.

That is, the majority of the peoples of South Sudan have been going hungry so that the few leaders can have the best food, the best cars, the best cloths, the fattest bank accounts and the best multiple holidays and foreign weddings there are.

When in December 2013 these political and military leaders of South Sudan, quarreled amongst themselves, because of their greed, over the wealth and power in South Sudan, because they have succeeded in privatizing the whole South Sudan, they turned around, and asked the starving peoples of South Sudan, to kill themselves, in the name of something called sovereignty.

It is time facts are spoken. South Sudan as human persons and land; shall not rest in peace unless we confront ourselves with the facts.

Is it not true that the current murdering of ourselves in South Sudan, using public war assets is for personal and group interests of this tiny group of monopolistic military and political leaders?

Is it not true that, the politicisation, of inherent tribal raw human hatred; between the Dinka and the Nuer tribes of South Sudan is the lethal catalyst in the current bloodletting in South Sudan?

Is it not true that, the government is not fighting the rebel group, because the peoples of South Sudan are hungry, morbid, unemployed, illiterate and innumerate, but rather, so that, the government in the form of ministers and such like can continue to rule in Juba?

Where are the comprehensive interests of the peoples of South Sudan in this war?

Is it not true that, South Sudan shall not be the same again however long this current war is going to last?

The peoples of South Sudan are now asking for a complete overhaul of all institutions of governance in South Sudan.

The peoples of South Sudan are saying that, enough is enough, and we are not ready anymore, to be misruled by so-called majority tribes in South Sudan.

The Dinka and Nuer tribes of South Sudan must know from now on that, all the other tribes of South Sudan are not going to standby and be held hostages because these two so-called big tribes want to run the South Sudan in accordance to their tribal sentimentalities.

The peoples of South Sudan, especially in Equatoria are saying that their children cannot just be mobilised to fight Riek Machar, who is being projected as the total threat, to the well-being of these peoples of Equatoria.

The peoples of Equatoria are saying that, Riek Machar and his group are not the ultimate threat to their well=being in South Sudan.

The threat to the well-being of the peoples of Equatoria is the gross negligence the the government of South Sudan have exhibited since 2005 to date.

The political and military facts in South Sudan are that, without, and before Riek Machar and his group rebelling against the government in Juba, the well-being of the peoples of Equatoria has already been comprehensively undermined and threatened.

This being the case, how can Equatoria mobilise its youth and men to go and fight somebody and other people, who are not a threat, and shall not be a threat, and will never be a threat against their well-being in South Sudan?

The peoples of Equatoria in particular, and of South Sudan in general, must not concentrate on and spear the shadow of the elephant; go for the elephant; damn it.

For example, how can young men from Madi of Nimule, and other Madi villages, or Bari young men from Juba and other Bari villages, or Kakwa young men from Yei and other villages, and the list is long, how can these young men go away to fight Riek Machar and his group, while in fact, since 2005, their own parents and relatives, have been displaced from their lands, and they have been unemployed all this time; only to be called to die for a cause which is unknown?

The fact is that, these young men need to mobilise, not to fight Riek Machar and his group, but, to defend their villages and rights.

They have to fight for a transformed South Sudan. They must fight for a South Sudan of human rights; so that; they can claw back their stolen land, villages, freedoms and rights.

While it is true that the peoples of Uganda are our blood relatives, we do not want the Ugandan army to protect our constitutional rights.

We have to access these rights as free citizens through our constitutional processes and associated institutions of governance.

The argument that, Uganda must protect us from Riek Machar is politically and intellectually stupid.

We must institute a government which shall not allow us to differentiate ourselves according to our tribes.

We need a government which does not provide us services according to our tribal affiliations.

We need a government where all of us are represented not because we emanate from greater tribes or tribes that can create havoc if they are not a majority in government.

The fact is that, if we as South Sudanese refuse to live together as equal peoples, please, forget about a united South Sudan.

From now on, if there are still others, who think that, they are here to rule the rest of us, please, forget the dream of a one united and loving South Sudan.

If there are others; who think that, they are superior to the rest of us; please, forget the hope of sharing the South Sudan with everyone. END


  1. Wutjikol says:

    Dear brother Wani,

    Well done brother! Fight for your right and never get confused by any mischevious character that Nuer or Dr. Riek Machar are the mainly threats to South Sudan nation’s unity and development. Dr. Riek is just fighting for the same causes that you have projected in your article. It is you the Equatorians who are giving sanctuaries to Dinka and use your lands whenever they are in trouble with Nuer as their hideouts.

    The Nuer for that matter have never been enemies of Equatorians in general and shall never be in any case. It is the Dinka who have been mismanaging our human and materials resources since the inception of SPLM/A in 1983 upto independence of South Sudan. The same thing had also happened during the Addis Ababa era but the Nuer and other Nilotic communities took such challenges lightly except the sons and daughters of Equatoria who stood up firmly in support of KOKORA after realizing Dinka exploitations and misrule of the Regional Autonomy which subsequently resulted to the redivision of South Sudan into three fragile regions.

    What we need at this time is “Federalism” where each region shall handle its own affairs independently without any interference from central government in Juba. Let Dinka this time rule themselves and manage their resources. The Nuer says clearly that this time around they will never accept Dinka monopolations whatsoever be the case. UPDF and other mercenaries which they have hired to kill and destroy Nuer lands shall definitely return back to their countries no doubt about it.

    The war at this time is no longer a Nuer issue. The Equatorians are also involved in it. General Alfred Ladu Gore is now the second in command to Dr. Riek Machar heading SPLM in opposition in South Sudan bushes. Soon they will control the oil fields in Upper Nile as they have done it in Unity State. Malakal and its 10 counties under control of the oppositions will never be recaptured again by the so-called government forces or Dinka militias masquerading in the name of SPLA.
    Kiir and his sycophants shall not have any funds to sustain this expensive war for long. The hired mercenaries from Uganda and rebels from Sudan shall return back to their countries and we will be left alone to decide our fates without any external interventions. Where will Kiir and his likes go to? Now the ball is on your side. Organize yourselves militarily and join the Nuer and other minority groups in Greater Upper Nile to get rid of Dinka domination once and for all. Please mobilize yourselves to fight open a new front in Greater Equatoria states. The SPLA in opposition shall lend you a helping hand there as soon as you do so. Thanks! Wutjikol

    • Nikalongo says:

      Tombe L’o Lako,

      If u were from Equatoria, u would have known by now that in Equatoria, Generals and Leaders follow their people and not vice versa. This is because the peoples’ demand is not always what leaders want. Blind obedience frequently leads to self-destruction. The mutual killings between the Dinka and the Nuer is a product of blind obedience. The two tribes dominates the army and the civil services. They have everything to gain and nothing to loose. They are South Sudan and South Sudan is them. If their leaders were wiser (they are not), they would stop the mutual killings and sue for peace. But because it is a match, the leaders want a winner to emerge: meaning more Dinka and Nuer lives. Completely hopeless. The rest of South Sudan in general and Equatoria in particular is not going to be part of the struggle to eliminate the Dinka or the Nuer from the surface of South Sudan regardless of whether that call comes from you Tombe, Alfred or Adwok. Calls to mobilisation by Governors in Equatoria is a defensive one. It is not meant to fight for Kiir or Riak. It will be naïve to imagine that Equatoria will condone wanton or a Bor-like destruction of life and property within her borders. Those doubting do not have to look further than events in Yei and Mundri where defecting soldiers wanting to cause chaos were advised to take their trade to some place outside Equatoria.

      Tombe, UPDF were called in not to protect Kiir but to keep that war away from Equatoria. Equatoria hates no one but doesn’t want that war in her territory. Dinka and Nuer can keep their war to their backyards. Even if UPDF were to withdraw from Bor, people in Equatoria would still demand for their presence in and around Equatoria as guarantors of peace, security and stability. Tombe, UPDF has no presence in Warap. The opposition forces do not have to go to Warap through Juba. I can understand why those calling for the withdrawal of the UPDF feel robbed of advantage to move on Juba. Sorry for them. But the fact is that, UPDF is seen in Equatoria as saviours and not invaders. They are cousins from across the borders and will stay put until such a time when Equatoria will be in position to defend her borders from marauding gangs of militia army from Gogrial and Nasir.

      Tombe, the only people who can stop that war are those actively involved in it. The war is not about South Sudan. It is about Dinka Kiir, Nuer Riak and their supporters in between. Others not actively involved can only act as mediators. It is time for ordinary Dinka and Nuer to mobilise themselves to stop their leaders from destroying them. As long as the general population (Dinka and Nuer) are blind to the egos of their leaders, they will continue to suffer in the country they fought tooth and nail to liberate. Shifting blames as it is of now, will only escalate the level of violence and destruction. Dinka will kill Nuer and Nuer will kill Dinka. Long live savages. Long live Kiir. Long live Riak.

    • This is a complete misgiving account of the events, for south Sudan to have a tribalistic and regional intellectuals is quite unfortunate, what happened in the SPLM as a leadership power wrangling has been exploited by some greedy politicians to advance their tribalistic agenda, when you talked of Dinka occupying equatorial lands, don’t just generalize, most of the Dinka are still in their great numbers living in their respective States, it is only the national government employees are the ones in Juba, they bought their residential plots from the natives of Juba, all the land around Juba was not all grabbed, you can find all the hotels built in Juba through contractual agreements between the land owners (Juba residents) and the aliens from Somalia, Ethiopia and the list is long, you must also be reminded that, the area adjacent to Kemiro was given to Dr. Riek Machar by the Bary chiefs on the basis that it was to be an agricultural scheme but sadly enough it ended up being divided to Nuer members as residential blocks (Mangatain) is it a fault of who now? we must always encourage togetherness and leave aside all dividing negative campaigns, not all the Dinka are currently in the helm of power, War is not good to any person in the country, it is unfortunate that, we are feeling with shame that, the Jallaba predictions have proven right that we cannot rule ourselves. Equatoria has no oil being produced in its land but still enjoys the oil money from other regions, if we were fighting the war of liberation as separate regions, the CPA could have not been realized, please contribute to the unity of the people of South Sudan because divisions renders weak and can lead to the collapse of our country which we shed more blood to achieve.

      • Kidepo says:

        Valentino Akech-

        Equatoria like any other EA nation where all the dinkas have run to to hide from Nuer can develope mcuh better without the less than 1% oil portion received by Equatoria States from the vast oil wihc is majorly produced (76%) from Nuer land.

        You dinkas are big curse to this country. How can you run to Uganda, Kenya nd Equatoria leaving the useless dinka oil behind. What I ma saying is your oil is as useless as dinkas and is draging this country to abyss.

  2. wololo Mayoyo says:

    Dear Wani,

    Thank you so much for speaking from the bottom of your heart the feelings and the thought of all of us especially the equatorians who have always been victims of circumstance amidst all these confusion and brutality of power hungry, blood thirsty and barbaric government who have expose south Sudan to the rest of the world negatively.

    We the equatorians have always been labelled as cowards by the same people who cannot even make peace among themselves but still get attracted and take refuge in the land of the cowards. What a shame!

    We as southerners are heading nowhere with this kind of government who do not see value in human lives and they should refrain from claiming to be leaders.

    Now in my land the IDPS are forcefully leaving here and do not want to be relocated to where they can best be served. What is so special and attractive in my ancestral land and what is wrong with their ancestral land that they can not settle in it. The same peace that I have in my land they too can create it. Why don,t you learn from me the coward you foolish and primitive people.

    • Wololo Mayoyo:

      Please sdo yourself a favour. Shut up, roll up your ancestral land and take it out of the Republic of South Sudan. I’m sick and tired of having you complaining all the times about the land which you haven’t shed a drop of blood for it. Please bear in mind that the Dinka IDPs will never give up living in your ancestral land as long as it remains part of our Country. Cowards! Where were you and Why were you silent when the Jalaba was occupying and sexually abusing your Boys/Young men for the last 50 plus years of their rule and occupation of your land?

      At least the Dinka IDPs are not sexually abusing your young men as the Jalaba did in the last 50 years of their occupation of your land. Fool! I hated you and I wish I could grab you by your stupid cheeks and spite directly into your damn throat and eyes. Fool! You will continue to whine about the Dinka IDPs until you grow old and die shamefully.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten Martyrs of South Sudan)

  3. I am sickened by equatorians always complaining and complacent about their pathetic situation. Not doing anything for themselves but waiting for a saviour to liberate them from their oppressors. Who do you think will give you your rights if you don’t take it yourself? A land is bought by blood not money. So if Equatorians’ land is taken, then Equatorians should pay their blood as a ransom for their land. There is no free freedom, you have to pay for it.

    Remember John Garang’s words in Egypt in his first visit. He said who is Bashir to give Riek South Sudan? If Bashir could give South Sudan to Riek, then Bashir becomes a lord to Riek. Being able to give South sudan and Bashir is a lord to Riek, then he (Bashir) can also take South Sudan from Riek because he is the lord. Lords, like Bashir, can give, and can also take.

    Equatorians got to involve in the process of change. Melancholic self-pitty will not help unless you are ready to give up your ancetral land to them.

    Jesus is a peace maker, but a defender of the weak and voiceless. Even in the court, he was brave to challenge the pharisee. Equatorians should hatch off the shells of narcissism and self pitty. Enough, enough enough. Equatorians are not cowards!!!!!! No. Equatorians are brave and great wariors. Equatorians taught the dinka and nuer how to hold guns in the first Anyanya war. Wake up Equatoria and take up the leadership in the process of change.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Equatoria is not in any pathetic situation. It is doing well. You (Dinka and Nuer) are all the same. Bloodthirsty and hopeless. It is a shame sharing this country with you. U are the people Beshier refered to as insects-bloodsuckers. Your wars will be fought by you and in your backyards. It is not about South Sudan. It is about Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak. Yes! Equatoria Lagu might have taught the Dinka and the Nuer how to hold the gun, but he also told them to use it as a tool of liberation not anarchy. Instead of blaming Equatoria for sitting on the fence, mobilise the Nuer and the Dinka elders to sue for peace so that ur people can go back home. Do that and you will be nominated for a peace prize.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      The paucity of leadership in Equatoria to take the mantle of liberation from the Jieng oppression reminds one of the Biblical invitations to a party by a rich man. Each of the invitee came up with an excuse why he/she could not attend the party. Let us try to caricature the excuses for potential Equatorian leaders who have refused to take the lead so far.

      1. General Obuto Mamur: I am self made man. I have had limited opportunity to have a formal education. Through the SPLA, I have now attained the position of a Minister. If I were to abandon this position, is there another chance for me to get a higher posting? In any case, when the Jieng arrested and jailed me without any charge some years ago, no Equatorian protested on my behalf. No, I will stick with the current position.
      2. Gen. Clement Wani Konga: Equatorians are ungrateful people. They think I am sick and some were spreading and exaggerating the rumor of my death sometimes ago. I fought against the SPLA, but I am now a Governor. What chance do I have if I start another rebellion? No, someone else should lead the Equatorians to their freedom.
      3. Col. Bakasoro: I am actually not much known internationally like other Equatorians. I am popular in Western Equatoria but I am not sure other Equatorians can take me seriously if I were to attempt to lead them. No. I think the position I hold now is sufficient for my ambition.
      4. Brig. Lobong: Eastern Equatoria State is reputed to contain some of the most educated people in South Sudan. They do not respect me. I am struggling to get a degree and yet I am constantly being ridiculed. I do not think I have a chance beyond the present positing. No, I cannot pretend to go beyond Eastern Equatoria governorship posting.
      5. Dr`Anna Ito: Even among the Ma’adi, I am considered a nobody. They think I used something else not the PhD to obtain the position of the Deputy Secretary General of the SPLM. I am not a trained soldier and I do not command support beyond my officials at the SPLM Headquarters. No, I have no chance of leading Equatorians.
      6. VP Wani Igga: I think this is the highest position I can hold. What will happen to me if I were to desert Kiir? There is absolutely no chance for me to advance. My own people call me a comedian. The leader for an Equatorian emancipation has not yet been born!

      Anybody for a game of tennis?!!

      • bolabokdit says:

        Choromke Jas
        Please fear God no one among Equatorian had insulted Nuer who presume themselves rebels whatsoever. Do your looting, rape and destruction in Upper nile untill you know what youn did on to youeself make no sense. Equatorian think twice befre they decide a decision unlike you who take action and think afterward.
        This is a war of destruction, corruption, killing, looting and raping why do you want Equatorians to join such a shameful rebellion?
        Do your math very well if you misculculate what your devil was diong then don’t blame anybody.

      • Kidepo says:

        Joromke Jas-

        Good analyses but Brigadier Joseph Bakasoro has more chance to lead us from the whole list. Actually the jeings were using Hon Jema Nunu to exterminate him by all means inclduing poisoning him.

    • South Sudan-iam:

      At least the Equatorians are not food lovers and looters like you Nuer. Also they are too smart to be fooled into taking part in your senseless war. Only the Nuer can be fooled and used against their own Country fellowmen as the Jalaba used them against the Dinkas/SPLA/M in 1991. Fool! don’t attempt to mobilise and drag the Equatorians into your senseless war with the Dinka. Be a man and fight the war which you have been longing for many years with the Mighty Muonyjang. Cowards! you started the war and we will fix you very soon.By the way, the Equatorians will never loot and burn down their own cities, towns and villages as you did in your own Region.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten Martyrs of South Sudan)

  4. Eli says:

    I agree with Wutjikol, and I applaud the writer of this article. In the spirit of brotherhood we Equatorians need to take matters into our own hands now is the time. let us mobilise behind Alfred Lado Gore, He is the NEW leader in command for all Equatorians. All you Equatorian soldiers in the present government of Kirr please dissociate yourselves, defect to join Alfred Lado Gore and let us all unite and rally behind him, to you my Madi boys this is our chance, to you Kakwa, Kuku, Oduho, Lopit, ALL Bari, Mundari, Moro, Azande, Murle, Toposa, sorry for not mentioning ALL the other tribes on here due to lack of space but the cry is to ALL the Equatorians, let the MIGHTY EQUAS let us join forces and clean our land and restore dignity but our civilized system. Please get out of Kirr’s government, we are better without them.

  5. Kidepo says:


    You have written a good article just like the other one but I wish people like Hon Wani Igga could read such article and surely make good use of it. In any case such people in the like of Wani Igga can be assumed dead-non existence!

    I like your post excerpt that said “For example, how can young men from Madi of Nimule, and other Madi villages, or Bari young men from Juba and other Bari villages, or Kakwa young men from Yei and other villages, and the list is long, how can these young men go away to fight Riek Machar and his group, while in fact, since 2005, their own parents and relatives, have been displaced from their lands, and they have been unemployed all this time; only to be called to die for a cause which is unknown?”

    In fact if we cannot protect our land we should support Dr Riek because Nuer never have any major issues with us the Equatorians like the disasters created by dinkas in this country. I also admired when you said “While it is true that the people of Uganda are our blood relatives, we do not want the Ugandan army to protect our constitutional rights”.

    As a matter of fact we Equatorians need to think very heard and faster. We need fedealism now not tommorow, or rather we need a soverign and peacfeull Equatoria free from animalistic dinkas, or we join Kenya or Uganda our brothers. We cannot be with dinkas in the country that never get peace from 1955 to date and is still in chaos while other nations going ahead of development.

  6. dear Wani Tombe
    you are a natural critic, confused and ambitious I came to know you when you were in Khartoum criticizing the movement SPLA for nothing prior the signing of the peace in Kenya. What you are preaching would receive a very less acceptance by equatorians, what do you exactly? since the establishment of the GOSS in 2005 up to the current cabinet the most region that dominated the Govt in equatoria compare to the degree of their participation in the liberation. you try try to follow what nuer are doing and you face the consequences

  7. upiu says:

    Way to go Wani!
    Keep on campaigning for a war of all-against-all…..Somalisation of South Sudan in the making where different warlords even have imaginary borders in the same town. In Somalia, you cannot cross to a town territory controlled by a different warlord.

  8. Eli says:

    Deudit de lueth
    You are very wrong like every dinka you are all liars and the most corrupted homo Sapiens in the world, but all liars will not escape the soon to come vengeance. It is too late for dinkas like yourself to issue threats, you not an Equatorian and you MUST stay out of our business, we have been quiet to give dinkas chance to prove to the World that dinka as a tribe are barbaric and lawless people; sure now we have enough evidence support the argument, you need to watch Dr. Hassan Al Turabi’s comment about dinka will never develop South Sudan with their big selfish egos. No matter what happens Equatorians are united to eliminate dinka out of our soil and the ruling system. EQUA-ONE Oyee, Long live to Peace and Prosperities. May God bless South Sudan.

  9. bolabokdit says:

    Mr. Wani Tombe Lako
    You have been in oppsition of SPLM/A since the inception untill independence of Suoth Sudan. I wondered what are you really up to before and after independence.
    Regarding current crisis every think9ng person is searching for the solution of the problem not to add more problem. In my heart I know your instigation will not work very well with the Equatorians who need peaceful environment for themselves and their children.
    It is not enough to say that Dr. Riak Machar is not a problem to Equatorians by deep thought. One and formost what he did in 1991 was totally a betrayal of Suoth Sudan objectives and the aim was to sobatage our achievement of independence of Suoth Sudan. Secondly, The objectives Riak Machar was up to, was to be a president of Suoth Sudan according to what was prophsized by villager Magician Nguendeng.
    I quote this from one of the promanant Riak advisor and a politician Deng Bachech. ” A future intrim government minus- Dr. Riak Machar will be quiet problem. Why?. In the entire Nuerland, as per my personal experience and knowledege of the Nuer peoiple particularly the overwelming majority- all they know is Dr, Riak as their leader. Any rise of another leader (be it a Nuer or otherwise) at any rate will not probably be a wise choice for them. Machar considered as Nuer Messiah. Dismiss it or accept it as the whole truth, but this is what it is”
    Wise Equatorian should read that short quote and think wisely about it. I know Equatorians are capable of themselves of leading Suoth Sudan nation like what Joseph Lagu did during Addis Ababa Agreement.
    Why Tombe wanted to subject Equatorian to Nuer Messiah who Nuer believed is the right person to lead and no anybody else to lead.
    Did Equatorians Accept Riak Machar as thier Messiah too? or it is just self-interested people who want to push Equatorian for their own gains?

    • Wani Tombe Lako says:

      Mr. Bolabokdit
      I sincerely want you to read what about to say very carefully and internalise every word I shall say:-
      You said that, I have been in opposition against the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS) since its inception
      I have published many articles which showed the whole world that I have declared my total allegiance to the RoSS. I have also published information which showed that, the tribal military intelligence and security outfits in the RoSS, plus other self-centered people in the RoSS do not want me to be in the RoSS. However, the same people are happy to put my ideas into use like the establishment of the Monitoring and Procurement departments in the Office of the President. They want my knowledge and skills, but not my bodily presence in the RoSS. This is for your information.
      You said that you are wondering what I am up to?
      Well my dear countryman, I am up to the real emancipation of every person in the RoSS. I am for a RoSS which is inclusive, loving and stable where all its sons and daughters and elders have the same standing in front of the law. I am for the RoSS in which the police force does into double as looters and murders at night.
      I am for a detribalised police force. I am for Military Intelligence outfits in which all the peoples of the RoSS see themselves. I am for National Security outfits in which all the children of the RoSS see themselves. I am for a Judiciary outfit in which all qualified lawyers of the RoSS can work, and not a Judiciary outfit which is monopolised by one single tribe.
      I am for a civil service which is based on meritocracy and not on tribalism. I want all the Chief of Police in all States to be sons and daughters of the same States. I am for a community police composed of sons and daughters of the same States for effective policing. I am for a real Federal South Sudan, based on Regional Federalism not States’ Federalism. My countryman, the list is just too long.
      You said that, in your heart, you know that, my instigation will not work very well with the Equatorians.
      Mr. Bolabokdit, why do you think that, when I address the peoples of Equatoria to look after their own interests, that amounts to instigation? Are you implying that these peoples are automatons? These are intellectually agile peoples, and I am dialoguing with intelligent others. They do not need to be instigated to interrogate all the variables of their unwell being in the RoSS.
      Equatoria is my social, cultural, moral, psychological, tribal, economic, financial, security, military and political constituency. No amount of name calling from you, or from any other person shall delink me from Equatorial. My comprehensive journeys for positive transformation of the RoSS start from Equatoria.
      You shall not wish me away. I am not instigating my peoples of Equatoria, I am reminding them that, it is time they took action to save the RoSS from others like you. This is a clear general call to all peoples of Equatoria in particular, and the RoSS in general, for total emancipation from all imagined and real variables of comprehensive subjugations
      You talked about peaceful environment for the children and peoples of Equatoria
      Mr. Bolabokdit; that is exactly what I am saying. The difference is that, I am being straight forward with clear methodology how to secure this safe environment for these children and peoples of Equatoria. The majority of the peoples of the RoSS including the Equatorians are peaceful others.
      However, these peoples cannot really enjoy the RoSS as corpses. They cannot enjoy the RoSS when their villages are forcibly occupied. They cannot enjoy the RoSS if their children are not employed because they do not emanate from specific tribes in the RoSS. They cannot enjoy the RoSS when others routinely call them derogating names.
      Mr. Bollabokdit; if, these peoples are to be armed and mobilized to fight, in order, to be humans, let it be. It is not a crime to fight for one’s rights. The sources of subjugations and discrimination have no race and colour. However, the effects and consequences of subjugations and discrimination are the same, notwithstanding whether; the sources are British, American, Arab and African.
      Mr. Bolabokdit, you asked, “Why Tombe wanted to subject Equatorians to Nuer Messiah”?
      My countryman, I do not want to subject the peoples of Equatoria to any Nuer Messiah. I want, and I insist that, the peoples of Equatoria must become their own Messiahs. Each daughter, each son, each mother and each father in Equatoria is a Messiah for Equatoria first; and then, the RoSS. Without a stable Equatoria, the peoples herein cannot enjoy a stable and loving RoSS.
      How do you imagine the peoples of Nimule and Mogalli, Kondokoro, Yei and so many other places in Equatoria can/shall enjoy the RoSS, when their sons and daughters, are being murdered, for refusing to handover their ancestral lands? How do you just imagine, these peoples shall enjoy the RoSS, if their Chiefs are being murdered; like commonplace criminals?
      Tell me, Mr. Bolabokdit; how do you imagine, the rest of us, can/shall enjoy the RoSS, when you people preserve your ancestral lands, and cultural formations, but, you want to destroy, and are destroying, the same in Equatoria? When I say no to these intentions and conducts; you accuse me of opposing the independence of the RoSS, and of inciting peoples in Equatoria. Does the independence of the RoSS mean the total annihilation of the land and peoples of Equatoria? Does the independence of the RoSS mean the degradation, humiliation and pauperisation of the land and peoples of Equatoria?
      Mr. Bolabokdit; if, in order, to be a human being, and to be respected by people like you, in the RoSS, and making all other peoples of the RoSS not to allow themselves, to be reduced to levels of slaves and serves in the RoSS, if that means inciting peoples, let it be. Do what you want to do me.

      • bolabokdit says:

        Wani Tombe Lako
        I like people of Equatoria including you,but you misunderstood me. what I was saying is that Equatorian have thier own right as ordinary citizens of suoth Sudan to express thier concern not through violence or rebellion but through peaceful means. This is what make people to be human in any civilized society. Equatoria is governed by Equatorian son and daughters, and they are representing equatorians voices in central government,so they know where and when somthing had gone wrong and they will fix it. Calling people to rebel agianst Dinka because they are in Nimule, Mugalli, Kondogoro and other places in Equatoria will not solving problem for sure is adding problem.

        Secondly, The wife of Dr. John Garang Nyandeng is fighting along side Riak Machar, and her people from Bor are living in Equatoria. How are you going to explain the rebellion in the light of this point. Is the rebellion is against Dinka which you call Equatorian to join in or just leadership in Juba which of course it has nothing to do with particular public problem.

  10. Tyson says:

    There is no room for dinkocracy in Greater Equatoria!!! No Equatorian wants to entertain the Jieng culture of massive looting, killing, raping, land grabbing and cattle rustling. The Jieng MUST redeem themselves instead of remaining savages throughout history and generations!!!!!

  11. Alier Gai says:


    You are beating the drums of war on dinka while not knowing that you are telling the dinka people to be defensive and to be on the offensive as well. These refractory attitudes some of you are preaching on daily basis are always illogical and should be denied by any sagacious man out there. You are another paul and ramba chasing a dream of having no peace and unity in South Sudan. Calling equatoria to defend themselves, a week ago, for unknown cause, is a puerile attempt for a political makeup. Who are you to tell greater equatoria to fill up your orders, when you are not happy with yourself? Yes, Southerners do know the fact that Dinka and Nuer are off balance in taking this matter crisis further than it should have been resolved in the first place. But the idea that you are consistant with to fight Dinka for the cause of your personal hatred, is useless by the degree of its measurement. Leave the name ‘equatoria’ out when you are thinking of fighting anybody, just take arm yourself so that you can face your own fate against the declared enemy. This is the simplest method to do than contaminating people’s spirit through the defunct thinking you are halfway to hell with. Stop nonsense and come back to your sense to think positively. Our share responsibility, as citizens, is to build a broken south Sudan into one of the surprising nation who stood the test of time, however.

    • Wani Tombe Lako says:

      Mr. Alier Gai; you referred to me and said, “…You are beating the drums of war on Dinka while not knowing that you are telling the Dinka people to be defensive and to be on the offensive as well…”.
      Well, if the Dinka people, as you said, want to be on the offensive, Mr. Alier Gai, the sky is the limit. One thing you must know is that, your mythology that, you the Dinka are the only men who can kill in cool blood has long been demystified by us in Equatoria since the 1950s. Bring it on. You need to know that; reasonableness is not weakness nor is it cowardice. You can go on the offensive and be on the defensive to your heart’s content. I do not care a dime.
      Mr. Alier Gai; you referred to me and said, “…You are another Paul and Ramba chasing a dream of having no peace and unity in South Sudan…”
      You need to know that, these two gentlemen, you are referring to, are amongst the most reasonable, caring and peaceful human persons in South Sudan. Their intense love for peace and stability in South Sudan, is the reason, why they are constructively and positively vocal against the abuse of powers and wealth in South Sudan, by the unscrupulous leaders therein. It is an honour for me to be likened to them by you.
      Mr. Alier Gai; you referred to me and asked, “Who are you to tell Greater Equatoria to fill up your orders, when you are not happy with yourself”?
      I am not happy because my people in Greater Equatoria are not happy. I want them to be happy, and together with many others; we shall make them happy? How do you like that? There is nothing whatsoever you could do; to stop us achieving this noble goal. You want to know whom am I? I am one of millions of selfless Equatorians in South Sudan who have decided that, enough is enough. We must start living as human beings. Enough is enough, and we must start defending our rights and protect our children and vulnerable others.
      Mr. Alier Gai; you said, “…But the idea that you are consistent with to fight Dinka for the cause of your personal hatred, is useless by the degree of its measurement. Leave the name ‘Equatoria’ out when you are thinking of fighting anybody; just take arm yourself so that you can face your own fate against the declared enemy…”

      I said that we must fight for our rights in Equatoria. In your mind, does fighting for our rights in Equatoria; equals fighting the Dinka in South Sudan? Have you decided that it is the Dinka who are holding or denying us our rights in South Sudan? I do not hate any Dinka; and I have never said I hate any Dinka. However, I hate and I detest all human intentions, and conducts, and attitudes in South Sudan, which deprive and deprave other human persons of their human and other rights. In your mind, does this amounts to hating the Dinka? If so; why?

      Why do you want me to leave the name Equatoria out? Why do you think that, I should be identified with the name Equatoria only; when I am being discriminated upon and called a foreigner, because I am an Equatorian, but, I should not identify with Equatoria; when I am protesting against discrimination and calling upon fellow Equatorians to empower themselves? I was born a Bari human person, and I shall die a Bari human person, and a proud Equatorian. Go ahead and commit suicide if you are too unhappy about this.
      Comprehensive injustices, discriminations and subjugations are the declared enemies of all peoples of South Sudan. Any group of human persons, who want to perpetuate these evils against the peoples of South Sudan in general and Equatorians in particular are the declared enemies of the peoples of South Sudan in general and Equatorians in particular. Again, take it, or, leave it. There is nothing whatsoever you can do. You cannot just stop me and many others from taking up arms and defending our rights.

      Mr. Alier Gai; you said, “…Our shared responsibility, as citizens, is to build a broken South Sudan into one of the surprising nation who stood the test of time, however”.

      You arrogantly think of shared citizens’ responsibility. You only want me and millions of other Equatorians to share the hurts, agonies and sorrows of South Sudan; but, not the happiness, wealth, power, wellbeing, hopefulness, security, and land of South Sudan. Do you think the rest of us are infants and you are the only adults in South Sudan or what? Why do you; selfishly; arrogate to yourselves; the moral authority in South Sudan, to determine, when a thing is good; and when the same thing is bad? Do you really use your brains for thinking like human persons with few units of positive human moralities in you?

  12. Leader says:

    Wani Tombe,
    Are you still a South Sudanese? I thought you have already changed your nationality for that of Mongolia because in a series of articles you published in 2007 against the secession of South Sudan you had argued that for one to share a nation with murderous tribes (referring to Dinka and Nuer) one would better share a nation with Mongolians.

    As for Equatorians Youth joining the national army, it is an initiative by their leaders to increase their numbers in the army because they have been complaining for long that they under represented in the army. So they want to seize the opportunity to up vacancies left by the defecting Nuer soldiers.
    Nuer tribe for the last few years have dominated the army for the following reasons;
    1. To power by force from Dinka should that opportunity avail itself
    2. In the Nuer nation, an army officer or a soldier is glorified more than a person in a different trade
    3. It is the only source of employment for them since majority of them are uneducated
    4. They do not have any skill for trade and only a handful of them are doing business

  13. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Professor Wani Tombe Laku
    Salammat ya Ustaz.

    Thank you for clearly stating your point of view. I am not surprised that such a brilliant contribution doesn’t seem to make sense for those who beat the drums of war without going to war themselves. It is unfortunate that there are these kind of people in our midst. They are quick to start problems like what was started in Juba , and as it got hot, you see them running all over the place asking for help and foreign interventions.

    You have abundantly made it clear how we shouldn’t have allowed ourselves into the current crises to begin with. yet there all kinds of creatures who feel that everybody has to be a party to this man made mess.

    I don’t understand what ‘bolabokdit’ means when he wrote and I quote : “Regarding current crisis every thinking person is searching for the solution of the problem not to add more problem. In my heart I know your instigation will not work very well with the Equatorians who need peaceful environment for themselves and their children”.

    My friend ‘bolabokdit’, you don’t real mean what said about Equatorians needing peaceful environment for themselves and their children when all kinds of problem making people have moved permanently from their home villages and settled in Equatoria just to disrupt the normal flow of life for the indigenous population.

    We are already a home to the biggest UN peacekeeping mission in the world, and soon we will host another thousands of foreign troops on our soil under the name of the AU troops. Wherever these troops are going to be stationed, the local communities must be prepared to pay the price in the form of moral degeneration which often comes along with such foreign boots on the ground.

  14. Bol Deng says:

    This is the endless war. Unless one accept defeated either Salva or Riek. People of South Sudan are blaming on people where they are not suppose to. while they leave the right person who can be blame for this crisis of South Sudan.
    Uganda is a poor country where it’s arms have nothing to get there, and it’s the reason that Museveni donate them to South Sudan where they will come to get their bread. In the same time, Salva Kiir is under threat because the deal he sign with Museveni can not be dissolve in half way. If he did, he must pay all he promised to Museveni. If he will not, he will be killed without question because all of us learned that all African leaders are being murdered by Museveni.

  15. Alier Gai says:

    Who started it is not the point now, but south needs solution to end this crisis. What happened in juba has to be known later on when the investigation of the coup comes to its place. Some do want peace and some don’t. But I think no one is fearing any other two leg animals than having the peace. How far we have come to this very end is a living example of a man endurance and perseverance to beat all odds during his trying period. If this the case for a guy to be cowering in fear due to the threat he is facing, then there was no need for facing khartoum squarely, when the enough was enough, for the khratoum has everything of political might than us. This war is meaningless in two year old nation with no maturity period of saying: enough is enough. Why a man abuses his own proven hard work when the lazy still is trying to prove himself? It is so superficial to act gainst what you are known for; that is a character abuse and a wisdom damage when you are not guiding your own path. Peace is needed because south sudan is not going anywhere in our hands.

  16. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Traitor Wani Tombi,
    Some Equatorians including you ‘re naturally born to hate Dinka regardless of their high profile in education but the good thing in your hatred is that you guys fears dead although you ‘ve been longing your tribemen/women to take up armies against Dinka but the same cowardice and mentality of geting it for free is in every equatorian’ spirit and minds, your vision will not be achieved until you will one day decided to lay down your pen and learn to pick up your goddamn gun and command one batallion against Dinka so that your grievances would be resolved ones and for all.

    I have really understood that South Sudan will not be at peace as long as you and your likes continued to exist with your seeds of hatred, lies, jealousy, incitment, greediness and tribalism.
    The issue of country’s top position has dragged almost every equatorian and followed by Nuer in producing heap of lies against Dinka for the sake of defamation and degradation in order to pave a way for you and other power thirsty to ascend into power on baseless and senseless articles.
    Dear Traitor,
    Bear in your tribalistic mind that this power we (Dinka) is holding will not last forever but definitely it will go to another tribe of 64 of South Sudan coz this post can not be hold by a tribless society as we don’t have such groups in South Sudan, Africa and even in the entire world but one thing I have experience and like from you and the likes is that you have taught us what a person can do when a top position is hosted by a certain tribe for the given period constitutionally, coz you have really taught us how to hate and lie against a certain tribe when the top power is with them.

  17. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    No thanks Prof. Tombe for having written such an article emanating from a person of cynical attitude toward others beyond Bari people. In your article it is clear by inference that you do not want Dr. Machar to be president in this Republic nor Kiir to remain president but rather than another person from Equartoria to be president of the interim govt. in our country. Now if it is true you neither want one of the aforesaid person than you are off the game. For we have two ideologies to pursue, one is Kiir’s political ideology which is dictatorship upon which Kiir is working to institutionalize in the country with his system of govt known as unitary system. Whereas Machar’s political ideology is democracy and his system of govt is federalism two of which he must establish in our country no matter what. Third choice is nonsensical and absurd after mass-massacring Nuer civilians in Juba resulting to intensification of fighting consequential to the idea of forming a new government if it is unlikely Machar, the driving force behind actualisation of democracy as well as federalism, then we choose to be fighting until we win over the dictator, Kiir. We are committed ever in good to bring you both democracy and federalism in the country as we did bring our Independence. Dear Prof. I thought you would be for Machar’s side which is tantamount to embracing DEMOCRACY AND FEDERALISM.( almost all Equartorians love Machar’s ideals ) I too thought that you will encourage your youths to take up arms against Kiir in support of Machar to actualise the aforementioned ideals. I thought you will condemn Kiir’s mobilisation of our good 63 tribes against one tribe, Nuer. I thought dear Prof. you would criticize Kiir and Museveni for having mobilised Uganda troops and great lake countries’ troops to fight against one ethnic group, the Nuer people. Dear Prof. I thought you would criticize those groups of Dr. Lam Akol and his militia-wing led by Ulony, Joseph Nguen Munytuel and his militia-wing led by his brother Bapiny Mumytuel, and all other political parties turned pro-Kiir to have naively accepted our oil money to under go co-optation policy to support Kiir in his project of life presidency in this Republic. With these things mentioned, you should know by now that violence is not so bad when necessary to oust a dictator as Kiir, for we sacrifice our very lives to bring into being the above ideals. Stay well Sir, still I personally respect your opinion.

  18. Hurry Robert says:

    Chain Jacob,

    Stop envying Equatorians because of the few jobs they have with the private sectors.It is the hard work the the attractive qualifications which they have that have earned them those jobs through competitive process of recruitment.You Jeng are all lazy creatures and yet you love food and other good things.You gave all big government ,government parastatal,security and commission jobs to your sons and daughters but they have failed.Most of your young men forged papers and normally fail to perform when they are employed by NGOs and other profit making agencies and they end up being sucked.Equatorians are hard working and have the saving cultures and invest their hard earned income in meaningful things like buildings,education etc but for you guys you squandered your stolen money in buying V8,Navigateors and rent in kampala Nairobi and other cities so donot envey us but rather copy what we are doing.
    Lokudu Garang,

    You must know that the madi have never been liberated by the Dinkas but the SPLA BSC brigate comprising of all the 64 tribes of South Sudan predominatly of Equatorian men.So you have no rights of occupation hte naked fact is that you guys ran and want to enjoy the best service which the indiginous people are providing you like food(which your ugly women can not cook)Education(whose profession most of your young guys donot want and cannot practice)health which your state governments failed to provide your people since 2005)Peace which the dinkas do not even have in their vocabulary etc.So stop lying we voted for independence and no body won through the barrel of guns afterall.
    Talking about the madi being cowards-Who were the backbones of the anyanya 1 struggle?You all ran all the hundreds of kilometers up to nimule and cross to Uganda in thousands but found that the madis are intact and are still there.So who are cowards in this case.You are IDPs so swallow your pride.

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